An ode to Pacey Witter <3

Dawsons-Creek-300x225So being unemployed for the time being has led me to the conclusion that Netflix is both a blessing and a curse. But nevertheless my love for the WB’s 1990’s hit tv show, “Dawson’s Creek” is all coming back to me now.  I lovedddd Pacey and Joey and I loved Pacey himself even more. And as I watch reruns now that I’m an adult and have a better grasp on life’s dramas, it’s much easier for me to share my appreciation for characters and plot-lines.  Pacey_Witter

In my opinion Pacey Witter is one of the best male characters in a teen drama series, that I’ve ever seen. And as a writer who hopes to one day pen a few scripts (if not many) for a teen drama series, I am very interested in character development. And the little details that make up a full well rounded character. Pacey Witter is an amazingly well written character with a lot of heart. And thanks to Netflix I can relive him and his love of Joey Potter all over again.


36 Reasons

(in no particular order)

why Pacey Witter made every 90’s girl’s ❤ melt.

(and continues to do so.)

Pacey Witter background.



Joey & Pacey…portrayed by Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson

The thing about Pacey is that he was simply cast as the comic relief of the show; kinda like a young “Chandler Bing.” He was quick witted (Pacey Witter…haha get it?) He was at times pessimistic, and overall rough around the edges. But when the young character struck well with the audience, the writers gave Jackson a little more to handle. Which in turn led to a massive love triangle between 3 close friends in typical teen angst fashion, which turned his friendship with best friend Dawson on it’s head and also led to an on going love story between him and Joey Potter that was on and off for the rest of the series.

The 90’s was a very Pacey vs. Dawson time. And I have to say, looking back on the storylines and watching the evolution of Pacey and Joey’s relationship, I soon realized, that for me it was never really a contest. And after you read this, you’ll soon find that it wasn’t much of a contest for Joey either.

pacey-joey-pacey-and-joey-24573228-500-356And while I’ve showcased many of Pacey’s shinning moments (I definitely did not showcase them all…because he’s just that amazing and we’d be here forever,) I will admit that Pacey Witter isn’t that far of a stretch for humanity to grasp. Like many young men Pacey had his issues. He had a very unsupportive, borderline abusive/alcoholic father, a massive family who you rarely saw onscreen with the exception of a brother and sister here and there. He was insecure about his abilities, and often believed he would amount to nothing. This in turn was the root of Joey and Pacey’s relationship problems. He continuously fought the inner battle that he just simply wasn’t good enough for Josephine Potter; a girl with a bright future ahead of her. While Pacey settled for thinking he’d never make it out of town. He continuously feared he’d never measure up to Dawson and the history he and Joey shared. However, although those insecurities followed him to the very end of the series and we’ve seen him struggle along and make mistakes, we’ve seen him act like a jerk, we’ve also seen him fall in love and grow up into a man with the biggest and sweetest heart. A man who is much smarter than he ever gave himself credit for, a man who will always be in love with Joey Potter. A man who treated her with more respect and appreciation and genuine love, than Dawson ever could, or knew how.

Dawsons Creek021

“I remember everything” the epitome of all that is right with Pacey Witter ❤


1. “I remember everything.”- Pacey [Watch]

2. He named his boat “True Love.” [Watch]

3. He bought Joey a wall, to paint. [Watch]

4. He picked Joey up in the middle of the night, when her current boyfriend realized he was in love with his best friend and was a friend and consoled her. “If you keep looking you’ll find it.”-Pacey [Watch]

5. He punched a horndog kid hitting on a drunk naive Joey, and back then he claimed to just be her “friend.” [Watch]

paceys creek

Found this on tumblr…and can i just say whoever made this…i love you. You just get it. ❤

6. As the story that is “Dawson’s Creek” goes, Dawson was the heart of a group of friends; He, Pacey and Joey. Joey and Dawson were “soul mates,” and basically grew up together. While Pacey was Dawson’s other best friend. Pacey and Joey never really liked each other and bickered like an old married couple. But one day Pacey realizes he has grown to like Joey more than a friend and actually ASKS Dawson’s permission to pursue Joey. At first Dawson’s reaction is totally cool and casual, then he says he’s not ok with it. So Pacey dials back. Dawson then in that same breath takes it all back and assures him that it is all fine and that he would be thrilled if his two best friends got together. So Pacey pursues Joey. Only to be rejected later. However, 2 years later,… all this is history and Pacey and Joey start what I like to call an epic love story…which is when this show should have been renamed….because let’s face it it was always Pacey’s Creek. Dawson was a little selfish bizznatch. [Watch]

7. Pacey carries Joey out of a fire. [Watch]

8. He calls her “Potter,”  “Joe,” “Ms. Josephine Potter,” “Good lord woman” is often an admirable greeting too haha…which no one else really seemed to do, not even Dawson. [you”ll soon recognize the pattern in all the vids]

9. “You Ms. Josephine Potter have just wrecked me. In the best possible way you have absolutely wrecked me.”- Pacey  [Watch]

10. “Look at that girl Dawson, just take a good look. She’s a freaking goddess man. How long did you think it was gonna be before some guy comes along and is interested in her…I mean really dude. And when that happens what are you gonna do…Because the guy that comes along isn’t gonna be your best friend and he’s not gonna ask for your permission. The guy that comes along is gonna take one look at that woman and just cut right in on ya.”- Pacey  [Watch]

11. He spent the entire night watching Joey sleep…and as grams said “You know you love someone normal_s103when you can spend the entire night sitting by the fire watching them sleep.” [Watch]

12. “You wanna know something Ms. Josephine Potter….I think the world may just surprise you yet. You fall in love and it doesn’t work out and you think it’ll never happen again. But it does, believe me it does. In the strangest of places.”- Pacey [Watch]

13. He challenges Joey “in a way that no one else would even think of” [see #3: he bought her a wall to paint…not your ordinary canvas!] [Watch]

tumblr_mkhs17jLn71s8vxj5o8_50014. He knows her just as well as Dawson does, (if not more…in my opinion.) “In my entire life there have been two people who have actually known me, Dawson and You.” [Watch]

15. As punishment for something he did at school he was put in the “big brother” program, where he was given a very tough, very opinionated little kid named Buzz, whom everyone has one day with and then asks to switch. Pacey stayed. [Watch]

16. “Why do you think I came here, I came here to be with you…when you like someone, proximity is a good thing.” -Pacey


So this is the depth of what Justin Timberlake meant #crymeariver

17. He counted to ten before kissing Joey a second time “Joey I’m going to kiss you, if you don’t want me to you’re just gonna have to stop me.”- Pacey (and she didn’t stop him… go cry about it Dawson!) 😉 [Watch for both 16 & 17]

18. Pacey was a man and owned up to his faults in the whole Pacey/Joey/Dawson love triangle. While Dawson made it clear that he was no longer his best friend, and did everything conniving to win Joey back, Pacey gave her her space…and waited for her to come to him….but not without letting her know how he really felt. [see: Dawson enters a boat race Pacey has already entered and forcibly tries to win…leaving Pacey to veer off track to avoid a collision. Dawson gets disqualified and Pacey comes in 8th.] To put it simpler…Pacey is the better man. end of story. [Watch]

19. Pacey always cups Joey’s face, strokes her arms, kisses her forehead, cheek, or hand. It’s all about the body language people, the little things that aren’t always scripted that make the actor allow the character to become their own. It makes the relationship more realistic.  [Watch a scene where he top5couples_pjkisssays an awkward goodbye to her, it’s super cute!]

