Have the holidays become too stressful?


The holiday season is in full gear. As we have already passed Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Christmas is just around the corner. And I have to say that I’m still slightly in disbelief at how quickly its come, yet again.

As I get older, I’ve realized something. Time speeds by, each year it gets quicker and quicker. Everything becomes stressful and timed, and we make it more commercial then spiritual and magical like it should be.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to get so excited when Christmas was near. It was my favorite time of year. I remember decorating the tree with my family and playing Christmas songs as early as October, sometimes even in the summer time because I was just so infatuated.

Now it seems as though no one has time for anything anymore. No time to decorate, or shop, or be festive. Everything is like warp speed and before we even get to Thanksgiving they are already shoving Christmas down our throats. Stores commercialize everything and call it Christmas spirit. Would you let me catch my breath, you’re suffocating me. And sadly that notion has caused me to grin and bear the holidays, because well I’m just not ready for them, and they don’t allow each holiday it’s time to be enjoyed.

I miss the beauty in the holiday season. I miss the excitement and the happiness. I’ve definitely lost that over the past few years, I wanna say as far back as college. First it was school stress, reports and projects and papers due right before Christmas, and now it’s well… life. Work, Internships, everyday life. Trying to balance being festive with your daily duties can be a recipe for disaster, because truly there are not enough hours in a day.

There is so much pressure put on the holidays. Pressure to pick out the perfect gifts, pressure to travel to visit family, pressure to decorate and create a festive wonderland, pressure to cram all your holiday cheer into your already stressful life. A time that is supposed to be simply about love, faith, and family, is burdened by stress.

And if you’re like me and have high expectations, you get disappointed when you feel like your holiday was a sham. Or not as magical as you hoped it would be. I hate when the holiday doesn’t feel like a holiday. Take Thanksgiving, I love Thanksgiving. Since I feel Christmas has become bigger than all of us, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. But this year was kind of hectic and stressful and I felt like I didn’t enjoy it as much as last year. Sure I saw my family, and we ate a bunch of delicious food, and it was nice.  I just felt rushed all day. Between helping to get food prepared the night before, and then baking til 2 in the morning, I was exhausted the morning of Thanksgiving. Then we did double rounds to visit both sides of my family and that always takes a toll even though you get to see more people, you feel like you’re on a clock all day. That feeling of rushing immediately peaks my anxiety level and stresses me out, messing with the festivity of the holiday and what it’s really about.

At the end of the day, it’s a day that goes by just like every other. I see family and eat great food, and make memories. And it’s another holiday under the belt. But I have become saddened by the lack of enthusiasm I have for the holidays for the past years. And the people around me have spoken of similar attitudes and feelings. Everyone is so tired and stressed on a regular basis that add in the holidays and all the extra work you have to do, and it’s like complete chaos.

This world is too fast paced. Everything is rushed. Nothing is treasured. This is why the new generation has such a hard time living in the moment, myself included.

It’s a little late for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I’d like to restore the Christmas spirit at least in my house. I want to slow things down and enjoy the festive feelings around me. I want to enjoy Christmas music, and Christmas movies. I want to decorate as a family, without having to wait forever for all of us to get on the same page. I want shopping to be easy and not so materialistic. When I was a kid, I was taught you get what you get and you’re grateful. Kids these days have so much to choose from that they barely know what to ask for. And their more expectant of materialistic items. It’s certainly a different generation, then I grew up in.

I want to visit the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, drink hot chocolate, and festive flavored teas and coffees, visit the tree in Rockefeller center.  And every year I say these things and, I’m lucky if I get to do one or two things. Time becomes no one’s friend.

This Christmas I want things to change. Here’s hoping I can pull a Hallmark Movie and lessen up the Grinch factor in my life.

So…do you find the holiday stress gets in the way of celebrating?



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Thanksgiving Destiny

Thanksgiving Destiny.JPG

Abby sits on the train thinking of all the things she needs to do when she gets home.

Thanksgiving prep was going to be in high gear and she was the queen of baking sweet treats for her family.

This year her goal was to create the most elegant display of individual personal sized home made apple pies. Complete with a whipped cream inspired dressing and a little dollop of vanilla ice cream for an added special touch.

Apple pie a la mode, but fancier and cuter.

Abby hears the conductor’s voice over the loud speaker, her stop is next.

She gets up and makes her way to the doors. Upon doing so she bumps into a young man.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” Abby says.

She turns and her eyes meet with the stranger’s.

The gentleman smiles.

“That’s okay. No harm done.”

Abby’s heart slightly flutters.

His eyes a piercing, yet crystal blue, and his skin a slight sun kissed tan. His smile glistens of pearly white.

Abby is almost at a loss for words.

Move along, you don’t even know him,  she thinks, mentally rolling her eyes at herself.

Abby smiles politely and stands in front of the train doors as she awaits her stop, the train doors open and she steps off.

The weather in New York had just started to inflict the chill of November and winter would soon be following. Abby tightens her thick burgundy scarf around her neck, as she briskly sets to walking her trail home.

