How To Be Productive

I have been feeling kind of stuck lately. And so when that happens I usually end up on YouTube. And I’ve noticed a trend coming on. Many people have been posting videos on how to be more productive and how to have less stressful mornings. Now I am not a morning person per say. I have become more of a night owl; I like to stay up late and then it’s hard for me to wake up early. So this is a bad habit that I’d like to shake, because I want to make my days count. I want to be more active and get more done. Time is precious and I don’t want to waste it anymore.

Tips I’ve gathered

Change your sleeping schedule, so you can get up earlier, and get an earlier start.

*I’ve started to do this, and I’ve noticed it just puts me in a better frame of mind when I know I have more time in a day to do the things that I have to do. The later you wake up the less motivation you will have.

Exercise; get outside.

*I’m not much of a nature girl, but I’ve tried a few in door exercise options to see how I like them. I tried a guest pass at a gym recently, went to a few kick box classes (that seriously kicked my ass, so not my thing), and I try to get in a Yoga routine every now and then. I have a yoga dvd that has an AM & PM routine and I have a yoga mat at home and I try to do it at my convenience. That takes the pressure off of it.

Listen to upbeat music while you exercise.

*I usually just listen to the yoga music, the video provides, because anything else conflicts with the routine. But I will say that there is an album that I have  been really having a spiritual connection to recently. I guess that’s the only way I can describe it. Joy Williams, thank you for being the badass woman you are. You are an inspiration. My favorites include; Woman (Oh Mama), Not Good Enough, What a Good Woman Does, & Welcome Home.

Drink lots of water throughout the day, hydration is important.

Plan out your day (use a notebook and get them to do lists down)

*This has been really helping me focus. My mind sometimes gets bigger than me, and I feel like a spastic monkey. Yes a monkey. So this has been helping me keep my thoughts in check.

Clean up your room/make your bed

*Ever since I re-painted my room and got my own space, I have been a little OCD about keeping things in place. It’s a good feeling though to feel like I know where everything is and it’s the way I want it to be. A simple thing like making your bed, can make you feel like you’ve got your life together.


*Ok so I’m not too much of a reader, but I will say that I love me some entertainment news. I catch up on all the gossip via Facebook. Thanks Ryan Seacrest for being so reliable. However, I’ve also been trying to check in on my local newspaper to see what’s going on in my hometown. I really don’t love watching the news. I think it’s just so depressing and it contributes to my anxiety. But I don’t want to be naïve, I want to be informed. So I’ve been trying to check in on things.


*You know this is my bread and butter. Start a journal. Spill out your feelings. Emotionally throw up onto the pages. It’s okay. It’s going to make you feel good to get it out. And if you’re feeling extra spunky; start a blog!

Take breaks

*The same way your body needs time to recuperate from things, so does your brain. It needs to rest. It needs to re-charge. So take breaks when you feel you need them, don’t feel bad for needing a minute. It’s normal. You can’t be on the go 24/7.

Find inspiration

*Listen to music, Watch TV, Movies or YouTube videos, Spend time with friends and family.

Prep lunch/snacks, clothing, purse the night before your big days.

*This will help your mornings be less crazy.

And speaking of less crazy mornings…these two videos really spoke to me. Thanks girls! ❤

****Book recommendation:****

And lastly, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this book.

the life-changing magic of tidying up

the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing

By Marie Kondo.


*I’ve been renovating my room and have been overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have and nowhere to put it. So this book is looking like a must read for me.

What are your productive morning/day tips?




The Days are fading.

The night creeps in.

The strength she’s willing,

it all runs thin.

Wild eyes.

Classic nights.

Big surprise,

you fought, the fight.

Walls up.

Heart guarded.

Insanity not fleeting enough.

You never finished what you started.

Both at fault.



let it be.

She whispers,

why didn’t you fight for me?

Wild nights.

Classic eyes.

Fire within,

burns so bright.

Where ever they were going,

the journey cut short and still.

Fabric frayed.

The flame fizzled.

Ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.

You be you,

I’ll be me,

She whispers.

Now we have to deal with moving on,

guess it wasn’t meant to be.

We both lost the fight.

Surprise Surprise.


*I do not take credit for the image used.*



Michaela walks into the elevator, she presses the button for her floor.

The doors slowly close.

She begins to hear one of her favorite songs playing over the speaker.

She smiles and closes her eyes for a second, listening.

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go.


The elevator stops on the next floor, she hears the doors open.

Opening her eyes she is faced with a young good looking man.

He smiles at her. She smiles back.

He gets in, pressing the button for his floor, and then steps beside her.

Michaela is suddenly nervous.

The man glances over at her.

Michaela ignores the awkward tension that has apparently filled the elevator the moment he stepped in.

Although she could swear she’d never seen this man before, there was something she couldn’t put her finger on.

At this point the man turns to her yet again.

She’s had it and turns toward him.

Staring at him blankly.

Caleb: I’m sorry. Forgive me. I’m staring.

Michaela: That’s kind of obvious, but it’s not obvious why?

Caleb: I just, I feel like I know you…from somewhere.

Michaela: I guess I just have one of those faces.

Caleb: No…it’s more than that. I can feel something. Like a memory.

