Fight to Fall

So a lot of the times my family will read something I’ve written and they’ll ask me “where did you come up with that?” And honestly often times I can’t really give an answer, it’s difficult to pin point why you write something at a given moment. As a writer (and I use that term veryyyy loosely…because I know I have a long way to go) you tend to have a lot of thoughts floating around in your head and some just stick around longer than others. Something usually just triggers a thought. For instance this next poem was inspired by a few lines of a song that I fell in love with a long time ago. There was this show on tv a while back called Instant Star (only the really cool people will know what I’m talking about) lol and I was kind of obsessed with it.  The girl on it has an incredible voice, she’s seriously under-appreciated she deserves to be like up there with the likes of Christina and Mariah.  I’m just sayin’. 😉 Anyhow her name is

Alexz Johnson and she’s amazing.

The song is called “Where Does it Hurt,” and

the lyrics are:

Where does it hurt.
When you open your heart there’s always so much to lose.
So far to fall and no where to go when it’s true.

Read the rest of her lyrics HERE

For the longest time I had thought she was singing so “Fight to Fall” and I thought that was beautiful so I kind of just rolled with it. Regardless the song is beautiful on its own even though I had a lyrical mess up for a few years lol. Hey that happens!

“Fight to Fall”

Put your heart on the line

There’s always so much to lose

Still, fight to fall

Fall… like you don’t have a choice

Even though he’s the only choice you’d choose

Fall…like it’s your job

like it’s the air you breathe

or the scent of your favorite flower

Fall…like it’s your favorite food

like it’s a rare opportunity

You don’t need gravity

to fall faster

It’s already happening

With one look

When your eyes meet by accident

But it’s the possibility of a beautiful disaster

that’s so frightening


Black, White & RED Love


See the world through ❤ shaped shades




Lack of color



Ashamed of feeling

Isn’t it all the same though

No one really knows what they’re doing anyway

You try and you fail

You stumble and fall

But somehow the getting back up isn’t as hard as you thought

once the red seeps in

Somewhere along the way

Between all the vacant shapes

and faceless names

That color creeps in

washing over you

Bright and Red

Full of life and confusion

the color of true blood

leading to a heart

A heart beating for you

in that bright bright red

A lover’s red

Can you see it?

can you feel it?

To want that

 Black, White,  and Red Love

is to know there’s more for you out there

The kind of thing worth seeing

worth feeling

The kind of love you can’t get enough of

the kind that makes you weak in the knees

A whisper love…not too soft…not too loud

but just enough to make you see Red

Black and White is the norm

The typical side of it all

The red is the essence

the love meets the lust

the laughs in the tears

 the smiles in the frowns

the good in the bad

the spontaneity in the routine

the push meets the pull in a lover’s eyes

The red can take you far away

to a land where love is free

Free to explore all of it’s possibilities

The shelter from the storm surrounding you

Hold on tightly

They say love is blind

But even so, if it’s true love

You will see that Red

Isn’t it unfortunate

How we’re conditioned to speak in code

To say your  fine when you’re not

Hiding what you want to say

hiding your truth

When all’s that adds up to is wasted time

Time that could have been better spent seeing Red

You’re like an old vinyl record playing through the air

To want that Black, White and RED Love

You’ll have to wait patiently




Thank you to Taylor Swift’s inspiration…

Listen to her song RED

Get Over Yourself

Ramaging through some of my old stuff and found this little Gem…I’m kinda diggin’ it! Enjoy!


“Get over yourself”


Maybe im not perfect

Maybe im not sane

Maybe I rethink every little thing

At least I have morals

At least I have self respect

I don’t move too quickly

I know who I am


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


Maybe you think she’s perfection

Without a question

In your mind

But you want to find

The secret to what’s inside-

inside her eyes


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


Or maybe I was wrong

Maybe its not about that

Maybe its about the way she looks

That’s what draws you in

The flip of her hair

Or the Shake of her hips

Its something you can’t miss


What you see isn’t always what you get

But with these girls there’s always something to miss
I wish I could warn you

Clue you in on her scheming manipulative ways

But maybe it’s difficult to hear when she’s looking at you that way


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


Fall under her spell

Be used and ignored

Come out of it broken and sore

Pick yourself back up

Dust off the dirt and sleaze

And find a good girl to make you weak in the knees


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


Does she make you go weak?

Does she make you laugh?

Does she even care about the love you have to share?