She comes upon her neighborhood coffee shop, and walks in holding the door for the person behind her.

Her soul was in need of a pumpkin flavored latte, she knew she would need the boost of energy to get her through the nightly duties of baking.

Abby waits on line, just a few people in front of her.

She turns noticing a familiar face behind her.

She does a double take.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were following me,” the man says.

Oh gosh, it’s the mysterious train man, she thinks.

Abby laughs nervously.

“Well considering I’m standing in line, in front of you, I’d say you were following me.”

Wow, that was kind of smooth, go me, she thinks.

The man smirks

“Touché,” he says.

Abby smiles. The cashier calls for the next customer.

Abby walks up to the counter.

“I’ll have a small hot chocolate please,” she says.

The young man walks up beside her, Abby notices slightly thrown off guard.

“Make that a medium hot chocolate for the young lady, and a medium regular coffee for me,” he says handing the cashier a $20 bill.

“That’s really unnecessary…”Abby begins to say.

“It’s on me,” he says with a sweet, yet sexy smile.

“I couldn’t let you…”

“I’m not really taking no for an answer,” he says smirking, his eyes sparkling with a kindness she’s never seen.

“Well aren’t you a little bossy.”

“Hey it’s for a good cause, right?” he says.

“Yes. And Thank you,” she smiles brightly at him.

“You know, you’ve got something about you, that I just, I felt the need to talk to you.”

“Oh wow, well I’m glad you did. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you again.”

“Your very welcome,” he says nodding politely with a smile.

Abby takes her hot chocolate and walks past the man, heading for the door.

He watches and looks away before going after her.

Abby turns around quickly causing them to collide.

“Whoa, I guess it’s  my turn to be sorry,” he laughs.

“We can’t keep bumping into each other like this,” she mocks, laughing along with him.

“I was just curious…what’s your name? It’d be nice to have a name to go with the story of meeting a beautiful stranger,” he says his eyes trying to read her.

“It’s Abby…” she smiles.

The man smiles and extends his hand, “Well Abby, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Shane.”

“Well it was a pleasant bumping into you , several times today Shane,” she smiles.

“Well maybe we could do it again sometime, on purpose,” he says, his eyes questioning with hope.

“Maybe,” she says looking down at her hot chocolate avoiding his intense glare.

“I know this is totally weird, and I’m a complete stranger. But I just feel like sometimes in life, people are just meant to meet. I think in some strange way, I’ve been waiting a long time for you.”

“You believe in that kind of stuff? Destiny? Fate?” she asks.

“Love at first sight?” he adds.

Abby’s eyes shoot up.

“I um…”

“Happy Thanksgiving Abby,” he smiles noticing her nervous reaction Shane takes that as his cue to leave.

“Wait…” she says.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find you again, after all, things that are meant to be, just casually happen.”

Abby looks at him, puzzled.

“I’ll be seeing you soon, gorgeous,” he smiles walking out of the coffee shop.

What the hell just happened? she thinks walking home dumbfounded.

Abby spends the rest of her night pondering her bizarre yet somehow magical run-in with Shane.  As she baked her treats for Thanksgiving day, Abby realizes she’s never felt these kind of butterflies before. There was just a strange spark, and instant connection between she and him. And she couldn’t understand how he was ever going to find her again, in this great big world, is there really only one person meant for you?

Abby slept on it and tossed and turned and dreamed.

The next day Abby stands outside her Grandmother’s door, she knocks.

“Hi honey, you’re early!” Grandma Jean says with a big smile as she opens the door.

“Hi Gram, I thought you could use some help?” Abby says, her hands full of dessert treats.

“Oh bless your heart, come in, come in.”

Abby walks in as her Grandmother leads her into the kitchen.

Placing her containers of goodies on the kitchen counter, Abby notices a man standing by the sink washing dishes.

“Abby you finally get to meet my sweetheart of a neighbor, this is Shane, he’s been giving me a hand around the house since Grandpa Bill passed.”

Shane turns around and sees Abby standing there.

They both laugh.

“Grandma we actually met, on the train last night,” Abby recalls with a smile.


“And again in the coffee shop nearby,” Shane adds.

“Oh well what a small world,” Grandma Jean says with a bright smile.

“Yup,” Abby says, the butterflies forming in her stomach.

“It’s really nice to see you again,” Shane says.

“Well I guess you were right about finding me again, I have to say, this is kind of freaky though,” she laughs.

“Freaky in a bad way?”

“No, in a magical way,” Abby says smiling.

“Good,” Shane replies.

“Are you joining the family for dinner?”

“Um…I don’t want to impose.”

“Grandma Jean will insist. And so will I.”

“Well aren’t you a little bossy,” Shane says smiling flirtatiously.

“Hey it’s for a good cause, right?” she says smiling back.


Abby takes a bottle of red wine from the fridge, and two classes from the cabinet as she sets them down to pour. She hands one to Shane. And sips the other.

