My Top 5 Candy Preferances

In honor of Halloween…The main thing that pops into my head when I think of it is…CANDY….and being a 23 year old and way past my trick or treating days I think it’s only fair we adults get to Halloween-candy-1[1]indulge in the candy festivities ourselves. When I want candy it’s usually, if not always…CHOCOLATE!giphy[1]

To narrow it down, here’s…

MY TOP 5 Candy Favs

5. NutRageous

This was my favorite as a kid… and it still holds up.


4. Snickers

Cuz…what’s not to love?


3. Twix

There’s two of them!


2. Kit Kat

There’s 4 of them!


1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

My kryptonite…end of story.


Um can we just talk about this…..for 5 seconds, real quick…

Like what? two favs combined!

Like what? two favs combined!

*Bonus– just for Halloween…Candy Corn…because even though it’s not earth shattering, it’s a staple and must be consumed just a bit during the Halloween season.



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Stay Tuned for a special DIY inspired by Daryl Dixon!*


Can you guess what it is?

Happy Halloween!

Be Safe and eat lots of candy…today you are justified!

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Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 12 Part 3

We’ve reached the end of the road, it’s been a long journey, but the end is here!  Hope you have enjoyed the ride. With that being said, Lexie, Carter and the gang bid you goodbye in Mysterious Attraction’s final Chapter!


Previously on Mysterious Attraction…




A few weeks later…

Brooke-Davis-S09-one-tree-hill-style-30302353-400-266Lexie sits at her desk in her home office. She’s writing a letter. Carter walks in with a sleeping Elena in his arms.

Carter: Hey babe, I was gonna order some dinner…Chinese or Pizza?

Lexie finishes up her letter and seals it in an envelope. She gets up and walks over to him.

carter and elenaLexie: You know what, I’m feeling like we’re in need of a change…(she smiles) Let’s do Chinese.

Carter smiles and kisses Lexie as she then leans down and kisses Elena on the cheek.

Lexie: Sweet dreams angel. Mommy and daddy love you.

Carter places Elena in her crib. Lexie grabs the baby monitor  as they walk into their kitchen, Carter hands her a menu.images2O8FOBFE



Lexie: I got it, (she smiles and grabs the telephone from him.)

Lexie: Hi, can I place a delivery order.

Meanwhile….Cut To:

sonnyReeves sits in a cell laying on his bed, starring up at the ceiling.

A guard comes to the cell.

Guard: Reeves. Mail. (hands him a letter.)

Reeves gets up slowly and looks at it.

He smiles and opens it.

He sits down as he begins to read it.

Dear Daddy,

Carter and I are doing wonderfully. We are adjusting nicely to newly wed life and parent life. Carter is such a good man. The store had an amazing first few weeks and sales have been great. The team is really doing well and getting along well. Not surprisingly Roxy has stolen Brice’s heart. Surprisingly, Joe has fallen quite smitten for Kelly. Yes Kelly. Carter’s ex-wife. Crazy huh? But thankfully all that drama is over with, and we’ve reached the point where we can genuinely except change and just be happy for each other. And Carter and his parents have long since gotten over the Skully debacle. John and Carter are closer than ever. Everyone is so grateful to have a new start and a new perspective thanks to your selflessness. The most exciting news yet… Our baby girl was born about a month and a half ago, 10 fingers, 10 toes, 8lbs, 10 oz. and a perfect shade of rosey pink. She looks so much like mom, I thought it only fitting she share her name as well. I’ve sent along some pictures …Meet your granddaughter Elena. I love you daddy, thank you for being so strong, thank you for your guidance, for your protection and most importantly your love. Carter and I have been telling Elena all about her grandpa. She seems to smile, every time we mention your name. Keep that in a safe place anytime you feel like things get too overwhelming. Carter and I have scheduled a visit up there next weekend; Elena can’t wait to meet you. See you soon.

With all my love,

Your Princess, Lexie ❤




carter and elena 2



Reeves tears up and looks at all the pictures with a smile on his face.sonnylaughing

 Cut To:

Carter, Lexie, Elena and company all sit around in their living room laughing and talking.

the fam

Lexie, Carter & baby Elena


Roxy & Brice…still going strong

kelly and joe end

Kelly & Joe…new beginnings

Lexie Voice Over:

tumblr_m4icu53Dwx1rpta58Sometimes fear can take over. It can cause you to miss things. Chances. Once in a life time opportunities. Love. But once you let go of that fear, your perception changes. When you let people into your heart, they can surprise you. They will surprise you. We all have good in our hearts. It’s our job to bring out the best in each other. Let yourself experience love. Let yourself take that risk. Because a mysterious glance from a strangerred lips could be so much more than just that initial attraction. It can be the start of your forever. If you just dive in. So pull down your walls, let your guard down a bit. And love will find you. I promise, it’s all hidden in the eyes. And if it doesn’t work the first few times, keep at it. Sooner or later you’ll learn how to distinguish between the one shot glance guys, and the guys worth a second one. You’ll get the hang of it. And ladies remember, red may be your color… work it, and smile. Good Luck. And may you find your Carter and your happy ending.

*Quick Flashback*

An exchange of smiles when Lexie and Carter first meet.

first meet flashback


Cut To:

Current Lexie and Carter who sit with their baby girl in their home surrounded by family and friends. Carter leans over and kisses a very happy, brightly smiling Lexie.

lexie end love


*The End.*

So there you have it “Mysterious Attraction”  says goodbye…I hope this series has entertained your days a bit!


Stay Tuned for an overview and brief writing experience journal… Coming Soon!

*I take no credit for the initial images used alone, or in my crappy edits #INEEDPHOTOSHOP…haha*

Thanks For Reading!


Taylor Swift “1989” Deluxe Album Review


Listen to the album in full HERE

[Quick Disclaimer…I want the target dlx edition with all the extras (certain things you can’t get by downloading online,) so I haven’t been able to buy my copy yet, but I do intend to. I don’t download illegally. I just listen to the tracks online until I get the chance to buy it. So please download either through iTunes…or buy the album in stores. I know me saying this will do little to  stop illegal downloading, but I just wanted to state my piece. I am in no way promoting piracy. The link I used for the album is just one I found by googling, I have no relation to it, use your best judgment.]

Read all the full lyrics HERE (some lyrics seemed a bit off to me…but you can be the judge.)

Judged for her dating history and her strong belief in love, Taylor Swift’s constant optimism and wavering hope are what the music world needs.imagesLG954LUV

Ms. Swift’s highly anticipated new album; 1989, was officially (and legally) released yesterday October 27, 2014 and it is BOSS. So I thought I’d do a Full Album Review. Target is selling a deluxe edition, in which you get the original 13 songs, plus 3 extra bonus tracks, a pack of polaroid pictures of Taylor AND 3 voice memos from Taylor’s personal cell phone of her recording the raw ideas of three of her newest songs. This seemed so intriguing I had to review the Deluxe edition. And props to Taylor for encouraging people to buy actual CDs. Can’t get them polaroid pics on iTunes!

taylor-swift-performs-at-jimmy-kimmel-live-in-hollywood_1[1]This year and the time leading up to the release of her new album, we’ve been seeing a sassier, sexier, non filtered, girl turned into woman. Not only have we been bear hugged by the anthem “Shake it Off” but also Taylor’s image has gone from preppy to crop top, short locks sexy. She’s growing up, she’s showing a more mature side of herself. But she remains classy as always Ms. Swift. Classy as always.

The album is definitely a bold transition from country/pop to pop. But what I love about this album is that although you know many of these songs could be (and probably will be) instant radio hits….the record is pop with some soft undertones. She takes a new approach vocally as she takes on a rapping style or sing/talking technique for some songs. I think this is so interesting, because it almost feels like she is sitting in your living room, reading from a book, telling us her stories.Taylor Swift is an artist who takes the time to hand you her heart. You can trust her, trust what she’s saying, because you know she’s speaking from experience. The album is an open advice column. Learn from her. She’s been there. She’s here for you. She gets it. You are not alone. -Michelle Leigh Writes

But despite the running theme of broken or fractured hearts and ghosts of past relationships haunting her, the album is surprisingly light and upbeat. That’s the pop genre for ya! Dancing to heartache and cheers-ing to the next one. But don’t count Taylor out just yet…or ever. Her lyrics are meaningful, truthful and beautifully constructed.  And there is the underlying theme and message of hope in love and keeping your head up against all those trying to bring you down. Taylor Swift is a supporter of love and this album is a testament to that. If you take away anything from this album…know that Taylor Swift is the real deal. Because in life…love is the center of it all. And she gets that….loud and clear. #HopelessRomantic #AndDamnProudOfIt


Track By Track, my thoughts, and my favorite lyrics. Oh the lyrics! (I went overboard of course, but what else did you expect.) I coined my favorite tracks for you with a (*). And let me tell you it’s nearly impossible to pick a Top 5, so I’m not even going to try.

*1. “Welcome To New York”

This is a strong starting song. It immediately makes you realize that this is a new Taylor Swift. And it mirrors a girl moving to New York or visiting New York and gaining new places, new surroundings, new perspective and new beginnings. Much like Taylor is going to experience with this album’s new direction. The sound is very sonic and galactic, I feel like it’s a heady out of body, in your body song. A range of feelings. For me I am going to have to *INSTANT FAV* this jam!