20. Joey needs him. [Watch]

21. “Okay ya got me.” Pacey would always say this whenever he and Joey would hit a difficult part in their relationship and whenever Joey had to get him to really talk to her about serious issues. In a nutshell…the conversation would get mushy and he would get emotional. [Watch]

22. When Joey gets drunk at a college party, against Pacey’s better objections, he takes her home and carries her up the stairs…even though he said he wouldn’t. [Watch]

23. “Maybe I happen to be head over heels in love with you…”- Joey/Pacey [Watch]

24. When asked if hypothetically speaking he were to find himself sailing away again, and he were to ask the love of his life to sail away with him…what do you think she would say…”You wouldn’t have to ask Pace.”- Joey [Watch]

25. During his brotherly visits with Buzz he asks Pacey if the girl he’s in love with, is a hottie, Pacey describes Joey…”She’s so beautiful that every time you look at her, your knees tremble and your heart just melts. And you know then and there without any reservation that there is order and meaning to the universe.” “She’s a hottie”-Buzz [Watch]

26. “My god that woman’s amazing.”- Pacey  [Watch]

27. “The simple act of being in love with you is enough for me…so you’re off the hook.” -Pacey  [Watch]

28. “I’ll tell you what though, I wouldn’t bet against that Potter girl.”-Pacey [Watch]

29. He stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves; [see: Jack …when a teacher makes fun of a poem he wrote insinuating that he is gay…Pacey spits in the teacher’s face.]

[see: Andie…when Andie cheats on Pacey while away at a emotional health facility, he still goes to help her when she calls Joey scared of her aggressive date. Pacey goes after the guy.]

[see: Joey…when Joey is honored to paint a mural in the school hallway, someone vandalizes it.]     “I want you to apologize and then I want you to turn yourself in, and I want you to do it before the day is done….because this time you just happen to mess with somebody I care about.”-Pacey  Pacey kicks the guy’s ass, and later gets in trouble. [Watch]

[see: Joey (yet again) He helps Joey rally against the unfair treatment of their principal…and makes mentions of being Joey’s “Duckie”… “Pretty in Pink” reference which I find AMAZINGGG!] [Watch]

30. Pacey and Joey get trapped in a Kmart… and he lets her shave his overly manly beard. [Watch]winterstale_554

31. He never pressured her to do anything she wasn’t ready for.

[Watch Part 1] Plot twist… [Watch Part 2] 

32. “Northern Lights my ass, this guy is obviously just tryna separate you from the Potter pantalones.”-Pacey (p.s. his jealousy is perfection) He randomly throws Spanish words into sentences all the time and it is completely hysterical! [Watch]

33. “You’re mom should get a metal…because she raised the perfect boy.”- Joey [Watch]

*Well Joey, I couldn’t have said it better myself.*

34.”And you did, you did… you let me do it”- Pacey (to Joey on her crazy reaction to him kissing her)

35. Dawson: “Oh wow a picture of me and little Joey Potter…look how beautiful she was even then. I had no idea.” Pacey: “You must have been deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice.” [Watch same video for 34 & 35.]

36. He taught her to drive, when Dawson clearly didn’t have the patience to. [Watch]



148152_1330111729271_fullThe age old debate of Pacey vs. Dawson…was entertaining. However, as I’ve proven Pacey was always meant to prevail, at least in my eyes. I am sure the writers were initially plotting Joey and Dawson to be the show’s end game. But I think once they saw the chemistry between Katie Holmes (Joey) and Joshua Jackson (Pacey) and how well received their relationship was. They realized they struck gold. If you ask me Pacey and Joey were just meant to end up together. I mean it’s the old story of bickering friends…that hate each other who soon find out that under all that hate there’s actually love…love is just hate set on fire my friends. They had a lot in common in many ways, and whatever differences they had only helped them to complete each other. They both ultimately believed the best in each other and rallied in eachother’s corners (although i do have to say I think Joey could have afforded to love Pacey a little harder…and support him as much as he supported her…i blame Dawson for a lot of Joey’s short comings because he was always crying like a little baby and making her feel bad for “betraying” him.) So it was a natural progression of things and in turn we soon saw Joey and Pacey become genuine friends. We saw him continuously support her, and defend her. While Pacey’s intentions were usually always pure, Dawson was more selfish with Joey. Neglecting almost every chance Joey ever gave him to be with her, or making their small romantic encounters overly complicated, (to be honest i think I’ve completely forgotten she and Dawson were ever even a couple…for it was just a few blips in time, her love for Pacey went the distance)  Anyway I digress. When Joey finally found a reason to stray, Dawson continuously held their innocent and pure childhood history/once merely romantic relationship above her head like a noose tightening around her throat….plaguing her with the fact that they were “soul mates.” Well Dawson I have news for you…you may have been her soulmate and possible”first love,” but a soulmate can be a number of things…namely a friend….however, Pacey was and will forever be the love of her life…and someone who has always supported her every dream, even if that meant possibly losing her… to distance, to circumstance, to time. He loved her that much.




SO there you have it… all the many reasons why girls hang on to tv male personalities. Because basically Pacey Witter was written to perfection. He was a romantic at heart but sarcastically realistic enough to make you believe he may actually exist. But let’s face it ladies, Pacey Witter standards make living in the real world kinda suckish. So thank you Kevin Williamson for creating Pacey, and thank you Joshua Jackson for bringing him to life. And to all my fellow tv couple analysts (I know you’re out there and that you ship those couples just as much as I do)…may you find your Pacey Witter…godspeed beautiful ladies.


P.S. What with all these television reunions and remakes (Shout out to “Girl Meets World”)…i say someone oughta make a Joey & Pacey; True Love the movie. Where we see what happens after the big reveal that Joey finally picked Pacey in the series finale.


Who else fangirled?

So…how’s about it? Josh? Katie? Any takers?

Just have your people call my people. 😉


So I came across this on someone’s tumblr and no joke it’s hilarious and amazing and I think  Pacey Con needs to happen, cuz I would be all up in that!



Zoom Zoom Zoom…

So today I’m going to geek out a bit…

A few weeks ago a random throwback came to mind…

Disney Channel’s Original Movie;

220px-Zenon21Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, (1999)

Starring Kirsten Storms (Zenon) and Raven-Symone (Nebula)

Storms is best known for her past role as “Belle Black” on Days of Our Lives and currently known for her role as “Maxie Jones” on General Hospital. While, Raven- Symone is best known for her roles as “Olivia” on The Cosby Show, “Galleria” from Disney Channel’s The Cheetah Girls series and That’s So Raven’s “Raven Baxter.”


“Zenon” as I like to call it, is pretty much one of the best Disney Channel movies of the 1990’s and was about a girl who was way ahead of her time and ahead of the fashion curve, haha.


Check out that do’


If you know this movie consider yourself (and your childhood) Awesome. And in case you don’t (my sincere sympathies,) cuz it’s freakin’ awesome, it’s on Lizzie McGuire level awesome. (Show of hands, who else loves Hilary Duff??? Thanks for giving us Lizzie, Hils, like… all girls around the world, Thank you! #hannahmontanawho?)

