Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 3 Part 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction


**New Character Alert**

Kelly...The Wife

Kelly…The Wife

Reeves- The Mob Boss

Reeves- The Mob Boss

Lexie sits in the back seat of a private car service


Lexie’s Voice Over:

They never tell you what it’s going to be like. When I was a little girl, all I knew was I idolized my father. I thought he was so cool walking around in his fancy suits, giving those who worked for him just a look, and they’d be at his beck and call. He didn’t even have to say a word, they just did what he wanted. I always thought he was so powerful. It was a side of him that I was fascinated by, but a side of him that also made me fear him in a way I’d never feared him before. After all this was the same man who would give me cookies and milk when I’d come home school, who would tuck me in for bed but never before reading me my favorite bed time story, the same man who would be front row and center at every single one of my dance recitals cheering the loudest out of everyone. Growing up he was my hero. And because of this, I thought it best to follow in his footsteps and work for the family business. Back then, that’s all I knew of it. That we were a family and that you fight for the ones you love. But like I said before, they never tell you what it’s going to be like. And as I grew older, I began to see that same fearful side of my father in myself. The more and more I became invested in this so called business, the more I felt obligated to use my ability to instantly instill fear in someone. That’s when I knew I had to change it. And that change came in the face of one man. And although I may not be able to truly have him, I know that he’s worth fighting for, and so with everything in me I vow to protect him, and I vow to save her.All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7746822-1024-576

Lexie leans forward to the driver

Lexie: Remember if I’m not out in 15 minutes…

The driver nods, and Lexie takes a deep breathe before getting out of the car. She grabs her briefcase and holds her gun in front of her and walks slowly further around the back of the warehouse


Lexie peers around the corner and through the darkness sees a small window below as if it’s a basement window and through the 1174630_187583834758315_811786148_ndarkness she sees her tied to a chair, blindfolded.kelly blindfolded

Lexie’s Voice Over:

She isn’t how I pictured her, at all. Blonde, thin build, but very beautiful, and scared. The only thing I could see was Carter’s face. And in that moment I knew I wouldn’t be the one to tell him that his wife couldn’t be saved.

Lexie scans the perimeter. She peers through the window Carter’s wife seems to be alone at the moment.

Lexie puts her gun in her pants and reaches into her brief case; she removes a small blade looking object and a glass circular object. Placing the glass object against the window she traces it with the blade; allowing part of the window to pop out. Lexie reaches her hand in and unlocks the window, opening it all the way, she uses a nearby piece of wood to hold it open. She slowly and cautiously proceeds to make her way into the basement. Once her feet hit the crowd. Carter’s wife straightens up hearing the sound.

Lexie slowly walks over, making sure to keep hidden in the shadows, scanning the room once more.

Lexie approaches Kelly, covering her mouth with one hand, she removes her blindfold with the other.

Kelly fights it and then sees her20091230_JBerman_GHSneakPeek_463x300

???????????????????????????????????????Lexie: (whispers) Shhh, I’m here to help you. You’re Carter’s wife right?

Kelly nods her head

Lexie: Don’t worry ok, I’m gonna get you out of here.

She starts to untie her

Kelly: Who are you?

Lexie: (Smiling) Let’s just worry about getting you out of here first ok.

Lexie fully unties Kelly and the two make their way to the window.

Lexie: Listen to me, When you get up there, you’ll be at the back of the building, there’s a brief case on the floor with a gun in it, take it, and then walk a ways down the road, you’ll see a black car. Get in the back seat, and tell the driver to take you to the hotel.

7886_2725751Kelly: What hotel?

Lexie: Don’t worry he knows which hotel. Now go.

Kelly: What about you?

Lexie: I have some unfinished business here.

Kelly: I don’t understand…

Lexie: You shouldn’t, now go…gh-02-02-12-2

Kelly: Hey thanks uh…what’s you’re name?

Lexie: Lexie.

Kelly: Thank you Lexie, you saved my life.

Lexie: Don’t thank me yet, just go while you still can.Brooke-Davis-7x16-Screencap-brooke-davis-12935170-1280-720

Lexie gives her a boost and she makes it out of the window.

Lexie looks around the basement… she sees a door at the far end and makes her way to it.

Lexie slowly tests if it’s open, it’s not. She reaches into her jacket pocket and removes a lock picking tool. The door budges open as she makes her way through it quietly. Her gun poised in front of her.

Lexie scans her surroundings.

She makes her way up the nearest staircase quietly. At the top of the stairs she pauses by a door. She presses her ear up against it. She hears two voices.3x11

“But Sir, I thought you said that Ms. Lexie would have figured it out by now, we’re running out of time, the police may be onto us…”

“Give it just a while longer, my daughter’s very smart, she’ll put it together soon enough, and don’t you worry about the police… have I ever gotten caught before,” (small chuckle).

Lexie’s Voice Over:

Everything I’ve ever known, everything I’ve ever felt towards my father came crashing down, and I knew what my gut had been telling me all along, that my father had done this. My next move had to be smart. Because there are just some things a family can’t come back from.

Lexie knocks on the door slightly.

A guard opens the door, with a look of shock.

Lexie: I need to speak to my father.All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7747761-1024-576

Guard: Ms. Lexie?  (looks back at his boss.)

Reeves nods

Lexie storms in

Lexie: I’m glad I have your approval, you know to enter my own father’s office, (sitting across from him.)

GH_240x320_0Reeves: Princess, how good it is to see you. How’s everything going?

Lexie: Don’t even try it. I hear you’ve been expecting me, (glaring at him.)