Lyric Choice:

It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat, beat
The lights are so bright
But they never blind me, me
Welcome to New York
It’s been waiting for you
Welcome to New York
Welcome to New York


Like any great love
It keeps you guessing
Like any real love
It’s ever changing
Like any true love
It drives you crazy
But you know you wouldn’t change Anything, anything, anything…

*2. “Blank Space”

Another *INSTANT FAV.* Lyrically I adore this song. I love how Taylor references her list of exes and how people assume because she’s fallen in love so many times that she somehow is this insane girl. She addresses this but you also get the feeling of her unwavering respect for love and constantly being open to it. It’s a sexier, older Taylor.

Lyric Choice:

I could show you incredible things
Magic, madness, heaven, sin
Saw you there and I thought oh my god
Look at that face, you look like my next mistake
Love’s a game, wanna play


Grab your passport and my hand
I could make the bad guys good for a weekend


Got a long list of ex-lovers
They’ll tell you I’m insane
Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game

Got a long list of ex-lovers
They’ll tell you I’m insane
But I got a blank space baby
And I’ll write your name


Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

*3. “Style”

This song is not only a *Favorite* for me…(3 for 3 Taylor, I think I’m falling in love #AlbumOnRepeat) but this seems like what would be an instant hit on the radio. The chorus is perfect. She’s telling a story here about falling for the bad boys and knowing they won’t stay, knowing that this won’t end well, but allowing herself to be swept away. And just simply still going for it, whole heartedly. The feeling, the bad boys, the rush, the love however real or not real it may be…never goes out of style. It will always be this way. Boy meets Girl. Girl falls for Boy. Boy plays girl. It’s a vicious circle, and yet she doesn’t wanna break it.

Lyric Choice:

Cause You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back in every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

You got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt.
And I got that good girl fig and a tight little skirt,
And when we go crashing down, we come back in every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style.

Take me home
Just take me home
Just take me home

*4. “Out Of The Woods”

This song is spiritual, there is this tribal aspect to it, with the chant like background vocals,  and the chorus is so simple, yet so gorgeous. It speaks volumes. A troubled relationship, nearly hopeless, and yet there’s that hope at the end of the tunnel, holding onto it, there’s a chance, there’s a love still there, after everything it’s been put through. Just waiting for the heartache and pain to finally fall away, and then realizing, it isn’t all that bad. Taylor released this prior to the album release and I fell in love with it, so yes I will *Favorite* this song as well.

Lyric Choice:

Remember when we couldn’t take the heat
I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free”
But the monsters turned out to be just trees
When the sun came up
You were looking at me.


Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
In the clear yet, good.

5. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song, reminds me a little of the vibes of Taylor’s last album RED.

Lyric Choice:

People like you always want back the love they gave away
And people like me wanna believe you when you say you’ve changed
The more I think about it now
The less I know
All I know is that you drove us off the road


Then, why you had to go and lock me out when I let you in


Here you are now
Calling me up
But I don’t know what to say
I’ve been picking up the pieces of the mess you made
People like you always want back the love they pushed aside
But people like me are gone forever
When you say goodbye


You were all I wanted
But not like this

*6. “Shake It Off”TaylorSwiftGapad[1]

EPIC. An Anthem. The “Rap” breakdown part…like what??? YASSS please, yessss. The video is a stroke of genius as well. Watch HERE. Calling out all the haters, all the critics, all the skeptics and making them bob their heads and dance along…turning them into fans. YOU KNOW it’s true, don’t even mess around. The song is a fantastic message, to all people telling them to not care about what others think or say about you, shake it off and keep doing your thing. As the album’s first single, it serves as a perfect introduction, the perfect depiction of the message Taylor Swift wants to convey to her fans. We are united, we are one. A *favorite* of course. I can’t hear this and NOT dance! It just gets into your veins and your arms immediately do the “shake it off” move from the video. Am I right??? Yes, yes I am.

Lyric Choice:

It’s like I got this music
In my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright
Cause the players gonna play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate
Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off


(the rap part)

Hey, hey, hey
Just think while you been getting down and out about the liars
And the dirty dirty cheats of the world
You could have been getting down to this sick beat

My ex man brought his new girlfriend
She’s like oh my god
But I’m just gonna shake
And to the fella over there with the hella good hair
Won’t you come on over baby we could shake, shake

7. “I Wish You Would”

Taylor explains in her voice memo (Track 18) that this song is about how a guy thinks his ex girlfriend hates him. But she doesn’t, she’s still in love with him and wishes he would come back. This song also brings me back to the memories and messages from the RED album, the sounds are very different, but that raw emotion, is still evident. It’s something that Taylor does well, making her real to her fans, making her relatable.

Lyric Choice:

I Wish You Would come back
Wish I never had hung up the phone like I did
I Wish You know that I never forget you as long as I’m living
Wish you were right here, right now, it’s all good, I wish you would

I wish you we could go back
And remember what we were fighting for
I wish you know that I miss too much to be mad anymore
Wish you were right here, right now, it’s all good, I wish you would

8. “Bad Blood”

A friendship gone south. I do really like this song. I think some times friendships end for a reason. And you are better off that way.  Some serious “Holla Back Girl”- Gwen Stefani vibes, and I dig it! And that high school cheer chant vibe rocks this chorus hardcore.

Lyric Choice:

Cause baby now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look at what you’ve done
Cause baby now we got bad blood

Now we got problems
And I don’t think we can solve them
You made a really deep cut
And baby now we got bad blood

Did you think we’d be fine?
Still got scars on my back from your knife


Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes
You say sorry just for show
If you live like that, you live with ghosts

9. “Wildest Dreams”

Sexy. Breathy. It’s definitely more mature. She makes reference to a bit of a more sexual relationship, very timidly of course, but it’s there. The idea of wanting those memories to stay with him even if he only dreams of them, and they end up going their separate ways. She wants him to remember her well.

Lyric Choice:

He’s so tall, and handsome as hell
He’s so bad but he does it so well
I can see the end as it begins my one condition is

Say you’ll remember me
Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sun set babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams
Wildest dreams


I say no one has to know what we do
His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room
And his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever
But this is getting good now
He’s so tall, and handsome as hell
He’s so bad but he does it so well

           taylor-swift-5th-album-1989-cover-and-promo-pics-2014-_4[1] taylor_swift_2014_541_573[1] taylor-swift[1]

*10. “How You Get The Girl”

Word to the wise, Taylor’s giving you some advice…some perspective from the other side…listen up boys.  SUCH A GOOD TRACK! *Favorite.*

Lyric Choice:

Say it’s been a long six months
And you were too afraid to tell her what you want
And that’s how it works
It’s how you get the girl
And then you say

I want you for worse or for better
I would wait for ever and ever
Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together
I want you for ever and ever

And that’s how it works
It’s how you get the girl, girl, oh
And that’s how it works
It’s how you get the girl, girl


Remind her how it used to be, be
Yeah, yeah
With pictures in frames, of kisses on cheeks, cheeks
Tell her how you must’ve lost your mind
When you left her all alone
And never told her why
And that’s how it works
That’s how you lost the girl

11. “This Love”

Gorgeous. The harmonies in this are insane. The backup imagesES6MZZSKvocals along with Taylor in the chorus just make you feel like you are sitting in a cathedral or an opera house, listening to magic. It’s got an indie vibe to it, which I really love, and the synthesizer, drums, and guitar create a beautiful collaboration. I’m no musician, but I’m just a fan sharing my love for music, lyrics and telling you what I hear and how it makes me feel.

Lyric Choice:

Been losing grip, oh, sinking ships
You showed up, just in time


This love left a permanent mark
This love is glowing in dark
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

Your kiss, my cheek
I watched you leave
Your smile my ghost
I fell to my knees
And you’re young, just to run
Come better to watch me

*12. “I Know Places”

A *favorite.* It’s darker, sexier and as Taylor said in her voice memo (Track 17), it’s about people trying to ruin a couples love and the couple trying to escape that and hide.

Lyric Choice:

You stand with a hand on my waist line
Good to see that we’re out in plain side
I can hear them whisper as we pass by
It’s a bad sign, bad sign
Something happens when everybody finds out
See the vultures circling in dark cloud
Love’s a fragile little flame, it could burn out


They take their shots, we’re bulletproof
I know places
And you know for me it’s always you
I know places
And you’re dead at night, your eyes so green
I know places
And I know for you it’s always me
I know places

Cause I, I know places we can hide

13. “Clean”

Overcoming heart break. A pure song. Love mirrors addiction here which I thought was a really cool metaphor. A video for this would open so many ideas for amazing imagery.

Lyric Choice:

You’re still all over me like I wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore
Hung my head, as I lost the war, and the sky turn black like a perfect storm

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning
That’s when I could finally breathe
And that morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean


10 months sober, I must admit
Just because you’re clean don’t mean you miss it
10 months older I won’t give in
Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it


14. “Wonderland” -Bonus Tracktaylor-swift-pants-2-1414175894[1]

Uses Alice in Wonderland as a metaphor for a doomed relationship.

