Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 10 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction.



new poster MA

julian-essaye-de-ranimer-brooke-davis-alors-image-403979-article-ajust_930paramedicParamedics arrive and are bringing Lexie into the ambulance on a stretcher. Carter and the others are close behind.

Paramedic 1: There’s only room for one family member to come with us. The rest can follow us to the hospital.

Carter looks at Reeves.brooke-davis-va-a-l-hopital-image-403978-article-ajust_930

Reeves: Go. We’ll be right behind you.

Carter: Thank you.

Carter rushes in after Lexie.

Reeves: We’re right behind you Lexie, Princess hang on.

wilsonbetheleditiedReeves and the guys rush to their car to follow.

Paramedic 2: Is there anything we should know about your wife sir? Any pre-existing conditions? Any allergies to any medication?

Carter looks up at the paramedic.

Carter: She’s pregnant.

The paramedic looks up at him.

Paramedic 2: How far along?

Carter: Can’t be too far, 2 months at most? I just found out.

Paramedic 1: Ok well don’t worry we’re gonna get her to the hospital and do the best we can to save your wife and your baby.

The ambulance drives off in a hurry

As Carter can be seen through the small rear window clinging onto Lexie’s hand.julian-au-chevet-de-sa-fiancee-brooke-davis-image-403980-article-ajust_930

The paramedics rush Lexie into the hospital and Carter rushes in behind. What really sounded like the paramedics relaying her condition to the doctors on staff was all muffled and blurred as Carter saw everything around him in slow motion, unable to comprehend what was actually happening.

Ides-of-March-From-the-Red-Carpet-4Reeves and the others rush in.

Reeves: Carter, where is she?20100129_MBenard_Solo_559x445

Carter snaps out of it quickly.

Carter: They took her into surgery….Reeves…there’s something I need to tell you…

11367_1_64038Reeves looks at him worried.

Carter: Lexie’s pregnant.

Reeves stares at him in shock and then looks away.

Carter: I just found out tonight.

Wilson+Bethel+Hart+Dixie+Season+1+Episode+ILTRu8cV03UlBrice looks on shocked too.

Carter: She’s not that far along… 2 months maybe, she can’t… she can’t lose that baby… not again, it’ll ruin her.

Joe looks away.Dean-Winchester-7x08-Season-Seven-Time-For-A-Wedding-dean-winchester-26813001-1280-720

Carter notices.

Carter: You don’t seem surprised?

Joe: I knew. Lexie told me just before the explosion. She told me so that I could tell you, that if anything were to happen to her…that you should focus on the baby.

Carter: What?

Joe: She wanted me to tell you to save the baby, over saving her.

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter: She said the same thing to me before she passed out. But I don’t understand that doesn’t make sense. The baby isn’t even fully developed, I mean how could I-

Joe: It makes sense to Lexie. Look I know you know our history. She’s miscarried before. Children are all she’s ever wanted, a family is all she’s ever wanted. So she wanted me to tell you…so I did. I get that it doesn’t make sense, but it’s what she wanted.

Carter: Yea I get it. Thanks.

Joe nods.Season-5-Episode-8-Changing-Channels-dean-winchester-9023954-1280-720

Brice: Look they’re working on Lexie right now. There’s no reason to assume the worst, we just need to hope and pray that both Lexie and the baby come out of this on top.

Brice tries to keep things calm and be the voice of reason.

Drive_2Carter’s tears roll down his cheeks.

Carter: She has to, they both have too.

Reeves: They will. (he pats Carter on the back) Lexie’s a fighter. She usually gets what she wants. And she wants a life with you.

Carter nods wiping his tear ridden face.

ultram-tramadol-before-takingA female doctor approaches them.

Doctor: Are you all here for Lexie?

Reeves: Yes, I’m her father, this is her….husband.

Carter: (Carter slightly smiles at Reeves’ gesture) How is she? How’s the baby?

Doctor: Lexie’s stable.

They all sigh out of relief.

Doctor: But she’s not out of the woods just yet. There was no exit wound, so we had to operate to remove the bullet which we were able to do, and stitch her up which is good. But she’s lost a lot of blood so she needs a transfusion. So we’ll be doing that shortly.

Carter: And the baby?

Doctor: We had to concentrate on Lexie first. Given the fact that Lexie is only 2 months pregnant, the best chance that baby has of survival is based on how well Lexie recovers. As of right now the only thing I can tell you is that Lexie is doing well. The position of the gun shot being on her upper shoulder was in her favor, anything closer to the abdomen would have caused serious damage. So it’s quite possible the baby is just fine. But it’s still a very traumatic experience for Lexie’s body to go through while pregnant. So once we do the transfusion, and she’s able to rest more, we’ll proceed with an ultrasound and check on the baby. From that point on we’ll be able to find out what’s going on with the baby. But right now I need to get back to your wife. Hang in there.

Drive_2Carter: Doctor? Please save my baby. Please. It’ll wreck my wife, if she loses it.

Doctor: We’re gonna do everything in our power to make sure she doesn’t.

Carter: Can I be there… when you do the ultrasound….please?

Doctor: Of course. I’ll have a nurse come and get you when it’s time.

Carter: Thank you.

The hospital room is bright and white Lexie’s eyes flutter open to be met by blurred faces hovering over her and random noises she doesn’t understand. Her vision clears and the noises take shape in the form of medical machinery. A feeling of panic sweeps over her.


Doctor: Well hello, look who decided to join the party?ultram-tramadol-before-taking

Lexie: Where am I?

Doctor: The hospital. You were shot in the shoulder.

Lexie: Oh my god, no, no. (she grabs her stomach)

Doctor: Just relax ok, Lexie. Relax. We fixed you up, and you’re gonna be good as new in no time.

Lexie: What about my baby? How’s my baby?

Doctor: We’re just about to find out.

A nurse brings Carter in.

Carter: Lexie?

250px-822BrookeafterbirthLexie: Carter. (she starts crying)

Carter: Thank god you’re ok.

He kisses her614-00775

Lexie: Carter, the baby…I may have lost the baby…

Carter: We don’t know that. (he grabs her hand.) It’s ok. I’m right here. It’s gonna be ok. We just have to have a little faith. Your mom’s up there, I think she has a bit of pull with the big guy upstairs right? (he smiles)

Lexie nods and smiles faintly.

Doctor: Ok… are we ready?

Carter kisses Lexie

brulian_daily_002Carter: (he cups her face) You ready?

Lexie nods and grabs his hand tighter

Doctor: Ok we’re gonna do a sonogram to find out what’s going on with that baby of yours…hqdefault


The doctor lifts Lexie’s gown up and pours some gel onto her stomach; she rubs the machine onto Lexie’s stomach. Lexie shuts her eyes, nervous to face what’s happening.

Carter looks at her and kisses her forehead.

Doctor: Ok…so you’re only 2 months, so what we’re looking for is basically a little dot…ah…Right. About. There. (She points to the screen.) And as long as there’s a heartbeat, we’re in good shape.

imagesThe silence is deafening and Lexie’s tears stream down her face. Carter hugs her close.92017_1318847701940_full

All of a sudden the small rhythmic thumping is heard.

Bub bumb. bub bumb. bub bumb

Lexie’s eyes shoot open.

Carter looks at the screen.

Doctor: Well look at that…we’ve got a fighter…must take after its mom. (she smiles)

Lexie and Carter kiss and he hugs her tightly.


 Lexie: Thanks mom. (she whispers looking up).