Reeves: I understand you may be upset with me…

Lexie: How could you? After everything that happened here, how could you make me come here!

Reeves: The location was just a matter of convenience. It wasn’t the point I was trying to make. I wasn’t trying to hurt you, princess.

Lexie: And what was the point you were trying to make daddy? (that last word sounds like a curse and Reeves doubles back like he’s been hit)

Reeves: He isn’t for you.

Lexie: Oh my god! Are you kidding me? You went through all of this just to keep me away from Carter! Are you insane?

Reeves: You wouldn’t listen to reason so I had to dramatize things a bit.All-Tomorrow-s-Parties-3x14-brooke-davis-7747578-1024-576

Lexie: A bit? You kidnapped his wife!

Reeves: Kidnapped is a bit much…

Lexie: You held her against her will,  kept her in a dark basement, tied to a chair and blindfolded for over a week.

Reeves: Ok fine, but she was fed, allowed to use the bathroom, she was never hurt, never. The ropes and blindfold were just so she would quit trying to escape. We just needed to hold her long enough to lure you here. I knew Carter would come to you once he hadn’t heard from his beloved, dutiful wife. And I knew you’d wanna play the hero. And I knew he’d let you.

Lexie: (ignoring those hurtful words) You could have just called me. Jesus, I have been making myself sick over this! I didn’t know if this was you, or if this was Skully playing one of his sick games!

Reeves: I didn’t mean to make you scared, or worried. I just wanted you to listen. It was the only way I thought of to get you here and to maybe get through to you.

Lexie: Fine, well I’m here, so talk… (crossing her arms.)

Reeves: Carter isn’t the guy for you.

Lexie: So you’ve said…

Reeves: Not only is he married, which should be reason enough to stay away…but he’s also got quite an interesting history.

Lexie: (laughs sarcastically) You’re kidding me right? This all coming from a man who is just completely sin free.

Reeves: Lexie, please, look I know that I haven’t set the best example for you. But I am begging you don’t make the same mistakes I did, don’t let your heart cloud your reason. Because you’ll only end up hurting. Carter isn’t who you think he is.

Lexie: Wha- what does that even mean…We all have interesting histories. I mean really with our family background, we have no room to judge.

Reeves: No Lexie you don’t understand. Carter hasn’t been completely honest with you.

Lexie: What are you talking about?Maurice_Bernard_as_Sonny_Corinthos

Reeves: Lexie… Carter is Skully’s son.

Lexie’s face drops

hqdefaultLexie: Why would you say that?

Reeves: Princess…

Lexie: NO…you’re lying…

Reeves: Lexie…I wouldn’t lie to you about this.

Lexie: Yes…yes you would. Just like you lie about everything else. You lie dad, that’s what you do, and you just do it so that everything and everyone can be around to serve you, and do as you see fit. Well you know what, I’m done. (stands up angrily)

Reeves: Lexie, I’m just trying to protect you.

Lexie: Ok fine. Say you’re telling the truth. Then why the hell would you kidnap his wife! I mean are you fishing for a retaliation. Because I don’t know if you remember, but the last time we went to war with Skully it didn’t end too well.angry lexiesonny

Reeves: I understand Skully is a sensitive subject for you, for us. But I just thought if I orchestrated this whole thing, that maybe it’d scare some sense into Carter, and let him know to back off. Let him know that we’re onto his little schemes.

Lexie: So you think that he’s been infiltrating our business this whole time? You think that he’s been using me…

Reeves: I do, and I think that getting close to you was his way to keep Skully one step ahead of us.

Lexie: I don’t believe that, I can’t, it just doesn’t feel right.

Reeves: Here you are saving  the wife of the man you love… and he probably doesn’t even care that you’d risk your life just to make him happy.

Lexie: That’s not true. You don’t know Carter.

Reeves: Maybe you don’t either.

Lexie looks away about to cry

Reeves: Lexie, I’m trying to prevent you from getting your heart broken, or worse…You know what that family is capable of.

Lexie: Thanks for the heads up  (leaves the room slamming the door shut.)

She stalks past the guard and rushes out the front door.

As Lexie leaves the building she makes her way to the garage, walks over to one of the cars, leaning down she removes the keys from the tail pipe, opens the door and hopes in. She drives away. As she’s driving she dials Brice.

Will Lexie believe her father or will her feelings for Carter cloud her judgement?

Will Lexie believe her father or will her feelings for Carter cloud her judgement?

STAY TUNED!… As we start Chapter 4… Will Lexie confront Carter?

And how will Carter react to Lexie rescuing his wife?

Still to come, Much More on Lexie’s  past with Joe


Lexie & Joe

Lexie & Joe

**I do not take credit for ANY of the images, gifs, or photo-shopped images

used, all belong to their rightful owners!**

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Find Your Home


find your home post-it-note

I often sit and wonder

Am I just severely out of the loop

Are my interests simply less important then the rest

I may not know everything

I may be bad at geography

and even worse with directions

I may be sucky in math

And even worse in science

I may not even know my true place on earth yet

But I will find it

I like to write

But hate to read

And if you ask me to tell you my favorite author or writer

I’d probably say something like Eric Carl

I love Music

But barely listen to radio

And my love of lyrics will never fade

I studied film and video in college

And found my love leaned toward screenwriting and storytelling instead

I studied film and video in college

But haven’t even seen half of the movies I probably should

In fact some may say I have the worst taste in movies ever

And if you ask me to tell you my favorite director or screenwriter

I’d probably make something up

But it wouldn’t be the truth

It wouldn’t be what truly inspires me

Note to self…

I may not know where my place is yet

But I know I will find it

Note to self…

Don’t change for anyone

Note to self…

Don’t be shy

love what you love

There is a forum and a fan-base

for everything and everyone

you just have to find them…

find where you belong,

because once you do

it’ll always feel like home

So find your home

It’s waiting for you

You just might have to crawl through a few mazes

Climb a dozen ladders

And cross a few alligator lurking swamps to find it

But it’s there

And when you see it

When you see that door

Simply, knock on it


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Find your home.