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


But you’ll never find the truth behind those eyes

Because all their filled with are lies

She’s fixated on attention

Being the center of it always

Not to mention

Creating her own drama

As a form of entertainment


You’ve been played

Cuz you’ve been playin her games

With your world wrapped around her little finger

She thinks she’s got it made.


With a smile and a wave

She struts her stuff wanting you crawling

Begging and Pleading you seem completely hopeless


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


What happen to love?

What happen to chivalry?

It’s been beaten and torn

upstaged by promiscuity


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


What’s love got to do with it?

If she doesn’t give a damn

She’d rather sleep with a man

Than get to know him


When the right boy catches her eye

He won’t wait forever

He won’t even cry

Won’t wish you were together

He’ll make her regret all of her past

He’ll make her feel like she’s second best


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


Time to wake up

Time to realize

That not every guy

Is memorized

By the slutty silent type

He may like you may have even loved you

But when it comes down to it he knows he’s above you


Get over yourself

Grow out of your games

His hearts on a shelf

Left out in the rain

Get over yourself

Stop acting superior

Cuz the real world don’t care

And neither does a real man’s criteria


He may like what he sees

But deep down he knows

That behind those big beautiful eyes

And short cut dresses

Is a girl with a lack of control

And a heart full of coal


Keep Calm and Carry on my friends 😉

Dear Self, It’s nice to meet you…

Dear Self,

                                    It’s nice to meet you…

   Can I let myself be…

Will that set me free?

Can I let myself cry…

Would it be alright?

Can I let myself know…

What I’ve tried to avoid?

Can I offer up a reason…

or will it be too late to explain the unexplainable?

Don’t be afraid to hope…

Hope is where the heart is



New Arrival

“New Arrival”

3_2287 3_2288

Tiny Fingers

Tiny Toes

Watched you blossom

Watched you grow

Little Baby

You’ve brightened up their day

and placed a smile on her face

The glow is clear

It won’t wash away

Never will

Not even comes “May”

You shall be here one day soon

A few short weeks

What a surprise,

what a treat!

Can’t wait to meet you

Little Baby

Don’t you see

Boy or Girl

They are happy as can be

Blessed Baby

Sweetie Pie

Your family is waiting

so don’t be shy

Cousins to play with

Abby awaits you too

Grandparents so thrilled

Happiness will always surround you

Little Baby

Come say hi

We all can’t wait to meet you

Don’t even ask why

Liam or Sophia

Boy or Girl

Little Baby

Either way you’re a

Little Miracle



New Arrival… Coming Soon! ❤

The 20/20 Experience Review Wraps Up w/ Tracks 9-12

**Posting before midnight….could it be? Lol…Let’s do it!


9.) Mirrors

10.) Blue Ocean Floor

11.) Dress On *Target Bonus Track

12.) Body Count *Target Bonus Track

9.) Mirrors


Yesterday is history
Tomorrow’s a mystery
I can see you lookin’ back at me
Keep your eyes on me
Baby, keep your eyes on me

I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold
Show me how to fight for now
And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
Comin’ back here to you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

It’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me

This is Justin’s latest single, it was released on iTunes before the album released and I’ve been hearing it get more favoritism than Suit & Tie, because it has some Cry me a river elements. And let’s be honest that’s always a crowd favorite! However to be honest, I didn’t quite catch the resemblance right off the bat…but then once I heard the Timbaland “background beats,” if you will, lol, then I completely realized. Justin has said that this song is in reference to being able to change and grow within a relationship and having that person change along with you. The video is pure art, it’s dedicated to his grandparents William & Sadie, and it highlights their love story. If I’m not mistaken, I believe his Grandfather recently passed away, so this was possibly his way of honoring him and the video is truly beautiful and that’s all I really need to say see for yourself.

