My 2020 Experience… Volume 2

Long Time no see, eh?

Let’s get down to business…

As you know… (that is if you keep up with me,) you know I had some recent reservations about the very charming Mr. Justin Timberlake.  However, I have moved passed it, and am back to loving him full throttle. So with that being said, time and space (however little) and a new perspective can go along way. LOL. (yes I’m crazy, deal with it!)

Here it goes!



The last time I reviewed Justin’s Music was for the release of The 2020 Experience Volume 1.  Well now I’m back here reviewing the second Volume. Last time, I did quite the extensive review, putting a lot of effort into trying to dissect each beat, each song, each lyric, and why he wrote each song. And although it was fun, it was also really time consuming and took up like 4 posts. And although I don’t mind doing that again, I  thought I’d try doing something a little different. I’m going to try and sum up each song in one well crafted, well thought out, well described sentence (or two, lol. ) And that’s it. I feel this is more of a challenge in a way, because when I’m given all the room in the world, I know I can take off running and tend to ramble. It’s much harder to be constricted to a few sentences.  All you need to include is what really matters, the root of the song, the root of how it makes you feel. Your instant initial thought whatever the case. And through that sentence(s) you will be able to find out how I feel about each song…and hey if it’s a run on sentence, well hell then you know it’s a favorite! haha… 😉 let’s do this!

It all started with  this video


then later on we got a glimpse of the track list via small videos on instagram

And now upon the releases of singles “Tack back the night” and “TKO”, and introductions to songs like “True Blood” “Only When I Walk

Away” and “Amnesia” the world has been anxiously awaiting this day!

iTunes had been streaming it for free all last week, and it was a beautiful thing. I’ve been listening to it and I’ve already got a few favorites! I have to say that my initial reaction was “Oh wow, this is funky, this is different…but I don’t mind.” However, I reserved the bonus tracks for today I still have not heard them yet but I will be going for my copy in a few hours and will update. I wanted to leave myself a little something for the release day, ya know?

I’ve * my favorites for y’all, but let’s be honest in a few weeks I’m sure I’ll have new favorites!

Track 1:

Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)

A man who doesn’t know what he wants, until a woman tells him; animal love meets lust between a lady and a gentleman.

Track 2:

True Blood

Some Count Dracula Shit; The involuntary pull toward a devilish seductress, who will ruin you.

Track 3:

Cabaret ft. Drake *

This song is just like adultery, it’s an affair for your ears… Put me in a club right NOW; Drake’s verse is like holy sex! lol

Track 4:

TKO… Y’all know this one right?

“Mirrors” Reversed; Instead of being his other half, she took away a part of him and knocked him out, (on his ass).

Track 5:

Take Back the Night… Y’all know this one too right??

Feel good attraction; one great night you want to relive forever…“Don’t stop til you get enough” reincarnated.

Track 6:

Murder ft. Jay Z *

Put me in a club for this one too…SEX(Y)… enough said

Track 7:

Drink You Away

Country vibe; vocals are brilliant the high pitched notes and raspy rifts and undertones are gold….seriously though Justin could sell me on a country album, I think it’d actually work!

Track 8:

You Got It On (* Instant Favorite)

Janet Jackson Shit; in the words of the song “Sounds like falling in love.” This song literally makes you fall in love, like can I get a guy like this, Justin why don’t you have a twin or a 20 something year old brother who looks just like you???

Track 9:

Amnesia *

Insane Love that you almost have to will yourself to forget just to be able to get over it; (*cough cough*) Britney Spears is the stranger that he used to know. (ok i may be reaching a bit, but c’mon! take a listen and you’ll see it!)

Track 10:

Only When I Walk Away

Pissed off, punch someone in the face type of song; You don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone, this song made me nervous when I first heard it, like a new aged “Cry me a river” if you wanna go that far, maybe you don’t, eh whatever lol.

Track 11:

Not a Bad Thing (*Instant Favorite) I don’t know which I love more this or “You Got It On” it’s like insanity!

Ok THIS is a song that really makes you want to be in love right now at this very moment. It’s a beautiful uplifting wrap up to this aggressive half of The 2020 Experience, which I thought was really clever on Justin’s part.

>>> there’s a hidden track called “Pair of Wings,” near the end of “Not a Bad Thing”, and the lyrics and sentiment are just beautiful.