The 2013 American Music Awards

Ok so let’s get down to business, I live for these music shows, but unlike the Video Music Awards, The American Music Awards are always better, classier, and SHORTER! lol. It’s performance-award-performance-performance-award  pattern makes for a smoother show and a less boring one! This year’s 41st AMAs… had a hell of a performance list. However I’m just going to shine a light on my performance highlights.

Justin Timberlake

(as per usual… the main reason I watch!)

So let’s start with the JUSTIN NEWS first shall we?…

He won 3 out of the 5 awards he was nominated for including…

JT first award

The FIRST award of the night for Favorite Pop/Rock Male

Favorite Soul/R&B Artist

Favorite Soul/R&B Album

***Was proud to see him make it all about praising his fans tonight (along with cracking a few jokes, you’d think he was the host [and he should have been!] sorry but Pitbull just frustrates me!) …you know where it’s at J.T.*** #support


AND his performance was kick ass!

As he sang a new song off The 20/20 Experience Vol.2- “Drink You Away”


In which he took to the stage and said “We’re J.T. and the Tennessee Kids, this is a song about alcohol.”

I was a little bummed to see him not win the other two awards he was nominated for, but I mean my girl

I mean "RED" is an amazing album, it's well deserved!

I mean “RED” is an amazing album, it’s well deserved!


Taylor Swift won Artist of the Year and I am happy for her, but if it was up to me Best Pop/Rock Album would have went to JT instead of One Direction, I’m just sayin’…although I did enjoy the boys performance of their new song “Story of my life.”  I’m seriously vibin on that song, LOL.

I wanna be Justin's bestie? :/

I wanna be Justin’s bestie!  :/

Any who it wasn’t a surprise that the night pretty much belonged to Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift, they were the night’s biggest winners. The two were joking and being super adorable the whole night. Taylor presented Justin with his first award and he graciously offered her his arm upon exiting the stage and even uttered a “Taylor you look lovely tonight,” during his acceptance speech. During the acceptance of another award as he passed Taylor they turned to each other and had a very “OMG [I won]” fangirl moment. It was actually the cutest thing ever! And I am SO jealous of her, because I know that she is like my age and is a huge fan and I’m just like OMG can we switch places, T-swift, hook it up! 😉

And to my dismay Justin skipped out on the red carpet and attended the Award show sans Jessica Biel. I mean what the hell is that about? First she doesn’t come out during the vma’s (ok yea fine she was backstage, but still it was a big night for him she could have sat in the damn audience) and then she’s no where to be found tonight. I just don’t understand. And I noticed, Justin was not 2013 American Music Awards - Showonly sans Jessica, but sans wedding ring as well, I’m just sayin’. This couple is bonkers. They are both beautiful and famous and in love…why don’t they ever just show that! They always have beautiful things to say about each other in interviews (esp. with Ellen, lol). But when it comes to public events they act like strangers. I mean I understand the whole privacy aspect, and I’m not saying share your most intimate details (I mean whatever, he already wrote two albums about that ;)) But I’m just sayin’ it’d be nice to see her actually support her husband socially! I mean she has the guy every girl wants, appreciate it girl! But hey that’s just how I see it, she seems like she makes an amazing wife, and he definitely seems like he’s an amazing husband, and whatever works for them! To each they’re own. I just often wonder if it ever bothers Justin? I know it’d bother me if the person I love wasn’t there physically, to support me. Just throwing it out there, lol. (No this is not another post award show feud brewing…hahaha)

And I’m not saying all of this because I am naive enough to think that they are breaking up, I mean I highly doubt that, they are human and can go places separately. It’s just a matter of frustration, because it seems to be a pattern with them. But then again what if she’s pregnant…oh my god, I’m just starting shit now aren’t I? I think I’d die! ahah Ok I’ll stop, enough speculation. But the whole no wedding band and never thanking her in speeches is kinda disrespectful JT, haha. If you were my husband I’d be a little pissed off about that. Jessica Biel must have gotten the message via twitter, when fans began wondering about her absence in which she replied…

jessica biel why you no there

Good for you girl 😉

My other favorite moments had to include


Jennifer Lopez‘ Tribute to Latin singer Celia Cruz which was freakin’ AMAZING, she sported 3 beautiful outfits and danced her ass off, not to mention Justin Timberlake’s applause after was… the. best. reaction. ever. (standing ovation from the president of pop) see what happens when you’re not around Jessica 😉

I’m just kidding…in fact Justin probably just went straight home after the show to be with her…after all they’ve been touring together since the beginning of this month.

Oh ya see, what a sweet husband

Oh ya see, what a sweet husband

Justin also tweeted, facebooked, and instagramed this little gem today!

The caption read "Thank you, thank you, and thank you..!! #AMAS"

The caption read “Thank you, thank you, and thank you..!! #AMAS”

Ariana Grande‘s performance was beautiful…what a voice…Watch HERE

2013 American Music Awards E

She also won the Favorite New Artist award! I was so happy for her!

