Let us wake up inspired

ignited by visions

Arrested dreams we hold

so big

so grand

so close to the soul

Such beauty in this stillness

For a brief moment you forget

Who you are

Where you are

And allow yourself to just be


So often we drown ourselves in worry of…

what comes next and…

what are we doing?

where are we going?

And we view stillness as a road block

as a self loathing sin

But sometimes stillness can be beautiful

Moments can take your breath away

and breathe life into your lungs

All at the same time

Too busy

You might miss it

Trees growing tall

Cherry blossoms meeting

spring for drinks


Sunshine brightly shinning

Air soft and sweet

A new beginning

Open your eyes

Wake up

Welcome the new day


*I do not take any credit for any images used.*

And now I leave you with this gem…from my musical soul reaching out to yours!



This ones for the fellas…

Hi boys! So for the most part I gear my blog toward the female population because well I am a young woman and we have a lot of the same thoughts and interests. The feminist side of me knows that’s where my thoughts are most well received. But this one is strictly designed to help you boys GET THE GIRL….(and if the below tips don’t help you out, well there’s always the queen of girls everywhere; Taylor Swift…and her lyrics!)



1. Wink at her (its hot as hell if it’s well placed…don’t creep her out!)

2. Smile at her (share the warmth!)giphy[2]

3. Listen to her (I mean really listen, take an interest in her likes, in her mind.)

4. Compliment her…not just her physical appearance but her mind and her thoughts too!

5. Make her laugh…comedic relief is always good for those awkward moments!

6. Tell her how you feel…like… really feel.tumblr_mnv1i3b4k91stmjkwo1_500[1]

7. Value her friendships and understand that she has other important people in her life that need her just as much as you do. She will do the same for you.

8. Flowers- you can’t go wrong with flowers…(find out her favorites…that’s where her best friends come in.)

9. Respect her Family values. No matter what. That’s where she came from, if you like/love her, understand that’s who made her the girl you’re falling for.

10. Never tell her what to wear or how to feel or think. She has her own mind thank you very much. And she will return the favor.

Good Luck Fellas!

*Gifs from the movie “A Walk to Remember”

*I do not take credit for any gifs or images used*


The Sarcastic Romantic


Sarcastic romantic

Wherefore art thou?

Balconies tall yet far

Unseen through traffic lights

though country stars may shine bright

Crickets were never your calling

Racing minds

Time passes by

But you stand still

Worlds revolving around you

Not in the way you’d wish them to

Dark nights


Stars in the sky

A twinkle shines bright

A plane jetting off to some unknown place

Managing to make things feel like time will never pass

Was she forgettable?

Because she didn’t forget you

Maybes and what ifs

Second guesses

And questions of character and personality

When the truth is simple

He’s no Romeo

At least not your Romeo

He’s not going to fight for you

Or die for you

He’s not going to show up and confess his love

He’s not going to throw pebbles at your window

He’s not your Romeo

Move on girl

Let it go girl

Its ok I gotcha

Suddenly misrepresented

It’s frustrating

What did they mean?

How far would you go?

To rekindle a fallen romance

A feeling you once felt

Something that til this day

Has stayed deep within your soul

Memories trail blaze

Ablaze in flames

Smoke; the only recognition that it was ever even there in the first place

Whatever “it” was

And you sit and you wonder

Heart skipping a beat

Causing an involuntary flutter

Did you miss it?

Did it pass you by?

Were you clueless?

Or were they selfish?

With a capital I

Or was it fear?

Why are we always so afraid to feel?

Afraid to show that feeling to someone else?

Maybe they will agree

Maybe they’ll get it

Maybe they’ll feel what you feel

And you’ll ride off into the sun set on the white horse he came trotting in on

Or maybe they won’t agree

Maybe they won’t get it

Maybe they’ll never feel what you feel

Or felt

I guess that’s the risk you take when you wear your heart on your sleeve for others to read

I guess that’s the risk you take in everything


Sarcastic Romantic


It’s better than being hopeless

At least this way

You learn to laugh at yourself a little

Be gentle to others

While you’re protecting your heart from the fears they hold

Think about the other person’s heart

What are they trying to protect theirs from?

