This just makes me happy #ifonly

justin-bieber-acoustic-guitartumblr_m7l4ojzOED1rri77io1_500   I honestly would be so overjoyed if these two were to start something… this         post  is really just for my happiness, because I’m such a fan of both of them. I think they would make such a power couple…like the new age Justin & Britney 😉 Any who if you’re a #Justemi supporter enjoy! If not, too bad 😉

*Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber*

(I do not take credit for any gifs or photoshopped photos)








tumblr_mf595iy7431ql8bzko2_250   tumblr_mf595iy7431ql8bzko1_r1_250

Seriously though….how cute would they be…that’s one good looking couple!
Plus…really cute fan vids i found!


So lately I’ve been feeling a little adventurous with my fashion …A few weekends ago, I had a little fun and pulled out some old fashion pieces and mixed it in with my new ones. Take a look…

wpid-20130216_152842.jpg wpid-20130216_152754.jpg

Scarf: New York City vendor (you know what I’m talkin’ about, $5 scarves hell yea!)

Dress: I can’t remember for the life of me

Belt: Old school Michelle stash a.k.a I can’t remember 😉

Leggings: Kohls

Boots: Catalog…will find the name soon

Earrings: Forever 21

Bracelets and rings: Aldo accessories

Sweater: New York & Co.

Hair: Worked the bun!

wpid-20130217_202450.jpg wpid-20130217_202459.jpg

Sweater: Forever 21

Top: I wanna say Macy’s or JC Penney’s

Jeans: New York & Co.

Belt: Same as previous

Boots: Same as previous

Bracelets: Claire’s Accessories

Necklace & Earrings: I wanna say Mandees

Ring: A street feast jewelry find…so I can’t help ya out there.

Hair: Kept it Curly!

**So that’s how you shop the Brooklyn way, LOL!

**What do you think of these looks?

**Bethany Joy Choice Pick … She started it all Happy #WardrobeWednesday**

photo+2 photo+3

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3 words, 8 letters…<3

Enough is enough

No more negativity

It’s just useless emotion

When it’s not directed toward creativity

Honor your life

Breathe in every scent

Hear every song

Feel the love of those around you

See the things you’ve ignored

living your life with closed eyes

Everyday is a gift

every moment a prize

Sometimes life is too short

Time flies by often

It’s easy to forget

But try to remember

3 words, 8 letters

Are always with you

Because I Love You


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The Concert Experience

List of Concerts I’ve been to: (I may be missing a few, LOL)

  1. N SYNC “No Strings Attached Tour”
  2. Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera “The Justified & Stripped Tour”
  3. Justin Timberlake “Future Sex Love Show”
  4. Britney Spears “Circus Tour”
  5. Britney Spears “Femme Fatale Tour”
  6. The Fray “How to Save a Life Tour”
  7. The Fray “Scars & Stories Tour”
  8. Snow Patrol “Eyes Open Tour”
  9. Adele “21 Tour” w/ the civil wars
  10. Tyler Hilton
  11. Demi Lovato “Unbroken Tour”
  12. Kings of Leon “Only by the Night Tour”
  13. Justin Bieber “Believe Tour”

I’m a total concert junkie… to me there’s nothing like being in the center of live music. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be back stage just before stepping onstage to perform in front of a sold out crowd hearing them chant your name…hearing them cheer for you…just waiting for you to make your appearance. Every concert I’ve ever been to has been it’s own separate awe-inspiring experience, even those I’ve seen more than once find new ways to reinvent their shows. Some are just simple and vocally perfect like Adele and Tyler Hilton, some are both vocally on cue and also captivating performers like Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera, and some are kick-ass performers who create a world for you to live in for the whole show…like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. Others are just everything you could ever imagine and more…like Justin Timberlake.

The bands I’ve seen like The Fray, Kings of Leon and Snow Patrol are true musicians, they stay on stage for hours singing and playing their hearts out, they are less concerned about changing outfits or the extra theatrics, for them, its about the music. My favorite band is The Fray, I fell in love with them the moment I saw the video for their first single “Over my head.” At that time I didn’t know who they were, and then the song completely blew up;  it was an instant radio play. I jumped on that bandwagon and have not jumped off since, they just keep getting better! The lead singer Isaac Slade  in my opinion, has one of the sexiest voices ever! I truly have a crush on him, LOL! I just think that often times, bands can sound a lot alike, for instance that whole raspy voice has also been made popular by Kings of Leon lead singer Caleb Followill. However, personally I think Isaac’s voice is something different, something in a league of its own. I feel like it’s more than a rasp, its a heartfelt cry of sorts, so that when you hear him sing, you not only hear it, but you feel it.

When a concert ends it’s the worst feeling ever. It’s like you’ve been living in a bubble for the past 3 hours soaking in inspiration and then when it’s over, it’s a high you can’t come down from. I always feel like I never want it to end, even days after a concert, I’m always like “I wanna go back!” Judging by my concert choices, many of you may laugh, but what can I say, I like who I like.  This isn’t even half my music interest…I’m all over the place. There are still so many other acts I’ve been dying to see… for starters, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum, Ed Sheeran, The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, Bethany Joy Lenz, the list is endless. Oh and Justin Timberlake and Jay Z are touring this summer, so yea I’m totally there! There’s nothing like being at a concert.


