Relive Your Childhood With Girl Meets World

Ok 90’s babies…listen up, because we have much to discuss.

As you may have heard the childhood memories maker series “Boy Meets World” that shaped the l345d5e710000_2_13466hearts of many of us; “Boy Meets World” has been reinvented and brought back into a new series spinoff “Girl Meets World.”


For those who aren’t familiar with Boy Meets World, it was a story of a young boy named Cornelius “Cory” Matthews who with the help (and at times push from) his best friend Shawn finds his way tumblr_lxryzlm74L1qei0mto1_500through all the mistakes and ups and downs of being an adolescent. We watch Cory grow from a young boy, to a young man, and we get to see him go from thinking girls have cooties to falling in love with Topanga (What’s a Topanga?…get out just get out!); the weird girl who may or may not decide to shave her legs, and who draws red lipstick hearts on her face and tribal dances in Cory’s kitchen during their brainstorming for a school project. We watch as Cory balances all the different relationships in his life and we see the people and the life lessons that shape the man he is today.


Um yes this is sitting pretty on their book shelf...

Um yes this is sitting pretty on their book shelf…

In the new series we follow Cory and Topanga’s family as they raise two children; Riley and Auggie. This story is about Riley’s journey into the world and how she will make it hers and step out of her father’s slightly taller shadow.10476262_509955329103952_2405926121138190096_n

I have to say when I heard about this I nearly combusted. I’m an extremely nostalgic person. And Boy Meets World was such a great show to grow up with that it made me super excited to relive that feeling. The buzz this show was and still is getting was crazy and only made the premiere even more of an anticipation. The interviews, the behind the scenes photos, the guest stars; It was like a giant flashback that I didn’t mind living in forever.

However, with that being said. There is something you need to understand going into this. Before even watching the pilot. You need to understand, Nostalgia is all well and good. But we can’t live in the past. Girl Meets World will not be Boy Meets World. And it shouldn’t try. What it needs to do is be it’s own show yet embracing opportunities for homage to where it all starting. And I have to say, in my honest opinion, I liked it! It was adorable. Granted being that it’s on Disney channel, the target audience is significantly younger then most of us 90’s babies are, and the writing has to remain a little more PG then it was on Boy Meets World. BUT it was fun to see Cory and Topanga as parents, did anyone else secretly feel like an Aunt. 😉 I had to tune in to see how they pulled this story together, and I’m glad I did.10406529_508571489242336_6260273196246744778_n

Girl Meets World premiered on tv on Friday, June 27th at 9:45. (Regular time: Fridays at 8:30 starting July 11th, *no new episodes the week of July 4th*)

As far as I can remember, when we last saw Cory, Topanga and the gang, Topanga had received an internship offer in New York, and she and Cory were off to New York to start their new lives as a tumblr_n28y5sldtt1r3z3gbo1_500married couple just out of college. Along for the ride were Eric and of course Shawn. While Rachel and Jack were off to the peace core. Whoever knows what happened to Angela. Haha. And left in Philly were the rest of the Matthews family; Amy, Allen, Morgan, and baby Joshua. [Click for goodbye scene.] And last but certainly not least, the very beloved, very insightful Mr. Feeny. Who before dismissing his class for the very last time, said something that will always stay with me “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” As Topanga asks “Don’t you mean do well?” And he replies simply… “No. I mean do good.” It’s a scene that gets me Every. Damn. Time.

So with that picture in mind, fast forward 11 or so years later…til new aged Girl Meets World.



Cory and Topanga are parents to Riley and Auggie, living in New York, where Topanga carries a briefcase and wears and blazer and Cory is best known as Mr. Matthews; John Quincy Adams’ U.S. history teacher, and also Riley’s worst nightmare since she’s in his class. And he’s trying to run her life, so she says.

The opening scene is between Riley and her best friend Maya. As they try and decide whether or not Riley can stand up to her father and tell him she wants to ride the subway by herself. Thinking she’ll know his answer, Riley and Maya decide they have a better chance of getting what they want, by sneaking out her bedroom window. (Cory and Shawn flashback? I swear they didn’t know what the front door was until they were about 15. haha)

Just as they do, Cory chases them back in, only to explain to her that the world is hers and let’s her go. It is here that we notice the instant dynamic of the show. Where Riley says to Maya…

“How long do I have to live in my father’s world?” -Riley

“Until you make it yours.”-CoryBen-Savage-_-Danielle-Fishel-Girl-Meets-World-300x194

“Will you still be there for me when I do?”-Riley

“Right here. We’ll be right here.”- *ENTER* Topanga


****The moment I almost cried, Oh the feels… the nostalgia got to me.****

Cory plays a protective father, striving to help his daughter Riley make the best choices for herself and we see a daughter who is trying to find her way and find who she really is. Riley is a good girl, always used to following the rules, but while her best friend Maya is a rebel, Riley wishes to be “cool” like her and goes on a mission to “reinvent” herself. Much like the dynamic between Cory and Shawn. Cory was always the more levelheaded, think before doing something stupid, while Shawn never thought. Maya is the female version of Shawn in this case. The rebel with a cause. It’s really cool to see this dynamic with two females in the roles. I think it causes for a different perspective and doesn’t re-tell the story Cory had to tell.