And OMG you guys TLC performed (with Lil mama) in honor of Lisa Left eye, and they sang WATERFALLS, I swear I had a moment there, it was so beautiful and I was just reminded of how much I LOVE that song!


And last but not least Miley Cyrus closed the night with “Wrecking Ball” and a Cat inspired theme, which I really didn’t get what the relationship between the crying cat in space to her and her cat printed two-piece latex outfit, had to do with that heartbreaking song… but never the less, girl has a voice and I love that song. She actually surprised me on the red carpet and I was kind of proud to see that she classed it up, wearing a simple white suit and little make up. Granted she wore nothing under the blazer, but I still think there’s that fine line between slutty and sexy and I’m happy to see she didn’t cross it. But like I’ve said before, to each her own, Miley’s doing her thing and she knows what she’s doing and she knows what’s going to get talked about and what’s going to keep her relevant. So if you ask me, she’s a business woman, strategizing.

Miley Cyrus

My Fashion picks of the night have to be

Taylor Swift


This is just so different for her. I mean she always looks classy and beautiful no matter what, but I just feel like she usually opts for the really overly mature long gown. And it was nice to see her in something young, shiny, sexy, girly and flirty. She still looked classy and I just think she stole it for me, as far as the fashion goes.






Katy Perry


And I also liked Katy Perry’s red carpet look, it isn’t anything I would personally like, but I just thought she looked really elegant and sweet. I may not be the biggest Katy fan, but when she was interviewed and asked about her current status on twitter, (she is now the most followed person,) she said something that I really loved. Katy said that she feels the reason why she’s gained so many follows is because she “never has anyone speak for her, no one is running her twitter but her,” and she feels fans can relate better to her that way, and doesn’t agree with others who have their team tweet for them. I totally agree with that, it pisses me off so much when I see Team J.T. tweeting on Justin’s account. It just can feel like a slap in the face to a fan, like he doesn’t care to tweet himself. But then again, I think Justin is just starting to utilize Twitter, and realizing he’s gotta get on that. After all twitter wasn’t even a thing back when he started with *NSYNC and still wasn’t  even in existence during his first two solo albums, Haha. Oh my little eletronically challenged man! 😉

Oops I did it again, I guess it always comes back to Justin doesn’t it? lol 😀

And can I just say quickly that I LOVE the nail cam, like omg I wanna walk a red carpet event so bad, just so I can walk the nail cam red carpet with my manicure! ahah I think that is just the cutest thing ever!


And that’s all I have to say about the AMA’s…it was a good show, and definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already, but I live for this kind of shit, so if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s cool too.

Happy Monday!

Buy your turkey yet? …seriously I can’t even wait for Thanksgiving! 😀


Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 3 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


Due to explicit dialogue.

Due to explicit dialogue.

**New Character Alert**

Meet Lexie’s Lackeys…





2 & 1/2 hours since Lexie left…

Carter sits in a dimly lit hotel roomRyan-Gosling-007

One security guard sitting across from him

Another guarding the door

Carter: This is insane, you do realize that right?

Brice: We’re just doing our jobs, Mr. Carter.

Carter: I don’t care about your damn job, I need to get out of here, and go save the woman I love.

Joe: And which woman would that be…

Carter glares at him

Brice: We are under strict orders from Ms. Lexie herself to keep you here until she orders otherwise.

Carter: And while you’re doing that…she’s out there alone…trying to save my wife! Anything can happen to either of them!

Joe: Rest assure Lexie is fully equipped to handle anything that comes her way, but she’ll be taken care of don’t you worry. -Jensen-jensen-ackles-30582603-800-450

Carter looks at him suspiciously

Carter gets up and they both jolt

Carter: I’m going to take a leak…is that allowed?

Joe: Just be quick about it.

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter looks back and glares at him

He gets in the bathroom and pulls out his phone


Carter worries for Lexie’s safety…

He dials Lexie’s number

It goes straight to voice mail

Carter looks around the bathroom searching for an exit strategy

He walks toward the bathroom window and opens it, it’s a steep way down

There’s a pounding on the door

Joe: It doesn’t take that long to piss.

Carter opens the door in frustration

Joe: You wouldn’t be trying to plot your way out of here, would you?

Carter glares again

Joe: Because I’d advise you not to. (His tone dripping in threatThe Ides of March7-20110818-252)

Carter: You think you frighten me… (he laughs)

Carter walks over to the couch sitting down he checks his watch

Joe: Gotta be somewhere?

Carter: You’re funny.

Brice finally hears from Lexie

Brice finally hears from Lexie

Brice’s cell phone rings and Carter’s eyes jolt up.

Brice: Hello, boss?… Yes he is safe…everything on our end is fine. Have you reached your destination?…Ok boss you got it.

Carter: What’d she say? Is she ok? (swiftly standing up.)

Joe: Sit down.

Carter: I’m sorry maybe you missed the part where I don’t take orders from you…

Joe: Lexie hired us. What we say, you do.Walkin' After Midnight

Brice: Joe. Dial it back.

Joe backs off reluctantly

Brice: Ms. Lexie is ok.

Carter: Thank god. Did she say anything about my wife?



Joe: Ah the many women …. (he taunts from the sidelines as he sips a glass of whiskey)

Brice: (attempting to keep the peace) No Mr. Carter, She didn’t mention your wife yet.

Carter: How is my relationship with either woman any of your damn business?

Joe: It isn’t really, but see what I can’t understand (he walks closer) is how Lexie could fall for a pathetic whimp of a man like you.

crazystupidlovetrlr01videostill480Brice: Joe.

