Other Writing Experience

NOTE: Links no longer available for viewing. Hard copies available in writer’s portfolio. If needed, please inquire. 🙂

**sfctoday.com (college newspaper)

Role: Writer/Reporter

Select Articles:

Textbook tips to avoid textbook terror

Signs they are a changing

Boy meets girl, boy gets it wrong…again

What makes you beautiful?  *also went to print edition

Don’t worry, there’s an app for that

Design a baby

**Brooklynfans.com (local website)

Role: Intern; Online Writer/Field Reporter; Cameraperson, Social Media Correspondent- facebook & twitter

Select Articles:

Our Brooklinterns’ night out…taking Viva Toro by the horns

Our Brooklinterns do the Mermaid Parade

SMORGASBURG…everything and more!

Zumba…need I say more, ladies?

**Home Reporter/Brooklyn Media Group (local paper)

Role: Intern; Online Writer/Field Reporter


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