5 Struggles Every Girl Can Understand


Shaving on the regular for the summer…we all dread it, am I right ladies?


Let’s be real in the Winter, we don’t give it a second thought. But now we actually have to care. What an imposition! Lol. #DangAnkles #AlwaysKnickingMyself


Cramps that crimple you…but why is there a war going on in my uterus?


Seriously though, sometimes I can’t move from my bed and I don’t even want to. #Zombie #WheresMyChocolate #LeaveMeAlone #IllRipYourHeadOff

Rushing to get ready and then this happens…


Clean up on aisle- I ain’t got time for this! I’m rushing as it is and now you wanna play games.

Breaking out the spanx…Tight dress…You know what you gotta do.


#CurvesForDays #SmoothItOut #BreakingASweat

Ran sacking your closet for an outfit and coming up with nothing.



Ah the trials and tribulations of being a girl. It’s wonderful isn’t it?

We all have our struggles and we all know what a pain they are, but at the end of the day the show goes on and we pull through. #GirlPower #Sweats #MessyBun #NoBra #NoMakeup #Netflix #IceCream #DoYoThang

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DIY Dress-Up Trunk Gift Idea

As promised…here we go.


So every time my God daughter’s birthday rolls around, I always strive to come up with a gift idea that’s really special. Special to her likes and special to what she’s currently into. Because let’s face it kids go through their phases.

I spoil her on the regular, BUT her birthday is cause for some extra special spoilage. 😉

I was toying around with the idea of buying her a Dress Up trunk. But the more I researched, the more I became discouraged with the quality of these so called “trunks.” They were simple flimsy cardboard, and well that just wasn’t going to cut it for my little Soph.

So I decided to create my own Dress Up Trunk; personalized with costumes that would fit her little personality.

Here is the finished wrapping:


I used these decorative keepsake boxes to act as my trunk(s). They are sturdy, have a lid, are perfect for storage and can just be left out in a playroom on their own. And they are cute as a button.

I ended up having to pick up a smaller one to hold all the accessories because the big one just wasn’t enough. Yes I splurged a bit. Once I get an idea, it kinda spirals. I just can’t stop myself. 😉

The top gift wrapped box is actually her Disney Princess Birthday Train “3” Doll. 3 is Aurora a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty. It’s a tradition I’ve started with her, I get her one every year. My God mother did it with me and now I get to pass along the tradition.


Here are the outfits I chose to include:




How freakin’ cute is this! (I love the tutu!)

Some pretty dresses (because every little girl wants some fluffy princess dresses), A chef set (she loves to pretend to cook), and A Wonder Woman costume (her favorite superhero.)

A tea party hat, purse, and white glove set with feather boa and pearl set; because we play tea party sometimes.


A purple tutu and an assortment of shoes.


Accessories included:


Left to Right: Feather Boa, Beaded Necklaces (she loves her beads! she uses them for everything! Even pretend spaghetti dinner #multipurpose) A princess crown, Chap sticks in fun flavors, headbands, rings, coin purse, sunglasses, bracelets, princess wands, light up princess wand, and a brush.




Purple was a bit of a color theme, because it’s her FAVORITE COLOR! (And she will tell anyone who will listen all about it…at that decimal!) Since the outfits didn’t really have purple in them, I went all purple on the accessories and accent pieces.

Her little shocked smile when I brought out her gift at her Birthday party was the best. I got a bunch of videos and pictures from her mom recently of her playing with everything. They are the best photos ever. I am obsessed. That was my ultimate thank you, to see her having a fun night playing dress up with her mommy. She even sent me a video of her putting on the chap stick I got her and smacking her lips together like any grown girl putting on lipstick would. It was the cutest thing ever. I had to include them because she watches me put my makeup on and always wants to take it and put it on herself, especially the lipstick. She puts it on and goes “Kissy!” Lol. So cute. It’s adorable.

*Extra Fun Tips:

When gifting any kind of purse or coin purse you should always put some money in them for good luck. So I placed a dollar in her little purple purse and some coins in her personalized coin purse.

Where I found these products:

Her accessories were found in Dollar Tree-Deals; Jewelry, wands, sunglasses and headbands.

The pretty purple crown was ordered from Party City when we had a little “Purple Party” for her on her actual birthday.

The princess pretty dresses and shoe set was found in Christmas Tree Shop, along with the coin purse, chap stick, and brush.

The Tea Party Set was found on Amazon as was the Wonder Woman Costume and Chef Set.

The decorative boxes were found at Telco; a discount store.

*Hope this was helpful!


