My infatuation with RED lipstick

It feels like just yesterday I was plastering on layers and layers of unflattering frosty pink lip gloss.


Mandy Moore, get it girl. #youworkthatfrostypink

Ah the 90’s. The Best.images0SP4TY6N

But what I’ve recently been gravitating toward is the bold red lip. Now I don’t know when or why I started picking up on this timeless trend.


The haters don’t like your red lips…#shakeitoff

Maybe it is due to my graceful respect of Taylor Swift and all her gloriousness…

But wherever my infatuation came from was cause enough to be a driving force for a main source of imagery in my series Mysterious Attraction.

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lexie red lipss elena quote

But never the less red was never my color.

Which is odd considering it’s my mother’s favorite color and basically the color of CHRISTMAS!


Photo By: Robert DeSantos Jr.

But I just never gravitated toward it.

I didn’t hate it, I just never really thought about it as a favorite.

I think I own maybe a handful of red clothes at best.

But I will say that when it comes to the bold lip lately, red has been my go to.

Now I get that not everyone feels they can pull off a red lip. Sometimes I put it on, and rethink it myself. Or sometimes I’m just like ok you’ve been wearing it too much lately, Michelle. Give it a rest, and use one of the other hundreds of lip colors you own. (lip products and nail polishes are my weakness!)

And granted maybe there are people out there, who think that I can’t pull off a red lip as well as I think I can.

But I like it and that is simply all that matters.

So for any girls out there who have been wanting to try a bold red lip but are nervous to, I’d say go for it!

There are many shades of red too, you got your bright reds, your dark reds, your wine reds, your burgundy reds, your orangey reds. I can promise you, you can find at least one that suits your skin tone,MARILYN MONROE and makes you feel timeless.

Because that’s the thing about a red lip, it transports us back to the glamorous days of old Hollywood, and silent/black and white films (even in a black and white film you know that girl was wearing a red lip!), or that old Marilyn Monroe picture of her in her white dress and it blowing in the wind.

There is just something sexy and classic about wearing a red lip.

And I for one LOVE IT! Do you girls get me?

Did you think I’d let this go any further without a little soundtrack?

notice the girl’s lip color 😉


Featuring my fashion queen  Demi Lovato

Black with red accents is always an A+

gorgeous demi demi girl looks good

funkydemi rockstardemii

um hellll yea demi demi_lovato_151395061

241013-demi2 - Copy

demi-lovato-plus-sexy-que-jamais-pour-les - Copy

demi-lovato-good-morning-america-interview-watch-now-01 - Copy

demi on the town

i am my hair demi at aeropastale

In these Demi looks that I chose to showcase, Demi pairs a bright red lip often with an LBD (little black dress) or some form of a white and black base with red accents. I love black, white, and red together. I love how neutral the white and black are and then BAM RED! I love to include red nails too. And if you’ve got some red jewelry or red heels include them! Gold or silver jewelry works fine too, depending on the outfit! Just be careful not to overload / over accessorize! Note: You don’t have to be all decked out in a dress to rock a red lip, as you can see in the second set of Demi pictures, she is simply wearing a more grunge leather look and still chose the red lip. The leather meets red lip is fire in my opinion, it’s spunky meets classy. It’s just about how you pull everything together.


Just some personal photos of how I worked in red accents to a black & white jumpsuit.

20141213_163048 20141213_163041



Another way Demi chose to embrace a red lip is to embrace red throughout her whole look!


demi_lovato_mtv_vma_2014_6[1] 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

2014-mtv-video-music-awards-red-carpet-1[1] 2014mtvvideomusicawardsarrivalsocgeaacnlogl[1]

Demi stuns that red carpet! When I saw her walk out in that dress, I was so proud of her! She’s actively spoken about her struggles with body image and to see her embracing her curves, and her body was a really inspiring thing. We Latina girls have hips, and butts, it’s just the way it is. We can’t help it. So work it girls! Own your style.


Red Lip Sistas! My friend was reserved about wearing the red lip, but I told her to go for it, and she rocked it!

*Check out my 2014 Demi Lovato Style Steal HERE


red lips


* I do not take credit for any images used that aren’t specified as my own. *


The CW’s “Jane the Virgin” Review

MV5BNjMwOTM5OTgzMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTQ4OTM1MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_[1]So I’ve been seeing a lot of hype swirling around The CW’s newest hit series Jane the Virgin. The lead actress Gina Rodriguez even won a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series- Musical or Comedy. So I was curious as to what it was about. I’ll admit when I first saw the promos for it back in the summer/fall. I was like what? a pregnant virgin? and that title….is stupid. What the heck? She was artificially inseminated by accident? What? How is this even going to work? Are you just going to ask me to suspend reality, here? (Something I’m totally cool with by the way…so I was IN.)

So the other day I found myself bored and so I checked my on demand and there they were episodes of Jane the Virgin, right there in front of me. Waiting to be watched. So I dove in. And man oh man was I impressed.