Here’s the synopsis:


Zenon up in space not amused by earth life

Zenon Car is a trouble-prone 13-year-old girl who, in the year 2049 AD, lives on a space station with the rest of her family. When she runs afoul of Parker Windom, the owner of the station, Zenon is determined to be “incorrigible”, and as punishment is exiled to the worst place imaginable: The planet earth.(damn that’s a serious “grounding” haha get it?)

After several painful weeks of adjustment to her new surroundings, Zenon enlists the aid of her earthbound pals to return to her “real” home with evidence that the “respectable” Mr. Windom is up to no good. (via IMDb)

Check out some behind the scenes shots of Zenon’s Space Station Home!

ZSta2 ZStation

For a more in depth synopsis click here

Zenon: the Zequel was released in 2001.

Zenon: Z3 was released in 2004.

Guess you could say it was well received…hence a trilogy was born 😀

And here’s some clips:

Zenon & friends talk about life on earth compared to life in space


Protozoa…in all his eccentric glory…hahaha

Zenon at her idol’s concert; Hit Boy Band “Microbe” concert w/ “Protozoa” as lead singer

(hahaha, makes science actually sound fun!)

…zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom, my super nova girl! (yes that shit was fire!)

i would wear this proudly..i would rock this shizz

OMG… or should I say Zetus Lupetus! I would rock this shizzzz


Sing along with Protozoa…you know you want to 😉

Zenon meets a real horse

*Zenon* slang

basically consists of adding…

minor– (small) problemtumblr_lpc1fcLUM91qjzszto1_500

major– (big) problem

stellar– cool

lunarious– cute

…to the ending of your sentences

and for the ever popular Zenon phrase

ZETUS LUPETUS!- oh my gosh!

So basically in a nutshell the Zenon trilogy is a really fun, quirky, futuristic experience. If anything it lends imagination and unique ability to storytelling. I loved it as a kid, and when I think back on it I remember trying to dress like I was from space, just because I thought she was a rockstar! What can I say, I was a weird kid, and now I’m and even weirder adult. haha


So….have I peeked your interest?

Come on….give Zenon a chance!

*I do not take credit for any of the images*


Mysterious Attraction-Ch. 9 Part 2

posterAbout damn time…I know, I know, it’s been quite a while…

Just in case you’ve forgotten…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction




**New Character Alert**


Dylan – One of Skully’s Guards

the past is the past


Lexie sits gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a chair in a cold deserted run down warehouse basement.

She hears a shuffling of feet and she begins to squirm.

A large broad shouldered man emerges from the shadows, he takes off her blindfold and ungags her and sets a plate of food in front of her.

Lexie’s eyes fall upon the partially shadowed face, she focuses and gasps.

lexie ungagged


Lexie: What are you doing here?

Joe: Oh didn’t you hear? I work for Skully now, (smirks wickedly.) Eat up Lex, don’t want your food to get cold.

Lexie: (stunned and betrayed) So this is what…your revenge? Just because I didn’t choose you, you’re gonna play Skully’s hit-man and kill me.

Joe: Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. No one’s killing anyone.

Lexie: You don’t know Skully very well do you? His threats aren’t just threats.

Joe: You’re right, they’re consequences. If  your little boy toy doesn’t do what he’s told.

Lexie: Carter has nothing to do with this.

Joe: Carter has everything to do with this. And even if you think he doesn’t, you better hope he gets involved, because he’s really you’re only hope right now.

Lexie: Who are you? What have you become?

d32b6a169f75d21786e3c49b057131e5Joe: Oh come on Lexie. This should look familiar to you. The pain and the anger you suffer from a broken heart. We’ve all been here.

Lexie: I wasn’t trying to hurt you. You just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Joe: Well now I hear you. Loud and clear.

Lexie: Joe, you don’t have to do this. You’re a good man. And deep down, I know you know there’s a better life out there for you. You just have to look for it.

Joe: Oh please, just stop… save that micromanaging shit for Carter, ok? Because I’m not buying it.

408_l_n_b_listen_to_wh_speechLexie: See this is why we’d never work. You never would let me change. You wanted me to stay that same little naive, doe eyed girl, caught in the headlights, who needed you to lean on. Well I’m sorry but I grew up. And realized that I don’t need you. I can take care of myself and anyone else who may come along.

Joe: Interesting statement. Considering your little predicament right now. See I’m here, and Carter’s nowhere to be found. Well I guess you chose wrong. You know I always did tell you that hero-complex you had going on was gonna get you into trouble one day.

Lexie: So…what? Skully makes the order and you just kill me? You really think you’ll be able to live with that?

Joe: Like I said. No one’s killing anyone. Carter should be meeting with your dad by now and they should be coming up with a plan to get Skully what is owed to him, Skully will call Carter with a cryptic location and if all goes according to plan this will all be over soon enough.

Lexie: Ok…and what exactly is your job in all this?

Joe: To keep you company of course, (strokes her face and winks at her.)lexie ungagged

Lexie turns her face and glares at him.

Lexie: I can’t believe you’d do this. That you’d come work for Skully, after everything he’s done to my family.

Joe: Oh cry me a river. You break my heart into a million pieces and you still expect my loyalty. You must me joking!

Lexie: I know that you hate me…

cute-jensen-ackles-68288_797_1200Joe: See that’s just the thing Lex, I don’t hate you. In spite of everything you claim to blame me for, I love you. I love you after all this time, all these years, all the distance that has managed to creep between us I love you. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Lexie: Well if you love me, then why would you wanna hurt me?

Skully enters from a dark door way behind Joe

Skully: I’d like to know the answer to that question myself?

Skully approaches the two of them and stands with his arms twd-s3-ep8 crossed.

Skully: I’d like to know if I hired the wrong man for the job.

Lexie stiffens

Joe: I guess there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Lexie looks at him nervously

Skully: But did you or did you not just say that you loved her?

Joe: I did.

david-morrissey-the-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-01-1280×720Skully: So answer the ladies question. If you love her, why would you wanna hurt her?

Joe: Because she hurt me. It’s as simple as that. Don’t need much else of a reason, do I?

Skully: Ah revenge. It’s a beautiful concept isn’t it? (leaning in close to Lexie, he smirks) Too bad you and your father failed miserably on your way to achieving it.

Lexie moves away and glares angrily at Skully

Skully: Your mother was a beautiful woman, god rest her soul.

Lexie: Don’t you dare talk about my mother, (through gritted teeth.)

Skully: Oh I’m sorry what was that? (he leans closer)

Lexie: You heard me.

Skully: (laughs bitterly) Wow. Even trapped to a chair, her life hanging at my every whim,sophia-bus_ku8bvspc and that fire streak is still there. Like father like daughter, huh?

Lexie: Exactly. I inherited a lot more from my father, than just a look  that could kill.

Skully: You know little girl, I would be very careful about what you say.

Lexie: Oh I’m not a little girl anymore, you made sure of that. And if I were you, I would be very careful about who you think you can trust.

david_morrissey_1735418c-300x246Skully: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Joe whacks  Skully over the head with his gun and Skully falls to the ground.



Lexie: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Joe: (leans down to an unconscious Skully) Ya know for supposedly smart guy…You can be pretty stupid.

skully unconscioys


Lexie smiles

Joe walks over to her

Joe: Nicely played.