*Girl Meets World reenacts Boy Meets World Archived Photos*

 10441279_509542565811895_1648393277107189085_n10440644_508968659202619_7682693847849744401_n  10492378_510164115749740_5929898203506946908_n10433781_508529612579857_1374898922025244435_n














Girls are going to experience everything differently, they are going to feel differently about things. They are going to go through certain things, the boys never did, or never understood. P.S. it’s Girl Meets World and I think Topanga should have more lines as she is the original Girl. Because after Cory was the Boy in Boy Meets World he became the Boy in Boy Meets Girl and well, Topanga wastumblr_me0x4d75kX1r0z3hjo1_1280 that Girl. Topanga held the responsibility to portray the girl’s perspective in Boy Meets World. She was independent and made choices that were her own. Despite giving up Yale to be with Cory, Topanga never made her life all around a boy, she knew there were other aspects to life. She never NEEDED Cory, she knew how to survive without him, she just Wanted him. There is a difference. And when the opportunity to move to New York came, she took it, with Cory supportively by her side. And let’s face it Topanga (the mom) is way more suitable to deal with Riley’s up and coming teenage girl, mood swings then Cory (the dad) will be. And I believe Riley and Maya have a better understanding of the term “woo her,” than Cory and Shawn ever really did.

Speaking of Wooing. Enter Farkle. Farkle is the new Minkus of the group. Spoiler alert, I believe he’s gmw4Minkus’ son…BUT besides the point Farkle is the very smart, very much in love with Riley and Maya. He definatley will try his hand at wooing. We’ve already seen a few attempts at flirting. The same way Minkus was infatuated with Topanga, Farkle is infatuated with Riley (and Maya.) The friend dynamic between Topanga, Cory, and Shawn, seems like it’s going to be relived through Farkle, Riley, and Maya.

GIRL-MEETS-WORLDEnter Lucas. Riley’s cute “subway boy”, who turns out to be a new student in her history class, who she has her sights on. Riley much like Cory has a lot to learn about flirting. *Thumbs up*…doesn’t count Riles. Just ask your father. While Maya much like Shawn, is going to be the trusty friend flirting guide.



While most of the time I was kind of expecting “Uncle” Shawn to pop up, I realized it made sense that he didn’t. Not in the first episode at least. When trying to brand a new show, and make it it’s own, having the initial dream team of Cory and Shawn in a show entitled Girl Meets World, may just squash all the efforts of Riley and Maya’s friendship.

The show also follows Cory and Topanga’s life; raising their children. So the way they did it made sense. They had to set the stage for the story that will be told. However, knowing that Farkle is Minkus’ son (the audience doesn’t know just yet, but I’ve read it) and seeing that Riley is Cory and Topanga’s daughter, I half expected Maya to be Shawn’s daughter but I’m not sure how likely that is.  However, I wouldn’t put it past the creators to have Shawn pull a Mr. Turner and become a badass motorcycle riding, mentor to Maya. Hell Shawn did like to write, maybe he can teach English. 😉 Although seeing how Shawn moved to New York with Cory and Topanga at the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn is a must for a guest star. And from what I’ve seen Shawn, Amy, and Allen are to be in future episodes. Uncle Joshua has also been rumored to have been cast, so that should be super fun to see.

Eric was missed dearly as well. But the few seconds Cory’s son Auggie had on screen was enough to convince me that Auggie inherented his uncle Eric’s sense of humor. He was totally aloof and made absolutely no sense, and he had me cracking up. Which leads me to believe that Riley and Auggie’s relationship could possibly mirror Cory and Eric’s, except this time Riley’s the older sibling.

What we did get that was a true token and treat to fellow Boy Meets World fans like myself came towards the very end…as Cory and Topanga graced Riley with her very own Metro Card to ride the train herself….10245307_486535888112563_93080846331486668_n

“You trust me with this?”- Riley

“You showed us we can.”- Topanga

Riley goes and comes back and her parents are waiting for her as she gets of the train.

“You guys waited to come pick me up?”-Riley

“We told you we’d always be here for you.”-Topanga

Behind the scene there’s a huge poster with Mr. Feeny on it that reads “It’s cool to stay in school” tumblr_n5y6w8ctOG1qic8ixo3_250and then Mr. Feeny himself appears (in what I can only suspect is in Ghost form) as he says-

“Well done, Mr. Matthews.”- Mr. Feeny

Then after a smile and nod from Cory he disappears.

And I was a goner….it was such a slight homage and yet it was enough for me to want to tune in every week, to see what else they’ll have for us.

I hope they do this throughout the series, as if Mr. Feeny serves as his conscience. He did say in the final episode of Boy Meets World, that Mr. Feeny would always be with them. And well, it’s amazing to see that he is.

What I loved most about the episode were the small hints back to Boy Meets World. They were pretty subtle, but they were there. Aside from the ones I’ve already mentioned, there were a few others…

Farkle falls asleep and mumbles in his sleep just like Cory and Shawn used to do.