Justin Talks 2020 vol. 2…. various quotes about the new continuation…

“The songs that I released in March just reminded me of summertime a little bit more and the songs that are coming out this month felt a little darker so they made me feel like… the fall/winter collection.” Compared it to fashion; musical fashion that’s gorgeous!

“The first (album) is a little more summertime; it’s a little more virginal. The second half is a just a little more…slutty.”

“If you could imagine you’re 16 and she’s everything you thought. She’s Marilyn Monroe and then you meet her older sister; everything that’s dark and wrong about her at that age is why you become infatuated with her.”

“The first half that was released in March that’s the freshmen love, you fall in love with the girl in your biology class, so you wanna go over to her house to have dinner and impress her parents, and then when  you get there you realize she has an older sister that’s like a senior, like dark hair, tattoo, and she gives you that look like I’ll turn you out, that’s the second half, it’s just a little darker, it’s not like on purpose… just sonically…it’s darker… it’s got a little more urgency…”

I will say this…that parental advisory serves right hahaha…. #explicit yo!

Target **Bonus Tracks** First listennnnnn!!!!!! jdhfjkdhfkdh


A fantasy…something that you lose yourself in; an out of body experience because of someone new.

Electric Lady

Energetic love that keeps on going; it’s spark worthy; there’s a jolt between two.


Geekin Out…Feels like Deja Vu… p.s. look at that display!




Collection Complete ❤

So being that Justin is pretty much EVERYWHERE these days it’s hard to keep up, starting with #TimberlakeTuesdays on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon all throughout the month of September, to various radio and television appearances, to a special surprise Target performance in New Jersey (i was so pissed he tweeted the address too late!), to the iHeartRadio show (which is airing in a 2 night special starting tonight at 8 on the CW, I’ve seen Justin’s performance and it’s pretty freakin’ ballin’), to shutting down Hollywood Blvd. to perform a mini set list for Jimmy Kimmel Live to the iTunes Festival. So as you can see this post would be bombarded with youtube links (even more then there already are, lol), so I’m going to make it easier for everyone and give you the quick links to where I keep myself updated on all things Justin!

*For a closer look at 2020 Vol 2 visit

*For all Justin lyrics click HERE

*For all of Justin’s recent appearances and other news visit 

They are a LIFE saver 😉

Also to listen to 2020 Vol 2 click each title,

or get your ass out there and go out and buy it, or ya know download it if you’re into that shit 😉

jess in a cage ellen jt

I think that all in all the decision to stagger the release dates was a brilliant idea. I feel like the two albums stand very well on their own. They are very different sounds, and I feel like it was the perfect time to release the new record, because Part 1 had set in, and we had become quite comfortable, we felt safe…and we needed a new slap in the ass. I do feel like the first half is quieter, lighter, sweeter, a lot about love being a drug, and this is kind of the other side of the coin, it’s the morning after you take the drug, the morning after the one night stand. Although I felt like Part 1 was completely new and inventive with remnants of his old vibes, but it was difficult to know what he would come out with after 7 years. So I feel like Part 2 wasn’t as amplified, like I knew I loved Part 1 so I knew I’d love Part 2. If I could describe the experience listening to Part 2, I would say first I wanted to  dance, then I wanted to punch someone, and then I wanted to cry, it’s just crazy! But I do think Part 2 plays with his vocals a lot more. There’s a lot of R&B soul vibes, which I find a gorgeous choice given his vocal ability. I also see he’s doing a lot of the “sexy back” vocals through the guitar amp, type thing. Which makes for a lot of new raw material. It’s exciting to have more music, and it never ceases to amaze me, just how thorough he is, in everything he does. I may not always agree with his personal preferences in life, but in music, I’ve learned to trust him, because truth be told; he’s a musical genius!

The album in it’s entirety (both parts) is BOSS!

P.S. Celebrate #JustinDay by watching his release party on ELLEN! on NBC @ 4 (for those who missed it like me; got stuck in damn traffic on the way to buying the cd…but watevs…watch here)

And I leave you with this beautiful gem, that has made me laugh hysterically #fordaysss, #LOLOLOLOLOLOL….

cuz I do love a good #!

And for all those trying to get tickets to the 2020 world tour…it’s really impossible I’ve been trying for days pre-sales, general public sales, it’s tough, but I’m not giving up hope….I WILL get tickets if it’s the last thing I do!!!!

And LAST but not least…

don’t forget RUNNER RUNNER October 4th!