Jane the Virgin was loosely adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela. Which explains a lot; namely the many artistic liberties they take when it comes to storytelling.

I’m not going to give too much away, but I will tell you that there are twists and turns every single episode. You will not see them coming. Even all my years of watching soap operas, haven’t prepared me for this.

The formula they use for this show, is really very unique. I personally haven’t really seen it done. They basically throw you in this weird unrealistic situation and make it believable. It’s basically a more modernized telenovela/soap opera showcased in the form of a TV comedy drama series. In fact each episode is a chapter. Like in a romance novel.

The story is set in Miami, and follows Jane Gloriana Villanueva. Jane is a 23 year old woman studying to become a teacher when she really dreams of being a writer. She works part time as a waitress for a snazzy hotel with her friends, is dating an adorable cop, and is surrounded by a lovingjtv-1.1-grandmom[1] yet strictly religious grandmother and very promiscuous yet loving mother. Jane is a Latina, with a strong religious upbringing. Her grandmother only speaks Spanish, and we can read her words through English subtitles. Jane and her family love their telenovela. And they sit and watch it together as she falls into the story, eating up every word. You can tell she loves them. Little did she know she’d soon be living her very own version of one.



The Spanish culture is subtle yet rich. I don’t find it obnoxiously stereotypical like some TV shows can be. I really appreciate it, because I’m part Puerto Rican and I didn’t grow up learning to speak Spanish, but I wish I did. So this show kind of gives me this taste of a part of my culture, and I feel a connection to it. And I mean Jane wants to be a writer, so right there, I knew I could relate to her on some human level.200_s[1]

Rose[1]There’s also “stats” that show up on the screen accompanied by the sound of a type writer as the words spell out character backgrounds. Every time a new character is introduced it’s like a pause comes over and the words scroll across supplying you with the information you need. It sounds weird but it’s actually very cool, and not annoying or disruptive at all. You have to watch it to understand. This technique is also used to share the characters inner secrets and struggles to the audience. The show also has a voice over/narrator with a heavy Spanish accent that tells you the story from the very beginning and keeps you clued into the ever changing developments. He’s actually quite funny and makes me laugh. Often times they have flashbacks to when Jane was young, explaining why the current situation is the current situation and where certain feelings and actions stem from.


Young Jane

Moving onto the character development. Each character has a colorful past, and many layers to them. Jane herself is known as the all-around good girl, which instantly makes her likeable. She has a sweet face and a kind heart and you just feel good watching her. You feel for her, when this extreme event gets thrown into her lap… pun intended. Because she was in no way expecting this, at all…hence she’s a virgin who has been saving herself for her future husband. Basically trying to do everything right, to avoid any derailments in her life timeline. And yet boom the train goes off the track. But how she handles it all really shows that this character has potential to be a healthy, positive role model for young girls. Watch Gina Rodriguez’s inspirational acceptance speech.

But of course the father of the baby has his own crazy story and his identity comes as a surprise to Jane too. And is a very sexy surprise for the audience as well. Our eyes thank you.


Notice the halo around his head. It’s hysterical because they use the halo effect when she thinks he’s perfect and then it vanishes if he’s acting like an ass.

Anyway what I really love about the character of Jane is that she’s got her beliefs and she doesn’t let anyone or anything shake them. In fact her conscience follows her, and they display it in certain janes-white-pink-floral-dress[1] janes-tres-bien-tee1[1] scenes where she thinks she sees one thing but it’s really something else. It’s like a small hallucination, to make sure she always does the right thing. Lying doesn’t come naturally to her. She can’t keep things from her family. She’s kind-hearted, she’s smart, she’s driven. And she’s beautiful but it’s a very natural beauty. She’s never overdone, but she always looks amazing. And she is not a skinny mini. She’s got a curvy figure. Which is absolutely accurate, 1) because Latina girls have curves people. And 2) she’s going to be pregnant for 9 months. So her being skinny mini on either account would be unbelievable. Well the whole scenario of her being a virgin and then randomly getting pregnant due to an accidental artificial insemination, is extremely unbelievable. But somehow this show makes it work. They make it human, and you just let it be.

I don’t know watching it I just felt like once you get past the weird factor you just dive into the story. And every character is a shock, they all relate to each other is some strange way. It’s a really cool story, a really cool formula, and a really interesting concept. And the writing mixture of wit and drama is beautiful. It’s so heavy the things Jane has the go through and how many twists and turns get thrown at her and in her way, but they keep it light somehow. And she remains likeable because she always tries to be kind in her attempts. Her intention is always good.

jtv1121[1]The acting just works, all the characters fit and it just works. There’s good chemistry and that’s a huge TV perk. Never the less it’s no surprise that this pregnancy is going to weigh on Jane’s relationship with her cop boyfriend, especially when the baby’s father wants to be involved in her pregnancy. I mean can you blame him? It’s human. Thus snowballing into a possible love triangle? It’s a writer’s dream when your audience starts lobbying for their chosen sides. Those reactions and initiating of teams are just proof that you’re doing something right. You’re drawing the audience in.


