[Modernized] Flapper Fashion.

This past weekend, I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate my 24th Birthday. It was low key, which was nice, but as the dinner got closer it dawned on me. My usual over the top birthday party planning skills weren’t being put to any use. [see my 80’s party blog] The truth is I just had a Valentine’s party and I wasn’t up for planning another so soon after. So I settled on dinner at a imagesSX96Z8YYnice restaurant with some close friends. But I wanted something to make the night a little more festive, something to make it sparkle. So as I rummaged my closet for the perfect birthday night outfit, I had a fun light bulb idea. I wanted to dress up like I lived in the 1920’s. Me and my themes. I just can’t get enough of them! I always say how I want to be able to dress and pretend to live a day in every major fashion era. So after a little sifting and searching I settled on some key pieces to make my outfit 1920’s flapper inspired.

The base of my outfit was a pair of black skinny dress pants, and a black lace sleeveless shirt. I paired that with a black sequined shrug, for some sparkle. Then added a pair of nude, low heeled pumps, a long pearl necklace, some flashy gold and pearl jewelry, a makeshift headband and the star of the night; a faux fur scarf. In my opinion the fur scarf and headband are what really sold the outfit . And can I just say the scarf came with a hat and the whole set was found in the 99 cents store for like 7 bucks. So… bargain. Yes! And my headband was a headband I found at a clothing store in the accessories section for around 4 dollars and I had a pair of peacock feathered earrings that I don’t wear much anymore so I just repurposed the feather and sewed it onto the headband and viola!

As for makeup I stuck to the traditional 20’s inspired look; dark eyes, and deep red lips. I mixed a lot of browns, blacks, and shimmery white and taupe colors to get that smokey look. And the lipstick was a mixture of first outlining my lips with a bright red lip liner then on one lip bright red and the other dark red, then smooch, and blend, it gives you this nice mix.

Moving onto my hair. First I just curled by hair completely with an Infinity Conair curling wand. This look works best on second day hair. Then I made a small pony tail and folded it under at the back of my head and got to bobby pinning away. Bobby Pins are going to be your best friend for this look. I just pinned all along the nape of my neck to secure it and make it look like a bob, like they wore in the 20’s. I left my bangs out along with some other longer curls to frame my face and make the look more full. I also sprayed a lot of hair spray, added a bit of dry shampoo to my hands and work it into the crown of my hair just to fluff it up and add some texture and volume to the look. It’s really just a play around with it until you get your desired length and fullness look. It was easier then I thought.

I’ve always wanted to dress like a flapper for Halloween and I’ve never liked any of the costumes I came across. So this way I still got to dress like a flapper but put my own spin on it, to make it a little more wearable for this generation’s fashion. I’ve always been intrigued by the fashion of The Roaring Twenties. It was a time where women began to take risks with their fashion. It was a time where they were no longer being restricted by corsets. The hem lines got shorter, makeup got heavier and the fabrics got more luxurious. Women were taking a stand and using fashion as a way to tell their stories, a way to express themselves. Sound familiar? Not much has changed. The relationship between women and their fashion is one that remains the same. Constant.  No matter what the decade.

1920’s Flapper Fashion

imagesVTPQHRSB  imagesIJLZMHZ0  imagesVW91QI2E

imagesWDRKPBT1 imagesDQAE9ZWV images2DKEPQC6

imagesO1G6IWKD bobbedhair[1]

My Modernized Version


20150328_233659 20150328_233522

I have to admit I’m pretty reserved and shy. I’m not the type of person to draw attention to myself. So I was a little like “oh crap people are gonna look at me like I’m crazy.” But once I got dressed I got so excited about my outfit and finally getting to dress like I lived in the 20’s for a night that I just ignored anything else and any weird looks. I just owned it and hey if people looked, I smiled and rocked it. Strangers were even saying Happy Birthday to me! I was happy and I was just being my weird unique self. So if you are dying to try on a 1920’s inspired look, you totally should! And don’t let anyone sway your sparkle.

Some pictures from Dinner

The outfit in action. 😉




red lip sisters

Red lips on point! And shout out to my girls for throwing in some beads and 20’s touches! 😀

Oh and this happened ;)

Oh and this happened 😉

Happy Birthday to my fellow March babies!

*I do not take credit for the actual 1920’s fashion pictures.*

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A Story of “The Man” & his “Nina”


(Quick Disclaimer: I am in no way commenting on Ed’s relationships or his rumored relationship with a certain other artist by the name Nina. I just love his music and thought  this could be a cool lyrical poem/short story.)

Give Me Love like her, he whispered in silent prayer.

Drunk on a memory.

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes.

A Photograph; a moment frozen in time.

Displaying an Afire Love so deep.

A love that could make One, Sing.

This is the start of something beautiful.

This love between The Man and his girl, a girl named Nina.

A love that makes you feel chemicals in your Bloodstream.

Color crimson in your eyes.

A heart beating so fast, your palms start to sweat.

But this wasn’t always so.

With every storm comes a rainbow.

A story of love.

Of hidden truths so scared to uncover.

There is a story behind All Of The Stars in the sky and all the smiles and frowns.

The stories that lie behind the eyes.

He’s falling for her eyes, but they don’t know him yet.

A story so sacred, Even My Dad Does Sometimes, cry.

Let’s Take It Back, to a time when The Man would sing songs like “I’m A Mess” and “You Need Me I Don’t Need You,” songs about heart break, songs that fought to mask the pain.

A cry to the world, a cry that is Thinking Out Loud in whispers.

A cry saying Give Me Love, Kiss Me like you wanna be loved.

People fall in love in mysterious ways.

She left.

But he caught her, before she became a Runaway.

And as her salted tears failed to dry, he wiped his Shirtsleeves under her eyes.

Don’t mess with my love, she said.

Heart in her hands.

U.N.I can build a Lego House in The City near the Tenerife Sea, he said.