Night Folks!



pocahontas-pocahontas-32767053-707-1000So just before summer ended, I finally caught Pocahontas on tv. I was super excited because I had been dying to watch it for some reason. I hadn’t seen it in years. But I’ve always loved it, and I was always fascinated by the Indian culture and the song “Colors of the Wind.”

Every Disney film, circles around a princess and her quest to endure, fall in or let go of love. And the tale of Pocahontas is no exception. It explores the differences of the American and the Native American. The commercialized building builders hunting for greed and gold vs. the people of the land that bearsmith_pocahontas the significance of the wind and trees and soil beneath their feet, the people who have made the outdoors their home. It’s a simpler life, a natural life. When John Smith meets Pocahontas those two worlds collide, and a true love is born. She teaches him just how valuable natural life and land actually is, and just how meaningless gold and greed are.  I think it’s safe to say that John Smith learned quite a lot.

*Spoiler Alert… I’m about to talk about the ending so if you haven’t seen it…wait who am I kidding if you haven’t seen it you’re living under a rock and a very sheltered life 😉

The only thing that bothered me, or should I say left me feeling a bit uneasy was the end.

Pocahontas-disneyJohn Smith ends up getting injured badly, due to the rival between his world and Pocahontas’ world. And therefore he is set to leave back home, leaving a heartbroken Pocahontas behind. Mind you at first he wishes to stay, stay in her land with her. But they both know it is not an option, for his wound is too severe for the restrictions of their native lands. Then he tries to ask her to come with him, but she declines stating her place is on her land, with her people, and her family; they need her.

In a tearjerker ending John Smith sets sail home, after promising they’d always be with windeach other and as the boat sails off, Pocahontas rushes to the edge of the cliff overlooking to watch. As “Colors of the Wind” plays once again.

In a way I understand the end, as an adult, I completely agree with her decision. Sure she fell in love, but he was a man she just met. Her family has been with her, has been there for her, and has been her foundation for her entire life. And her land is her home.

But that ending also gives hope, that regardless of the distance between the two, they will always be connected spiritually, which when you really think about it…is a beautiful concept. And one that really puts Disney at a higher level.

So end result…pocahontas-and-english-ca_4d38010c20c81-p

I’ve decided I just want to be Pocahontas for a day.


Beauty is Pain

“Heels are a male’s invention to make a woman’s butt look smaller

and to make it harder for them to run away”- She’s the Man

**Huh, Why would they want to make it smaller???? #babygotback** 😛

Heels… the last piece of an outfit, a way to nicely tie it up, to pull everything  together.

I love heels, but I wish I could say I love them enough to wear them throughout life, often times I can’t even make it through a night! lol

I remember going to my classes and seeing some girls in heels like… it’s a Wednesday afternoon and your sitting in a classroom, what’s with the heels? I just never understood the reasoning behind it. Oh… fashion statement…that’s it!

It’s not that I don’t like adding a little heel to an outfit, I’ve just never been the shoe obsessed type of girl. And I do think there is a time and a place for the heel. Sometimes sitting in the middle of a film class just doesn’t call for a stiletto. Hell at least not for me. I’d rather not have my feet killing me, and having to worry about trying not to be clumsy!  I’d rather rock my flats and be able to do what I have to do, or in the case of an event (where rocking heels makes more sense) dance and truly enjoy myself…

But then again, as a girly girl I do understand, that sometimes an outfit just needs heels! Heels make an outfit go from cute to sexyyy!

And let’s be honest ladies…that’s a good feeling! 😉

Heels complete an outfit <3

Heels complete an outfit ❤

So my advice? Wear the heels (maybe not to school,) BUT bring BACKUP FLATS!!!! Trust me it’ll save your life (and your pinky toes!)

What can I say I was raised a practical chick! lol

However, shout out to all my girls who can rock heels to the fullest!

I applaud you!

She's wears heels like it's a sport: Lauren Nicole Photograph by Robert DeSantos Jr.

She wears heels like it’s a sport;         My girl- Lauren Nicole
Photograph by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Some of my favorite heels <3

Some of my favorite heels ❤

Strut off, and dance the night away (with or without your heels!)