This gift was really fun to create for my God daughter. She’s only three and she likes to play pretend, and I don’t see that going away any time soon. If you ask me dress up trunks are a perfect idea for little girl birthday gifts, because playing dress up never goes out of style. Even I still feel like I do that when I get all dressed up to go out with friends or to a special event. Putting on the makeup and deciding on an outfit and how to accessorize it perfectly. It’s fun!

So if you have a special little girl in your life, and you’ve been wracking your brain for a gift just as special, look no further.

Let me know how it turns out. Or if you want any other ideas! I’m all ears. Comment down below!


*All photos are my own.*


I’m sorry were you talking to me, or just being an asshole?



To make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by. 



Can Cat-calling and Douchebaggery quit sooner rather than later?

It boggles my mind how men get away with their sexist comments.

When I’m walking down the street, I could be wearing sweats or a pretty dress and the cat calling and comments can stride along.

It makes me disgusted. With those men. And skeptical of male attention in general.

You never know what intention lies behind the not so clever come ons.

In fact it does the opposite of what I’m sure is their intention.

It doesn’t make you desirable when you treat me like an object that is just purely walking the earth for your eyes to glance over and decide whether or not you’re going to comment on my looks.

I may be reading too much into things here, but you can’t tell me how to feel. Quite honestly I think there’s a greater problem here than just the occasional cat caller.

Some women may take it as a form of flattery.

I do not.

It causes an insecurity rather than a compliment. And that’s the major problem.

It causes me to question my attire, and whether or not I should have left the house wearing whatever it is I happen to be wearing. Did I do something wrong? Should I have walked home a different way? Crossed the street? Put my sweater on, even though it’s 85 degrees and I’m hot.

No. No. No. Men need a reality check. Men need to actually think with their brains, not…well you know where I’m going with this.

The truth is I’m a modest person. I dress rather conservatively.

And for me to have to feel insecure because a man can’t seem to be respectful enough to keep his mouth shut as I walk by, is sad. So sad.

It’s not my fault.

And ladies, it’s not yours either. No matter what you’re wearing. Nothing is an invitation for a man to treat you like an object.

I shouldn’t have to worry if my shirt shifts or my dress is slightly shorter than I usually wear. I shouldn’t have to feel shameful of wanting to feel sexy and dress like a woman.  

The best part is that most of these catcalling moments will come from men older than me. And let’s be real I have a baby face and probably look younger than I actually am. So what the hell are these guys even looking at me for, let alone commenting on my appearance.

I’ve been in a few awkward situations with older men where I am made to feel uncomfortable about what I am wearing. And it’s a shame. Because my wearing that outfit wasn’t to seek their attention. It was to dress up and feel girly. My looks are not warranting your comment.

Don’t get me wrong, hearing a compliment is nice every once in a while. And there is certainly an allure to the idea of having a gentleman caller admire you. To have someone want to figure out what you’re all about. It can be very sexy when done respectfully. But the operative word here is….gentleman. Does he look you in the eye? Does he respect your mind? Does he treat you like a human being?

Because the attention we get from these disrespectful men is not what we strive for. The comment isn’t a compliment when it comes in the form of sexual grunts and whistles, from a guy who doesn’t really care about me at all. Or the fact that he’s making me uncomfortable and self-conscious.

I ask these men to think about their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, your future (or current daughters) …Yea some men are fathers and still pull this bullshit. Think about all the women in your life, who you love and respect and care for. Would you want guys catcalling them and making them feel the way you make me and other women feel?

No. So stop. Just stop. It’s unnecessary and it’s not going to get you anywhere. I mean really aside from being ignored or given a shaded glare of hatred. What do you expect? What do you think is going to happen? Do you think I will become overly flattered by your so cleverly thought out whistle or sexist comment that I’ll just jump your bones, right here in the public street? Because, that’s a big fat NO.  You sir, are not impressing anyone. Quit while you can.

Just because you have been deemed a dog, doesn’t mean I’m a cat. Ok. Thanks. Bye.

Read my “5 Things Girls Wish Guys Still Did” post below.


If women cat called. #WhyWomenAreJustEPIC

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Sleep Hacks & Relaxation Basket- Gift Idea

I love giving gifts. Sure it’s fun to get them, but I enjoy coming up with an idea for someone based on their likes, personality, interests, lifestyle, etc. Gaining inspiration and putting together something you know they will enjoy, and get use out of.

Baskets are an easy way to go when deciding to gift give. Baskets can be filled with anything.

Here’s an example of one I recently gave my best friend for her 25th Birthday.


Let me explain-

My best friend is a teacher and has quite the busy, and at times stressful life. Sometimes she needs to slow things down and relax and get a better night’s sleep.

So keeping that in mind, I did some research on sleep hacks and things that would promote relaxation and put together this Sleep Hacks & Relaxation Basket with a Pamper Pouch.