“Ok so here’s the run down. The kids will ask you a million questions each, and there’s about 7 of them. My Aunt Mary is kind of blunt and says the craziest things you’ll ever hear, but you’ll laugh your ass off and love it, and my mother and well let’s be honest the rest of my entire family will probably think you’re my boyfriend because you’re the only new face around and everyone else is paired off, so…”

“Hey that doesn’t sound like a bad thing, I wouldn’t mind playing along,” he winks.

“Remind me to give you my number when all of this is over…I mean that is if you make it through the night with my crazy family.”

“I think I can handle it,” Shane smiles, sipping his wine as his eyes peer over at Abby.

The bell rings, signally company has arrived.

“Uh oh, it’s go time,” Abby smiles.

“Cheers to the first of many.”

Shane smiles raising his glass to Abby’s, as they smile at each other and family comes flooding in to celebrate the holiday.

-The End-

Happy Thanksgiving!


*I do not take credit for any images used within my crappy edits ;)*








Send Up Green Balloons For Glenn!

***SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!***

Chris Hardwick meme

Haters gonna hate hate hate…

But I could care less you skeptics.

I knew it in my heart that Glenn is still ALIVE!!!!!!

glenn alive

Take a look at my own personal instagram campaign if you will, as I wrote Glenn on my wrist/hand for the past 4 weeks, in hopes that he’d be back with us soon. Captioning each picture “I got you babe.” Because my heart knew he was still alive. I know, #psychofan, but I take this shit seriously, no shame. Judge me. 😉

i got you babe glenn heartGlenn heartCapture 2Capture

I had to do something special to show my love for him. It served as my #goodluckcharm. I’d like to think I had a hand in the outcome 😉 haha.

As Sunday night’s Episode 7 entitled “Heads Up” of The Walking Dead finally revealed what we’ve been waiting to hear for the past 4 weeks, your girl was dancing and jumping around, screaming in her living room. Yup, I was in with the fans waiting on that dumpster, with no shame.

Today in honor of Green Balloons for Glenn (we’ll get to that,) you guessed it, I wore green to support my boys future homecoming!

green for glenn

Let’s break down the episode, Nicolas was in deed Glenn’s shield and protection. Well at least he was good for something in the end. Sorry Nicolas, but you know what you did. You tried to kill Glenn and mess with the well-being of the group too many times to be greatly missed. But I do think he in some way was meant to help Glenn to make up for everything. Terrible outcome, but definitely sparked a conversation.

People had their jokes about us believers.

Glenn dumpster

Saying we were crazy, saying there was no way that he could survive that zombie infested alley.


And although I admit it unrealistic that he did, Glenn has always been one resourceful dude. And he’s maintained his humanity but still manages to escape the craziest of situations.

The mind games the cast and creators of the show were playing with us, gave us little solace. Like the ambiguity they were throwing out “you saw what you saw,” “Glenn will come back in some way.” Maggie revealing she is pregnant. Removing his name from the credits. (Well his name is back baby! Right in its rightful place near the pocket watch Hershel gave him.) It’s been a crazy and emotional ride.


Right where you belong.

But as usual fans like us…we knew better, we had faith and we believed.

It was an interesting journey as the episode started we see a black screen and we hear the words “Thank You” uttered by Nicolas accompanied by the gunshot and the piercing feedback from it, as we are brought back to the alley of walkers that cornered both he and Glenn. We watch as Nicolas falls onto Glenn and it is he who is being ripped apart and shielding Glenn from any actual bites. Glenn slides his way up under the dumpster and takes cover, killing the nearest zombie forming a shield. And after waiting out the herd, for what seems like a day, he emerges with only a couple bumps and bruises. I have to say I thought he was going to at least have been bitten and that he would in turn need to chop off a limb. But he was A-Okay…which makes me thrilled.

The rest of the episode we see Glenn come across Enid, as she throws him a bottle of water. He goes after her to try and ask how everyone back home in Alexandria is doing. He asks what the noise was that swayed the herd, he asks about Maggie. I swear every time he calls Maggie his wife, my heart flutters a bit. It’s kind of the sweetest thing to hear him say that.


Throughout Glenn and Enid’s storyline we see the dad in Glenn come out. As he battles with her to come back to Alexandria with him. Saying things like “my wife wouldn’t want me to leave you.” Fighting her and her nasty attitude and even pulling a gun off her after she points it directly at him, because she doesn’t want him to try and save or help her. We get it Enid you’re a teenager, but chill with the dramatics, because it’s the zombie apocalypse and ain’t nobody got time for that. Shit needs to get done. Glenn said it best, “You point a gun at my head and I’m the asshole.” Haha Glenn you are going to make one awesome dad. He later mentions that he’s helping her not for Maggie anymore, but for what I can only assume is himself and the child he is about to have and its future. He goes on to tell Enid that they are not supposed to let the world die, and that you honor the dead (the people they’ve lost) by living.