I also think this is definitely a possible wedding song of sorts, I mean lines like “You are the love of my life” aren’t written for no reason…but in typical Justin fashion, he side stepped that fact by being more general in describing the meaning of the song. 😉

10.) Blue Ocean Floor


Under the water you scream so loud but the silence surrounds you
But I hear it loud and you fall in the deep and I’ll always find you
If my red eyes don’t see you anymore
And I can’t hear you through the white noise

Just send your heartbeat
I’ll go to the blue ocean floor
Where they’ll find us no more
On that blue ocean floor

I’ve definitely heard some positive feedback about this song. And Justin has openly said this song was one of the hardest to record, because it put him out of his comfort zone a bit. And although maybe it wasn’t a song that jumped right out at me when I was picking up new J.T. favorites, it is definitely creeping up on me.  It’s one of those songs you really need to listen to, his voice sounds so beautiful, it’s like an auditory tranquility, but somehow you can envision that tranquility too. It’s really interesting, something very different for him. His voice goes through many different vocal registers and the song is like a soft love whisper. I feel like this song is about getting away from that spotlight and having a place that you and the one you love can call your own.  And regardless of whatever life may throw at him, he will always find that person through all the chaos. Somehow that connection will always be there. It’s a beautiful sentiment. Justin actually said this is a special song to him, that its his Romeo and Juliet song…he spoke about how he had this image of two people holding onto each other and sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor, saying if you go, I go. Basically he said that it’s about loving someone so much that you’d die for them, or die with them. It’s a tragic beauty of a song.

11.) Dress On *Bonus Track


I can’t wait
Cus girl as soon as I look at your face
I see a world where our heart never breaks
To me that means that the whole world could change but not mine
I can’t wait

[Verse 2]
The way I know your body
I don’t really need much
Girl I know where to touch
Stay where you are
Drop all your worries
And you can leave all the rest on
We can do it
While you still have your dress on

To me this song has become an album favorite, I hadn’t heard it until I watched the release party the night before the album came out, and it was only the first few seconds, and I immediately was like “Aw shit, this song is goood!” Lmaooo ! Basically I think this is one of those songs where he talks about the attraction for another person, and it’s deeper than just a typical physical thing. He’s interested in her and wants their connection to be something that allows all worry to fall away. Although the song makes it obviously evident that the attraction is there. It’s about that feeling you get just by looking at someone, you can tell you want more from them, more of a relationship.

12.) Body Count *Bonus Track


Put the music in the lights in the middle of the night
I’m gettin’ my way like a kid in a candy store
I think you got what I want
And by the end of the night when you hot like a light,
In the beat cause you and me burned up the floor
And if you own what I want, then you already know

[Pre Hook]
Help me I’m going down
That’s what I hear her say
Baby my body count
Is blowing up all the way, hey
Sign up, put your name down
Make my body count
Make my body count
Make my body count

This song is seriously just one of those fun dance tracks, you wanna like rock out to. It’s basically purely about physical attraction…nuff said, J.T. lol (can you say rock your body?…so much greatness!)

Read all Justin’s Lyrics HERE

So my last few thoughts on this amazing album consists of me being the proudest #Timberlaker/#JustinJunkie EVER!  It’s funny because a lot of my family and friends know my obsessional love for him, so they  are like reaching out to me telling me how they like the new music. My friend Lauren text me the other day saying that she’s becoming a huge J.T. fan because he’s just so good! (music to my ears!) It’s so much fun for me to see how he’s gaining more and more fans! I’d like to take just a bit of the credit, I’m pretty much a walking spokesperson to those around me. haha.

You can really tell how much of himself he put into this album. I don’t think he held back for a second! It really shows he took his time, he DEFINITELY didn’t rush it! lol. And I think keeping it such a secret made it even more exciting, because no one expected his return, which as a fan was a nice surprise after waiting so long. But since I know my boy so well, I knew when he chose to come back it would be in style. I had a feeling he had music up his sleeve, someone who is that connected to music can’t just go on for too long  not making it, especially someone so good at it! And he’s even got more tracks coming….it’s funny my initial thought when I saw the album only had 10 songs (not including target’s exclusive bonus tracks) I was kinda like J.T. 10 songs that’s it, after almost 7 years? I know you have more in you…and would you look at that he DOES! I swear homeboy secretly reads my mind. We’d totally make awesome besties, but I can’t make any promises that I won’t try to steal him away from Jessica? Just Kidding…sort of 😉

So hats off J.T. a true musical artist ❤

So there ya have it my complete Album Review, and for more updates on the 20/20 experience, visit for inside info on Justin’s album making process. He’s been giving his take on each song, plus behind the scenes photos and videos.

There was new info for every day this week, unlock the content and Enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

Until Volume Two… (rumored to be out this November!)

Plus #michelleleighoriginals back next week!


The 20/20 Experience Review Continues with Tracks 5-8

So clearly I am just a little off my game this week. Between writing for this AND trying to keep up with my Music Blog for a class, I’m all over the place. And all my posts have been getting done later than expected. :/ My brain is still in spring break mode, and basically I’m just done with college, I’m so over this.


