My Glenn/The Walking Dead Theory

So as you can probably tell from my last post, I’m having a difficult times believing that Glenn has died on The Walking Dead. And with all the theories and speculations and that cryptic message show runner Scott Gimple released to The Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick, I’m just so uncertain that what we saw on screen was all there was to the story. I think there’s more. So here’s my theory.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Yes the more I watch the scene, the more I think Nicolas’ body fell on him sideways and is shielding Glenn from becoming walker bait. And the blood and guts you see are indeed Nicolas’ intestines and such…



I saw a meme out there that made me laugh it said something like “Psst, hey chill out he’s alive, your intestines aren’t in your chest.” Haha. Has a point, no?

And Glenn’s reaction is just from fear and sadness. Even though Nicolas was someone who Glenn -let’s be honest- someone he hated. Glenn is still Glenn and he feels everything. He feels every loss of human life. In fact it’s been recently discovered that Glenn is one of the few characters on The Walking Dead that has never killed a human being. That fact totally skated by me, considering I totally see Glenn as a badass. He does what needs to be done, and he knows the danger behind this world and he knows when he has to be cautious of someone. But he has a heart of gold when you really think about it.


It’s possible he was able to wiggle his way free and hide under the dumpster for cover. It is literally his only option for safety considering the walkers are coming from all angles.

But how the hell can he get out of this crazy herd of walkers unscathed?

Chances are he won’t.

Meaning that he probably got bitten on some kind of expendable part of his body. I’m thinking a hand, arm, leg, or foot. Something that he could chop off and still go on living. Although I think leg and foot would be way worse and the leg would be way too Hershel. But this part of my theory leads to a connection to what Gimple said that we may see “parts of Glenn.” Body parts left behind, for someone to find and think he’s gone. Which is ok. We can handle that. We’ve seen it done before and characters still lasted for quite a while. RIP Hershel. RIP Merle. But Glenn will show up in some epic reveal! Hell yeah.

Then Michonne noticing something is up, because let’s be honest home-girl has some wicked instincts and she follows them. She will go looking for him, and find him as they both circle back and save Rick’s trapped ass.


Hey Dumbass? 😉

rick rv pNw7cQTL-600x399[1]

Let’s be real that would be kind of dope. Glenn saving Rick from the RV of doom (with one arm like a boss), much like he saved him back in Season 1 from the tank fiasco.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Daryl magically shows up too, cause well he shines in these moments.

I just think that Glenn has tried to be like Rick and get to the point where he can leave someone behind, or shoot someone point blank because they cause a threat. But he managed to take it back and keep his moral compass intact. Damn Damn Damn. As Chris Hardwick always says, you never want to be the moral compass of this show, because then you end up dead. I don’t believe that’s the case with Glenn. Glenn isn’t naïve about this world. He has a keen conscience and hell of a right hook.

Case in point.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I think it would be really lame of the show to end Glenn’s story here. I think they have so much story left to tell. Glenn’s arch has been about him becoming a leader, a man, a husband, a caretaker. The arch could do a complete 180 if they allow Glenn to live. Think about how much death Glenn has been witness to, think about the images he has to suffer and relive over and over again. Losing Dale the way they did, Noah getting ripped from his grasp and torn apart right in front of him knowing there was nothing he could do to help him, and now Nicolas who literally shot himself I front of Glenn and then Glenn has to have his body be ripped apart on top of him, mirroring his possible faith.

I think it would be amazing to see Glenn make that transition toward who Rick has become. Some may say he’s crazy or cold. But he’s lived this life, he knows the risks, he knows the stakes. I think Glenn knows them to but he approaches things differently, which makes him him, and which makes him different from the other leaders in the show. I think it’d be interesting to watch him attempt to deal with all of this. I think it would make for some amazing character development. And would also make for some really deep, raw scenes between him and Maggie. Considering Maggie has suffered so much loss herself.


Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) - The Walking Dead - Season 4 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

He can’t die. He just can’t. It doesn’t make sense for the show. So Scott Gimple, I ask you is the shock value of a possible Glenn death really worth risking the possibility for an amazing story arch for Steven Yeun’s character? No. That’s what I thought. I think you’re messing with us here and if you indeed are, and Glenn is alive (and you KEEP him alive, none of this he survives only to be killed later on this season) then I will tip my hat off to you and say YOU GOT ME. And that was one hell of an epic fake out.



Sunday’s episode is 90 minutes long, fingers crossed that I can come back with some answers more to my liking. Because Glenn dying on The Walking Dead is no laughing matter and I think I speak on behalf of the fandom when I say it is unacceptable. And to those saying if Glenn lives the show will lose credit, I say the have more to lose killing off a character everyone loves. Nobody is going to say “Oh my god this show is so stupid why didn’t they just kill Glenn.” We all love you Glenn, we want you around for a long long time.


Until next time.


*I do not take credit for any memes, images or gifs used.*







OK So I don’t know what to think, or how to feel. I do know that I cried, that I jumped up and stood on my couch, then curled into a ball and hid in my sweater. I also know that I am in complete denial. This show, the people, are part of my Sunday night family and it is more than just a show. 6 years we as fans have been on this journey and you get attached to characters, you get attached to their stories and the relationships they make with each other. And in the word of the show, even though you know people have to die to keep the story going, you convince yourself that there are certain characters that are just off limits. A do not kill list if you will.

There’s a lot of skepticism revolving the death of a very beloved Walking Dead character. If you don’t wish to spoiler it for yourself…STOP READING NOW! I repeat SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD, stop reading now!

Ok you’ve been warned.


About 45 minutes into Sunday night’s The Walking Dead- Glenn Rhee’s fate seemed to be made clear as walkers surrounded both him and well hated Alexandrian, Nicolas. Nicolas choosing to end his life brings Glenn down with him into the pile of walkers and we see them get ripped alive by walkers. Yes NICHOLAS the same bastard who got Noah killed, and shot Glenn trying to kill him. The same Nicolas who we knew from day one, couldn’t be trusted. But Glenn being Glenn, always gives second chances, and tries to believe the best in people, and the best in himself. So when Nicolas asked to come along on a diversion plan to help Glenn lure the walkers away from the group, Glenn let him come and try to redeem himself. This is what now, chance 505, and Nicolas screws Glenn yet again. This time maybe for the last time.


The view in front of me was a sea of denial. As I anticipated something really bad  was bound to happen with Nicolas is around. But seeing Glenn get ripped apart was some kind of bad dream. I still can’t believe it and I choose to not believe it. After everything he survived, the well, the collapsed tunnel, merle and the attack of  the governor, terminus, etc. I refuse to believe that THIS is how his story ends. That his death is merely a cautionary tale. BULL SHIT. I call BULL SHIT.

And last but not least, I refuse to believe that Maggie is going to lose the only member left of her family, her husband. Their love story has been one of my favorite parts of the show, watching them stumble around each other like two geeky teens in puppy love, to man and wife. Seeing the little moments between these two scripted or not, are beautiful and rare in this zombie apocalypse world. It is the sweetest gem on this show. If you know me, you know my obsession with love stories, so that right there in itself automatically makes this a loss for me as a Glenn fan and as a Glenn and Maggie fan.



After the walkers “consume the both of them”, you get an obscure view of Glenn screaming and it looks like his guts are being ripped out of him. But then they cut and you never see what truly happens to him, making you think that he’s just dead. (Not to mention that there were 15 minutes of the damn episode left.) Later on Michonne notices Glenn isn’t meeting up with them like he said he would, and he isn’t answering Rick on his walkie talkie either.