Chapter 10 rounds out next week, and then we have just 2 Chapters left!

*I do not take credit for any of the images used.*


The Essential *NSYNC Album Review


Download on iTunes, find on Amazon, or in Walmart, etc.

I realize this is quite late. But better late than never, right? 😉

“I think the entire compilation is a really good overall encasing of what *NSYNC was known for; talent and entertainment and for basically making all us young girls giddy as hell! It’s a serious throwback and we 20 something year olds have basically named ourselves the nostalgia generation. So if this fits you, and you’re a hardcore *NSYNC fan, buy it!”- Michelle Leigh Writes

It all started with a tweet. Isn’t that always the case? We are living in the new digital age. R.I.P sweet typewriters, dell computers, aim, and let’s face it… Anyway, getting back to the good stuff. On July 28th my jaw dropped for a brief…VERY brief second when 1/5 of *NSYNC; Lance Bass sent the tweet pictured below.


A NEW *NSYNC album. And only ONE day notice! But I need to dig out my t-shirt and my bobble heads and…. BUT HOW CAN YOU DO SUCH A THING to a MEGA Fangirl!


*pause for fangirl moment*

Click the link, Michelle, click the damn link

$13.88??....what get it for $11.88 at Walmart!

$13.88??….what get it for $11.88 at Walmart!

 In that minor second of happy panic I knew it was too good to be true.

 Oh. It’s just another form of a greatest hits album. So it’s not really “New” is it?


*pause for 90's girl sigh*

*pause for 90’s girl sigh*

Fangirl hearts breaking everywhere. EVERY.WHERE. Mine amongst the many.

*Although I have to admit the faux *NSYNC reunion rumors are getting easier to ignore, it’s happened just too many times, I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes!

Nope boys I don't buy it...try again. #IWANTAREALREUNION

Nope boys I don’t buy it…try again. #IWANTAREALREUNION

I took my slight frustration to my Facebook; as we all do. Don’t lie. You do it too.

July 28th my status read:

So apparently Walmart’s releasing a new *NSYNC album tomorrow, swell, glad I had no idea…P.S. it’s basically a greatest hits…which just sucks…don’t give false hope Walmart just don’t!

July 29th my status read:

Omg my inner 90’s self is so pissed…Dear Media, *NSYNC did NOT “drop a new album” none of the guys knew about it AND there’s no new music on it!

So what’s the deal with this album? *NSYNC members had no clue this was being released. Why was the label being so secretive? Well after Lance’s tweet, I googled my ass off…naturally. And checked my *NSYNC related sources and by sources I mean I stalked the guys social media accounts and found that the “new” album was a compilation of old hits, some unreleased/unreleased commercially tracks, some fun collabs and covers, soundtrack contributions and some random tracks that were released as side projects. [AKA the Britney Spears/*NSYNC McDonalds CD]802e9_51gxfHuuDaL-150x150

Lance did a whole interview about the album release on his radio show and he basically won me over! Listen to it HERE!

By the way take my Facebook anger with a grain of salt. I wasn’t angry at the band or their music. I LOVE their music. I love them! I was just frustrated that no one knew about this album. The guys should have been notified it is their voices, and some of the tracks Sony used on this CD were actually written by members of the band. And I’m not gonna lie even though I knew it wasn’t gonna happen, I was secretly hoping for real deal 2014 music. Not to say that the unreleased tracks aren’t boss. Cuz they are. But being the psycho fan I am, I pretty much heard 99% of the album (unreleased tracks and all) back in the 1996-2002 time period, thanks to Lime Wire.

OMG who remembers Lime Wire?

Initially my first thought was well I have almost all of these songs; I own all their albums and have most of the other singles thanks to Lime Wire again. (I was a kid, please don’t punish me…free music is free music.) But when the thought of not buying the CD came into my mind, my 90’s fan girl grilled me and put her hands on her hips, tapping her foot at me. She was pissed. So naturally I gave the album a listen on YouTube. [GOD I LOVE YOUTUBE!] And I basically fell in love. So a month later and here we are. “New”/ Old *NSYNC album playing in my ears. I guess I’m growing up a little since I didn’t run out and get it right away, I waited it out….

IMG_20140825_163435But I was up in Pennsylvania on vacation and consciously sought out a nearby Walmart and bought my copy. (So there’s that.) I guess there are some things I just can’t help. It was the right thing to do. Here’s how it went.

My Brother: What’d you get?

Me: What do you think I got? (holds up cd)

My Brother: (gives me a face) So you bought a cd you already have all the songs to?

Me: Um that’s not true…there’s unreleased music.”


My cousin: “I didn’t know people still bought cds?”

Me: Oh I do. I love cds. There are some people that I just feel like I need to own their CD.”

I gotta say new album or not, *NSYNC looked nice back up on a shelf….right next to Ms. Britney Spears. The way it should be.

Band member Lance Bass said of the album on his radio show, Dirty Pop: “There’s a lot of these songs I don’t think I’ve ever heard, I remember recording them but I’ve never heard them before, so I’m interested in just hearing them.” JC Chasez tweeted about the album’s release, stating: “I had the strangest dream last night that some old friends and I had a top 10 record on iTunes. Crazy right…” “Chris Kirkpatrick said of the album; “It’s great to release some of the songs that had never made a record before! I’m glad our long time fans get some new music!” Joey Fatone also said; “Pretty interesting this album comes out, which I really had no idea, and it’s in the top of Amazon and iTunes… we owe it to our fans. Thank you.” –Via Wikipedia

And yet Justin Timberlake has yet to comment. But instead of getting all angry fan girl on him, I will just chalk that up to the fact that homeboy needs to learn how to tweet for himself more. I hate seeing –Team JT (no offense Team JT, we do appreciate the updates).


Random thoughts while listening….via my twitter

The world is ready for a REAL reunion, give the people what they want.tumblr_na0du96hlX1qlh4qco2_500

JC’s vocals are SICK!

Chris kills it in “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

*NSYNC were vocalists…always knew it, always believed it, still do!

The universe is tryna tell ya’ll somethin…REUNION!

The Essential *NSYNC is boss, such good vibes listening to it.


tumblr_mv3eu9Xms81sewqg3o5_500There is something about listening to *NSYNC and hearing young Justin Timberlake vocals that transports me back to the amazingness of the 90’s and my childhood and how everything was just so much easier. Memories are connected to those songs. And hearing those voices again just reminds me of what made me fall in love with them in the first place. It’s a feeling I can’t seem to let go of.

*Some of my favorites*

(not including the original *NSYNC hits and awesomeness…

we’ve all heard them and we already know we love them!)

Off of Disc 1

Music Of My Heart- Gloria Estefan & *NSYNC

Are You Gonna Be There

If I’m Not The One

Off of Disc 2

More Than A Feeling (Boston Cover)

Best Of My Life

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Trashin’ The Camp- Phil Collins & *NSYNC

On The Line (seriously though how GOOD is that movie tho!)

That Girl (Will Never Be Mine)


Feel The Love

 _nsync_4*NSYNC may have been known as a boy band, but they started off as an A Capella group. If you really take the time to listen to their self titled debut album, you will see that their vocals are a lot more clear and there is less room for fancy background music and beats and you realize they actually can sing. They all harmonize so well together, and each shine in their own tone of voice, creating a nice dynamic group. It was a beautiful thing to see vocals that fell through the crack back then, like “I Thought She Knew,” “Sailing,” and “Selfish,” be given new life on this album. I think the entire compilation is a really good overall encasing of what *NSYNC was known for; talent and entertainment and for basically making all us young girls giddy as hell! It’s a serious throwback and we 20 something year olds have basically named ourselves the nostalgia generation. So if this fits you, and you’re a hardcore *NSYNC fan, buy it! And if you’re not, buy it anyway…maybe after hearing such a great selection of songs; it’ll turn you into a fan. Crazier things have happened.

