Kiss Me At Midnight…A Short Story

“Kiss Me At Midnight”

A short story

Soundtrack: LISTEN as you read 😉

Follow Aidan & Chloe’s New Year’s Eve  journey.

kiss me at midnight


The party is in full swing the minute Aidan walks into the room.

Balloons, streamers and confetti are literally everywhere.

The music is loud and Aidan knows he’s walking away with a headache tonight and not the kind you get from getting drunk and hung-over.

People are either dancing or making out, there’s no in between, well except for a few loners here and there.

They are my bread and butter Aidan thinks, nodding along through the crowd.

As he looks around searching for the one familiar face he cares about, the crowd parts and there she is.

chloe and aidanAiden’s gaze finally lands.

He gulps nervously and hopes she doesn’t notice.


As Chloe walks towards him in her sparkly gold dress and high heels, her spicy red lips circle into a big smile.

She glides across the room like she owns it.

In the most modest of ways.

Without even knowing it she has been charming him forever.

And he wondered if he’d finally get the chance to tell her.

She stops in front of him.

“Hey you made it.” She says, pulling him into a hug.

He is speechless for a few seconds melting in her arms like a love sick puppy.

Much like every time he talks to her, looks at her, or is even in the same room as her.

It’s easy to admire her.

Although no one is without flaw.

To him she is perfect.

It was always like that.

Ever since they were young kids growing up together.

Ever since he thought she had “cooties.”

There was always something about her that stood out from all the rest.

In a sea full of normal, she was his extraordinary.

But of course he could never tell her that, right?

After years of conversations about their futures, and what they wanna be when they grow up, brooding over stressful school years, enjoying hysterical inside jokes, and being the shoulder she’d use to cry on while he had to painfully watch countless asshole boyfriends hurt her. Hurt her.

I swear even the idea of causing her any pain, doesn’t even make the tiniest bit of sense to me. Seeing her smile is my favorite thing in the entire world. And knowing I put a smile on her face, makes it even more worth it. Making her happy is what it’s all about.

But as Aidan’s mind begins racing, it occurred to him.

That maybe this was something bigger than the both of them…Bigger than he imagined.

It’s easy to call it love.

It’s easy to say that I do in fact love her.

But the truth is it’s on a different level.

A level that even Aidan himself can’t quite understand enough to even try to explain.

So I stood there across from her, staring intently I’m sure.

Contemplating will tonight be my night?

There was too much at stake…too much to lose.

I’ve been here before. There will always be excuses.

Excuses that stop us from going after what we want, or who we want.

But yet the wonder will always be there…so why not just go for it right?

I know I know, grow a pair, is what you all say…

But that’s easier said than done, trust me.

What would she say if she knew?

How would she feel?

It’s something I’ve always dreamed of.

But I guess in this case telling your best friend you’ve been harboring feelings for her all these years may not always have the outcome you want.

I have to prepare myself for rejection.

Although if I’m being honest; I think if that rejection does happen…it’ll stay with me forever…

It’ll haunt me and it’ll be impossible for me to get over.

So what do I do?

Do I tell her I love her and risk losing her friendship if she doesn’t feel the same way?

Do I not tell her and have it slowly bring me to the point of insanity…Zac, Chris, Malcolm, Ian…who’s next?

OR door number three; best case scenario I tell her and she feels the same and we ride off into the sunset like in those cheesy old movies.

I have to admit my cowboy standards aren’t up to snuff.

I guess no matter what I choose there’s a risk in everything.

But tonight she is mine. Not in the derogatory, cave-man kinda way…allow me to explain.

Back when we were teenagers we made a pact that if we were ever dateless on New Year’s Eve, we would kiss each other at midnight…her idea not mine.

Could you imagine my excitement?

But low and behold, to my dismay, (but not much of a surprise) she had been in some way, shape or form “taken“ every New Year’s Eve since we were teenagers.

But this year she is not.

Thanks to douchey boyfriend Zac….man I hated that guy, I wanted to punch him in the face every time I saw him.

You ever meet someone you just want to punch in the face? They don’t even have to speak, you just know they’re an asshole. Well that was Zac. When I met him, I knew I’d be picking up the pieces a few weeks later.

Nevertheless, she is free. Chloe is a single woman tonight for the first time in what has felt like forever.

And tonight, she is mine.

I know what you’re thinking….What if she doesn’t even remember our pact?

Oh don’t worry I am well aware of that and I have obsessed over and over it.tumblr_nfx034UiZQ1s9lptno1_250[1]

But she’s my best friend and she will remember.

I can feel it.

It’s my chance…It’s my chance to give her a glimpse of what we could be.

Of the magic she and I could create together.

Sappy I know…

Over the years she’s made me watch way too many chick flicks for my own good.

So with everything in me here goes nothing.

As I walk over to where she stands, smiling at me…

It’s as if she knows what’s about to happen.

I knew she’d remember.tumblr_m7ebvdD2k21rab293o1_250[1]

The crowd begins to count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

And before I know it… my longest running dream is a reality.

So I have to wonder…

Will 2015 be a year of new beginnings?

It kinda feels like it already is.

Cheers to hoping so.