Lyric Choice:

Flashing lights and we, took a wrong turn and we
Fell down the rabbit hole
You held on tight to me
Cause nothing’s as it seems
Spinning out of control


We found wonderland
You and I got lost in it
And we pretended it could last forever
We found wonderland
You and I got lost in it
And life was never worse but never better
In wonderland
In wonderland

So we went on our way
Too in love to think straight


Didn’t you call my fears with the cheshire cat’s smile
Didn’t it all seem new and exciting
I felt your arms twisting around me
It’s all fun and games ’til somebody loses their mind

*15. “You R In Love” -Bonus Track

A *favorite.* A song that basically sums up the reason why Taylor Swift makes music; “You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars And why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it in words.”  And why we all love her for it. A song about love and how it is everywhere, all around us, and it doesn’t take earth shattering actions to realize you love someone. Just by simply being with them and getting to know their heart. The tears may happen here, just warning you.

Lyric Choice:

You can hear it in the silence, silence
You can feel it on the way home, way home
You can see it with the lights out, lights out
You are in love, true love
You are in love


One night he wakes, strange look on his face
Pauses, then says, you’re my best friend
And you knew what it was, he is in love


You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars
And why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it in words

*16. “New Romantics” -Bonus Track

I actually feel like this song would be HUGE. I hear the chorus and the beat and I just see the public dancing like crazy for it. This song would be ridiculous on tour. I really love the name, love the concept, I just have a connection to it. I always call myself a hopeless romantic so I just get it.

Lyric Choice:

We cry tears
Of mascara in the bathroom
Honey life is just a classroom

Cause baby I could built a castle
Out of all the bricks they threw at me
And every day it’s like battle
But every night feels just like a dream
Baby we’re the new romantics
Come on, come on along with me
Heart break is the national anthem
We sing it properly
We are too busy dancing
To get knocked off our feet
Baby we’re the new romantics
The best people in life for free


Voice memos of Taylor’s writing process. Each song happens differently, but here she gives you an inside look at the beginning stages of a few select songs. Literally recorded on her cell phone. This is something I feel no artist has ever done…I could be wrong…but whatever it’s still really cool!

17. I Know Places (Taylor on piano with vocals)

18. I Wish You Would (Writing to Track; Taylor singing to a Track produced by Jack Antonoff)

19. Blank Space (Taylor playing guitar with vocals in recording session with producers yelling out direction and extra vocals ideas)

This was the coolest idea ever. There is something so amazing about hearing the raw tracks. It gives me chills to even get a glimpse into the work that was put into this album. I love music and I loved that Taylor was kind enough to share her writing process with us. She gave us her diaries and we will take good care of your words and your heart Taylor. Bow Down people, there’s a new Queen in town. Taylor Swift you are a BOSS, and a legend in the making. I curtsy before you.


*I take no credit for any images used*


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 12 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…




*New Character Alerts*

Catherine Hicks

Joan; Carter’s Mom

john george clooney

John; Carter’s Dad


*Time Jump*

Black screen

A small cry is heard.

nurseryA night light comes on and we see a pink and yellow nursery.

Lexie walks in…she peers into the crib.


Lexie: Hey baby girl…time for your next bottle huh, sweet heart?

largeLexie picks her up and sits in her rocking chair near the window. Feeding her, her middle of the night bottle as she carefully rocks back and forth. A mixture of sleep depravity and happiness spread across the new mom’s face.

Carter: (leaning against the door frame) Hey…you want me to take over? You should get some rest.Drive9_GQ_14Sep11_320

Lexie: No. That’s ok.

Carter: How ya feeling?

Lexie: Happy. (she smiles) This is…perfect.

imagesA4XRRLLACarter smiles, and walks into the room. As he does the sign hanging on the baby’s door is put into clear focus. The name reads Elena. Carter bends down and kisses the babies forehead, and then kisses Lexie. She smiles.

A few weeks later…

BvdLexie stands in a small chapel room, dressed in a wedding dress.

She looks in the mirror and smiles.

Roxy, and Joan (Carter’s mother) are seen smiling behind her.

Lexie: So…what do you think?

Roxy: You look amazing! Seriously it doesn’t even look like you had a baby 3 weeks ago.imagesCJJR149E

Joan is holding Elena and smiles.

Joan: Honey you look perfect. Carter is going to be speechless.

Lexie: Really?

Joan: Yup.

Lexie: And what about you angel? How do you think mommy looks…you think daddy will like it?

Elena cooes a bit

Lexie kisses her cheek

Roxy: I think daddy’s going to like it so much, he may just get mommy knocked up again.

Joan goes a shade of crimson red.

Lexie: Oh my god, Roxy! Really?

Roxy: Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t give you my warning. I’m Roxy, I’ll make you incredibly uncomfortable, with my blunt sense of humor. Just ask your son, it didn’t take me more then 5 minutes to mortify him.

Joan laughs

Joan: Well as long as Carter is happy, I’m happy. And you Lexie and this little peanut here, seem to make him happier than he’s ever been. (she smiles) It’s really all a mother can ask for.joan 2

Lexie: Thank You Joan. You and John have raised such an incredible man.

Joan: Thank you sweet heart, you look beautiful and today is going to be a perfect day. Should I let the men know we’re ready?

Lexie nods.

Joan: Ok.

She puts the baby in her carriage and wheels her out.

Roxy turns to Lexie.

imagesCJJR149ERoxy: So… you ready for this?

Lexie: Yea…it’s been a long time coming. You know I thought I’d be nervous but, I’m not. I can’t wait to be his wife. I just wish my mom were here to be with me through this ya know….I kinda wish my dad were here too…to walk me down the aisle.

Roxy: Well you were born into this world alone, you can handle a walk down a measley aisle 789225_1312039234159_fullalone… Or you know I could walk you? It’d save me a trip down the aisle alone too. Maid of honor duties are lonely…seriously what is up with that?

Lexie: (she laughs) I’d love that, if you’d walk with me.

Roxy: Yea? Cool. Oh by the way…. I’m gonna get really serious for just a second…

Lexie: Uh oh…

Roxy: Just a sec.

Lexie: Ok.

Roxy: I got you something.

She hands her a long skinny box.

Lexie: Oh you didn’t have to do that-

Roxy: Uh…shh. My best friend is getting married. I wanted to.

Lexie: Ok.

locketLexie opens the box to find a silver locket engraved with the name Elena.

Lexie: Oh Rox- it’s beautiful.

Roxy: Open it.

Lexie carefully opens the locket to find on one side a picture of her daughter and the other side a picture of her mother.

Lexie starts to tear.

Roxy: I knew you’d want her here with you today…this way she can be.

Lexie: Thank You so much, this means so much to me. You have no idea.

Roxy: Good. I’m glad you like it.  (she shrugs)

mqdefault[1]Lexie nods hugging her tightly.

Lexie: Will you help me put it on?

Roxy: Of course.

Roxy fastens the necklace onto Lexie’s neck.

Lexie: It’s perfect.

Roxy: Ok no more tears. Stop. We have a man to marry. Right?

Lexie shakes it off and smiles.

Lexie: Absolutely.

Roxy: Ok. (she wipes away her own tears and then some of Lexie’s) Let’s do thi789225_1312039234159_fulls.

Lexie nods.

Lexie: Hey Rox?

Roxy: Yea?

Lexie: Promise me you’ll stick around, at least for a little while. I really love having you here.

imagesCJJR149ERoxy: Honey, I plan on sticking around till you get sick of me.

Joan walks Elena down the aisle in a white lace old fashioned carriage.Joan

Lexie smiles and links her arm with her best friend, as they walk out into the church.Wedding_brooke

63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Certified Copy" PremiereCarter sees Lexie for the first time and smiles brightly.

Roxy walks Lexie down the aisle.brooke-davis-wedding-hair

Roxy smiles at Brice who sits in the audience near Joe, Kelly, Dylan, and Joan and baby Elena.




weddingCarter meets Lexie at the altar steps, kisses Roxy on the cheek, takes Lexie’s hand and helps her up to the alter. They join hands. As Roxy takes her place beside Lexie, we see Carter’s dad John standing next to Carter as his best man. john dad 2The organ playing stops and the priest smiles at the couple.

The priest: Please be seated everyone. We are gathered here today to join Lexie and Carter in holy matrimony. I’ve been told that this is a rather unconventional love story. But I know true love when I see it.

Cut to the vows.

Brulian-s-Wedding-brooke-and-julian-18941348-500-268[1]Lexie: I’ve always envisioned love as this unattainable thing. I was so caught up in the negative aspects of life that I never took the time to realize that I was actually capable of falling in love with someone who would love me for the real me, and not be duped by the façade I put on for the world to see. Someone who would be there unconditionally… Someone to walk through life with. When I met you I did everything I could to try and convince myself that you weren’t the one. That what I was feeling was just fleeting. I pushed you away and kept pushing. But you stayed, I don’t know why (she laughs) But you did. And you made me realize that being afraid was ok, that as long as you let someone in on the fears you have that they may share those fears but help you overcome them at the same time, together as a unit. You made me happy to look forward to a future full of love and children and happiness. You changed my out look on love and you made me able to feel it and experience it in the best possible, most truest of ways. And I will forever love you for that and for being the incredible man that you are.