Cory uses his class (and his parenting style) to teach valuable life lessons, about being who you are and making the world your own. Much like his parents and Mr. Feeny did with him.

Cory calls his students by last name…for example, Maya Ms. Hart in his History class. And gives his students the class room floor whenever they have something to say. Much like Mr. Feeny used to do in his HISTORY class. Talk about following in the footsteps of greatness.


They used the same transition music they used to use in Boy Meets World. Listen closely!

Riley and Maya stage a no homework rebellion, similar to when Cory and Shawn rebel against the idea of taking a test in Mr. Turner’s class when he said there would be no test if they just read the book. However, while Riley followed along in Maya’s plan, she secretly still does the homework for both herself and Maya. Proving that she knows the difference between right and wrong and where to draw the line. While Cory went right along with most of Shawn’s crazy anecdotes. And suffered the consequences later on, which usually lead to the grounding of a lifetime and a lot of groveling. Riley gets her own Metro card and more freedom for being who she is and knowing her limits.

I think eventually Girl Meets World needs to be switched over to abc family, right now it’ll do ok on Disney. Riley is still so young. But if the series lasts til she gets older, I think it’s going to be a little difficult to tell certain stories on a network like Disney. The original Boy Meets World used to air on abc. And although it never crossed a line, I think a lot of the appeal of the show was the idea that the humor was a bit risky within reason and the show actually dealt with serious life lessons and issues kids and teens and adults face. On a network like Disney, Riley’s story won’t be able to get as far as Cory’s did. So being that abc family is abc 7’s sister network, it would just make more sense. abcfamily is home to many shows with a young audience yet they have a little more freedom to tell stories and express issues a little more aggressively and maturely. 10375157_508879882544830_4291745016359880317_n

With all that being said. Godspeed, Girl Meets World. It’s the same creators as Boy Meets World, so I have a great deal of faith! As a 90’s baby who til this day still laughs hysterically at Eric’s Feenayyy call, tears up when Shawn has difficulty telling Angela he loves her, and who is still looking for the Cory to her Topanga, I still tune in to watch the BMW reruns and will continue to see where Girl Meets World takes the newest Matthews Family installment next. And remember kids…

Dream. Try. Do good.

Girl Meets World airs Fridays at 8:30 on Disney Channel.

P.S. Who else caught that Jackee Harry guest star spot…

a.k.a “Lisa” from Sister Sister, Holy 90’s!


Remembering Michael Jackson


Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death. Till this day I almost still feel like michael-jackson-tell-all-bookit’s a cruel joke. And what’s even sadder is that out of the two major things that happened that day, (his death and my high school graduation) the former is what actually always comes to mind first on this day.

Michael JacksonI’ve always found it odd when they called the date someone passed away an Anniversary. Aren’t Anniversaries causes for celebration; as in a wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of a couple’s first date or first kiss, or first whatever. It’s usually a celebration of love. But when someone passes, the love or adoration or respect of their craft you once had for them doesn’t just go away. And it never will.

So I guess Anniversary is a fitting term. Because despite rumors or speculation or hearsay, I choose to believe at the root of it we are all human beings trying our best. And I’d like to think we all have good in us. So let’s not mourn that he’s gone, let’s celebrate all he’s left us with. Let’s celebrate what a true talent he was and still is.

I’ve said my piece about Michael’s passing and his 38971-michael_jackson_jpg_630x461_q85legacy many times. The world is missing out on having his true presence with us everyday. But he lives on, in music. So I wanted to remember him today, on this 5 Year Anniversary of his passing first by Rocking my MJ “Off The Wall” tee but more importantly through sharing his music hence broadcasting the impact he’s had on the world through that music.




 Michael_Jackson_Quotes-411-Picture-Sayings michael-jackson-quotes-sayings-originality-success

*Here are some of my favorite MJ songs/music videos/performances*

The Way You Make Me Feel (an all time favorite)

Smooth Criminal (that lean move though)

You Rock My World (“Chris your kickin’ with the wrong leg” ;))

Thriller (Cinematically Brilliant…P.S. Zombies <3)

*Michael Jackson’s music videos were always crafty in telling a story.

The 13 minute “Thriller” video paved the way for the mini movie music video trend. *


Dirty Diana


Wanna Be Startin’ Something

Rock With You

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

You Are Not Alone

Leave Me Alone

Human Nature



*And last but not least Michael Jackson being a legend…as he performs Billie Jean*

Chills guys, I have chills (and it’s summer)


Rest in Peace Michael.

*King of Pop*

*Greatest of all time.*


Ed Sheeran, Be My Husband. + (“X” Album Review)

Ok so first things first….HAPPY “X” DAY, [other wise read as “Happy Multiply Day” Ed Sheeran Fans…or #Sheeranators if you will…it’ll catch on. And when it does I win money. 😉

**Do your google research Michelle…this term already exists…no money for you…just the self gratification of being a Sheeranator**


I have anxiously been awaiting this day, to hear the entire album.

I was so obsessed with his last album “+.” [I guess Ed is really into Math or somethin’] Songs like “Small Bump” and “Kiss Me” will sneak up on you.