*I do not take any credit for any gifs or images used*

*Happy & Healthy New Year!*

2014 Highlights

So every year has it’s ups and downs but….let’s focus on 2014’s ups. And how do you back track on 2015the past year?….by scrolling through your social media accounts of course…ie: instagram! In 2014 I experienced some cool things, I experimented in my fashion, was introduced to some great new music, my interests in television and story writing has found new visions and new favorites and my family and loved ones come at the center of all that is good in my life and in my 2014 year. Share a look as I highlight my favorite memories of 2014.

**2014 Highlights**

(in no particular order)

michelleleighwrites turned 1 YEAR OLD!


Read about it HERE

Secret Society Poetry Video

Read about the video shoot HERE

Mysterious Attraction completed and I even made a faux soundtrack for it too 😉

goodbye - Copy

Soundtrack 5

Start Mysterious Attraction from the very beginning HERE

Read my Commentary HERE

Listen to the “soundtrack” HERE

Monologues & Dialogues/Short Story

he she said edit

Read “She Said.” HERE

Read “He Said, She Said.” HERE

Justin Timberlake at MSG in February with my best friend ❤


Read and watch a vlog about it HERE

My 23rd 80’s themed birthday party

…I’ve always wanted to live a day in the 80’s and now I can say I have 😉



Also….my brother MADE me this cake…a quill pen cake…how awesome is that?

You can Read about my party planning & watch my birthday vlog HERE

And my 80’s outfit inspiration HERE

My brother’s photography from his trip to Arizona was displayed in an art gallery

10156171_10101274739453987_2264385193742000767_n[1] 10169299_10101274715506977_6153576237040514540_n[1]

Read an article about it in the Brooklyn eagle HERE

……so super proud of him!

My Goddaughter Sophia turned 1! & (we celebrated a bunch of her first holidays)


Michael Jackson hologram & new album feat. a duet w/ Justin Timberlake, you know I freaked!

Read my excitements:

Performance Review HERE,

Love Never Felt So Good Reviews HERE & HERE

& Michael’s Album Review HERE

Got hooked on Orange Is The New Black


The Walking Dead Post that got me through withdrawals



Experienced a real firepit and got to make s’mores and roast hotdogs in PA



…so that made a tv nerd dream come true  #SoTheOC


New *NSYNC album


Read my Review HERE

Watching Bethany Mota on Dancing With The Stars

Flower crowns


Made this one myself! 😀

flower crowns

…cuz I freakin’ love them and have finally had the guts to rock em….#hippiechild


10366029_10205062653347192_8738867887612664275_n[1] IMG_20141226_220031

….channeling my inner Rosie the Riveter meets Aunt Jemima!

The Jumpsuit

They have always been a fashion curiosity for me, I’ve always admired them but never had the guts to wear one so….Finally I decided to rock a jumpsuit and it wasn’t as bad I thought…. #itsallfunandgamestilyouhavetopee 😉


The new ‘do’

new do


I seriously need a haircut again soon! Loved this look!

Style Steals

Demi Lovato

demi ss

Sophia Bush

sophia ss

Central Perk

10696251_10204538795651077_937552607732796906_n[1] 10261953_10205227883722636_600074712770342663_n[1]

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Mrs. Daryl Dixon DIY Halloween Costume

I will be rocking this on Sundays!

Vest Tutorial HERE

Becoming Mrs. Daryl Dixon HERE

Taylor Swift album


Read my full review HERE

My Baking game was strong this holiday season…

and I’m damn proud of it…this year it’s time to work on my cooking skills!





As for keeping my resolutions from last year I don’t think I was to good on my follow through. But I can say that this past year I did get at least one poetry video up, plus a few vlogging videos that turned out pretty cool. So this year my plans for this blog is to keep it growing and stick to a schedule, to keep writing, to keep filming and post a few more videos up. I definitely want to continue working on some short stories and maybe some longer scripts to post. I just got final draft screenwriting software for Christmas so I am super pumped to get to using that. And I’d really like to get back into writing some poetry. Of course the usual fashion, tv, music, reviews will continue as well. But I look forward to new writing experiences and new adventures here on  michelleleighwrites. I do hope you stick with me! Thanks for reading!

So….What are some of your favorite 2014 memories? And are you a believer in resolutions?

 Here’s to a happy and healthy new year 2015 to all!


Cant wait to continue to write for you! 😀

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Mysterious Attraction Soundtrack

What makes a scene even better than good dialogue and good actors, is GOOD music. Music can instantly inflict emotion on its audience and make them feel. I love music and I love how involved it has become in television and film. As I continued to write the Mysterious Attraction series, I was listening to artists like The Civil Wars, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. These types of songs and this style of musicmusic notes is what I could envision hearing upon watching scenes from Mysterious Attraction. That hiss of a voice and the heartbreaking words would have perfectly mirrored Lexie’s struggle to let love win. So with that being said, I thought it’d be pretty fun, to share some soundtrack options with you. Quick Disclaimer: this is all pretend. Mysterious Attraction is not a motion picture nor does it have a soundtrack coming out. This is just me being silly and having fun and dreaming big. I do hope you enjoy.

I had a little too much fun with the mock soundtrack album artwork….

but I do have to say this one is my favorite.