Selena Gomez; A classy girl, in the trashy world of fame

“Women need to be more confident in who they are. It used to be the men had to be gentlemen in order to get one girl’s attention, and now it’s like reversed. Now it’s like they’re disrespectful and then they’re just kind of there, it’s crazy to me. That’s why my girls are my everything, and we’re not afraid to just be confident in who we are, and if a gentlemen can’t handle that…then that’s not my problem.”



Selena Gomez… an actress. a singer. and from what I can see a Disney star that is graciously embracing maturity. We’ve all seen the whole Disney star gone a rye time after time…in fact that very thing has been said recently about Miley Cyrus and her latest image change, yea let’s stick with that…image change. Nothing more, nothing less. I am staying out of that, lol. Selena-Gomez-Spring-Breakers-Germany-Premiere-Atelier-Versace-Pant-Suit-Casadei-Blade-Pumps-15

Anyhow, I am not writing this because I am a massive fan of Selena, although I am totally obsessed with her new single “Come & Get It,” it’s my jam! But I am honoring something that I feel has been misplaced in the eyes of fame these days and the young people who possess it.

Selena-Gomez-on-Wizards-Of-Waverly-Place.It seems that often when young stars start off in a very sheltered environment, for example Disney… when they make that break from it, they tend to go a little crazy, in efforts to rebel, and be seen differently from their once squeaky clean image.

But from what I’ve seen from Selena Gomez she is slowly making the transition from girl to woman, rather nicely and rather beautifully. She carries herself very well, she’s conservative enough to allow her younger fans time to adjust to her changing ways. She dresses sexy but not slutty. In interviews she is respectful and honest. She words things in a way that shows she is an intelligent young woman, with values and morals.

In any event she is also sassy, which I think is a trait every girl should embody. But just a pinch, not over done, where it makes people assume your bitchy. And by sassy I mean how she’s handled her very public, very personal breakup from Justin Bieber. Celebrities

Deuces ;)

Deuces 😉

justin-bieber-and-selena-gomez-break-up-470x313sometimes do everything in their power to avoid those situations, and I’m sure she’s done her fair share of that. But she has also made her little digs when the time was right, in a subtle way. For instance in interviews, or twitter/instagram pics, and my favorite singing a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a River,” it’s the celebrity breakup rite of passage! haha. And she’s so awesome, because she’s doing her thing with her girls! I think that after your heart gets broken all you should do is focus on you and worry about how to make yourself happy. And move on from the assholes that aren’t worth your time!  And I’m sorry but just because a girl is classy and carries herself with respect, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve to speak her mind. Even if it is publicly…because guess what, guys like to do it all the time, they talk crap, only difference is they do it in a more obvious and cruel way. Girls know how to dish out a dig with the most subtle yet classiest of ways. Do you girl! 😉

There’s also another reason I admire Ms. Gomez. She recently celebrated her 21st Selena-Gomez-21st-Birthday-Party-4birthday and while many young stars choose to get sloppy drunk and make a fool of themselves. Selena celebrated hers in style. She had a birthday filled week. First she made a Birthday music video with a bunch of friends. Then she went to a big L.A. dinner and lastly she rounded it out with a New York Gypsy themed party bus extravaganza, with tons of celebrity friends as guests. Now mind you that may come off as a little much for a classy, sweet, innocent young woman, but for someone who is never exploited by paparazzi for excessive (under-aged) drinking or doing drugs, or promiscuity, you can understand she is legally allowed to enjoy herself and drink away. And from the pictures you can tell she partied and enjoyed but did so responsibly. And she even worked the next day as she appeared that morning on “On air with Ryan Seacrest,” and on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and revealed her first legal drink of choice!

So that’s my point…when a once Disney star feels the need to break free, and grow up, and embrace their sexuality there are better ways to do so then just rebelling by acting out.  And Selena has graciously found the formula. She knows she is still selena-gomez-glamour-december-2012_2seen as a role model and chooses to honor that, even tough she is allowing herself to mature at a proper rate.

Even with her recent break out into more mature acting roles, Selena had chose to take a role as a New-Movie-Poster-for-Spring-Breakers-2013young impressionable girl named “Faith” in this past March’s, “Spring Breakers.” The amount of publicity this movie received was rather extensive due to it’s topic and due to the bikini posters floating about. And although I haven’t seen the film, I’ve heard mixed reviews. But never the less even though the film is said to involve drugs, drinking, sex, and violence, Selena chose to take the role in order to give herself new acting experience.