Heart at her feet, hopeful.

With a view, a view that says without saying; Wake Me Up.

Inspirational visions at their door step, knocking.

This is their reality.

If things go wrong we can knock it down, the Lego House, we can knock it down, she said.

She was met with silence, not because The Man had any doubts, but because he didn’t.

He knew with absolute certainty, that he was in love.

Fast Forward time.

Photos and memories still capture that love.

Do you see the fire?

I See Fire, a burning eternal flame.

It may flicker, it may dim, but it will always stay lit, ignited.

A Small Bump ready to be born.

My how things have changed.

Wake Me Up Wake Me Up, he said.

Is this real?

A young boy meets a girl, in Grade 8 and they made their own version of The A Team.

Wake Me Up, Give Me Love.

Is this real? Or is this all in my head? He Said, She said.

Maybe we found love right where we are, They say, they sing.

Years Later…

They’re still going strong.

The Man and his Nina.

How many Ed Sheeran song titles did you spot?

**I do not take any credit for any images, videos, music or modified lyrics used.**

Listen to Ed’s “+” & “x”

Read Ed’s Lyrics HERE


Spring 2015

So if you live on the East coast then you should know what a crappy winter we have had. And just as Spring rolls around, we are all singing our hallelujahs. Except stop right there friends. Because on March 20th, our beloved “First Day of Spring” was graced not with budding flowers, or chirping birds, not even a ray of sunshine was seen. No it was full on snowing. The age old saying about March how it “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” is a load of bull crap. My birthday is in the end of March and for the past I want to say 2 or 3 years my day has been freezing and just very un-lamb like. And quite frankly it sucks and I’m over it. Winter you here that, I’m over you. I think I speak for everyone when I say Winter, you are overrated. So forge ahead with me my friends and let’s hope this recent snow fall is the last of it. We need some Spring time happiness am I right or am I right? Just in case you were confused…I’m right. 😉

***The top 10 things I’m looking forward to this Spring***

Light Jackets/Kimonos

(I am so tired of bundling up and having to wear layers upon layers.)

shay-mitchell-twiste-son-look-casual-avec[1] bethany-mota-youtuber-halloween-costume[1]

Wearing Bright Colors

(I seriously have been in black and gray far too long. Bring on the Pastels!)


Spring Fashion/Accessories

(Ummm yes let’s talk about the new Essie nail polish colors that are bound to catch our eyes! And I can’t wait to break out my flower crowns!)

essie-spring-2015-nail-collection-w724[1] tumblr_nhovxpWGbI1s37gn9o1_500[1]


(Time of religious glory and spending time with family…oh and I get to make my God Daughter her Easter basket…I already bought everything and plan to do an Easter egg hunt with her. She’s gonna be so much fun to color eggs with this year!)

Easter-rabbit-eggs[1] imagesCADDFN1K

Sunshine and cool breezes

(The perfect weather balance, one that you can actually walk in and enjoy…better weather, better feels.)


Grabbing Frozen Yogurt with friends

(Because ain’t nobody got time for that in the winter!)


TV show premieres

(Finding Carter *MTV and Young & Hungry *abc family.)



Spring Break

(This no longer applies to me, but a bunch of my friends are teachers and some are getting their masters too so their Spring break is our time to see each other and catch up!)


Flowers and Trees

(The world just looks refreshed and happy again….nature’s way of decorating!)


My Birthday!

(I turn 24 this week, yes getting older sucks, but it’s definitely an excuse to celebrate with your friends and family!)


* I do not take any credit for any images *

Happy Spring!


Fifth Harmony “Reflection” Album Review

tumblr_naxu9awXrp1s9hd2fo1_1409097071_cover[1]These five girls came onto the scene as hopeful contestants on Season Two of X Factor (USA) a few years ago. They placed third. But if you ask me they should have either placed runner up or won. They were that good. [Although I have to say Carly Rose Sonenclar  made me cry every single time she sang, I really wanted her to win! But Tate Stevens won over both acts and that was the stupidest outcome I’ve ever seen!] But looking at where they all are now, they’ve won BIG time. Each of the five girls of Fifth Harmony auditioned for the competition as solo artists. When they were not chosen to go to the next round, hearts shattered and so did dreams. But then the judges; Simon, Demi, Britney and LA Reid, surprised them all by creating a girl group; Camila, Lauren, Dinah, Ally and Normani. And they became Fifth Harmony.

(formerly known as LYLAS- [Love You Like A Sister] and 1432.) HERE is one of my favorite performances of theirs on X Factor.

Upon their exit from X Factor the girls released “Better Together” an EP of amazing songs, including popular singles Miss Movin’ On and Me & My Girls. They even opened for well known acts like Austin Mahone, Cher Lloyd and even their X Factor Judge Demi Lovato on her recent Neon Lights Tour. Now Fifth Harmony has released a brand new full studio album; Reflection  that brought us new hits like Boss and Sledgehammer, and they are now headlining their own tour. As a fan of there’s from the beginning, I can safely say I feel like a proud cousin, or something, haha. I don’t know… I’m just so proud of how far they’ve come and how their talent has only grown.

spice1-660x330[1]As with every group, there are favorites. I really love Camila, she’s the baby of the group but man oh man can she hold a note. And both Lauren and Dinah’s voices are something soulful and special. As someone who supports girl power and sisterhood, and friendship, I sincerely hope they never split up. BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the three I mentioned pull a Beyoncé or a Justin Timberlake and strike it big solo. But as a whole the group harmonizes really well…hence the name. They each have unique voices that bring something to each song. And it’s been a while since we’ve had a great girl group on pop radio. They are like a more attainable and modernized/U.S. version of The Spice Girls. 😉 So thanks Fifth Harmony for taking the torch and spreading girl power, positivity, respect and damn good music into the world.