We are brought to Maggie’s journey simultaneously as she takes watch overlooking the gate, waiting, hoping for a sign. She mentions that “this is the direction he would come from, and that if he were to send a sign, she’d see it from up there.” Rick joins her and gives her hope that she’s right. Maggie even makes mention to Judith and how she looks so much like Lori, her motherly instincts are already kicking in! As the episode continues on, we see Enid and Glenn try and find their way home, as they come to a hill overlooking Alexandria and the walker count keeps going up. Glenn and Enid accumulate quite a large amount of Green Balloons that were from the initial distract the walkers plan and use them to send up as a signal to Maggie and the rest of the group that he is out there and trying to get home. Maggie sees them and goes running, telling Rick “that’s Glenn.” This moment made my heart burst. I am a sucker for the Glenn/Maggie love story from that first moment he saw her riding on her horse in season 2.

green balloons a sign

This brings me to my next order of business. Now I don’t read the comics, I’d rather not spoil the show for myself. But in some shape or form the show does follow the comics at times. And in the comics, Glenn does in fact die. And he dies by the hand of a Savior named Negan who takes a bat to his head. It’s said to be one of the comic’s craziest scenes and deaths. And it was recently reported (during the emotional wreck we had to endure….seriously strategic timing) that Negan was cast and will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So there’s still that fear that Glenn’s death can only be a season away. Which would be hellish and quite frankly down right evil, for them to dangle that hope in front of us only to rip it away. But I guess that’s how things roll in the zombie apocalypse. But I will in no way shape or form be okay with that. Let it be known, I don’t want to go through this again.


There is another fear, hanging over our heads as well. And that fear is that something could happen to Maggie, in some twisted original death tradeoff.  As we see in the end of Sunday’s episode the watch tower comes crashing down, breaking their wall of protection down and allowing the walkers full access into Alexandria. No one is safe. And Maggie is seen running for her life in the promo for next week. Maggie better be okay! I can’t deal with this!!!!

The Mid-season finale is next week, and word to the wise people, do yourself a favor and WATCH IT LIVE! I’m so tired of people complaining that the internet ruins it because they say things before they watch it. 1.) Stay off the internet then. 2.)You only have yourself to blame. I’m a fan, and I need to talk about things that happen on this show!

New episodes are coming in February 2016, and the series has been renewed for a 7th season for October 2016 as if there was any doubt.

Now onto The Talking Dead.

Steven Yeun released a special message during a commercial break during AMC’s Into the Badlands saying;

“I’ve been following everything you’ve been saying and it’s meant so much to me to see all of your support and concern for Glenn, The Walking Dead has the best fans in the world and I’m happy to be back.”

And we are happy to have you back Steven! And can I just say to anyone who was disappointed by the fact that they kept Glenn alive, what the hell is wrong with you? His story isn’t finished, and you know you love him, so suck it up and enjoy the ride!

Yeun also finally posted on social media as well.

steven yeun thank you twittersteven yeun thank you insta

Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd was on The Talking Dead and discussed the insanity that went into trying to keep this storyline a secret. She told Chris Hardwick how each actor and everyone involved in the show were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Steven joked about how he didn’t get out much for the last few weeks, and that he ate a lot of takeout and his apartment looks like a hoarders. He also joked that he possibly lost some friends, because he wasn’t able to talk to them about the show. Steven mentioned how overwhelming the response has been, and how he barely knew how to address it, and that he felt bad that he wasn’t able to talk to anyone about what was going on.

He also spoke about how through social media we can all communicate and that with The Walking Dead and this current storyline they realize How they “affected a lot of people at once.”

Steven compared Enid and Glenn’s interaction of her throwing him a water battle in his time of need to his Walkie moment “hey dumbass” scene with Rick from Season 1. Which I thought was so true and really beautiful now that I think about it. And it’s beautiful to see that even though Glenn is always the guy to help someone out no matter who they are, to see him so aware of the fact that he’s going to be a dad and he’s trying to instill some kind of hope back into this young girl, is showing that he’s ready to take on this journey with Maggie. Yeun mentions Glenn wants to be able to tell his son or daughter that he did everything he could possibly do to maintain his humanity in this world. Let it be known that Glenn is the only original character that still hasn’t killed a human. As Yeun said on The Talking Dead that in the past seasons Glenn was fearful of creating a life with Maggie and now that he has seen Alexandria as a potential safe haven, it is only natural for him to want that start a life with Maggie.

baby glaggie

Baby Glaggie coming soon!


When Chris Hardwick asked about the storyline and whether or not the creators or actors would be worried that the non-death of Glenn would send the wrong message to the fans, Writer and Producer Scott Gimple said that they “wanted to tell a story of uncertainty this season, and that they wanted the audience to be (and feel) where Maggie is. I sure as hell did!

Yeun said Glenn’s fate was more about “sometimes even in this world the good guy can win.” I  absolutely love that and I just hope it lasts long. This whole ordeal has me doing a lot of obsessive researching to see how the world is reacting, I’m seeing a lot of hate on the fact that he’s alive, which is kind of an oxymoron because the world erupted when we all thought they killed him off. I mean who ever really wanted him to die? Who doesn’t love Glenn! I don’t get that, I mean who gives a crap if they fooled us, that’s storytelling and we still got what we wanted, screw shock value. I’m all for Glenn being alive! There’s definitely more to come.