This Pamper Pouch basically consists of nail care supplies to have herself a little mani/pedi time.

Here are some close ups- so you can see exactly what I put in the basket.



Below is the note I rolled up and put in to explain what each item presents.

*I included a lot of Lavender/Chamomile items, because they often promote relaxation and easy sleeping.

The Basket includes:


Those aloe vera socks were actually an idea I got from my best friend. She actually gave them to me as a gift for Thanksgiving and I fell in love with how soft and comfy they are. So I decided to return the favor and get her a pair too.

When your basket is complete you can then wrap in a clear cellophane and add some pretty ribbons and bows. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of that. But it’s simple enough, for you to get an idea of what I mean.

Baskets are so fun, you can make anything into a basket and you can get really creative and really personal with them. However, building them can vary in price. I mean you have to think about your budget and go from there. I tend to keep buying and adding and getting ideas as I go, so although the items I included were mostly reasonably priced, altogether it ends up being a pretty penny, but a well rounded gift. And my best friend’s reaction was golden. I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces and making them feel special.   

So if you are searching for a gift idea. Give basket making a shot. And have fun with it! 

And next week I’ll tell you all about how I created a dress up trunk for my God daughter!

*All images are my own.*


Have you prayed today?


LISTEN: Where is the Love?

LISTEN: All you need is Love.

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand why people do terrible things.

I don’t understand how violence has become the norm.

I hate that the quality of life and living have been tainted.

We ask why?

We try to understand.

Is nowhere safe?

You risk your life everyday by leaving your house.

You risk your life by taking public transportation.

…by going to the movies.

…by going to a concert.

…by going to a nightclub.

All things that are normal.

Things that are part of making life worth wild.

Experiences. Memories.

All viciously tainted.

We now live in a world where you can’t trust the stranger sitting next to you.

A world where you are weary and guarded.

Because you have to be.

Because this world has taught you that you need to be.

The violence must stop.

The world is in turmoil.

Security must enhance EVERYWHERE.

It’s sad. But it’s true.

You can’t walk around carelessly anymore.

You can’t trust in humanity.

In strangers or in sense of self and good hearts.

It’s sad. But it’s true.

You never know.

Anyone allowed to carry a weapon should have to undergo a psychiatric test before walking out with one.

People who have such anger in them that they would take the life of others just because they want to, just because they feel like it. They need help. The rage, the hate, the anger, the violence. It needs to stop.

We live in a world where you question bringing new life into it.

You question traveling at night alone.

…dropping your kids off at school.

The world is in turmoil and in these times are law and government going to step up and do something to change things? Can they change things? Will they even try?

Underground illegal actions constantly go untracked.

There is so much we don’t know.

I’m not one for politics, because quite honestly it feels like a popularity contest and they don’t end up doing what they say or are limited as to what they can actually do. If you ask me it’s probably not really even up to us.

But people in positions of power should use it for good. Awareness. Awakening. The time is now. No time like the present. The next president, needs to be the face of change.

The media only makes it worse. The constant reports, I have to turn it off after a while, because my anxiety spikes and if I continue to bury myself in that negativity, I’d never want to leave my house.

We shouldn’t have to fear living life.

In times like this we all turn our heads upwards and ask why?

Even those who don’t always believe.

We may even get angry as to why God let this happen.

There’s free will, and sometimes people abuse that.

While others soar and inspire, some are filled with evil and sin.

And one day their judgement day will come.

God Bless.

Stay Safe.

Hold your loved ones tight.


Leave it to God.

And Pray, pray harder than you ever have.

Pray for the world, pray for peace.

Pray for souls to connect with God again and fill their minds and hearts, with his will and to do the best they can, and be the best they can be to better this world for this generation and many generations to come.

Because this world, this isn’t the world God gave us.

The anger, the hate, the violence, he never instilled that into souls.

We’ve damaged our world, and now we need to fix it.

Have you prayed yet?


I understand not all people identify with a religion but if you believe there is a greater power out there, then you know what it means to have a connection to something greater than yourself. I only hope you let that energy inspire you to always do good. Your soul deserves nothing less.

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Summer 2016 Bucket List


Get a new haircut

Outlet malls

Shop for simpler, more casual clothes for summer

Attend a 4th of July BBQ

Watch fireworks

Great Wolf Lodge with family

Go to the beach at least once 

Pool time

Bates Motel Photo Op at The MET

Coney Island boardwalk-games & food

Cosmic Bowling

Picnic in a park

The zoo

The aquarium

90’s club

Baseball game

Rooftop movie screening

Drive in movie theater

Zumba class

Take a dance class

Pinot’s Palette class

Host some type of themed party

Girl’s weekend

Try an acai bowl

Go to a farmer’s market


Outdoor concert


Miniature Golf

Make tie dye t-shirts

Trip to Atlantic City


Here’s hoping I can work my way through this list! Wish me luck!

