Just a girl who writes with her heart <3.

But if you’re looking for the long version…

Writer (there I said it…or spelled it) 😉

Tea Enthusiast (decaf that is)

Margarita (no salt) and Sangria Appreciator; Red/White Wine (I don’t discriminate)

Decade Fashion Traveler; I always say I want to live a day in every major fashion decade…so far I’ve conquered the 80’s and I’ve dabbled in the 20’s.

90’s fangirl #NSYNCforlife

Justin Timberlake spokesperson (like c’mon how have I not been hired yet)

Music Lover and Believer

Party Planner (just ask my friends)

Avid live tweeter; #ChicagoPD Wednesday nights @10 pm on NBC

-Follow me on twitter @ShellBelle91 (let’s chat)

I flirt with Indian patterns and kinda sometimes maybe wish I was Pocahontas

Oh and on Sunday nights I fight zombies from my living room couch, moonlighting as Daryl Dixon’s long lost wife… 😉





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!

    I used your ”She Said” monologue for a BTEC auditions. As strange as it sounds, is there anyway you could give me a background on the woman’s character? even if its made up that would be fantastic!! I need this kind of information to help me passs my course and getting assitance from the writer herself would be great!! Even if you do make it all up… Please email me if this is possible on niamh1999.courtney@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time:)

    • Hello Niamh,

      I am very flattered that you thought to use my monologue for an audition. And I’d be happy to help. It would help for me to understand the nature of the assignment and the response to the monologue in the first place. In other words how was it received at the audition? Thanks so much for your interest and for reaching out. -Michelle

      • Hi Michelle!
        As it turns out, I’ve also used your “She Said” piece for a monologue. It’s wondefully written. If you still have this information on the background of the character, it would be greatly appreciated as I too have to write a background. If that’s at all possible, my email is riska199@live.co.uk
        Thank you for time x
        – Mariska

      • Hi Mariska,

        Thank you! It boggles my mind how this one monologue I wrote years ago keeps popping up on me, LOL! Where are you guys finding it? Haha! To be honest I wrote this a long time ago, and there wasn’t really a backstory, it was just a moment in time where I had this girls voice in my head. That’s pretty much it. Thank you for your interest. Best of luck!

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