On The Talking Dead they instead of giving Glenn an In Memoriam… The gave him an Un-Memoriam

They crossed out Glenn’s name and wrote… (Much like taking his name down from the memorial wall, like Maggie did two episodes ago.) As Hallelujahs sing aloud.

We are so happy you are alive! ….For now. (Ugh bite your tongue TTD)

I get the emotional rollercoaster, I understand coming from a writer’s perspective they are telling a story, and I respect that. Like I said, I will say YOU GOT ME GOOD and be happy he is alive. I admit I had my fair share of my angry tweets, but as a fan it’s only natural to have that knee jerk reaction to be angry with the writers and creators. As someone who loves television and loves to write and hopes to one day write for television this idea that this show was able to stir up something so grand in people and have fans talking across the board was a tall order and they managed to do it. And I think when you get that kind of reaction from your fans, even if they hatefully disagree with your story telling at the moment, to get that passionate of a response shows you must be doing something right.

We the fans, take this show seriously and we consider the original characters family at this point. Glenn is one of the few originals left, and it was hell to be in limbo for so long about what happened to him. But in hindsight, now that the pain of the unknown is in the past, we can laugh and say it was great storytelling in its own right and I appreciate them not waiting too long to let us in on Glenn’s fate. And I am extremely happy that they chose to give us what we wanted to see rather than shock us with an impromptu death. Because that’s essentially what the show is all about. That anyone can go at any time, regardless of backstory, or family, or love.

We can only hope we don’t get destroyed by next week’s outcome (as the symbol of hope for Maggie is tarnished by the collapse of the watch tower,) or later on in the series when Negan is introduced. We can only be joyful for the extra time we will have with Glenn and Steven Yeun’s portrayal of him. And hopefully from the reaction they received this time trying to kill Glenn off they realize killing our beloved Glenn isn’t acceptable. And just to throw it out into the universe, neither is killing Maggie, Baby Glaggie/ Gleggie, Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Judith or Carl.


You can exhale until next week my fellow TWD fans. And remember send up some green balloons for Glenn! Our boy is back!

green balloons

*I do not take credit for any Glenn photos or other TWD photos used.*


The Perfect Man


Find the humor 😉

The perfect man.

I don’t believe he exists.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfection.

It’s idealistic and unrealistic at best.

Leaving too much room for disappointed expectations.

Often those which leave a bit in your stomach and a heavy heart in your chest.

Everyone is flawed.

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses.

I believe we are all human at the core.

And our flaws and mistakes make us just that.

I do believe in having compassion,

I believe in understanding and,

respecting each other.

Love isn’t rooted in perfection.

In fact it is rooted in the imperfections.

In the flaws you find endearing in each other, and in the ones that drive you crazy.

In the mistakes two people in love can overcome.

They say we don’t choose who we love,

that it just happens.

But in some way, we all have the right to choose who we feel is perfect to us, for us and to continue that journey.

To take that chance.

To risk our hearts.

The greatest choice we have as humans is the choice to understand the battle between heart and head and then choose to follow our heart.

Love who you want.

And create your own version of perfection.


*I do not take credit for the image used.*


This world, is troubled. I think at this point can all see it. We have to live in fear, fear of the person sitting next to you on the train, or walking past you in the street, fear of what the next day can bring. And we fear for good reason. Because people come into our homes to rob us off our safety. Because they in some disturbed way feel like they can make the choice to end a human life. For what? For power? Greed?

As you grow older you will realize how scary this world can be. And things start to make you worry and fear living. We’ll never truly know why people choose to attack. Why they use to inflict violence on others. Why they feel it is their right to do so.

You learn to question people. To be weary of their motives. To trust no one. It’s a sad feeling, to feel unsafe while traveling, or living your life in the place you’ve always called home. Home is supposed to be your sanctuary and one day, one hour, one minute can change all that.

When I think back on being a kid in elementary school, and having my classroom window face Manhattan as the twin towers became victims of terrorist attacks on our country, I think about how little I understood back then. And looking at all that continues to go on in this world as of today, I realize how much I still don’t fully understand it either. But how I’ve grown to be cautious.

The attacks on Paris are heartbreaking and my heart and prayers go out to the many lives lost (some Americans who were there visiting) and their families who are now faced with grieving. I’m sure for the people living there, it was a day that appeared ordinary, routine. Much like September 11th did for us. People went to work, students went to school, peopled traveled, people got their morning coffee. And then just like that everything changed. And tragedy struck, and changed every New Yorker.

I visited Paris, France on a high school trip. I visited the Luve and saw the Mona Lisa in person, I saw the Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame Church, The Beaches of Normandy, Several Castles. I ate croissants for breakfast and crepes for lunch. And most importantly I got to visit the Eiffel Tower, which was breathtaking. They call it the city of lights and I was fortunate enough to be able to get just a taste of all its beauty. It saddens my heart to know this tragedy has struck such a magical place.