Let’s Review!

5. Tunnel Vision

6. Spaceship Coupe

7. That Girl

8. Let the Groove Get In

5. “Tunnel Vision”


“A crowded room anywhere, a million people around, all I see is you
And that everything just disappears, disappears, disappears, disappears
Yeah a million people in a crowded room
But my camera lenses only been set to zoom
And it all becomes so clear, becomes so clear, becomes so clear

I got that tunnel vision for you”

To me this song resembles his Justified sound, but it’s definitely on a more  advanced level. Tunnel Vision is loosely defined as a “loss of peripheral vision; a narrow point of view.” From the lyrics shown above, one may feel it is safe to claim J.T.’s picked up quite the handy inspiration from his acting experiences. He uses the term Tunnel Vision, to play off of this idea that he’s only got eyes for one woman. He plays around saying his camera is set to zoom and the only thing he sees is that one girl. Hey sometimes that just happens…you could be in a room full of people but only paying attention to one.  Justin himself has said that he was inspired by the film-making process while working on this album. To me I think he was also inspired by his marriage, whether he admits it publicly or not, I think it’s pretty evident in a lot of his lyrics.

6. “Spaceship Coupe”


“Hop into my spaceship coupe
There’s only room for two (Me and you)
And with the top down
We’ll cruise around
Land and make love on the moon
Would you like that?

Hop into my spaceship coupe
There’s only room for two (Me and you)
And with the top of you wrapped up
In my space lover cocoon.

And I love it when I hear you say
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh”

Right off the bat, I think Prince! J.T.’s voice is way up there and it’s A-MAZING! (this is the ONLY song I can also understand the faint Robin Thicke comparison, but it’s lax, Justin’s just better, way better…to put it bluntly) Basically to me this song is about well…sex lol But it can also be about that  joy ride in your favorite car with a person,  that just randomly happens…and it’s carefree and everything you’ve been hoping for. It kind of makes me think of a guy falling for a girl who he thinks is possibly out of his league hence the lyric;

“Now everybody knows that you’re from outer space (outer space)
But Honey, I just want to turn out this space with you (you, you, you, you)
So drive me to your galaxy where I could play, yeah (that milky way)”


7. “That Girl”


“Cause I’m in love with that girl
So don’t be mad at me
Cause I’m in love with that girl
So don’t be mad at me
So what if I’m from the other side of the tracks, so what if the world don’t think we match
I’ll put it down like my love’s on wax, guess what
I’m in love with that girl
And she told me, she’s in love with me”

First of all the mock Jazz Club Introduction for J.T. & The Tennessee Kids…Adorable! Puts you right in the audience! I think this song is beautiful. Justin has said that this song is an ode to The Temptations. Since he mentioned that, I can definitely see, in a way it resembles songs like My Girl or Just my imagination. I have to say I was pretty excited to here this, since I happen to be a bit of a Motown Kid and grew up listening to The Temptations. Basically I think this song revolves around that relationship that outsiders/ people often criticize. Like that whole “OMG why’s he with her!” bit. Come on we’ve all said it at some point, or vice versa.

This song shows that it doesn’t matter who says what, and they can say whatever they want, it won’t change how he feels. I guess he might have some experience with peeps hatin’ on J. Biel. lol! What… it’s true!  Honestly I’m not her biggest fan, I would have pegged him with someone more like Cameron Diaz, because she’s a goofball just like him…(although ideally I really am still just hoping for a Justin & Britney reunion!) #hardcore90skid lol. And I have to confess when he married Jess, it was a sad sad day for me, BUT I’ve made my peace, because she is beautiful and seems sweet, and you can tell he really loves her…BUT even more so, you can tell she REALLY loves him. And honestly that’s all I want for him! They’re babies are gonna be gorgeous…yes I’m talking like Justin’s my ex-boyfriend or something haha…notice how I call him by his first name 😉

8. “Let the Groove In”


“Are you comfortable, right there right there
Let The Groove Get In, feel it right there

Cause when the groove gets on, ooh it’s on
And if you need some lead, take mine
Cause when the groove gets on, ooh it’s on
So let’s have the night of our lives”

Ok so I’ve definitely mentioned my love for this track numerous times. I think it’s becoming one of my favorite J.T. tracks ever…which says A LOT, because I have some other hardcore favorites, like Cry me a river. When I first heard this song, it was on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon, and I honestly was in a trance, I couldn’t even handle it’s greatness. Justin explained how this song added a little Latin flavor to the album and it was his choice to do a song that felt like  he put “The Jackson 5 in Brazil” HAHAHA which I thought was hysterical and perfect! It’s a dance party…and just makes you feel good about life! The lyrics are mostly repetitive but I think that’s what makes it so fun,you don’t have to think too much, and then toward the end…with the interlude it’s very Stevie Wonder inspired.

