Reasons Why I Continuously Wish My Life Was Like A Gilmore Girls Episode


Gilmore Girls [Season 1] Recap…


1. Their junk food/ movie watching nights.

imagesWP8EJYDK imagesLF5HPUDP

2. Rory’s list of sexy boyfriends. #Jess you were my favorite.

imagesPP9O5NJW imagesWMZMNTUG

3. The town of Starshollow. (I want to live there!)


4. Luke’s Diner.


5. Their ability to eat like pigs and never gain weight.


6. Christopher finally stepping up and being the man Lorelai always wanted. (I loved Luke, but these two just fit so perfectly)


7. Their undeniable sense of humor; quick witted I must say!


8. Their one liner zings/comebacks

9. Their witty banter/rapid fire dialogue… [chalk that up to their immense intake of caffeine]

images7FZRPBQ9 imagesN1DHVQPS

10. Friday Night Dinner at the Gilmore house hold aka the stuffy grandparents, oh to be a fly on the wall just to witness the craziness!


11. SOOKIE ST. JAMES! [Melissa McCarthy I can say I knew you when…] 😉


By The Way…if you have never watched Gilmore Girls (or if you just want to rewatch), do yourself a favor….it’s coming to Netflix October 1st!


#UhOh #ImInTrouble


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 10 Part 3

So I’ve kind of been MIA as you may have noticed, but I have once again had to battle with my computer so I finally had to buckle down and purchase a new one. So now we should be good to go. And once again I can post more frequently as I have missed it so much! So as promised, let’s get to it as we round out Chapter 10 of Mysterious Attraction.

Thanks for your patience 😉

This is just the story that will never end.

Previously on Mysterious Attraction




One month later…

tumblr_lekw6uTrwl1qg18zoo1_500Lexie is home recuperating and Carter is waiting on her hand and foot.

Carter: Here babe…(he hands her a glass of water and her prenatal vitamins.)

Lexie: Thank you. (she takes the pills and sips her water)

Carter: Drink the whole glass…water is very important when you’re pregnant.

Lexie: I know that.

Carter: So drink it, come on.

Lexie gulps her glass down.

Lexie: Happy?

Carter: Very (he smiles) So how you feeling…(he sits next to her on the couch.)New-Photoshoot-by-Roberta-Scroft-Crazy-Stupid-Love-2011-ryan-gosling-26987198-420-535

Lexie: Good.

Carter: Any pain?

Lexie: Just a little. But not unbearable. The doctor did say the wound is healing nicely though.

Carter nods.

Carter: And what about this little one? (He puts his hand on her growing baby bump.)

Lexie: Getting stronger every day, (she smiles.)

Carter: I’m so glad you’re both ok, I don’t know what I would have done if…

Lexie: Well lucky for you, you don’t have to find out. Because I will be around for a longggg time, continuing to do all the annoying things that drive you crazy. (she smiles brightly and bats her eyelashes.)

Carter: (laughs) I wouldn’t have it any other way…. I love you, you know that…

Brooke_Scott_Gif4Lexie: I do. I love you too. (she strokes his face)

Carter: Do you know how much I love you?


Lexie: Well…I wouldn’t mind hearing it all over again. (she smiles and laughs as he kisses her)

Carter: You know while you were in the hospital the only thing I kept thinking about was the fact that you never got the see this.

He pulls out a small blue velvet ring box and opens it, showing off a sparkly diamond ring.


Lexie gasps and looks up at him.

tumblr_lpitbyIZTk1qffj5lo1_500[1]Lexie: Are you serious?

Carter: Yes. The day that you got taken was the day I went to get this. I went out to pick up dinner just so I could pick this up. The call I got wasn’t about the divorce it was from the jeweler saying this was ready. I just wanted you to be surprised. We’ve been through so much over the past year, that I just really wanted this moment to be perfect for you. I didn’t want you to suspect anything. And then when I can home and I saw you weren’t here I-

Lexie: We don’t have to talk about that.

Carter: I should have been here.