I just found out that on January 15, 2015, Jane the Virgin was already renewed for a second anigif_enhanced-buzz-14841-1421852599-23[1]Season. So cheers to more drama, more laughs, and more beautiful moments with Rafael. Because let’s be honest he is abnormally gorgeous. Team Rafael (baby daddy) right here. A family should stay together, no matter how random or unexpected the pairing was. Although I do feel for Michael (cop bf), poor guy loves her so much. So much has happened to and between these characters, and it’s only the first season. But as storytelling goes, I am sure there’s definitely more love triangle potential in the future of the show. Watching it, I was reminded of Fox’s Ugly Betty, which I loved. And I literally said that and then two seconds later the dad from Ugly Betty popped on screen as Jane’s priest! Small world!

Jane the Virgin in currently on YouTube, Free on demand, Hulu, and The CWtv website.

However, I just started watching  few days ago and tonight the show is on Episode 11/ Chapter 11. The websites and on demand do not have all the episodes up though. Just a select few. So I resorted to watching the first 4 on demand, then watching the rest on various YouTube accounts, which was a pain in the butt, because the subtitles were cut out of the frame, so I couldn’t understand what Abuela was saying!!!! But I got through it and I basically got all caught up! Except for Episode 8, I cannot find it anywhere, I have watched everything before it and after it, so I know what’s going on. But I would still like to watch the episode. Anybody have any links, no downloads or payment fees though. 😉

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays @ 9pm on The CW.

Super excited for the next chapter!

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[Not So] Epic Love


Could have been epic

Could have had a love story like no other

One that they wrote together

Imperfections and all

Graceful in attempt

But one walked away long before the other did

By not trying

Both wrong

Or so she thought

Dreams of a perfect world

Fairytales of small girls finding love so true

So young

What were they doing wrong?

What were they going to do?

A dream is just a dream

Holding out for a hero

She’d rather save herself

Maybe that’s her problem

“Have you fallen in love yet?”

She gets that question a lot.


But there’s a reason

She has to believe

Have you?

Are you?

It’s so invasive

Seeking into a soul

Let it be

Let it find itself

Let her find herself

Put your judgment away

Save it for a another day

Don’t rain on her parade

Because she’ll dance right through it

Alone if she must

Hearing her own heart beat

reaching out to meet its match

Waiting for their hands to touch

But in the mean time

She’ll be her own heroine.


Be Your Own Hero(ine) 😉


*I do not take any credit for any images used*





tv_techtalk_OFM[1]I dedicate this to my continuous love of television and storytelling. Television has always been close to my heart. When I was growing up we didn’t actually have cable tv in our home, so I was a big fan of FOX and The WB (turned The CW). But when I was in junior high school I fell in love with the Disney channel and all its gloriousness; and in walked Lizzie McGuire.lm19 I remember locking myself in my Cousin’s room at my Aunt’s house and just watching for hours. They had cable and I had to take advantage. Granted I got yelled at a lot by my mom for being anti-social. But looking back now TV was an outlet. An outlet to express emotion and storytelling. I may not have known all the way back then that I wanted to be a writer of television (and film) but maybe it was my gateway to a dream that would captivate my heart for years to come.

One-Tree-Hill-Cast-one-tree-hill-34852_1024_768Then came along a little show called One Tree Hill. And this is where the idea of directing and behind the scenes stuff really became of interest to me. I was completely obsessed with this show’s story and its characters. I was interested in how they came up with the ideas and would often watch behind the scenes footage and listen to commentary. I was just as interested in what the creator had to say as I was interested in what the cast/actors had to say.  My best friend was equally obsessed, we used to have weekly viewing parties and watch together. Gosh I miss that! Time flies! Anyway, that led to the discovery of fanfiction (which if you don’t know is a place where fans write fiction stories about their favorite characters on their favorite tv shows…and then post them online to share with other like-minded fans…) No I never posted I would just write them (pen and paper, the good old fashioned way). My best friend and I began writing stories based on the One Tree Hill characters and would exchange them during school. This I think is where my love of writing really started. So thank you Mark Schwahn for paving the way, and thank you Roe for being my first critic. 😉

TV allows you to feel.

It expands reality.

It’s an escape.

It’s a new world we get to live in and love in and experience that all, as a part of the show.

As the audience we want to see the drama unfold but we also want to see realistic aspects and bits and pieces of ourselves in these characters.

That’s how we relate.

The content has to be human.

So what makes a good show (not necessarily a successful show because I’ve seen some really great stories cancelled before they got their chance)… but what I think makes a good show is finding a way to fuse the two; to incorporate real life into this television dream land of sorts.

I mean television life is way sexier but that’s just because it has to be.

What do I watch you ask?