Lexie: (laughs) You too.

Joe: I was just waiting for you to catch on, and give me the green light. I couldn’t risk making a bad

joe smiles


situation worse. If I learned anything from your father, it was that Skully is a very dangerous man.

Lexie: I know. I just figured let Skully think he won for a little while. Makes watching him suffer all the more entertaining. Can you untie my feet, I’ve almost got my hands free.

Joe: Are you kidding me? Skully tied you on here himself. He’s known for his rope tying skills. He’s had plenty of practice.

Lexie: Yea, so what…you think I’ve never been tied up before? My father’s a mobster.

Joe: You’ve been planning your escape route this entire time haven’t you?

Lexie: Maybe. (laughs) I needed to. Just in case I read you wrong. Rule number 1 always come prepared, rule number 2, learn who you can trust.

Joe: You never cease to amaze me, you know that? Besides, I’d never hurt you. You know that. But I do have to admit, I don’t mind having you at my mercy, (he raises his eyebrows jokingly, moving away from untying her feet.)

Lexie finishes untying her hands, punches him in the shoulder, and starts to untie her feet herself.

Joe helps her up

Lexie: The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.

Joe laughs

Joe: So you’re ok?

Lexie: I’m always ok.

Joe: So what’s your plan? I know you have one.

Lexie: Well he’s not gonna be out for long. But I imagine when his men don’t hear from him, they’ll be checking in. And well when they do, (walks over to Skully and takes his gun) we’ll be ready.

Joe: You know I could just get you outta here now?

Lexie: No. Skully is already counting on my father and Carter to show. And I wanna be here when they do. This fight is never gonna end. Unless my family puts an end to it.

Joe: Well I’m here if you want me to be.

Lexie: Thanks.

Joe: By the way. I just want you to know…I didn’t come work for Skully to spite you.

Lexie: Yea ya did.

joe smiles 2Joe: Ok maybe I did, at first. But when your father fired me, I just got so angry. It was like you were getting the life you and I always wanted, and I was stuck with nothing but a front seat to a life I could have had. And to watch you with him…it just, it kills me. But anyway, I needed a job and Skully approached me. I figured if anything would get under your skin it’d be me working for Skully and maybe it’d somehow get us to talk. I hated every minute working for him, at least your dad has a conscience. But when I saw what Skully was planning, I realized I had to stick around, play along, it’s best to have a guy on the inside. Safest way to make sure it ends up in your favor.

tumblr_lb5po9zILV1qdye1ho1_500Lexie: You’ve always been way smarter than you give yourself credit for. I want you to know, I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I swear. We just grew up, we grew apart, and things happened. Things that we never really came back from.

Joe: It’s been a long time, since you and I were an us, huh?

Lexie: Feels like a lifetime ago.


Joe: It’s crazy how one thing can change the entire course of your life.

cold-gun holding sophiaLexie Looks down at her stomach, and hugs herself.

Joe: What?

Lexie: Nothing. I just caught a chill that’s all.

Joe: Here (takes off his jacket and gives it to her.)

Lexie: Oh no, That’s ok.

364221_1264293274819_fullJoe: Will you just take it. God, someone should really warn Carter now…he’s gonna have his hands full. You never let anyone help you.

Lexie: (laughs) Oh trust me he knows.

Joe: I’m glad you’re happy. I know I may not seem like it. And I know I may seem bitter but-

Lexie: It’s ok. I get it. You and I went through a lot together.


joe smiles 2Joe: You know I meant everything I said. I mean most of it was for dramatic affect, because I knew Skully was listening. But I do love you. And I do want you to be happy, even if it isn’t with me.



Lexie: I’ll always care for you. It may not be in the way that you want me to. But I do want you to be ok, I want you to find your happiness too. Because I promise you. She’s out there.

Joe: Thanks.

They hear a noise in the nearby staircase.

Joe: I think we’ve got some company, you ready for this?

Lexie: You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the mob, but ya can’t take the mob out of the girl. (smirks) Let’s do this.

Joe and Lexie slowly move into the shadows with their guns poised ready to fire.sterling

Dylan: Boss? Hey boss. You down there?

The guard opens the door and finds Skully on the floor.

Dylan: Boss (he goes to run over.)

Sophia-Bush-the-hitcher-movie-2957214-852-480Lexie: You might wanna step back. (holds her     gun up)

The Guard steps back

Dylan: How the hell-


Joe emerges from the shadows on the other side.

Joe: Hands up kid, where I can see them.jensen_ackles_16

Dylan: Joe, what the hell are you doing man? This wasn’t the plan.

Joe: Yea well I don’t really live life by a plan. I’m more of a fly by your seat kinda guy.

The Guard goes to reach for his gun.

Joe: If you so much as move one more inch, I will blow your head off.

Lexie: I’ve never seen him miss a shot.

Dylan: This isn’t gonna end well man.

Lexie: You’re right it isn’t. Drop your weapon. Now. (points her gun at him as she comes closer)

The Guard puts his gun down

Lexie: Ok now you know the deal, slide it on over. Come on, I know you’ve been here before.

The guard kicks the gun towards Lexie.

imagesLexie: Atta boy. (picks it up, puts the safety on, and then sticks it into the back of her jeans)

Lexie: Let me ask you a question, what’s your name?

Dylan: Dylan.

Lexie: Well hey there Dylan, I’m Lexie. But I’m sure you already knew that. How you feelin’, life treatin’ you good?

Dylan: Right now? Not really.

Lexie: And why’s that?

Dylan: (nervously blurts out) I don’t know, maybe because I have two guns pointed at my head!

Lexie: Yea. Yea that’s a bad day. How old are you Dylan?

dylan knightDylan: I’m 19.

Lexie: 19. which means, you’ll be seen as an adult…in court, when this all goes down, no one’s gonna be calling you kid. And any consequences from this, are gonna come falling down on you and you are gonna feel them. And they are gonna be bad. Really bad. And I’ll tell ya something else, Skully? Yea he isn’t going to care. He’ll let you take the wrap for it just to save his own ass. And despite the macho exterior of this mobster position you so desperately wanted… I’m thinking, you’d be happy with the shittiest summer job right about now?

Dylan nods nervously, his whole body shaking.images

Lexie: You’re a baby. They will try you as an adult. But you are still a baby. Take it from someone who grew up too fast, stay one as long as you can. Here’s the deal Dylan. This is all gonna go away, if you cooperate.

Dylan: Ok, (he says shaking nervously holding his hands up.)

Lexie: Ok, good. How many other guards are there?

dylanDylan: F-f-four.

Lexie: Ok, and where are they now?

Dylan: They are on watch outside, for when your dad comes.

Lexie: Weapons?

Dylan: Each guard has a hand gun and a knife. But if things get bad, we’re all instructed to go bigger. The big guns are in a safe in the boss’ office. But I swear I’ve never been allowed in there. I don’t know exactly where he hides them, or any of the codes to get them.

Lexie: Do you? (she looks at Joe)jensen_ackles_16

Joe nods

Lexie: Ok. And how long ago did Skully make the call to my father with a location?

Dylan: About 20 minutes ago ma’am.

Lexie: Any other information I should know?