Lexie: Carter, stop it. Do not blame yourself. I won’t have it.

ryan-gosling-gifs-18Carter: I just…I want you to know that I can protect you. And I know that you hate when I say that, but the truth is we are a couple, and there are gonna be times when you’re gonna need to let yourself lean on me. Now I realize I haven’t exactly done the best job of protecting you so far, but-

Lexie: Shut up, would you? (she laughs) Skully was a tyrant ok, even my father couldn’t predict what was going to happen, and he’s been dealing with Skully’s mind games for years. I’m ok. The baby is ok. We’re ok. Besides I’ve never felt safer than I do when I’m with you. (Carter smiles at her) So… you were saying…(she gestures to the ring with a big smile.)

Carter: I realize that this isn’t any girl’s ideal proposal, and in my head this planned to be a lot more romantic…

Lexie: So you’ve been planning this for a while?

Carter: You could say that.

Lexie: It’s perfect.

Carter: Not really. I would have preferred to give you a longer recovery time, but if I wait any longer to do this, I think I’m gonna go insane…so…

Lexie: Shut up and ask me already. (she smiles)

Carter smirks and kneels down on one knee.

Carter: Will you marry me?

656237_1299363468257_fullLexie: Absolutely. (she smiles as he slides the ring on her finger and kisses her)

Carter: Did you ever think we’d get here?

Lexie: Where…barefoot, pregnant and engaged?

Carter: Well yea…but I mean…happy?

Lexie: So happy. (she smiles and leans up to kiss him)

Carter: So did you think we’d ever get here?

Lexie: That depends. I definitely hoped for it…but given how we started…back then it was difficult to see this actually playing out. But like everything in our relationship, it’s all unconventional.

20130107015122!Brooke_and_JulianCarter: Ha, that’s an understatement. Yea we definitely don’t fit the typical restraints of a love story. The way we started…my god…do you remember the night that we met?

Lexie: (laughs) How could I forget it?

*Flashback* (A few years ago)


A bar

Music playing

Drinks clinking

People socializing

lulu-dress-569Carter sits at the bar drinking and brooding over his nearly failed marriage,  lookingmac-dep-nhu-ryan-gosling-trong-crazy-stupid-love at an old crinkled photo of his wife Kelly on their wedding day, that he keeps in his wallet.

Lexie sits a few people over drinking some red wine with some friends.


Carter’s eyes fall on her and she’s talking to someone; laughing and smiling.

Carter stares and watches.

Everything about her electrified his curiosity. He wanted to be near her. And yet he didn’t even know her.

images381J6OUYPlaying with his wedding ring Carter takes it off and spins it on the bar top next to the photograph.

Bartender Bill: Can I get you another?imagesCOQOPUWT

Carter: Yea…keep em comin’.

Lexie calls out…

Lexie: Hey Billy boy, how bout another round….when you get a chance.

Bartender Bill: Right away Ms. Lexie.


Lexie smiles, and looks at Carter. Their glares are shared for a brief second before Carter looks away.

Bartender Bill: Here ya go.

Brooke-and-Julian-6x11-We-Three-My-Echo-My-Shadow-And-Me-brooke-and-julian-14197290-1280-720Lexie: Thanks baby.

She hands the drinks to her friends.

Bartender Bill notices Carter’s eyes on Lexie.

Bartender Bill: Intoxicating huh?

Carter: What?

Bartender Bill: Lexie…she’s intoxicating.

Carter: I wouldn’t know. I’m a married man. (he puts his ring back on)

Bartender Bill: Oh. It’s just the way you were looking at her, I thought maybe-…my mistake.

Carter: Nah that’s ok. (he shrugs and shakes his head) Why… what’s her story?

He tries to sound disinterested when he actually is more than interested.

Bartender Bill: Let’s just say you don’t wanna get on her bad side, she comes from a pretty well known family, her Dad isn’t exactly on the right side of the law. And she’s a pretty tough chick to try and get one over on, but that hasn’t stopped many a men from trying.

ryan-gosling-in-gangster-squadCarter glances over at Lexie again, she notices and smiles, biting her fire cracker red glossy bottom lip.

Oh dear god. Carter thinks.Brooke-Davis-brooke-davis-10279556-200-320

Carter looks away again.

