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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

What do you want to be when you grow up? The annoying question that came long before the current “Do you have a boyfriend yet?” or “Did you find a job yet?” But unlike my recent answers, the initial, at times invasive, question was always greeted by a new answer, a new phase. One day I wanted to be a ballerina, then I discovered Britney Spears and wanted to be a singer. An event planner. A director. And now most recently a writer…TV writer to be exact. The truth is I often question, the path I’ve chosen. And if it was the right one for me. If this is what I’m destined to be…meant to do for the rest of my life…be a writer. And the confusion is heavy at times. When they say 20 somethings are just trying to find themselves…it’s totally true. You may not know it but that’s what- the feeling you have in the pit of your stomach that questions you and everything you are- that’s what that is. You are just trying to find yourself. But how do you do that? How do I do that? I choose to write. And I may write more some days than others. And there are days when I don’t want to write at all. Or days when I don’t feel like sitting in front of a computer screen all day. All of it can be exhausting. My fellow writers know this, I’m sure. It starts to weigh on you. But for the most part, it’s still a big part of my life. And I keep coming back to it. The thing is writing has many genres. And you can mingle with all of them. (And make yourself slightly crazy.) Or you can dip your toes in a few and test the waters. I have enjoyed exploring many of them. But that also confuses the crap out of me. Short stories, poetry, pop culture pieces, reviews, movie scripts, tv scripts. The list is endless. And they are all different. But at the heart of it all there is one goal in writing isn’t there? No matter what specific genre you want to fit yourself into. The goal is to tell a story. You have something to say, and you want to share it with the world. You want them to feel. And that’s the driving force for every writer, I think. We don’t just write to write, we write because we love to tell stories. And that is a beautiful thing. So I guess this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Now I just have to figure out where I should be doing it and how to make it happen. I’ll leave you with a quote I recently came across that made me really happy and left me feeling inspired.

“I’m going to take over the world through television.”

– Shonda Rhimes

(ABC show-runner; Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder)

*I think it’s safe to say, she did.

*I do not take credit for the image used.*


My 2015 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Favorites

So I finally got to watch a live red carpet this awards season. The red carpets are always my favorite parts. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know the ins and outs of high designer fashion, I barely know how to pronounce some of these designer names. But I can be a girly girl at times. I enjoy getting dressed up and picking out and pulling together an outfit. There is something so fun about experimenting with your look and trying new things. Everything from the hair, to the makeup, to the accessories, to the nails, to the dress, to the shoes. It’s a lot to go through, and it takes time. It’s sometimes exhausting, but fun, really fun. So I definitely appreciate everything these women go through to bring us their amazing and stunning red carpet looks.  With that being said, I will love to share with you some favorite looks of the night and why they stuck out for me. In no particular order…

Giuliana Rancic– E! News Host & Fashion Police Co-host


In Mireille Dagher

I think wearing red on the red carpet is one of those ironically beautiful things. I love the lace and how it compliments the sheer chest. I really love the red lip  (surprise surprise) and minimal jewelry, the dress really did the talking. And the fact that she darkened her hair really gives the red a warmth.

Gina Rodriguez


In an *eco friendly dress as part of Suzy Amis Cameron Red Carpet Green Dress campaign w/ designer Manon Gabard

So Gina is like my new girl crush. She stars on The CW’s “Jane The Virgin” and I just really love how pure and organic her acting comes across. She just seems so humble and the show is so amazing. Really clever and something new to television. I love everything about this look. She looks like a Latin Princess. She was the first star I saw on the red carpet and I knew she would be a favorite. I love the color, I love her hair. I’m a big fan of the side bun. And I really love how simple the jewelry is, it matches the simplicity of the dress but adds just enough sparkle. And her makeup was just so sleek and subtle. The only thing was I wish I found a picture of her shoes. I wonder what she went with. My guess is a strappy silver heel.

America Ferrara – “How To Train A Dragon”


In Jenny Packham

America how I’ve loved you since “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and then in “Ugly Betty.” I feel like she reminds me a lot of Gina Rodriguez. I like this dress a lot, I like the flow, and the sheer overlay, and the ombre effect. I love the belt and her earrings. And I can’t tell if her clutch is burgundy or just mirrored the color from the carpet. But either way, it works. However, I’m not too crazy about the cleavage. I think the different layers on top make it look kind of messy. I think the cleavage would have been more effective if the sheer layer wasn’t there, just on the top. The sheer on the bottom is gorgeous. And lastly, I’m not too much a fan of the middle part and the loose hair tuck behind the ear bit. (I noticed Reese Witherspoon did it too) But I do think America pulls it off for this look.

Cate Blanchett


 In Maison Margiela Couture by John Galliano

I have to admit I debated putting this is my favorites, but the more I looked at it the more I just fell in love. Black is classic. I love wearing black. But I also try to stray away when I’m going to bigger functions. Just because I feel like I wear it enough on a daily basis. But that aside, this dress is so simple, so chic, and clean cut that I can’t deny it. It’s what appears to be a velvet material and the arms have this fringed, tethered effect that make it edgy and then that makeup and that messy hair, oh I love it! Let’s not forget about the only piece of jewelry Cate is wearing, that crystal, turquoise blue statement necklace. It matches her best natural accessory; her eyes. Just gorgeous, really.