However, as I watched The Talking Dead, some theories are starting to cook. Some people seem to think that when Nicolas shot himself and fell into the crowd of walkers pulling Glenn down with him, Nicolas fell on top of him and that is who was being ripped apart. And that Glenn’s screaming expression is just his reaction to that. Some also seem to think that Glenn got free and hid under the dumpster.

Scott Gimple released a statement that Chris Hardwick read aloud on The Talking Dead that basically alluded to a very cryptic possibility that Glenn could still be alive, could be in pieces, could be in flashbacks, or could be a walker. But that Glenn’s story will be resolved. If you ask me that doesn’t help me very much. It doesn’t help my heart. Although the writers and producers have never released statements about a character’s death quite like this, so this ambiguity could just be a cinematic epic lead on …*fingers crossed.*

The cast isn’t commenting on Glenn’s death. Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn hasn’t said a word. And usually they do when it comes to their character’s death. Something smells fishy.

Glenn has been on the show from the first season. He is one of the few originals left that has lasted this long. And he and Maggie are the only true love story on this show. He is one of my favorite characters. His arch has been one of true leadership, honesty, bravery, and love for his group. The family he has created for himself in this wicked world is one he will do anything for. Always following his gut and instincts to trust him to find his way and lead others to safety. Always looking out for the next person, always willing to do the heavy lifting and dangerous work to protect his people and others. Glenn is good, to a fault, as he always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt. He is kind, but at the same time has lived in this world long enough to know how to survive.


It kills me to think that in these last few episodes he and Maggie haven’t even spent any real time together, and they didn’t even get to say goodbye. If this is truly Glenn’s fate, then I’m sorry Walking Dead but this time you really got it wrong. I can deal with you killing Hershel (he had one leg and it was bound to happen but it was such a cruel, harsh death for a sweet sweet man), and Beth (there was a bunch of foreshadowing but seriously after all that time waiting to find where she was, and you still killed her)….although they were the hardest two deaths to take in, I could deal, but Glenn…this I cannot deal with. You need to FIX THIS. Please don’t let this be true, please don’t let this be true. Until next week….it’s a 90 minute episode, so they better make this up to us. And Glenn better be alive.

What do you guys think? You be the judge….Watch the painful scene HERE

Read an interview with Scott Gimple HERE


A very anxious Walking Dead Fan

In honor of Glenn…

Here are some of my favorite Glenn moments.

Asking Hershel for permission to marry Maggie


Proposing to Maggie



Remembering his Anniversary

(keeping Romance alive even in the apocalypse, is he a 10 or WHAT?)


Taking a picture of Maggie while she sleeps


Telling Maggie he hid because he knew he never wanted her to hurt



Getting out of Merle’s trap

Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Walker - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

His determined search for Maggie/Reuniting with Maggie



                                                          Saving Maggie from a walker


Wearing Armor because he’s brilliant


Glenn (Steven Yeun) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Water well bait


Knocking Aiden out with one punch


Loyalty to the group



(the list goes on and on.)

*I do not take credit for the images or gifs used.*


Stranger Drunk


Pouring Rain trickles down storefront windows.

Cars whizz past kicking up water.

The day has been gloomy and dark, but the night is just beginning.

Macey is rushing down the city block, no direct location, but needing to blow off steam after a long day at work.

Her umbrella long since destroyed and forgotten.

She storms into a nearby bar, the door slamming behind her, her outfit completely soaked.

The bar is pretty empty, except for a man sitting at the bar, and a few stragglers at various tables.

The man at the bar glances over, his eyes scaling her up and down.

Her gaze misses him as she walks and sits a few seats from him, with a mission in mind.

I need a drink…or 2 or 5 she thinks.

The bartender smiles her way

“What can I get you?” he says.

“Let’s start with a shot of tequila…”

The bartender smirks.

“You got it.”

The man sitting next to her glances over, again.

The bartender pours Macey a shot.

“Thank you, bottoms up,” she raises her glass to the bartender and knocks it back.

She winces.