I know it seems like I’m comparing this album to a lot of other songs, meanwhile I keep harping on how it’s totally original and unpredictable, and in a way I may seem like I’m contradicting myself. But the truth is that he drew inspiration from many legendary musicians that came before him. But he still took that and made it his own, blending in his own personal signature sounds. It’s now his turn to be that legend to future musicians. Cuz let’s face it….People are going to be praising Justin Timberlake’s work for many many generations to come… Michael Jackson Status 😉 (although he’ll always be the King of Pop…ain’t nobody taking that title away from him!)


Read all the rest of Justin’s Lyrics HERE

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s Album Review Wrap Up when I review tracks 9-12!

Smile it’s almost Friday!



The 20/20 Experience Review Tracks 1-4

1. Pusher Love Girl

2. Suit & Tie

3. Don’t Hold the Wall

4. Strawberry Bubblegum (*FAV!)

Ok so I may not be a musical expert, but with that being said,

my ears like what they hear! 😉

In the general sense the new album is just that… an experience. Justin has offered explanations as to why he named it “The 20/20 Experience,” he has said that upon playing the record for a good friend, the friend described it as “music you can see,” thus the play on 20/20 vision.

Justin’s voice is on point…his falsetto in tip top shape. And anyone comparing him to Robin Thicke…just Ew…No. Justin’s been known for his falsetto for quite the number of years…this is no news. And really Justin is in a whole different ball game! Besides, when Timbaland and Justin work together…the outcome is bound to be pure greatness…it’s inevitable.

The album has a lot of soul, but at the same time his initial sounds from when he first started out are still evident. The sounds made popular by songs like Cry Me a River, and Sexy Back.

Justin has once again utilized the idea of preludes and interludes within many of these songs. We saw this done with a few tracks off of his sophomore album “Future Sex Love Sounds,” tracks like “My Love,” “Love Stoned,” and “What Goes Around.” Interludes and Preludes are always my favorite parts, because even when you think the song is ending, it doesn’t and it just gets increasingly better.


For starters this song is 8:02 minutes long…props J.T.  props…

When you first hear Pusher Love Girl, the beginning puts you in an old Hollywood movie. While once again Justin’s Falsetto slays us, and his backup band The Tennessee Kids harmonize in the chorus. The interlude has a bit of a “rapper” vibe, you can tell there were hip-hop influences…yes apparently J.T. can rap too…this guy!


“I don’t wanna ever come down off this cloud of lovin’ you”

“People call me a user, but I want you
To go on and use me too”

“…pusher love
I’m just a j-j-j-j-junkie for your love”

**Bottom Line: This song is basically stating this girl is his drug haha**


Can we just discuss how the beginning is the best part and you NEVER hear it… damn radio edits! Why? cuz of the “shit,” give me a break “It’s Britney Bitch” gets free play! LOL… Any way… when I first heard Suit & Tie I was already dancin’ in my chair! It was definitely a good marketing strategy to have a lead off single featuring Jay Z, however either way it’s Justin so it’d still be a huge hit! Although I’m not Jay-Z’s biggest fan, I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on him. I don’t love him but I also don’t hate him. In fact as a person he seems pretty chill, so I guess we could be drinking buddies or something whatevs 😉 Suit & Tie  has a very old school vibe and it’s catchy as hell. It is different, it may need a listen or two for some, but you have to give him props for branching out…I don’t think anyone could have predicted this new sound he has come out with. But regardless, he does it well, like he does everything well! I know some people seem to hate on it, BUT if I have anything to do with it …I will convert you! My friend Lauren hates it! She thinks it sucks…but we were in the car listening to it, and she started singing along…and I told her “See, eventually it gets to ya! I  told you!” LOL

Quick Funny Story… when my brother first heard the song he asked me “What’s “I be on my Suit and Tie shit” mean?”