Bartender Bill: I’ll tell ya something though; those red lips, high heels and skin tight dresses are only the surface….she’ll ruin a nice guy like you for sure. Just saying word of advice, keep your distance… married or not, you’ve been warned. (he laughs)

He turns and takes the next person’s order.

An hour or so goes by and the bar begins to empty. Lexie looks over at Carter and he’s staring at her again.

She smiles and stares back.

tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io4_250Lexie: Hasn’t your mother ever told you…it’s not polite to stare?

Carter: Girl like you makes it pretty hard not to. (Carter surprises himself by how forward he is)

Must be the liquid courage he thinks.

Lexie gets up and starts to walk over toward him.

Lexie: Oh hunny, I’m not a girl…I’m a woman. And there’s a big difference. (she purs through red lips and white perfect teeth.)

Carter: Is there now? (he turns in his chair to face her)

What are you doing, don’t engage. Carter thinks.

Lexie: Absolutely. What’s your name? (she sips her red wine)tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io2_250

Carter: Carter.

Lexie: Sexy. (she smiles) Well Carter, I’m Lexie, but something tells me you already knew that. (she leans closer to him, strokes his chest and stares him in the eyes)

I’m going to hell. Carter thinks.

Lexie: Carter you seem like a sweet guy, so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret the male society has yet to learn.

Carter: What’s that? (he says unable to stop from playing along)

I’m a moth, she’s the flame. This is not going to end well. He thinks.

Lexie: See, girls wait for the guy to come to them. Women go in for the kill.

tumblr_mkra31YoOK1qdq710o5_250She pulls him in and kisses him.

Lexie: We take what we want. No questions asked.

Skip to…

Carter and Lexie kissing in the back of the bar…

Carter: I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m married.

images4QIKULJ1Shut up you idiot. Carter thinks.

Lexie looks at him.

Lexie: You wouldn’t have been staring at me…(as his eyes wander over her)… like that… for the past 3 hours if you didn’t want this to happen.

Carter: I…

I’m speechless. I literally have lost my ability to speak words. Who is this woman? Carter thinks.

Lexie: Now something tells me you married a girl and you’re in the market for a woman… but if that’s not the case then speak now, because I don’t like wasting my time. Nor will you deserve to experience what’s about to happen. And it will be amazing, I can promise you that. (She smirks)

Holy shit. Where did she come from? Carter thinks.

Lexie: Your call.

Fuck it. Carter thinks.

Carter cups her face and kisses her.tumblr_m05xzjJQ5W1rq4lc6o1_500

Lexie: There may be some hope for you yet, (she smirks seductively and kisses him back.)

*End of flashback*

Lexie: Whoa whoa, was I really that forward?

Carter: Oh Yea…and it was hot as hell. (he kisses her)

Lexie: You do realize you started it all though right? I mean I realize I was a bit more forthcoming in the physical aspect when we first met but…I just got the ball rolling when you were too scared too. But you stared me down first…the entire time.

Carter: Yea but alls I did was stare. I never touched… until you did.

Lexie: Staring is almost more of a tease.

crazy-stupid-love-ryan-gosling-emma-stoneCarter: What? How do you figure?

Lexie: Because that’s the mystery. The mystery of what that person smells like, feels like…

Carter: kisses like, (he says smiling and kissing her)

Lexie: Exactly. That’s the definition of mysterious attraction. A look reveals everything and nothing at the same time. A look sets the stage…it shows that the want is there and that lets your mind wonder to all kinds of crazy places. But when you look away, it takes it all back, revealing nothing.

Carter: Funny that’s exactly what I was going for. (he laughs)

Brooke-Julian-one-tree-hill-couples-27153854-500-281Lexie: Oh please, you had no idea, I was about to wreck you for all future women.

Carter: Yea you’re right. I had absolutely no clue. But one look and I was pretty much a goner, so I can’t really blame you for playing the part.

Lexie: I’m sorry I played it for so long.