Soundtrack 4

Mysterious Attraction Soundtrack Track List:

  1. Give Me Love– Ed Sheeran 2. Poison & Wine– The Civil Wars 3. A Shadow & A Dancer– The Fray 4. Let It Be Me– Ray LaMontagne 5. You Got It On– Justin Timberlake 6. Style– Taylor Swift 7. I Just Can’t Take My Eyes Off You– Lady Antebellum 8. Slow It Down– The Lumineers 9. Do What You Have To Do– Sarah McLachlan 10. Go On My Child– Michelle Featherstone 11. Make It To Me– Sam Smith 12. Say Something– A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera 13. Say You Love Me– Jesse Ware 14. One and Only– Adele 15. Gravity– Sara Bareilles 16. In Case– Demi Lovato

Check out these alternate album cover ideas…

Soundtrack 6


Soundtrack 1 **************************************************************************************** Soundtrack 5 ****************************************************************************************   soundtrack 8   ****************************************************************************************** soundtrack 2 ***************************************************************************************** Soundtrack 7 ******************************************************************************************** Soundtrack 3

As mentioned in my Mysterious Attraction Commentary Post…I mentioned how one of the re-occurring theme is the color RED, and in my imagery I use a lot of Reds, Blacks & Whites. These are the colors I envision in this story. Which reminds me of a poem I wrote a while ago here on michelleleighwrites called Black, White & RED Love. Thinking about it makes me think of Carter & Lexie and their love story. Take a read! 🙂


Happy Listening!

Catch up on Mysterious Attraction HERE

*I take no credit for the images used in my edits, nor do I take any credit for any music used*


Fall Favorites 2014

So last time I did a favorites list, was in the Summer. So before we officially hit winter, even though the weather full of chills and snow seems to have already beaten it to the punch, I thought I should throw a little Fall Favorites in for you guys. Maybe you’ll find some new favorites as well. And I’d love to hear your favorites too, if you feel like sharing! Sharing is caring! 😉

*My 2014 Fall Favorites*


*Taylor Swift’s “1989”


A few favorites are Blank Space, Style, & Bad Blood.

-I would have linked the songs but Taylor has people taking any copies off YouTube, so I will leave her latest video for Blank Space.

Read my full 1989 album review HERE

*Sam Smith’s “In The Lonely Hour”


-I feel like this album has been out for a while, but I am just now becoming obsessed with it.

A few favorites are I’m Not The Only One, Not In That Way, & Make It To Me.


Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran

It’s a masterpiece. *Video review coming soon*


And that’s really Ed ballroom dancing. #swoon



Dancing With The Stars…Congrats Alfonso!


But you know I was watching for my YouTube girl Bethany Mota and her partner the adorable Derek Hough, she did AMAZINGGGGG! That girl is on FIREEEEE!!!!!!




The Walking Dead





CHICAGO P.D. -- Pictured: "Chicago P.D." Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

These fall finales have been CRAZYYY!!!! TV is boss lately!



This was a new romantic comedy on ABC this fall and it was cancelled only after 4 episodes. To say I was pissed is an understatement. It was a really quirky fun loving story, and I thought it had so  much potential to really be something great. Others must have felt the same way I did, because ABC released the rest of Season 1’s episodes on hulu plus and and on demand. Putting the show at 11 episodes total. I’ve watched them all and it was SO GOOD! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a season 2! *I plan to do a full review on the show in a few weeks, stay tuned for that!*


Big scarf (it’s like a blanket)

Flannel shirt

Beige knit sweater

Knit JeansimagesZ1J1UBY6

Black Combat Boots

Leg warmers

Winter head wrap (so helpful when I want to wear my hair up, but I don’t want my ears to freeze.)

Fuzzy socks (my collection is growing, I LOVE fuzzy socks!)




I’ve been really into Red lipstick lately

Red LicquerI use Revlon’s Red Lacquer for A BRIGHT bold lip

& Revlon’s Rum Raisin for a more darker/ cozy lipRum Raisin


HELPS Rest & Relax Tea; it has passion flower and lemon balm organic herbs in it and it tastes amazing…but it’s definitely relaxing so I drink it before bed.

HELPS-Teas-Rest-Relax-individual-packets[1] leo-9747600111[1]


Avocado & Hummus sandwiches! (Oh it’s a beautiful thing!)

dsc06803[1] imagesG6J5FW90


I follow a TON of youtubers, but I coined a few favs in my Summer Favorites post. But as everyone is doing VLOGMAS I haven’t had time to sit down and keep up with everyone, so I can’t pick a favorite at the moment, lol. But I’ve been looking up holiday treats and stuff to make for Christmas instead. I’m thinking of makig some festive Christmas cupcakes this year. 😀


*I take no credit for any images used*






My Top 12 Christmas Songs

Christmas music is a source of happiness for the ears. You can quote me on that 😉


When I was younger I would be playing Christmas music as early as October, sometimes I would even let it slip in during the summer. I’ve had Christmas in July and ugly sweater parties. And in order to create ambiance I realized nothing puts you in the mood for Christmas like listening to your favorite Christmas songs. Here are some of my favorites.





My Top 12 Christmas Songs


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree– Brenda Lee

*Every time I hear this song I think of the scene in Home Alone where Kevin is having his fake house party with dancing mannequins and such.*

What Christmas Means to Me– Stevie Wonder

O Holy Night -*NSYNC

*Celine Dion’s version also makes me cry every damn time. It’s beautiful.