Listen to Reflection below:

Some of my current favorites include:

*Like Mariah (I died when I heard the intro…Sound Familiar?)

Was anyone else a big fan of Mariah Carey as a kid? No, just me, ok…

(…lies) 😉

*Them Girls Be Like

*We Know

Fav Lyric:

Even though you’re so damn fine
I know I’m
Better off without u
Even if you cross my mind
I would always have to doubt you

*Going Nowhere

Fav Lyric:

 Sit yourself down, ’cause you know you gonna stay
Boy, you better listen to the words I say
You ain’t going noooooo where.
You ain’t going noooooo where.
Boy, you better act like you got some sense,
‘Cause you got a dime, and it’s money well spent.
You ain’t going noooooo where.
You ain’t going noooooo where.

*Body Rock

*Brave, Honest, Beautiful

Fav Lyric:

[Chorus – Camila:]
You can dance like Beyoncé
You can shake like Shakira
‘Cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re fearless
And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful
So whine like Rihanna
Go and pose like Madonna
‘Cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re honest
And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful

Read all Fifth Harmony lyrics HERE


Lauren, Ally, Normani, Camila, Dinah

I just really love the album. With every listen I become more obsessed and I end up having a new favorite song each time. It is definitely one of the albums I’m listening to most lately. I just love how they spread positivity about body image and going after what you want and just believing in yourself and who you are. But they do it with such sass. Girl Power at it’s finest, give it a listen!


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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching MTV’s EYE CANDY

Watch the Trailer below:

Loosely based on the R.L. Stine novel by the same name. Read More HERE.

*** 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching MTV’s Eye Candy ***


  1. Tommy & Lindy

    Partners? Friends? or More? We still don’t know. But there’s definite potential there.

  2. Tommy is HOTTT…like holy crap where did you come from hot?

    Oh hey you were Chad on Days of Our Lives…

  3. Lindy is a hacker who uses her skills to overpower the police but also to help save lives and find missing people. She uses her powers for good, she’s like a superhero! Kicking ass! Victoria Justice is stepping things up and taking on more mature roles. Who else watched Victorious? Yea I admit it, no shame. That show would have me cracking up laughing. But I’ve got to say Eye Candy is something special.  avatar_victoria_justice_mtv_s_eye_candy_promo_S3HxAgUH.sized[1]
  4. George is her adorable, smart-techy sidekick, he’s just a little teddy bear! You’ve got to love him! Lindy_George[1]
  5. Its timeslot is a pretty good one, Monday nights on MTV at 10. For me there’s not much that this conflicts with, so that’s a plus when you’re a TV show juggler like me.

    Mondays @ 10

    Mondays @ 10pm

  6. The setting is New York City, as a Brooklyn girl I get giddy just thinking about shows who are based where I live. It just makes things more relatable.Eye-Candy[1]
  7. The mystery. This is a really cool concept, a different type of storytelling.

    The story revolves around Lindy’s determination to find her kidnapped sister.

  8. Plot Twist; Lindy definitely gets hit with a few surprises.

    Like when an unknown stalker becomes obsessed with Lindy and claims she is perfection, he ends up killing those around her who he deems imperfect just to prove a point…

  9. Lindy’s past with Ben and her present with Jake….it all ties into the mystery…really good stuff!



    Jake…he’s super hot! He kinda looks like Christian Gray, which is never bad.  ;P

  10. And last but not least Eye Candy  teaches you to be cautious of people, technology and all accounts of social media. The world is watching. #thatswhymywebcamiscovered. 😉imagesTP4ZHNT4

Catch up on Eye Candy Season 1 on MTV.com

The finale airs tonight Monday @ 10pm on MTV

Fingers crossed for some #Tindy scenes…yea it’s a thing.

tumblr_nigufyWq5u1tcbchho2_250[1] tumblr_nigufyWq5u1tcbchho1_250[1]

This show is SO GOOD, and really underrated. I sincerely hope it gets a Season 2, there’s so much more to explore. And the characters are so interesting. This story is by far, not over with. I only hope the network feels the same way the show’s fans do.

* I do not take credit for any images, gifs, or videos used. *


Jennifer Lopez; The Actress.

We all know her as Jenny from the Block, She’s real and her Love don’t cost a thing.anigif_enhanced-buzz-24859-1372691964-48[1]

But as her music career continues, I find that her movies are what I love most. I just love how in every role she plays she makes her character so relatable.

But needless to say I can still get my groove on to On the Floor and when Let’s Get Loud comes on you know I’m running to the dance floor. #partystarter

**My favorite JLo films.**

Selena (1997)


Jennifer played Mexican American singing sensation Selena Quintanilla. The resemblance is really something and even though she lip sung the songs out of respect to the artist Selena’s memory, I remember hearing how hard she studied Selena’s gestures and stage movements to get things just right. That’s dedication and it’s definitely one of my favorite Jennifer Lopez films and films in general. I had a serious obsession with this film when I was a kid, I was so heartbroken by Selena’s passing. She was a true artist. And a generous soul. Til this day whenever it’s on, I watch, but I will admit I usually don’t stick around for the end, gets me every time. But on a lighter note I will do the washing machine and belt out the not so correct words to “Como La Flor.” I own the soundtrack and can’t understand what she’s saying. haha. Rosetta Stone where you at?

WATCH JLo pay tribute to Selena during one of her concerts.

The Wedding Planner (2001)


Jennifer plays wedding planner Mary Fiore. To say I was obsessed with this movie would be an understatement. This is the movie that put me in the “I wanna be a party planner” phase of my life. That scene where she finds the F.O.B (father of the bride) drunk and hiding out. And she instantly whips open her blazer and you see a party planning fanny back essentially full of little things everyone may need in a crisis. It’s freakin genius! She’s just perfect the entire movie! I freakin’ love it! And well Matthew McConaughey is her love interest so um yea…there’s that. 😉

Maid In Manhattan (2002)


Jennifer plays maid and single mom Marisa Ventura. Um… I still adore this movie. My favorite scene is when she’s getting ready to meet her man (that guy that kinda looks like Liam Neeson but isn’t), to “end things” and they show her getting ready, her hair, makeup, and omg the outcome is just magical. I was always so jealous of her dress! Oh and fun fact her kid is played by Tyler Posey, the Teen Wolf  kid. He was such a cutie in the film!