Well let me break down *my TV show schedule* for you…


The Fosters @8 abcfamily

Eye Candy @10 MTV


Pretty Little Liars @8 abcfamily

Married At First Sight-First Year @9 FYI

Chicago Fire @10 NBC*


Melissa & Joey @8 abcfamily

Baby Daddy @8:30 abcfamily

Chicago PD @10 NBC

The Game @10 BET*


The Vampire Diaries @8 The CW

Grey’s Anatomy @8 ABC*

Scandal @9 ABC

How To Get Away With Murder @10 ABC


Hart of Dixie @8 The CW

Glee @9 FOX


*NONE* I take a day off 😉


The Walking Dead @9 AMC

The Talking Dead @10 AMC

Revenge @10 ABC

Girls @9 HBO*

*– means I try to keep up with them but don’t always get the chance. The others I make sure to fit in!

**Other shows I watch that are on hiatus/available on NetFlix

Finding Carter -MTV

Awkward -MTV

Faking It -MTV

Young & Hungry -abcfamily

Bates Motel -FX

Orange is the New Black *Netflix

Lost *Netflix (still have to finish this series!)

When it comes to storytelling I become a giddy school girl. Fangirling is for real. My favorite thing about TV and movies is their ability to tell a good love story. But I love TV even more than film tumblr_inline_mx3m27wYNC1r6zibj[1]because TV is allowed the time to tell the ins and outs and ups and downs of building relationships. I’m a sucker for a well-played out love story. I love the “couple’s timeline.” You know First Meeting, First Date, First Kiss, First I Love You’s, First Time…. It’s pure magic. And when two actors really have good chemistry on screen, it’s even better! I love watching it all unfold. I love the couple names, you know when you take half of one name and combine it with the other half of the other person’s name. Watching tv is when I get to become a fan again. An audience member again, (not that I won’t critique the scenes, but I will be able to enjoy the story).


I remember watching One Tree Hill and being at the edge of my seat or standing on my couch during scenes of The Walking Dead. I am very obnoxiously eccentric when I watch TV. And it’s not because tumblr_n1n8k06jcX1qmrg0eo7_250[1]I’m trying to be, I’m just excited about the story. I just can’t help it. I guess I’m just so absorbed, I feel I have to dance or scream to let out my happiness, lol! I really should be filmed while watching certain shows, because I am sure it would be hilarious. In fact just this week I was in a frenzyjonah_hill_1[1] watching Chicago PD, yes it’s an action show, so there’s definitely that. But Sophia Bush’s (also known as Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill) character Detective Erin Lindsay has been having this ongoing flirtation with her partner Detective Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) since Season 1. Now we are in Season 2, and these two have yet to get even close to starting something. They had went out once, and decided they were friends and partners and that it wouldn’t be wise to start something in the work place. P.S. their boss a.k.a. Det. Lindsay’s father figure wasn’t gonna have it in his unit. So now Lindsay traded up to a position on a task force and she and Halstead no longer work together…so what do you think happened…use Chicago-PD-TV-Series-image-chicago-pd-tv-series-36618895-500-281[1]your imagination or watch this and freak the f out like I did. #Linstead. I ship them. I was nearly standing on my bed, screaming, dancing, climbing, and jumping… all the verbs. I was so excited to see all the friendship, care and flirtation that had been building for over a season be positioned into something so great. It was a tasteful love scene too, so props! The cast does a live tweet during the show, so I was literally a frenzied ball of tweets and screams. And now I sit here dying to know what’s going to happen with them this coming Wednesday. That’s good tv, that’s when you know the people involved know what they’re doing. That is what TV does for me. And you can call it weird or obsessive but I call it passionate research.


So I will continue being very vocal, I will continue to yell at my TV (same goes for scary films, I can’t go to see those in theaters I scream and do the running man in my seat.) My brother always laughs at me and my mom he says we are the best people to watch scary movies with because of our reactions. I got it from my momma. 😉

Notice my TV schedule as of the moment is extensive. It’s a lot to keep up with and I don’t have DVR or TiVo so thank tech gods for free on demand and the internet. YouTube is a godsend, haha. Like I said, I don’t call this obsession, I call it research. No shame. TV is where I wanna be. My ultimate dream is to write for a TV show and eventually be able to executive produce and create my own. I’ve been writing bits and bobs of one for years! Until then! 😀


to the fallen TV shows who got axed before their peak…

it’s just like they stopped and I was left wondering well what happened next? That is honestly the WORST feeling. As a writer I could only imagine how unsettling it would feel to put your whole heart into something and then not get to finish telling your story. I think that’s partly why my blog posts end up always being so damn long! haha.

Beautiful People -abcfamily0107BillyJane1[1]

Privileged -The WB

Jane By Design -abcfamily *this one still stings

The Carrie Diaries -The CW

Manhattan Love Story -ABC *its new episodes were released on Hulu and and on demand. So maybe it’ll get a second season?