Carter: Don’t be, we both messed with each other, we were just scared to let each other in. Our track records haven’t exactly left us unscathed from love’s brutal wrath. But we were put through the ringer and we made it. And now, we don’t have to worry about anything…besides I knew you secretly loved me.brooke-and-julian_46727_1

Lexie: Oh did you now?

Carter: Yea… (he cups her face and kisses her) it was all in this- (he gestures as he kisses her again.)

Lexie smiles and kisses him back.

Chapter 11 is next!

* I take no credit for any images/gifs used*


Meet “Erin Davis.”

The Fashion fusing of

Fashion maven Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill


And laid back badass Detective Erin Lindsay from Chicago PD


Both portrayed by one of my fashion icons and all around “idols”

The lovely Sophia Bush.

normal_01_28129[1] normal_01_281529[1] sophia-bush-the-queen-latifah-show-pic161999


 I first fell in love with Ms.Bush as perky yet overly angsty teenager turned woman Brooke Davis. I watched as she fought her way through life and love and finally found her happy ending. Now as Sophia Bush embarks on her latest television drama we get a different side of her, as she fights her way through Chicago breaking down doors and arresting the bad guys as a detective.

With September 23rd being the One Tree Hill anniversary of when the show first aired 11 years ago, and September 24th being the premiere date for Chicago PD’s second season, I thought what better way to celebrate then by doing a little fashion inspired somethin’ somethin’. A style steal or get the look post….if you will.

Let’s start off with the role that brought us Sophia Bush…Brooke Davis

Brooke’s style varied over the years, but one thing was for sure, she always looked fabulous. Her fashion ranged from cheerleading uniforms and sweats, casual cute for school, dressed to kill fashionista, business chic and even as a mom she still rocked mini skirts and sexy high heels.

Here’s my Brooke Davis Fashion Pick:

OTH 5x01

OTH 5×01

501OneTreeHill073[1] 501OneTreeHill076[1]

 My Recreation:

Brooke Davis Look cropped

brooke davis makeup

For Brooke’s makeup: I added to Erin’s natural look, silver and black eyeshadow to make the eyes pop a little more and appear more dramatic, added some goldish, copper lipstick and lip gloss, and some brownzer and blush for more warmth.*Plus some bouncy curls for her hair.

Brooke Davis coffee selfie

My version of a Brooke Davis Selfie. #Sassy #Coffee


Onto Det. Lindsay..

Erin Lindsay’s style is very relaxed, laid back, casual. It has to be comfortable after all she’s constantly chasing after drug dealers and solving homicides. She has a bit of a “tom boy” effect to her style. Her look is very natural and she still looks beautiful, and kicks ass at the same time. #beauty&brains #deadlycombination

Here’s my Erin Lindsay Fashion Pick:


Chicago PD 1×03

 normal_s1e3_2318[1]  normal_s1e3_2324[1]

My Recreation:

Det. Erin Lindsay Look cropped

erin lindsay makeup

For Erin’s make up: I kept it very natural;some black eye liner, mascara, natural pink lip balm, and gotta fill in those eyebrows! *Plus simple curly hair.

Det. Erin Lindsay selfie

My version of a Det. Lindsay Selfie. #Badass

Does the title make sense to you now?

Meet “Erin Davis.”

Erin Lindsay

Brooke Davis

See what I did there?

So thank you One Tree Hill for the many amazing memories I can hold dear to my heart with friendships I’ve created because of the show and Happy Anniversary! You will forever live on in our dvd box sets! I still break those out, when I get the urge to visit tree hill for a night.


Now who’s ready to watch Sophia rock it in Chicago PD’s Season 2 premiere tonight?

I know I am.

Live tweet with the cast during the premiere tonight! :D

Live tweet with the cast during the premiere tonight! 😀

Who are you rooting for…

Lindsay & Halstead or Lindsay & Severide?


Happy Watching!


Reasons Why People Freak Over Fall Season

I’m back…it’s been a minute since I last posted….#technologyissues

Anyhow moving on to today’s antics…


Ok folks let me break it down for you…


Fall is upon us…

                                                     *Fall fashionimagesC65KN793

images5YRATMF7*Fall colors; change in makeup namely darker lipstick shades and nail polish

[Oh hey Essie’s “Wicked” how you been girl?]