Enough (2002)


Jennifer plays Slim Hiller, a mom and wife. Her husband constantly cheats [who cheats on JLO?] and becomes abusive when she confronts him, endangering the lives of her and her daughter. When it seems like there’s no hope for safety, Slim takes things into her own hands and it’s pretty KICK-ASS. Enough is ENOUGH. Seriously her most badass role to date, in my opinion.

Shall We Dance? (2004)


Jennifer plays Paulina a dance teacher. This film has kind of a strange dynamic because it almost seems as though Paulina is falling for her dorky, dance challenged, older student played by Richard Gere. But then we just see how it’s just about dance. At the root of the story the movie is about using dance as a form of fun expression and shaking out of your shell. And Jennifer Lopez at the root is a dancer; a true, crazy talented dancer. I mean home-girl was a fly girl on in living color, need I say more? Plus her clothes in this movie make me want to take a dance class, just so I can dress like that. 😉

Monster In Law (2005)


Jennifer plays Charlie a bohemian soul, she holds many jobs such as yoga instructor, dog walker, but she loves to paint. Charlie meets an amazing man and is engaged to him rather quickly. But the honeymoon phase is cut short, that is even before the honeymoon even gets to happen, as Charlie monster-in-law-wedding-dress[1]has to deal with his crazy overbearing, overly possessive, mother. This character is spunky. I love her outfits in this movie yet again. Everything always looks kind of thrown together, but creates a style in itself; it’s a style that lets the world know she’s a creative soul. Her wedding dress in this film makes her look like a Latin princess. Can you say va va voom! And there’s also this other little tidbit that I adore, Charlie wears a question mark necklace throughout the film. And when asked why, she says “Oh, ’cause I just don’t know.” Which I found really cool and an amazing little character trait. I mean the world is full of questions, no? Hey look that was one right there. And the necklace complements the free spirit in her character. This “go with the flow” Charlie is very different from The Wedding Planner’s uptight, “everything in its perfect place;” Mary Fiore. But yet Jennifer rocks both roles.

The Back Up Plan (2010)


Jennifer plays Zoe, a woman who is looking to become a mother on her own and on the day she is artificially inseminated, she meets the man of her dreams. Is it me or do all the guys she co-stars with kinda look alike? Hmmm JLo’s got a type. I kid, I kid. So the two must navigate a tricky situation and see if this is indeed something they can work through. It’s a backwards story, but a sweet one. Definitely not my absolute favorite, but I watch it every time I see it on, so I had to include it. There’s some comedy in there too that you just can’t deny. Worth watching!


And I don’t know about you guys but I’m super interested in seeing her newest film [that she produced] The Boy Next Door, look scandalous. 😉 #GetItGirl


Thanks for entertaining us Jennifer, you are a super woman. Considering you had movie after movie some released during the same year and on top of that a music career too. You are a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration. We love you J to the Lo. 😉

 * I do not take credit for any images, gifs, or videos used. *


To be a woman is amazing.

463px-We_Can_Do_It! images[2] (2) original[1]

In honor of yesterday being International Women’s Day…I wanted to give a little inspirational shout out to all the amazing and badass women out there…

Dear my fellow Women,

You are smart. You are beautiful. You are creative souls with kind hearts. You are daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers, friends, neighbors. You are powerful and full of wonder. You have the ability to bear children and you are instilled with maternal instinct. You feel and you express those feelings. You are a warrior. You are more than what you look like, more than what society tells you you are, more than  any gratification a compliment from a man may give you. You are magic, you are superb. You are brilliant and interesting. You have stories that need to be told. Stories that hold lessons that are untouchable if not told by you and only you. Stories that hold true love and heart. Stories about real women, walking through life, finding themselves. Stories that show scars and ways of picking yourself up, overpowering doubt and moving on. You can be everything and anything you want to be.

So often our brilliance is stifled or is misunderstood or our voices go unheard.  Society shapes the ways we get treated and then tries to correct it, only to have media strike again. Walk this way, talk this way, act this way, look this way, cook, clean, be a stay at home mom. For once I just want to see the words…Think. For. Yourself. – Be. Yourself. In any shape or form that is. Own it. Be the woman you always wanted be, and maybe if you look in the mirror hard enough into your soul, you’ll realize she’s been in there all along. Give her permission to shine.

Women are the glue that hold this world together. That hold families together. The ones who create new life. The ones who nurture and care. In my opinion women are BADASS. All women. To be a woman is amazing. It’s not easy, it’s complicated, difficult, at times unmanageable.  Because somehow we’ve been rendered  to have all the answers; all the solutions to all the problems. But we don’t and we never will, but it is amazing. We are women and we are amazing. Tell yourself that and believe it.

Happy Women’s Day!

* I do not take credit for any images or videos used. *




Listen to: “Seasons Change” by Susie Suh



Seasons change

like feelings do

Sunshine brightens

pouring rain brings gloom

sunglasses protect eyes from knowing, from showing, from telling, from bright sun rays

umbrellas shelter from storms

Secrets plenty

Secrets held

Seasons change

like feelings do


feelings of joy and wonder

feelings of sadness and despair

feelings of confusion both good and not so

Seasons change





A rotation

of sunshine and clouds passing over

A lesson

A learning

Leaves change colors

snow falls cold, crisp and white

flowers bloom,

birds chirp singing love songs to the world, music to the trees felt down to their roots

poolside heat waves dance on sun-kissed skin

A rotation

A lesson

A learning

Feelings change

like seasons do

It’s all part of life

the twist and turns of growing up

Create your pathway

your own yellow brick road

follow your instincts

Click your Ruby Red slippers together

because you can always go home

Make mistakes

Fall in love

Enjoy the ride


* I do not take credit for any images used. *

Justin & Jessica; A love story.