One Life To Live -ABC *oh my fallen soap opera

*I do no take any credit for any images or gifs used*


What is “Sexy”?

SEXY. It’s a term we all use. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret catalogs it’s a term we’re slapped in the face with…during the commercial breaks for our favorite tv shows. Often times used to describe someone’s physical appearance. You see someone walk by and they catch your attention and it’s like word vomit if you’re into cat calling and such (gag), for the rest of us it’s an inner thought encased in our own mind and possibly conversed to a friend walking beside us.

“He’s Sexy.” “She’s Sexy.”

But when you really think about it, what is sexy? What about that person, makes them sexy? Beyond that first glance.

singingggI remember back in 2006 when Justin Timberlake released his very controversial yet highly praised and danced to; mega hit “SexyBack.” As the lyric states Justin claimed he was “bringing sexy back.” Because you know clearly it had left on vacation in the time span between his first and second solo albums. It did. Music is just sexier when Justin Timberlake’s on the charts. #Truestory.

Anyhow, moving on. I remember him doing the whole press round up during that time. Being interviewed time and time again, being asked the same questions over and over again. I wonder how they just don’t pull their hair out! Anyway, I can’t remember if he was on Ellen or Oprah or some other talk show and I’ve tried to find the clip continuously but have come up empty handed. But allow me to explain it for you. When asked what “SexyBack” was about and how he defined the word sexy, Justin simply stated;

“Sexy is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s a state of mind.”

And I have always remembered that quote because to me it was beautiful and profound on some level.

I think what he said is so true. Sexy is not defined solely by a person’s physical appearance. Sure it obviously contributes to your initial attraction. But that can all change once you get to know a person. Sexy is about how one carries themselves, it’s about personality. For me sexy is tied to class. Class is tied to confidence. Confidence is often rooted in the fashion you wear, in the profile you hold with the list of checks you embody on your life’s to do list. Confidence in one’s self is important but over confidence or cockiness is usually a turn off. You have to understand that no one is perfect, and you have to be willing to except opinions that may not coincide with your own. Everyone is different.

As a young woman I speak on behalf of us all, when our hair comes out right and our outfit is something we’re excited about, our nails are done and we (and by we I mean me) feel like actually taking the time to do our makeup, it’s an instant confidence booster. And it makes us feel good. The same way I’m sure guys feel untouchable when they put on a suit and tie or a tux. Ughhhh guys have it so easy….suit, tie, shoes, gel the hair, shave a little (or don’t…scruff is nice) and boom, done. But hidden secret; girls don’t dress for guys, we dress for other girls like us. I mean come on. Chances are your boyfriend doesn’t know a crop top from a regular top. He doesn’t get it, and it’s not his fault, it’s in the genes. So when I dress up I do it because I feel like doing it, and because it’s an instant conversation starter for me and my girls. Where’d you get your top? I love your lip-gloss. That’s basically what dinner with my friends sounds like.


Sexy is about what you wear, but it’s also about how you wear it. Sexy is about making them work for it. Sexy is about your laugh, your smile, the way you talk to people. Are you polite? Do you hold doors open? Do you pull out chairs? Are you respectful of your elders? Do you value a person’s opinion and thoughts? Are you a family person? Are you a good listener? What kind of music speaks to you? What dreams does your heart hold? Do you look past the exterior and take a deeper look? Sometimes when you do, you find the truth. Maybe it’s something that attracts you more, maybe it’s not. But that deeper look is important. Otherwise why are you wasting your time?

It’s easy to say sexy is defined by muscles, a six pack, cleavage, racy outfits, or arrogance. It’s easy to fall for someone because they have a cool car, or are able to buy you fancy things. But all of that changes perspective when you push pass the physical and materialistic items. Add class. Sexy is not without imperfections it’s about how you accept them and own them and make them work in you favor.

Sexy is about being who you are. And being ok with that. Sexy is about everything that makes up who you are. Your likes and dislikes, your quirky habits, your favorite television shows, whether you’re a wine or beer drinker. Or if you don’t drink at all.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan. It’s no secret that I think he’s sexy. But granted, baby singingyea that includes his looks, but it’s more about the whole package. And no I am not referencing his “D in a B” skit. So get your minds out of the gutter. I am merely stating that his sexiness is tied to more. Like his class, his gentleman side, his talent, his voice, his ability to make people laugh, his personality. Fame is a tricky business. We only see what they want us to see. So until I meet him for myself let’s just say he seems like a real nice guy. I just think Sexy needs to be grounded in who are person truly is. Because that’s where their heart lies.

Classy ladies, who always get it right…


Sophia Bush; Actress, Feminist, Activist. Avid live tweeter with Chicago PD fans! BADASS.


Bethany Joy Lenz; Mother, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Writer, Feminist. BADASS.

Demi Lovato performs live

Demi Lovato; Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Social Environmentalist BADASS.


Taylor Swift….that pretty much says it all. BADASS.


