The Halloween Spirit…

With Halloween literally RIGHT around the corner (as in tomorrow!) I sort of compiled a little to do list  of things to do before the clock strikes 12 and the Halloween season becomes but a memory in Christmas’ dust.

Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

…. I have to admit my Halloween Spirit is seriously not the best it could be this year. I guess Halloween isn’t really my holiday, Christmas is more my game. Anyway I’ve been trying to lift my Halloween Spirits a little bit lately, and I came up with a few ideas to do just that!

#1. Go Pumpkin Picking with the fam

because these farms usually come with fun things to do! The one I went to had a pumpkin patch, a hayride, a corn maze, and a bunch of rides and games and other things, very kid friendly! And it makes for a great family outing.


Apple Cider & Apple Cider Donuts!


Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.


Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

#2. Carve your Pumpkin

I named mine Rhonda, and she’s a badass 😉


And no I am not supporting smoking… lol it’s just a joke

#3. Watch Halloween movies


Disney channel has their own Halloween specials, they gave a marathon recently of HALLOWEENTOWN and omg my Halloween spirit cannot be officially fulfilled without watching them!

AMC’s the walking dead is back Sundays at 9! For all my fellow zombie lovers out there


Totally made this cake for the walking dead premiere 😀


Don’t Open Dead Inside :0

 AMC has also been doing marathon’s of all the good old scary movies; Halloween, Friday the 13th,  and Nightmare of Elm Street

The chiller channel also does some good scary movies

And last but not least Abc family has it’s 13 nights of Halloween!

#4 Eat Candy!!!! (candy corn is still on my list this year, Halloween isn’t complete without candy corn consumption!)


#5 Listen to and watch THISSSS!

Only the greatest music video ever made!

#6 Paint your nails….

it just makes you feel more festive! I got this marble idea from Macbarbie07 on youtube, only hers came out wayyy better, but I figured I’d use more Halloweenish colors and even if they look gross it’s ok cuz Halloween is known for it’s gruesome factor lol 😉


P.S. OMG do you see that pumpkin nail polish with the little ghost on it, how cute is that, AND it’s glow in the dark! 😀

# 7 Speaking of little Ms. (Macbarbie07)

Another thing I’ve been doing to get myself into the holiday, is watching her Halloween Spookbook episodes, here she gives some ideas for last minute costumes!

#8 Pick a costume and make plans!

This year I’m going a little bit of a quieter route, I’m dressing up and going trick or treating with my goddaughter for her first Halloween. She’s going to be a sunflower!!!!! And I can’t wait to see her all adorable in her little costume!


Here she is posing with her Halloween basket I made for her!

Here she is posing with her Halloween basket I made for her!

#9 Drink dem pumpkin dranks….

I have this Sweet Harvest Pumpkin  tea in my house that I drink here and there, and I also got my first free ice coffee Monday’s worth when I got my first White Chocolate Pumpkin iced coffee ever and it was SO GOOD! Pumpkin flavored beverages just make you feel the Halloween!

wpid-IMG_20131023_122622.jpg wpid-IMG_20131028_143941.jpg

and last but not least



(well decorating should have been the first thing on this to do list, but it was something I totally missed this year) All my family managed to do this year was carve a few pumpkins (that have all been thrown away due to rotting) 😦 And my brother bought a funky decal for our bathroom toilet which I have to admit was pretty hysterical….


I mean don’t you just hate when a zombie hand grabs-ass  when you’re trying to pee… haha

So there you go, if you’re like me and you feel like your Halloween spirit isn’t all it should be this year, try some of these things and see if it improves your mood! And remember kiddies… have a fun and SAFE and Happy, Halloween. And ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CANDY before eating it. Happy Trick or Treating! (and as for the adults if you are going out be aware and never drink & drive) Stay SAFE!



My Top 10 TV Proposals

So I recently saw this kick-ass video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend and it was epic, its gone viral and I am sure you have all seen it by now. So with that being said and the fact that I’m such a sucker for a proposal story, I thought I’d countdown my top 10 (as of now) favorite tv proposals!

My Top 10 TV Proposals (in no particular order)

*Robin & Patrick* (General Hospital)

wedding photo

This is the official final engagement, they went through their many proposals before it finally stuck, between him asking her and her refusing and her asking him and him refusing…it just took a little bit of jail time to make these two figure it out lol!