“Keep ’em coming.”

The bartender nods and lines up the next round.

The man next to her turns to her.

“You must have had a bad day,” he says.

“You have no idea.”

“Well if you don’t mind a stranger’s ears, I’d be happy to listen…venting usually helps me.”

“Handsome guy like you…dressed in a business suit, what kind of problems could you possibly have…it’s a man’s world isn’t it,” she huffs obviously annoyed, and dripping with sarcasm.

“Any man who has ever made you think that, is an absolute disgrace.”

“We agree on something.”

“Can I be forward for just a second?”

“That depends,” she says her eyebrow arching.

“On what?”

“On how forward you’re willing to be.”

“As forward as you’ll let me be,” he says his lips smirking, as he leans in closer.

“There may be room for some cinematic liberties.”

“Cinematic liberties?” he laughs.

“Yea you know like in the movies when a guy and girl meet at a bar and-”

“And what?”

“Get to know -each other- a little better.”

“That sounds entertaining.”

“Buy me my next round of shots and maybe that’ll be a possibility?”

“It’d be my pleasure.”

Macey smiles.

As the man gestures to the bartender to pour another round.

“So how does a sexy, obviously power house of a woman, end up alone on a Friday night?

“I’m not alone,” she smirks taking a shot.

The man smirks looking away for a beat. Needing a minute.

“So you wanna get out of here?” she says.

“Are you sure…I mean don’t you want to at least know my name first?”

“No. I’m a one night opportunity and the less I know about you, the more fun it’ll be…” she says her eyes dancing.


“Hey if you’re not interested-”

“I never said I wasn’t interested. I just thought that maybe I could take you out to dinner first, or something.”

“Oh wow, drinks and a dinner, what a gentleman. That’s not really what I’m looking for tonight-”

“Your place or mine?”

Macey smiles taking her last shot and walking out of the bar.

The man throws a 100 dollar bill on the bar for the drinks and follows Macey out, his gaze transfixed.

He meets her outside, the rain has finally stopped and Macey is holding a cab.

The man grabs her by the arm, spinning her toward him. He kisses her catching her off guard.

“As much as I’d love to take you home, you deserve to be courted, and I won’t be the guy to deny you that.”

“Where’d you come from?”

He smiles.

“I know that this may not be what you want right now, or tonight. But when you realize it is what you want, give me a call.”

He hands her a business card. Kissing her on the cheek, as he begins to walk away.

Macey looks at his name; dazed.

“Brayden” it reads.

He turns back around.

“Oh and I hope that your night got at least a little better, because you wear a smile like you’re wearing that dress…pretty flawlessly.” he smirks walking away.

Macey stands there in awe.

“Well stranger you just made my night.” She whispers to herself as she smiles tucking the business card in her jacket pocket and getting in the cab.

-End Scene-


My life is like a movie…

So where are my chick flick girls at?

27 Dresses…do you know that one…


I’m sure you do, if you’re like me and love love and weddings.

I love a good love story. And I will pretty much watch anything with Katherine Heigl in it, because I just don’t know what it is, I love her acting, she’s always relatable.

I recently realized what trying to act like an adult means. It means watching as each of your friends begin to get engaged while you just try to get your feet planted on the ground firmly for once. It takes time, and patience, two of which I don’t have.

Anyway, I digress.

I have been asked to be in 4 weddings all coming up within the next year or two. Give or take.

One of which is my brother’s wedding, which is quickly creeping up on us! I swear time flies!

And I can already feel that my best friend will be getting engaged relatively soon too.

So all I can do is, sit back and laugh as I just can’t help but compare myself to Jane from the movie 27 Dresses.

“Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride” ha! That’s essentially the plot. Plain Jane goes through life offering her wedding planning services to everyone and making sure their days go perfectly while she lets her love life sink into an non existent black hole of dreams and no action.

But as you all know, a good chick flick always finishes on a happy note, so you see where this is going, SPOILER ALERT, she gets the guy.