Jamie Chung – “Big Hero 6”


In Yanina Couture

This dress was just visually enjoyable. She looked like a pretty firework display.

Dakota Johnson



In Saint Laurent

So since “50 Shades of Grey” came out, she has been the “it” girl. I like this dress on her. I like the simplicity of her pony tail and how the dress is so sleek and simple when you look at it from the front. But then she turns and you see the sexy slit and the strappy sexy silver sandals that tie in her one shoulder silver roped embellishment. I love that she went for the red lip too! She really tied this whole look up. 😉

Margot Robbie


In Saint Laurent

So like I said before I tend to look down upon black dresses at these functions because I just feel like there are so many colors of the rainbow to showcase at these amazing events, that black just seems too predictable. But the more I kept looking at this dress and this whole entire look, I just fell in love. I love the flowy, relaxed look of this, it doesn’t swallow her figure up either. The sheer long sleeves and the plunging swoop of a neckline is just so effortlessly classy. I adore the way the dress kind of pools onto the red carpet at the bottom. I love the black with the red lip, it’s a sure fire combination in my book. And her hair is so bold and blonde and the cut is so blunt, I think it just makes the look punky and edgy. And last but not least the statement piece hanging around her neck, is a steal. Absolutely gorgeous.

Jennifer Lopez




In Elie Saab

JLo the woman we had all been waiting for. JLo can never do wrong. I LOVE this dress and this look. For most people I feel like this color would wash them out, but not JLo if anything it just enhances her youthfulness and her glowy skin. I love the beading embellishment. The belt synching her waist, makes the flowy princess feel, more sexy and sophisticated. I love that everything; the dress, the accessories, the makeup, the nails, were all kept in this nude color tone family. I don’t think anything else would have worked as effortlessly. She looks like a Latina princess. Absolutely stunning. And the fact that she added a long flirty ponytail and some sheer pink lip gloss, makes the look even more breathtaking. I ADORE THIS. I do however, think she could have covered up the girls, just this once. Not that I don’t like the neckline, because I think it gives the sweet princess look some sexy appeal. Which when you think of JLo sexy appeal is right at the top of the list. But I just felt like from the side view I was sold and then she turned and I was like oh boobs in my face. I didn’t expect it and I felt like she didn’t need it. I thought the dress would have been equally beautiful if it was a straight across neckline with some beading.

Jennifer Aniston– “Cake”


In Versace

I like this dress on Jennifer. I like the sweetheart style, I like how it’s sheer toward the legs, I love the slit. And I love her simple makeup, to go along with her simple colored dress. However, my only issue was her hair. I just wanted to see a little bit of a wisky wave. Not too much, just something. She’s been doing this normal straight, no fuss, no muss hair do and I’m just like I need a little oompf ya know?

Um epic <3

Um…epic ❤

Emma Stone– “Birdman”


In Elie Saab

Emma, Emma, my sweet little Emma. I cannot with this dress. It is perfection and I adore it. The color, the long sleeves, the slit, the beading, those what I can only assume are like diamond wrist cufflings, the matching colored heels, the hair color, the hair style, and that orangey red lip. To die for. It’s amazing and the back was just completely open, which gave it a sexier, younger look.

Scarlett Johansson


In Versace

I love this color. I love the fit. I love the deep v-neckline and how it accentuates her bust without needing cleavage. And I don’t know if that’s a necklace or it’s a collar to the dress, but it is amazing. I love this look.

Katie Cassidy

87th-annual-academy-awards-arrivals-1[1] (2)

In Julien MacDonald

I feel like we’ve seen this type of dress many times. But I always love this style. I just think it’s a way to look sexy, and chic, but still be girly and covered up. I love the design pattern and I love the zipper detail on the forearms. That definitely funks it up. And I appreciate how Katie styled her hair and went for a dark wine red nail color. She reminds me of that old Hollywood glamor.

Well there you have it my top picks for fashion at this year’s 2015 Oscars. The only thing I wish was different was that we would get to see their shoes. I mean I get it it’s the Oscars, it’s glitz, it’s glamor, it’s floor length gowns. But I mean if you can’t show off them heels, why the heck are you wearing them. Put me in my moccasins any day! No one’s gonna see anyway and maybe you won’t have to worry about tripping. 😉 Just once I wish a mega star would roll up on the red carpet in a no name dress. Just like oh I’m wearing this dress from the thrift store I got it for $20. That would be amazing. I mean the amount of money these starlets walk around wearing is just insane, and for what, one night? And to be uncomfortable in the audience that you have to sit in for 3 plus hours. Hell no, I’d be like… flowy dress it is. No fitted, too tight to breathe crap for me. Who’s with me?

All kidding aside these ladies looked amazing, and it’s so empowering how fashion can be such a beautiful way of expressing oneself.

*I do not take credit for any of these images*


“50 Shades of Grey” Movie Review


As controversial as this movie has been, I personally was really excited to see it. I read the books and was a fan. And I was interested to see how the film adaption was going to work.