“I want it all, the love, the marriage, the 3 am feedings, school supplies & soccer practice. I wanna watch our little girl grow up, I wanna look to you on our 25th wedding anniversary and tell you I love you more now then I did on our wedding say. So I am going to ask you one more time…”


*Haley & Nathan* (One Tree Hill)


Nathan re-proposes to Haley, since they got back together. This scene is gorgeous because of the location! I swear I must have watched this episode a hundred times, because the gang goes away for the weekend to a cabin and  I have like this massive obsession with wanting to vacation at a cabin, haha.

“Over the past year I’ve learned so much about life and love and even if I could I wouldn’t take back all the bad stuff that happened between us, because it brought us here…”


*Brooke & Julian* (One Tree Hill)


“Everyone says the next thing I do, the next choice I make is going to define me, well the next thing I wanna do is ask you to be my wife…”

Her reaction is beautiful! And once again this was a cabin and ski lodge episode (not the same as the Nathan and Haley ep) but yea I just think it’s so perfect with the snow and how she just looks at the ring, in shock. It was so beautiful to finally see Brooke Davis get the guy that actually deserved her love.


 *Klaus & Caroline* (The Vampire Diaries)


“He’s your first love, I intend to be your last…however long it takes”

So technically speaking this isn’t really a proposal, and they’ve actually never been an actual couple, and probably won’t be for a while now since Klaus has his own storyline on a spinoff show, but I just saw this scene and died! Because in his own way it was kind of a proposal. And I think that if a man feels he can propose to a woman he hasn’t even been with, just goes to show there really is something there, and that eventually they will have a future. I LOVE THEM!


*Monica & Chandler* (Friends)


“there’s a reason why girls don’t do  this!” haha

This scene was beautiful and the fact that Monica proposed first (or at least tried to) just made it all the more special, #girlpower


*Quinn & Clay* (One Tree Hill)

clay-quinn-3-clay-and-quinn-19665090-500-333_187377055_large    1155452514_1_15_I6Qp8A7K

“Our Family… I like the way that sounds…we should get married, want to?”

OK so yes this is like the 3rd OTH proposal but whatever, shit’s good! I just truly love them, she and he were once married before, his wife died before he met Quinn and Quinn was going through a divorce when she starting having feelings for Clay. The fact that he had a son with his wife and that she was able to take that on and act as a motherly figure for him was just so beautiful and they are really just the cutest family! I wish this couple was introduced earlier on One Tree Hill, they quickly became a favorite of mine, way more entertaining than the whole melodrama that was Peyton and Lucas! haha


*Lulu & Dante* (General Hospital)


“Shut up and marry me?”

this one was a two parter (cuz you know how soaps be cliffhanging!)

This couple was my obsession for quite sometime and they probably still would be if the girl who played Lulu didn’t leaveeeee general hospital. They replaced her but I’m just not feelin’ the new girl yet. It’s gonna take some serious time. I just felt like this Lulu was so perfect. The thing about Lulu is she was more of a glass half empty kind of girl and throughout her life she’s went through a lot, and so when she fell in love with Dante I think she just became sheltered and worried about losing him because he’s a cop. This was the first of several proposes between these two, gosh these dang shows!!! can’t these people ever get it right the first time! haha


*Maggie & Glen* (The Walking Dead)


I truly love this proposal, he doesn’t even really ask he just puts the ring in her hand she just says yes. Normally I would hate this type of proposal, he didn’t kneel, didn’t ask the actual words, but you can tell how much he loves her just by the fact that he did this during this zombie infested world. He may not be able to guarantee her the life she wanted for herself but he can guarantee to love her for this life and for the time they do have. Plus that ring was pretty dang good for some zombie apocalypse shopping. Bravo Glenn, Bravo. 😉


*Lexie & Mark* (Grey’s Anatomy)


“Mark I have a boyfriend” “I know I’m saying you could have a husband”

OMG ok so this couple is just… i can’t even… He was like the all around self proclaimed bachelor and he ended up falling in love with Lexie, but she is younger and she and he were just at different places in their life, so they broke up, because Mark found out he had a daughter he never knew about. And Lexie wasn’t ready to take on that role. But now as Lexie moves on, Mark realizes he still loves her. Btw, this couple’s end story is why I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy, they killed both characters in a plan crash, well Lexie died because she got pinned under the wing and Mark had to watch her die, then Mark died a few days later in the hospital, which was most likely due to heartbreak. I swear that was the worst mistake in Shonda Rhimes’ career, like why the hell destroy a couple’s story, especially a couple with such a big following. AND they never even got to get back together, they just let her tell him she loved him and had him stand there dumbfounded and so he never got to say it back, until she was dying he confessed how he loved her and always loved her. It was awful, I can’t tell you how pissed I was.


