Mysterious Attraction




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Mysterious Attraction is an online developing screenplay that was written over the span of a little over a year here on michelleleighwrites. It is the first full screenplay to be distributed on this blog. It’s a sort of fan fiction type of story, although I created my own characters and plotlines.

Mysterious Attraction is a story that focuses on femme fatale Lexie and her involvement in her father’s mob business. While she and her father harbor revenge upon a rival mob for reasons you will find by reading, Lexie secretly hopes for a better future. As she falls for the least available man named Carter, she has to decide what future she wants for herself; a life of crime and danger or the life she maybe always wanted; normal, safe and full of love. Click HERE to read Mysterious Attraction from the very beginning, or refer to the tab on the side for the latest chapters. I do hope you enjoy this ever evolving, highly emotional tale. Dream casting provided by the mind of yours truly.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and is not in production [at this time ;)]. I am in no way, shape or form saying the actors I put faces to my characters are in any way affiliated with my project. It was just for visual effect, and purely my admiring their talents and paying homage to their work. Also I do not take credit for any images used in my edits.

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I look forward to writing more of these for you, and hope to hear your feedback!

xo- Michelle


Check out my Commentary for Mysterious Attraction HERE!

And for you music lovers out there…

I created a mock soundtrack for the story so you can listen as you read, Check that out HERE!


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