And this is a GORGEOUS performance by the former duo Everly.

(Bethany Joy Lenz & Amber Sweeney)

The First Noel– *NSYNC

This Christmas– Donny Hathaway

Last Christmas– Hilary Duff

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays– *NSYNC

Santa Claus is Coming to Town– Justin Bieber

Christmas Love– Justin Bieber

Christmas Eve– Justin Bieber

War is Over – The Fray

Kiss Me At Midnight– *NSYNC


And listen to the songs that touch your soul during this holiday season!

images12AU80ST images74EXAGXD

*All these songs remind me of a poem I posted a while back and because it’s snowng out here now, I thought it was fitting to re-introduce it. Take a read if you wish. 😉

In honor of snow…

**I do not take credit for any images used**


Mysterious Attraction Commentary

AS PROMISED…my Mysterious Attraction  overview and not so brief writing experience journal. This took me a few weeks to put together, because I wanted to reread the series and take notes. So let’s get into it!

LEGIT - Copy

I love dialogue. I love putting words together to create a feeling, a raw emotion of hidden truths that are seldom spoken. But sometimes all can be said with a look, a glance, a glare, a stare. It’s all in the eyes. And that was the concept of this story.

miranda eyes

im watching you gif

Reading the story back, I read it as a reader. Instead of writing as a writer. And the story is ultimately a love story. I’d categorize this in the soap opera esque meets drama genre.

The main character Lexie is a heroine in some ways and a villain in others. The same could be said about Reeves and Carter. Everyone has their moments of destruction and then they get a clear epiphany of self-discovery and true heart. There is a constant theme of struggle between Right & Wrong, Law & Crime, Love & Lust, and Marriage & Infidelity. There’s a lot of Blurred lines and Gray areas. There are explosions, high emotions, guns, fights, big revelations at every turn. It’s a story that will keep you guessing while people fall in love in the hidden shadows of a dangerous life of revenge.

I put together this collage when I first started writing this series, it kind of acted as my visual storyboard. * I take no credit for the photos used*

I put together this collage when I first started writing this series, it kind of acted as my visual storyboard. * I take no credit for the photos used*

In a way this story is also about coming home…in the form of Roxy coming home after years of traveling and constantly finding reasons to stay away. In the form of Lexie coming into who she is flaws and all. A story with some twists and turns for fun entertaining measure.

Mysterious Attraction Dream Cast:

Mysterious Attraction's newest attempt at a movie poster! * I take no credit for the photos used*

Mysterious Attraction’s newest attempt at a movie poster! * I take no credit for the photos used*

Main Cast:

Lexie: Sophia Bush

*the powerhouse

The decision to surround Lexie with male characters was to emphasize the fact that she was the lead, she was the one to beat. She was the woman scorned, the powerhouse, the woman who can take care of herself no matter how many men were surrounding her. I love when stories have strong independent women in them. (yes she was a mobster but that’s besides the point, haha.) Lexie was a femme fatale with a heart of gold once you washed away the pain and fear. It’s a story about knowing she can stand on her own, but learning that she didn’t have to. A story about falling in love and still remaining a strong independent woman who believes in feminism. [for more examples of this check out my post *In Love & Feminism*]

Carter: Ryan Gosling

*the love/the confidant

Reeves: Maurice Benard

*the mob boss/the fixer

Joe: Jensen Ackles

*the past that haunts

Joe is an unusual character. He seems like a careless hardass who just wants to ruin Lexie’s happiness. But after he helps save Lexie’s life we start to see the playfulness of their past. We see that they were once very close, but just weren’t meant to be. Joe has been holding a torch for Lexie for years and has been bitter about her relationship with Carter. But as Lexie realizes how truly he cares for her they get to talk it out and really have a heart to heart, getting them to a place of peace with each other.

Brice: Wilson Bethel

*the voice of reason/the mediator

Kelly: Julie Marie Berman

*the threat/the other woman reversed

Basically what that means is that technically Lexie is helping Carter to cheat on his wife, she is the other woman. But Carter reveals that his marriage has been long since over before Lexie even came into the picture. Making Lexie feel like his real wife, essentially deeming Kelly as the other woman. The story paints Carter and Lexie as an epic/very unconventional love story. But the passion and the love they have for each other is a way for the audience to disregard the fact that Carter is committing adultery and you end up just rooting for them. Besides in a big twist, we also understand why Carter and Kelly haven’t been happy…***cough cough*** Kelly cheated first.

Roxy: Demi Lovato

*the happiness, the light, the fellow woman Lexie needs in her life


I had an idea to introduce another female character for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t really want her to be involved in the mob too, because I felt like this was Lexie’s story and it was her struggle. So I decided I would bring in someone brand new, but yet who still had history with Lexie and who still knew her and her past and her present. Someone she confided in behind the storyline that was playing out in front of you. Someone who maybe wasn’t as heavy as the life Lexie had immersed herself in. Someone who could shed some new perspective into Lexie’s dark world. Someone who was fun loving and likes to joke around. Someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but also someone who equally mirrors Lexie’s spice and powerhouse vibe. Unlike Kelly’s, Roxy’s introduction was a positive one.