*Blaine & Kurt* (Glee)

“I think that my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn’t know yet…”

Ok ok, so I love my glee gays, I swear I just love Glee, and what it represents. Granted I will never understand how in their life they just burst out into song at any given moment, but this love story is just so beautiful. I love the idea that love is universal, in this show. It goes to show that love can come in any form and that no matter how that is, it’s all the same, it’s all love. And it’s beautiful. And hell this proposal is gorgeous! (P.S. did you catch the Justin Timberlake bit in the beginning haha I want a JT pinata! lol)



*Ross’ proposal idea for Rachel* (Friends)


WHY DID THIS NEVER HAPPEN?????? Can I just say that Ross is the cutest thing ever, I can’t explain how much this love story means to me. I mean the writers of this show really created something magical. The way they created such a back-story through the usage of flashbacks, (hysterical flashbacksss) and I LOVE me some flashbacks. I love how Ross and Rachel had such a history, and I love how he’s always been in love with her. I mean I just think that concept is so amazing.

A lot of  One Tree Hill, Friends, and General Hospital, huh? Can you guess my fav shows? lol. So these are just a few of my favorite couples and favorite proposals, I definitely missed a few, but if I were to get them all in, I would be here forever. What can I say I love the idea of love. I think it is amazing and true and the greatest thing in the world. I’m a girl and I love that romantic crap…sue me.

Happy Monday!


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction

All parts (1-3) of Chapter 1 available in recap…


***Just a few notes on the development of this “series.” I’m going to try and do as many Chapters as I need to finish this storyline, I imagine it to be around 5 Chapters (possibly 3 parts each) but that’s just a random guess as I said before there is no definite outline for this storyline or these characters, I’m just going with the flow and seeing where it takes me, so it could end up being more or less, we shall see.

By now you may realize I do not use names, or character actions, a lot of this story is based upon the delivery of a line. You should have grasped by now a little insight as to who these two characters are. They are indeed a man and a woman, still nameless, but for this heir of mystery I don’t see names as important, and if you have guessed they have a great deal of tension in the workplace because of an affair. All of that would be correct. However, the man is married, and the woman is powerful and manipulative and for this man in particular, that’s a deadly combination.

If you’ve followed this from the first post you may have seen I’m getting more into using images. I want to say that I do not own nor do I take credit for them, they are just being used to guide the storyline. Also If you haven’t noticed already, I have put faces to these characters. The role of the woman; Sophia Bush, and the role of the man Ryan Gosling. Dream Big, huh???  😉 Now I want to be clear, this storyline is in no way relating to any specific characters they’ve played in the past, even though you may see similar elements here and there. For example, I am not saying Sophia’s character is a mirror of Brooke Davis (one tree hill), or Ryan Gosling’s character is Noah Calhoun (the notebook) in my story. I am simply saying that when I imagine these characters, these are the faces that come to mind, these are the living images, it’s about their look. Sophia with her dark hair, dark eyes, and curvy build and Ryan with his innocent yet seductive gaze. The two make the sexiest couple for the perfect tension filled room.

I know the dialogue may be hard to follow along with at times, but if you do follow the dialogue there are clues as to who’s who, just follow them. And as the story goes on there will be more and more clues. As for the dialogue itself each character line or speech is broken up by a space. So once there is a break in the page you know the other character is speaking. Each new part or chapter tends to leave off the last, for example if the woman spoke in the last chapter the man picks up the dialogue in the next chapter.  If this poses a problem maybe I will address it but I haven’t heard any complaints, so we shall wait and see.

Also I will try and refrain from character actions as long as I can, look to the dialogue for clues, but in the event someone is leaving or entering a room, I may indicate just to show the lapse in time, other than that, I want this to be fully focused on dialogue and really get to the heart of the issues between these two passionate characters… the tension revolves around the closeness of the work place, one suffocating office…who knows maybe when this is all over, I’ll create some video to go along with these scenes??? Hey Sophia, Ryan, you busy? With all that being said onto Chapter 2 … 😀


-Chapter 2-

-He Enters Office-

Did you actually think you would get away with this?