It’s official my life like a movie….so where the hell is my James Marsden???? I want to get drunk and sing Benny and the Jets with some cutie! 😉


foyer-2[1] 27_dresses_2[1]


Currently taking applications for wedding dates 😉


All cynical kidding aside, I am thoroughly excited for each of the weddings I have been apart of already and will be a part of. And on that note I want to share some AMAZINGLY exciting news with you. My good friend, who I have known since high school, through college and even after, recently got engaged and we met for coffee over the weekend to catch up, because life gets hectic and time runs away from you. I had a little engagement gift for her; just a wedding magazine and a little bottle of champagne for her and her fiancé to share in celebration. But little did I know she had a little favor to ask me!




I was so surprised and excited! I can’t wait to help one of my greatest friends plan her special day! This is my first go at Maid of Honor and the title is most certainly not lost on me, because it is truly an honor. I’m already thinking of Bachelorette party ideas! YAY! This is going to be such an exciting time for her and I can’t wait to join in and help her!

Sometimes when life gets crummy and you feel like you’re drowning and maybe you feel like you’ve lost direction, magical things can still happen and shift your mood. So thank you my friend. xoxo

And yes girl, I will hold your dress while you pee! 😉



My Current Fall TV Schedule

I’m a TV Junkie so I thought I’d share my schedule of shows. It’s research for writing my own future television shows. 😉 Because I will get there, one day. tv


Jane The Virgin @ 9:00 pm The CW

Awkward @ 10:00 pm MTV

Faking It @ 10:30 pm MTV


Married At First Sight: First Year @ 9:00 pm FYI *the only reality show I watch and will watch.

Finding Carter @ 10:00 pm MTV

Chicago Fire @ 10:00 pm NBC


Young & Hungry @ 8:00 pm abcfamily *just had it’s season finale

Kevin From Work @ 8:30 pm abcfamily *just had it’s season finale

Chicago PD @ 10:00 pm NBC


The Vampire Diaries @ 8:00 pm The CW

Scandal @ 9:00 pm ABC #TGIT

How To Get Away With Murder @ 10:00 pm ABC #TGIT

*sorry Shonda I pretty much gave up on Grey’s Anatomy.


To catch up on any shows I missed…notice many of them have the same times. 😉


To catch up on any shows I missed…notice many of them have the same times. 😉


The Walking Dead @ 9:00 pm AMC

Blood & Oil @ 9:00 pm ABC

The Talking Dead @ 10:00 pm AMC

As you can see I juggle a lot. Along with an internship and everyday life stuff, and family and friends, it’s nice to come home and have my mind be on something else for a bit. I love television, it’s an escape for me. I love characters and plotlines, and storytelling. Like I said it’s research. Stay Tuned.

*If you have any fun tv show suggestions, sound off below. I can always fit something else in. HAHA


Drive Me Crazy.

drive me crazy

“You love me, I love you. Let’s just do this thing,”  he says.

“Do you really think we can do that?” she says with hesitance.

“We won’t know unless we try,” he says with puppy dog eyes.

“But we’ve been here before, and it never worked. What makes you think we would last this time?”  she says nervous to hear his answer.

He thinks, pondering. “Because this time, we won’t be able to walk away,” he says smiling.

She looks at him confused. “I don’t understand, no matter how much we love each other one of us has always managed to walk away and hurt the other. I can’t go through that again, I won’t be able to survive.”

“This time it’ll stick, because this time, I’ll be your husband. If you’ll have me?” he says taking her hands in his.

“What? Are you…Did you just…” she says baffled.

“Propose? Yea sort of,” he laughs.

“You wanna marry me?” she crosses her arms and leans to one side sticking out her hip.

“Yea,”  he smiles. “Don’t you think it’s about time, we stop messing around?”