However, Selena’s character was said to be the tamest of all the girls. Selena was also kind enough to advise parents of her younger fans, not to allow them to see the film. I thought the way she handled that was really brave 77409-selena-gomez-agradecia-en-twitter-su-nominaciones-en-los-mtv-vma-2013and really spot on. I mean she can’t solely live her life for the benefit of others, and stay a Disney clean teen for life. She is growing up and in need of finding new experiences to find herself. But I think she values where she came from and who her younger fan base is, and she takes care of them by being a responsible role model.

Same goes for her music, her latest singles include “Come & Get It”, and “Slow Down”  which proves her music is maturing along with her, and so are it’s messages.  It’s all about her growing up. There are ways of being sexy without being deemed a slut, and I think regardless of how she dresses, the messages behind her seductive songs, the movies she makes, or the ups and downs of her personal life, she is still one of the most relatable yet one of the few classy girls left out there today.

Two of my favorite Selena Gomez Red Carpet looks!

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

So Selena Gomez keep up the good work, god speed…. and always stay classy.

And fellow Disney stars…take notes! *Kisses*



“Feud” Update

FeudSo as time is passing on I am slowly beginning to be able to gain a more humorous approach to this so called “break” I have been trying to accomplish, from my once super icon Justin Timberlake. And by trying, I mean I haven’t done the best job. The truth is our “break” didn’t last very long, (at most a week, at least a day… it’s all a blur.) His music (and yes I include *NSYNC in that) is back on my ears, his name on my lips, and his pictures and career updates on my electronics and my radar yet again. I just can’t help it! I’m a fan!9411859

That’s the thing when you love someone for their overall entertainment; you learn to accept the good and the bad. Although that “bad” is still in the back of my mind, I forgive but I don’t forget…its part of being a woman! Let me hear it ladies…. 😉 And needless to say, I meant everything I said in those other posts, he was wrong and acted like an ass, and I will call him on it, (and I was pissed so there’s that…) the best writing comes from fierce emotion, lol.


Nick, Joe, Kevin; The Jonas Brothers

I also consulted (yes consulted as if we’re colleagues in life) with a good friend of mine on the issue (yes it’s a grave issue) of “Fangirlin'” and she made me realize that it isn’t all in my head. My friend Michelle is a serious Jonas Brothers Fan, and I mean SERIOUS as serious as I am a J.T. fan she is a J.B. fan. Only difference is, if one pisses her off, she’s got 2 more to fall back on.8429_1258323619399_7610359_n

Joe Jonas is her favorite and she informed me that when there were certain rumors (or not really just rumors) or bad vibes following him and the choices he was making, she switched to fangirling over Kevin Jonas for the better part of an 8 month period. Which I found hysterical, but actually pretty normal considering when I was younger I switched over to JC, when Justin decided to rock those massive curls turned corn rows. Like seriously? Damn I was a shallow 10 year old, my apologies! 😉

Anyway…Michelle had the right idea, when you really are a fan of an artist, and they make you question why, it hurts and sometimes you need to remove yourself from a hurtful situation in order to cope. I’m aware fangirling_by_j_beom-d4ql5ekof the fact that not all of you fangirl, so I am definitely sounding like a lunatic to most. But I could care less! Fangirlin’ is my thing, at least I’m not smoking crack, give me a break! Lol. 😛

The only fault with Michelle’s plan, for me that is; there is no other Justin. Now don’t get me wrong the reunion of *NSYNC, has reconnected me with my favorite boy band (not that I ever really need an excuse to blast my *NSYNC playlist), and I am now totally falling in love with Lance Bass, but let’s be honest I’m not exactly his type, haha. I guess that’s why Lance gets it…he gets us crazy *NSYNC fans. He knows how to talk us down, and give us hope. And pretty sure he’s the one operating and updating the *NSYNC twitter account, he’s adorbs (and is gonna make the best hubby ever, congrats on your engagement handsome!).lance-bass-engaged-to-michael-turchin

Never the less, I’ll always keep the *NSYNC boys on my radar, but now that Justin is solo, there is no other equivalent. No suitable replacement.  Just before J.T. made his big comeback, I tried falling for the young Justin; Bieber. And for a while I have to admit, I was smitten, even saw him in concert! But now he’s acting up and I’m just not about to worry about dealing with that crap, lol.