Carter: Falling for you wasn’t easy. Loving you was the easiest thing in the world. But falling for you wasn’t…allowing myself to get to the point of falling in love with you was really difficult. When we met, I was really broken; I didn’t know what my life was or where it was heading. You lit a fire in me that I thought had died a long time ago. Something that I thought I’d never get back. And I’ve never been more excited for the future in my entire life. I’ve never been more excited to experience new adventures that I am sure we will have as a newly married couple and new parents to our beautiful baby girl. You’ve made me happier than I have ever been, and you’ve made me a better man simply by loving me. A few years ago, it may not have seemed like we would ever get here, but in my heart I always knew that it was a possibility. If I could just get you to see in us what I saw in you. I knew it, because I knew your heart, it’s a lot like mine, a little broken, but somehow half of my broken heart fit perfectly with half of yours and I think it’s safe to say, we’re stronger together, then we ever were apart. You’re an amazing woman…Strong, Stubborn, Smart, Beautiful, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life making sure that you know that. Because you’re worth it. That’s why I stayed.

Lexie and Carter smile brightly at eachother.

Priest: Do you Lexie take Carter to be your husband, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better for worse, til death do you part?

Lexie: I do.

Priest: And Carter do you take Lexie to be your wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better for worse, til death do you part?

Carter: Absolutely. (he looks at Lexie with wide eyed excitement as she laughs excitedly)

Priest: Let us proceed with the rings.

wedding ringsJohn hands the priest the rings.

Priest: Carter repeat after me…with this ring, I thee wed.

Carter: With this ring, I thee wed.

He slides the ring onto Lexie’s finger.

Priest: Lexie repeat after me…with this ring, I thee wed.

Lexie: With this ring I thee wed.

Priest: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

she and he wedding wedding kiss Carter smiles and cups Lexie’s face.

Carter: About Time.

He kisses her.

The crowd claps.

The photographer snaps a picture and Lexie gestures for Joan to bring up Elena.

Carter and Lexie pose for a picture with their wedding kiss 2beautiful daughter.


FINAL segment next week!

Thanks for reading!

*I do not take any credit for any images used*


Why Do We “Duckface?”

Personally I’m more of a smile selfie girl…imagesHHJW3GGF

I like to show off the pearly whites

But I will admit within a “selfie session”…because you know you can’t just take 1.

[#werk those angles girl…change location!]

I probably do throw in a duck face for good measure. But I rarely actually end up posting the infamous pose, it just doesn’t suit me. And in reality does it really suit anyone?


So that leads to the true question here…

Why do we “duckface”?

 I mean really… is this attractive to you?


Do we duck face because…

A.) We continuously smell something bad at the exact moment we are snapping our selfies.


[Girl I like your lip color tho.]

Is it because…

B.) We want to appear more quirky.


OR is it because…

C.) We think that by doing a duckface it makes our lips more desirable…

[please lord don’t let it be C…..Girl you’re lips are fine the way they are!]

The truth is…I have no freakin’ clue….why we duck face.

None of the above make it worth it for me, so with that being said, I think I’ll stick to my smiles thank you very much!


Give it a try ladies!


*I do not take any credit for the images/memes used.*


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 12

We made it…the last chapter….(in 3 parts of course you know the drill)


Lexie’s Excited 😉

Previously on Mysterious Attraction

mysterious attraction poster

tumblr_inline_mtphigXyG21rfmsq0 tumblr_m83usaSv4V1rrt7l2



Days pass on by and the fashion store comes together nicely, as everyone pitches in.

It is opening night and Lexie is a ball of nerves.

She sits in the middle of her store, scanning it over for the thousandth time, waiting to find something wrong.


Carter walks in from the back.

Carter: Hey you. You ok?Nobody-Taught-Us-to-Quit-8x05-Screencaps-brooke-davis-16264311-1280-720

Lexie: Am I crazy to think that this is actually going to work? I mean are people actually going to take this seriously, take me seriously. Because tomorrow’s headline can easily read… “Mobster Father in Prison, Daughter monopolizes press with new Fashion line.” This isn’t going to work.

tumblr_mqj5c96ovd1rluckbo2_1280Carter: Yes it is. People like you Lexie. As much as they hate to admit it.

Lexie: Gee Thanks.

Carter: You know what I mean. You yourself know you can sometimes have a strong intimidating personality. (lexie makes a knowing face) But they like you. You’re likeable. You draw people in and they can’t help but like you. This is going to work. I promise. And I’m gonna be here every step of the way. We need to move on from what people think they know about you, about us, about our family. This is our new start.

Lexie: (sighs of relief) I know. You’re right. But I’m just so nervous. I really need this to work.

Carter: I know. It’ll be ok. (he helps her up off the floor).

Demi-Lovato-Platinum-Blonde-HairRoxy walks in.

Roxy: It’s time.

Lexie: (looks at her watch) Already?

Roxy: Yup…you have quite the audience awaiting your brilliance.

Lexie peaks through the window and sees a huge line of people outside the store on the side walk.

Lexie: (smiles) Oh. See but why does that make me more nervous? I should be happy right?

Carter rubs her shoulder and smiles.

Carter: Yes. This is going to be amazing babe, I promise. (he kisses her cheek) You ready?tumblr_mfm9bgvezR1r8w1d3o3_r1_250[1]71689_1316207020145_full

Lexie: (takes a deep breath) Yea. Let’s do this team…

Roxy: That’s our girl!

Brice, Dylan, Roxy, and Joe all smile and follow Carter and Lexie as they lead the way outside.

We see a grand opening sign hanging on the store front…near the name of the store “Mysterious Attraction.”

grand opening banner


A red ribbon is tied across the front door

Lexie steps up to the podium.

550w_ustv_one_tree_hill_0805_4Lexie: Hello everyone. Thank you all so much for being here. It means the world to me that you’d give me a chance to prove what I’m actually capable of. Ever since I was a young girl I was fascinated by fashion. I would play dress up with my mother’s clothes and try on her makeup and pearl necklaces when I thought she wasn’t looking. Even though I’m pretty sure she secretly knew. She loved to get all dolled up, and by extension I think I’ve taken on that love affair as well. In fact my mother always said “Nothing reels a man in better than a sexy red lip and a smile.” And I think she was right, Carter blushes.


giphy -wilson-bethel-wilson-bethel-33217178-245-200

Roxy smiles a red lipped smile and glances at Brice who glances by and smiles then looks away nervously.

Lexie: My mother will always be with me. And she’s been the driving force for almost everything I’ve ever done in my life. Before she passed, she was also my biggest inspiration and support. She taught me things in the few years I was fortunate to have with her, things that will last til the end of time. Things I will pass onto my daughter. (Carter smiles as her gaze meets his)This has always been a dream of mine. To be able to creatively express the relationship between women and the clothes they wear, their style, what makes us feel good. A way to express the relationship between women and men, fashion and flirtation. Love and lust. So I hope you enjoy and I hope you find something that speaks to you.

Reporter: Excuse me…could you explain the name you chose…why “Mysterious Attraction.” What does it mean?

Lexie: (smiles)tumblr_m4icu53Dwx1rpta58 Come in and find out. Without further or do…Mysterious Attraction in now open for business!

Lexie excitedly cuts the red ribbon with a pair of big scissors friends, employees, and future customers clap and file in accordingly.

ribbon 2

The store is crowded with people picking up and buzzing about the clothes, the makeup, the accessories. There’s a small bar section, where some people gather for glasses of wine.

Displayed on the main wall across from the main entrance is a video playing in the background. A masked man and woman in a dark room. Subtle eye glances are their only communication. The words *Mysterious Attraction* are written in cursive smokey letters.

People clap after watching.

Demi-Lovato-Platinum-Blonde-HairRoxy: Who the hell would have thought how you too started would actually be one hell of an interesting love story. People are eating this up. Very strategically planned my business mogul friend.

Nobody-Taught-Us-to-Quit-8x05-Screencaps-brooke-davis-16264568-1280-720Lexie: It wasn’t a ploy. It’s a fact. Men and women are attracted to each other based on what they’re wearing. It may sound shallow at first, but it’s what gets you to look in the first place. It’s the truth. And people can relate to it. Me and Carter. You and Brice. Case in point. Nice lipstick by the way. (smiles and walks away.)

Roxy puts her hands on her hips and huffs

ryangosling-300x225Carter looks at Roxy and raises his eyebrows.

Roxy: Well look who’s a little bit sassy.

Carter: Hey you had to learn it from somewhere, right?

Roxy: Ha! Make no mistake, I work alone. Lexie and I may have similarities but I’m way more ruthless when it comes to men.

Carter: Just know when there’s a cause for your ruthlessness. Because sometimes there’s no need to be. Besides I’m pretty sure this is all an act. After all you’re a lover not a fighter right?

Roxy: That’s right baby. I mean I may be crazy, but I shoot for love not just for mindless annihilation. Contrary to my previous antics.

Carter: Tired of playing the game?

Roxy: Ah, I was never a frequent player, I’ve gotten played for sure, but the few times I tried my hand at being the all around douche in the relationship, well I couldn’t stomach it. Some hearts are just born pure with the intent to love.

Carter: So then what’s with you messing with Brice?

Roxy: I’m still quirky, I’m still a woman. I don’t believe in emotional torture, but I do believe that a guy should work for it. Hey I believe in the mystery of the attraction. (She laughs making fun of everything.) Maybe I wanna play that game, the flirty game for a little while. No shame in waiting, to see if there’s actually something there, before throwing myself all in too quick. I like to make ’em squirm. It’s more fun that way. (She laughs.)

Carter: So what you’re saying is your not diabolical in destroying men, but you are into messing with their minds for a brief time…just long enough for them to realize their in love with you?