Joe: No no I mean really…come on Brice, we all think it. Lexie is a powerhouse, she’s not built to deal with cowards like him.

Carter laughs sarcastically

Carter: Ah now I get it.

Brice: Can we stop now, can we? This is childish high school bullshit.

Carter: Oh I agree. It’s really pathetic how you are pining after a woman that doesn’t want you. And you hate me, because I have what you want.

Joe glares at Carter

Carter: Am I right? I’m right, right? (smiling sarcastically, taunting Joe.) I mean because really, it must eat you up to see beautiful, driven, “powerhouse” Lexie fall all over pathetic little me, and not even give you a second glance…

Joe: Shut up.dean-suit

Carter laughs

Carter: And now you get the all star job of babysitting the man she loves. Ah the irony. (smiles pouring himself a glass of whiskey and holding it up in the air as a mock cheers before sipping it.)

tumblr_m44tu3zRLP1qc4bg8o1_500Brice: Ok are we done?

Joe: You think you’re so much better than me, don’t you? (his tone laced with hate)

Carter: You know what, up until today I didn’t even really know you. I mean aside from a few random run-ins at work, I wouldn’t even have known you existed. But then again, Lexie’s never really mentioned you either, so there’s that.

Joe: You don’t know anything about my relationship with Lexie.

Carter: Or lack there of, (shrugs, with a smirk on his face). You know what though Joe, I have to say, even then just seeing you once or twice around the office, I knew I didn’t like you.

Joe: Well the feeling is mutual, (a cold and deadly stare).

Carter: But now that I do know you, I’m thinking yea, I am better then you. (He shrugs) And Lexie seems to think so too.

Joe lunges at him punching him in the jaw.


Carter doubles back after the blow a bit. His mouth begins to bleed, but the hit wasn’t enough to alter Carter’s stance.



Brice tries to mediate the craziness…

Brice: Jesus! Joe, what the hell! (puts himself between the two.)

Back the fuck off, do you wanna get fired…because of your stupidity?

Joe: He’s taunting me.

Brice: And you started it.

Joe glares at him

Joe: I won’t have him thinking he’s better for her.


There’s a lot Joe has been holding back, just how well does he know Lexie?

Brice: This is your job. Remove the emotion from it.  Leave that shit at home! God how many times do I have to remind you of that!

Joe: She belongs with me. You know that. Everyone knows, even her father!

Brice: That was a long time ago man you have to let it go. This is your job and as much as you hate it, your job is to make sure that he stays safe. Just think of how much she’d hate you if we let anything happen to him. Do you want that?

Joe: No, of course not.

Brice: Ok, then that’s it. Suck it up. You don’t have to like him, just stand there and guard the door. I’ll deal with the rest.

They both turn around to find the room empty, and the hotel room door open.


Poor Brice…turned his back for one second…

Brice: You’ve got to be kidding me, SHIT! (runs off in a hurry, Joe reluctantly in tote.)

Still to come where's Lexie?

And what has Lexie gotten herself into this time?

Stay Tuned!  As we round out Chapter Three, we’ll find out where Lexie  is

and the truth will begin to unravel about her past with Joe…

Plus Will Lexie make it in time to save Carter’s wife???


The many layers of Lexie...there's still so much Carter doesn't know...

The many layers of Lexie…there’s still so much Carter doesn’t know…

**I do not take credit for ANY of the images, gifs, or photo-shopped images

used, all belong to their rightful owners!**

Happy Weekend!


“Miss Representation”

“Miss Representation” Discussion



props to Jennifer for creating such an amazing piece of knowledge and insight…


Ok, so like many of you out there I get on my Netflix sprees, where I scroll through the many selections trying to find some mind numbing pleasure that will somehow allow my mind even the slightest escape from life’s stresses. Instead what kept haunting me was something far greater. A documentary entitled “Miss Representation.” I had seen this in passing several times and then one day recently one of my favorite inspirations (actress, writer, and director) Kimberly McCullough tweeted about it!

An example of how social media can be used to spread value

An example of how social media can be used to spread value

And it was once again back on my radar. So I set myself up for greatness and I watched it, being impacted and knowing I would want to blog about this, I ferociously typed notes into my cell phone not wanting to miss any key points when discussing such a powerful piece.

The documentary starts off with a bit of a narrative from the director and you get a sense of her story and why she felt driven to create this documentary. It becomes clear that her aim is to create a better world for her daughter’s growing generation. And throughout this powerful journey we see many powerful, independent, positively influential woman in media share their opinions and their insights. It’s an array of TV personalities, actresses, women in politics, news anchors, activists, the list is endless. But what makes this even more human is the fact that there are opinions of young high school students (both girls and boys) who are at the root of this generation’s media tyranny. When you see these children who are entering young adulthood, noticing how media distorts the image of women and makes us into something that is more so thought of as objects rather than human beings, you start to realize that something needs to be done about this. And this documentary takes a stand against just that.

There were so many things said and discussed about how media views woman. This idea that woman are not to be images of empowerment but just to serve as an aspect of beauty, or an accessory to a man an his success. And if that image isn’t just perfect as the media portrays model in magazines, and on billboard ads, and in commercials, then they are just simply unworthy. Which is a total crock of shit! Sorry but this is a subject that just fires me up, so I make no apologies for my bold language or opinion!