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

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Sunday Night Rainbow

I had been struggling with a topic for today’s Monday post, but then suddenly inspiration struck Sunday Night and it came in the form of art in the sky.

Casually chilling at home with my family, working on some lesson plans for the week, my Dad suddenly begins ranting and raving about the beautiful rainbow outside.

I walked over to my kitchen window to take a glance and it was such a bright beautiful one, I had to run outside and see it clearer. It was actually a full arc and a double rainbow. Below is a slideshow of pics I snapped. The last one, is a bit enhanced and cropped to be posted on instagram. But still the pictures don’t do it justice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what does a double rainbow mean?

WeatherChannel.com explores the logical;

As sunshine breaks through the clouds and beams towards the raindrops, some of the light encounters the raindrops and bends – this process is called refraction. When the light refracts, the process causes the sunlight to separate into different wavelengths. These different wavelengths correspond to different colors: red and orange correspond to longer wavelengths, while blue and purple correspond to shorter wavelengths. 

The refracted light waves then bounce – or reflect – off of the circular edge of the raindrop, and then they refract again as they exit the raindrop and travel through the air.

Because raindrops are relatively round when the sunlight refracts through them, the visual result is a spherical arc that soars all across the sky. Viewers who are lucky enough to see a whole rainbow will observe a colorful arc spanning the entire Earth, from end to end.

A Double Rainbow! What Does This Mean?

During a particularly lucky scenario, two rainbows will form at the same time. The first and brighter rainbow is called the primary rainbow. This rainbow is created by the process described above, and only requires the light to reflect off of the raindrop once before refracting out of the raindrop.

Read More HERE

Sure there are scientific reasons as to why these colors get displayed post rainfall. But there’s a spiritual meaning behind rainbows too. Let’s dive in a little deeper, together, shall we?

According to universeofsymbolism.com Rainbows mean so much more than different colorful wavelengths forming from a mixture of rain, clouds and sunshine.

A double rainbow means serendipitous magic is on the way, the path of personal magic is opening for you. Be true to yourself and your dreams and know that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf. This also tells you that your intuition is keener than you might have imagined…it says “it’s a sure sign to trust your vibes.”

Read More HERE

There are also some biblical references involving the symbolism of rainbows.

12. And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you and every living creature with you, for everlasting generations: 13. I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth . . . and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. (Genesis 9:12, 15, HBFV)

Read More HERE

I personally think I’d side with the biblical and spiritual side of things. Sure rain happened and we got a rainbow- but why today? Why now? Was it the hope we all needed to see. An uplifting of sorts, a unique energy from God, a sign? I’d like to think so. I’d like to think it’s God telling us he’s with us. Because to me the world is far too big, too big to believe that we aren’t being watched over by a greater, much higher power.

So…what’s your take on rainbows? See any recently?

*All pictures are my own.*


My Weekend in Outfits-Part 2

This past weekend I had my cousin’s 15th birthday party. Every year they host a big memorial day weekend BBQ filled with good food, and good company. It is one of my favorite family traditions.


The theme was Hawaiian Luau and you know I was all about that theme life. #IfThereIsAThemeIKnowAboutIt

Here’s my look-




*For this Hawaiian inspired look, I based the colors  I wore, off of the flower crown (and sunflower ring)  I had made a few years ago. Yellow & Orange were my basis. Believe it or not I had all of this in my wardrobe and didn’t need to spend a dime.

I wore this burgundy sun dress with orange design on it. The dress is a bit low cut, so under that I wore a peachy pink tank to match the dress design. Over the dress I wore a orange sleeveless button up and buttoned it half way, tying it at the waist, to create a top and skirt look. #HulaGirlStyle. Then, lastly I paired it with some tan sandals.

I accessorized with my flower crown, sunflower ring, a yellow party lei I had, a white dangly shell bracelet and pineapple earrings. As my sister in law and friend Lauren said “Why wouldn’t YOU have pineapple earrings.” haha It’s true I’m weird, and I actually have strawberry earrings too! 😉



*For my hair I basically, again, used the same curling products, however, the night before I had actually braided my hair so that when I took it out the next day, it would leave me with some beachy waves. I kept it in all morning and while I did my makeup and then took it down added my products and some water and scrunched it- and there you go beachy hair. I had it down but swept it up in a messy beachy bun when it got hot out.

For makeup I was basically just going for a bright fresh faced look. Peachy pink blush and lips and a mix of bright white and pink eye shadows. A little bronzer went a long way for some sun kissed skin in this look too and just like that, I was Luau ready.


*All images are my own.*