I can’t even tell you how my heart broke repeatedly as I listened to “Give Me Love” on a loop. Shout out to “The Vampire Diaries” for that one, they played it during a dance sequence between Damon/Elena/Stefan and I just fell apart…I was a puddle on the floor, hence when the obsession began.

And “Lego House” still ranks high on my -must listen to- playlist.

So being that I had a total love affair with his first album I was excited to hear how his musical talents have multiplied…haha get it? See what I did there. 😉 #Dork

Any who… (awkward…pause…allowance for time to get over that corny joke)

cover arty

LISTEN TO ED’S “X” [Deluxe Edition]

Trust me it’s worth it.

“X” is Sheeran’s 2nd album, which can make one worry if he will strike gold again or suffer a dreaded sophomore slump. Our first introduction to Ed’s sophomore album was through “SING” released as a single back in April, with Pharrell Williams along for the ride. And well let’s just say it’s been doing quite well. I challenge you to try and not  SING….LOUDER….it’s just not possible. You must ohh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh along with him.

He then released a video for “ONE.”

Then recently uploaded a concert  Live from Dublin, which was a mix of old songs and new. And the Live Versions were breathtaking. New songs he performed included; “Don’t,” “One,” “Take it Back,” “Tenerife Sea,” “SING” and “I See Fire” (track written for “The Hobbit.”) I tell ya, I’ll take live versions over studio versions ANY DAY! Especially with someone like Ed. I’m not gonna lie I’ve watched that concert a good 50-100 times, I replayed the performances of “Take it Back,” “Be My Husband” [Nina Simone Cover *No he doesn’t change the words and no it is not weird or “Gay” sometimes a cover is just a cover because it’s a good song and Ed’s version is unexplainable. Like I literally have no words for how amazing it is.*] and “Give Me Love” every time I watched. He’s very talented its almost unreal. That show was literally just him on stage, with his guitar, and a loop pedal. It was like he was a one man band. And his voice and his personality and interaction with the crowd made you just realize this guy was not only an incredible singer, but an incredible musician and an extraordinary artist. The feeling of watching that was so amazing, that I could only imagine what it must have been like to actually be in that audience while he was up on that stage, a shy few feet away. My gosh, seeing him live is on my concert list.

He had been releasing a song a day all last week, in support of the album’s U.S. release today,

June 23rd. TODAY!

So needless to say I’ve heard quite a few songs…

Don’t * Afire Love * Bloodstream * Thinking Out Loud * The Man * Photograph * were all released on youtube last week and I was even more in love with “X.”

“X” Tracklist (Deluxe Edition)


Too many lyrics to showcase my love for, so go on, have a ball….Check em out HERE

READ for more information and fun side notes about Ed’s new album.

I will be purchasing this via CD…because I make a point to buy the actual cds for people that really count. 😉 Plus I just love CDs! #90skidwontquit

However, now that I’ve finally listened to the entire deluxe edition…thank you YouTube, you beautiful thing! Let me run down my thoughts…

*My Top 3*

(although subject to change, because the more I listen to the album

the more I fall in love with a new song)

Take it Back (the live version is magical)

Thinking Out Loud

The Man

Ed had released the standard edition tracklist on instagram

ed-sheeran-x-tracklistAnd from this list I have to say I was most intrigued to listen to “Nina.”

Any song that is named after a woman, is enough for anyone to be intrigued by. Because as if every song he writes isn’t being dissected and torn apart line by line to try and figure out who it is about…well “Nina” pretty much slaps you in the face and tells you… well this is a song…about a girl…and her name is Nina. haha

It’s kinda cool timing for him though because he does a Nina Simone cover of “Be My Husband,” a lot so it could have been an ode to her, BUT he was rumored to be in a relationship with scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, more well known in the UK, for now. I say rumored relationship because I didn’t follow their relationship and I don’t know much about her. But I do believe they were together and she may or may not have written an entire album about him and now I guess this is his song response to her. And the more you listen to the lyrics the more you know it’s about someone who he had a relationship with and not an ode to Ms. Simone.

It’s interesting how “Don’t” rumored to be about a cheating scandal with ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding places just before his appropriately named song response to Nina. I’d say “Don’t” and “The Man” are Ed’s “Cry Me a River.” They are aggressively sexy and kinda make you happy you aren’t the girl who the songs are about, but rather the girl who could make him feel all better, haha. Although compared to those bitey songs, “Nina” is actually kind of twistedly sweet; basically asking the girl to leave him for her own good. Ed is known for pouring his heart out, and I think that only helps people connect better with him for it. He’s real, what you see is what you get and he doesn’t mess around. He seems like he’s not putting on a show or putting up a front, he does what he does because he wants to grow as a musician and he wants to make music that matters. He raps in his own way and it’s freakin’ AWESOME. I’m not one to like rap music at all, but Ed’s rapping just makes me giddy and say “Aw shit” at the same time. He’s not trying to be something he’s not, he’s an R&B and Hip Hop fan who just so happens to have a musical soul and who’s also a lyrical genius. #GingerGenius is what I like to call him and no I am NOT googling it, cuz I wanna think it’s MINE!