Confirmation that Justin Timberlake is gonna be a DAD!

3_2287 3_2288

**First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.**

So I told you guys I would touch upon this once there was actual concrete proof. Now I know there’s been photos of a very pregnant Jessica Biel out and about, so we all knew. But I wanted to hear it from Justin himself. We all know the Timberlakes are very private people, when it comes to their relationship. We barely see them together often, and when we do it’s adorable but subtle. Well justin-timberlake-16-660[1]except for those few times Justin mounted his wife for the basketball kiss cam. haha. Any how, we saw how private they’ve been, from when they started dating, to when they broke up to when they got engaged and married, to now that Jessica’s expecting. It’s not that they don’t share with us fans, but they do it on their own terms and it’s usually weeks and weeks after the rumors started. That’s why I’ve learned to just wait for their word, over choosing to believe the media. I can’t even count how many times Justin’s been reported cheating or they’ve been reportedly “splitting up” it’s just like ok enough get the story straight, don’t just make shit up. Ah gossip mags. Justin and Jessica are the classy cool “late for the party, make an entrance” type of people. 😉

But in all honesty as I get older I realize how much privacy is valued. Some things are sacred and that’s that. I think having this attitude will only help their marriage last. I mean it’s Hollywood, and marriages end every day. So I think they are playing this smart and doing what is best for their family. Now I need to address my Jessica jealousy. haha. Yes I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of her and Justin. But then again, I love him and I’d rather him just not be with any girl, except me. How’s that for rational? haha. No no no but let’s be serious, fangirls think like this, it’s just how it is. It’s crazy and weird and kinda creepy but we all do it, I’m lookin’ at you, yea you! But there’s always room for improvement in life,  as we grow older, we grow out of it. And I have. I will always fangirl for Justin,

Never Forget

Never Forget

but now I get to fangirl over him being a dad! I mean there’s something so amazing about this. Jessica seems really sweet and wholesome, she seems like she’s very in love with him, which we fangirls can only wish for. If he’s gonna leave us, it better be for someone who gets it, who gets what a guy he is! haha. Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is I think I always pictured Justin with [BRITNEY SPEARS] someone like Cameron Diaz or Mila Kunis, that obvious goof ball type, but I think Jessica balances Justin out. And they make a beautiful couple. She is stunning. And she was Mary Camden on 7th Heaven so there’s that. Even though Lucy Camden was more my girl, I think my obsession with Biel’s movie  Summer Catch made up for that. Freddie Prince Jr. you stud you. 😉


Mr. Timberlake celebrated his 34th birthday January 31st. (Happy Happy Birthday J.T. Don’t worry I tweeted him and showcased it all over my social media accounts, I’m a bad ass fangirl like that.) And as his thank you to everyone he posted THIS beautiful gem!


“Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I’m getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN’T WAIT.#BoyOrGirl #YouNeverKnow #WeDontEvenKnow#WeAreTakingBets.”

A look at their history.

In January 2007, Timberlake began dating actress Jessica Biel with whom he had been photographed on multiple occasions. They became engaged in December 2011, and married on October 19, 2012 at the Borgo Egnazia  resort in Fasano, Italy after dating for nearly 5 years. On his 34th birthday, January 31, 2015, Timberlake announced that Biel was pregnant with the couple’s first child, over 2 years after the couple married.[-Wikipedia]

The Dating Life



The two broke up in 2011 for a bit

The mystery of the ring.

The mystery of the ring. Where is it?

Oh my GOD! That Ring! I knew it’d be gorgeous!

Engaged in December 2011

done jessica_stry_0[1]


Rehearsal Festivities

timberlake24f-2-web justin-timberlake-jessica-biel-honeymoon[1]

The Wedding

October 19, 2012


We’ve got the *N. Where’s the SYNC? Seriously though what was that crap? #LanceBass did it better.




Husband & Wife



Tanzania, Africa


Gushing to Ellen about each other after wedding!

Finally includes her in a speech…um damn right! (BOUT TIME)



Supporting Each Other


Justin’s Comeback Grammys


Justin visits Jess on the set of her new movie

Justin’s Rare instagram w/ Jessica


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it,” quoting the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Shortly after this post, the baby rumors began.

*Jessica’s pregnancy style*

rs_634x1024-141224115344-634-jessica-biel-jumper..ls.122514[1] imagesVPL5S7XE jessica--a[1] rs_634x1024-150223200848-634.Jessica-Biel-Prgnant-Filming-New-Orleans.2.ms.022315[1] rs_634x1024-150223200849-634.Jessica-Biel-Prgnant-Filming-New-Orleans.3.ms.022315[1] rs_634x1024-150223200850-634.Jessica-Biel-Prgnant-Filming-New-Orleans.4.ms.022315[1] rs_634x1024-150223200850-634.Jessica-Biel-Prgnant-Filming-New-Orleans.5.ms.022315[1]

rs_560x415-150223200854-1024.Jessica-Biel-Prgnant-Filming-New-Orleans.7.ms.022315_copy[1] rs_560x415-150223200852-1024.Jessica-Biel-Prgnant-Filming-New-Orleans.6.ms.022315_copy[1]

She looks amazing, she really does. And I’m so glad to see that she’s keeping her look comfy. I just think pregnant women should be comfortable, they are walking to two. No need to be wearing tight clothes and high heels. Jess keeps it real in sweats and flats most of the time.