“But I drive you crazy…I know I do, you know I do. I’m controlling, I’m super clumsy, and riddled with anxiety. I overthink us, me, you… everything. And I know that I snore when I’m really tired, which is probably a complete turnoff…and I…” she rattles off in a nervous and slightly frustrated tone.

“Shut up…(he grabs her face and kisses her) Marry me? Because I love you and yes you do drive me crazy 99% of the time, but I wouldn’t love you any other way.”



She nods smiling as he kisses her, and then hugging her, he lifts her spinning her around in pure joy of a bright future, together, finally.

-The End-


Dear God, it’s me, Michelle.

Dear God, it’s me, Michelle.

I know sometimes I question you.

I know sometimes I doubt you. 

I don’t always understand your ways.

I don’t always believe that everything happens for a reason.

I know sometimes I get angry with you.

Let it be known that sometimes I question myself.

Sometimes I doubt myself.

More often than not, I get angry with myself.

I over analyze, and over think everything.

I wonder why you made me this way?

So anxious, so sensitive, so empathetic.

I’m sorry God.

I know you have a greater plan for me.

But I often wonder what that is?

If you could send me some kind of sign?

It’s difficult living in this world, wondering why I was put here.

The bitterness can take a toll, when you really just want to believe in hope, in faith, and in the best in everyone.

Contemplating if every decision I make is possibly life changing.

Contemplating what my destiny is, what my purpose is.

So lord, I ask you to bless my family and friends and guide them through their struggles.

I ask you for guidance, and for the patience to get where you need me to be.

To a place where my values and beliefs are my strength and are always in tact. I think sometimes we lose sight of them, in the shuffles of life.

I ask you to help me to be the best version of myself, to find my path and follow it and to do your will the best way I know how.




Aunt Mary. <3


In times of tragedy we try to make sense of things.

As a writer I thought writing it down was my best bet.

I remember the priest saying “We are all made up of relationships.”

And I made a mental note to remember that, because it rings so true.

We do not live in this life alone.

We have family and friends who make our life worth living.

During these times of sadness we wonder…


When tragedy strikes, we ask why?

We get angry.

And if you’re religious, maybe you get angry at God.

I know I have had my moments.

We want answers.

The most unexplainable thing is death, and the deaths of loved ones taken too soon.

Taken by illness beyond the measures of medicine.

Beyond the strength of a character.

Beyond the love and support of a family.

Sometimes those unexplainable questions can cripple you.

Can make you feel like you can’t grasp the reality surrounding you.

How can someone who was here and present; laughing with you one moment, be gone the next?

The sorry for your loss’ and the days of paying respects go by.

What a conventionally miserable time.

But I guess as a society it is all we know.

I will never understand why we have to put ourselves through that.

That is not the person we all knew and loved.

Because their soul has already moved on, but their spirit is still with us.

Death is a part of life, yes.

Grieving is a part of life, yes.

But it is never easy.

And there is no perfect or right way to deal with that.

Death in its aberration is a route to heaven.

And if you are Catholic that gives you some solace.

That your loved ones are safe and in a happier place.

I think that’s what gets us through.

But you silently wish to yourself that we could all stay here on this earth, happy, healthy, and together, forever.

I just have to get through these next couple of days, you think to yourself.

But there is still something so scary, so final about it.

And that true cold fact can hit you when you least expect it.

It can hit you in the process of masses and burials, or it can come randomly days, or even weeks later.

It can hit you in the room, with your loved one before you.

Or it can hit you when you see old pictures of a healthier time.

You never know.

And you can’t prepare for it.

And when those times come, don’t be shameful.

Feel in your heart that your tears are for the one you love and the memories they’ve instilled in you.

I have never understood why illnesses take away the people we love.

Why death has to be so scary and crippling.

If someone has lived and laughed and touched lives they should be honored and remembered in that light.

We are all made up of relationships.

And we should value them the best way we know how.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to deal with this the only way I know how, I’m going to write.