Tyler Hilton (best known for playing “Chris Keller” on One Tree Hill)10419_1228156705245_4642948_n



Demi Lovato ❤ “Unbroken Tour”


The Fray “Scars & Stories Tour”

Adele "21 Tour" ...her voice is flawless

Adele “21 Tour” …her voice is flawless

Kings of Leon "Only by the Night Tour"

Kings of Leon “Only by the Night Tour”

Justin Bieber "Believe Tour"

Justin Bieber “Believe Tour”561541_4683908216873_85703323_n


Ready for the Britney Spears “Femme Fatale Tour”


Concert Girl ❤

Hope you enjoyed my concert experience…. Happy #MusicMonday! -<3-

P.S. Speaking of Demi Lovato’s stellar set of pipes, she released her new single #Heartattack EARLY!!!!

It’s amazing, I swear she and I are besties, cuz this song is so how I feel sometimes! Enjoy!

Things that annoy me…

things that annoy me 2

  • Know it All’s… chill son, guaranteed there is someone out there smarter than you
  • Nauseating Headaches…crippling… cold rag, fairly dark room, and 2 Tylenol or preferred “drug” of choice
  • People who text you first, then when you answer, they don’t text back…WTF??? don’t act like your phone isn’t sitting right next to you…you started this 😉
  • Small bathrooms…Really cuz I’d rather not suffocate
  • The words “Tart”, “Moist”, and “Refreshing,” don’t ask they just annoy the shit out of me, and I feel like they make people sound like assholes! haha
  • Technological gadgets….technology hates me! (especially all printers!) I also have no patience.
  • Over attentive salespeople or waiters…hop off, I’m doing my thing, if I need you, I’ll call you.
  • Building something up in your mind, and then never having it go as you planned… #lifestory

Sooooo….can you relate?



The Fortune Cookie

wpid-IMG_20120928_220518.jpgIs anyone else fascinated by this concept; The Fortune Cookie?

It’s just that when  I get a fortune … I really believe in it.

I keep all of my fortunes… well at  least the ones I really like.

One time a got a blank one, and at first a very eerie feeling swept through me, but then it dawned on me…maybe it was meant for me to write my own fortune.

I have this routine. When I open my fortune cookie, I eat half of it, then I read the fortune, if I’m satisfied with it, I eat the other half, if not I don’t. For some reason I feel like it’s bad luck not to eat some of the cookie, and then by eating the other half allows me  to “accept” the fortune, while not eating it “rejects” it. I’m crazy I know…but everyone has their weird rituals, I guess this is mine…well scratch that… one of my many!

Here are some of my favorites fortunes…


wpid-IMG_20120827_215839.jpg wpid-IMG_20120911_232154.jpg wpid-IMG_20121121_134911.jpgwpid-IMG_20121230_183014.jpg

There’s one that cracks me up, it says “When the moment comes, take the last one from the left.” I’ve gotten it twice and I still I have no clue what it means. I guess I still have yet to take the last one on the left or maybe the moment has yet to still come? haha


My Fortune Cookie interest started… I’d say probably about a year ago,

I found some I really liked and so I kind of just started to tape

them to my laptop. I guess they sort of  act as little motivational notes to help draw



Some are even taped in my journal


I’ve also taken up quite the collection so, I keep them

in this little stationary keepsake box, on my desk.

What do you think of the fortune cookie concept….

powerful?…or just a bunch of bull?


Smile its almost Friday ;D


Would You?…


Would You?

Would you give it time?

Would you speak your mind?

Would you give it life?

Would you heal the space between those lies?

Would you bend or break?

Would you cry or yell?

Would you imagine a better hell?

Afraid to say

the words you cannot hide

uneasy feelings

its written all over your face

those thoughts that bind

Those lost unspoken words

in the distance between you and I.



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Introducing “Shuffle”… #MusicMonday

249261_2262684567795_3645687_nSo I’m taking this Digital Writing Class, and one of the requirements for it involves starting a BLOG…so it has been a little bit difficult juggling both of them, but I’m hoping once I get used to it, it’ll be easier.

Any who…my blog is called “Shuffle” and it’s basically a place for me to discuss my love of music, I analyze the whole music vs. lyrics spectrum. It’s also a place where I hope to share what’s being played on my very own iPod and hopefully a place where I can learn about new music from those who visit the blog.

When in doubt, Dance it out! <3

So feel free to take a look…so far I’ve done pieces on…

*Happiness by The Fray

*Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

*Go on my child by Michelle Featherstone (revised post from michelleleighwrites)

*Lego House by Ed Sheeran

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Hope you’ll take a look! Share your music!

Today’s song featured on “Shuffle” will be…?

“Impossible” by Christina Aguilera… trust me you won’t want to miss it, her voice is a power house all on it’s own!

Happy #MusicMonday!


Things that annoy me…

things that annoy me 2

So I’ve been nursing a cold and have been cooped up in the house and naturally when I do make my way outside here and there, let’s just say I’ve become a little irritable.

So here’s my first installment of something I’d like to call… “Things that annoy me”

  • People not shoveling… thank you because I enjoy almost busting my ass.
  • Getting Sick…I have so much to do, and no energy to do it, I have no time to get sick right now! Thank god for antibiotics!
  • People not picking up after their dogs…ew just ew
  • People who walk slowly in front of you while you’re in a rush…move b**** get out the way! 😛 #aintnobodygottimeforthis
  • Waiting for my nails to dry… clearly…you can see I’m impatient
  • When I have my headphones in and people decide to talk to me on the train…um hello? headphones are made for a reason
  • When my iPod dies in the middle of a train ride…hey i was listening to that…
  • When there are no seats on the train and I have to stand the whole ride and people decide to stand on top of me…um it’s called personal space people…learn it…live it…love it.

25630_1369607401424_2875534_nOk so there’s my rant for today…can you relate to any of these frustrations???

I know you can 😉

Happy Weekend!