These attackers they want to divide. To shock and have us shut down. They want us to fear, and lose faith. And to some extent I think they succeeded. But we can’t let them. We can’t let them win. Regardless of whichever religion you practice, there is no God that would condone such horrific acts. And in times of tragedy we must rally together and support each other. We must pray. We must hope. We must have faith. We must resist the urge to fear our neighbor.

Politics, government and safety officers can only do so much. I believe in a higher power. And I pray that this world wakes up and that we all receive a more peaceful world. A world where we can feel safe and childish- almost naïve of the world’s harshest secrets, like we once were.

I’ve been seeing something a lot on social media, about how other countries have been supporting Paris during this time, and this form of unity is something beautiful. I hope we continue to be a union and get each other through this saddened time.

Pray for Paris

I’m going to leave off with this quote from one of my favorite tv shows. Whenever tragic things happen, this quote always finds its way into my mind. I remember feeling chills when I heard it, because it’s so true.

One Tree Hill- With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, We Slept

Season 3 Episode 16.

A bullied student brings a gun to school, endangering the safety of all the students at Tree Hill High.

Lucas Scott’s Voice is Heard:

Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatred, how did it find us? Did it steal into our lives, or did we seek it out and embrace it? What happened to us? That we now send our children into the world like we send young men to war… Hoping for their safe return… But knowing that some will be lost along the way. When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows, swallowed whole by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?

So pray, pray for Paris, pray for the U.S., pray for the world’s safety, for understanding, for unity, for justice, but most importantly pray for peace and the strength to get each other through this.

God Bless and Be Safe, Friends.


*Paris photos are credited to myself and my trip.*

*The social media collage of lights was found on Facebook, I do not take credit for the images used or the collage itself.*










thank you in calligraphy

Hello All,

So it has occurred to me recently that here on Michelle Leigh Writes, we’ve reached 100 followers!!!!

It may not seem like much to many people, but to me it means a great deal.

As a writer I’ve always toyed with this idea to start a blog and I always stopped myself, until about (we’re nearing 3) years ago I decided to do so.

And I never set out to make this into anything specific, I just wanted it to become whatever it was supposed to. I wanted it to be a safe place for my written word and to get a chance to share my writing with people. Something that I have always been self-conscious about doing.

This blog has been a diary or sorts and a creative outlet and I have loved it, and will continue to love sharing with those who read along.

It has gone through it’s awkward phases (and quite frankly still is), it has gone through me posting everyday, to here and there, to steadily twice a week (Mondays & Thursdays) since we hit 2015. It was important to me to create a schedule that I knew I’d stick with. With life changing and me trying to find my path, it’s difficult to post everyday and sometimes I would hit a stump and just come up with something random to post so I could keep up the continuity and consistency. I still sometimes feel like that even with just the two designated days. I know a posting day is coming up and I begin to worry Oh no I don’t know what to post. But sometimes inspiration will hit and there I go typing away for hours.

I never want to post half ass stuff. I spend so much time on my blog posts, writing them, searching for images or videos to accompany them, researching, editing. It means a lot to me to get it right. To get my point across to you, no matter if it’s a heartfelt poem, a short love story scene, or a review of a tv show. It all means something to me. And I hope that I can continue to write things people enjoy and find relatable. And I hope people can get something out of the heart I am sharing with you.

So I thank you for visiting, I thank you for reading, and I thank you for coming along with me on this journey and I hope you continue to do so. Talk to me in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And lastly…here’s to being kind, staying creative and leaving a safe place for the written word.

                                                                                                                Much Love,


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The Glenn Mystery Continues With New Revelations…

I’m giving you a warning now… if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, do not read any further…if you do that’s your own fault…(Chris Hardwick-The Talking Dead Style)

Chris Hardwick meme



Ok you only have yourself to blame. 😉

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks for us Walking Dead fans (seriously wtf with that 90 minute Morgan episode seriously worst episode placement EVER the storyline would have been better received had you not aired it right after the faux Glenn death episode!), as we wait to find out the fate of our beloved Glenn. (The hunt for Sophia circa Season 2?) It’s too simple to say he’s dead or he’s a walker, I don’t understand people who think that he is. Yea I’m that girl sitting in front of the dumpster waiting on him to come out. 😉

Even The Talking Dead avoided putting his name in their weekly “In Memorium” segment. It’s just a very un-walking dead death for this type of character. We’ve seen that kind of human buffet done plenty of times to characters we care nothing about. Rule of thumb for this show is the more beloved the character is the more horrible the death. Strange logic I know, but I’ve heard it said. And I think they’ve proven true with Hershel and Beth. I highly doubt Glenn’s death will be this typical. And they wouldn’t drag it out so long just to have him have died right then and there, because than this is all a waste of time. Search for Sophia, was case in point enough. And they spent a whole season trying to reunite Maggie and Glenn in Season 4, they need something new.