Hello Handsome, have a seat.

Don’t patronize me. You made it physically impossible for me to be placed anywhere. What the hell did you do?

I made a few calls, said some things, that’s all.

That’s all. THAT’S ALL! Are you insane? You know, I thought that you were conniving and manipulative before, but I actually loved you for it. Now I can’t even understand why anyone would ever love you. You’re heartless.

I know you’re mad. But you don’t have to be cruel.

444-sophia+bush_sexy+actressfilmographysexy+actressSays the woman who defines the word.bth_classicoldhollywood

I did it because, I could tell it was what you wanted. You wanted to stay!

What? You are certifiably insane!

You just said it, you love me.

Used to. It was a momentary lapse of judgement.

If that’s what you need to believe. Look I only did this so we can be together. I did what was best for the both of us. I did what you didn’t have the courage to do yourself.

Oh and what’s that…

To be with me.

Hah, be with you! Why would I ever want to be with someone like you. You’ve completely destroyed my one chance at a decent job…with a boss that doesn’t relish in making my life miserable?

You think I’m trying to make you miserable?

When you deliberately do the opposite of what I say I want, yea I associate it with misery.

Fine. I stand corrected. You’re dismissed, from all your duties here. I’ll see to it that you’ll be placed somewhere else.

Just like that?

Just like that.

And I should believe you, why?

Because despite all my hateful qualities, breaking my word isn’t one of them…. you should know that.

You are a woman of your word…surprisingly. ryan-gosling-4

Good luck.

Thank you.

Besides, acting like you hate me proves you’re just fighting the inevitable.

Ok I’ll bite, and what’s that?tumblr_lid9h7nKRS1qbm4md

That you’ll be back here in 2 weeks flat, maybe sooner. When you realize you’re bored. Bored with the routine, bored with the marital sex, bored with your humdrum job, and bored with your rational little life. But don’t worry I promise not to say I told you so.

You just think you have me all figured out don’t you?

I’m pretty good at reading people, body language and things like that… and well yours is saying you might just stay.original

Is it now?

Mmm hmm, but you won’t. You’re thinking about it though… all the what ifs. You can’t seem to let go of the forbidden. But you’ll leave, because you’re a good guy, or at least you think you are. But the real reason… you’re  just not ready for me yet. But you will be and then you’ll crawl on back and prove just how right I am.

Make sure you place me someplace where I only have to work with guys, less headaches.

-He Exits-

You’ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It



Happy weekend!


Who’s the Scariest?


Hey all! So with Halloween just around the corner, I’ve been cozying up in my hoodie and fuzzy socks and watching all the Halloween movies on tv. My personal favorite is actually Disney Channels Halloweentown,Halloweentown-halloweentown-2259572-640-480 OMG this past weekend, the whole series was on (there are 4 of them), and I was over the moon with Joy. Although the first one is the best, the others are good too. But it’s just so tacky and weird and I love it! It reminds me of my childhood, so yea I really had no shame sitting there watching all 4! Like seriously can I like live in Halloweentown for a day????

I feel like it’s been years since I’ve been able to do this, what with this time being the season of midterms. And now that college is no longer kicking my ass, this has proven to be just one of the perks of being a college grad at the moment, lol. Ah it’s the little things! 😉

So let’s get down to business, tis the season for the deadly trio… Michael Myers (Halloween), Jason (Friday  the 13th), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Now if you are not familiar with these names, maybe you live under a rock, or maybe you’re not a horror genre loving type of person, either way, let me brief you a bit. Mind you although I’ve seen all three, I was also pretty young when I did, (and being that they’ve remade them a billion times, it’s sometimes hard to keep up!) so forgive me while I Google, and if I get a few details wrong, my bad.

Scaretestant #1

Michael Myers (Halloween-1978)


As a child he kills his older sister on Halloween night, after knowing she had sex with a boy. He then gets put into a mental facility for 15 years. However, he escapes years later and is back for his younger sister and to cause havoc in his once quiet hometown. (seriously dude is the ultimate creeper, get a hobby bro)

Weapon of choice: Knife

Theme Song


Scaretestant #2

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th-1980)

(seriously he has a last name? that’s news to me! I’ve just always thought of him as plain ole Jason…somehow I find that scarier)


Camp counselors are stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant while trying to reopen a summer camp that was the site of a child’s drowning. Jason was the child that drowned, and his face was distorted therefore his reasoning to cover it with a hockey mask.