Skully: David Morrissey

*the true villain

Infamously spoken of for chapters until they come face to face again and this time the battle has finally come to a head.

Supporting Cast:

Dylan: Sterling Knight

*the youth-the future

Joan: Catherine Hicks

*Carter’s mother

John: George Clooney

*Carter’s dad

Elena: (mentioned) *Lexie’s late mother/Reeves’ Wife

Baby Elena (pictured randomly and not always the same, no actress credit): *Carter and Lexie’s daughter

*Why I didn’t include last names…???*

In my head I just didn’t see the need. There are a lot of nicknames though. I feel like that’s more realistic in life. And more of a mob stereotype. Reeves calls Lexie “princess” as a term of endearment. Carter and Lexie often refer to each other as “babe.” Joe calls Lexie “Lex,” which is to signify the fact that they know each other well and have a history. Although as Carter and Lexie’s story unfolds you will see he too at times will refer to her as Lex. Brice refers to Lexie as “Ms. Lexie” and Carter as “Mr. Carter,” to showcase his level of respect and the fact that he is professional. Elena is introduced later in the story as Carter and Lexie’s baby girl and we soon after find out that Elena was in fact Lexie’s mother’s name. In honor she names her child after her mother. Elena Lexie’s mother is kind of the hidden driving force for everything that has shaped this storyline. Her death was the driving force for Lexie and Reeves’ revenge toward Skully, Elena’s support and influence was Lexie’s driving force to start her own fashion empire, and her advice and love was what ultimately let Lexie pull down her walls and let Carter in.

lexie red lipss elena quote

 How the writing process started:

I first got the idea from Joseph Gordon Levitt’s independent company Hit RECord…I spoke more on that in Mysterious Attraction’s  first post…Click HERE to read.

It initially was just Dialogue. But the challenge was basically to write dialogue without names or actions.

The initial setting is an Office. A conflict between two people…eventually you realize it’s a quarrel between a man and a woman who have some sort of twisted history. As the story evolves so do the settings and we get to see these characters and how they relate to each other outside the walls of this office.

 Reoccurring Themes:

Ruthlessness- It’s a story that revolves around a mob business. Lexie and Reeves are instilled with a certain level of ruthlessness. And Carter displays his own versions of this as well. Most characters will embody this at some point in their character evolution, however they each have different definitions of it.

Power Struggle- Every character in some form goes through this with themselves as well as with another character or characters. It’s evident in Lexie and Carter’s relationship at the very beginning. It’s evident in Skully and Reeves and the mob war they created. It’s evident in Roxy’s playful conquest with Brice. It’s evident in the spats between the men in Lexie’s life…Reeves and Carter, Carter and Joe, and Reeves and Joe.

Fear- Despite the fears that come along with that of a dangerous mob life, Lexie has a severe fear of love failing.

Femme Fatale- Lexie and Roxy are both categorized as such for their obvious charm.

Temptation- The fight to engage further in an affair with Lexie while he’s still married is a constant temptation for Carter. Lexie’s temptation comes in the form of fighting the fear to fall in love.

Courage- Carter steps forward in courage when he confesses his feelings to Lexie and doesn’t let her push him away. Lexie steps forward in courage by allowing Carter in and removing herself from the life she always knew.

Pain/Broken hearts– This is probably one of THE most centric themes. It seems every character has suffered a broken heart. Lexie and Joe broke each other’s hearts years ago. Carter and Lexie are breaking Kelly’s heart now. Kelly broke Carter’s heart years ago. And Reeves and Lexie were brokenhearted from the minute Skully took Elena away from them. So in a way Lexie’s heart was never full…until she met Carter and it started to heal. (too mushy? ok moving on.) Roxy had her heart broken time and time again, but still manages to joke around and keep things light, she never gives up on love.

Destiny- Kelly wasn’t meant for Carter. And Joe wasn’t meant for Lexie. It was just a path they each had to go through to get to each other. Lexie and Carter were destined. You know that saying that says “what do you do when you finally meet the love of your life but you’re already married?” (#oliviapope… President Grant….Shout out to Scandal that show kills!) Or something like that. Pretty morbid concept if you ask me. But it makes for one hell of a story. That’s why we call it FICTION.


Irony- Carter has a type. Both Kelly and Lexie are similar in the sense that they test him, in many ways. Seems he likes a challenge.

Regret- Reeves regrets the life he’s made and by extension made for his daughter. Lexie regrets playing games with Carter. Kelly regrets cheating on Carter, but also not checking in on herself and her health. Skully has no regrets at all, which is why he is the true villain of this story.

Revenge- Is probably the most prominent driving theme. The story is set in a life where revenge is what keeps the story growing and moving and evolving. It’s what drives the explosions, the fights, the guns, the love, the lust.

The color RED: The color of a bright shade of lipstick. A pop of color in a dark world. It draws you in. A femme fatale’s main accessory. It’s also the color or blood. Blood baths. Blood coursing through veins rapidly during high emotions.

sophia-bush  demi_lovato_151395061 - Copy

These are a lot of examples, but there are plenty more I’m sure of it!

 Introduction of Images and Why?