Which brings me to why I am here today writing this, There are too many clues in this Sunday’s Episode 5 “Now” (and Episode 3 “Thank You”)  that makes me think he’s still alive and out there just trying to get home.

#1. No one believes he’s really dead.

Michonne later for you, girl, I thought you’d go searching! Rick has not given up. (oh yea he got out of that RV and hit the ground running, walkers in tote…OPEN THE GATE!)

Maggie goes to look for him, with the help of Aaron. (who else is starting to like that dude? *show of hands*)


#2. Some stupid Alexandrian writes a memorial wall and includes Glenn’s name to freak us out.


#3. Maggie wipes it off at the ending of the episode…

Even after her big speech about moving on despite not knowing Glenn’s fate. (I’ll explain later) SO yea GO MAGGIE, she still has faith. Aaron even says “When he makes it home, I just want to point out that Aaron or Erin is a good name for a boy or girl depending on how you spell it.” (Michelle or Michael is cool too, I’m just saying) 😉

normal_The_Walking_Dead_S06E05_1080p__2591[1] normal_The_Walking_Dead_S06E05_1080p__2642[1]

#4. Maggie is pregnant.

This is the big KAHOONA. I’d like to say I saw that coming but, I honestly didn’t. When she said it I was like WHATTTT??? Did I just hear right? My writer instincts should have seen this, I should have known the writers would try to make this situation even more tragic than ever, but I watch this show as a fan who still has hope Glenn is alive, so it was a surprise.  Maggie and Glenn have had scares in the past, so I didn’t see it coming. This speech is gut wrenching and heart breaking. You can tell she’s trying to be strong but she is losing the fight. I just think Maggie is shutting down. She has this blessing but she’s lost her father, her sister, and possibly her husband, and she has to face the idea of raising a child in this tragic world, alone. (although let’s be honest Daryl’s a good nanny… ;)) Guys I have to make jokes, it’s the only way to get me through his agony.

The picture Maggie is referring too…


Knew this was gonna come back and bite them and US in the ass. #BadOmen

So she’s pregnant and they’ve done this storyline with Rick and Lori to the point where Judith was born and Carl had to shoot Lori because she died giving birth to her. And then we got to see Rick lose his shit. I can’t imagine them doing this with Maggie and Glenn. Maggie has already shut down after losing all her family. Glenn and this baby are basically her life line at this point. I will say it yet again, Glenn has to live…and so does Maggie. (I wouldn’t put it past these writers to screw us all and kill off Maggie just when we see Glenn is alive…I would FREAK THE F-OUT!)

So here’s how I see things, I think it’ll be very repetitive if they have one of the two (Glenn or Maggie die). It’ll be too similar to the tragic story of Rick & Lori. (Although let’s be serious Lori wasn’t loved like Glenn and Maggie are.) But killing Maggie off at this point would be eerily like Lori’s death. So I think Maggie is safe, I hope so at least. She’s the last Greene standing and I think Hershel and Beth are looking out for her and Glenn, hence that ode to the pocket watch in “Thank You,” where Glenn takes the watch out that belonged to Hershel that was passed down to him.

#5. Hershel’s Pocket Watch.

There’s a reason for that. Hershel even says “when you become a father someday you’ll understand!” OMG that was a mega SIGN Maggie is pregnant dang I forgot about that! The writers plant little eggs EVERYWHERE. I swear you have to be a jet eye to notice all the hidden clues on this show! Or to remember all the things that date seasons back. However, I’d be pretty shocked if they introduce a whole pregnancy storyline again and have her actually give birth. So I’m kind of nervous about that. I think she should. Life does have to go on, and people do have to live. I mean I know it’s the zombie apocalypse but Glenn and Maggie have talked about it and Maggie was always on board, saying “I don’t want to be afraid to live.” In Season 4 Beth even tells Daryl she thought Glenn and Maggie would have a baby.  I mean who doesn’t love babies, right? 😉

When Maggie reveals the truth, we get this beautiful speech from her. And we see her fight her instinct to continue to look for Glenn. We see that in any other circumstance she would have, but now that she’s carrying their baby, and she’s uncertain of his fate, she knows she needs to protect what they created together. But you can tell that it is ruining her. And quite honestly as devastated as I was when she said “No, it’s over.” and wouldn’t let Aaron go out looking, I understood it. And I also know that Glenn wouldn’t have wanted her to either. When they thought she was pregnant the last time, he made her stay behind in the prison and not go out on a run for supplies like she usually would.


#6. Glenn was determined to get home.

What is unclear to me though, is if Glenn knew she is pregnant. At first it doesn’t seem like he did. But on The Talking Dead, it revealed that Glenn tells Maggie to stay behind in Alexandria while he goes out with Michonne and the gang to help with Rick’s plan of luring the herd of zombies away from them. And yes Glenn is protective but after everything the two of them have been through, I highly doubt she would agree to stay without him if there wasn’t a reason. Also in Episode 3 of this season “Thank You” the dreaded episode where it seems like Glenn “dies,” we see him tell Michonne “I have to get home,” which I realize means so much more now that we know Maggie is pregnant. So maybe he did in fact know.