Ok went off on a tangent there…where was I…oh right, fightthis whole concept where you whole-heartedly support everything an artist does, because you care, and you kind of slap this ever glowing halo on them where you think they can do no wrong.  And in some strange way they become part of your world, part of your family.

Everyone in my family knows I’m a Justin Timberlake fan; it’s just a known fact. I get texts from family members when he’s on TV just to make sure I’m watching, (I’m usually already watching, but that’s beside the point). They just know! The point is when you love someone’s work so much; the love extends to who they are. And I do love Justin (Timberlake). He’s kind of always been there, (minus that 7 year break where no one knew what cave he was hiding in, like seriously dude don’t ever leave me for that long again). He’s been a constant, someone I’ve grown up with.

The-evolution-of-Justin-TimberlakeI’ve seen him make his way fumbling through the weirdness of being a young man in the public eye along with the rest of *NSYNC. I’ve watched painfully as he broke away from *NSYNC and held my breathe praying for his safe return. I’ve watched him deal with heartbreak at its worst when he and Britney Spears called it quits. I’ve seen his phases go from boy band front-man, to R&B Michael Jacksonmc004 infused Justification of heartbreak stage, to the anti/epitome of pop where he made sex turn into love sounds through music, to his latest work which blends all those mentioned into one. I’ve seen him mold into an actor from roles in “The Social Network”  “Friends with Benefits” and “Trouble with the Curve,” amongst other films. I’ve watched him grow into his 30’s and become a married man, (despite my objections) sorry jess. 😉 I guess that’s my point… that because of this journey, I know that I have to keep this relationship going. Because if I don’t, well let’s be honest there’s no way I can turn my back on him now, it’s just getting good! (Seriously seeing him with a wedding ring on, is HOT, can’t wait to see him when he’s a dad!) I’m way too invested in all that is Justin Timberlake, but whatever, I gather I’m not the only one.

NSYNC%2BGoneBut I will say this; *NSYNC will always be in my heart and I pray that it is in his heart too, and I don’t mean just because he feels he has to make the acknowledgement, but because he truly values all they’ve done to get him to this point of success. And because he valued them as friends and the years of memories they made for themselves and for fans all over the world.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for answers, any answers, to just make me feel better about this whole 110 second *NSYNC performance and I know now that I’m never gonna get those answers. Because time and time again he floats around social media, doing countless media tours and he’d rather talk about Miley Cyrus’ twerking (like the rest of

Take THAT Miley Cyrus haha ;)

Take THAT Miley Cyrus haha 😉

the world) then actually owe up to the fact that he did his boys wrong. But whatever that’s his shit to swallow. I am just here as a fan. I love his work and to ignore that he’s a brilliant artist was never my intention with my previous “Post Vma” entries. I know he’s gifted, hell I’ve been a fan of his for more than half of my life, (the other half consisted of ya know being a baby and junk… a.k.a during his tumblr_inline_mhgmmt4blu1qz4rgpMickey Mouse years, where I was too young to even really know about it, lol). Gosh fangirling is exhausting, all the little things you feel you have to know, to call yourself a fan, I mean why can’t you just enjoy the music, right… like the rest of the world? Well, honestly it’s not my style.

When I love something, I really love something, and it really shows, I’m all in, and I wanna shout it to the world…. *god help my future boyfriends* haha. I don’t think there is any other artist who I have loved so consistently for this long, granted Britney Spears is always a favorite. But I have to say given the choice I’d choose him. I guess it all goes back to their breakup, as a fan you had to choose sides, and with Justin Timberlake running around singing “Cry me a river,”020_cry_me_a_river_britney_2002 my choice was made. Fangirls do not take lightly to other (especially famous) girls hurting their man! When they’re together, oh by all means we are happy for you, we think you are adorable and so in britney-justin-timberlake-spearslove, but the minute you do us, I mean him wrong, you are out, and it’ll never be the same.

I went through a little Britney break back then, tried to hate her, but gradually the hate faded and her music won me over, however, I still think what if? What if she hadn’t cheated… would they still be together…would she have had that meltdown… would they be married now… and would her kids be his??? I think so. I really do.