My response…”Swaggg” haha Gosh… clearly I have to explain everything! 😉


obsessed with this first line for some reason!…

“I can’t wait ’til I get you on the floor, good-looking”

“Let me show you a few things

show you a few things about love”

“Stop, let me get a good look at it
Oh, so thick, now I know why they call it a fatty
And Aww, shit’s so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit”

**Bottom Line: This song is basically about getting all dolled up and ready (possibly for his wedding…who knows)

…Oh AND judging by the last lyric I chose…I’m pretty sure it’s about Jessica Biel’s Ass haha ;)…**


To me right off the bat this is an MJ inspired song…it resembles an Off the Wall vibe

Which if you ARE an MJ fan you know that song is freakin’ bitchin’ haha

Anyway there’s a bit of an Arabian influence as well, like I totally picture the cobra dancing out of the basket… Ah brings up the other MJ trackRemember the Time.”  Timbaland’s influence is evident as well, almost reminds me of the magic they created on his first album Justified, resembling tracks like Senorita and (Oh No) What you got.


Take you to the light,
It’s dark in the back
You started moving,
You put an arch in your back
Closer to me, closer to me
Sippin’ your drink,
And you’re getting closer to me
Dance in the light,
Slide in your seat,
You started moving,
You’re getting closer to me
Why you on me, then let me go?

**Bottom Line: This is basically about seeing someone in a club and having them catch your eye…

the message…girl don’t be a wallflower ;)**


I was hearing buzz about this song on twitter before I heard it and so I was super excited when he performed it on

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which was a ridiculously smooth performance, the boy can still move! I instantly loved it and it has become an album favorite for me.  I feel like I’m in a jazz club listening to this song. It’s a clever freakin innuendo! 😉


“I, I can’t deny the way you caught my eye”

“And it all started when she said
Hey hey hey, smacking that strawberry bubblegum”

“If you’ll be my strawberry bubblegum,
Then I’ll be your blueberry lollipop
(little girl would you be my)
If you’ll be my strawberry bubblegum,
Then I’ll be your blueberry lollipop
And then I’ll love you ’til I make it pop”

**Bottom Line: This is just a completely feel good song… and to me its talking about the little things that attract you to someone, whether it be their choice of gum they like to chew haha or how they carry themselves.**

View all J.T. Lyrics HERE

There you go, Tracks 1-4…

Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing tracks 5-8 😀

MY 20/20 Experience…

Ok soooo…TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!


Seriously… hello gorgeous! ❤


I said I would cheese it up… So I did 😀


My iTunes has seriously missed some new JT ❤ Look at that cover art… brilliant!


Flipping through the CD art and my initial reaction to this shot was “Oh dear lord!” He looks GOOD! lol #myfav ❤

Ok so that was my spastic picture experience today… lol…

I had to document this amazing day! duh?

Hope you guys caught an encore presentation of his iHeartRadio album release party

hosted by Ryan Seacrest on the CW tonight, yes it was the same thing that was streaming live online last night…

if not… here’s a little sneak peek

HOWEVER…. tonight’s broadcast was an HOUR long, because it included…

The premiere of Justin’s new music video… for “Mirrors” …trust me it’s a masterpiece!

Also the Target Deluxe edition has two extra tracks…

Dress On

Body Count

ALSO BIG NEWS!!!!! ….Here’s a little message Justin sent to fans earlier Today 😀

10 MORE TRACKS! Fan-girl with me friends!

Ok that’s my Justin Update for today….sorry it’s so late…but better late then never right?…I was too busy enjoying his greatness!

And MUCH MORE MUSIC TO COME!!!! #2020volume2comingsoon

***Review on tracks 1-4 coming your way tomorrow!


Justin Timberlake… nuff said

***Understand one thing… this week my post will be mostly about Justin Timberlake…so if you are not a fan…I advise you to shove it! haha I’m just kidding…well sort of…anyway if he’s not your cup of tea maybe you need to give this album a chance because there’s seriously something in it for everybody! If not… then come on back next week, and I’ll try my best to mix things up 😉

Oh by the way…. I FINALLY GOT JUSTIN TICKETS (thanks to the big bro)!!!! After days and hours of trying I did it! So for all those feeling hopeless…I felt your pain and now I’m a smiling fool! So keep at it!…. Stubhub’s your best bet, cuz I don’t know WHAT Ticketmaster is doin’ …and clearly they have no clue either! 😛

Any who… Justin Timberlake’s new album “The 20/20 Experience” is out TOMORROW, TUESDAY MARCH 19TH….it’s streaming for free on iTunes already, so I’ve already given it a listen…well a couple listenssss actually…I tried to wait but it’s been 7 years so screw it….I couldn’t freakin’ help myself.