Jennifer Lopez; Mother, Singer, Actress, Executive Producer, Business Woman, Best Booty in Hollywood, Proud Latina! BADASS.


Selena Gomez; Singer, Actress. BADASS.


Emma Stone; America’s Sweetheart and all around goofball. Actress, Activist. BADASS.


Lauren Cohan; Actress. Slaying Zombies every Sunday night like a BADASS, (and looking flawless while doing it) That deserves a second BADASS.


Lucy Hale; Actress, Country Singer. This little liar may look like Selena Gomez, but she’s just as sweet too!


Tamera Mowry- Housley; Mother, Wife, Twin, Actress, Talk Show Host, Reality TV Star, Business Woman. BADASS.


Jessica Biel….I know I know. She picked Justin’s wife? I thought she hated her? Well I don’t. I think she is gorgeous (next to JLo I think she’s in the running for best Hollywood booty.)  However, she also seems incredibly sweet and humbled. And I think that as annoying as it is to be a fan of Justin’s and never see him and his wife act like a couple, I completely respect why. Fame is scary and the more you let people in, the harder it is to take back your privacy. So I get it. Some things are sacred. Jessica Biel; Actress, Wife, Soon to be mother? BADASS. Did I mention I used to be obsessed with her movie Summer Catch?

justin-timberlake-300[1] 120513-lotd-jessica-biel-350[1]


When I sat down and tried to think of all the beautiful women in Hollywood that I actually admire, these are the first few that popped into my head. Not only are they gorgeous physically, but they are gorgeous on the inside too. These women are mostly singers and actresses, but also have a mind for business. The singers share their melodic voices and the songwriters write the lyrics that pull on your heart strings or make you wanna shake yo booty. (tally on how many times I’ve used the word booty?) The actresses help you connect to characters and embrace storytelling. They are serious, they are lighthearted, they are strong, they can make us laugh, make us cry, make us feel through their art. They can make us feel like someone out there gets it, gets us. The media will try to put them on a pedestal and lift them up making you think their beauty is untouchable but you know better. They are like us, like me, like you. They are women, and we relate to each other for that simple fact. Women are funny, and funny is sexy. There was once a time when women were cast on the side lines of comedy. But now we have Melissa McCarthy and Tina Fey and many more. Sexy is quirky. These women can go from posing on a red carpet looking flawless to sticking their tongues out or blowing a kiss to the paparazzi.  Each of these women put out something into the world that paves the way for the next woman. Each of these women make me proud to be a woman. They carry themselves with poise and class, and they strive for their goals. They know when it’s the right time to show a little leg or a little cleavage and when it’s time to dress a little bit more conservatively. They know the difference between classy vs. trashy or sexy vs. slutty. They utilize their talents and voice, they share their gifts with us. They realize that as a celebrity they have a way of changing the world and making it a better place. They bring awareness to worldly issues. They believe in love and motherhood. “Sexy is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s a state of mind.” Sexy is beauty and brains, talent, heart. Sexy is you.


So….What makes YOU sexy?


*I take no credit for any images used*

Writer’s Corner


 “Selfishly Humble”

Writers are a uniquely selfish yet humble bunch. We write to set our thoughts free. We write to make things make sense for ourselves. We write little bits of us and people we know or people we see around us into storylines without permission. We drag out inspiration from the slightest acquaintances. We write. That’s what we do. Yet we never actually consider or have the guts to call ourselves writers. Because maybe if we say it out loud, someone will judge us or worse we’ll judge ourselves for trying to achieve the nearly impossible; making a living off of writing. And yet here I still am, writing. And if you’re still reading this maybe you are too. So observe, feel, and write. Just keep writing. Even if it’s crap…something will come from everything you write. And whether or not you use everything you write doesn’t matter. Write anyway. The more you write the more you find out who you are.


Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary?

So when I finally had the chance to sit down after all the holiday craziness and catch my breath, it Cupcake mit Kerze und die Zahl 2occurred to me…that michelleleighwrites is turning 2!!!!!!!!!! So last year I said Happy Birthday, but WordPress calls it an anniversary so hmmm…. I don’t know what to call it? What do you think makes most sense? Anyhow, today TWO years ago I started this blog and it’s at a slow but steady growth and I am so proud and so humbled and so happy that I have been able to keep this commitment to myself and my craft. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. So let’s keep it going shall we? Please feel free to leave comments during your stay, I would LOVE to read your thoughts! 😀

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                                               Guys my blog is timthumb[1]today!


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So last year you guys got the first vlog on this very special day and this year I wanted to do one for you guys again, but I just didn’t get a chance to. But I didn’t want to show up empty handed so…I have had this little poem/song thing saved on my computer for quite some time, debating on whether or not I should share it. It’s a little scandalous, but I think you guys can handle it. 😉  I do this thing where I choose an artist and comb through their music and make a “song” out of it, but to me it seems more like a poem. But I kind of think it turned out cool, so what the hell….here ya go! The artist choice should be of no surprise… at all….