Dylan: They had an hour to get here. The hour is almost up. If it ends before they get here. We’re all instructed to-

Lexie: To chop me to pieces? Yea something tells me you don’t really have the stomach for that. So- go!

Joe: Lexie, what the hell are you doing?

Lexie: He’s a kid.

Joe: A kid who tried to kill you.

Lexie: But he didn’t get too close now did he? Go Dylan. Go Now. Take the back doors, hide in the shadows and once you get a clear path, run. And don’t look back.

Dylan: But what about you? Skully’s men are gonna come looking when they don’t here back from me. And soon Skully’s gonna wake up and he’s gonna-

Lexie: I can take care of Skully. I plan to…once and for all. Now go.

Dylan: I’m sorry ma’am, I-

Lexie: It’s ok. I grew up losing my way too. You’re allowed to make mistakes, just learn from them. Now get outta here.

Dylan: Thank you.

Lexie: And hey Dylan. If we happen to see each other again, don’t call me ma’am, I’m not that old.

Dylan smiles and runs out the back door.

Joe: You’re insane for doing that.

Lexie: Oh come on he’s a kid who was scared shit, he didn’t belong here. Do you really think he wasa threat?

Joe: Nah. More then likely he would have been the first jensen_ackles_16casualty.

A car pulls up outside.

Joe and Lexie exchange glances.

Joe gestures to Lexie that he’ll cover Skully


Basement Window sm

Lexie steps up on the table nearby  and peers out the small ryan-gosling-in-the-gangster-squad-2012-movie-image-2basement window. She sees Carter and Reeves get out of the car.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1Lexie: They’re here.

She gets down from the table

Just then another set of tires are heard.

Lexie looks up at Joe

Lexie: Are you expecting someone else?

Joe: Not that I knew of.

Shots are heard outside.

Lexie: Oh my god! No!

lexie runsLexie goes running.dean runs

Joe: LEXIE! (he goes running after her, leaving Skully on the floor.)





They make quite the team...could there be a new love triangle brewing???

They make quite the team…could there be a new love triangle brewing???


Expect new installments way more frequently! 🙂

Did you know Joe wouldn’t actually hurt Lexie,

or were you sweating there for a minute? 😉

*I do not take credit for any of the images/gifs/manips*


Enjoy a virtual cupcake! ;)

Enjoy a virtual cupcake! 😉


Happy Monday!



















1980’s Fashion Profile

Keeping with the theme of my last post, being that I didn’t have time to vlog my whole getting ready process and forgot to do an “outfit of the day” portion. I decided to show you some shots of my full outfit from my 80’s party. I have to admit I shopped and shopped and shopped until I found the perfect outfit, and boy was it frustrating. But thankfully a lot of the 80’s trends are coming back and are very prominent in today’s fashion…which I am super excited about! Basically I had a combination of a bunch of odd pieces that wounded up coming together quite nicely. I drew on the inspiration from ladies like…





So I gathered a checklist from these pics:

Big Hair

Lots of Bright Colored Blush & Eyeshadow

A ton of bracelets/Big Earrings





Lace gloves

A Headband

Listen while you “get ready” with me!


I set my hair in curlers the night before to have a base curl. Then I alternated curling and crimping my hair, and teazing to get that big 80’s look.


These were the products I used: Dove (anti-frizz), LOTS of hairspray, Not Your Mother’s Volumizing serum and Dry Shampoo. The combination all just added the oompf I needed.

80’s hair tangle is NO joke. *Tip to 80’s hair recovery: Don’t try to brush it out first, just shampoo and condition a few times and then brush out.*


Makeup products. I mainly focused on my eyes. Using many different shades of bright purples and lining them with black for a pop and defining them eyebrows! I used some bright blush and a bright pink lipstick to finish it off!

Close up of my  Hair & Makeup

Close up of mine (& Lauren’s)
Hair & Makeup

20140329_193519 20140329_204738Head to Toe:

Headband/Bracelets/Gloves/Legwarmers: Claire’s

Earrings: 99 cent store (hollaaa)

Lace Top: Pretty Girl

Pink Under Tank: Rainbows

Jeans: Mandees

Shoes: Payless










 Happy “Totally” Tuesday!


Twitter: Shellbelle91


Celebrated my 23rd Birthday in the 80’s!

-80-s-style-Madonna-the-80s-19076015-567-555The bigger the hair the bettertumblr_la8dsjuCYg1qe1rwso1_400

the hairspray

the overdone eyeshadow

the neons, the animal prints, the denim

it’s all part of the illusion.

I always say how I wish I could live a day (or longer) in every major decade. There’s just something so interesting to me about exploring the way other young people used to live, to experience all the difference fashions, foods, music, and other decor. Don’t get me wrong, I was born in the 90’s and I love being a 90’s baby…boy bands and tamagotchi all the wayyyyy… but I love the 80’s too! And being that I grew up with a brother who was born in the late 80’s, a lot of the 80’s spilled over into the early 90’s, so I was able to remember some things. However, being so young I never really got to “Rock the 80’s.” I didn’t get to dress like Madonna, or do test tube shots with my best friends. So when my 23rd birthday started to roll around, I decided what better way to celebrate then by Rocking the 80’s with some of my best friends. I kept it a Girl’s Night because we all seriously deserved one! I shot some vlog footage to better showcase the experience and to help any other future 80’s party throwers out there. Because trust me I had to do a lot of research for this party!

I love to play hostess, I love to plan parties. My mom always tells me event planning is my true calling. But to me, it’s more of a hobby. I love entertaining and putting together something that I think people will enjoy. I like creating a space that feels different then everyday life. However, let me give you the full 411 on my experience planning parties…

5 steps to entertaining (and entertaining well)

1. Decor (helps to have a theme)

*I ordered most of my 80’s decorations from Party City & Oriental Trading*

2. Food/Dessert (Never assume it’s ok to not serve food…food at parties is crucial.)

3. Drinks (account for all guests; which means alcoholic & non.)

4. Music (best to make a playlist…with songs appropriate for the event, my playlist was full of classic 80’s greatness (MJ, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper…) ok ok there may have been a few *NSYNC, Britney, & Spice Girls jams, that snuck their way in, but I mean I had to rep for my 90’s soul.)

*Optional*  5. Photo”booth” (proved to be a huge hit… However if this is not a feasible option for you, other activities like games or karaoke are fun too!)

Bonus: It’s fun to give your friends a little favor as they leave. I gave my friends little goodie bags, with a bunch of novelty candy. The 80’s were all about the candy!

Photo “Booth” Tutorial:


Note: I used VHS/Cassette tapes, a Rubiks cube, and an old Atari game for decorations!

What you’ll need:

A DSLR Camera

A Flash


Gaffers tape/or post-its (to mark the tripod stand placement)

*^This helps to keep camera out of the way when not using to avoid any accidents^*

A camera remote

*^Allows people to take pictures themselves and leaves everyone free to mingle,

and not having to play camera man^*

Some colorful or printed curtains





Word bubbles:

Colorful Oaktag

Print out some cool sayings

*^I used just some 80’s inspired catch phrases and words and also some fun 80’s movies quotes^*

*I free handed the word bubbles by just looking some up on google, but I’m sure you can print them out or use them as stencils. Once you attach the quotes to the oaktag then, you attach the word bubble to a wooden skewer. And Voila!*

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0008



When my guests first entered the party, they were greeted by this small table. It urged them to “GET YOUR “VALLEY GIRL” ON” accompanied by some double bubble, for that gum poppin’ valley girl accent. Some 80’s inspired pins and glow sticks. And last but not least some 1980’s Slang Sheets (full of fun phrases and words to enhance the 80’s vibe.)