Roxy: Yup.tumblr_mfm9bgvezR1r8w1d3o3_r1_250[1]

Carter: But doesn’t that kind of defeat the point. I mean if you keep him at arms length, and mess with him, even if it is just innocent fun, he’s not gonna fall in love with the real you? But for the conjured up version of you.

Roxy: Oh no. This is me. I do this shit all the time. I like to joke around. I like to keep light of things. Life is too damn serious all the time.

Carter: You are crazy. But right.

Roxy nods knowingly.

Carter: So you’re completely set on falling in love with him then too?

Roxy: If all goes well…it’d be nice to love one of the good guys for once. And have him love me back.

brice checks her outCarter: Well judging by the fact that Brice hasn’t been able to take his eyes off you, I’d say you’re on the right track.

Roxy looks at Brice and smiles happily. A genuine smile.

Roxy: You think so? (she turns back to Carter)

Carter: Yea…but don’t take my word for it, go and find out. (He nudges her toward Brice.)

Roxy: (smiles) Lexie was right about you. You’re a good one. She’s lucky to have you.

Carter: We’re all lucky to have each other. So don’t go running off any time soon, world traveler. You’ve got people who need you to stick around here.

Roxy: Don’t you worry, I’m not going anywhere.

Roxy smiles, winks and walks off toward Brice.

demi-lovato-mtv-vmas-2012Roxy: Hi.

Brice: Hi.

Roxy: So…how are you?Walkin' After Midnight

Brice: Good, you?

Roxy: Good. (she looks away nervously.)

Brice: Would you wanna… maybe go out…with me…sometime?

Roxy: Yea. That’d be nice. I’d love to.

They exchange smiles.

Lexie walks over to Carter and hugs him.


Carter: Yea it really is. Your speech was beautiful your mom would20130107015122!Brooke_and_Julian have been really proud.

Lexie: Thanks babe. (She kisses him) So…what’s going on over there?

Carter: Oh you know just another love story in the making. Although there’s may be a bit more conventional then ours.

Lexie: Ah. Yea. Roxy talks a good game. But I was far more damaged then her. She’s just a girl looking for love. She wears her heart on her sleeve, but sometimes it gets covered by her over dramatized antics.

Carter: You’re not damaged Lexie. As much as we think we both were, I think it’s just a shell of a tumblr_mqj5c96ovd1rluckbo2_1280story we put in our heads. People go through shit. Tough shit. It changes you. I feel like we somehow romanticized our story into this dramatic tragedy. That we some how wrecked each other. Broke each other down.

Lexie: Didn’t we?

Carter: No. We just fell in love…at the worst possible time in our lives. (he laughs) I guess what I’m trying to say is….we didn’t break each other down; we broke down walls that were in our way. That were preventing us from truly loving each other. We may have had a tough start, but we were meant to find each other…this is the way things are supposed to be.

Lexie: So we wrecked each other, for the better.

Carter: (laughs) Sure. If that’s how you wanna put it.

He pulls her into his side and hugs her, as they laugh, he kisses her forehead.

GHLuluA familiar blonde walks into the store.

Carter notices.

Carter: Kelly?

Kelly: Hey Carter. Hi Lexie.

She’s nervous and fidgeting. They can both tell it’s difficult for her to be here.

Kelly: Congratulations on the store…it looks great, and on the engagement (noticing the ring) and the baby, apparently…wow! (she notices Lexie’s baby bump as well.)

Lexie and Carter exchange looks.

Lexie: Thank you.Interview_The_Ides_March_Ryan_Gosling_1317952201

Carter: What are you doing here?

Kelly: I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I’m sorry for everything. I realize that this isn’t the time or place to discuss our past, but I figured it was the safest place. What with it being a public event. I didn’t want to invade your personal space by stopping by or anything.

Carter: yea that probably wouldn’t have been the best idea.

I-Can-t-See-You-But-I-Know-You-re-There-8x02-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15788104-1280-720Lexie: We appreciate you coming here. But there really is no need for apologies. There was a reason for why you acted the way you did. You didn’t know you were sick.

Kelly: Maybe not, but there were a few red flags that I should have paid attention to. Like my constant switch in moods for example. But I want you to know how sorry I am. Really? I realize now how crazy and out of line and dangerous my actions were and I never meant to put you through that, either of you.

Lexie: I imagine it wasn’t an easy thing for you to come to terms with…seeing your husband with someone else. I’m sorry we hurt you.6a00d83451b72b69e2011570735f05970b-320wi

Kelly: Don’t be. Carter was bound to find someone else. After all I wasn’t always faithful either, it’s amazing he stuck around at all after that.

Carter looks at her. And then at Lexie as he pulls her closer.


Kelly: Carter I know that you may never forgive me, and I understand why…completely. But I did love you, please don’t think that I never did. But you were right, we weren’t meant to end up together….at least not forever. I realize none of this matters much now. We’ve both become different people then when we got married and we’ve both moved on from our marriage, but I hope that I left you with some decent memories. And not just the painful ones.

Carter: Kelly I’ll always have good memories of you. But it’s difficult to process what went down…I sympathize, I do. But the fact that you could become so violent, was really scary.steve-carell-and-ryan-gosling-in-crazy-stupid-love1

Kelly: I know and I’m sorry. But we all have things we’ve done that we’re not proud of right?

Carter looks away.

Lexie: We do. We all do. Carter and I aren’t perfect. We’ve had our fair share of run-ins with the law and built a once toxic relationship on organized crime. So we all have our faults. None of us are guilt free here. So I think we can all agree that we can try and make the best of a weird crazy situation and just be at peace with it and move on. There doesn’t have to be any bad blood here.

Kelly: I’d really like that. If we could all just put everything behind us.

Carter: I’d like that too.

imagesRN9NZ3IBKelly and Carter exchange smiles.

Carter squeezes Lexie’s hand.

Carter: So how are you? How’s treatment going…I imagine well if you’re out?

Kelly: Yes very well actually I finished my aggressive lulu-johnny1stage, so now it’s just a matter of out patient therapy once a weak and monitoring my meds. Which has definitely improved my moods and over life dramatically. So you have no need to worry, I won’t be unleashing any surprises on you ever again.

Carter: Well that’s good to hear.

They all share a small laugh.

Carter: I’m really happy for you Kel…It’s good to see you back on your feet. I would never wish ill of you. Ever.

Kelly: I know. Thank you. I really wish you both, well you three (she laughs) all the best. Truly.

Lexie: That means a lot. Thank you.

Carters nods.

Kelly: And I really am sorry. (she looks at Carter)

Carter: I’m sorry too. Let’s just say the past is in the past. Good luck with everything.

Dean+3Kelly: Thank you.

They share a smile and an understanding.

Lexie glances over at the crowded store, she notices Joe sitting in the corner by himself.

Lexie: Hey Kelly, why don’t you take a look around. If you find something you like, first item’s on me.

Kelly: Oh no that’s ok. I didn’t mean to intrude. I just wanted to stop by and talk to you both.

Lexie: Nonsense please stay…it’ll be part of a fresh start for all of us.

Kelly and Carter exchange awkward glances.

Lexie: Ok look I’m not saying that we all have to be best friends, that’s obviously not going to happen here, for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be cordial right?

Carter: You’re right.

Kelly: Are you sure?

One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720Lexie: Yes…besides there’s someone I think you should meet.

Lexie grabs her hand and walks over to Joe.

Lexie: Hey Joe, what’s up?

Joe: Nothing, you’ve got me working in a women’s clothing store…not much fun for a guy like me.

Lexie: Really…a single guy trapped in a sea full of beautiful women. Hmmm yea I can see your struggle. Speaking of…This is Kelly…Joe Kelly, Kelly Joe. You’ve met before. Talk amongst joe smilesyourselves.

Lexie walks away.

Joe smiles.

Joe: Hi.

Kelly nervously smiles.

Kelly: Hi.

Joe: It’s nice to see you again.

lulu-johnny1Kelly: You too.

Lexie walks back over to Carter who watches from afar with a drink in hand. He smiles.

Lexie: (mouths to Carter) Are they talking?

Carter nods.

Lexie: Yes!

She gets to him and turns to watch.

Carter: That was really cool of you, Lex.kelly and joe

Lexie: Yea well there’s no reason why they can’t find comfort in one another. I mean there’s nothing like a fun little distraction.

Carter: Misery does love company.


Lexie: Ain’t that the truth.


Lexie smiles clinking her water bottle with his glass in cheers before taking a sip.

Carter: Our daughter is never dating…ever…she’ll be lucky if I ever let her leave our house.

They both laugh.




Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 11 Part 3

So it occurred to me recently, that Mysterious Attraction is over a year old already! My goodness! I never intended this to be so long. But at the same time I didn’t rush it. I let it fall where it needed to. The first part of Chapter 1 was posted on October 4th, 2013. So in honor of this Anniversary I’m throwing out a second segment this week. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. Two in one week! Lucky you! 😉 The way that this story started was far different from where it is ending up. It started off with no name characters and simply just dialogue between two characters. In my head I had a storyline, an idea of what I wanted the story to be. And now it’s taken form and coming together, but we are nearing the end. FINALLY! It’s been a fun journey and I hope you’ve enjoyed. Happy Anniversary Mysterious Attraction, Happy Anniversary Lexie & Carter. Let’s finish this sucker up! Chapter 12 is up next and it’s the last and final chapter. When the story fully finishes I will do a much more in-depth analysis of the whole thing and the journey of writing it. Hope you stick around. 😀

tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io1_250Previously on Mysterious Attraction…



The next few months play out like a happy montage.