“The Justified Sex/Love Experience”

**Read before you judge…it should all make sense at the end.** 😉

Now it’s that time of year

That time when Summer Love is over

But I know that Nothin’ Else

And no one else is Right For Me

And no one is ever gonna love you Like I Love You

You got these Sexy Ladies all Lovestoned, My Love and it’s difficult to Drink You Away

So I’ll get my Dress On for you, checkin’ those Mirrors not once but twice, singing you are- you are- the love of my life

While I pop some Strawberry Bubblegum so we can Take Back The Night

I know it’s dark and the flashing lights are everywhere illuminating this Electric Lady, They all just stop and stare

But Don’t Hold The Wall, Dance and Let The Groove Get In

So let’s leave it all on the floor tonight, dressed up in your Suit & Tie and fly me off in your Spaceship Coupe

Because I’m That Girl, that Pusher Love Girl you sing about

Don’t be so quick to walk away, I can be your Senorita, I wanna Rock Your Body, make you stay, make you Cry Me A River, Only When I Walk Away

Amnesia you’ll wish for it Blindness you’ll pray for it

Because your Tunnel Vision for me has got you saying Damn Girl make my Body Count, (And She Said) Take Me Now

We’ll make a Future Sex Love Sound

TKO I really knocked you out, lying on that Blue Ocean Floor, I saw you

It was Murder wasn’t it?

I remember how you said to me Last Night, Let’s Take A Ride on the countryside, let’s just get away

It’s sad you see cuz without you, I’m Losing My Way

I guess What Goes Around…Comes Around, it’s true what they say

You lose yourself to me, I lose myself to you

Traveling to get back to…

Traveling Until The End Of Time

Trying to reach you

(Oh No) What you got, You Got It on

You Chop Me Up, you chop up my heart

Your love is Still On My Brain and I wonder if you remember that first night at the Cabaret

Gimme What I don’t know (I want)

That True Blood of your sweet beating heart

And we can start over and Take it from Here

Never Again will I lose you

(Another Song) All over Again will I sing to you

Until you understand

It’s Not A Bad Thing to fall in love with me

And I’ll prove it to you…

Strike a Pose

And we’ll bring Sexy Back (yea) for the world to see…

go ahead be gone with it…be gone with me.

See what I did there… 😉

How many Justin Timberlake song titles can you count?

cd collab

What do you think J.T. …. Duet? 😉

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! michelleleighwrites <3

Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!
michelleleighwrites ❤

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

*I do not take credit for any of the images, gifs, lyrics, or song titles used*

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943117_10200873756347385_1943451504_nIt’s scary when I think of how much time has passed since I graduated college. It feels like a century has passed yet it’s only been a year and a half. But at the same time it feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my screenwriting class listening to creativity pour from all angles, or standing behind camera one and focusing, or editing my college thesis video for hours upon hours. It’s crazy how when you sit back and reflect… the things you remember…or the things that never really left your mind in the first place.

There are four major lessons I still hold dear from four separate professors.

The first comes from my digital media professor, who was also someone I would consider my mentor.

Every time she used to ask the class if she could showcase some of our work. We’d all just kind of sit in silence looking around at each other nodding “no” ferociously. And she would laugh and say “You’re all a bunch of Emily Dickinson-s” This was also the same professor who gave me the push I needed to put two of my pieces in two of our school’s small film festivals where our peers and faculty could view them.

She would always say this, and I never really understood why until I realized it was because Emily Dickinson was very private about her poetry and seldom let it go public. It wasn’t until after she died that she was greatly praised.

The second comes from my tv studio professor.

Very early on he told us “I will ruin television for you.”

I looked at him and laughed saying “Oh I don’t think you will, I love tv too much, no one could ever ruin it for me.”

But I was wrong.

I now understand what he meant.

For most of my life I’ve watched tv as a viewer. Being absorbed by the story and it’s characters and just enjoying it.

But now I watch as a creator, a writer, a storyteller, an editor, a camera person, a director.

I find myself watching and saying “wow great shot!” or “wow this writing is amazing,” or “that transition was flawless.”

So yes professor, you did ruin television for me…in the most wonderful of ways.

But I still can be objective and watch as a fan at times…ahh who am I kidding I’ve always got something to say. (I’m proud to say I’ve given some very well thought out critiques in my classes…with the first professor I mentioned and she always gave me good feedback!)


The third lesson comes from my screenwriting professor. Who after choosing my script to be our final table read looked at all of us on our final day and said three of the most profound things I’ve ever heard, and they have always stayed with me.

-“Don’t take professors or classes that aren’t as good as you.”

-“Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t satisfy you.”

-“Don’t end up with the wrong person, that’s the most important of all…”

I truly believe that last one with my whole heart. Love is the center of life, of storytelling, of everything.

The fourth and last lesson comes from my creative writing professor, who, whenever we’d get a writing assignment would hand it back with a comment that said “tell it later.”