Weapon of choice: Machete (Wouldn’t it have made more sense for it to be a hockey stick haha… i guess that’s not so scary lol)

Theme Song


Scaretestant #3

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street-1984)


In the dreams of his victims, a spectral child murderer stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him. There is speculation that he was a child molester. And the lynch mob I assume was made up of the parents of the children he molested.

Hence why his clothing and face is burnt up. The whole spikey hand bit is just for fun I guess?

Weapon of choice: Knife Blade Glove meets dream invasion power… he inceptioned before “inception.”

Theme Song

So who’s the scariest???… I’d say Freddy, he’s the only one who has alternate powers. Sure you can run away from a guy with a knife or a knife glove, but you can’t run away from a dream killer! Freddy’s down fall is that you can see his face clearer then the others who wear masks, but then again masks can come off. Needless to say, Freddy’s face is creepier than any mask of choice! Freddy is creepy and has the added advantage of dream killing. What a little bitch huh? People have little control over what they dream, and that’s not a fair fight, is it? What a whimp, fight like a real man Freddy!! haha ;)The other two are just big boned stocky psycho freaks looking to terrorize people with masks and sharp objects. Although Jason’s true face is probably pretty freaky all on it’s on what with the water damage and all. But what’s Michael’s excuse for the mask…

ALSO…. we really need to do something about the image of a woman… in these horror films

Girls you need to be smarter… come on!!!!!

None of this



or this


“House of Wax”



“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
Ok J. Biel I admit you do survive and kick a little bit of ass in this film…but seriously why must you be half naked (oh and she gets wet… #wet-t-shirtcontest much?)

*Rules to survive a horror film*

1.) If someone knocks on the door while you’re babysitting alone, do NOT answer it, and keep all windows and doors locked, like really do I even have to explain this?

2.)Turn a damn light on when you enter a new room, or if you here a noise and go to investigate, bring a flashlight, homie!

3.) Stick together, do not separate from the group; strength in numbers, or you could just use the other person as a human shield, haha 😉

4.) When it’s time to run…RUN outside and scream like your life depends on it, someone somewhere should hear you…ditch the heels and don’t trip!

5.) And last but not least…keep your dang clothes on…and NEVER have sex….having sex is like asking to die…. when it comes to a horror film, haha, plus I’m so sick and tired of seeing girls run half naked…it’s like how far do you really think your gonna get in your boyfriend’s shirt AND barefoot. Get real GIRL!

So in a nutshell don’t be a dumb, ho!


So…Who do YOU think is scariest?

What do YOU think of the women in horror films?


8 DAYS til Halloween, what’s everyone gonna be?

Well that’s all folks…


Mysterious Attraction – Part 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction 


Part 1

Part 2


You want me to what?b14e77b8078ad89bf21e63ce7a57baa8

I’m sorry you seem to be having trouble understanding me today, let me break it down for you….I. want. you. So, divorce your wife.

You can’t just ask me to do something like that, especially when it’s something so catastrophic.

Let me rephrase… divorce her, I’m not asking you to, I’m telling you.

Don’t touch me, what we had, whatever this thing between us was… It’s over. I love my wife.

I don’t believe that you do.

I don’t really care what you believe.


Why is that interesting?black-and-white-couple-embrace-hands-kiss-favim-com-414857

Why do you wanna know?

What? You know what forget it, You’re out of your mind. Good bye.

If you leave, don’t come back.

Oh how cliche of you…You know what I think you may just be losing your edge.

Leave and find out.Sophia-Genlux-Magazine-Spring-2011-sophia-bush-20723410-903-1091

Is that an order?

No…It’s a challenge…

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge so…Have a nice life….

Are you sure you wanna walk out that door?

Positive. Besides we both know we’ll never be able to work together….not after this. I’ll have the agency place me somewhere else.

If that’s what you really want…

It is. I love my wife.