Aunt Mary.20151004_235136

You were known for your sense of humor.

Your “say it like it is” personality.

Your unfiltered words and questions.

You’re incessant asking if I have a boyfriend.

“Do you have a boyfriend, you can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.”

And I would laugh and roll my eyes and tell you “No Aunt Mary, No boyfriend, not yet.”

I swear sometimes I almost wanted to say “No Aunt Mary I’m not a lesbian either.” My cousin Melissa knows the pain on that one too, Haha.

Your love of Pepsi and how you upgraded from Dunkin’ Donuts foam cups to an insulated plastic travel mug that literally went EVERYWHERE with you, accompanied by several cups of HUGE chunks of ice. Would you like some Pepsi with that ice?

I remember sitting in the back seat with you on long family drives to whatever family party was going on and having you come in with your Pepsi cup and your jokes ready to go.

And how you’d kiss the wrong cheek, when saying hello. I was always slightly confused, but it was your thing and eventually I caught on.

How no matter how hot it was outside, you had to wear a sweatshirt and jeans. With some crazy sayings on them, I might add.

I’ll never forget when you wore a YOLO shirt and you didn’t even know what it meant.

And most recently how I came to visit you and was oddly impressed by the fact that you still had a working landline telephone attached to your wall.

Your love of Mexican food and Casa Pepe.

I still remember that spicy green salsa you used to love too, and how we’d all pig out on tortilla chips and salsa on Saturdays at Aunt Linda’s house.

How you’d add salt to EVERYTHING but still managed to have steady blood pleasure like a champ.

But you hated sweets, which to me was hysterical, because who doesn’t like chocolate?

Your love of Facebook and your new big smart phone that you’d whip out with its kick stand for all to see.10494870_1495915290643974_2567170116266952578_n[1]

Your funky nail polish colors that you painted on yourself.

That necklace with Uncle George’s picture on it that you wore ALL THE TIME, that I thought was too funny, but you wore it with pride, rightfully so.

How you loved your cats and would always sign my cards Love, Aunt Mary, Uncle George, Midnight and Spook. Cats are family too. You also always spelt my name with one L, which I hate, but somehow it was forgivable when you did it.

The stories I wasn’t born for, but I’ve heard countless times about how you gave the cousins wine to drink when you were babysitting them, because you thought it was ice tea. (It was in the wrong bottle, so not really your fault, haha.)

Your drunken sing along rendition of “Chrissy the Christmas Mouse” that you are legendary for.

I think that’s on video somewhere, we need to break that out!

The laughs are countless.

Aunt Mary you will never be forgotten, you were one of a kind and were always someone to warn people about, before they met you. In the best possible way. Your unfiltered conversations have given us hysterical memories that will live on forever.

When I was around 10 and we were waiting outside of a store for my Mom and Aunt Linda and you just randomly fell to the floor next to me. I was so confused until it hit me, and I ran to get help. And later on when we asked if you felt a seizure coming on, you simply said “Oh yea, but I just didn’t say anything.” And I just freaked out saying “Oh so you just decided to scare the crap out of me instead.” You made light of your struggle and you never let it stop you from living your life.

I still can’t believe you are gone, the more I think about it the more unreal it seems. You’ve battled epilepsy all your life and you never let it stop you from doing anything. It breaks my heart to know your fight was masked by an even greater one.

But I also know that you are no longer in pain anymore that you are at peace and you are with your mother Margaret probably playing cards or bingo and being fabulous ladies together.

Heaven probably wasn’t ready for you yet…13411_1626169797618522_6388340347853145731_n[1]

With your big phone… you’re probably taking selfies with all the celebrities up there. Damn I wish heaven had a Facebook page, I’d like that shit in a heartbeat.

And your Pepsi on ice in what I can only hope is a fabulous crystal cup, because you deserve another upgrade.

And your feast of Mexican food, I am sure Casa Pepe will deliver, just for you.