Because I wasn’t using stage directions, or character names or actions, I relied on the images to give you guys a little insight as to what was going on with these characters. I was able to focus on the dialogue and just leave the rest up for interpretation and imagination. In hindsight I was slowly learning more myself; more about the characters, about what their relationships were, what they meant to each other, who they are, and how they feel. It was really fun, just winging it and not over thinking it too much, but then I felt like I saw a longer length in store for this series. So I decided to avoid any confusion I would start adding in names and character actions and more description.

How the story went on for so long and Why?

I thought it’d be 5 chapters at most. Well how wrong I was. I just kept going, and as long as I kept thinking of new ideas, and new twists and turns, I thought hey let’s keep this up. So I kind of just let it run its course till I felt Lexie and all the other characters had reached their destination. I didn’t want to just wrap it up because I felt it getting too long. I wanted to finish each character’s story the right way.

 Character Point of Views and Voice Overs

Writing Character thoughts and Voiceovers are probably one of my favorite things to write. I just feel like we get to see the character’s true feelings and what’s going through their heads. It’s my way of showing the truth while the characters try to find out how to be who they truly are. Carter and Lexie were the only characters who had P.OV.’s and voiceovers. This was a story based on the evolution from toxic affair to full on can’t eat, can’t sleep love story.

Character P.O.V examples

(The hearing of a character’s thoughts at the moment.)

there’s a pullYou‚Äôve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It

an urgency between the two of us

how can being with someone you love seem so wrong

but feel so right

I guess that’s the wrath of mysterious attraction…


ryan_gosling_black_n_white_by_kalianalyticaldevine-d4cepbsBut being with her, in some strange way…

has always felt right

Is that just the attraction talking…

or could it really be love?

Am I still in love with her?


Voiceover example

(Off camera commentary …a specific character’s narration….it’s a relatable voice from beyond.)

tumblr_lmnj9szpwD1qzb7cdo1_500“Back then, that’s all I knew of it. That we were a family and that you fight for the ones you love. But like I said before, they never tell you what it’s going to be like. And as I grew older, I began to see that same fearful side of my father in myself. The more and more I became invested in this so called business, the more I felt obligated to use my ability to instantly instill fear in someone. That’s when I knew I had to change it. And that change came in the face of one man. And although I may not be able to truly have him, I know that he’s worth fighting for, and so with everything in me I vow to protect him, and I vow to save her.” -Lexie

 The Evolution of core characters

At first Lexie is a powerhouse, and not good at opening up to people. You can tell by the way she distances herself from her staff that she has been hurt and has many secrets.

Carter over time evolves in terms of ruthlessness and Lexie’s ruthlessness will digress, as she realizes her father’s battle isn’t her own.

reeves vs lexie

We see Carter becomes ruthless when it comes to Lexie and loving her. He won’t let anything stand in his way.

Reeves is ruthless when it comes to his family, he won’t stand for anyone hurting his them. He will take action to protect them, no matter how drastic those actions may be. But we also see him sacrifice himself to save the rest of this family. It’s that whole mobster with a heart of gold storyline. You can’t help but secretly love him.

Lexie and Carter’s relationship is a stressful one at first. It’s driven by sex and high tension, and Lexie’s need to hold her power over him. However, as feelings start to arise, you start to see Lexie thaw and you notice that maybe she wasn’t always this way. Carter even makes mention to loving her genuine smiles, her yoga pants and when she lets down her hair and tries being herself. We find out that Carter and Lexie have more of a relationship then just an affair to remember. (Haha see what I did there?) The friendship is there. When Carter’s wife Kelly goes missing Lexie is right there to dive in a help him, even going as far as risking her own life to save her.

There is always an underlying respect, love, friendship, bond there…flirtation and fun….they belong together. Even when Lexie is using her power over him, in work related situations and other situations 😉 we later find out that Carter has always felt attracted to Lexie’s bossy ways. It was all part of their game. The passion, the tension, the back and forth bickering, the looks, the slight touches, the close quarters. The need to be with each other, it’s always been there, and all that drama just made it more interesting for them to fall in love. Ultimately they are there for each other, they support each other.

baby news

 New Character Alerts

I did this so that it would be easier to follow and to put face to name. It was a visual thing. And it was kind of like a fun little promo thing to do to introduce a new face.

Favorite Quotes

“They say the devil was an angel… I guess the devil was also a dark haired, red lipped, high heeled, tightly dressed siren too.”- Carter

“I’m always ok.”- Lexie

“You guard your heart from the world like you’re waging war.”- Carter

“Everyone has their pasts, things they’ve done that they’re not proud of, things that have broken their heart, things they’re afraid of, things that they wish could be different.”-Carter

“Dad stop! If you walk out that door…I swear to you…I won’t be around to watch as they haul you off to prison, but I will make sure that they do.” -Lexie

*Indirect Foreshadowing in a way of Reeves fate*

“Carter, don’t handle me…ok? You know I hate that. If I’m pissed at you, I have a right to be no matter how irrational you may think that it is.” -Lexie

“Rule number one…never turn your back to your hostage. Rookie mistake.”- Lexie *Lexie’s mob rules for when faced with an enemy*

“Chinese or pizza?”- Carter

*to signify the level of normalcy Lexie & Carter’s relationship finally hit*

“See Carter, in this business when you want something, you don’t ask for it, you just take it.” –Skully

“Rule number 1 always come prepared, rule number 2, learn who you can trust.”- Lexie *Lexie’s mob rules for being kidnapped*

“The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.”- Lexie

“You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the mob, but ya can’t take the mob out of the girl.”- Lexie

“See, girls wait for the guy to come to them. Women go in for the kill.”- Lexie

*Kill is a play on the fact that she’s a mob princess*

“We take what we want. No questions asked.”- Lexie

“Nothing reels a man in better than a sexy red lip and a smile.”-Lexie (quoting her mom.)