I didn’t ask you if you loved her. I asked if this is what you want?tumblr_mheo43gQEM1r7lijoo1_500


Who are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Like I said I don’t have to prove anything to you. -Exits room-

-End of Chapter 1 –

**** I am digging this so far! Hope you guys are too, whoever you are out there in cyberspace…

P.S. Any images or gifs used in this series are not my own, I do not take any credit for any of them. But do pay close attention to them. Since I am not using stage directions, or character names or actions, I am relying on the images to give you guys a little insight as to what’s going on with these characters. This is really fun for me. I can focus on the dialogue and just leave the rest up for interpretation and imagination. And in hindsight I’m slowly learning more myself, more about the characters, about what their relationship is, what they mean to each other, who they are, and how they feel. It’s been really fun, just winging it and not over thinking it too much, and I actually am really liking this mysterious vibe they’ve got going on! I’m sure by now you’re starting to see who’s who and who’s the guy, and who’s the girl and you get a sense that they have a romantic history of some kind, well I am learning it along with you guys, so let’s have fun!

Have a good weekend y’all! (suddenly I’ve gone country haha)

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Guarded now

unguarded before the wreckage

I’m guarded

Sorry for spoiled fun

give it time

to clear this mind

too rid this heart

of a girl yet to be loved

a girl unknown

unknowing of the world

the walls she builds are built upon a steep hill

the blame is not on you

it’s on he who never knew

he who never came around

still walking aimlessly in the wrong direction

wandering through town

I wonder, where is he going now?

to understand where I’m coming from

I challenge you

to step into my shoes

can you walk a mile?

you’ll never know another’s struggle

have you ever not been in love?

it’s almost as bad as being madly in

or losing love from one you love with all

Unguarded because I’ve never been hurt before

guarded because I know that love can get lost

to take a risk

is easier said then done

it’s easier to observe

then to risk

risk feeling more


risk it all


risk into opportunity

risk into challenge


be brave

bravery is that risk


risk away

lonely is the dreamer

lively is the achiever

but both are a necessity

But somehow the true blame is on those who are cruel

those who abuse

and use love like it’s full proof

use it like it’s something of little value

Dishonoring the meaning of life…


love is all there is

love is all that is needed

Shame on you

Shame on those who never knew

Sympathy for those who wish to know but have yet to

sympathy for the unknowing of a love so great

of a true love

of love that makes your heart race

If you have it

never let it go

If you’ve lost it

beg for it’s safe return

If you didn’t realize what was right in front of you

maybe you didn’t deserve it in the first place

Be guarded only when love is unavailable

Be unguarded as much as possible

for she who doubts herself…but pushes to risk it all

has much too lose

but also everything to gain

so hand your heart over

unlock those chains you bare

feel free to love

rebuild the wears and tears

And if you find he who will take it in his arms

to carry you afloat

promise you’ll choose wisely

for he who holds the unguarded heart

should be worthy of it’s love

Guarded or Unguarded

It’s all up to you

Which way will your heart choose?


Mysterious Attraction – Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…




You heard me.

Don’t say that to me.

Why not?

Because you don’t feel it.

Yes…I do….I love you.

Stop saying that…just stop! Why would you say that?

After everything we’ve done together you don’t believe I could fall in love with you?tumblr_mjlxy3QnVb1s5iduco1_1280

No…I don’t even think you’re capable of loving anyone other then yourself.

Really…is that what you tell yourself when you feel like you’re about to give in?

I may have given into you in the past, but mark my words it’ll never happen again.

We’ll see.  Just remember I have eyes everywhere. So don’t do anything stupid.

Like what?

Like skip town, because I will find you.

Why do you even care?

Haven’t we already discussed this? I’m beginning to feel bored.

Well if you’re bored then, by all means I’ll go.

I haven’t said you can leave yet.

Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that I was yourwork_6321881_1_flat550x550075f_sexy-black-7inch-heel-peep-toe-shoes servant, to come and go as you see fit.

Well, servant no. But let’s be honest you love this, you love the back and forth, the bickering, you live for it. In fact I’m sure you love having me around to tell you what to do, where to go, and what to want.

The only thing I want, is to get as far away from you as possible.

Then why are you still standing here? If you really wanted to leave, you would. Regardless of what I demand of you. But the truth is you can’t stay away. I know it, and sooner or later you’ll know it too. Right now you’re just in denial, but don’t worry it’ll pass. Love is patient, love is kind…

You don’t… love me. You love what I can do for you. And really, you? quoting the bible?

