My Best Friend


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People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul

I guess that’s why I like to wear sunglasses

It’s a way for me to escape, to stay hidden

Like when your a kid and you think that if you


your eyes the world can’t see you…or if you were

scared of the dark and you covered your head with a

blanket…it somehow made you feel safer…

I’m wearing a “mask” and nobody can see me…or at least they only get to see what I want

them to6294_1206218996816_8162029_n

It’s almost as if I become invisible

and sometimes that’s a comfortable


and sometimes it isn’t.

*P.S. they’re really good for disguising where your eyes may wander…*cough (cute boys) cough* 😉

Seemed Like an appropriate song choice Enjoy!

And Happy Thursday! Smile it’s almost Friday!


Full lyrics HERE!

Favorite Lyrics to “Blindfolded” by Kris Allen

If I was blindfolded
If my memory was erased
If every sign pointed to another place
I’d still find you
I will still find you
I’d still find you

You’re the gravity that’s taken hold of me
every time I lose my way
it’s the chemistry
more than eyes can see
and no matter where I am
I will still find you
I will still find you

Be Yourself…everyone else is taken

ONE TREE HILLIts so hard growing up in today’s world. Even though I’m technically an adult I still feel like I have a lot of growing up to still do. As my final semester of college is underway I’m starting to look back at my past 4 years and cant help but become a little paranoid. Am I really ready for the real world…am I the only one who wishes I could crawl back into a hole where time travel could bring me back to a place where I felt safe. Kindergarten perhaps? Where my biggest worry was spelling tests, and reading Eric Carl books. I look around at my peers and suddenly I feel incredibly disconnected and almost inadequate. Why don’t I know what they know? Am I not smart enough? Am I not good enough? Or are we just different? Do I just have different interests?  The questions in mind about ones-self can be mind crippling. I guess its natural to doubt yourself but when society confirms those doubts  that can be quite a big pill to swallow. I think at the end of the day you have to stop worrying about what others do and worry about yourself…life is a balancing act…finding what makes you happy and who makes you happy is the most important of all isn’t it?

I came into college with a vague understanding of what I wanted for my future. As a kid I went through my many stages of “I wanna be’s… when I grow up,” they ranged from a ballet dancer (haha got over that one quick), to a singer (my shower thinks I’m fantastic haha), to a teacher (I have no authority when it comes to the little ones). And now most currently I’m in my last year studying to (hopefully) make a career as a writing-13931299342873AvD[1]screenwriter/director. I’ve realized that the more time passes, the more I’ve made a heartfelt connection to the screenwriting portion. Most people gravitate toward the fancy media and  movie making business and I’m definitely interested in that myself, but give me a pen and a paper and a few hours and I’ll give you a story. Characters, hardships, love, much like your life. A story that you more than likely will be able to relate to. In my humble opinion it all starts with a script.  A great movie production can’t be made, unless, it’s foundation is a great script. Because no matter what the storyline, no matter the genre; drama, science fiction, mystery, action…every story has to be made human, it has to have heart, after-all that’s how we as an audience relate to it. So it’s not to say that I have to be predominantly a screenwriter, I would love to explore the possibilities of directing as well, but writing is just where my heart lies. And that is when you know, no one can tell you, you can’t do it, if you feel that pull…well then you’re unstoppable. So let others do what they do, and focus on what you do, and what you want to do, and rock it!….(here’s hoping one day I’ll take my own advice…. #foodforthought) be-yourself

You had to see this comin’… 😉 Enjoy & Believe


Making up for lost time…

So I missed yesterday’s post, because I was in the  “Thesis Zone,” I’m prepping and planning the shooting of my college thesis video, and I had a lot to take care of yesterday. So with that being said,  I hope I am forgiven… Just to make it up to you, I’ll make today’s posting a double. 😉

Here’s some #MusicMonday on a Tuesday 😉


…So Justin Bieber’s Believe Acoustic Album Dropped today,

and if you’re not a #Belieber,or even a general fan of his music then just quit reading now. Cuz I happen to be VERY into The Biebs and I take it personally if you fall asleep.

Never mind the fact that he’s adorable, cuz well he is…but his voice sounds freakin’ awesome! NO AUTO TUNE, no big production behind it, for the most part its just JB, and the strings.