However, do I think they missed a few key songs? But of course.

Songs They Forgot

“That’s The Way Love Goes” duet with Janet Jackson.

“Dancing Machine” Live duet with Michael Jackson.

“I’ll Never Stop” *NSYNC

“What’s Going On”– (Marvin Gaye Cover) All Star Tribute; feat. *NSYNC

Just a few that came to mind.

n_l*NSYNC’s transition to more pop like music happened in their second studio album and the wobyebyebyerld loved it. Songs like “Bye Bye Bye” and “It’s Gonna Be Me” made us all sing at the top of our lungs and dance those synchronized dance moves we all know and love. But their third and final album (as a current band) was a play on their new found fame, with songs like “POP” and “Gone” we saw the boys had turned to men and they wanted to be recognized as such. And to be recognized as actual artists. Hence….Justin Timberlake’s soon to be exit from the group, breaking teenage/pre-teenage hearts everywhere.


994f28f6125d3ea738a1bd4a78ea75d3.252x310x1For me, *NSYNC is always going to be golden. They were such a crucial part of a golden era and I loved everything they’ve ever put out…even the album they had no clue about. It’s a great 2 disc, 34 song track list,!!!!34!!!! ($11.88 at Walmart…2 discs, 34 songs, I’ve bought many cds in my life and I thought that was a steal!) The album pays homage to their vocals and gives us all a little hope that one day it may just actually happen. If you ask me I think if the label was looking for some kind of validation from the fans as to whether or not an *NSYNC album would do well on today’s charts. Well I think you got your answer.

The Essential *NSYNC was released July 29th. And was quite beautifully received by fans, via twitter people praised their favorite old tracks and newly released favorites. It was even in the top 10 albums on iTunes, next to new generation boy bands. Fangirls got you *NSYNC. Always. Believe in us. We believe in you. Come back for real and you’ll see.

2013 Vmas "Reunion" a year ago...hmmm and this album just dropped...hold onto hope fellow fangirls!

2013 Vmas “Reunion” a year ago…hmmm and this album just dropped…hold onto hope fellow fangirls!

Ugh these dang reviews always turn into a love affair of me pouring my guts out to you…so let’s wrap this up before I think of more to say. In a nutshell, 90’s girls will never forget and never let you go…accept that *NSYNC. Accept that Justin Timberlake. And tweet me back will ya? #HowRude 😉


If you missed my usual lyrics sharing I usually do in my album reviews…share some of your favs with me in the comments below, let’s fangirl together!     

tweet with me @Shellbelle91

“The album pays homage to their vocals and gives us all a little hope that one day it may just actually happen. If you ask me I think if the label was looking for some kind of validation from the fans as to whether or not an *NSYNC album would do well on today’s charts. Well I think you got your answer.”- Michelle Leigh Writes


Who’s YOUR Lobster?


I’m a TV junkie and not afraid to admit it. And along with that I’m a romantic at heart and therefore I have certain couples, which I ship within every TV show. But there is one couple, who I feel is the couple of all couples. Whose love and relationship is timeless. The couple which all other couples are compared to, but could never really match. And that is the love between Ross and Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S; which is also what I consider to be the greatest TV show of all time. And it all started with…

 “She’s your Lobster.”- Phoebe

 Oh Ms. Buffay, Thank You for this and all your weird wisdom.

27 Reasons Why Ross & Rachel Were Each Other’s Lobsters

 1. Ross loved Rachel since the 9th grade.

2. “It’s always been you Rach.”-Ross

Ross-and-Rachel-ross-and-rachel-32607368-500-2903. Ross planned his entire future with Rachel after only 6 weeks of actually dating her.

4. Ross got dressed and ready to take Rachel to prom when she thought her date stood her up.

5. Even after Ross “cheated,” you had to feel bad for him, because you realized just how sincerely in love he was with Rachel and how sorry he was. The scene that broke everyone’s heart into a thousand pieces. He later even lets her keep her favorite shirt of his, because he knows she likes to sleep in it.

*I have to say I understood why Rachel was so hurt and I understood them breaking up over it. But I wished the break up didn’t last as long as it did, because they were obviously still in love. But I wouldn’t consider it cheating since at that time he slept with someone else, they were actually broken up. The infamous “We were on a break” was a run on joke for the duration of the show.*



6. Ross cancelled a really important career night to be there for Rachel when she was in pain and in need of a hospital visit, he even helps her get dressed and do her makeup.

437. Ross and Rachel flirt at the beach house and kiss later that night, even though Ross has started to see Bonnie.


1097616_1344937093293_full8. Ross stopped dating Rachel’s sister Jill, just so that there would be a chance for he and Rachel again in the future.

9. The jealousy of each others relationships…was pretty evident…Mark, Joshua, Paolo, Julie, Bonnie, Emily.

10. Rachel went to London to stop Ross’ wedding, but when she got there decided it wasn’t the right thing to do and supported him instead.

11. Ross said “I take thee Rachel.” in his wedding vows to Emily.

i-ross-take-thee-rachel-o12. Ross & Rachel drunkenly got married in Vegas.

rr13. Ross lied about getting an annulment…he didn’t want to divorce Rachel. Ross smelt Rachel’s hair when he hugs her. Phoebe saw it as a sign and so did we.


14. Ross tells Rachel she can live with him, when Monica and Chandler decide to move in together.

15. Ross and Rachel both considered *Bonus Night*….and then it actually happened…

[See: Rachel tells Ross she’s pregnant]

16. Ross planned his proposal for Rachel when they were dating…and reveals it years later when he and Rachel are at a family function pretending to be engaged because she is pregnant.

17. Ross guided Rachel through the mysteries of pregnancy.

18. Ross wanted Rachel to move in with him, when she was pregnant and after they had Emma in order to be closer to them.

Friends319. During her pregnancy; Ross gave Rachel a special pager code, for her to use to get in touch with him.

20. Rachel and Ross have their baby Emma.

RRE21. In response to Phoebe saying she can’t tell who Emma looks more like, Ross says; “She’s gorgeous are you kidding me, she’s all Rachel.”

rossphoebe22. Ross’ reaction to Rachel & Joey’s “relationship” was perfect.

23. Ross doesn’t take advantage of a vulnerable Rachel when her father has a heart attack and she’s looking for comfort.

24. Rachel tells Ross that with them “sex is never off the table.”

25. When Rachel is offered a job in Paris, Ross slyly tries to get her to stay.

26. Ross and Rachel fight about how hard it is going to be for Rachel to leave him.

27. Rachel gets off the plane.

 The roller coaster of why these two belong together was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, but I could have done without all the useless relationships and hookups in between them finally realizing they belonged together…but I guess that’s television for ya!



“No…how bout you make ME a plate!” – She said

Girl Power!


And anything else that makes women believe in the brilliance of their minds & bodies.