As a young woman who hopes to one day be part of the tv and film industry, I don’t ever want any young girl or woman, or young boys to be made to feel like they aren’t good enough or that because of how they look they aren’t to be made to feel valued and special. Everything I write and film, I want to have a positive and meaningful impact. And I think because of this documentary I have opened my eyes a lot more, to the possibility of change for a better future for this and further generations to come.

Speaking of media being a devilish impact on today’s youth, I witnessed a few horrifying images in this film. Granted let it be known, these were included to make a point! But they showed images of a young girl (probably no older then 7 years old) being spray tanned for a beauty competition! Probably from a show resembling that of “toddlers in tiaras.” Like, what? See right off the bat you are teaching girls, babies in fact, that how they look as they are, is just not good enough.

Speaking of this idea of not being good enough and being compared to media models…understand this… that even models are photo-shopped and fabricated to fit an even higher standard of beauty, in fact an unattainable one.


Media tyranny extends as far as the news…in fact especially news. The way women news anchors and women in politics are degraded and their intellectual abilities are made out to be far less important. Instead their physical appearance is made the front and center topic. And why is this? Katie Couric was the first major women anchor, and her appearance was continuously scrutinized. Instead of discussing her ability to do her job and do it well, what she wore and her legs became the major topic. And this is NEWS? If that’s what we call news, then we need to redefine the word, immediately. Other news anchors were showcased in cleavage bearing shirts, showing us that true women of journalism were being degraded for what can only be deemed as a cheap rating boost. When what the woman giving the news is wearing becomes more important and more talked about then the billions of people starving in the world there is a problem with media! Scrutiny of women in news and in media in general are solely based on their physical appearances and their personal relationships outside the workplace. When people weren’t talking about Katie Couric showing too much sexy leg, they were talking about her dating a younger guy. When instead they should be focusing on her intellectual ability to deliver a powerful news story. Katie explained how she found it difficult trying to conform to both being pleasingly appearing to viewers, but remain professional. And because she even has to worry about this just goes to show how the media sends mixed messages to women, telling them that they have to be everything in order for their opinion to even be considered.

Tv talk show host Rachel Maddow, joked about her lack of appeal to some people, how she refuses to conform to the media’s ideal image and how she doesn’t wish to dumb herself down to that level. She said instead that rather then doll herself up she’d rather you “focus on what I’m saying, not how I look,” and focus on how she’s been doing her show this way for years and won’t be changing, that once you get over that fact, then maybe you’ll listen. I personally adored that. I think so many of us worry about looking a certain way, to in some way appease the views of men, but when it comes to voicing our opinions and sticking up for our rights, we either get hushed by men, or we get intimidated and slink back.

One woman running for office even went onto explain how she was asked “well if you are elected who will take care of your children?” She later said “if I were a man no one would be asking me this question.” And why is that? Because a women’s only place is to be a child bearer, to take care of the house hold responsibilities and to tend to her husband. Give me a freakin’ break. A woman, who is strong and determined both as a mother, and or a career woman, should be thought of as sexy. That’s what sexy should really be thought of as. A man should want the women in his life to achieve greatness, and not beat them down because of it. So what if that intimidates you, get over it, men have been holding their power and status over women since the dawn of time. And it is only right and natural for women to want to break free from those chains and make a name for themselves. Because they deserve to and because it is their right not only as women but as humans.

Both Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton were degraded and misrepresented during their times running for office. The documentary showcased how Senator Hillary Clinton was once headlined as Mrs. Clinton resulting in an attempt to demean her own personal accomplishments in politics and letting her be known solely as the former president’s wife. She was portrayed as a bitch because of her strong determined persona. While Sarah Palin tried to take a different route and remain a mother and likeable woman of the people, and got clobbered on as well. She was pornafied and looked at for her appearance. As you can see both ways failed and the public refused to embrace either strategy. When things like that happen, it’s no wonder, women at times feel they can’t speak their minds, because it’s almost as if no matter what we do, what we say, what we wear, who we are, is just not good enough. Because well we are just not men. It’s as simple as that.


No…but it IS wrong

They say women are too emotional, which causes them to be irrational and base their decisions off that irrationality, and that it isn’t appropriate in politics and media. Well maybe it’s that emotion that gives us humility that this world needs. Being a compassionate person should only enable you to be a better, more invested leader. A leader who wishes the best for the people they lead. Another problem of media is focused on men. This idea that men need not be emotional creatures. I think when young boys are subject to that notion; it makes them case themselves in a hard shell, an exterior that enables them to be incapable of true rational communication with women. And understanding emotion should never make you less of a man. And maybe if fathers and other male role models spent more time promoting that, then seeing how many half naked super models they can cram into commercial breaks during football season…maybe then the future men of this generation won’t be so susceptible to the degrading and scrutiny of women.

This idea that men dominate politics and leadership roles, go to show that maybe that’s the major problem with media, or rather one of the many major problems. Throughout the documentary they showed statistics of women in all fields. And statistics show that the women’s perspective in media is seriously low. In order for media to change and to stop damaging the minds of young girls everywhere, (and young boys as well) there needs to be a greater women input. There should be more women in politics, more women directors, and writers, and more women in news, and advertising and more women in media in general. And men should want to lobby for that, and want to create that greater more humanized approach. After all we are all human, and female or male, it shouldn’t matter.