Justin’s previously released Believe album had 16 tracks…including hit songs “Boyfriend,” my personal favorite “As Long As You Love Me,” and the Nicki Minaj collab, “Beauty and a Beat.”

Upon announcing the release of his Acoustic Album, Justin also set fans up to assume that this album would be a tell all. Many rumors and accusations have been pinned upon America’s golden guy and he has been getting a lot of heat for everything from his break- up with Spring Breaker‘s Selena Gomez to his outfit choice while meeting the prime minister, to getting major heat for images of him smoking pot….the list goes on and on and on and on. Justin has opted to not respond to many of these headliners, as he feels his music (especially the new tracks) will reveal more than any statement he could make.

New Additions to Bieber’s Acoustic Believe inspired Album include:

1.) Yellow Raincoat where Bieber comments on life in the Public Eye. Using the yellow raincoat as a metaphor of sorts.


Selena visits the set of Justin’s “Boyfriend” Video

2.) Nothing Like Us that many deem a heartfelt plea to his recent heartbreak over ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

3.) I would a more upbeat song about keeping a girl happy 😀

believe acoustic



Listen to Justin’s Acoustic Album HERE! All tracks listed on the right hand side. My personal favs that have been transitioned into acoustic are Beauty & a Beat, As Long As You Love Me, Fall, Take You,  All around the world and She Don’t Like the Lights. Take a listen and judge for yourselves! What are your favorites?

I actually went to see Justin in concert at the Barclays Center back in November…yes me and my girl Stav went on a Monday night and Rocked out Belieber Style and it was FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Just a couple 21 year olds fawning over the Biebs…whatever he’s legal! 😉 But seriously….Boy can put on a show! He did a couple acoustic songs at the concert and can I just ask what about making a song acoustic makes it just so much more awesome, I don’t know what it is…but it’s so true!

 486179_4681517197099_59493409_n 423105_4683937137596_595947224_n 561541_4683908216873_85703323_n

Happy Tuesday! -<3-

In honor of snow…


Today’s Snow Fall… January 25, 2013


Crisp and White

Blanketing the sidewalks

Commanding the streets

Car lights shine bright

Red, Yellow, Green

Stop, Slow, Go

Snow softly falls

Imagine the sound

A sound of whispered secrets

in the snow lit night

Floating gently past  faint car light rays

Creating a stillness


Cold and white


Become captivated

take a picture

Commit it to memory

Breathe it in

Angels are dusting their wings


Quietly falling

Secret telling

Crisp and White

Blanketing the sidewalks

Commanding the streets


All following photos by Robert DeSantos Jr.


December 27, 2010 Snowfall….

dec27 2010 bklyn blizzard

Photos by Robert DeSantos Jr.

*Snow can sometimes be a pain, it’s cold, it’s an inconvenience to travel in. But when it first starts, it’s actually kinda beautiful, isn’t it? Before it turns to slush, take a moment and embrace its beauty, its stillness, its possibility.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Until Monday!


On the Road…

*Ever since I was a little girl, I used to love to sit in the back seat of the car with my headphones on. Something about knowing there was a long ride ahead that would be perfectly matched with landscapes rolling by and music playing in my ears, with the occasional rainstorm…. it’s relaxing, it’s therapeutic. At first it was my old pink walk-man, then I got fancy and had a disc-man, at times in school it was hit clips, (does anyone else remember those suckers!), and now I’ve grown up and updated to an i-Pod. This next “poem” if you could call it that is about the feeling you get when music and your surroundings become your tranquility. I hope you can relate :D*


On the Road

The sound of rain

Trickling down a window pane

Tiny beads of water

Drip, Drip

Sliding down the clear glass gracefully

They dance

The windshield wipers clear them away and new dancers begin again

The swishing of water cast up by tires in streets

Cars on roads

Driving somewhere

Driving nowhere

Trees blur on by

Music quiets the soul

Your playlist becomes a soundtrack for roadside visions

Volume low

So you don’t miss the sounds of nature

Infusing the two with young thoughts

Love the sound of rain

Love the deep blue sky

Stars barely twinkling

in the city lights

Love the sound of lovers

Dancing in the quiet night

Hopeful atmospheres are almost within reach

Follow the sound of the rain

That dance gracefully on a window pane

Drip, Drip

wpid-IMG_20121127_123112.jpg wpid-IMG_20120816_092913.jpg

Until Tomorrow!