A lot of people seem to compare “x” to “+.” Some unhappy with the growth he’s made, and the change in his sound. I definitely think it’s normal to compare an artists’ records to each other, I do it with Justin Timberlake all the time. But the thing is a good artist knows how to grow within what they’re good at, along with experimenting and growing and putting new spins on things you already know work. A good artist knows they’re “brand,” and explores their talent in different forums of music. Timberlake is a perfect example of that. There are elements of his new record that date back to his first solo debut album “Justified.” And yet The 20/20 Experience is a whole new ball game for him, musically. It’s an experiment and there are sounds you never heard him use before. But it all comes together and ties in. So I have to say Ed is up there with Justin. Ed has managed to keep what the world loves about him; his honest heartbreaking lyrics, his knack for rapping sick verses around a killer chorus, and just him and his guitar and a loop pedal, while allowing himself to branch out and use new sounds as well and try new things like working with Pharrell Williams on songs like “SING” and “Runaway.” Both of which Ed has been quoted wanting to achieve a “Justified” sound. Um yes, it all just really comes full circle doesn’t. I definitely think a collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake will be in our future. They would be epic together, and my worlds will collide and I will win Money! haha

So in a nutshell…

The way I judge this album is on how it makes me feel, and it makes me feel similar to how amazing it felt to hear “Give Me Love” for the first time. It felt like I was hearing his heart beat, and that hasn’t changed listening to this album. So I don’t think there’s a sophomore slump in your near future, Ed, none at all.

“X” is now playing on a loop

and Ed is back on my obsession list!

Excellent Job, Mate. 😉

I wasn’t even a little bit worried. Not even for a second.

And lastly… Your 23 and single (as far as I know) and

I’m 23 and single…you see where I’m going with this? 😉

Be My Husband, Ed Sheeran, Be My Husband. ❤










“X” is OUT NOW!






Random Writing Prompt

So I didn’t have anything specific planned for today’s post, so I thought I’d do a little writing prompt. A friend of mine got me a book called “642 Things To Write About.” So I thought it’d be cool to pick something from there and see where it takes me.BRITNEY SPEARS

You get to be any singer you choose and sing one song in a live concert.

Ok so I have about a gazillion answers to this question. BUT I would be Britney Spears.

[See: Shhh…I secretly wanted to be Britney Spears] …. big surprise huh? 😉

And I would perform Britney and Justin’s “What It’s Like To Be Me” (Oh the irony, Britney I wanted to be you girl, I did, I really did!) at the Video Music Awards with JT… (even bigger surprise..huh?) Can you tell I’ve thought about this before? haha.


britney_spears_britney_300x300Basically I have had an infatuation with this song since the “Britney” album came out in 2001. And her performance of it in her Live from Las Vegas special was sooo good! But Justin was merely just a voice track. 😦

I never understood why with such a power driven duet they didn’t make it count for something… I mean joint touring, televised performances, music videos, the behind the scenes footage alone would have been amazing! The possibilities were endless. Enjoy this fan made music video! 

Seriously though it would have been a real piece of history…(and hot as hell!) Justin & Britney were magic…and yes I’m saying that with a straight face…if you’re a 90’s kid who was a fan you felt the pain when they broke up. Wade Robson I blame you.


Here they are in 2001 performing at the half time show for the superbowl with *NSYNC, Nelly, Aerosmith and U2 and many others. I remember watching it, it was like stars left and right! SO awesome and they both looked so good and they were so cute performing together! 😀


 It’s really too bad they broke up, I kinda like to think they were it for each other, and I definitely think Britney wouldn’t have went through all that craziness if Justin were around. But never the less best of luck to them both, who knows maybe years down the road they’ll find their way back to each other. (No I’m not in support of infidelity or divorce, but let’s be serious it’s Hollywood.) And those two really loved each other, I just think they were too young to be so serious. But now well… hey it could work. I’ll still always hope for a romantic reunion…[Hey Ashton and Mila are getting hitched and becoming parents after years later…it could happen]  or I’ll settle for a musical and or movie reunion! 😉 So what if I’m living in denial, I know I am not the only one! Hence…

51st Annual Grammy Awards - Show

dream performance







*I do not take any credit for any of these gifs/image edits*

And now that this writing prompt has turned into a total love fest over Justin & Britney, let me leave you with these stellar pictures of Justin Timberlake and myself performing together HA!

20140616_130843 20140616_131128

Have I thoroughly freaked you out?


Signed, JT fan girl

“See you in the streets…Peace.”

[if you know where that’s from you either have a child or babysit one…

and know Sesame Street rather well….congrats you’re awesome!]


Love is Art, Art is Love.


Get inside your head

Take it like a man

Take me as I am

I’d do the same for you

Nothing left unsaid

Still silence

Louder than ever

You offer your hand

But pull back after a short glance

Get inside your head

Before you have time to regret

Illuminating that heart on your sleeve

it beats

it bleeds

and you think I don’t notice

Blank canvas

White with emptiness

Stifled art in tightened hands

Fists that can’t let go

What would you paint?

What would you place?