The decision to read the books started off as wanting to just see what the whole hype and hoopla were about. But it basically put me in a weird coma of not being able to put the books down until I finished the trilogy. I can’t say that I would want to put myself through that again, though. It kind of consumed my life. And I’m not going to lie, it was kind of weird. I was like a zombie. Haha. I finished all three books within a pretty short amount of time, and I’m not a reader, so there’s that.

The ideas that this is considered “mommy porn” or just straight up “porn” are not lost on me. I get it, I’m aware of the criticism. And having people ask “Ew why are you reading that?” was a question I think everyone of us got while reading it. Shut up and read whatever it is you do or don’t read and leave me and my E.L. James alone. 😉 Again I do get it though, it’s about sex…which I guess in the reading form is so taboo and unheard of for some people! Shocker.

But there is a story here. It may be bizarre and unrealistic but it’s there. That’s what storytelling has the power to do; take you outside of your comfort zone and drop you into a world unlike your own.  Now don’t get me wrong reading those books I was definitely uncomfortable at times, I definitely cringed A LOT and the writing was rather, how do I put this delicately not professional. But who am I to judge. It’s a book to read just to read, to enjoy. I didn’t want to really have to rack my brain to understand the plot. If I’m going to actually read at all, it’s going to be something that’s a quick, easy read. Needless to say a whole lot of “What did he just say to her?” “What did he just do to her?” were thought throughout the reading of this trilogy. But there was something about it that made me want to read the rest of their story. I knew that it couldn’t have just been that, I knew there had to be more behind his cold steely gaze and her naïve innocent eyes.

A few of my friends were reading along too, but one of my friends and I were literally obsessed and would have conversations about the books every time we saw each other. It was all we could talk about. I don’t know what that says considering it’s a BDSM themed storyline, HA! The way I see it, was that was just the niche; something to hook attention. When you read on you realize why Christian Grey is the way he is, and it eventually snowballs into a love story between him and the young and slightly naïve but mouthy Anastasia. No pun intended, I swear. It’s an extremely unconventional love story, but a love story none the less. And I’m a sucker for a love story. And I challenge you to give me a story that I can’t find the love story within. Because I will find it. Call me a hopeless romantic, I’ll take it.

imagesO8QVNPY2Christian Grey is a wealthy businessman, he’s gorgeous and has a severe control streak in him. Anastasia Steele is the “Plain Jane” esque college student looking for herself and just trying to make it to graduation. Sounds pretty familiar. She’s relatable, she’s your average girl. But she also doesn’t know what she’s capable of. She comes in and basically throws Christian’s rule book and need for control back in his face. She often challenges him every chance she gets. But yet he can’t seem to stay away from her, and she doesn’t want him to. What can I say I’m a sucker for a story where the female character changes the male character for the better. Not sure that actually happens in real life, but let’s just pretend that it does.

When I heard they were making the movie for this, I was invested. I wanted the casting to be done right. You only get one shot, to get it right onscreen. The first movie will pave the way for the next two; hence there are 3 books total. This is the first trilogy I’ve read. I wasn’t a twilight groupie (although I’ve seen the films, the first one is the only one I actually liked) and as for things like the Hunger Games and Harry Potter, I pretty much just stuck to the film versions there too. Although I will say The Hunger Games films are BOSS. But this, this was different. This is something I’ve read and I’ve crafted images, and faces in my mind. And I wondered if what I saw would come to life and reach my expectations. Hearing the casting and who was up for the roles, I was definitely hoping they would pick actors that would get it right. I was skeptical of both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson at first but I was pretty much sold when I saw the trailer. And now after seeing the film, I was incredibly impressed. And I couldn’t fathom anyone else playing those roles.

All the reviews were mixed as per usual. But I’m someone who never listens to reviews. If I wanna see a movie, I’ll see it. I want to judge for myself. I also have been one to have crappy taste in movies, I love an array of movies ranging from gems like “The Notebook” to the Mariah Carey flop “Glitter.” I actually did love that movie and still do. Fun fact; as a kid I was oddly obsessed with Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” record, I actually has it on vinyl.

Many critics were bashing the subject matter, which I totally get. But what I don’t quite understand is the idea that the two actors didn’t have chemistry. I’m sorry but that’s a load of bull. Within the first imagesS254ODUIscene they had together, which is the simple school newspaper interview scene where a nervous, and clumsy Anastasia literally falls into Christian’s office on behalf of her roommate who just so happens to be sick, you immediately see they have a connection, and they play it off well. You can feel it. He’s frustrated by her lack of preparation for the interview but yet intrigued by her nervousness and insecurity. You can tell she’s unaware of her effect on him and she is intimidated by his overpowering in depth Christian like stare.

Dornan and Johnson became their roles. The film at times, is surprisingly witty, and playful. Which is a great balance to the intensity of the sexual tension created between these two characters.


Cinematically I think director Sam Taylor-Johnson really captured the world. The colors of grey used matched the title. As Seattle was often cast in clouds and rain. The weather reflected the emotion in the story, the emotional roller coaster Ana and Christian have gone through in their very short time they’ve known each other. But yet the tender moments were greeted by bright shiny sun rays or quiet still nights.