Brooke-Davis-brooke-davis-10279556-200-320 red lips

“Some hearts are just born with the intent to love.”- Roxy

“I like to make ‘em squirm. It’s more fun that way.”-Roxy

“Exactly. That’s the definition of mysterious attraction. A look reveals everything and nothing at the same time. A look sets the stage…it shows that the want is there and that lets your mind wonder to all kinds of crazy places. But when you look away, it takes it all back, revealing nothing.” -Lexie

first meet flashback - Copyfirst meet - Copy

 Favorite Scenes:

Carter: There it is.larter laughs - Copy

Lexie: What?

Carter: There’s my smile.


Lexie: You didn’t even know me.

Carter: No. But that didn’t matter, because I wanted to. And you weren’t some kind of payback, I swear. I just saw something in myself that I hadn’t in a long time. I felt alive, just watching you….  And that’s why I hated myself for it, because all the pain Kelly put me through had caused me to become numb and you changed all that with one small glance across a crowded room and then you smiled and I was a goner.

Lexie: You got all of that from one look and a smile?

Carter: It was a hell of a smile.


The flashback scene of when Carter and Lexie first meet is my favorite complete scene.

Click HERE to read.

tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io4_250 tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io1_250

Holes I found In my story/General Notes:

Lexie and Carter’s Affair: I have to admit in my head this was much more sensual and sexual very physical relationship that builds into an epic love story. Which is still essentially what I think I created here. However, I think it is alluded to in the way they carry themselves while they are around each other, as well as in their body language and how they speak to each other. I think I toned it down for personal reasons. I don’t want my writing to be built upon a stigma which mirrors the heaviness of 50 Shades of Grey. I think there are ways to enhance this aspect of a story with how you film and how you direct your actors. Unfortunately Ryan Gosling and Sophia Bush are busy and haven’t returned my calls. So the movie version will have to wait. 😉

Timeline…I fast forward a lot to show case how long it’s been and sometimes as I did that I would lose track of my timeline, especially with Lexie’s pregnancy. That was difficult to keep track of. Also Lexie’s past could have been a little more specific. How old was Lexie when her mother died? How old was she when she entered the business? I feel like these questions could be answered through context clues, but maybe I should have been more specific. For instance we find out that Lexie’s past with Joe is a colorful one. Lexie got pregnant at 16 and lost her baby. I would say that Lexie lost her mom long before that, I’d say she lost her when she was a kid around 8 or 9 or so. And by 16 Lexie’s life turned upside down and she didn’t have her mother there to help her through and her father was still grieving and helped the best way he knew how. So Lexie sought revenge as a way to stifle her pain of losing not only her mother, but her child and her chance at a normal carefree college life. She was changed. I also mention that Roxy was an old boarding school friend. One who knew her life story, and one who also knew Joe personally and knew the whole thing that happened. So basically all of this is mentioned when Roxy is introduced. Which I felt was fitting.

Elena (the mom) should have been pictured. Reeves makes mention to how much Lexie looks like her and how much she reminds him of her, and Lexie tells Reeves in her letter to him how baby Elena looks like her mom so they named her after her. Also in the locket Roxy gives Lexie on her wedding day, there are pictures of both her daughter and her mom. I imagine visually the camera would close up on the locket and the pictures, I just failed to pick an actress to play the roll. Maybe that’s part of the mystery. The story is driven my a face unknown. In a way gathering from Lexie and her daughter’s appearance you can get a visual of Lexie’s mom in your mind.

The mob storyline could have been further explained. The drama and the fear was there but I just felt like Lexie was supposed to be portrayed as her dad’s successor but maybe it didn’t come off so well. Never the less I did so in a way because ultimately Lexie never wanted this to be her life, Lexie and Carter as all those who work for her father, are not cut out for that life. Their hearts are good. Brice is a perfect example of a guy who just needed a job to survive and got wrapped up in the wrong one. I think alluding to the lifestyle and Skully and Reeves’ ongoing war was enough to get the audience to understand the danger of it all. After all we do finally get to meet skully and there are kidnappings and explosions and shootings so I think there’s definitely enough mob drama displayed, now that I think about it!

Joan and Carter should have had a conversation about Joan’s choice to keep Carter from Skully. And also how Joan and Skully conceived a child. Were they in love back when Skully wasn’t so ruthless? I’d say Skully was always pretty ruthless, but Joan realized a little too late. The heart wanted what it wanted.

Who was John really??? A friend, a relative of Skully’s who decided to step in? I never really said. But I think that in Carter’s mind, it just didn’t matter, John was his dad, the man who raised him. The man who taught him how to be a man, and that’s all Carter needed to know. I did however allude to Carter and Joan having a conversation and that John and Carter are closer than ever in Lexie’s letter to Reeves at the end. That was kind of my way of summing up everyone’s storyline and showing you how this is a new start for everyone.