What? I’m still a practicing catholic…

Hah, yea well they say the devil was an angel… I guess the devil was also a  dark haired, red lipped, high heeled, tightly dressed siren too.Shhh1

Taking shots at me is only going to make the tension in here even greater… besides I take that as a compliment.

Of course you would, you only hear what you wanna hear. So… what’s the punchline huh? What is it that you want from me? Just say it already…

I want you to divorce your wife.



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Have a good weekend!


Dangerous Liaisons


It’ll never truly fade

as long as there’s a woman to fight for it’s place


it’s more than just a word

but a presence

an action

a small smirk


is a touch of hands

a red lip stain

a warm embrace

a slight eye exchange

a flickery fire


is about the small thingscaroline-and-klaus_652x435

a graceful appreciation of one for  another


is music that makes you feel like you want to be in love

a song that you can feel


is the opening of a car door

the pulling out of a chairklaus_caroline_3x14_1_by_kwiku001-d4p8lz3

a few wine glasses

and dinner set for two

flowers given for no reason

unexpected compliments

White Flag waves freely

as I surrender the fantasyklaus-and-caroline

and reality is a present meaning

no longer masked but imaginary things

the credits role

to a sappy love song that hurts the soul

the movie’s over

and the space beside, is bare


deserves so much more68632--3852129542450617684

where, where has it gone?

or better yet

where has it been coming from?




Music Video Monday…


Tying in two of my favorite things Music and Videos! I’m gonna start off with a music video that I think is absolutely gorgeous; simple but tells a beautiful story. I hate when artists throw out a music video that has absolutely nothing to do with the song, it pisses me off to no end. So let’s get to the root of the song first, shall we?  Yes I’m talking about the lyrics, you know me and my love for lyrics, (blame my best friend for that!) lol.tumblr_mjlxy3QnVb1s5iduco1_1280

This is “Dust to Dust”- The Civil Wars

*Favorite Lyrics:*

Oh, you’re acting your thin disguise
All your perfectly delivered lines
They don’t fool me
You’ve been lonely, too long



Let me in the wall
You’ve built around
We can light a match
And burn it down
Let me hold your hand
And dance ’round and ’round the flames
In front of us
Dust to dust


I would categorize this song as a love letter. Dust to Dust acts as a metaphor, a metaphor for breaking down the walls that keep two people apart; (see chorus). The song reflects the idea of knowing someone so well, that you see past those walls, and not only because you can, but because you want to. You want them to let you in, and you want to help them.  You want them to understand that they don’t have to be lonely, because you yourself have been there.  The end is a nice wrap up, proving just that…

You’re like a mirror, reflecting me
Takes one to know one, so take it from me
You’ve been lonely
You’ve been lonely, too long
We’ve been lonely
We’ve been lonely, too long

*Full lyrics HERE

Lyric video HERE


This music video made me want to actually physically be in it. I was like hold on a second, can I just live in this video right now. It’s so beautifully shot, and the color pattern is pretty but a staple for The Civil Wars. For instance the video for “Poison & Wine” uses a lot of the same tones. Dust to Dust is set in Paris, you see the two people separately…Joy buying treats in a bakery, John in a coffee shop writing a letter…which he later hesitates to actually mail, Joy alone drinking wine. All of these shots set up the story, to show that they may or may not have a history of some kind, the solo shots are a nice lead up to the together shots. It’s the whole near, but so far idea of destined faith. There’s actually this one shot, that I absolutely love, it’s around the 1:55 mark, where you see John in a book store through the bookstore window, and he’s looking at books (duh?), but then in his image you see Joy’s reflection, as she looks at books behind him. It’s gorgeous, and it’s my favorite shot, because I feel like it’s so simple yet tells a lot and pairing it with the lyric “You’ve been lonely too long,” makes it even more emotional and serves a greater impact. But then tumblr_static_tec-petaja-photo_the-civil-wars_09-600x900 - Copyinterchangeably you see them together, performing, walking together, having coffee together. A black and white studio session scene is mixed in as well, showcasing the live performance of the song, and even so it almost feels like the storyline of this fictional love affair is still being played out.  They communicate through song, and small looks to know what note to hit and when to hit it, and if that’s not love (no matter what type of love, even if platonic) then I don’t know what is! lol.