#7. Alexandrian’s love story sounds a lot like Glenn and Maggie’s.

We also see the story of an Alexandrian and how he met his wife Betsy during the apocalypse and how he wanted to just make it home to tell her how much she changed him for the better. Of course he is bitten and still tries to fight and help the group as he wished to just make it home, even though he knows his fate. He writes a letter and tries to give it to Michonne, she neglects to take it, telling him he’ll get home. He ends up being consumed by the horde of walkers adjacent to the dumpster of terror that Glenn and Nicolas accompany. His letter goes unsent. The writers planted this eerily similar love story to make us question if Glenn will suffer the same fate of not making it home to his wife.

#8. The writers are trying to screw with us by removing Steven Yeun’s name from the credits since he “died”. In the credits when they pocket watch appears it’s usually accompanied by Steven Yeun, signifying Glenn’s character, but ever since that episode they have removed his name. Now I’d like to just point out that when Lori died her name remained in the credits, when Beth died her name remained in the credits. So I have a very sneaking suspicious that the writers are doing everything they can to mess with us, so that we think Glenn is dead.


How it usually looks…


How it’s looked the past two weeks.

 #9. Steven Yeun has been seen on set.

Um duh? Flashbacks my ass. He’s alive, the cast has been far too quiet on social media.

steven yeun

I still call bullshit. And I can’t wait til they reveal what really happened. With only 3 episodes left of 2015, and until the mid-season finale, I hear the reveal is right around the corner, Thank God! Here’s hoping we get a SATISFYING answer this Sunday, because we are losing our minds over here! And I am sure Maggie is too. Don’t worry girl, we got you, and Hershel is working his magic up in heaven, I’m sure of it. I think the writers need to understand some character deaths are just off-limits.

98cfe452a51e2b258efb81fd0f1b9112[1]  tumblr_mjxc2nQ9nC1rrljvio1_500[1]

baby glaggie

Baby Glaggie COMING SOON! (or is it Gleggie?)

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All in good time, Love.

A text conversation between a young woman and the faceless man of her dreams.

 all in good time love text




Are you there?


Where are you?

Why haven’t you come to find me?

                                                                            All in good time, Love.

But I’ve waited so long?

                                                                            So have I.

So then why won’t you show me your face?

                                                                             Our paths have crossed, I’m sure.

Have they?


Well why didn’t you just say hi?

                                                                               You weren’t ready.

How do you know?

                                                                                Because I know you. I know your heart.

Well I’m ready now.

                                                                                Are you?

I feel like time is passing…I feel like I’m failing.

                                                                                I can help with that.

So does that mean you will show me your face?

                                                                                I’m not entirely sure.

Why do you keep me waiting?

                                                                                I want it to be perfect.

Life isn’t perfect.

                                                                                But this has to be. You deserve nothing less.

Just the fact that you can say something like

that, means the world to me. 

                                                                                Love is not a time sensitive thing. We        

                                                                                don’t have to rush this. We just have to be 

                                                                                willing to open our hearts and minds to the

                                                                                possibility that life may never be the same,

                                                                                if we do this. Are you okay with that? 

I’m not going to lie, it scares me. But for love,

I’d be willing to risk it.

                                                                                  There’s something here. I’m all in. Are you?




                                                                                    Are you there?

                                                                                     I’ve scared you away haven’t I?

Not at all love, I look forward to meeting you.

                                                                                     I’ll be seeing you.

I’ll be waiting.

text story

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Time Talk



As we get older I think we face new versions of peer pressure. Pressure to date, pressure to find a job, pressure to move out, get married, and make a life for yourself. Basically pressure to grow up and learn how to be an adult. Time. Tick Tock. What a bitch. There’s not enough time in a day let alone in a lifetime. We make to do lists and wish lists and time runs away with us, or from us. We are brought into this world with parents by our side. Tick tock the clock starts, the minute our eyes open, the minute our feet hit the ground, we’re running. Minutes turn into hours, Days turn into years. Before you know it playing with baby dolls and kitchen sets become so close to reality. The things we play as children mirror future life. Isn’t it ironic? Ideas of Love, Marriage, and Babies flood our minds. Leaving childhood homes and venturing out on our own. Lost in confusion, in this time of uncertainty. Tick tock, Tick tock. Time flies by and you wake up and wonder, Why? Where am I? Where have I been? What have I done? Where should I be? Time doesn’t stand still although it seems. But you feel as you do. Still. Stuck. Make your own schedule. Your own timeline. You can’t put expiration dates on dreams. Love isn’t a time sensitive thing. Don’t follow the curve. Be a little different. Dance to the beat on your own funky off beat drum. Be patient. You will get there. Your time will come. Go forth. Head held high. Heart on sleeve. Grab a pen and write your own story. It’s a movie and you’re the star. Fade In. What’s your opening scene? Live it. And if you can’t get it right the first half a dozen times, fake it until you make it. Because let’s be honest even the most adult people in the world still have a little bit of naïve child left in them, never lose that.