It’s no secret to those who have kept up with this blog or to those who know me personally that I am someone who not only believes in feminism, but also respects it. I think people get the wrong idea when, someone says I’m a feminist. They think right away “oh god, here we go, here comes the rant. She hates men.” And the truth is, that’s just ignorant thinking. Feminist simply believe they are to be treated equally. To be treated as a human being. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen men (both men I know personally and men I don’t know) ask their wives or girlfriends to make their plate of food for them or get them a drink, etc. And that’s all well and good if the woman chooses to do that for her husband or boyfriend, by all means that’s her choice. And doing it doesn’t make you any less of a woman. But it should be appreciated and not just expected of her. What gets me the most, is what is he doing at that moment that is so catastrophically time consuming, that he can’t get his food himself. And it’s usually nothing. He just expects to have her do it for him, because he simply doesn’t want to do it himself. I’m sorry but he has legs and hands and can do it himself. #SorryNotSorry. I often joke that my future boyfriend is in for a rude awakening, because I don’t put up with that crap! It may sound crazy to men when I say this, but that little act can feel demeaning to a woman; it’s as if you think that’s her duty, or her place in life. And I swear if someone says a woman’s place is in the kitchen….oh you will feel my wrath. I understand in the older days that’s how things were. And I’m sure as a wife you want to take care of your husband and cook for him, especially if he’s been working all day. But guess what there are working women out there in the world too. And they still work full days and come home (most likely to a house full of kids) and also still cook dinner and clean and keep a houseful of people in tact. So I ask you men out there, why haven’t YOU made your wife a plate, or cooked dinner for her. Let’s be clear I realize their ARE men out there who do, and I don’t want this to be taken out of context and to be thought of as me bashing men. That’s not what this is. But this is something I’ve noticed and it’s something I felt I wanted to address. And for the men that do reciprocate the gesture. I truly respect and admire that. Your mothers would be proud! Because YOU get it. YOU realize that times have changed, and will continue to change. Hey who knows maybe men will be the ones having the babies in the *Utopia* future. haha I vote all women start asking men to make their plates and see how they like it. Who’s with me? 😉




So now I bring you just a little playlist to get you happy and dancing.

Enjoy Ladies, you deserve it.

Order In Tonight, Kick Your Feet Up, Let Dad “Watch” The Kids [isn’t that a funny thing to say, we always say it but in reality are they not HIS kids too! Give me a break, it ain’t babysitting if they’re YOUR kids too Homie, haha.] Pour Yourself A Glass Of Wine, and Feel The Good Vibes Of The Music.


Because you are a woman and should be damn proud of it!

*Women’s Empowerment Playlist* (PART 1)

20 Songs.* By Women.* For Women.* About Women.* To Inspire Women.

“I Really Don’t Care”– Demi Lovato

“Can’t Hold Us Down”– Christina Aguilera

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”– Cyndi Lauper

“Wanna Be”– The Spice Girls

“Mr. Know It All”– Kelly Clarkson

“Respect”– Aretha Franklin *THE ULTIMATE!*

“Halo”– Bethany Joy Lenz (as Haley James Scott; One Tree Hill)

“Boss”– 5th Harmony

“No Scrubs”– TLC

“Problem”– Ariana Grande

“I’m Every Woman” – Whitney Houston

“I Will Survive”– Gloria Gaynor

“Set Fire To The Rain”– Adele

“Skin”– Alexz Johnson (as Jude Harrison; Instant Star)

“I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”– Britney Spears

“Hips Don’t Lie”– Shakira

“Run The World (Girls)”– Beyonce

“Man I Feel Like A Woman”– Shania Twain

“You Oughta Know”– Alanis Morrisette

“So What”– Pink

When in doubt. Dance it out.


*Notice it says (Part 1) because there’s a LOT more where this came from.*

Stay Tuned for more fun songs coming your way…soon!



Mysterious Attraction – Chapter 10 Part 1

This is just the story that will never end.

But we’re back…with what will be the last three chapters (3 parts each) of

“Mysterious Attraction.”

Starting Now! Hope You Enjoy!

It's Back!

Did you miss us?

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Skully: And what could you possibly know about my family, boy?

showdownCarter: Not much…thankfully. Remind me to thank my mother Joan…although you may know her as Joan Langston.

Skully looks at him.

Carter: Ring any bells?

Lexie: Carter stop.

Carter: Why… like the man said…it’s a family affair. Right dad?


walking-dead-david-morrisseySkully laughs a wicked laugh

Skully: You mean to tell me, you think you’re my kid?

Carter: Believe me I wish I wasn’t.

Skully: (laughs) Oh please, there’s no way you’re my kid, you’re too much of a sissy.

Carter: Really?

Carter raises his gun to Skully’s face.Ryan-Gosling-Gangster-Squad2

The armed men around inch closer, guns raised at Carter.

Joe, Brice, and Reeves raise their guns against the men.

Lexie: (nervously grabs him) Carter.

Carter pushes Lexie behind him, shielding her.

Skully: (laughs) Alright. Ballsy. I’ll give ya that. 

david-morrissey-the-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-01-1280×720Skully raises his hands in mock surrender.

Armed Man: Boss, you say the word and I’ll blow his head off.

Skully: Easy, easy. The fun’s just getting started. No need to end it so quickly.

Lexie: You’re sick.

Skully: Get used to it baby. After all lexie angrywe’re in-laws.

Skully winks and laughs wickedly.

Carter glares at him.

ryan and sophiaSkully: You wouldn’t kill dear old dad would you?

Carter: (laughs) I wouldn’t be so sure. After all, the apple may not fall far from the tree. I think I’ve got a bit of ruthless left in me. You wanna test me and find out?

Skully puts his gun in his belt, and gestures his men to lower their weapons.

Skully: Ok, ok. I hear ya. Let’s just talk this out, huh? No need for bloodshed between family.

Lexie: (whispers) Carter, don’t trust him.

Skully: See… now she may be a problem, son?

400px-SC-SIG-S-P230bSkully draws his gun quickly without warning and shoots at Lexie.

Carter reacts quickly shooting at Skully.Ryan-Gosling-Gangster-Squad2

Skully falls to the ground.




skully unconscioys012820105three


Reeves, Joe and Brice shoot out the armed men before they have the chance toWilson+Bethel+Tops+Sweatshirt+g3ftaTJ8ETQx

respond, as the shootout becomes a loud explosion of

nerve breaking sound. Shell casings fall simultaneously

to the floor echoing slightly. The fight that was years in

the making had finally come to the surface in nothing less than an expectant bloodbath.jensen_ackles_16brooke-davis-choquee-image-403977-article-ajust_930Carter turns to Lexieryan-gosling-in-the-gangster-squad-2012-movie-image-2

Carter: Lexie! Hey, are you ok?

Lexie doubles over, her hand over her shoulder.

Lexie: Carter.

She moves her hand and there’s blood all over her.

Carter: Lexie! No! No!

Carter grabs her as she leans on him for support.

Reeves rushes over.

Reeves: Lexie, Princess. Hold on, hold on.

Brice rips his cell phone from his pocket.

If Tomorrow Never Comes911 Operator: 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?

Brice: There have been shots fired at a warehouse a fear miles off the highway, multiple deaths and a woman in need of medical attention, she’s suffering a gun shot wound to her right shoulder. We need an ambulance now!

911 Operator: An ambulance is on its way.

Carter: Lexie. Lexie… stay with me baby. Stay with me.

Carter’s eyes begin to fill with tears, he holds onto Lexie, wanting to protect her. But it’s a little too late.

Reeves pulls his jacket off quickly and hands it to Carter.

Carter applies it to Lexie’s wound to try to stop the bleeding.momo

One_Tree_Hill_S08E11_HDTV_XviD-FEVER_avi1849Lexie: Carter.