And the entire class would go through this and get so pissed, myself included.

I never understood why he would say that. I want to tell it now. The story is happening now, this is what the characters are feeling now. Why should I tell it later? What does that mean?

But now I get it. It’s the reason why so many shows back track in sequence today. *praise the flashback!* They start with dropping you in the middle of a story line where you have no clue where you are or what’s happening and then you watch and little bits and pieces come together and things start to make sense. And the story unfolds. It can be confusing as all hell, but it makes for one hell of a ride and a great trick to storytelling. So…. I get it.

Needless to say we can all bitch about college. And say it was a waste of money. I myself have often felt that way too. But when you sit back and look at your years there, there are certain things you’ve learned that will always stay with you. Things that better you, better your craft. College isn’t for everyone. Hell there are probably a million things I’d do differently if I could go back and redo it, but then again there are things that I wouldn’t change at all. Especially the lessons I’ve learned. So thank you to all the professors who helped me become a better writer, a more confident writer. Thank you to those who introduced me to tv and film terms and techniques and giving me the tools to be able to express my soul through video. And thank you for teaching me that it’s okay to bet on myself. Because those things are lessons you can’t get from a textbook…no matter how expensive it is.


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A Message To Justin Timberlake

tour end *** I posted this little tid bit on my instagram yesterday to honor Justin Timberlake on his incredible tour and I thought I’d share because it gave me an idea for a blog post.***

For the past 2 years I have gotten the chance to fall back in love with an artist who I have always admired. Ever since his video explaining he was ready to release new music to the release of suit & tie to the release of both albums to the tour I have been on this non stop wild ride. Over the 2013-2014 period I was blessed to have been in the audience for three of his shows and they were all phenomenal. Justin Timberlake you are a true legend in the making, there’s a reason why they call you the next Michael Jackson. Best of luck as you close out your 2 year tour with these last 2 shows. Vegas is lucky to have you. It’s been an amazing time making fun memories with this album…and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in the future. But not before you take some much needed time off! Pros need rest too. P.S. Congrats to you and @jessicabiel … I hear you’re gonna be a daddy 🙂 @justintimberlake

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Over the past 2 years Justin Timberlake has been touring for an album or rather two volumes that brought us hit songs suit & tie, mirrors, tunneld0be34997949ed92fd3586225283d319 vision, take back the night, tko and not a bad thing, along with videos. To the many magazine covers, tv appearances and awards shows we finally got to see him nominated for his own music yet again and see him grace the stage for performances and acceptance speeches, to a 2 minute mini *NSYNC reunion. It’s been amazing to see Justin Timberlake make his return to music. Below you can follow my past two years as a mega fan girl for The 2020 Experience….or what I’d like to call the greatest return to music…ever! Wow man when you come back you really come back!  Looking back at all these posts makes be feel so great, that I have them to always look back on and remember. It was around the time of when I started this blog, that Justin announced his “come back.” I had been waiting tirelessly but it was definitely all worth the wait. Read along and follow my fangirl journey!


He’s Ready…Are you?

The Year of Justin Timberlake *legends of the summer tour review* – did I call it or what?

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In recent Justin Timberlake fan girl news… *2020 tour concert review including track list*

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Love Never Felt So Good

Love Never Felt So Good Comes To Life

Oprah’s Master Class with Justin Timberlake

The 2013 American Music Awards



*It wasn’t all hugs and kisses though…but we got through it 😉

Nsync Fans Rejoice! (please be true, please be true)

Slowly Recovering…

“Feud” Update

Ok…um, found my soulmate

25 SIGNS you may be obsessed with Justin Timberlake ***uh ya think? 😉


That last one pretty much sums up this obsession and tops this post off perfectly. I bet you were reading this thinking “man this girl is obsessed,” well I already know that and I am fine with it, I have accepted it so ha! No shame here my friends, no shame. I think I called it when I posted my “Year of Justin Timberlake” piece….but it was more like 2 years 😉 So hats off Mr. Timberlake and the TN kids, thank you for the music, and for the memories, we love you!….now go get some rest…you’re gonna need it! Daddy duty will be calling your name soon enough 😉 (I know I know he hasn’t confirmed…but let’s be honest here people. More on that when he does actually confirm!)


Shout out to a man who knows what hard work means! 2 years touring the world, giving fans a true experience, I can safely say I myself even witnessed history in the making. Only having to cancel/reschedule at most a handful of shows due to illness, he kept it going night after night. He’s shutting down Vegas tonight for the last show of The 2020 Experience world tour. I was at opening night for this tour and I can’t believe he’s been back 2 years already! Go out big tonight JT…and then go soak in some Epsom salt hahaha (just try not to wait another 7 years for the next one, huh?)




*I do not take credit for the Justin Timberlake images used in this post most are credited to       Justin’s facebook and*

Here’s to the next chapter J.T. … can’t wait!