The Charlie Tango scenes were amazing and makes you rethink what the description of date really entails nowadays. Flowers and candy my ass! Although no, seriously I’d probably have a panic attack in a helicopter, so I’ll stick with the basics. 😉

The portrayal rings very true to the book, which I was really excited to see. As a writer I couldn’t imagine how difficult and nerve wracking it must have been for E.L. James to hand her work over to someone else to tell visually. That’s something that completely terrifies me about this industry. These images are in your head and your heart. You spend time with the characters you know them and to trust someone with them, to trust them to get it right, is like handing your baby over to a stranger and walking away. There’s a phrase a professor of mine used to say when we would talk about the editing process of writing she would say “it’s like killing your babies.” Which I feel is true in this situation too. Giving up creative control is a difficult thing.

The settings were very well portrayed too. Christian’s business is very clearly envisioned, with the blonde staff dressed in their sleek suits, makes Ana feel underdressed and out of place. Christian’s home is spot on, the isolation, the clean cut modernized feel. The grand piano. It’s all there. And article-2752590-214A81EF00000578-300_634x414[1]Ana’s quaint college apartment and simple run down car are all there too. The Christian Grey look he gives Ana, that makes her knees tremble amongst other things, is dead on. It’s icy, intrusive, and H-O-T, hot. The security blanket need for Ana to bite her lip in times of discomfort is well showcased too. And I feel neither character trait was too overdone. In the books it gets to be redundant because well books have more time and space for elaboration. But the film portrayed our beloved characters well. To see it all come into place was really cool and really exciting.

Jamie Dornan IS Christian Grey, watching him was like being in my own head while reading the book. He owned the role. And Dakota Johnson shines as Anastasia Steele. I really appreciate her tumblr_n8h0bbC5hd1tn794no1_500[1]portrayal, because she plays it with integrity and an heir of sassiness. Anastasia is whisked away into Christian’s world and it often seems like she’s just letting him control her, which as a feminist makes me want to slap the stupid out of her. His whole “You are mine” spiel makes me want to slap the stupid out of him to. A woman’s security and sexuality, is determined by her and only her. It isn’t tied to a man, and vice versa. Every human being is there own. Free will and control of oneself is something that everyone should have and it should never be taken from them warranted or not. But Ana deep down in her gut knows that and she does challenge him. She says no when she doesn’t want something, she negotiates, she “disobeys” for lack of a better word, his contract. She understands how insane all of this is. And yet she’s intrigued, she’s fascinated. In a lot of ways Ana is the moral compass of the film. She often asks the questions the audience wants to know the answers to. Why is he like this? Why can’t she touch him? Why won’t he just let her in? Again she is relatable.

The music enhances the theme. There are playful moments, and there are moments of tension, angst, wonder, and sensuality. But what I also really liked about the film was it knew when there was no need for a soundtrack at all. It allowed for quiet and stillness, and for the words to just linger in the air. For the comfortable and tension filled moments to just build and boil over.

*** “Earned it”- The Weeknd *** Love Me Like You Do“- Ellie Goulding

One of my favorite scenes had to be the hardware store scene, where Christian makes his first attempts in “stalking” Anastasia. If you read the books, you get what I’m referring to, if you haven’t get on that. The irony of her helping him choose the right cable ties, masking tape and rope is hilarious. No Ana, he’s not redecorating. You really have no idea what he actually uses these things for. But we do and that feeling makes for hysterical storytelling.

I also love the elevator scene. I think this was probably the scene I was most excited to see portrayed, because it’s the first time you see Christian kind of throw caution to the wind, and forget about rules and contracts and just follow his emotions. And Anastasia’s reaction is pretty hysterical (you’ll see).

Now let’s talk about those explicit sex scenes. Granted she is completely nude. And he is pretty close to full frontal at times, not quite but close. I’m guessing they’re saving that for the next film. HA! However, given the explicit content and due to the usage of the occasional f bomb, the nudity was way less than I thought it would be and they managed to stay true to the story within the restraints of an R rating. For an rated R film and for the subject matter I thought it was tastefully done, it could have been much more gritty/risky and much sluttier for lack of a better word. I’ve seen movies where the sex scenes are way more explicit than this. Yes she is nude, yes you see everything, but if you read the books or have heard the hype you know this. I went into the film knowing to not get too caught up in what I wanted it to be. I had a gut feeling it was going to be portrayed well. And I was impressed, how well done it was. I don’t know how to explain it. I mean how tasteful can bdsm sex scenes really be right? But for me I just felt like it could have been way more off the charts, but it wasn’t, which I appreciated. Whereas in the books you almost grow tired of how often they have sex, it becomes annoying and overwhelming until it’s underwhelming. So I think that the movie created just enough of it all to keep us interested in wanting more films. And what an ending. Damn those cliffhangers!