Carter: You’re gonna be ok. They’re gonna come, we’re gonna get you to the hospital, you’re gonna be ok.

Lexie: Carter. (her breathing shallow, she motions for him to move close to her, he bends his ear to her lips) The baby. Take care of the baby.

Lexie whispers in his ear. And her eyes close.

Carter: Lexie! Lexie! No. Wake up, baby. Wake up!Brulian-julian-baker-23700275-500-282

Reeves: (stutters in fear) Carter is she…

Carter’s tears are unfiltered at this point as they spill onto his cheeks.

Carter: (chokes out) I don’t…I don’t know.

Joe rushes over and feels Lexie’s pulse.

Dean-6x07-Family-Matters-dean-winchester-16828438-1280-720Joe: She’s still with us, she just passed out from the pain, but her pulse is weak…where’s that damn ambulance!

Skully lies on the ground bleeding out from a gun shot wound to his chest. Unable to move. Surrounded by his defeated army. A once fierce, ruthless man, now helpless and left at the mercy of the people he despised for so long. A victim to the battle he started.

Reeves looks over at him and notices him still breathing. His eyes narrow and the pure hate is evident. He gets up and walks over to where Skully lies.

Reeves: You know you should sit here and rot in pain until your last breath for everything you’ve done, for what you just did. But some may call leaving here you suffer inhumane. Of course the ambulance is on it’s way, you may have a fighting chance. I on the other hand have the ability to take you out of your misery right now. Hell the truth is I need to see you dead. With my own eyes, I need to see it. I told you, you wouldn’t make it out of this alive…and I don’t like to go back on my word. Besides, you’re right we are carved from the same stone. The only difference is I don’t get joy out of ending a life. But I will now. In fact I’ll be proud to say I have your blood on my hands, you sick psycho pathetic bastard. No one hurts my family and gets away with it. Your time is up Skully. Rot in hell.

general-hospital-spoliers-shootoutReeves raises his gun and shoots Skully in the head, as his body lies there lifeless. Reeves walks away with no regret and the cold hearted shell of a protector he is, is finally shown.bloody skully Family is worth risking it for. In Reeves’ eyes, hurting Lexie was Skully’s final act and it was what caused his death.


The ambulance is heard in the near distance, and Carter lies in the debris with Lexie in his arms.8_mhg9A

We’re getting there, we’re getting there. 3 chapters left and it’s a wrap! 😀

Catch up on all the action HERE!

Starting from the very beginning!

Happy Reading!

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In Love & Feminism

So growing up as a teenager in the millennium and being a product of the early 90’s I guess you can say that there was a pretty big number of female characters showcased on television that shaped the idea of romance for young girls and young woman everywhere. However, there was definitely a lesson or two placed behind the stories lines of these young women finding the great loves of their lives, while trying to figure out who they are at the same time. Here are some female tv characters I thought it best to shine a light on…in no particular order….here it goes…

CHILD-STARS-038“Topanga” Lawrence (Boy Meets World)

*Marries Cory Matthews

Topanga and Cory were destined to be together. They were childhood friends and gradually worked their way up to dating, fell madly in love and married early in college. Throw in a kiss with a few random strangers for the two, multiple breakups some for good reason some for no reason at all, an almost move for Topanga, and a whole lot of oppressed sexual frustration for Cory and you have it all. It was a beautiful story to watch unfold. A story about young love and friendship and how the combination of the two means everything. But every great love story comes with it’s flaws. Topanga is one of the most independent female characters on this list. Ever since she was a child, Topanga fought to be an original spirit. Well known for being the “Weird, Smart Girl” Topanga hit high school and became a babe…(always was gorgeous, but guys finally started noticing, and so did Cory).Cory-and-Topanga-married-cory-and-topanga-31416749-640-480 Throughout the series Topanga stands up for woman’s rights, stands up for them to be treated equally and respectfully. Expressing her opinions unafraid of what her male peers may say. Always serving as a positive view for young girls. She was the voice of a young girl in a show that was based on a young boy and his life lessons. It was Topanga who asked Cory to marry her. But she also gave up Yale to be with him. Throughout the love story of these two you will see them shift their independence, you will see them co-depend on their love as well. But in a nut shell Topanga was a character who knew she could stand on her own…she just chose not to. She chose to accept love into her life and to accept the bond of man that comes along with it. And she was a character that understand there is a way to be in love with a man and still respect her feminist values.

063b28e1b07878fac001c1e8edcb1b792084186275Kelly Kapowski (Saved By The Bell)

*Marries Zack Morris

Kelly was the “IT” girl at Bayside High. She was the girl, guys fought over. Kelly and Zack were a slow build up…they dated then they didn’t, they kissed, then they didn’t. They were friends, then they fought. Only to be married later in Saved By The Bell; The College Yearstumblr_mxiii0YaoF1spkg1ho1_500. I wouldn’t say that they qualify as one of the greatest love stories of all time…but for 90’s sake let’s say they did. Cuz I freakin’ LOVED them together. It was clear they had chemistry and as an audience member, you rooted for them, you expected them to work out in the end. And no one likes to be let down. But if you ask me, it was fun to watch, but I didn’t see the strong woman finding her life long love. In fact Kelly wasn’t that role…Jesse on the other hand….she was more like it. With a mind strongly wired with feminism, she put men in their place and made player AC Slater shape the hell up.

oinkoinkslater thumb

Jennie Garth Kelly Taylor Beverly Hills 90210Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills 90210)

*Engaged to (but never marries) Brandon Walsh, Ends up with Dylan Mckay


Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Another Kelly. Only difference…this one was blonde and just a wee bit damaged. While early years Kelly tried being bouncy and happy and painted Beverly Hills a sassy shade of perfect pink with her long legs, rich lifestyle and fun taste for fashion, on the inside Kelly was suffering in silence. As she got older things only got more complicated as the idea of choosing between the good guy Brandon and the bad boy Dylan became intensively overwhelming. Throw in a few cheating scandals on all ends, deaths, and personal struggles, and you have an Aaron Spelling Drama. To me Kelly never knew what she wanted. Although, as most girls her age…never do either. She was some what


relatable. However, she was selfish at times, and didn’t always think ahead. Didn’t always think about how she could be affecting other people. She also broke a few hearts in the process, when constantly being pulled toward Dylan. A man who probably loved her but didn’t really deserve her in the long run. That’s why girls….date the Dylan, marry the hell out of the Brandon. The series leaves us with you thinking Kelly and Dylan end up together, but if you ask me Kelly never really got the true idea of love, or the true concept of feminism and standing up for yourself. In other words she was just a girl living in her own world. A very confused, uncertain world. But hey, I still loved her! She ended up being one of my favorites. haha. (BUT I loved her with BRANDON!)

mcx-rachel-green-0510-mdnRachel Green (Friends)

[More on Ross & Rachel’s relationship in another post coming soon…]

*Marries then divorces Ross Geller, has a baby with him years later and moves in with him, then moves out…but later ends up with him anyway.