You know Justin tries to brush it off as puppy love, but if you ever see interviews or any footage of them together… holy god it was there, and you can’t fake that. jt and britneyThey were really in love; they were obsessed with each other. I feel like that’s a common thing Justin likes to do, belittle his past only to try and forget it, because he doesn’t like to look back. But if you ask me I still think that no matter what you never forget a love like that. And I still think in some ways he still holds onto her, in any sense I mean “Cry me a river” won’t ever let him forget. But granted I’m a Britney fan, none the less. They both seem happy in their lives and seem to be civil toward each other, but I must say my relationship with Britney Spears isn’t how it used to be. I just feel like even though she’ll always be iconic and always be talented, I just feel like her mindset has been altered because of the amount of fame her life has endured. And unfortunately, not everyone is able to block the world out, and that fame consumed her. It isn’t an untold story, and she isn’t the first to let fame rear its ugly head at the expense of her career, sanity and overall life. But she’s coping, and she has seemed to turn things around for herself, so GO BRITNEY! But do I think her life would have turned out much different if Justin were still in it… hell to the yes.

In any sense, my relationship with Justin will always win out, because at the end of the day I am a super fan, and will always be. But will always have love for the queen of pop, let’s be real she’s still got it!

britney laceyThere I go, going off on a Britney tangent, gosh when you hear


Could have been Brit :/

Justin you always think Britney, or at least I do! I guess now that I’ve had time to cool down and rationalize the fact that he’s actually human and not an angel sportin’ wings and a bright shiny halo, I have come to the consensus that once a fan girl always a fan girl. It’s all in how you carry the title. Sure… like his music, support his career, enjoy the obsession, but when shit hits the fan, and he acts like an ass…. It’s ok to be pissed, after all you’re a fan and fans are the opinions that actually count.

So Justin, I forgive your stupidity, but just don’t let it happen again. I love you; let’s give this thing another chance, shall we? 😉




Revised & Reformed

Justin Timberlake Fan


the beauty of photoshop 😉

(or Future Mrs. Timberlake… whichever is preferred) 😉

-“Break” Over-

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Lizzie McGuire; the original trendsetter

Lizzie McGuire... get inside her head!

Lizzie McGuire… get inside her head!

I was obsessed with Lizzie McGuire when I was in middle school, with all her funky clothes, hairdo’s and funny antics. I was always trying to wear things that I thought looked similar to her style even though I always felt like I looked more like Miranda, lol. 043e1fdb1c8ab67c712ef95889c6a03e7c1526c1Mismatched patterns, clunky shoes, colorful hair and hair pins, and funky book bags and purses were a thing of my generation! I’ll never forget I had this orange and white tie dye shirt and I loved it because I thought it looked like Lizzie’s shirt in the beginning credits only she wears it in blue! Lol, I was quite infatuated.r509449_2746891 I remember dying to try to get my hair to do that whole typical very Lizzie style, you know the whole bangs out, headband on thing. I don’t think i ever could get it quite right! I even wished for my own phone in my room, because of her, Gordo, and Miranda’s three-way phone calls! haha To me Lizzie was the original trendsetter, a girl who was close to our age, that we could relate to. And let’s do a quick shout out to the little tumblr_m5dlrjOtzw1qgwqw9o1_500Lizzie cartoon, she was hysterical, and now that I’m older I sit back and think, wow that was a really clever way for them to create her word bubble…she acted as Lizzie’s inner thoughts. Really cool!  I loved Lizzie, and so did my friends, every time there was a new episode my friends and I would watch it together. She was kind of a big deal for us! lol

I just gotta do a little Lizzie McGuire fav moments…real quick

Lizzie tries out for Best Dressed #styleshack


Lizzie’s Nancy Drew Whodunnit #jealousgordo


Lizzie gets  Zombie Clowned… #paybacksaB-kate


Lizzie’s Eleven #lizzie’sjamesbondmission #operationyearbookpics

I was in love with Lizzie’s outfit here #stayin’alive


Matt & Lenny’s Club Flamingo… #gordoandlizziehaveamoment


Those are some of my all time favorite eps…now onto the FASHION!!!!

Those crazy mismatched colors and patterns!

tumblr_mpqkhnm5iD1qho36to1_500 tumblr_mc9zfmT6ig1qzl1oeo1_500

Hair hair hair! (Lizzie (and Miranda) started that color trend)



Holy Crimping… ya’ll remember that?


Workin’ them bandana’s

tumblr_mmslon29Jj1r6qodso1_500 lm11


Yea Ok Lizzie 😉

Ok “Over Outtie” …

Keep Calm and Love Lizzie



HAHAHAHA my thoughts exactly Miranda! #NSYNC #mygirl

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