A great big Pepsi Cheers to you Aunt Mary, cheers to your life, cheers to the memories you’ve given us and the strength you had until the very last-minute.

It’s a lesson to all of us who love you that we can get through anything, if we just channel your strength.

I love you, Aunt Mary.

And don’t worry when I do bring a boy around, he’s gonna know all about you, I promise.

Rest In Peace you spunky angel! You are one tough cookie.

And as little Soph says; “See You A’gain.”



13 Times Haley James (Scott) Handled Things Like A BOSS.

So I randomly got into watching some One Tree Hill episodes a few nights ago, and I was reminded of just how much I love Haley James Scott. She was always my favorite character. I always felt like aside from the fact that she ended up married by 16 and pregnant by 18, I thought she was the most “real” or most accurate version of a typical teenager/girl next door. I saw things in her, that I saw in myself. And as a writer and a tv lover, I realize that’s gold when you are trying to hook an audience. When people relate to your characters, you truly have something special.

haley angel

Haley James Scott, known for being the goody two shoes of the group. The kind, and sweet and innocent girl that always had a thing for people who needed fixing. She was the girl who spent her free time working shifts at the café to earn spending money, tutoring kids, and studying and being brilliant. But by season 2 she was a full fledged singer, and we saw new side of Haley. #Rockstarr

However, let’s be honest underneath that sweet nice girl act, was a sassy girl just dying to get out. Mess with her, or someone she cares about and you will feel her wrath. And in those moments above all else, I LOVED HER!

Because Haley James Scott was more than just Nathan Scott’s wife, or Tree Hill High’s teacher, more than Haley James singer and tour travel goer. Haley James Scott was a young woman who spoke her mind when she felt something was wrong. A girl who never faulted on her beliefs, and always without a doubt followed her heart. Because Haley James Scott was a BADASS! And here’s why…

13 Times Haley James (Scott) Handled Things Like A BOSS.

  1. When Haley finds Nanny Carrie and Nathan all nake-fied and stepping out of the shower.

2. When Haley bitches out Peyton for kissing Lucas when he’s with Lindsay.

3. When Haley bitches out Lucas for proposing to Lindsay when she saw him kiss Peyton. @1:24

#ILovedLindsay #PeytonAlwaysIrritatedMe #WhyDidntHaleyAndLucasEverGetItOn

4. When Haley throws a drink in Rachel’s face and slaps her at she and Nathan’s house party.

^ Skills: “Yo ma I think it’s time for you to leave.” haha

5. When Haley shoves the mother of the kid who’s been bullying Jamie.

6. When Haley pukes in Dan’s lap after spending the day playing hooky and drinking with Nathan, . #DrunkHaley #SoUnHaleyLike But hysterical.

7. When Haley and Nathan fight over her not being on birth control pills.

-He was such an a$$ here, like as if it’s only her responsibility. And he never SHUT UP about basketball and HIS dream, but whatever that is an angry rant for a different time.

8. When Haley and Nathan fight about Nanny Carrie and Haley asks for a divorce.

9. When Haley slaps a bitch…named Renee.

10. When Haley and Nathan talk about Nathan’s Sex Tape he made with Brooke. #pregnancyhormones LMAO.

11. When Haley initiates “slutty wedding sex,” with Nathan.

12. When Haley and Nathan fight during a Tree Hill storm and the power goes out.

13. When Haley tells off Principal Rimkus.

So yes, I know that there are many more sassy Haley James Scott moments out there, but we’d be here forever. These are the ones that came to mind first. Tell me which ones I missed!

And also can we just take a moment and fangirl a.k.a freak the heck out over these One Tree Hill conventions that have been going on all over lately. The cast’s instagram game is EVERYTHING. They need to leave Paris for a while and come visit NEW YORK. Joy I’m still waiting to do brunch, oh and we can invite Sophia Bush along too! 😉 #FangirlLife