As the plans to build a fashion empire are put to reality.

Employee after employee from Lexie’s roster join her new adventure. Happy to be away from the dangerous life of crime and surprisingly enough happy to have Lexie as a boss again. Carey Mulligan, Ryan Gosling379576

Brice and Carter are painting.

Lexie is doing inventory and talking with a seamstress and a young female assistant.

dylan workingA young male familiar face walks in with more boxes and Lexie smiles.

Lexie: Thank you Dylan. You’re doing a great job kid.

wilson-bethel-photo-17Dylan smiles and brings the boxes into the stock room.

Roxy walks in with coffees.demi-lovato-good-morning-america-interview-watch-now-01 - Copy

Lexie: (taking a cup) Ugh, you are a godsend.

Roxy: Don’t I know it.

Brice and Carter notice.

Carter: Coffee Break?

Brice: Sure.

tumblr_inline_mtphigXyG21rfmsq0Brice glances at Roxy.

Carter notices and laughs.

Carter: (whispers to Brice) Watch out for that one.

Brice looks at Carter and smiles.

Roxy hands Carter and Brice each a cup of coffee.

Roxy:(throws Brice a flirty smile) Compliments of Roxy. demi-lovato-big-secret[1]

Brice: Thanks. I’m Brice.

Roxy: Yes. you. are.

Brice: I’m sorry?

Roxy: No…but you will be.

Roxy smiles and walks away to where Lexie is working on hanging clothes on hangers and racks.

501OneTreeHill076[1]Lexie: (notices) You are relentless. (she shakes her head)

Roxy: Oh please after all the boys we had to suffer through in boarding school; we deserve to play with a few minds. Men think it’s their game… it’s been a women’s game for centuries. It’s a known fact we play them better than they could ever play us.

Lexie: So you plan on ruining that poor man?

Roxy: For every woman out there that’s ever dealt with a douche bag who says they don’t believe in love…and then ends up married with two kids… yes….or simply stays a douche bag hopping from girl to girl breaking hearts…yes.

Lexie: You do realize that not all men are like that, right? Brice certainly isn’t. Don’t break a good man, just to prove a general point.

Roxy: Why… you did?

Lexie: Yea and it was wrong. I was wrong. I got lucky that Carter stayed long enough for me to get out of my own way and  get over the fear. But he could have easily walked away. And then where would I be? Brice is a good man Rox, let him…. be.

Roxy: I don’t know if he’s a good man. That’s all hearsay at this point. So I guess that is for you to know and for me to figure out.

Lexie: Ok. Alls I’m saying is don’t give yourself something to regret.

Roxy: I don’t plan to.

Lexie: Ok good.Demi_Lovato_Visits_Late_Night_With_Jimmy_Fallon-600x450[1]

Roxy: Besides, I’m just gonna make him fall in love with me, that’s all.

Roxy winks and walks away. She turns back around…

Roxy: (whispers) Lover not a fighter.

Lexie shakes her head and laughs

Roxy goes off to where Brice stands painting.

d32b6a169f75d21786e3c49b057131e5A few minutes later Joe walks in.

Carter notices.

Lexie notices too.lexie ma

Lexie: Joe. Hey.

Joe: Hey. Am I late?

Lexie: No just in time. You can help the guys paint.

Joe: Sure.

He walks over to Brice and they shake hands, Brice hands him a brush.

cute-jensen-ackles-68288_797_1200Joe: Roxy.

Roxy: Joseph.Demi-Lovato-Prank-665x385

Brice: You guys know each other?

Roxy: A little. Joe, Lexie and I have some history.

Joe: We all went to high school together.

Brice: Oh.452689

Roxy: (rolling her eyes) Ah the glory days.

Joe and Roxy exchange glances.

Carter walks over to Lexie.

Carter: Why didn’t you tell me you invited him?

Carey Mulligan, Ryan GoslingLexie: Because I knew it’d be a fight, and I didn’t care to deal with it. There’s too much to do, we need all the help we can get if we want to be up and running by next week.

Carter: Ok well you could have at least just told me that. So I wouldn’t be blindsided by the fact that my future wives’ ex husband is lurking around…once again.Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Lexie: Really? Don’t go there. We’ve moved past all that haven’t we?

Carter: I don’t like us having secrets Lex.

Lexie: Good. Because we don’t have any. Not anymore.

Carter: You sure about that?

Lexie: Yes. I’m sorry. I am. But there’s no reason to feel any certain kind of way. That part of my life that happened with Joe is over, and it was a long time ago. We’ve both moved on.

Carter: Oh I know you have. But has he?

Lexie: I think he has. Joe and I talked through a lot that day of the accident and he was nothing but kind to me and to us. You know that. Just let’s focus on this ok. We’re engaged, we’re having a baby. I think it’s safe to say I’m yours. (she smiles)

Carter: Ok. Good. Because I’m not sharing you.

Brooke-and-Julain-brooke-and-julian-24963952-500-281Lexie: Well you’re gonna have to share me with one other person…(she looks down at her belly)

Carter: (smiles and touches her belly bump) Oh well she’s the only one who gets a free pass.

Lexie leans into him and he accepts her kiss.

Lexie: Love you.20130107015122!Brooke_and_Julian

Carter: Love you. (he kisses her again)

Carter nods in the direction of Brice and Roxy.

Roxy is being her charming self and Brice is putty in her hands as he laughs at a story she’s telling. She touches his arm. He smiles. There’s an instant connection.

article-2410902-1B9BE210000005DC-903_634x688 - Copy


Lexie: (laughs) Oh gosh.

Carter: How do you girls do it?

Lexie: It’s a gift and a curse. And guys are easy. Pretty gullible.

Carter: Hey I put up a decent fight.

Lexie: Oh, you just keep telling yourself that. (She slaps his cheek in a playful manner…mocking him)


Carter shakes his head and walks back to help paint.

Roxy walks toward them, and passes Carter.ryan-gosling-320

She raises her eyebrows at him and motions her head in Brice’s direction. Giving two a-ok signs. Mouthing the word “Hottie.”

Carter laughs.

241013-demi2Roxy stands near Lexie.379576

Roxy: Well jealous Carter is sexy, huh?

Lexie: Carter is always sexy.

Roxy: You know who else is sexy, (she smiles and stares at Brice who looks her way.)


Something's happening here...will Roxy let the walls she built in her past run her future, or will she take Lexie and Carter's advice and let Brice in.

Something is happening here…will Roxy let the walls she built in her past run her future, or will she take Lexie and Carter’s advice and let Brice in long enough to see he’s a good guy.

*I take no credit for the images used*

Final Chapter coming up next week!

Catch up on the series from the beginning HERE!


Justin Timberlake- The Actor


In my mind Justin Timberlake’s main talent will always be entertainer, singer, songwriter. But as we’ve gotten to know the actor in him, it appears that he can excel in the genre of films as well. (shout out to The Mickey Mouse Club for that!) Justin has starred in over a dozen films, with genres including; suspense, action, and romantic comedy.[I would love to see him in a horror flick! Or playing a dad or something!] But some of my favorite Justin Timberlake movies include; The Open Road (2009), Friends With Benefits (2011), and Trouble With The Curve (2012). [Click movie title links for trailers.]

images[3] imagesKVROZDCB trouble-with-the-curve[1]

*Some Favorite Moments*

“You Look Good.” Scene- The Open Road

“Let’s Play Tennis.” Scene- Friends With Benefits

“Oh yea I’m pretty much what you’re lookin’ for then.” Scene- Trouble With The Curve

These films are a mixture or drama and comedy ie: dramaedies. They showcase some of Justin’s best acting chops; and place him in more organic roles; Men with substance and heart, who know how to love given the chance and a little push and who always know how to make a girl laugh. This is where Justin Timberlake’s acting shines. In a way it’s like he’s able to channel himself into these characters. Because let’s face it ladies, Justin’s a pretty charming, funny, romantic guy. #DickInABox #NotABadThing

Don’t get me wrong movies like In Time (2011) Alpha Dog (2006) and Runner Runner (2013) all allow him to push the envelope a little bit and step outside his comfort zone and really explore grittier characters, which he executes well. But I think he’s so naturally good at comedy that in romantic comedies he just excels beyond the norm, and comes off all adorable and it just gets your heart all fluttery. It’s way more believable, to see Justin Timberlake playing an advertiser who accidentally falls in love with his best friend courtesy of a few casual sexual experiences in Friends With Benefits, rather than an overly geeky/douchey teacher who can’t play a guitar or sing to save his life like he did in Bad Teacher. Watch scene HERE. Seriously that was a bad movie. (Still love you JT!) It’s like at the end of the day; Dude you’re still Justin Timberlake and I don’t buy this character you’re playing, you’re a musician for craps sakes. But it was fun to watch and mind-numbingly entertaining.

I think Justin has a good acting career ahead of him, alongside his music career of course. But what’s even more interesting to me, and I say this because I love films and telling stories [I majored in Film & Broadcasting in college], is that Justin has been dabbling in writing and directing lately. He wrote and directed his music video for his hit “TKO“, he co directed the Michael Jackson video for he and Michael’s newest duet “Love Never Felt So Good,” and recently executive produced a documentary about young child golfers called “The Short Game.” So I think that’s another route he can go and would probably rock it. Because there’s nothing he’s not good at. Who knows maybe one day we’ll meet on a movie set…how’s bout it J.T? 😉 #TheDreamIsBig #GoBigOrGoHome


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 11 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

Larter Classy



Carter and Lexie walk into their apartment to find papers, magazines, sketches and plans covering the floor and a hardworking Roxy in the midst of it all.brathan - Copy

Lexie: What is all this?