SO… do yourself (and your ears) a favor and GO BUY IT!!!!!justin306-1360248439 … My advice, TARGET TARGET  TARGET… (2 exclusive tracks!)

It is truly amazing, and ok I am completely infatuated with him, and have been for years, so yes maybe I am a little biased when it comes to the great Mr. Sexy Back. BUT I honestly feel this album is on a completely different and original level. (He’s had 7 damn years to make the damn thing! haha ;))

It all started with “Suit & Tie” and I knew automatically from that first track, that this album was going to be different. My thoughts; if you were expecting him to release another version of Cry me a River or Sexy Back well then that would have shown no artistic growth whatsoever. And as his TRUE fans, and I say TRUE because if you are truly a fan it wouldn’t matter that this album is a little different, you’d like it anyway. Which is how I feel, I honestly am such a fan, that he could do anything and I’d just find a way to love it. He’s just that good… I mean let’s be serious he can do just about anything, he’s a freakin’ chameleon.

Anyhow, I feel that with this album….there’s a song for everybody. Justin has utilized all different music types, and sounds, and somehow managed to make them all blend into one out of this world album.

It’s so interesting to see. He has the musical backing of The Tennessee Kids and has really embraced a unique old school R&B sound. It’s almost as though it pays homage to the musical likings of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder.

If you are a JT fan you probably know last week was #Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and truthfully I was sad to see it end. Every night he performed a song off of the new album. Monday Night was previously heard  “Pusher Love Girl,” a song that compares a relationship with a woman to the “positive” experience of doing drugs. Ultimately I think it’s him showcasing that Jessica Biel is his much needed drug of choice. 😉 Lucky girl!JT-2020experience-studio-2

Tuesday was “Mirrors,” which has been previously released on iTunes, and has    become a personal favorite. Many do compare its sound to Cry Me a River, and I guess I do understand the similar elements. However, it’s still a completely different song. The message is not about a love gone wrong, its the total opposite. In a way I’m pretty sure it’s about him getting married; he sings…

“And now it’s clear as this promise
That we’re making two reflections into one
‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me”

Wednesday night Justin graced the stage with a performance of “Let the Groove Get in,” which has quickly skyrocketed to one of my favorite songs of his EVER! It is like a tribal dance party. I swear I can’t sit still for shit! 😉 I mean he’s made some amazing dance tracks in the past but this…It’s a long way from his past work! It’s so different and so fantastic; it makes me proud to be a fan.

Thursday Night was another whammy! When he performed “Strawberry Bubblegum,” this is also one of my favs off the album. It’s very bluesy and jazz club esque. It’s actually super cute and catchy and clever as hell. My favorite line is… “If you’ll be my strawberry bubblegum, I’ll be your blueberry lollipop” Haha, like… are you kidding me? How great is that? I just love him!

Friday Night Justin treated the crowd to an old school JT mash-up where he combined “Like I Love you” “My Love” “Cry me a River” and “Senorita”….adding in a few surprises along the way….classic JT ❤

ALSO… … not to mention Justin and Jimmy Fallon are the most adorable besties EVER….and you know they were bound to do it….

Presenting THE HISTORY OF RAP 4!     You. are. welcome. 😉

AND my favorite skit from his hosting/musical guest duties on SNL SATURDAY MARCH 9th


All images credited to

It’s so amazing to see that everything he does becomes somewhat of a trend. Hosting SNL for instance has clearly made him the youngest host to enter the “5 Timers Club” lol and he’s made several skits legendary; 2:30 am’s “D in a Box” “Motherlover” “3 Way (The Golden Rule)” Trilogy has led viewers to look for them during SNL skits. The same with “Omelette-ville”, which its latest installment includes “Vegan-ville.” I swear no one makes a giant Tofu costume paired with tight-fitting spandex look quite that good! You can tell he loves to make people laugh, and that he’s a good sport because he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

BIG NEWS! Tune in TONIGHT @ 9 pm to Justin’s album release party stream LIVE!

I’ll be fangirling the whole time! 😀

Stick with me for the FULL album review COMING SOON!!!!