Good for you girl, work it!

imagesHGCHOWWP o-JESSICA-BIEL-facebook[1]

So who do you think the baby will look more like, Justin or Jessica? And what do you think it is, a boy or girl? Either way the baby is going to be beautiful and have one hell of a great life. And is bound to be talented too! Best of Luck to the growing Timberlake Family. I cannot wait to see Justin pushing around a carriage! Our boy is growing up!

Jessica is said to be due in late March/ early April. I am sure when she has the baby it will be very private, and won’t be a while till we see pictures or know any details. Fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait too long. I’m really excited to see what it is! And what they name it!  Ahhhhh!!!! So exciting! Happy and Healthy Blessings to Jessica & Justin. Congratulations! Oh and if you’re looking for baby girl names, Michelle is a really good one, I can vouche for it, but only if it has TWO L’s. 😉

*Justin visits Jessica on the set on her new movie. Read More HERE.

*Justin wishes Jessica a Happy Birthday March 3! Omg these posts are so rare but they are a treat. 😉

jbiel bday

Jessica celebrates her 33rd Birthday with hubby and friends…Read more HERE


Justin love, Happy looks good on you.

Happy Birthday Jess!

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Shonda Rhimes Gives New Meaning to Plot Twist.

So…am I the only one still freaking out over the How To Get Away With Murder season finale?


So many twists and turns. And just when you thought you could breathe, something insane happens to make your mind reel in confusion, fear, and well…sadness.

*******SPOILER ALERT….. I’m about to discuss specifics so if you still haven’t seen it… (It’s Monday people, I waited to post this until Monday…so if you really haven’t seen it and plan to, either stop reading or GET ON THAT!)*******

"Bitch, you better watch it."

“Bitch, you better watch it.”

Watch the Trailer below it doesn’t even hold a candle to the actual epic episodes!

The How To Get Away With Murder season finale was not only one hour but TWO, so you can imagine we have much to discuss. This is going to be categorized very loosely as a review, but it’s basically me spilling my frazzled emotions. Join me won’t you?

If you want the abridged version of my initial thoughts on the finale read the following tweets…

If you want the longer more emotional version keep reading!

Lila’s true killer was revealed.

Someone else was murdered.

And well there’s some sexual tension and Viola Davis well, being the incredibly badass Annalise Keating.

"I said, watch it."

“I said, watch it.”

This episode was a complete and total mind f*ck. Excuse my French. But I truly don’t know how else to explain it. I must have shouted HOLY SHIT! And OH MY GOD! At least 50 times, all while crawling up on my couch. I’m a very animated TV watcher. How else should you watch TV? I mean really.

Ok so let’s get down to business.

Throughout the episode we flash between several cases. The first case is who actually killed Lila? What actually happened? Has Rebecca been lying this entire time? Or did Sam really kill Lila and put her in that water tank? And it isn’t until the very ending that we actually find out the truth. Cliffhanger, bitches. 😉

Rebecca has her obnoxious lie game on point. As she twists and turns her stories inside and out, and the Keating law students begin to lose their minds. Wes begins to realize the girl he’s been putting his future, his heart, his life on the line for may have just been using him all along. Cue the term “sleeping with the enemy.” Wes starts to question Rebecca’s story (uh it’s a little too late there buddy, you already threw Sam under conviction for killing Lila and killed him in the process…so um…there’s that.) Laurel reminds him of Rebecca’s short temper and urges him to “act normal.” Because I am sure it’s the easiest thing in the world for Wes to have sex and whisper I Love You’s to someone he thinks is a killer. But then again….Wes is a killer too (he clobbered Sam who was nearly choking Rebecca to death). So um match made in heaven? or psycho girlfriend and a boyfriend who just so happened to save her life? You decide.
In the mist of this ongoing who killed who case. Who killed Lila? Sam or Rebecca? Wes killed Sam. (We knew this) But now we have to deal with poor Nate going to jail for Sam’s murder. Damn Annalise you are one crazy biatch! Setting up your lover to save your students asses. And did we mention Sam is Annalise’s husband, yes we know this. But let it be known Annalise always has a plan; a hidden agenda if you will. Not only does she surprise us with every crazy new illegal action, she manages to fix things and get shit done. And in the process help the people she cares about. Example 1, in an attempt to get Nate out of jail she has her right hand man; Frank order a beating on him in prison. But it fails when she finds out Nate was put into solitary confinement instead of being relocated. Example 2, Annalise has Bonnie and Frank call in one of the law students; Golden Boy Asher to schmooze the female judge on the case. Causing her to be thrown off the case, due to a conflict of interest. What a harmless conversation with a friend’s son met by the production of a few sneaky photos will do to a judge’s reputation. This in turn got Nate a new judge who let him out on bail. Annalise you get us every time. Annalise then tries to right her wrongs by going to see Nate to explain what she has done and why she is now trying to help him. She gives him a number of a lawyer who will win his case.


Now there’s current cases the Keating team is working on as well something about a pastor killing another pastor for molesting a young boy who ended up killing himself. So there’s that too. But in the grand scheme of things this case is really just the least of our problems. It’s a two hour finale, we know shit is going down, and it’s gonna be real. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t mess around.

Slowly but surely throughout the episode we get a true timeline of the events that led to Lila’s death. As true as the audience can believe them to be. Because this show will turn you out! They have lied to us, shocked the shit out of us, made us laugh, and made us cry…oh the rollercoaster of emotions! Seriously though what is behind the mind of one Shonda Rhimes, so depressing. You need a hug. Or a high five for being a damn good storyteller. Yea I’d high five you for sure. Never the less, in a rather shocking reveal, we see Rebecca’s story proven right; she didn’t kill Lila, but she did find her body and the evidence would have piled against her either way. But as Lila meets Sam on the roof (near the water tank) we see him confess his love for her, kiss her and then leave. Leaving us reeling with this new information that neither Sam nor Rebecca actually killed Lila. Instead we see Sam make a call to someone saying “I need you to do what we talked about, you owe me,” and a figure dressed in black choke Lila to death on the roof, reverse that angle and we see FRANK! What? Yes Frank, the same Frank that we’ve all secretly had a crush on, the same frank we think is both creepy yet hot for tumblr_ner6xvRiJO1sh0yuao1_500[1]getting his freak on with law student Laurel even though he’s done this with many other female students before her. But he seems to really like her. Frank, I actually liked you, and in a weird way I trusted you. I feel so betrayed! My money was on Bonnie as Lila’s killer or maybe even Annalise, just because I thought that would have been some crazy shit. Like what did Frank owe Sam? If anything Bonnie and Sam had some weird relationship that would have made more sense. But like everything in this show there are reasons we don’t even know exist. So it was Frank and now we know he’s a hit man. The very thing he got mad at Laurel for accusing him of. Laurel was right to dump his ass. What the even heck?