P.S. quick piece of exciting news to share with you!

1.) Justin Timberlake‘s new video came out today…Check it out!

2.) There’s a hidden secret if you look close enough!



Just in time for my BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope he tours this summer!!!!

3.) Justin is set to make his first solo concert performance (in over 4 years)

live on Super Bowl Eve on February 2, 2013!!!!!!!!

Who else is excited???

Happy Thursday!…Smile, Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! 😀

Cup of Tea?

“Tea is liquid wisdom.”  ~Anonymous

This quote was on one of my boxes of green tea. See if you look close enough, you can find inspiration everywhere...

This quote was on one of my boxes of green tea. See… if you look close enough, you can find inspiration everywhere.


Sometimes as we all know life gets hectic. And we often forget to stop and take a moment. A moment for ourselves. To breathe, to think, to reflect. Just to steal some time away. Because sometimes you are the best company you need. So let your mind go, and wonder what it would be like if the world allowed all your dreams to come true.



Don’t get me wrong it’s nice being with family and hanging out with friends. But sometimes you need some time to yourself. So watch a movie, put on your favorite TV show, or  your iPod and drown out the world. Curl up with a good cup of tea. Tea has become my alone time. Let it become yours…



Sometimes tea can give me the boost I need when, I become a victim of writer’s block. Here I was working on a script entitled The Lover’s Diary for my screen writing class. With the help of some Green Tea, aka Liquid Wisdom 😉




This here, is my mom’s concoction. It isn’t exactly tea; but I figured I’d throw it in anyway due to the recent drop in temperature and threats of snow coming our way during this glorious flu “epidemic.” Just boil some water, add 2-3 tablespoons of honey and a few orange slices. For those of you who aren’t tea drinkers this is a great substitute. It’s a definite cold kicker! This is all I lived on when I was sick a few months ago. I was drinking tea day and night trying to sooth the fire in my throat. I was hitting a tea overload, so this was definitely a welcomed change of pace.

Trust me…honey makes all the difference

Flavors of Tea in my Cabinet! 😀

  • Carrington Tea *Green Tea Lemon
  • Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane *Green Tea
  • Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin *Black Tea
  • Bigelow Chamomile Mango

This little gem, brightened up my day


Kick the chill out, and have a cup!

Until Tomorrow!


Go On My Child <3

As you may have noticed …not like I’m hammering you guys with music in every post or anything ;)… but I love music and I love reading along to the lyrics that accompany that music. This song is so beautifully written that it makes me want to cry…(ok maybe i already did…just a little) I guess because of my love of writing, I have a strong relationship with lyrics then most normal people would, after all aren’t lyrics just thoughtful words put to music? I mean haven’t you ever had a song just get you. Get what you might be feeling at that particular moment in your life. Songs can do that…Music does do that. I first was introduced to this song, because it was featured in an episode of One Tree Hill…(big surprise huh?)


Brooke Davis ❤

In episode 3×14 “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” Sophia Bush’s character Brooke Davis has to choose between furthering her dream  as a All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7745285-1024-576fashion designer by going to New York and displaying one of her pieces in a contest OR leading her friends and cheer squad as cheer captain, to perform in a cheer competition, something that she has been doing with her team for years. Brooke is soon faced with the dirty side of the fashion business, thrown into a world she’s never known. A world full of All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7745805-1024-576drinking and drugs and over aged come ons. Ultimately Brooke realizes this opportunity isn’t as glamorous as she thought and chooses to walk away from it.

But how Michelle Featherstone’s Go On My Child,  is used in this episode made such an impact on me that it has always stayed with me. So I’d like to share that inspiration with you…


Sometimes an opportunity is just opportunity

Sometimes an opportunity is just that…an opportunity

Go On My Child by Michelle Featherstone

Here are the lyrics for you to read along:

I’ve highlighted my favorite lines ❤

Don’t hang your head low ’cause I can’t see your face
in your reflection I see your beauty and grace
and when the light shines bright to show you your way
do not be weary don’t turn your head away

so let the critics look upon you with a thousand eyes
and let their tongues do their judging and criticize
and you just sit here before us and reveal your life

go on, go on my child
go on, go on my child

your soul is aching and it’s dying to be heard
this might be painful but consider the worth
and when you feel like there’s nobody on your side
they will embrace you with a radiant smile

so let the critics look upon you with a thousand eyes
and let their tongues do their judging and criticize
and you just sit here before us and reveal your life

go on, go on my child
go on, go on my child

so you wanna give up and you can’t find strength
but I believe that you will make it in the end
so you wanna step back and you want to retreat
but I believe that there ain’t nothing you can’t be
nothing you can’t be

don’t feel so naked I am the blanket of hope
your words are life rafts and they keep us afloat
and when this long painful journey comes to an end
they will be touched by the message
the message you’ve sent

so let the critics look upon you with a thousand eyes
and let their tongues do their judging and criticize
and you just sit here before us and reveal your life

go on, go on my child
go on, go on my child
go on, go on my child
go on, go on my child
go on, go on my child

**I realize not everyone will share in my taste in music, and that’s ok, we all have our differences, but all i ask is that you give it a listen and if you find its not for you that’s cool, find something else that speaks to you…**

If you’re interested….Here’s the song being used in the clip from One Tree Hill, I advise you only to watch the first 30 seconds, because for some reason the dialogue is in french! Not for a lack of trying but I couldn’t find a clip in English. However the first 30 seconds gives you the gist. Brooke watches on as a random group of friends seem to be living young and  having fun together while on a phone booth nearby is a poster of the model that has introduced her to the dark side of the fashion world. It’s a beautiful metaphor and it’s worth a look!

Happy Tuesday! 😀

Just Ask <3


Flirtation at its best 😉

In a world of uncertainties
I will be your guide
When you think its useless
I will be your voice
When you fight to hold on
I will take your hand
When you almost jump off
I will pull you back
I can be your safety
All you have to do is ask

**Songs on my radar today**  #MusicMonday

-Hope all my fellow Classes of 2013 are enjoying their last day of Freedom!-

*Happy Spring Semester  …now own it!*

Make it count for something more…for something special.

Until tomorrow!


Fashion Friday!!!

demi wardrobe


Let’s take a look into Demi Lovato‘s sense of style…

Over the past few years I’ve been following Demi Lovato’s story and music but also her

Style Icon <3

Style Icon ❤

sense of fashion, she’s really funky and I LOVE it!

Although I’d like to consider my style my own, I definitely have been influenced by her! I am a girl after all, and I LOVE Clothes and accessorizing, just like Demi! There’s nothing like getting ready with your girlfriends for a night out, while blasting your favorite songs!

Demi definitely takes bold chances in how she dresses and she’s responsible for many fashion trends today. Yes Demi you are Flawless!!!!

The feather trend

The feather trend


The Glitter Trend

The Glitter Trend

Pink dip dye trend <3

Pink dip dye trend ❤

demi want

Green-Blue Dip Dye ❤

Speaking of hair Demi is notorious for switching up her hair styles and color quite frequently…she’s sported the brunette look, blonde look and even rocked it as a ginger 😉 She’s had long locks and sheik bangs…the list is endless. Guess she gets bored easily, like every other girl in the world!

Nails nails nails <3

Nails nails nails ❤

Notice how girls these days seem to be obsessed with painting their nails and trying new funky colors and designs every 5 seconds?… Well Demi does it too! Throughout her judging duties on x-factor Ms. Lovato was all about the nails! Every night she would tweet pictures of her newly polished nails!

awesome (2)



thats it  demi

Some friends and I had a little Halloween get together a few years ago, we dressed up as our favorite celebrities....Guess who i went as? ;)

Some friends and I had a little Halloween get together a few years ago, and for fun we dressed up as our favorite celebrities….Guess who i went as? 😉 Demi is an inspiration to many, she’s struggled with things that are way beyond her young years and yet she’s back and better and healthier than ever. So I think I speak for many girls when I say Thank You Demi, for being just a great role model and for introducing your sense of style to us! 😀

What do you guys think of Demi’s trendsetter ways?


demi was heretumblr_m7l4ojzOED1rri77io1_500demi hearts u

Sing Along with Demi next time you’re getting ready for a girls night out!


Enjoy your weekend…

Until Monday!

Many more #michelleleighoriginals coming your way!