Roxy: Hi! (jumps up) How was prison?

Carter looks at Lexie and cracks a laugh.

Lexie: Better than expected.

Roxy: (folding her arms) Reeves doin’ ok?

Lexie: Yea he was happy to hear he’s getting a granddaughter. Again…what is all this? (laughs stepping over papers to get to the chair in the living room.)

Carter stands and eyes some of the papers.

tumblr_inline_mxemc39DOo1rnwwx0[1]Roxy: Oh this….glad you asked. This you pregnant bride to be… is your wedding planned in full!

Lexie: You planned our entire wedding in less than 3 hours?

Roxy: Um I do this shit for a living. So yea.

Carter: You’re an event planner?

Roxy: (she shrugs) Convenient huh?  I’m so glad my best friend has told you absolutely nothing about her best friend…aka yours truly. (She looks at Lexie.)

The Ides of March7-20110818-252

Carter: Don’t feel bad Roxy…Lexie has issues sharing with me.

Roxy: Hmmm and yet there’s a baby…ie your baby growing inside of her….sounds like a whole lot of sharing to me.

Lexie: You know what he means Roxy.

Roxy: Oh are you referring to her inability to let people in…and by people I mean manly people. Manly people who want to love and care for her. Oh yea that’s old news when it comes to the Lexie drama, I’m well versed. She’s not so good with the non sexual part of intimacy.

Carter: Nope. Not at all.

One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720Lexie: Hello standing right here.

Roxy: Yea and…what’s your point?

Lexie: (laughs in mock shock) Hey, I’ve been getting better…Carter knows a lot more about me then he used to.

Carter: She has gotten better.

Roxy: I believe it. Hence the fact that you’re actually engaged and having a baby. P.S. sick job on stealing a married man away from his wife Lex. Now that’s even more ballsy then that time I helped our hot young T.A. cheat on his wife.

Carter looks at Lexie.

Lexie: She’s joking.

Roxy: Am I? (she raises her eyebrows)tumblr_n8bdxiydir1rk0e3jo2_250[1]

Carter: Is she?

Lexie: Yes.

Roxy laughs.

Lexie: So…what’s our wedding look like?

Roxy: Well…I have everything laid out and ready to go, it’s just a matter of a few calls. But I need you to answer one very important question. Do you want to get married before…or after the baby is born?

Lexie and Carter look at each other.

Lexie: What do you think?

Carter: I honestly don’t mind either way. Whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Roxy: Hmmm, you’ve trained him well.

crazystupidlovetrlr01videostill480Carter gives her a look and laughs.

Lexie laughs.

Lexie: I’m thinking after may be better, right? I mean I know it’s not exactly how it’s supposed to be done…but like we said we’re anything but conventional.

Roxy: What she really means is she doesn’t want to have swollen ankles and the waddle of a penguin on her wedding day… or night.

Lexie: Yea that too.

Carter: (laughs) You do realize that doesn’t matter to me right. I think you look beautiful.

Roxy: Oh gag me with a spoon. Where did you get this guy, Lex? He’s too cute for his own good. (laughs) No but seriously you’re adorable. Stay that way. She deserves it. He’s definitely a giant step up from that Joe character. (She whispers)

Carter laughs.

Lexie: (covers her face) Oh god.

Roxy: So after the baby is born? Do we all agree?

c2630d25a060be6c09e777e265d9e617Carter and Lexie nod and smiles at each other.carter smile

Roxy: Ok so we have a few months then. Which gives me plenty of time to pull this wedding off in spectacular fashion. Take a look at everything and let me know what you both think?

Lexie: Um no I’m good. I trust you.

Carter looks at Lexie in shock.

Carter: Aren’t women usually really picky and specific about their wedding day?

Lexie: Yea well you forget I’m not exactly your typical woman.

Carter: Ha you can say that again.

Lexie hits Carter in the arm.

Roxy: Hey are you serious? Because you know I tend to get a little carried away with weddings. You sure you don’t wanna take a quick glance?

Lexie: Nope apart from my wedding dress…which I can design myself…I completely leave this wedding in your hands. I know you know me well. I trust you.

Roxy: Ok. This is gonna be fun (places her hands on her hips and nods excitedly smiling brightly).

Lexie: Besides as long as I get to marry you, I don’t care where, when or how it happens. (hugs Carter).

0 Carter: Same here. (he kisses her)

Roxy: Oh boy. You guys make me want to barf. It’s a gorgeous thing. I’m happy for you both. (she winks at Lexie).

Lexie smiles still hugging Carter.

Carter: In the meantime, while Roxy takes care of our wedding…maybe we can go forth with our plans for the fashion line…the space we want is finally free, I put a bid in this morning, and looks like we got it.

Lexie: Are you serious?

Carter: Yup.

happy-brooke[1]Lexie: Oh my god that’s amazing! Why didn’t you tell me?

Carter: I wanted to make sure we got it, before getting your hopes up for no reason. But we got it. So hope all you want….this is happening. (he smiles).

Lexie: So now we can pull all the inventory from the old store in and then I can send out the rest of my designs to the seamstresses to fill the rest of the shelves.ryan-gosling-320

Carter: Already done.

Lexie: Well you move fast.

Carter: I wanna make this happen for you. I know it’s your dream.

Lexie: Just one of them.

Carter smiles.

tumblr_inline_mtsds2LjDE1r84y6b[1]Roxy makes a gagging noise from her wedding planning space on the floor. She smiles and winks at them.

Lexie: Oh that reminds me…I have to give the staff a call…I think Brice may have reached out recently. I missed a call from him the other day. I really hope he takes my offer to come work for us.

Carter: I’m sure he will. I mean with your dad wanting to take the wrap for everything, his one condition was that we all get out. Brice and Joe aren’t looking to get back into the mob business.

Lexie: Yea.

Roxy: Hey…who’s this Brice character you keep talking about? Is he hot?

Lexie: I don’t really know how to answer that question.

She looks at Carter.crazy-stupid-love-ryan-gosling-emma-stone

Carter: Oh what…because of me…like you haven’t thought about it before? You were around him everyday for years, even before I came along.

Roxy: Yea, I mean little do you know, Brice could have been Lexie’s sex pet and conquest long before you.

Carter: Oh god, please don’t go there, there’s an image forming in my mind…it’s not a good one.

The-Space-Inbetween-8x03-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15927800-1280-720Lexie:  Roxy! Oh my god. No Carter. Brice and I were always professional. Brice is a very respectful guy. He just did his job and kept to himself. But I guess he is…somewhat…attractive.

Carter: Oh really?

Roxy: Ha! I knew it…how attractive are we talking?

tumblr_mco1hfhgFn1r84y6b[1]Lexie pulls her cell phone out and shows her a picture of him.Wilson-bethel-hart-of-dixie

Roxy: Holy Grail! Wow I would not mind, destroying him for all future relationships. (stares at the picture.)

Carter: Do you both have some kind of hand book you follow, (he says looking from Lexie to Roxy and back at Lexie.)

Lexie: We’re a lot alike.

Carter: I can tell. By the way…why do you have a picture of Brice on your phone?

Lexie: It’s from the company’s database, our list of employees; the roster, everyone’s on it.

Carter: Oh… I thought you’d deleted that by now.

Lexie: I just kept it so I could reach out to everyone. They were all hard workers that just got stuck in a bad way. They could be better off working at the store, earning an honest living.

Roxy: Oh you mean your legit fashion store, and not the front you put up to house your organized crime.

Lexie: Exactly.

Roxy: Ah. Yes it all makes sense to me now. And um I will be stopping by several times a day, on account of the fact that I’m hot and Brice needs to become infatuated with me enough for me to reel him into my lair.

Carter: Well considering you’re a lot like Lexie, one look should be enough.

Roxy: Is that all it took?


Carter and Lexie exchange glances.

Roxy: (noticing) Guess so. (purses her lips and raises her eyebrows).tumblr_n8bdxiydir1rk0e3jo2_250[1]

Carter: Seriously though do Brice a favor, go easy on him. That poor guy, has no idea what he’s in for. Hell I had a warning from Lexie’s favorite bartender (he gives Lexie a glance) and I still had no clue what I was walking into.

Roxy: Oh no worries. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Lexie: (laughs) He’s a good one Rox…. Brice. When you get him. Which we all know you will. Don’t be stubborn like me. Let him in.

Roxy: Oh I plan to. (she smirks)

ryangosling[1]Carter: Innuendo number…

Roxy: 15 to 20 baby, (she winks).

They all laugh.


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 11

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

                              Mysterious Attractionmysterious attraction posterLarter black and white



*New Character Alert*


Roxy– Lexie’s Sassy Best Friend

2 months later…

Carter screams from the living room.

Carter: Lexie babe we gotta get going!

Brooke-and-Julain-brooke-and-julian-24963952-500-281Lexie rushes out her belly bump a significant size.

Lexie: I’m coming I’m coming! God this baby likes to hangout on my bladder… I have to pee every 20 minutes.