Next the guests will find some lady like essentials in the restroom. Some 80’s Aqua Net hairspray, scrunchies, hair clips, clear nail polish, and lipsticks, all part of the “BEAUTY CORNER.”

*Fun Fact: I actually use Aqua Net Hairspray*


And just some mirror inspiration

Next up is Food & Drinks (very important)


The 80’s were all about junk foods and candy.

So I kept my appetizers simple.


Vegetable platter

Chip and dip platter

Nachos Supreme (with the works)

*Don’t forget the sour cream, salsa & guacamole!*

Click here for the recipe, I followed loosely.

For Dinner nothing says 80’s and simple like a phone call to a good ole Pizzeria;

Pizza choices: Plain, Pepperoni, and Mushroom!


For Dessert: Ice Cream Cupcakes (so good!) Found these at Pathmark. (and fruit salad that we forgot to put out but later my best friend and I ate during the night haha)


For drinks I looked up most popular drinks in the 80’s and I saw cosmos (cosmopolitan drink mixer+vodka+blend in blender with ice til frothy and garnish with a lime) and kamikaze shots (lime juice+ vodka+triple sec, serve in a test tube shot glass!)

wine coolers

coca cola (in the glass bottles)

*Also party tip, have soda, some wine, and water bottles, on hand at all times

for those who aren’t into the signature drinks!*

*And keep some black sharpies handy so guests can write their names on their cups, because I assure you, you will lose track of your cup at some point!*

Cyndi Lauper drank here

Cyndi Lauper drank here

Ok so there you have it my recipe for a kick ass 80’s party!


It was so much fun living in the 80’s for a night with my best friends, that I think from now on my events/birthday events are gonna be decade themed! It’ll be my way of living a day in each decade, like I’ve always dreamed.

Next stop…on the decade party train?

Disco 70’s?

Hippie 60’s?

I do love the 40’s!

Who knows!

Happy Monday!


Ok…um, found my soulmate

Waddup cyberspace!!!!441265300_640

So if you read this blog at all…

or even if you peak in once in a while…

you more than likely know

I’m a huge *NSYNC fan and by extension a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan.


So you know…. last year’s VMA’s… I was on that shit like white on rice, and while I’ve said my very emotional piece in a previous post about how I felt about it, and I won’t be going back there…

I recently came across this youtuber…who I feel like totally got it!

Who totally gets the essence and the greatness that is *NSYNC.


We are kindred spirits.

And so I just had to share….

if I had recorded my reactions to both the news of the *NSYNC reunion and the 2013 VMA performance I imagine they would go a little something like this…


So yea, I think I’ve found my soulmate


too bad he just got engaged 😉


Baby come back…Let’s talk about this


So it’s Sunday.

And contrary to popular belief

it will not be a Funday #sundayfunday

Why you ask?

because I am going through some serious withdrawals

that’s right it’s going to be one hell of a dry spell until October…


I’m gonna miss you beauties most of all!


no zombies

no Rick Grimes hotness

no Michonne badassin’ all over the place

no Maggie and Glenn romancin’

that makes you question every guy’s loyalty on glenn-and-maggie-reunitethe planet… homeboy isn’t even legally married and still calls her his wife…chooses to continue to search for her over saving the world…AND….remembers their anniversary borderline flu-death…all during THE FREAKIN’ ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE…any excuse a guy ever gives you, you can officially tell him to shove it…

“Glenn Rhee,” take notes boys 😉

glenn meme

no Daryl…which in and of itself is pure withdrawal

that’s it no new episodes of “The Walking Dead”



for 6/7ishh whole months

but AMC

why do you do this to us!


Baby come back

let’s talk about this…




ALSO…my thoughts on the Season 4 finale…. (*spoilers ahead* if you haven’t watched…you’ve been warned.)

Um….not their best finale, nor was it one of their best episodes.

For a finale, the way they hyped it up so much, I honestly expected some much crazier shit to go down.

I wanted my face to be blown off.

I wanted to be left like WTFFFFF????????

And at the end of that episode to be honest…my reaction was pretty blah.

I was just like… “That was weak.”

Which actually pains me to say, because this show actually ranks pretty high up there for me.

They’ve done some epic work on this show! (Burning barn episode anyone???)

So my expectations were pretty high.

I was really surprised no one died.

But someone’s body parts are cooking on that bbq for sure (please don’t be Beth,

please don’t be Beth!)

Today's Special:  Mystery Meat

Today’s Special:
Mystery Meat

Oh come on… we all knew Terminus wasn’t gonna be all bright and shiny…


2rps6bpThere are no sunflowers in the zombie apocalypse…unless you’ve got some human remains to enhance the soil with….yea I went there…I mean did you miss the array of bones they ran past….and why was Rick the only one who was weary of Terminus, I mean points for the sneak in…see them before they see you/burying the extra guns for escape purposes…I mean come on Maggie and Glenn should have known better than to take those signs and flowers at face value!


And what was with the creepy cult room! And all that weird writing…some people have gone bat shit crazyyy in this zombie apocalypse!

The Walking Dead A (Church - never again, never trust, we first always)

But even so, I honestly expected so much more from Terminus….We spent the better half of this season on the road to Terminus and then once we get there it was like the excitement fizzled out. I rick4thought it was gonna be a freakin’ free for all, I thought shit was gonna hit the fan…hard… when Rick saw Hershel’s pocket watch that he gave to Glenn. [And we all started to notice the termites (as Andy Lincoln likes to call them, haha) sportin’ pieces of our people’s clothes and other items.]



Daryl's poncho

Bitch stole my look

No joke, I climbed on my couch and started screaming when I saw that watch chain, because I wouldn’t be able to take it if Glenn had died! I thought Terminus was going to be some crazy maze that they had to get through in order to survive, meaning if they weren’t captured and ground up into today’s daily beef, then they would be set free. I thought it was gonna be some twisted game or something. I mean in the promo, the way they showed Rick all shaky and bloody and they had the Terminus Lady’s voice echoing like crazy “those who arrive survive” and the alarms blaring, plus that creepy music, I expected some serious wild human sacrifice chase or something. And I got none of that. In fact, I half expected to find Beth sitting in a warehouse with half a leg and no arms or something, as the creepy Mary clan chowed down. And then the even scarier part was I thought they were gonna find the rest of our gang stuffed in a meat locker just waiting to be prepped. Or worse I thought Maggie would have lost Glenn, because let’s face it the fact that she burned that picture he kept of her and told him he didn’t need it, would have just been beautiful irony if she were to lose him.



I was just so scared, at this point that’s the only real romantic relationship we have on this dang show, and I’m sorry I don’t care if it’s the zombie apocalypse I need my romantic shit! Although I was really glad to see the bulk of the group found each other again, it sucked having their storylines spread apart (but it was realistic and made sense for the storyline and for the introduction of new characters,) and Daryl and Rick’s “you’re my brother” moment was freakin’ perfect #bromance.