There is also a really cool scene that plays along with that last lyrical bit “You’re like a mirror, reflecting me Takes one to know one, so take it from me,” it’s just about at the 2:58 mark where Joy is sitting down at a seat on the train and moments later she is swapped with John Paul sitting in that same seat. They are two lonely souls, either waiting to find each other and waiting for destiny to take things into her own hands, or two lonely souls that have lost each other and need to find a way to recreate what they had and keep re-imagining.

 This video and this song shows how loneliness can be overcome, dust to dust…what was never once can be, or what was once can be better. For example it goes based upon how you see this storyline. If it’s a love affair that has yet to be written well that means that once was lonely will never be lonely again, what never was will be…the love affair is just beginning. Where as, if this is a love affair that has been lost, that means what was once can be better, what was  lost can be found.

I’ve probably spoken about The Civil Wars before, but the first time I heard about them, was actually in concert. They opened up for Adele and I remember falling in love with their song “Poison and Wine.” The lyric “I don’t love you but I always will” was on re-play in my head for days, until I had to find out more about them, and the rest is history. I like to think it was meant for us to find each other, LOL! Anyway, The Civil Wars consist of John Paul White and  Joy Williams. They are both married to other people, but their musical chemistry is something to be reckoned with. In fact I’ve even heard them refer to each other as musical soul mates!


But then again, I didn’t direct the video, so that’s just my take on things!

For more of an inside look at Dust to Dust…

“It seems to take you somewhere” – Joy

Damn right…


**RECENT UPDATE… I’ve just seen the saddest news, that this amazing duo have actually split for the time being, they are on a hiatus and have since not been on speaking terms. I am unclear as to what caused the split, as Joy is the only one doing press, and she herself has been quoted stating she is unsure as to what went wrong specifically. But both Joy and John have chosen to release this new album regardless of the split. It’s such a shame to hear this, because they truly do pair nicely together, and their voices are meant for each other. I found an article that rather nicely mirrors this new video with their split and is a different take on it then the one I’ve created here myself. Now hearing this news, I can totally see how they came to this conclusion.  *Check that article out HERE

And let’s hope for a safe return to each other…for these two song birds, because if you ask me, musically, they were meant to be!



Mysterious Attraction

So I’ve kinda been into Joseph Gordon Levitt lately, saw Don Jon, and recently caught him on Katie Couric’s show, and found out dude has his own production company called Hit RECord, where he takes submissions from all over the internet. It’s actually a really cool concept, may consider joining the site to see how it plays out. Anyway he does little challenges where he’ll throw out an idea for writers, visual artists, musicians, etc. Anyone can participate and it’s really interesting to see the interaction process. Any who I had seen a video he posted as a challenge for writer’s (i think it might have been an older post) but the challenge was basically to just write dialogue, two people, no names, no actions, just dialogue. Being that I LOVE to write dialogue, (maybe a little too much) and I thought it was such a cool idea, I thought I’d give it a shot on my own. The dialogue sample Levitt used was really interesting, very conspicuous; you can draw some conclusions of your own as to what it’s about. But it’s really left up to interpretation, which I find so intriguing. So that’s what I’ve tried to accomplish here. I will say though that my urge to write names and actions was right at my fingertips, but I did manage to refrain. I also want to state that not a lot of thought went into this dialogue, I just sat and started writing and it came naturally. Dialogue writing comes pretty natural to me. Anyhow…here goes

Where are you going?silhouette-man-walking

meZFaRSI have to get outta here.

I should have known you’d run, it’s what you do best…

Really, you’re gonna throw that in my face?

You have no idea the kind of shit I keep at my disposal… my brain is just waiting to unleash my first bullet.

Oh I have no doubt… you’re a conniving little bitch!

It’s about time you realize…after all YOU work for ME, now shut the door, and sit down.

You are out of your mind if you think I’m going to stay here alone with you.

Oh what, Are you scared?

I know you’re just trying to get in my head, you don’t care about me.

See that’s where you’re wrong, I do care, I care about how you will affect my success, and quite frankly I think you’re slowing me down.meZG69a

So then, why not just kill me, why not make good on your promise?

Because I love

Sorry it’s so conspicuous….I’ve really been into #Revenge, #Betrayal and #Scandal lately… dang you ABC 7! 😉

But I urge you…Make of it what you will…would love to know any ideas as to what you think they’re talking about, who these characters are, and what their situation means. I myself scarcely know, which is kind of fun, I think there are a lot of different ways I could possibly take this!