*Big Cozy sweaters

*Fuzzy socks…[I had a pair on the other day and my god daughter was scared of them, she couldn’t see my feet and I think that bugged her out! Haha #kids]


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

*Light jackets; Leather Jackets #GetYourDemiOn

*Cardigans and Scarves #thatsmyshit #thatsmyshit



*No more sweating for no reason other than breathing…[shout out to summer]

*Hair styling is easier, [shout out to humidity…you won’t be missed. #NoOffense]

*The Walking Dead #Walktober…who’s having a premiere party, invite me over!


Sunday, October 12th! @ 9 on AMC

[Other fall TV show premieres…

Shout out to Chicago PD coming back this Wednesday!]

*Crisp cool weather

imagesG8QOG358*Crunchy leaves…[show of hands who goes out of their way to step on leaves???]

*Soup and sandwiches for dinner…[#cozy… where’s my snuggie/imaginary cuddle buddy?]

*Hot Beverages


*Halloween…[#candycorn ….and everything pumpkin flavored #pumpkinspicelatte #whitegirlstatus #vanillachaitea]



[Thank you Starbucks, Thank you Dunkin Donuts…I’m not a crazy pumpkin flavor lovin’ girl, but I do enjoy a good pumpkin kick from time to time.]

*Halloween decorations & costume decisions

*Scary Movies

*Pumpkin/Apple Picking

*Carving Pumpkins

*Baking Pies… Eating Pies  #WhoDoesntLovePie

*Halloween also starts off the Holiday season…whilst Halloween then a b-line to Christmas…

#Thanksgiving #IAppreciateYou

*Applefest Warwick NY [It’s a big out door flee market, you can find the coolest most unique things…but quick tip of the day…where comfortable shoes, it’s ALOT of walking!]

So there you have it….Fall, welcome back you sassy thing you.

Happy Fall!

Oh and there's this too...

Oh and there’s this too…am I right ladies?

*I do not take credit for any of the images used*


“He Said, She Said.” – A Dialogue

“He Said, She Said.”

A follow-up to “She Said.”

he she said edit

He Said: Hey…He Said She Said edit

She Said: Hey.

He Said: You look good.

She Said: I know. (she smirks)

He Said: (he smiles and looks at his feet nervously) How are you?

She Said: I’m really good. (she smiles simply but it’s genuine)

He Said: Good.

She Said: And you?

He Said: I’ve seen better days.

She Said: Haven’t we all. (she laughs) It’ll pass. Some days are good, some aren’t.

He Said: I know this is in poor taste to bring this up but-

She Said: Then don’t. It won’t really make a difference at this point.

He Said: Maybe not. But I just- I need to say something…

She Said: Okay.

He Said: I’m sorry. And I know that’s lame and I’ve said it countless times before. But I really am sorry. I’m sorry for what I did, I’m sorry that I hurt you and our relationship. Basically I’m just so sorry for how we left things. I really hate that the last memory you have of me is a rotten one.

She Said: Yea, well the whole situation pretty much sucked. But what can you do right. What’s done is done. It’s all in the past now.

He Said: I feel like you hate me. And I totally deserve it but-

She Said: I don’t hate you.

He Said: You don’t? (he says in shock)

She Said: I’m sure at some point I thought I did. (she laughs) But I don’t really believe in hate… I mean even if you hate someone, it’s still a feeling, you still have some kind of feeling toward them. And to me, hate is just a gateway to love. Even if you hate someone you probably have some love for them too or at least you used to. So I don’t believe in hate. I don’t hate you.

He Said: You’re kind of amazing you know that?

She Said: Obviously. (flips her hair behind her shoulder dramatically)

They share a laugh like old times.

He Said: So you still believe in love?

She Said: Oh absolutely. But you already knew that. So why are you asking? (she laughs)

He Said: I guess I just needed to hear that I didn’t ruin it for you.

She Said: (laughs) Someone’s a little full of himself. And you wonder why we never worked out. Hmmm? (she rolls her eyes and laughs making light of their situation)

He Said: I just meant…I’m sorry. (he shakes his head in frustration with himself)

She Said: It’s okay. I get that your nervous.