Let the blood flow


How would you fill a gaping feeling of a memory

with colors?

or the absence of?

Or would you leave it

just like you left love…

on an overused rundown shelf

In a line of dusty old books

that’s where I stood

The book of love anonymously written

Saw you flee

And never look back

Is that what you were taught to do?

I’m sure your mother would have a bone to pick with you

Wait and see

Let that heart breathe

Get inside your head

I’ll read your mind

Maybe we won’t waste time

And I won’t have to wonder

but you may

if you never let love see the light of day

Get inside my head

Read my mind

Open my heart

Show me who you truly are


Random Thoughts

Have you ever said something out loud and then instantly regretted it, because you are immediately met by a harsh response. Instantly shot down and treated like you’re a total asshole because you simply don’t know something. Or simply were just stating something or asking a question…

What I wanna know is…

What gives another person the right to tell you…

What you like?

Who to like?

What to find interesting?

What to do?

or most importantly

What to feel?

I’ve always been someone who tries to see things from all sides. Don’t get me wrong, I have a very strong set of morals and values, and I can be stubborn when defending them. But when faced with something I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes too. And it’s amazing to me how some people can be so narrow minded, and just think of themselves, or just think the world is simply black and white. Because I’ll tell ya something. The sooner you come to terms with the fact that the world is a whole mess of grey that can turn to color in all different hues and shades, you’ll be able to be much more accepting of the things that don’t fit in your predetermined little categories.

When you attack someone’s character…you are perfect right?

I mean how else can you judge?

Quick newsflash…no one is perfect. 

You’ve heard this before.

Believe it.

Learn it, Live it, Love it.

So in the age old saying; If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all.

The snide comments

the judgmental faces

no one deserves any of it

no one deserves to be criticized as a person

Everyone has their own problems.

This life isn’t easy. We all feel the pressures of life’s obstacles. You never know what kind of inner battle someone is facing. You never know what may be going on in their personal lives.

I always try to treat people the way I’d like to be treated. The golden rule people. And granted I fall short of it sometimes too, after all I am human.

But that golden rule is a concept to keep in mind. It isn’t hard to grasp. So have compassion the next time you feel the urge to use your voice in a negative way.

Opinions are our own, and we are entitled to them. We all are.

Sharing those opinions can be a great cause for informative conversation, it can lead to bonding or to debate. Either way it can be both a learning process, when opinions are cared for and understood. You don’t have to always agree, but you can always choose to be respectful.

But criticism can come in many forms…harsh or constructive…make sure yours is the latter.

The older I get, the more I realize that everyone is different.

And that’s ok.

The way you are, the opinions you have, the things you like, how you treat people, may be different from how other people live and different from how they will treat you and others. The way you do things and how you handle things will be different then many people you come into contact with throughout your life.

But kindness…

and the act of being kind is universal.

It doesn’t take much, and doesn’t cost a thing.

So the next time you feel the burdens of an unkindness, stand up for yourself, and be vocal. Just because you are a kind, compassionate person, doesn’t mean you deserve to be used as a doormat, and walked all over. If that person doesn’t get it, it’s on them. You can only do so much, at the end of the day, you know you are a good person, trying to do the best you can, that’s all you can control. What other people do and how they act, and the negativity they throw out, is not yours to fix. Know your limits, and trust yourself. Follow your heart, it’ll guide you.





Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 9 Part 3

No I haven’t forgotten.

Finish what you start Michelle…

Love conquers more than these two think...

Love conquers more than you think…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



warehouseLexie steps up on the table nearby  and peers out the small basement window. She sees Carter and Reeves get out of the car.

Lexie: They’re here.

She gets down from the table.

Just then another set of tires are heard.

Lexie looks up at Joe.

Lexie: Are you expecting someone else?

Joe: Not that I know of.

Shots are heard outside.

Lexie: Oh my god! No!

Lexie goes running.

runningJoe: LEXIE! (he goes running after her, leaving Skully on the floor.)

Lexie runs outside and sees a body on the floor.

She scans the scene quickly.

Reeves reloads his gun and he and Carter walk toward the warehouse.

Lexie is about to run toward them, but she’s grabbed from behind and a hand covers her mouth.

Lexie: Mmm mmm

Lexie tries fighting the strong grip.

Joe: Shhh shhh, it’s me.

joandlexieLexie turns around angrily to face him.

Lexie: Are you crazy?

Joe: Are you? This is a trap. You see the guy on the floor by that car over there… That’s Skully’s number one guard. He’s been on “vacation.” And by that I gather he’s the one who’s been keeping tabs on you and your family. If the gun shot didn’t instantly cause a reaction, then Skully saw it coming, he has other plans.

Lexie: Exactly. So I have to warn them? They need to know I’m ok.

Joe: No. Lexie? Lexie. You need to trust me. The longer they take to find you the better they have a chance of getting out of here alive. Skully’s guards are supposed to kill at first glance if they suspect you’ve been released without your father’s debt collected.

Lexie: That’s never going to happen. Skully and my father are never going to stop hating each other. And I can’t blame my father. My mother lost her life because of Skully. And I’m not losing Carter because of him either.