Rachel and Ross…holy crap. Where the hell do I begin. This is one of the most back and forth, up and down, friends_episode238_337x233_032020061519side to side, diagonal love stories I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Throw in a shit ton of breakups masked with useless characters that served as suitable rebounds, all for them to end up together in the end. Rachel started the series as a dependent rich girl. Until she became a runaway bride, looking for a place to live and a shoulder to cry on, oh and the idea of needing a job for the first time in her entire life. But she did it, she did it all and she became a better person for it, and an amazing friend. Throw in Ross, a man who has been in love with her since the 9th grade. And Rachel although naive to his adoration for her for years, finally finds herself in love and pure bliss. Until she lands her dream job in fashion and is too busy to make time for her boyfriend, which only leads to fights, accusations and a momentary break from their relationship in which Ross sleeps with another RREwoman. When Rachel finds out, the road their relationship takes is a bumpy one. As lovers/friends, become foes and they can barely stand to be in the same room with each other. However, Rachel held her own. Spoke her mind, and although at times she could be a little ditzy and spoiled, and throw a dig and a joke here and there toward Ross, they eventually over came their drama and realized they belonged together. At the root, they were always friends. They along with their daughter were a family. And even though she was Paris bound, hours away from living a life long fashion infused dream, Rachel came back and chose love. A woman who can stand on her own, who could support her child, but chose to accept the love of a man named Ross. Sometimes, the greatest dream in the world isn’t worth a thing, if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Chloe_CarlsonChloe & Riley Carlson (So Little Time)

*Significant Other for Chloe- Lennon

Ah the Olsen Twins. Who wasn’t affected by these two? I mean come on! The most prominent memory I have of being obsessed with these two was their characters in So Little Time. Ashley was always my favorite and she played Chloe. She was the one with more of a love life, so let’s go with her. For starters we saw her over exert herself in trying to win over the attention of handsome fellows, TI4U_u1142358417making a fool of herself….(as all girls do at some point) but then she began to mature and realize she’s better than that. Chloe meets Lennon by accident and is rather annoyed by him…which in turn causes a unique balance of romantic comedy as they irritate each other and fall in love. Chloe is somewhat ditzy at times, loves fashion, enjoys a very privileged life, but has quite a big heart.(Hmmm she and Rachel Green would get along haha.) She may get wrapped up in guy drama at times, but knows how to balance her future and her feelings for Lennon. I think it’s safe to say Chloe’s way of dealing with guys had come a long way when the show ended.

lizziemcguire-hilaryduffLizzie McGuire (Lizzie McGuire)

*Significant Other- Gordo (her best friend) shows signs of liking her all throughout the series, Lizzie finally picks up on it and kisses him in The Lizzie McGuire movie….Hallelujah!

Lizzie! OMG if I wasn’t completely obsessed with her, I don’t know what the definition of obsessed is. I wanted to dress like her, so bad. I can’t even tell you how many times I tried to style my hair like hers! She was just the coolest thing when I was in middle school, and it was amazing to be able to relate to a character who was my age. Going through things that we possibly were going through. Lizzie was an ordinary girl. She was someone who you could see yourself being friends with. However, there were things about Lizzie that I look back on and realize maybe she wasn’t the best role model at times. For starters she was obsessed with the most popular boy in class; Ethan Craft (why? I never understood his appeal but hey that’s just me). Next she was obsessed with being popular. And last but not least, she was completely naive to the fact that her adorable and kind hearted best friend Gordo was completely in love with her. There were several times where Lizzie got so wrapped up in trying to change how she looked, how she talked, what she wore, who she was to try and impress Ethan and fit in.And often times her friends and family would have to call her out on it. And granted I think that is a somewhat realistic concept, all girls have those moments of trying to strive for acceptance. And in hindsight, it was refreshing to see that not every girl on tv gets her way, not every girl gets the popular guy, or becomes popular herself. But instead she’sLizzie-and-Gordo-lizzie-mcguire-and-david-gordo-gordon-26542336-632-469 surrounded by caring family and great friends who always have her back. Who are always there to snap her back to reality when she started to lose who she was. Because when she was her kind hearted, free spirited self, she really did rock, and really shouldn’t change. So once you figured that out Lizzie, we were all very proud. There was always a lesson behind every crazy thing she ever did, and she always came out of it a little wiser, and a little more confident. Lizzie McGuire, flaws and all was EVERYTHING to young girls everywhere. And I wouldn’t have her anyway. At the root she was a brave girl, unafraid to put herself out there, unafraid of new experiences, and unafraid to stand up and do the right thing. Sometimes you have to make a fool of yourself to realize that you’re better than that. Hilary Duff is Queen.

20100716153346Raven Baxter (That’s So Raven)

There was a boy…I think his name was Devon. But let’s not pretend that was an epic love story. What I loved about Raven was her ability to stand up for what she believed in, even if it was hard. Even though her psychic abilities were farfetched and unrealistic, it was entertaining as hell. And Raven was quite the unconventional character, and a positive one at that. And can we just congratulate her on her curvacious figure…not every lead needs to be stick thin and have the “perfect” body media likes to plague us with.






267778_1247527495842_fullBrooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

*Fell in love with Lucas Scott, got her heart broken and years later found her prince in Julian Baker and had baby boy twins 10 years later.

Brooke Davis….what can I say. If there is any one character who has been dragged through Love’s dirt repeatedly, it’s Brooke Davis. She starts off like many others; Rich, Beautiful, Loves shopping, and loves the attention she gets from guys even more. Coming from a broken home, with parents who barely give her the time of day, Brooke Davis is a girl who unknowingly has been searching for love and a family her entire life. In her first attempt, she falls hard, but gets her heart trampled on by Lucas Scott, as he cheats on her with her best friend Peyton. After many fights and a few vicious friendly exiles, her family going broke and moving away causing her to move in with Lucas’ mother, then later gets an apartment of her own, several attempts at mending a broken heart (Felix who?) Brooke dives into a new project. She starts an online clothing line, where she sells her very own fashion designs; clothes/bros.  Lucas and Brooke find themselves back together and in love until Peyton realizes she still has feelings for Lucas. (Do you hate Peyton yet?…cuz I did and still kinda do).

L: Lucas & Peyton. R: Lucas & Brooke.

L: Lucas & Peyton.
R: Lucas & Brooke.

Turning the Brooke and Lucas relationship upside down and causing Lucas to eventually down the line end up with Peyton, both characters eventually ride off into the sunset and leave the series for good. While, Brooke’s heart broken again she goes into business with a not so friendly face; her mother (whom is pictured for the first time in Season 5). While she lives a high life of fashion and fame in New York, Brooke realizes she’s missing something; a child. Her need to be a mother greatens and she moves back home to Tree Hill. She tries adopting, even though she is single and at the high point of her career, but is only granted a trial adoption, where she helps provide a home and a monetary assistance to a child from another country in need of surgery. Guy after guy comes and goes, but Brooke is focused on herself and her dream of becoming a mother. In walks a somewhat cocky, smooth talking, Julian Baker; Peyton’s Los Angeles ex. And we have a match made in hell….for a brief moment. Brooke finds Julian repellent, and seems to think he has come back to steal Peyton from Lucas. Well Julian’s motives appear to be less then kosher, we later see he was just there for business and to find the girl who completes his love story…Brooke 787127_1311861877774_fullDavis. Brooke and Julian are a wild ride. Very indecisive about the longevity of their relationship. Brooke has been plagued with reasons of doubt and mistrust and it hinders her out look on love and her relationship with Julian. But it all gets straightened out eventually and Julian does a lot of sacrificing to be with her; moving his life to tree hill to start a life with her. Brooke has quite the story line and granted it’s a lot of soul searching and insecurity but she also comes into her own and she realizes she’s stronger than she knows. She can make it on her own, and stubbornly would have, but those around her just wouldn’t let her. Love catches her in the end, and she gets the love, the family and the motherhood she’s always wanted. Oh Sophia Bush. I have such a mega girl crush on you! She kicks criminal ass on her new show Chicago PD.