When all is revealed to the audience, Frank is still floating about all stealthy. As the Keating crew host their own trial for Rebecca. Wes struggles with whether or not to believe Rebecca. And they end up keeping Rebecca hostage in Annalise’s basement. In the end Annalise agrees no one has come up with a good enough testimony to convince her that Sam in deed did not kill Lila and that Rebecca did so she decides it’s time to let Rebecca go. The Keating gang begins to freak out worried she will go to the police. As they have all expressed their disdain for Rebecca and her web of lies. But as Annalise goes to free Rebecca we are welcomed by an empty basement and an open door. And Annalise wanting to know who freed her. All signs point to Wes. But I knew better, as it is later revealed that Annalise returned to the basement once again to find Frank. They discuss who did it? As the camera pans to a bloody and dead Rebecca in the corner hidden by some boxes. This I expected in a way. But I was still shocked too. I initially thought that it was Annalise who freed Rebecca and then I thought oh you know what maybe she’s hiding her and they’re gonna strike up a deal that will work for both of them. But no, boom Rebecca’s dead. Now Frank and Annalise do the whole I didn’t do it bit. Is that the kind of person you think I am? Yes Frank this actually is the person you are. We know this now. But Frank and Annalise were at the scene of the crime, so they would be a little obvious. So my money is on one of the kids. Wes already has Sam under his kill belt. Frank has Lila under his. And well Annalise may be the ringleader, but I just don’t think she has it in her to kill, at least not this early in the show…she is more of a fixer upper for the killers. And well all the kids (except for Asher) had a hand in helping Wes dispose of Sam’s body. My bet is on Michaela or Laurel for killing Rebecca. Laurel kept asking frank if he was going to “Take care of things” hence the whole hit man conversation. So maybe Laurel took it upon herself to take care of things. But she just doesn’t seem that diabolical. However, Michaela on the other hand has an evil streak. I can see it. Trying to be perfect for so long, in the mist of her trashy past is probably getting too much for her and she’s cracked. She even threated to “destroy” Rebecca. So hey maybe she did. All the kids are really just trying to cover their own asses so it could be anyone at this point. Or maybe Rebecca just overdosed on some Purple X. The same drug she gave her old dorm mate, that landed him in the mental hospital, poor Rudy. Yes Rebecca you may not be a killer, but you are a terrible person. R.I.P though.

working-together-how-to-get-away-with-murder-s1e2[1]While all the drama is going on in walks the beacon of light. The main reason I get so excited when I realize it’s Thursday night and How To Get Away With Murder is on. Yes, #coliver fans, I’m talking about the love story between our favorite men; Connor and Oliver. I don’t know what it is, but I just love these two. I blame Kurt and Blaine from Glee for making me obsessed with gay men in love. Haha. Hey, Love is love. The last time we saw Oliver and Connor, they were putting their “relationship” on hold. Why? Well let’s back track a bit… Connor met Oliver in a gay bar and hit on him only for the sole purpose of getting information for a case they were workingColiver-1-02-how-to-get-away-with-murder-37667329-245-170[1] on. When he found out Oliver was also a tech wiz and quite the hacker, he enlisted Oliver’s help with finding evidence for cases often. In exchange Connor was rather willing to repay Oliver in various scandalous ways. When we first meet Oliver you instantly have to like him. He is adorable, sweet, caring, and as time goes on you see how much he actually likes Connor. He’s kind of shy and slightly insecure but still has a really good grip on his self worth. Which silently kills us inside because we know Connor is a male slut, and hooks up with guy after guy, and we know Oliver is going to get hurt. And he does. All that being said Connor worms his

Asher being Asher.

Asher being Asher.