The clothing store front should have been more played out. In every mob story I’ve seen there’s the business which is the life of crime and all the illegal mumbo jumbo and then there’s the “legitimate” side where they import coffee or sell baked goods. It’s basically a front to gain a living while you continue on your quest of crime and illegal antics. I felt like I failed to carry the fact that Lexie was working in a fashion front. I feel like I through that detail in too late. It should have been introduced sooner, and I could have been more descriptive about Lexie’s office and the business surroundings.

I neglected to inform the audience that Kelly was a photographer. When she was captured. Carter mentions she had been traveling for a job. That she got a location and was rerouted to the warehouse. In my head she was a photographer who was traveling to a shoot. It’s difficult to keep little details like that in order when you are writing it, while your mind is thinking visually how you would orchestrate a scene and how you would shoot it, and how you would tell each character’s story. I lost sight of the fact that what I write is what the audience will know. So by not writing it, I missed a piece of the puzzle. Just because I see it, doesn’t mean the audience does. I have to be more careful of that. Check yo self, Michelle!

Lexie’s never killed anyone outside fatherly orders and self-defense…this was mentioned in conversation but we don’t get to hear the full story. It was more strategic, I suppose. Lexie has alot in her past. And I allude to the fact that Carter and Lexie have had multiple conversations about their pasts. Some are even played out in their scenes together.

What was Carter doing before he met Lexie and joined her in the mob? I definitely failed to answer this question. Obviously Lexie and Carter’s affair has been going on for a year or two, so this has been his job. But when they met what was he doing? In my head I guess he was a businessman of sorts….but I guess I just didn’t feel the need to go there. Ultimately this was a story about Carter coming into Lexie’s life, and changing her forever.

Kelly is quick with the comebacks like Lexie is. Carter has a type.

Lexie and Kelly mirror similar traits at times. The difference is Lexie and Carter share true love.

Irony that Carter just wants Lexie to open up to him and lean on him, while all Kelly did was lean on him and not do for herself. It’s the opposite, but there’s a deeper level of commitment and love in Lexie’s affection for Carter. Kelly may have loved Carter but Lexie is in love with him. Kelly and Lexie character swap a bit.

All in all, each character has an arc. But in the end, Justice is served where it’s due. Skully dies, Reeves goes to prison. Lexie matures so much and realizes that life has so much more to offer. And all of the rest of the characters get a fresh start.

hey go out with me - Copy

I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for Brice & Roxy…p.s. how cute of a couple would Demi Lovato & Wilson Bethel make on screen!

the fam roxy and brice end 2 kelly and joe end kelly and joe end 2 - Copy      brice and roxy end 3 - Copy brice and roxy end

****There is always going to be holes and questions. I think all in all, the story holds up. There are a lot of references to each of these holes and if you have an imagination I think they are easy to figure out. I mean think about all the shows you watch or the movies you love, don’t you walk away with questions. I know I do and yes it can be frustrating, but what’s a good story without a little room for audience interpretation and imagination. ;)****

To catch up on or read Mysterious Attraction in FULL start HERE or refer to the Mysterious Attraction Category on the right side. Thanks for reading!

goodbye - Copy

***I take no credit for any of the images used on their owns, or in edits.***

Stay Tuned for what would happen if Mysterious Attraction  had a soundtrack 😉

I know I know, the story is over Michelle, let’s move on. But I’ve spent the past year developing these characters and their stories and I’d like to stay in this world for just a tad bit longer.

Hope you don’t mind 😉




Christmas 2014 Bucket List

I’m a list person. I make a to do list, practically every day. Granted that may be a little OCD esque, but I love the feeling of checking things off and getting shit done. Knowing you are accomplishing things is very therapeutic and eases your worries a bit. At least it does for me. So with that being said, I came up with a Thanksgiving to do list and it really helped me hone in and focus on what I wanted to do and what I needed to do. It’s an organization thing.hellodecember

Anyhow, for the month of December I wanted to make a Christmas bucket list. Every year I feel like there is always so many things I want to do and then before I know it we are a week away from the holiday and I am still rushing to shop for gifts, trying to finish decorating and it just flies by and I don’t even get to enjoy it. So time to get it together.

*Christmas Bucket List*

Shop for presents (mostly online…because crowds are the worst!)

Buy ugly Christmas sweaterChristmas-Lights-Background-Wallpaper-1920x1080

Buy Christmas onesie/pjs

Watch Christmas movies

Listen to Christmas music (um so yea I kind of caved in and started in November….*NSYNC’s Christmas Album snuck up on my iPod and I couldn’t resist!)

Buy this year’s Christmas tree ornament

Decorate early

Watch the tree lighting on tv

Visit the city lights

Go see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood

Christmas-treeLook up fun treats to make for Christmas Eve and Day

Try eggnog

Confession & Mass

Build a gingerbread house

Build a snowWOMAN… (cuz I never see that and I want to represent 😉 )

Buy my goddaughter a Christmas balloon (we’ve gotten her one every holiday as of late and she love balloons so…)

Make paper snowflakes with my goddaughter


* I take no credit for the images used*

Happy December!