But I guess the way they did it made sense in the long run. I mean Season 5 is gonna be the return of the crew we all know and love. They are gonna wipe the floor with those “termites,” and it’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch. I think they skipped out on shock value and sudden deaths in order to play out a greater story. I see that they set themselves up for a very extensive action packed Season 5. At least one can only hope!


I seriously missed Rosita in this scene, I thought she was a goner!

I’m way too attached to the current group; I mean over the course of these past 4 seasons, we’ve lost so many people. So I can’t take losing anyone else… (I draw the line at our Santa looking stud Hershel ;)…omg that was rough to watch, I still can’t deal!) I can’t lose anyone else…I just can’t…the originals that is…I like Sasha, Tyreese, Tara, Bob (well scratch that, Bob annoys me ever

RIP Zack

RIP Zack

since he got Beth’s bf Zack killed!) and all but I would recover much quicker if we lost one of them. I could do without the operation “save the world” gang too. But no I love my originals; Rick, Daryl, Carl, Carol, I consider Maggie and Beth originals because well in the sea of all these new

Preach Glenn, Preach.

Preach Glenn, Preach.

faces, they’re friendly and we love them! Carol and Beth have really evolved and become chicks who get shit done! As for Michonne well she’s just badass and Judith is a baby (who doesn’t love babies, *cough cough* LIZZIE!) and I can’t wait to see her kickass! #littleasskicker




What a little G.

What a little G.

twd-s04e14-mikaI seriously wished Mika would have lived; I was soooo ready to ship her and Carl. I saw them growing up and being like this kick ass teenage zombie killing couple. She was a sweetheart… (damn you crazy Lizzie! … now THAT was a sick episode that was more finale like!) I swear give me any type of story line and I will find a love story! #Hopelessromantic


Beth, Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith are still unaccounted for.

But if you ask me I think they’re gonna be the ones to help save the gang. Beth is gonna find them and they’re gonna come up with a kickass plan.

This meme perfectly describes my Season 5 Predictions hahaha

This meme perfectly describes my Season 5 Predictions hahaha


Something about that flashback where Rick takes the sheriff’s hat from Carl while they’re farming and puts it on Beth’s head and says “there’s a new sheriff in town.” It just makes me think she’s still alive and is gonna save them all! Also wtf with all those flashbacks! I get it was to show how drastically Rick has changed and it was great to see Scott Wilson in his BkPJYl8CcAITBZclegendary suspenders again, but COME ON, those shits took up half the episode and don’t even get me started on how many commercial breaks I had to sit through! Anyway, I hope Beth is alive (p.s. can we just do a quick 5 seconds on…um Maggie I get you love Glenn and I’m super glad you guys found each other, but do you not care about your baby sister…like shouldn’t you be looking to see if she’s still out there?) But anyway I digress, cause guess what… I could possibly get into a Daryl/Beth love connection (I was dead against it, but I’m warming up to the idea haha)…see I will ship anyone, if I think there’s chemistry there! 😉

maxresdefault hands-640x358


Match made in heaven

Speaking of love connections…RICK NEEDS A WOMAN!!!! And I realize Michonne would be the most obvious choice; they get each other, she’s good with Carl. But I just don’t see a sexy vibe between them, I used to think there could be, but now to me they seem more like best friends. But I think they need to introduce some new badass chick, who’s a hottie and who reels Rick in. I mean come on; guy hasn’t gotten any love for like 2 whole seasons! And I mean when your wife was getting busy with your best friend while you laid in a hospital bed…well… let’s face it, whori Lori was well a whore. Rick deserves better! (but does anyone else feel like Lori’s death was a little too quick and unbelievable, like we never saw Carl shoot her, I guess I’m still waiting on zombie Lori…and not wedding white dress zombie Lori, like real deal zombie Lori!)



Not Her Husband.

Not Her Husband.

She gets confused.

She gets confused.

My actress pick for Rick Grimes leading lady you ask…

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

She is no stranger to playing a badass chick… (most similar TWD role; played Ana Lucia in “Lost” which shows she is perfect for the walking dead world)

In fact I googled her and I’m not the only one who thinks she’d be a good fit for the show! HOLLAAAA!

I don’t know who she’d play from the comics, I don’t read them, so I don’t actually know if Rick ever gets a love interest post Lori. But I think they could make up a whole new character…why not they did it with Daryl and look at what a crowd favorite he is!



So here’s my character proposal:

Name’s Roxy. (roxy and rick, huhhh? *nudge nudge* huhhh? I can just see it now!)

sexual tension roxy-rick

A Doctor. (Cause let’s face it these people need one…Bob ain’t too hot!)

Who is good with a machete

and has one hell of an aim with a gun.

(her father was a drill sergeant in the army).

She’s good with kids, used to be an Aunt.

Lost her fiancé a few months ago (you know she and Rick could bond over that!)

and lost the rest of her family at the early stages of the apocalypse.

Has been on her own since losing track of her group when their “sanctuary” was overrun.

A few years younger than Rick. (oohh la la)

She lands in Terminus and crosses lines with Rick’s crew…

And when they all join forces to save their lives…

Rick welcomes her into the group.

terminus roxy meets rick

Seriously can I not write this show?

I would rock that shit!

Also am I the only one who thought that the whole Rick biting Joe’s neck out scene was kind of weak.

Don’t get me wrong that particular part was like HOLY MOTHA Fjkfjgkjklhkldfoig



You knew rick was gonna lose it the minute the gun shot pierced through his eardrum! That’s a surefire sign that Rick’s about to go crazy.

But up until that point no one was really fighting back. Carl was just crying on the floor, Daryl was getting his ass handed to him…which never happens, Michonne was at least trying to make a move but douchery dude had a gun to her face, and Rick was being restrained like he was in a nut house but the grip wasn’t even convincing. It was like Rick saw no other option and decided to go all 640px-dan_death-the-walking-dead-what-we-learned-from-acannibal, and once they saw Rick rip out the guy’s jugular with his teeth, that lit a fire under their asses… I mean COME ON… our crew isn’t the kind to lay back and get taken advantaged of. That’s why I was kind of surprised by the way that scene started. Plus what was with that chubby almost rapist, like really what was that guy even trying to accomplish…He totally deserved to get his stomach stabbed out!

Also I feel like that was the major highlight, sure there was the whole shooting scene at Terminus. But I just felt like I wanted it to be non stop action, I mean that is technically what we were promised! And yet the possible highlight of the episode was thrown out in its first half.

For me it was kind of slow…hit you with a bang…then slowed, kinda picked up…then fizzled.


And I get the whole meaning behind the last line…”They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they findrick out…that they’re screwing with the wrong people.” I get Andrew Lincoln’s delivery is what sells it and you know that this group of people, when all together, is a force to be reckoned with. But I really think that line could have used an F-bomb! (if I read currently, in the comics I do believe they use it). It would have just been way more convincing and so badass…but then again…there’s the whole aspect of AMC language restrictions and I imagine you can’t say FUCK outright on television, at least not on AMC if you’re trying to remain “family friendly” hahaha. But I mean if they can show the amount of gore and guts they show, what’s a little F-bomb here and there; right?…I mean Daryl Dixon just deserves to belt one out! Haha


But never the less in happier news I do have Seasons 1-3… (just got 3 for my birthday!)

So I can always relive it!

and Season 4 comes out August 26th.