Carter: (laughs) You’re so cute.

Lexie smiles.

Carter: Come on, (he grabs her hand as they rush to the door.)

Lexie: Hi, by the way. (She leans up toward him for a kiss)tumblr_inline_n74ost9YBy1redit2[1]

Carter: Hi. (He kisses her back)

Lexie opens the door to find a very funky, very spirited familiar face.

Lexie: ROXY!

Roxy: (screams) Hello gorgeous!


Lexie: Oh my god! (she hugs her) What are you doing here?

Roxy: You didn’t think that I’d actually not come and check on you after all the craziness you’ve been through did you? Besides like I’d let you plan a wedding and have a baby without me.

Lexie: Oh, I’m so glad you’re here! (she hugs her tightly mqdefault[1]again.) I’ve missed you.

Roxy: Missed you more. So this is the stud that finally got Lexie to settle down, huh?

ryangosling[1]Carter: Hi. Carter, nice to meet you. (he offers his hand.)

Roxy looks at Lexie and smirks.

Roxy: Sexy and polite. (She shakes his hand.) Well you struck gold. (She says to Lexie, giving her a sly grin.)

Lexie: Yea. I kinda like him. (She smiles and nudges Carter.)

Carter blushes.

Roxy: Sorry I’m Roxy. Lexie and I go way back. We went to boarding school together. Yes I knew she turned into a mob princess/boss. I am also aware that she isn’t one anymore. But as I’m sure you know mob or no mob doesn’t really lessen the love you can have for her. (Carter and Lexie smile)Yes I’ve been gone forEVER. Because I have trouble staying in one place for too long, I’m kind of a nomad. But Lexie has kept me posted. I know all about your little affair and also that you’re pretty good in the sack. (she raises her eyebrows)

Carter looks at Lexie.

Lexie: What- I’m sorry, she’s my best friend. Girls talk.

Roxy: They certainly do. (she smirks eyeballing Carter seductively)

Carter laughs uncomfortably.

Lexie: By the way if you think she’s blunt, you haven’t seen anything yet. I will make you uncomfortable at least 15 to 20 times before the day is done. I have no filter.

Carter: Well at least you’re up front about it, right?

Demi_Lovato_Visits_Late_Night_With_Jimmy_Fallon-600x450[1]Roxy: You have been warned.

Carter: (laughs) Well this should be fun.

Roxy: (smirks) You have no idea.

Carter looks at Lexie nervously.

Lexie and Roxy start cracking up.

Roxy: Don’t worry, I’m not into the whole stealing your best friend’s boyfriend…or fiancé in your case, bit. I’m totally above that.

Carter: Ah ok, so you were just screwing with me.

Roxy: Get used to it buddy. I plan to stick around for a while.

Carter: (nods) Well any friend of Lexie’s is a friend of the family.

imagesKNFVZMO7Roxy: Ha, be careful what you wish for, (sticks her tongue out like a 5 year old and laughs.) So…where are we off to this lovely morning?

Lexie: We are going to the doctors for a 5 month check up on this little nugget.

Roxy: Oh goody. Baby news. You look fabulous by the way! Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Carter: She does. (lexie smiles at him)

Roxy: I bet your sex life is still going strong!

Carter is rendered speechless.

Lexie: (laughs) Rox-I think you’re making my future husband uncomfortable.

demi-lovato-big-secret[1]Roxy: Oh shucks. We’re all adults. (she winks) So…Can I tag along for the baby news?

Lexie: Did you actually just ask permission?

Roxy: Ah, I’m trying to instill some grown up aspects into my already childish life.

Carter laughs.

Lexie: I see. Of course you can join. It’d be amazing to have you be apart of this.

Roxy: Well then…let’s get going shall we…and on the way we can discuss a date for your wedding.

Roxy prances off toward the elevator.

Lexie and Carter exchange glances.

Lexie: (whispers) I’m sorry.

Carter shakes his head and brushes it off.

Carter: No it’s ok. She seems really great. I’m happy she’s here for you. You deserve to have some more estrogen around here. We could definitely use it considering you’ve been surrounded by nervous men your entire pregnancy. (laughs) Speaking of…have you spoken to your dad lately?

Lexie: No. But I’ll check in once we have some baby news, it’ll give him something to be happy about.

Carter nods.

Roxy: (screams from down the hall) Hey you two let’s go…that baby’s not getting any younger.

Lexie and Carter come home from the doctors appointment, Roxy in tote.

Lexie: Hey…I think I should go see my dad instead of just calling.

Carter: Lexie, babe I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean you’re 5 months pregnant. You shouldn’t be in a place like that.

Roxy: Yea I have to agree with the stud over here.

Lexie: Look you guys I get it. But it’s one visit and I’ll make it quick. I just…I need to see him. He needs to see for himself that I’m ok.

tumblr_m6hr17KPmm1rrf9saCarter: And you’re sure that this is what you wanna do?

Lexie: Yes.

Carter: Ok then, I’ll drive.

Lexie: (smiles) Thank you.tumblr_lpitbyIZTk1qffj5lo1_500[1]

Lexie grabs her purse and looks at Roxy.

Lexie: Hey Rox, you coming?

Roxy: Um…no I think I’ll stay.

Lexie: You’re welcome to come.

Roxy: I know. But it’s not my place. I’ll be here when you get back, I’ll be wedding brainstorming, (she smiles).tumblr_n49uqiYrZY1sb926no1_250[1]

Lexie: I think you’re growing up Roxy.

Roxy: (fake sighs) It has to happen sometime, right?

Lexie: You’re still the craziest chick I know.

Roxy: Damn proud of it. (nodding, matter of factly)

Lexie: We’ll be back.

Roxy: I’ll be here.

imagesP6S63UYWLexie sits at a table in a room, Carter sits beside her, an empty chair sits in front of them.

A guard brings out a handcuffed Reeves.imagesRN9NZ3IB

imagesIEPVTO20Reeves sees Lexie and smiles.

Lexie: (standing up) Hi Daddy.

Reeves sees her baby bump.

Reeves: Princess look at you. You look beautiful, you’re glowing.

1034637_1337646757336_full[1]The guard uncuffs Reeves and he hugs Lexie.

Reeves: Carter.

Carter: How you doin’ Reeves? (they shake hands).

Reeves: I think we can all agree I’ve been better.

They all laugh slightly and take their seats.

Lexie: Daddy, I’m so sorry I haven’t been to see you. Or called…

Reeves: Lexie don’t apologize. You have a life to live. And I am so happy that you get to do that. I wouldn’t expect or want you to be doing anything but being happy and living the life you always wanted to. I’m actually grateful you haven’t stopped by…this is no place for a woman of your condition. But I’m not going to pretend like I’m not thrilled to see you. (he smiles)

One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720Lexie: Condition? Really? Daddy I’m pregnant, not disabled.

Reeves: She’s still as stubborn as ever? (He says to Carter.)

Carter: Oh absolutely…worse even.imagesSDZLOWN3

Lexie looks from one man to the next.

Lexie: Excuse me. I am not stubborn, I am a strong independent women.

Carter: I can’t deny that.

Reeves: You remind me so much of your mother sometimes, it’s crazy.

Lexie: Daddy- (she grabs his hand) You shouldn’t be in here.

Reeves: Yes I should. I killed a man. I’ve killed many. I’m in here for a reason.

imagesNWG8494HLexie: But Skully deserved it. After terrorizing our family for years. I mean what were you supposed to do, once again let him get away with it.

Reeves: Look, Princess I got a pretty good deal. Considering all I’ve done, 10 years isn’t too bad.


Lexie: (tears up) But my daughter needs her grandpa.

Reeves: And she’ll have him, I’m not going anywhere not for a while, (laughs)…wait did you just say daughter?

Lexie nods happily still crying with newly added emotion.

Reeves: It’s a girl?

tumblr_ljxnruRleY1qbsi0eo1_500Lexie smiles and nods again.

Reeves: (hugs her again) Oh honey.

Reeves: Congratulations, (he says to both of them.)You are gonna be a fantastic mother. (pulls away looking at Lexie.)

Lexie: Well I learned from one of the best.SonnyKristina[1]

Reeves: She’d be so proud of you, princess.

Lexie smiles.

Reeves: And you…(to Carter) get your shout gun ready, (he whispers).

Carter laughs

Reeves: Maybe now you’ll understand where us fathers come from, we just try to protect our daughters.

imagesRN9NZ3IBCarter: I know. Hopefully I’ll make a good one. Lord knows biology isn’t on my side.

Reeves: Ah, Skully may have biologically been your father, but he wasn’t your dad. It takes a special person to be a dad.

Lexie: Yea. John’s your dad, Carter. He taught you all you ever need to know.

Reeves: Yea something tells me your mom made the right decision in not telling you about Skully. imagesV24ATUSOWomen have a way of always being right, so learn that now buddy.

Carter and Lexie exchange glances and laugh.

Reeves: You’ll be a better dad, then both Skully and myself. And when you get a little crazy and you feel like you don’t think you know what the hell you’re doing…you’ll have this one (nods toward Lexie) to help you realize you’re doing alright.

Lexie smiles.

Reeves: So…I see the ring, guess it finally happened…when’s the wedding?

ryangosling-300x225 tumblr_m3rwwyHBJT1rvgwj3o9_500

Lexie and Carter look at each other.