He Said: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rehearsed this conversation in my head. I guess I didn’t expect you to be so nice to me. I’m losing my cool.

She Said: Well considering you were never that cool…that’s not saying much- (she laughs)

He Said: (laughs) Why are you being so nice…are you secretly plotting your revenge? (he raises his eyebrows)

She Said: Nah. I’m just a better person than you. (she fakes seriousness, then laughs)

He Said: No that’s actually true though.

She Said: Forgive yourself. I have. Life’s too short to live in regret…to live in the past.

He Said: Have you?….Forgiven me?

She Said: Look at me…do I look unhappy to you?

He Said: No. You look amazing, and you seem happier then I’ve ever seen you. Way happier than you ever were with me.

She Said: And it’s not even an act. (she smiles) Look after we broke up, everything just kind of fell into place. And I really went for the things I wanted, things that I realized I was holding myself back from. So I guess in some twisted way you cheating was a blessing in disguise. 

He Said: Wow. Well then I’m really happy for you. I just wish I treated you better when I had the chance. You were worth it. That’s my biggest regret.

She Said: Well…I appreciate that.

He Said: Well now at least you know what not to look for in a relationship right? (he laughs)

She Said: You’re not a bad guy. You just need to learn how to let people in. Learn how to let a woman love you, that way you can learn to love them back.

He Said: I did love you. I need you to know that. I need you to believe that.

She Said: Oddly enough I do.

He Said: Good… Do you think we could ever give it another shot?

She Said: No. (she laughs)

He Said: Sorry. Can’t blame a guy for trying right?

She Said: I suppose not. (she laughs, shaking her head)

He Said: Whoever gets to marry you…is one lucky guy.

She Said: I’ll tell him you said so.

He Said: Have you met him yet?

She Said: I think so.

He Said: Good for you. (they share smiles and understandings) I guess I should get going.

She Said: Okay. It was good to talk to you. Good Luck. (she gives him a goodbye hug)

He Said: Thanks for hearing me out. And for being as graceful as I remember you to be.

She Said: Oh you know… that’s just how I am. (she shrugs and laughs)

He Said: I’ll see ya. (he waves, smiles and begins to walk away)

She Said: Bye.

He Said: (he turns back toward her) Hey… if you say hate is an extension of love and you believe in love, but you don’t believe in hate. Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?

She Said: Hasn’t anyone ever told you…everything in life is an oxymoron.

They both smile at each other one last time before they go their separate ways.

~The End.~




“She Said.” – A Monologue



They fell in love

He cheated

She found out

 So…this is the aftermath

she said cheat said


Capture 2She Said:

 I do believe that you love me, or that you think you do. And I do believe that you’re sorry, or that you think you are. But I can’t say that I think that’s enough. You can say she didn’t mean anything, that it was one time and the last time. But that doesn’t mean I believe it. I can’t trust you. That’s basically what it comes down to. I gave you my heart and you chose to break it. You chose to. You knew what you were doing. You knew it would hurt me, you knew it would hurt us. Break us. But you did it anyway. That just goes to show how little you know about love, and what it actually means to fall into it and to value it. Sometimes people don’t deserve a second chance, because it’s only risking another disappointment. It’s okay though. What you did is not okay. We are not okay. But I am. Or at least I will be. Because, I think a part of me knew you would hurt me. I think every girl deep down kind of expects it. And I don’t think that’s being a pessimist, but a realist. Guys will come and go. They will make you fall and then rip the rug out from under you. But like I said, it’s okay. We will survive, we will move on. And one day a man will come along and surprise us. We will wait for our feet to hit cold tiled floor, but that day won’t come, and then we’ll know. Then we’ll feel it. He’s it. He’s the one. And he won’t make you cry, but instead pick you up and make all the cries and lessons that came before all somehow seem worth it. You just have to be patient. He may be closer than you think. Look around. Say hi…smile.


* “She Said.” is just a small short two part story…check out the following post “He Said, She Said.” To get both sides!

He Said She Said edit

*I do not take any credit for any of the actual photos used within my edits*