The film and tv industries alone are male dominated, and so when you see these movies and tv shows revolving around a male protagonist and his conquest, its generally written and directed by a man. This entire point made in the documentary definitely made me think. The women featured went on to describe when a woman seems to be a protagonist, or a bad ass chick in a film, it’s often times, that she is wearing a scantily designed leather body suit or revealing outfit of some kind, that really isn’t detrimental to her role and ways of saving people. One of the women described this as “the fighting fuck toy,” this woman serves for the eyes of the male viewer. They serve as sex objects and body props. Or then there is the bitchy boss storyline that falls into the pattern of a woman who has given up having a family for the sake of achieving success and throughout the film there’s a man or others vowing to knock her down a peg, because of this. The documentary also goes onto explain how there are seldom dynamic female roles offered.   Women need to tell their stories. Women have voices of their own, and although it’s been relentlessly stifled and cast aside for years, I think it’s about time that shit changes! The documentary goes on to explain that women need not be sexualized to feel empowered and that women have come a long way from the days where their appearance was considered the only power they had. However, although we’ve come a long way, we still have a long ways to go.

Another woman featured was director Catherine Hardwick. Best known for directing “Thirteen” and the first installment of the “Twilight” series. She brought up the valid point that she wasn’t asked to direct any further twilight films, and when she asked why she was told “it’d be better directed by a man.” She also made another valid point that if a man could go on to direct sex and the city, why couldn’t she continue directing the twilight films. It’s the media beasts’ way of saying we just don’t want a woman director. The documentary quoted the phrase I’ve heard a good amount of times when taking my writing and screenwriting classes, “write what you know,” and as I said before, women need to write their own stories and tell our sides of things, and how we see the world. Because sure call us more emotional, more irrational, well that’s what is going to get to a person, it’s going to have an impact on other people, and hopefully many other women and girls. And hopefully it will give them the incentive to strive for more, and to support each other, support other women. The documentary goes on to say that if women don’t stick up for other women, no one else will.

There was a quote displayed that said

“You can’t be what you can’t see”

So it’s difficult for young girls to grow up to have that drive in them to strive for greatness, to strive for becoming both a powerful and intelligent woman, rather then just focusing on how they look to others. Young girls can’t be that if they don’t see it happening before them. Because of the poor role models the media presents for all the world to see and to idolize, “young girls and woman are brought up to be fundamentally insecure.” They need to be surrounded by positive influences. And if they aren’t they need to strive to be those who do the inspiring, there is a first person to lobby for each and every cause.

These dehumanizing and stereotypical assumptions placed upon women, are just overbearing and it has a sickening impact on many young girls and women today. In the form of eating disorders and other disorders. And as a young woman myself, I can completely understand why, and I understand the pressure put upon us all. And it just isn’t fair. In fact a few years ago I wrote an article for my college newspaper, discussing media’s violent affect on body image, and know that I’ve seen this documentary I realize this issue is still continuous an still prominent. But what I don’t understand, is this toxic waste that men plant upon women. Men need to understand something. A woman brought you into this world. No matter how it was done, no matter which woman carried you, you came from a woman. A woman gave you life. You would not be here; you would not be even half as successful or powerful if she had not done so. You would not even exist. Understand that. And understand that she did not carry you for 9 months, dealing with physical transformation, and morning sickness for you to turn into an ignorant misogynistic asshole. I’m not putting this upon all men, in fact several men were part of this documentary and had a lot of great insight, so it was refreshing to see that they understand there is a severe issue of sexism plagued upon women in today’s society and the fact that they spoke out on it, was a foot in the right direction. Because not all men degrade women, but for the better part of the population that does, yes I’m talking to you….get your shit together and understand that your perspective isn’t the only perspective that matters.

It’s such a shame because the media and especially the internet, with its growing convenience, can be such a helpful tool; it can be such a source of information. And yet we use it to tear each other down. Katie Couric said something that I really loved she said “Media can be a change; it just has to do with who’s piloting the plane?” And I think that’s such a brilliant metaphor, because as long as these media corporations are driven by men and their perspectives, women will continue to be deemed as less powerful and less influential and so I say to you never let someone devalue you as a human being. You have every right to what ever you want in life, whether it’s to be a stay at home mom, or a career woman, or both! You are beautiful for who you are, and these media images that make you think otherwise are all products of mass media, distorting women to make you think you need to buy their product. You like makeup, you like fashion, good for you! To each her own. But just know that without it, you are just as beautiful, and if you do dress up, make sure it is for you, and not for the benefit or the viewing pleasure of anyone else. And I know that in this world we all gossip and we all talk, every girl has slut shammed at least one other girl in their lifetime. But just realize that we are all in this together. Maybe you don’t agree with that girl posting those racy pictures on facebook or instagram, or maybe you don’t agree with the girl who keeps to herself and chooses to remain conservative, no matter what the case, understand it is her prerogative. Say your piece if need be and move on. The less we insult and degrade each other as women, the more of a united front we will be. And we can tear down this media beast run by men, because times are changing and women are becoming aware of their own voices and it’s time to join this movement! And be a part of history. It’s an amazing thing to be a woman, there are so many layers to that word and it is our job as women to unfold each and every one and discover who we are and what we can do. So fight for what you believe and never let a man tell you can’t do something.  And if he does just kick him in the balls… just kidding…well maybe 😉

To watch the full documentary…

You can find it on Netflix…

and shout out to Kimberly McCullough for tweeting about it! Gave me the incentive to watch it!

187341534_640Never be ashamed to be a woman.