Joe: And you won’t, but the best thing to do is to see this play out. Like you said, let Skully think he’s won. That way it’ll be easier to beat him at his own game, because he won’t see it coming.

Lexie: Either way this isn’t ending well. Someone’s not making it out of here alive.

Joe: Well let’s make sure our side wins. Put an end to this once and for all.

Joe goes to walk away.

Lexie: Joe. If anything happens to me. There’s something I need you to tell Carter.

Joe: He knows you love him. Besides nothing is happening to you.

tumblr_ma9gaxOXn51qbgmzlo5_500Lexie: I know, but just in case…I need you to tell him…that in the event of anything…choose the baby.

Joe looks at her in shock.

Joe: You’re pregnant?

Lexie nods.

Joe sighs heavily.

Joe: Wow…my god. How far along are you?

Lexie: 2 months.

Joe looks at her and then at her stomach, he smiles.

Joe: Congratulations.

Lexie: Thank you.

Joe: So Carter doesn’t know?

Lexie shakes her head.

Lexie: It’s just been a really crazy time. I just never got a chance to tell him.

Joe: Well I think he’ll be thrilled.

Lexie: You think?

Joe: He’d be a fool not to be.

Lexie smiles.

Lexie: I’m sorry to throw that at you. I know with our history, it’s probably not an easy thing to hear.

Joe: It’s ok. If anything I’m one of the few people who understands it, right? I get why you’re nervous. I get why you’re planning for the worst case scenario. But you won’t have to. You’re gonna be fine. And you’ll finally have the family and life you’ve always dreamed of.

Lexie: Thank you, that means a lot…. So no one’s been down to check on me since Dylan.

Joe: You forget they think I’m down here, harboring you against your will.

Lexie: Oh right. Wow you really had them convinced. I guess Skully and his men are losing their stride.

Joe: Yea well don’t let your guard down just yet.

Lexie: I never do.

They hear a noise.

Reeves and Carter round the corner and approach the door way, which Lexie and Joe are standing by.

Joe grabs Lexie and they hide in the shadowy darkness.

Joe: Shhh (he puts a finger to his lips).

guns highCarter: This is the place right?

Reeves: Trust me, this is it. This warehouse is an exact replica of the one where we lost her mother. Skully’s playing games.

Carter: That’s sick.

Reeves: Skully’s a sick man.

Carter: Shhh….did you hear that?

Lexie and Joe exchange glances.

Reeves: Yea. You head that way…I’ll start this way….we’ll meet up in the back.

Carter nods. Both men carry on in opposite directions, guns poised.

Reeves: And Carter…be careful.

Carter: You too.

Carter passes Lexie and Joe by.

Joe ushers Lexie back into the basement.

Lexie: I can’t just let them walk into a trap, Joe.

Joe: They know what they’re walking into, they’ll be cautious. This isn’t their first run at this.

Lexie: But what am I supposed to do, sit here and twiddle my fingers?

joandlexieLexie notices Skully’s gone.

Lexie: Where’s Skully?

Joe looks around.

Joe: Shit…I didn’t have time to worry about that I ran after you when you heard the shots were fired.

Lexie: There’s something not right here…

Joe: What do you mean?

Lexie: Well Skully wouldn’t run, and he hasn’t passed us…which means he’s got something up his sleeve…. Where are you you piece of shit? Come on out. What do you want? Huh? What else do you wanna take from my family?

She’s moving, kicking and throwing things around the basement.

Lexie: You’re a coward, (she screams).

Joe: Lexie. Shut up! You’re gonna blow this.

3134523384_1_2_BPP7iryLLexie: No I’m tired of this. This man ruined my life and I will be damned if he tries to hurt anyone else I love. Come on out Skully. Be a man about it.

Joe: Lexie. It’s not just you anymore. Remember that.

Lexie looks at him knowingly, she glances at her stomach.

Just then Lexie hears something beeping.

Lexie: What is that?

Joe: What?

Lexie: That beeping?

Joe: I don’t hear anything.

Lexie: Listen harder.

Joe: It’s coming from over there.

They both walk over to the corner of the basement. A low beeping sound is coming from a pile of blankets in a box.

Joe stops her.

Joe: Lex.

Lexie steps away.

Joe walks over and carefully lifts the blankets, in the box lies a bomb…with a clock ticking down quickly.

Lexie and Joe exchange glances.brice

Just then the back door cracks open.

Lexie looks and sees a familiar face.

flamesBrice: Lexie!

Lexie: Brice… Run!

Lexie and Joe run toward the door, with Brice.

They make it outside just as the entire basement and warehouse explodes.

explosionThey all fall to the floor from the blow.

Lexie: Ahhhh! Oh my god!

Lexie screams, running toward the flames.

Brice grabs her away from the warehouse and Joe holds her back.

Lexie: No. No! Carter! Dad!

Lexie’s eyes spill tears as they streak down her face.jexie

Lexie: I have to go. I have to find them.

Joe: Lexie stop.

Lexie forces his grip off her and goes running.

Joe: Lexie!

Lexie: Carter!… Dad! Carter!… Dad!