Summer-Roberts-summer-roberts-22088886-236-317Summer Roberts (The OC)

*Fell in love with geeky Seth Cohen and married him years later.

The hidden virgin of Orange County, who was rich, privileged, ditzy, loved shopping and mani/pedis, trashy magazines gossip and a good party. (Why they never did a One Tree Hill/The OC crossover is beyond me, Summer and Brooke would have been besties!) Summer enjoyed the lifestyle but soon realized that after being the apple of sweet “geeky” Seth Cohen’s eye for so long, she was to her dismay returning his feelings. Summer is an interesting character…bossy to say the least and your stereotypical rich Orange County girl, with a twist. But she does a complete 180. Her bossiness doesn’t change much, as she’s a woman who fights for what she wants whether it’s the latest prada bag, or the fight for world peace. Summer loses her best friend in a horrific car accident and challenges her grief in college activism where she becomes who she was always meant to be. While breakups are inevitable, and other love interests had their turn, Seth proved to be the one for Summer. And as she fought for the good of the environment, Seth fought for her. And she soon realized it was ok to have both. While Summer headed off to join an activism group that would take her away from Seth for quite some time, he waited for her return, supporting her every step of the way. Now there’s a good man, supporting a strong woman.


Ah good old television teen romances.

Unrealistic expectations aren’t they?

I’ve always said…

“television and movie romances crush a girl’s soul.”

And yet here I am 23 years old unable to stop myself from writing stories about love…about people falling in and out of love, about girls traveling through life trying to find out who they are and where they belong all while they have to decide who the right one is to bring along for the journey. It’s an age old story that has been told countless times, in different ways, with different faces and different love.

To finish my recently stated self quote…

“And yet one day, I hope to be one of those soul crushers.”

Allow me to explain.

Growing up watching the love stories of the girls turned to young women I mentioned above, unfold. I was always fascinated by the arc of a relationship and by how the female character would or would not remain her own person, and keep true to herself, her dreams, and her life before the guy. We’ve all seen the girl who drops all aspects of her previous life just to spend time with her boyfriend.

However, there is nothing more beautiful then seeing how two actors can bring a love story to life. To make you believe something and to make you feel something. To find a way to balance the dreams they want for themselves and the love they have for each other. If you can invest yourself in the story, that writer is doing something right. tumblr_m3mx0cUYjq1rqqidio1_500Brooke_x_Julian_(1)But it can also make you reflect on the idea that the boys in your life are seldom like the ones you fall in love with every week on tv. That’s where the term soul crushers comes in. But once you get past that feeling of lost hope, that your boyfriend is never going to measure up (haha…sorry boys) to Seth Cohen’s quirky adoration for Summer Roberts all his life or Julian Baker’s undeniable love for Brooke Davis, you realize Love is the root of every story.

I don’t care what setting it is. I don’t care if it’s the freakin’ zombie apocalypse and you have to fight to survive flesh eating monsters…I don’t care if a girl is trapped in prison and the flirtation from a cute guard helps her escape her current reality. There’s relationships that form, there is love there.glenn-and-maggie-glenn-and-maggie-33178254-500-242

Maggie found Glenn in “The Walking Dead,” and Daya found John in “Orange is the New Black.” Give me any tv show, give me any movie and I WILL find you a love story. A strong lead female character is an incredible thing to see being portrayed.

daya and bennett_1

Watching people fall in love is timeless. No matter the genre…comedy, drama, action, mystery….at the core, there will always be a guy who falls for a girl, and girl who falls for a guy. [Or hey it’s the 21st century, a girl who falls for a girl, or a guy who falls for a guy. We’re all people. I don’t judge.] Love is timeless. But so is Feminism. And they can easily hold hands, if you have a man who respects it.

End. Of. Story.



So as you may have realized, I have been able to post recently, since my frustrated “Why Can’t I Post Lately???” blog. HOWEVER, I am posting from a different computer. For some reason wordpress will not let me post from my computer, but I am able to post from my brother’s. It’s still a problem and a hastle because all my entries, and images are on my computer, and it’s a pain in the ass to blog from someone else’s. BUT never the less, at least I am able to post! Which is all that matters at this point. Hopefully all will be rectified soon. In the meantime, we are in decent enough shape for this blog to trudge along….like the little engine that could.With that being said, I have already scheduled several posts for this week. So *New* Mysterious Attraction posts will most likely start next week. Thanks and I hope ya’ll read up! Don’t know what it is? Click the link and Start from the beginning. I’d love your feedback!

Love conquers more than these two think...

New Chapters Coming Soon!


Happy Summering.


Summer Favorites 2014


cover-artyEd Sheeran “X” album

*My current favorites include “Thinking Out Loud,” “Nina,” “Shirtsleeves,” “Runaway,” “I’m A Mess,” & “I See Fire.” SO Good…So good!

*Also been following X-factor winners Alex & Sierra

*Check out their songs “Scarecrow” “Little Do You Know” & most recently “Just Kids”

Off debut album “It’s About Us” coming out October 7th!

Music Video:

“Prove It To You”- Kris Allen (Lyric Video)

Off the new album “Horizons” released just yesterday!

*I fell in love with the imagery in this video…and I’m a sucker for lyrics so…


Orange Is The New Black– (Netflix; 2 Seasons Up now.)

vibe-new-orange-is-the-new-black-season-2-shots*You will fall in love with Daya & John…so there’s that.


Moon/Sun Crop Top & Thin Hair Head Bands

moon sunBandanas (Rosie the Riveter meets late 90’s *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake ;))

10415569_10203771371665957_3498885456638463418_nEither comparison is a compliment in my book! HA! (no but seriously.)

We_Can_Do_It! 873587-le-flop-coiffure-bis-les-tresses-le-637x0-2

Beige 70’s style sunglasses





Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain:

Shades; Cannes Crush (025) &

Barcelona Nights (015)

NYX Butter Gloss:

Shade: Cherry Cheese Cake BLG10


Essie: Mint Candy Apple



Teddy Grahams; Honey flavor

Capture9Turbana Plantain Chips; Salted


Green Teatea

My Assortment of mugs

Mason Jar Water Cup



Meghan Rienks


PsychoSoprano (she’s also Miranda Sings)

Left: Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Psycho Soprano. Right: Miranda Sings

Left: Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Psycho Soprano. Right: Miranda Sings


Colleen and Joshua David Evans (JoshuaDTV) Spoiler: They're engaged

Colleen and Joshua David Evans (JoshuaDTV)
Spoiler: They’re engaged & adorable!


Hope everyone’s enjoying their Summer!

Ignore the “Back to School” crap kids….just ignore it, August is still yours!


Kris Allen – “Horizons” Album Review


Listen to the Album HERE

*Available in stores and on iTunes NOW!

 So it’s been about two years since Kris Allen released his sophomore album “Thank You Camellia” and today he’s hit us with his third studio album “Horizons.” Shall we review…I think we shall…

This album is quietly sexy.

-Michelle Leigh Writes


The Lyrics aren’t available online yet, so I did my best to listen carefully! 🙂

I’ve * my instant favorites for ya! 😉 Although I’m sure they are subject to change!

1. Young Love

*I’m feeling like I’m running through a field. Prancing, I’m prancing.

 Lyric Choice:

“I won’t be the one that makes you question all your faith. I won’t be the one that makes a crooked smile straight.”