Also you know netflix always be there to dry your tears 😉

BUT I guess in time I can fill the void with catching up on all the episodes of “Revenge” I missed. I hear it’s getting pretty crazyyyyy! (that Emily is a badass!)

I just hate when all my shows end, gosh it’s stressful! 😉

So my fellow walking dead fans, I’m here for you, we’ll get through this together!

Happy waiting!

Think about it, marinate in it over the break ;)

Rick & Roxy; Think about it, marinate in it, over the break 😉

*I take no credit for any images used*




25 SIGNS you may be obsessed with Justin Timberlake


So it’s been about a mere few weeks since my last Justin Timberlake post…

clearly I was due for one soon! So let’s get down to business shall we?

25 Signs you may be OBSESSED with Justin Timberlake

1. When You love something…You LOVEEEEEE something! (hence monthly Justin related blog posts)

2. Undeniable loyalty to music. (7 years brah 7 years waiting on him, that’s dedication)

3. Fangirling isn’t just a word…it’s a lifestyle… #truestory

4. When it comes to Justin bashing…you will fight anyone, anytime….(NO Fatima, Beyonce is NOT more popular than Justin Timberlake! ahaha sorry girl.)

5. If by some crazy unimaginable chance Justin Timberlake asked you out… You would consider being “the other woman” for him and him only…(haha *sorry jess*…p.s. have you guys heard the whole James Franco asking a TEEN to meet up with him…at least I’m in my 20’s… haha)

6. Upon the many celebrity names on your “elevator list”(google it)…Justin is in first place… (again *sorry jess*)

7. You will take “selfies” with a wax figure Justin if it looks like you met him/makes you look like a couple.

[See…this photo]


Oh hey joey in the back!

[and This photo…]


Damn it Justin, change your clothes 😉

8. You could get away with the excuse “But mom…it’s Justin” and she actually buys it…(hence back when the Justified Tour happened and I wanted tickets…thanks mom you rock!)

wpid-20140328_140117.jpg   wpid-20140328_140125.jpg

9. Your brother would pay well over the suitable amount for a birthday gift just so you and your best friend could go see Justin’s Legends of the Summer Tour because after-all it was a 7 year hiatus and you’ve missed him so terribly much.

10. Your friends/family support your obsession…

[See… this birthday card]


Mind you, my brother got me this card and felt the need to write “P.S. J.T. is a fruitcake”

[and… this birthday card]



Granny holding a pair of big granny panties… and it says “These are the ones I’m going to throw at Justin Timberlake” hahaha #imnotthatold

11. You have an inner thug side during his relationship revenge songs that you have to let out whenever you hear them…and you understand that it’s always always ok to belt out the lyrics to “Cry Me a River.”


cry me a river gif

12. You try to match Justin’s falsetto…


and nail it every time. 😉

13. Your first concert was an *NSYNC  concert, and you understand that You’re never too old to spread your love for *NSYNC… even in 2014.


I was an itty bitty 10 year old!

Apparently I was an itty bitty 10 year old! #10yearold*NSYNC t-shirt

Backstreet Boys who?

14. It’s ok to dance in the middle of the sidewalk if “Rock Your Body” is playing on your i-Pod or… just simply… in your head.

15. Your love for Michael Jackson only fuels your love for Justin Timberlake and his current album; The 20/20 Experience…(if you are a fan of both, you will understand this.)

justina nd michael

16. You own several items of clothing that state that you are in fact “Mrs. Timberlake” or “Future Mrs. Timberlake” (shit i may still be able to rock the latter if my elevator list pans out… – jesus there i go again *sorry jess*) 😉


17. Your walls were covered (and I mean covered) in*NSYNC/Justin posters as a young tween/teen.

nsync-195008 Justin_Timberlake

shirtless pics…shhhh (sharing secrets)

18. You hated Britney Spears (even though you still secretly loved her) when she and Justin broke up. (seriously though…who cheats on Justin Timberlake?)

team jt

19. When Justin has his asshole moments, you call him out on it..via twitter of course…because let’s face it you were offended…and he owes you an apology…LMAOOOO

[See… my angry vma tweets]

tweet 1

tweet 2

tweet 3

tweet 4

tweet 5

tweet 6

Seriously though I was clearly going through something… that was some hardcore fangirling right there, LMAOOOOOOO [the feud between Justin and I has been long since been put to rest ;)]

20. You own way too much Justin Timberlake memorabilia and still don’t mind collecting more.

[See… my 300,000 Justin T-shirts and my specially self-made Justified concert outfit…yea i got some looks…haters gonna hate…#noshame ;)]

wpid-20140323_195641.jpg wpid-20140323_195703.jpg


wpid-20140323_195809.jpg   wpid-20140323_195859.jpg

(FYI… i didn’t even include my 2020 tour shirts! BUT you may have seen them in

previous JT related posts)

BUT the collection continues growing…

I just got this for my birthday this past weekend and it's amazing and more than accurate!

I just got this for my birthday this past weekend and it’s amazing and more than accurate! Thank you shout out to my girl Lauren! 😀

21. You sat through “Black Snake Moan” just because he was in it. (haha sorry J, but I’m more of a “Friends with Benefits” movie genre girl.)

Seriously though....him in FWB...yum ;)

Seriously though….him in FWB…yum 😉

22. You still consider *NSYNC’s Christmas album…the shit (I mean cuz who doesn’t)…and you may or may not own their Christmas ornament. 😉

944736_10202256131705905_2044036087_n  wpid-IMG_20131221_004350.jpg

23. You owned maybe two hit clip cartridges (if you have to google it, I am sorry you were unable to relish in such an invention ahaha), and your favorite was *NSYNC’s “This I promise you.”

24. You feel like if you ever met Justin, you’d either piss your pants or become mute.

25. You stood across the street from the mtv studios building for hours to witness the taping of the last episode of TRL with your friends (even when you really had to pee…like really really had to pee) just to catch a glimpse of Justin and JC (post *NSYNC).


Oh and just in case you haven’t noticed already (I mean it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?)…this is really MY 25 signs and to tell you the truth I could probably think of 25 more…it’s a lifetime of signs really.


26. You used to make your dad slow down every time you passed “Justin Ave” in Staten Island…just so you could finally try to take a pic…because you thought it was cool…

justin ave.


And now you’ve realized I’m insane.

So I’m gonna make like a tree and leave.


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The silence around you

The only positive part to cleaning my room is finding old writing that actually seems like it deserves a second look…stumbled upon this little one a few days ago, not sure how long ago I wrote this but a few tweaks and home girl is ready for posting…hope you enjoy! 😉



Take a moment

Listen closely to the sounds that surround you

the sound of wine being poured into a glass

the sound of two glasses clinking

the sound of children laughing

the sound of tires rolling on a highway

the sound of fall leaves crunching beneath your feet

the sound of crisp white snow forming into a snowball

the sound of a new cry welcomed to earth

the sound of gentle rain trickling down a tin roof

the sound of birds chirping

the sound of wind’s passing kiss

the sound of two lovers breathless whispers

take a moment

listen closely

hidden in the silence

hidden in the emptiness

hidden in the darkness

there is happiness

in many shapes

in many forms

in many faces

in many actions

in many sounds

Take a moment

Listen closely

Listen to the silence around you

it speaks volumes

beyond all imagination

Just listen