Lexie is running around the debris, crying hysterically.

lexie tearsOut of the corner of his eye Brice sees pieces of wood being lifted.

Brice: Over there.

Lexie looks.

Joe holds up his gun.

Brice rushes over.

Carter emerges and helps Reeves to his feet.

Lexie: Carter!ryan-gosling

Carter hears her and looks up at her.

Reeves’ head shoots up.

Carter: Lexie!

Lexie runs to him.

Carter rushes over.

Carter: Oh my god! Oh my god, you’re ok!reunited

He hugs her tightly.

Lexie: Yea I’m fine. Are you hurt?

Carter: No. Just a few bumps and bruises. (he smiles looking at her). The beam kind of saved of our lives. We heard a beeping and we had just enough time to duck for cover.

Lexie: Thank god.

Carter: Are you hurt?

Lexie: No no, Brice found us and we made it out before it fell.

Carter: You don’t know how beautiful you look to me right now. (he smiles)

Lexie laughs.

Carter: I’m so glad that you’re ok. I was losing my mind not knowing where you were. I was so scared that…

Lexie: Shh. It’s ok. We don’t have to talk about that. I’m ok.

Carter: I love you.

Lexie: I love you.cup face reunion

Carter cups her face and kisses her.

Reeves salutes Brice.

Brice nods in Reeves direction.

Carter notices Joe205928_1237406032641_full.

Carter: What the hell is he doing he?

Lexie: He works for Skully…

Carter looks at him with malice in his eyes and starts to walk toward him.

Reeves: You son of a bitch!

guns highCarter: I’ll kill you.

Lexie stops them both

Lexie: Stop! Stop! It’s not what you think. Joe’s been helping me.

Carter looks at her.

Reeves: Helping you?

Joe: Yes. When you fired me, I came to Skully for a job, but when I realized what he was planning I thought it’d be nice if you guys had a man on the inside.

Carter: Or you could have just warned us and avoided this entire thing…but no…Joe wanted to play hero.

Lexie: Carter stop it. Joe’s the reason why I am standing here right now. Skully was going to get to me no matter what. Joe did what he thought was best. And he was right.

Carter: He wasn’t part of this? You swear?

Lexie: I’m alive aren’t I?

Carter: Thank god. (he hugs her and kisses her forehead)

Lexie: We’re both alive, we’re both ok. That’s all that matters, right?

baby newsCarter: Yea. But we should probably get you to a hospital, you know …to check the baby. (he whispers and smiles.)

Lexie looks up at him in shock.

Carter: I know.

Lexie: How?

Carter: I found the prenatal vitamins and everything in your purse when I took the car keys.

Lexie: Oh.

Carter: Why didn’t you tell me?

Lexie: I wanted to, I just-

skully returnsJust then Skully comes staggering out of the rubble.

Carter’s eyes shoot up and everyone else’s follow.

Skully: Oh this is rich…family’s all here.

Carter pushes Lexie behind him.

Reeves walks past the couple and faces his enemy.

Brice and Joe raise their guns.

Reeves: There’s no way out of this for you, that doesn’t end with you in a body bag.

Skully: That’s where you’re wrong…

armed men skullysA horde of armed men surround them at every turn.

Skully: What?….where did all these man come from. Gasp. Skully pulls through yet again. (he smirks devilishly). And you thought I was losing it.

Lexie: Why are you doing this? (she steps out from behind Carter.)

Carter: Lexie, (he grabs her hand.)

Skully: I do it because I can.

Lexie: What do you get out of torturing people?

Skully: Ask your father…he and I aren’t all that different.

Reeves: I’m nothing like you.

Skully: Really. How many people’s blood are on your hands? You think you’re so much better than me. More moral. More noble. Look at you all. Guns don’t kill. People do. And you’re living proof.

Lexie: So are you.

Skully looks at Lexie.

Skully: You really are a bratty little bitch.

Carter: You piece of shit.

Lexie: Carter stop. (she pulls him to her.)

Skully: Yea Carter, listen to your mistress.

Lexie looks away struck by hatred for the man who robbed her of a childhood and took away her chance of growing up with a mother.

Reeves: If you think you’re gonna get away with this, you’re in for a rude awakening. You’re not making it out of here, alive. Mark my words.

Skully: Look the hell around Reeves, I think it’s clear who’s finally gonna win this war.

reeves gunReeves glares at him.

Skully: Oh come on, don’t look so sullen. I mean we’re all carved from the same stone. We both demand respect. We both fight for family. It’ll be an interesting fight no? Let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

Carter laughs.

Skully: Something funny boy?

Carter: Yea…you. “We both fight for family.” That’s hysterical. I know we fight for family, (he gestures to Lexie and his group). My family is right here. But you…something tells me you have family you don’t even know about.

Reeves and Lexie exchange glances.

Lexie: Carter, don’t.

Skully: And what could you possibly know about my family, boy?

Carter: Not much…thankfully. Remind me to thank my mother Joan…although you may know her as Joan Langston.

Skully looks at him.showdown

Carter: Ring any bells?

Lexie: Carter stop.

Carter: Why… like the man said…it’s a family affair. Right dad?



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