Stuck in Traffic

Old school photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Old school photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

The days blur on by

And you are where you’ve always been

Grasping for something to hold onto

Grasping for a reason not to pretend

And in the darkness

You shall see

And the light will shine bright

For all it takes is faith and grace

And the belief that time may treat you right

What more could you ask for

It’s difficult to tell

You want to have it all


But you’re buried in your shell

But maybe she who risks and claws her way through

Is she who comes above them all

Instead of she who plays it safe

And  wanders down life’s long haul

Aimlessly running

never knowing

which way to go

But she who struggles

but pushes forward

Is she who is the one who never gave up

The Queen to the thrown

The one who holds onto hope

Stuck in traffic

While you wait

Never worry

God will pave your way



Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…


A knock at her office door…tumblr_mhnj9e9j8W1s4yg05o4_r3_500

Lexie: Come in.

Carter enters looking distraught.

Carter: Can I talk to you?

Lexie: Look if this is about the other day-

Brooke-Davis-7x12-Screencap-brooke-davis-13612158-1280-720Carter: I need to talk to you.

Lexie: You look nervous about something, are you ok?

Carter: I need your help.

Lexie: Well then you have it.

Carter: (smiles slightly) My wife hasn’t come home, and I know hearing me talk about her is a sore subject for you but-

Lexie: Don’t worry about me, what’s wrong?

Carter: She was due back this morning but she missed her flight, she hasn’t checked in and she’s never like this… she always checks in.

Lexie: Ok just calm down, flights get mixed up all the time, maybe she’s just out of cell phone range…

Carter: No, no I think there’s something really wrong.

Lexie: Like what?

Carter: I don’t know, I just have this feeling that something may have happened to her, something bad.

Lexie: Well, can you think of anyone who may have wanted to hurt her… forgive me, but in this business, these are the questions you have to ask. It’s the only way to know what you may be dealing with.

Drive9_GQ_14Sep11_320Carter: No  I can’t think of anyone, I mean my wife… she’s a saint, everyone loves her.

Lexie: I see. Well then I’m sure she’s fine.

Carter: That’s it.

Lexie: No. I mean if you need an airport or airplane contact, if you need a car or private jet to help you find her, by all means, it’s yours. I just don’t know how else I can help you…But I’ll do whatever I can…

Carter: Maybe whatever happened to her has nothing to do with her…and everything to do with me.

Lexie: Ok. Well who do you think would do something like that? (she crosses her arms)

Carter: Did you… do something…did you…did you hurt my wife?

Lexie: What, did you just ask me?0

Carter: I need to know if you and this company could have anything to do with this?

Lexie: You are not asking me this right now!

Carter: I know we have history and frankly you hate whenever I bring her up, and I’m sure the idea of she and I only makes you angrier…

Lexie: I can’t believe you would even go there. To think that I would let you walk out of here after such a declaration of love and then somehow come up with this plan to have you think your wife went missing is disgusting! And it’s below me. And I would think you would know that! I may be ruthless, but I am NOT heartless!

Carter: What about your father, would he have had an issue with me working for another company. After all you placed me with his rival. Do you think he could have mistaken that, and saw it as a threat on my part, and decided to seek revenge?

Lexie: Whoa whoa wait, I didn’t place you with our rival.

Carter: Yes you did, it’s all in the paperwork, you placed me to work for Skully. I just figured you were pissed, and tryna stick it to me, teach me a lesson or something.

Lexie: Carter, I did not place you with Skully, there are less dramatic ways to teach you a lesson… there’s been some kind of mistake!

Carter: Wait a minute… what are you talking about?

Lexie: Skully is even more ruthless then me and my father combined. I would never place you to work for him.

Carter: So then how did this happen?Drive_2

Lexie: I don’t know, I filed the paperwork myself, I don’t understand…

(she rummages through file cabinets to check her records)

Carter: Maybe you just made a mistake…maybe it was just an oversight, a mix up of paperwork…

Lexie: NO Carter…I’m never careless! (she finds the paperwork) I didn’t do this?

Carter: Well then who did it?

What Are You Willing To LoseLexie: I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell gonna find out.  I won’t have anyone jeopardizing your safety.

Carter: Since when have you ever been concerned with my safety, we’re all part of criminal activity on a daily basis.

Lexie: Yea well I’ve managed to keep you at arms length from the real grit of it all.

Carter: What does that mean?

Lexie: It means that you manage the door, but I run the empire. You deal with what missions I send you on. You have no idea how hated my father is by Skully and his men … where did your wife go, on her trip, where did she go?

Carter: She had a photo shoot for a magazine; it was based somewhere in Chicago.

Lexie: And what was the job?

Carter: She got an email saying to meet at some old warehouse. What does that matter?

Lexie’s expression alters from suspicion to fear


Lexie: Listen to me, you need to go home.

Carter: What? What about my wife?

Lexie: Go home, now. Stay there lock all the doors, I will have men by to pick you up in 15 minutes. They’ll most likely be there waiting outside for you anyway, they work fast.

Carter: What? Why?

Lexie: Look I can’t tell you much all I can say is that when the men come to pick you up, you’ll recognize them, you’ve seen tt_356910_61e3bcddhem around the office; both tall, strong build, one by the name Joe; Sandy Brown Hair and the other Brice; More Fair Haired. They will take you someplace safe.

Carter: And where are you going?

Lexie: I’m going to save your wife. (grabs her briefcase and a gun in a rush.)

Carter: What? What do you mean?

Lexie: Do not ask me any more questions, the less you know the better (she rushes off. She stops turns back to him and kisses him.) Just in case I don’t I ever get to tell you… I really do love you. Be safe.

-She Exits-

Carter’s Phone rings

Carter: Hello?

Brice: Mr. Carter we will be waiting outside your residence for you.


Happy Weekend!

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