I’ll admit there were some corny bits, here and there, but the book is written casually. So I expected this. It’s a strange subject matter though I mean reading the books I was so pissed at how she would submit to him. As a feminist I was really disgusted by that, but I understood the allure. I guess I could vaguely understand her attraction to, and wanting to explore his world. There’s a certain intrigue. This rich- buys you anything you need- gorgeous, powerful man, wants her and it makes for a difficult reason to say no. Which is exactly why I bought the ticket and every other person part of the 300 million dollar profit, bought the ticket. It’s no secret that sex sells. We know this.

1386600245_dakota-johnson-jamie-dornan-lg[1]At the heart of the story there is a budding love that is happening, and I think going into the film you have to take that and keep it in your mind. Everything else, all the bdsm stuff take it with a grain of salt. It’s in the moments where he’s overprotective and worried about losing her that I get caught up in. This is more than a power struggle, this is someone falling in love, but not understanding what to do with it.

So now that I’ve rambled on forever, to sum things up I really enjoyed it, the actors killed it, the director killed it and it was overall and good film. I’m definitely looking forward to the next two films.

I mean after that cliff hanger, I can’t wait!

Oh and just in case you were wondering this article pretty much sums

up every girl’s rollercoaster ride of emotions while watching this film!



What was your take? Are you or aren’t you a fan? Did you like the film adaptation?

*I do not take credit for any images, or videos used*

Girls Gala; How To Plan A “Girls Night In”- Valentine’s Day Edition

There are a few major categories you need to focus on when deciding to have a party.

*WWWWW&H: Who (the guest list) What (what are you celebrating) When (the time and date) Where (party spot) Why (do we need a reason to throw a party? the answer is really no) & How ($$$- Budget and enlist a party planning partner in crime, mine is always without a doubt mi madre…THANKS MOM!)

*Decorations (this is when your theme comes into play)

*Music (make a party playlist)

*Activities (break out them board games or create some fun games of your own!)

*Food (what are you serving; appetizers? dinner? or both?) *Beverages (alcoholic, soda, water, coffee, tea?) *Dessert (cake, cookies, fruit platter?)

*Favors (something for your guest to take home)

*Attire (do you want your guests to dress in costume, or dress up glamorously or do you wanna keep things casual cool….and hey I’d never knock a pajama party!)

So once you map out your party, now it’s time to get things going. Let me walk you through my Girls Gala, I recently had this past weekend for Valentine’s Day or should I say Gal-entine’s Day.



My Guest List always includes friends that I’ve known for quite some time. They are made up of childhood friends, high school friends, my brother’s girlfriend who has been in my life since college and a best friend who I’ve known basically my entire life. Life gets busy and it’s not like how it used to be that we’d all hang out every Friday night playing rock band or dance dance revolution or spending way too many long hours overstaying our welcome at Starbucks or various local restaurants. So when we do get together it’s really special to all of us.


I’m a big fan of hosting parties so I usually do them in my home, it saves me a fee to rent out a place, and you just have more flexibility with what you can do. For this particular Valentine’s Day party I knew that having it on Valentine’s Day would have just been rude, considering most of my friends have boyfriends, so I opted to have my party the night before. I wanted to have something for just us girls to celebrate our friendships and the bonds we’ve formed over the past years. You don’t need to be in love to celebrate a day based on love. I love all my girls so this was my gift to them.


….are my favorite part! I love having a theme for my parties. I just feel like it gives you more to work with visually. So being that this was a Valentine’s Day party I color schemed a lot of pinks, reds, whites, and purples. Hearts, Cupids, and Roses, all that jazz. I also love a good bargain so most of the stuff I purchased was from the dollar store.




I love music, I feel like the right playlist can just instantly transfer the mood of a party. For my party I opted to include a lot of the romantic  vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake (uh duh?), Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and a few others. Hey I may be single but I can appreciate a good love song. 😉 But you know it’s never wrong to throw little Tay Swift in the mix, and have a little “shake it off” dance party…which we did. And I have proof.


Ok this is an important one… (Aren’t they all?)

-The last party I hosted was my 80’s party for my birthday last year, and although we all had a good time, I felt like I didn’t have any activities to occupy our time. So this time I did a little online researching and came up with some fun valentine inspired games to play. It gets your guests to loosen up and since it was after a long work day for most it was a stress release too. Grab a glass of wine and laugh as your friend tries to act out weird things during charades. Or blindfold them and tell them to “Kiss the Stud”… isn’t Oliver cute? (Where my “How To Get Away With Murder” fans at….Oliver is my favorite!)




-I also had a little “activity box” if you will, full of fun little games that the guest could play in between dinner and dessert. I filled it with games like fortune-teller; Who’s Your Celebrity Valentine?, Marry Kiss or Ditch, M.A.S.H (who remembers MASH?), and labeled them and left the box on the couch for my guests to open at their leisure.



20150215_122911 20150215_122918



-Build your own Photo booth.

I did this at my 80’s party and it was huge hit! So I had to do one again this time around. Throw up a funky curtain and set up a prop table with funky hats, sunglasses, scarves, accessories and make some saying sticks and Viola homemade photo booth! Seeing as it was Valentine’s Day inspired I opted for conversation heart colors and wrote some funny quotes and sayings on them. You can even make a hashtag, so that when your guests post to social media you can easily find all the images in one place! I love taking pictures, I feel like you are making memories when you take pictures, and although being present in life is important it’s nice to have those images to look back on, because 20 years from now memories may alter or fade but pictures bring you back to that moment.