way back into Oliver’s on the night of Sam’s heinous death. The death and cover up all the Keating law students had a hand in (except poor insanely annoying Asher). Connor comes to see Oliver at 6 in the morning, a mess and clearly shaken; unable to breathe regularly. Oliver although upset with him for obvious reasons still lets him in, calms him down and lets him sleep it off. A few hours later Connor showers and feels slightly better, leaving a confused Oliver wanting some explanation. Connor lies and says he was high, and that he has a drug problem. This in turn leads to a supportive Oliver, who continues to hack for Annalise’s team on the side, and Connor begins to spend more time with him. It’s clear at this point how they both care for each other. But Oliver is still keeping Connor at arm’s length. He in some way suggests that Connor is hotter than him as a reason for Connor never introducing him to Annalise Keating and the other law students. Connor agrees to introduce him, but uses this as an in to let Oliver know he wants him back; “Fine I’ll introduce you, but what am I supposed to tell them, that you’re my maybe future boyfriend if you ever start trusting me again.” Boyfriend um, he said boyfriend, p.s. he also goes home to visit family during the holidays and tells his sister he has a boyfriend named Oliver. So um ahhhhhhh! But needless to say Oliver wasn’t having it just yet. Connor introduced Oliver to the kids at a bar later that night. Watch scene HERE. Drunk words are sober thoughts, Oliver. 😉 So back to the present, Connor and Oliver shine through the darkness and are essentially making out on Oliver’s couch. Only to have Oliver put the brakes on things and blurt out that they should get tested. A very reluctant but sexually frustrated Connor agrees. Throughout the episode we see a very nervous Connor, as he knows he has had many sexual partners in his past and isn’t always safe and smart about it. When Oliver finally calls him, Connor still doesn’t have his results as Oliver says he tested negative, Connor worries his doctor hasn’t left any messages for him because it’s bad news. However during his case work, Connor blurts out to Asher that his doctor called and he tested negative. When Connor comes home to a dark, silent apartment, Oliver is lying in bed crying. Connor finds out Oliver tested positive. And that my friends, out of all the big reveals was the one that affected me most, that really got to me. Everything seemed fine and then boom, heartbroken. I think for me this was the biggest shock, a quiet storm that snuck up on us just when we thought our love birds were in the clear to be happy and together again.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1s5fbwz6uzdwswgsssks0gss8_640[1]Yes I get Connor would have been obvious, but I honestly even as a writer, and an avid tv watcher, I did not see it being Oliver at all. I did not see this couple taking on this storyline at all. What a freaking twist. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s a story that needs to be told I guess. I’m interested to see how this will play out. I am eager to see how each of these big reveals will play out, but the Connor and Oliver reveal is what I’m most worried about. It was kind of vague as to what exactly Oliver tested positive for. They were tested for STDs and HIV. But during the guy’s conversation Oliver says “1 in 5 gay guys is HIV positive and half of them don’t even know about.” Watch scene HERE. So something tells me it’s HIV, but I’m hanging onto hope that maybe it’s just a curable STD. None of it is to be made light of though, regardless of Oliver’s diagnosis. What’s crazy to be is that Oliver is the

One of my fav scenes

Watch one of my fav scenes

monogamous one. And he seems like the very reliable, responsible type. After all it was his idea to get tested to be safe, because of Connor’s extensively colorful sexual history. And yet Connor skates by clean and poor Oliver tests positive. I guess this is just another lesson that it can happen to anyone no matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk. All I know is they better not slack off on this story next season. If they are gonna smack us in the face and leave us crying for weeks, they better tell this story and tell it well. And Connor better man up and be there for Oliver. Oliver has been there for him. HIV is not a death sentence. With modern medicine, people are still able to live their lives. Granted I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I’m just saying it is possible for Oliver and Connor to have a future. They just have to be educated and responsible and look at their options.


Watch Patrick’s speech @ 2:40 HERE

I’m a soap opera girl, and one of my favorites is General Hospital. Now I’m not exactly thrilled at the current storylines being told. But back in the day, there was a couple that lit up the screen; Dr. Patrick Drake and Dr. Robin Scorpio. A couple that was so in love, it would make your heart ache. Robin is HIV positive, she contracted it as a teenager, from her boyfriend who she was madly in love with. He later passed away from AIDS. But after Robin dealt with the terrible reality, she was able to see her options and get on the proper medication and in turn she was able to live her life, be a doctor, and have relationships. In walks Patrick, their relationship was rocky to say the least, but the way they handled her HIV story, between the two was amazing. He was so respectful and he was so in love with her. Watch a scene that gets the root of their storyline regarding Robin’s HIV medication. They even had a baby and got married, (in that order haha.) And yes their baby is happy and healthy and HIV negative. It’s proof that love conquers all. So I know Connor and Oliver have a long and tough road ahead of them. And they in a way seem like just kids. But they genuinely have a deep connection and I think that if Connor really loves Oliver, he’ll want to be there for him.

So I have rambled on for longer than I thought I would. Is that even a surprise to anyone here really? Michelle you need to learn how to get to the damn point. And if you don’t watch the show, all of this means absolutely nothing to you, and makes absolutely no sense. But if you’ve gotten this far, either way thanks for reading! 😉 Let’s go down the line. Sam is slime regardless. He still made the call to end a girl’s life, just so what- his wife wouldn’t find out, well she did, and he’s pathetic. Frank is hot as hell, but I’m scared of him now. Bonnie is still fishy, she’s definitely gonna kill someone sometime in this show’s future. Asher, poor Asher, just be glad you’re the only one not invited to the killer parties, although watch out for Bonnie and Frank, I feel like they both have secrets and you’re screwing one of them; Bonnie. Wes I thought we were friends, but I’m just not sure about you at all. Rebecca you pissed someone off, but I got to admit you were starting to annoy me too. Keating team, who dun it? And last but not least bow down to Viola Davis, a force to be reckoned with as she owns the role of Annalise Keating.


Shonda Rhimes, why must you do this to us? And now we have to wait all the way to the FALL for new episodes. This season only got 15 episodes…um why didn’t this show get a full 23 episode season? I mean ABC knows it’s a Shonda Rhimes show right? She basically owns their Thursday nights. There was no doubt this show was gonna be a hit! UGHHHHHH…… I cannot. I just can’t. Who else is with me? What was your biggest shock of the 2 hour season finale? I’m here for you, let’s talk about it.

The How To Get Away With Murder; episodes 1×14-1×15- “The Night Lila Died” & “It’s All My fault”

*the title of episode 15 is the same line Wes says when he is sitting in the staircase being consoled by Annalise. He admits everything; Sam’s death, and believing in Rebecca and taking her case to them was all his fault. But he also says he didn’t free Rebecca and that he doesn’t love her anymore. Annalise offers him her advice to believe the version of the truth that lets them all move on. Sam killed Lila. That’s the truth. And killing Sam was justified. It’s the truth they all need to believe. And in some distorted version of the truth, Sam did kill Lila. Full circle people, full circle.

Season 1 – *2 hour Season Finale

Aired Thursday, February 26, 2015 from 9-11pm on ABC

Watch the FULL episodes: Episode 14 & Episode 15

I came across this article about what needs to happen in Season 2 and I had to share!

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