2. Prove It To You

 *Sexy. Sassy. And every other appropriately provocative “S” word. A very The Civil Wars  vibe song. (still so sad they’ve broken up…it’s a musical tragedy…because they are magic)

 Lyric Choice:

“I know I had to let you go
But I had to find out on my own
That you were always the one
I don’t think I deserve you,
But I feel like I’m gonna love you
For all my life! No matter what I do!
Give me a chance; give me a chance
to prove it to you.”

3. *Beautiful & Wild

*Gorgeous! I LOVE the imagery and metaphors created in the lyrics. I think he should make this a single, because the video could really be something special.


Lyric Choice:

“I just wanna be a dreamer, a dreamer that’s wide awake. I just wanna be a lover even if my heart has to break.”


4. In Time

 Lyric Choice:

“In time we’ll love what’s been broken in us.”


5. Lost

*I’m a sucker for a ballad. A piano and a strong voice are like my kryptonite. It’s a beautiful combination.


Lyric Choice:

“Maybe I’m lost, but at least I’m looking…You’re onto me, you’re onto me, I know.”



6. *Don’t Set Me Free

*YASSSSS!!!! Is all I need to say. FAV! I caught them MJ style breathy sounds (ya’ll know what I’m talking about!)

Similiar to “My Weakness” – From “Thank you Camilla” album (and I was obsessed with that song hardcore when that album came out. That album was legit all I listened to the Summer of 2012.)


Lyric Choice:

“You’re kinda crazy, but that’s what I love about you. You’re gonna kill me but I’ll die with a smile. You’re gonna break me, but you’ll do it in style. So lock all the doors and throw away the key. Cause I am your prisoner, but don’t set me free.”


7. *Everybody Just Wants To Dance

*OMG KRIS YASSS! FUNKY! Feel Good Song! I’m literally dancing…so swell job Kris. 😉 I can already foresee the obsession. Probably awesome Live in concert! I am at a disco/square dancing party…Cuz…yea that’s a thing, as of now…cuz I just said it.


Lyric Choice:

“Maybe it’s the economy that makes us close our minds and wanna use our feet.”


Yes it is. It is the economy. (and anxiety)

8. Parachute

Lyric Choice:

“You keep ground, until I can breathe. Don’t you ever give up on me.”

“Hit the ground running running; tell me that you’re coming coming, I can feel, I wanna feel, your heart beat next to me.”


9. *It’s Always You

*Ok um…falling ALL over this song. Yes…someone right a song about me? Now. Please. Thank You. 😉

Lyric Choice:

“Wish I had another story to tell, Wish I could sing about anything else, But every time I sit down the only thing to come out in melody ain’t right babe, I can’t lie, it’s always you.”

“It’s always you, your name on the tip of my tongue, it’s always you, you’re my favorite place to run, I always knew my heart was yours to take and never mine to give away. It’s always you.”


10. *Girl Across The Room

*Ahhhh. I can’t. I just can’t.

Lyric Choice:


“From where I stood he must have done all the things that a good man should.”

“And I realize we never talked but from what I saw, I thought that we fell in love.”

“Yesterday I saw your picture in the paper, guess you finally went and took his last name girl. So I keep swimming in my sea of fish. But there was always one thing I’ll wish. I probably should have sent you flowers, probably should have let you in, probably should have told you girl that I love that dress you were wearing.”


Some Bruno Mars ishh yo. (And I don’t mind)


 My Final Consensus:


Kris Allen you are just killing me softly  over here, with them beautiful lyrics. Lyrics! Oh gosh I live for these singer songwriter albums. They are always so good. They make me jealous, I wish I wrote them. If only I could write songs! Oh that would be freakin’ AWESOME! Anyway…moving on.

I think it’s safe to say that Kris Allen accomplished making women everywhere fall in love with him…yet again.

An album full of positive yet emotional vibes, chantey hooks & crowd sing alongs, dance tracks, and breathy vocals; that have matured very nicely since his American Idol days, what more could you ask for in an album? I loved every bit of this listening experience.- Michelle Leigh Writes

Season 8 Winner;  Kris Allen!

American Idol Season 8 Winner;
Kris Allen!

This album is quietly sexy. Yet distinctively portrayed in Kris’ signature singer songwriter style. Kris Allen himself is quietly sexy. He sneaks up on you. He was the humble, yet adorable underdog on American Idol. I’ve always been one to root for the underdogs. He won Idol, and by extension, caught the hearts of many. And in doing so he continues to prove his heart and his talent with the music he puts forward for our ears to hear. Kris Allen doesn’t need gimmicks; he doesn’t need to pretend to be something he’s not. He’s got it going on with his quiet (yet obvious) sexiness. 😉 And yes I did just say that.


So take a LISTEN for yourselves and give your ears a much needed break from the same 10 incessantly overplayed songs that plague the radio. But WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUDE??? (yea you know you like that song). If you’re a lyric junkie like me, you will have a field day with this new album and dance a little while you’re at it. Solid album Kris. Swell Job. Keep being your sexy, talented self. We all love you for it!

For more information on Kris Allen’s shenanigans & things…Visit


 Happy Listening!


Why Can’t I Post Lately???

FRUSTRATION. Yup that pretty much sums up my life at the moment.

But just in case you don’t fully comprehend what I’ve been dealing with…

Here’s a Brooke Davis Tantrum to help you understand…

Brooke_angryMy last post was on July 19th, and the post before that was June 30th. Now granted I’m not on any extreme strict schedule, but I usually try and post 1-2 times a week. Never the less I guess it was around early to mid June, when I noticed my account started to act up. I would write a post up and save it to publish later and I’d go back and find it gone. And then I started to try and post and it just wouldn’t. Now for a while, I let it go, I thought oh it’s just a glitch. So I logged back on a few weeks later in July and was able to post. It seemed like the problem was gone, but it was a brief celebration, because it’s AUGUST 8th and I have yet to post something new. And that’s just not how MichelleLeighWrites does it.

My apologies to anyone who actually reads along with this blog, or happens to fall upon it during your search through Sophia Bush or Ryan Gosling images…(haha) it may appear that I’ve been MIA as of late.

However, I haven’t exactly been neglecting my blog.

The truth is there are at least a dozen (if not more) posts saved and ready to be read.

BUTTTT WordPress just won’t have it!

I have been having serious trouble uploading new material.

I legit can’t.

I have tried contacting But that got me nowhere. In fact I’m not even sure I contacted them correctly. It’s not easy getting an answer from them.

As I tried to google the problem several times, it seems I’m not the only one who has had or is having such a problem, but I fear I haven’t found a solution to fix this. And the fight is getting daunting. I guess I’ve just been wishing the problem away. But that’s not helping me get any of my new posts to you now is it?

It is extremely frustrating, because I have a lot to share with you!

As I type this now, I dread clicking “publish,” only to find that it probably won’t reach you.

Until I figure this all out. I hope you stick with me. If I truly can’t fix this problem I guess the only thing left to do, is redirect this blog to another forum. Sorry WordPress. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Fellow Bloggers, please if this makes it to post, help a girl out, so I know how to deal with this problem for future reference! Much Appreciation! xo

In the meantime, feel free to read up on some older posts. I recommend you catch up on the Mysterious Attraction series…cuz I have the last 3 chapters waiting to be posted! And let’s just say things get crazy, if I do say so myself! 😉 And Follow my daily musings on twitter @Shellbelle91. I basically “live” tweet television shows, gush over Justin Timberlake and express my love for the 90’s haha! So if you’re into that come join!

*Fingers Crossed* as I hit publish! 😀