*Food, *Beverages, *Desserts

It makes me crazy when people ask me if they should eat before coming. Like what? Do you not know me? I’m a foodie, and I will never host a party without FOOD??? With that being said, for my Girls Gala I opted for a healthy meal to balance out a very UN-healthy dessert spread.

-My Menu consisted of:

-Appetizers: A cinnamon dip with pita chips and a salty/sweet popcorn, pretzels, Swedish Fish mix.


-Dinner: Sliced Grilled chicken (marinated overnight in Lemon Pepper marinade) Grilled on a George Foreman Grill. Served on sourdough bread with either a choice of an avocado spread or a roasted pepper.

DSCF4398 (2)

To go along with that I made a spinach salad topped with feta cheese, walnuts, olive oil & vinegar dressing, and strawberries!


-Dessert: I made heart-shaped sugar cookies and Chocolate chip cookies with m&m’s and mini fruit kabobs. Then my friends each brought something which I didn’t expect and we ended having an entire spread! I mean it is Valentine’s Day….don’t judge us!


-Beverages: All of my friends and I are of age so I set up a little wine tasting station, I had a few bottles of wine in my house and champagne and one of my friends brought sangria and another brought a few other bottles of wine so we had quite a good selection. I also like to have some soda on hand and water for other non-alcoholic options. And tea and coffee in case anyone wants a cup with their desserts.




Now this is an optional step, not everyone does it, but I usually like to let my guests leave with a little something. So I decided to do a mini candy bar. Where they could make their own candy bags as they left. I mean in all that dessert where was the chocolate? It isn’t Valentine’s Day without the chocolate! And near the candy bar I placed some handmade paper fortune cookies for my guest to open, they were filled with inspirational, feel good quotes.


DSCF4373 (2)

You are your own idol.


20150215_005010_copyWhen I sent out my mass text (so fancy….But I do have a way with words…) I initially said to get dressed up. We all settled for a more casual dress up vibe. Nothing too crazy, but I have to say… were my girls working the red lips or what? I’m so proud. I opted for a pink shade lip and stuck to the color that never goes out of style…black, for my outfit. With a few fuchsia pink accents and gold jewelry. Basically I have these fuchsia pink heels that I use any excuse to wear them. And by wear them I mean they come on and off throughout the party. Hence I’m not a heels girl, I love my fuzzy socks more than anything. I’m siting here wearing a Valentine’s Day pair right now as I type!



20150215_005131 20150215_005211


So there you have it, my go to party planning tips. When all is said and done and the stress of planning is over with, I can sit back knowing my friends enjoyed themselves and looking at the pictures we took I know that it was one for the books. Check out some photo booth snap shots below!

DSC_0043 (2)

DSC_0041 (2)

DSC_0027 (2)

DSC_0031 (2)


DSC_0037 (2)

Thank you ladies  for being your amazing selves!

So folks whether you’re single, in a relationship, kinda sort of maybe seeing someone, you are loved by someone (most likely many someones #family #friends.) And what better way to reciprocate that love than by throwing your girlfriends an awesome GNI (girls night in).

I leave you with our version of an Oscar selfie ;)

I leave you with our version of an Oscar selfie 😉


** All images and videos are my own**

(I apologize for the crappy quality vlog camera…

but at least my photo booth pics are on point!)

The Uninvited Guest


When is it her turn?

Doesn’t she deserve it?

Isn’t she worth it?

Tired mind

Tired heart

We sleep

We slept

Like it’s a way of releasing art

And hopeful dreams

Awake inside

A mystical image

A man divine

When will it happen?

Boys will be boys

No clue no clues

Many a manly image

Cast in shadows

Hide your face

Hide your heart

Don’t take it personally 

He just wasn’t meant to be

Clever comebacks unsung

When there’s nothing you can say

When words escape or fail you

Remember the gifts that god gave you


It heals all wounds

The world just happens all at once doesn’t it?

And you never expect it

But no one said it would be easy

Just that it’d be worth it

You be the judge of your life

You make the choice to fight or flight

Trust your gut

Forgive but don’t forget

That’s not holding a grudge

It’s making sure it never happens again

Common sense

Not everyone has it

Not everyone can trust it

A doormat; something you step on when invited into a home

You wipe your feet and seek shelter from the storm

Never take advantage of a kind heart within a kind soul 

Kindness is far from weakness

Kindness is this world’s hope


“You don’t step into love, you fall in….head over heels.”