The heart is something that isn’t meant to be broken

But it often is

Riddled with emotional scars and experience you may not necessarily want

We trick ourselves into thinking that getting our hearts broken is common

That every heartache is a growth process, a lesson learned

And that may be true

But what happens if you fall in love and that person fell back

And it stuck

And you lived happily ever after

Wouldn’t that be something?

That’s the magic in believing

Call it hopeless

Call it childish

Call it whatever the hell you want

Maybe the fairytales got it right

Stay Hopeful

Stay Sarcastic

But most importantly

Keep your soul Romantic 😉


 *I do not take credit for any images used.*


Find Your Love


So often we hear about soulmates and true love stories. But what happens after the grand gesture and the sacrifices we make for each other? How we compromise and try to change to fit the molds of a healthy relationship. What happens when you think you’ve found the one. And things don’t work out? The plans your mind made and the wishes your heart had come crashing down upon you and your shoulders feel the burden. Do you try again? Do you even want to? Or was that one person, your one and only shot? ….Try and try until you get it right. I may not know all there is to know about love. I know less than the next person. But then that person knows less than the person after that. The truth is we’re all clueless. You just float around til one day someone comes into your world and makes it make a little bit more sense. My observation of love is based on watching and learning. I call it the observer affect. I’ve learned by keeping my eyes open and my ears listening. Basically my being nosy and a good confident has taught me many lessons.

How many great loves do you think you get in a lifetime?images[10] (2)

One? Two?

Or is it an infinite amount and it’s your job to find at least one?

The perfect one…

perfect for you.

Happy Hunting! 😉


*I do not take any credit for any images used.*


Spec in the sky


Dark night sky

Blinking light afar


Contemplating the unknown

Awe inspiring

There’s so much I want to do in this life

So many things I want to experience

Don’t worry you’ll get there

Remember this moment

Remember your soul

Your spirit

Your desire to prove your inner critic wrong

Trust in yourself


*I do not take credit for the image used.*


Bohemian Soul


Beating to its own drum

Every heart is unique

Just like every fingerprint

Every snowflake

perfectly, individually crafted

as they fall freely from the sky

Every smile brighter than the last

Every laugh louder than the next

You are…

one in a million

No one is quite like you

Dance around

dance through the fields of bright green grass

through a meadow full of flowers

a rainbow casts itself above you…colors in abundance

Dance around

forget your troubles

forget the worry that burdens your heart

Butterfly wings, detailed

so intricate, so precise

a picture couldn’t capture it

For the eye must save the vision itself

A mental picture

Sunflower seeds


Tea leaves

A life full of awe and mystery

White picket fence

Cobblestone drive way leading you up the road

Leading you home

The world is vast

Bigger than you see

Bigger than you think

We are each but one soul

one floating



One in a million

Bohemian Soul, dance

dance to your own heart’s drum

create the art you have inside of you

share it with the world anyway you can

One in a million

Bohemian Soul


* I do not take credit for the gif used *



Listen to: “Seasons Change” by Susie Suh



Seasons change

like feelings do

Sunshine brightens

pouring rain brings gloom

sunglasses protect eyes from knowing, from showing, from telling, from bright sun rays

umbrellas shelter from storms

Secrets plenty

Secrets held

Seasons change

like feelings do


feelings of joy and wonder

feelings of sadness and despair

feelings of confusion both good and not so

Seasons change





A rotation

of sunshine and clouds passing over

A lesson

A learning

Leaves change colors

snow falls cold, crisp and white

flowers bloom,

birds chirp singing love songs to the world, music to the trees felt down to their roots

poolside heat waves dance on sun-kissed skin

A rotation

A lesson

A learning

Feelings change

like seasons do

It’s all part of life

the twist and turns of growing up

Create your pathway

your own yellow brick road

follow your instincts

Click your Ruby Red slippers together

because you can always go home

Make mistakes

Fall in love

Enjoy the ride


* I do not take credit for any images used. *