– Valentine’s Day (the movie)

*Happy Valentine’s Day to all! *Give someone you love a hug!*

*I do not take credit for any images used*





2015 Grammy Award Highlights

I’ll be honest I didn’t get to watch the full show. I have been seriously slacking this award season. grammy award statuetteHaven’t really caught any. And the red carpets are my FAVORITE part, but I just either keep forgetting or am just not home to watch. In other news The Walking Dead came back from it’s winter hiatus on the same night and that’s kind of a big deal in my house. So I have to go where my loyalties lie. And no I do not have DVR, I’m just not that fancy. Besides the Grammys are covered from every angle, The Walking Dead; if you don’t watch it live social media will ruin in for you. But I did try and catch bits of the Grammys by going back and forth during commercial breaks. However, to be honest I don’t think I missed that great of a show. From what I gather, it was kind of humdrum despite being packed with performances, which gave the winners little time for their speeches. And nothing makes me more anxious then watching someone accept an award and have them being forced to wrap up by the dreadful music kiss off. It makes me squirm in my seat and feel embarrassed for that person. It’s just rude! So I’m glad I missed that. Haha. But I did catch a few moments, and I’m going to share  some of my favorites with you.

Winners/Acceptance Speeches

Sam Smith won big last night closing the night with 4 Grammys; Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year (and although he won over Ed Sheeran and my girl Taylor Swift) I do think Sam is incredible and deserved it! Happy Days!

57th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Sam Smith’s last speech…

taylor-swift-and-sam-smith-with-grammy-award-2015-1423445775-custom-0[1] The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

He’s amazing, he’s like the male version of Adele. Stay With Me = “Someone Like You”? Doesn’t it just make you want to clock his ex boyfriend over the head with a frying pan, because I do….but hey like Sam said, the heartbreak got him 4 Grammys! (hmmm so wonder he and Tay Swift are besties? 😉 I recall her making a similar speech, oh Harry Styles you were wrong to let her go!) Congratulations Sam, we are so proud!


Stay With Me– Sam Smith ft. Mary J. Blige


I love their voices together, it’s so soulful and Stay With Me is a song that just gives you all the feels no matter who you are or who you fall in love with. Gay or Straight, this song tears at your heartstrings.

Thinking Out Loud– Ed Sheeran ft. John Mayer & Quest Love (from The Roots)


I swear John Mayer on a guitar is just ridiculous, the guy is talented. But I have to admit I adore when it’s just Ed and his guitar and his loop peddle, but granted “Thinking Out Loud” has more production involved and it was the Grammys so he had to keep in fancy and upscale, I guess. It’s just once I watched (and rewatched and rewatched AND REWATCHED) Ed’s Live in Dublin Show it’s very hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that he can’t always be a one man band. It’s just that there’s something so personal about him and his music that when it’s just him there’s this amazing delivery and a really sincere connection with him and the audience. But needless to say I did love it. I mean come on John Mayer on guitar and Quest Love on drums… like, what? Very cool.

The Fashion

Ms. Taylor Swift hung on the mic last night and served as a presenter, but she did so in a stunning two tone; turquoise/teal hi-low, Elie Saab flowy gown. Absolutely gorgeous.  Her Lorraine Schwartz accessories were funky aqua/crystal blue big statement earrings, a funky statement ring to match and some simple fuchsia rings to tie in those fuchsia Giuseppe Zanotti heels, an amazing combination. Taylor tied up the look with a subtle smokey eye, and a nude lip paired with her simple straight hair with a sweeping side, which really made the look very high fashion chic, she let the dress be the focus, yet she wore that dress, it didn’t wear her. She looked amazing. I loved the colors and how the dress fit her. How the dress was short and sexy to show off her long lengthy fangirl dancing legs, but than flowy in the back to make her look like a Grammy red carpet walking princess. I can only imagine how beautiful this dress must have looked on the red carpet. It was definitely my favorite dress of the night. She may not taken home a Grammy but she won best dressed for me for sure! And she brought her best friend as her date, and danced her little heart out as usual which in my book makes her even more of a freakin’ Queen. Later Beyoncé. Tay Tay Do your thing girl.

image[1] taylor-swift-at-the-2015-grammy-awards[1]


Taylor-Swift_-2015-GRAMMY-Awards--04-300x420[1] Taylor-2015-Grammys-taylor-swift-38119970-600-841[1]



Taylor-Swift_-2015-GRAMMY-Awards--16-662x864[1] imagesG40DWB0Y

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


 taylor-swift-grammys[1] taylor-swift-dancing-grammys-2015[1]

*I do not take credit for any images or videos used*


Writer’s Corner

journal1 - Copy

“What makes you a writer?”

There are so many fears and struggles in saying you’re a writer. So much so that we often discourage ourselves, from going down that road, because we are scared we won’t be able to do the impossible. To make a living off of it. But I don’t think writers write for money. In fact if we did, then a lot of us would have quit the day we started, because it’s definitely not the easiest money making route, so I’ve learned. I’ve heard so many people say different things about writing. Some say if you write…then you’re a writer. Which I like to believe. And some say, if you don’t write everyday, then you’re not a writer. Which I understand, but I highly doubt that. I’ll confess I don’t write everyday. I may write blurbs here and there everyday. But solid pages upon pages writing every day, I don’t do that. Yet I consider myself a writer. And I think that’s ok.

What I’ve learned as I begin researching fellow writers and reading scripts, and listening to overall writer’s advice, is that you are going to hear a million things from each writer that has come before you. But that’s their story, their path. That may have gotten them to success but that doesn’t mean it will or won’t work for you. You have to make your own path. That’s not to say that slacking and never writing, or not researching makes you a writer, because we all know it doesn’t. You do have to practice your craft. But missing a day or two here and there of writing, doesn’t not make you a writer.

A community which struggles to even consider themselves writers shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. We all have good days, we all have bad days. We have days when we can write for hours, and days when we just can’t put it into words. But trust that you will get there, maybe not today or the next day, but maybe the day after that. And if you can’t than maybe you move onto your next brilliant idea. There are so many times when I have ideas upon ideas bouncing around in my head and I don’t know which to start with. The pros will tell you, just write it, stop worrying, and just get it on paper. And I totally agree. But that still doesn’t silence that voice in our heads that tells us, it’s safe in my mind. It’s perfect. What if I put in on paper and I ruin it. But what if you don’t? What if you write it, and begin to see it even more clearly? What if it’s a masterpiece? We need to learn to trust ourselves. There are delete buttons, and backspace, there are pencil erasers, and whiteout. Hell we can do this. If you really think about it, we have no choice. We are writers.

What constitutes you as a writer? The amount of pages you’ve written? The amount of hours you spend writing? How many years you’ve been writing? What you’ve been writing? How you’ve been writing? Where you’ve been writing? Winning an Emmy or Oscar? Writing a bestselling novel? Writing newspaper articles about what’s going on in the world? Or can it simply be sharing your ideas between the pages of a journal, posting to a blog? Or just writing from mind to paper? If your thoughts are your own and if you speak from your heart. Why should there be any hesitance.

I’m a writer. I write about my life, my heart, my interests, my hopes, my inspirations, my aspirations. I write about actors, and the love stories they portray. How simple actions can make love blossom on screen. I write reviews about music, music that can move emotional mountains. I write poetry about the world around me. I write about things that inspire me or that make me ask questions. I write about feminism and how believing in it only makes you wiser. I write about what I love, or what matters to me. I write. That’s what I do. And I love it. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy. Hell some days I can’t even think about writing a sentence, because either writer’s block is kicking my ass, or my brain is fried. Or I just can’t find the words to tell the story that has been running through my mind. But I always manage to find myself back here, writing for you, writing for me. So I guess that’s what makes me a writer. Because no matter what it keeps me coming back. Does it keep you coming back? Because hate to say it, but you’re a writer too. We’re all in this together, just like Troy and Gabriella, (points if you caught that reference haha). God help us all. 😉


The “I Love You” Playlist

So…its February folks which means one thing… Valentine’s Day is approaching. The older I get the 4879480983_a4ff4495e8_zmore I’ve learned to appreciate this holiday. I realize that you don’t need to have a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. It’s a day of love, all kinds of love. And with that said let’s dive into some of my favorite love songs and the artists who give us all the feels that we just can’t quite explain. Music has a way of transcending the mind and the emotions we feel. Staying in with a special someone? Or maybe you’re having a girls night in with your best friends. Either way I’ve got a playlist to make your valentine’s day or night perfect, so enjoy!


40 songs that say “I Love You”

God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You– *NSYNC

I Thought She Knew– *NSYNC

This I Promise You– *NSYNC

Lovestoned– Justin Timberlake

Mirrors– Justin Timberlake

Until The End Of Time– Justin Timberlake

You Got It On– Justin Timberlake

Not A Bad Thing– Justin Timberlake

Just The Way You Are– Bruno Mars

When I Was Your Man– Bruno Mars

Give Me Love– Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud– Ed Sheeran

Never Say Never– The Fray

Look After You– The Fray

Stealing– Gavin Degraw

Make It To Me– Sam Smith

Stay With Me– Sam Smith

I’ve Told You Now– Sam Smith

The Way You Do The Things You Do– The Temptations

Who’s Lovin’ You– The Jackson 5

You Are Not Alone– Michael Jackson

Speechless– Michael Jackson

Butterflies– Michael Jackson

I’ll Be– Edwin McCain

Missing You– Tyler Hilton

Use Somebody– Kings Of Leon

Bring It Back– Kris Allen

I Need To Know– Kris Allen

Leave You Alone– Kris Allen

Classic– MKTO

Clarity– Zedd (ft. Foxes)

Poison & Wine– The Civil Wars

All We’d Ever Need– Lady Antebellum

I Run To You– Lady Antebellum

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You– Lady Antebellum

One And Only– Adele

To Make You Feel My Love– Adele

Give Your Heart A Break – Demi Lovato

Love Me Like You Do– Ellie Goulding

Honeymoon Avenue– Ariana Grande

Those were some heavy “feels” huh?

*Yes there’s a lot of the same artists, but what can I say they own my iTunes. Beautiful voices, heartfelt lyrics, I’m a sucker for a ballad. Bruno, Sam, Justin, Ed we all get the feels from their music, don’t try and tell me you don’t!

*For any of my ladies out there who aren’t into the whole romantic love song playlist this Valentine’s day, that’s cool too. I got ya covered…check out my female empowerment playlist….HERE!



*I do not take credit for any images used*