Michaela: (rolls her eyes) Look I’m gonna be completely honest with you here, I’m not in the mood to be hit on by yet another guy who isn’t ready for a real relationship. Been there done that, and I am so over boys disguising themselves as men. Wearing a suit doesn’t make you one.

Caleb: (laughs) That’s not what I’m trying to do. But it’s good to know.

Michaela: (softening) I’m sorry. (she laughs) It’s been one of those morning. You know when everything in the world decides to go wrong. I guess I’m just stressed.

Caleb: Hey no harm no fowl. (he holds his hands up in mock surrender)

Michaela smiles and takes a sip of her coffee unsure of what to say next.

She anxiously looks at the floor levels as they pass by;

17, 18, 19…

Is no one else needing to take the elevator this morning? She thinks.

20, 21, 22

Just as her floor is about to approach, the elevator drops, the lights dim, and there are noises that Michaela knows can only symbolize bad news.

The elevator halts.

Michaela’s stomach flips.

This has always been a fear of hers.

She wasn’t good in small spaces.

Michaela and The man exchange looks

Michaela: No?

Caleb: Looks like we’re gonna be here for a while.

Michaela: No. We can’t. Are we stuck? We can’t be stuck.

Michaela looks around frantically. She begins to press buttons like crazy.

Caleb: Hey hey, I don’t think you should do that. It may make things worse.

Michaela: What could be worse? I have so much to do today. And I am going to be late to my presentation. Oh my god I can’t breathe.

Caleb: Ok. Look at me, Ok?

He grabs her hands and looks her in the eyes.

Caleb: Take a deep breathe in,

Michaela follows his coaching

Caleb: And now breathe out.

Michaela breathes out.

Caleb: Ok let’s try it slower.

Michaela slows down her breathing but she’s still in a bit of a nervous panic.

Caleb: Just look at me. Focus on me. Breathe. You’re okay. I got you. This is just a momentary feeling, you’re having a bit of a panic attack, it’ll pass.

Michaela: And what if it doesn’t, what if we never get out of here?

Caleb: We will. I’m going to press the emergency button now ok. Someone is gonna come help us.

Michaela: Ok.

Caleb: Can I leave you for just a minute?

Michaela nods reluctantly, her grip on his hands tightening.

Caleb: Ok, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. (smiles) Come on, come over here.

The man brings Michaela over to the panel.

He presses the emergency button with one hand as he holds onto her hand with his other.

“Emergency services how may I help you?”

Caleb: Um hi, hello. We are currently in the elevator and it seems to have stalled or stopped in between floors.

“How many passengers are in there with you?”

Caleb: Just one. Me and a young woman.

“Are you both ok?”

Michaela looks at him with worry in her eyes.

Caleb: Um yes, but we need to get out of here. Soon.

Michaela: Please, please send someone to help, I can’t be in here much longer.

“Ma’am do you have any medical issues?”

Michaela: No I just hate small spaces. I’m a bit claustrophobic, and you need to get me out of here before the walls close in.

“I understand ma’am, just try to stay calm. Take deep breathes, if you have some water take small sips or chew some gum. I will get a repair man over there for you now.”

Michaela: Thank you.

“I will keep you posted on his progress.”

Caleb: Thank you ma’am.

Michaela closes her eyes and leans her head back against the wall. She sighs anxiously.

Caleb: Hey, you’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna be out of here soon.

Michaela: I hope you’re right.

Caleb: Here, (he takes off his suit jacket and lays it on the floor.) Why don’t you sit?

Michaela sits.

The man kneels in front of her, reaching into his work bag he hands her a water bottle.

Caleb: Here, take small sips. It’ll help.

Michaela: (takes the bottle from him)

“Ma’am, sir? I have a repair man about 20 minutes away. You will be out shortly.”

The man smiles

Caleb: Ah look at that, good news.

He sits next to her.

Michaela: Thank god.

Michaela sips the water and starts to calm down a bit.

Caleb: How ya feeling?

Michaela: A little better.

Caleb: Good. (smiles)

Michaela: Thank you.

Caleb: Sure.

Michaela: I’m sorry, I just have this thing, with small spaces…

Caleb: Hey, I get it. Don’t even give it a second thought.

Michaela: You’re kind of a sweetheart.

Caleb: (smiles) Well at least that’s a step up from…what was it? A boy disguising himself as a man.

Michaela: (laughs) Yea. Again, sorry about that. (she winces, embarrassed) You are all man.

His eyebrows raise.

Michaela: Oh gosh…why did that sound sexual? I just meant that you know you seem like a gentleman.

Caleb: (laughs) I know what you meant.

Michaela: Ok. (she laughs nervously, her cheeks turning red.)

Michaela looks away.

Suddenly feeling strangely aware of the fact that this guy is gorgeous.

Caleb: Can I ask you a question?

Michaela turns back toward the man.

Michaela: Sure. It’s not like we’re going anyway.

They both share a laugh.

Caleb: Do you believe in soulmates?

Michaela: Hell yes.

Caleb: Can I ask, why?

Michaela: Because I believe that there’s someone out there that you’re just meant to be with. Your heart is meant to find their heart. And life will somehow align your lives. And you’ll meet and the rest is history.

Caleb: Or is the rest up to you? Or us? I don’t think that people realize that you have to do some of the work. Fate and destiny only go so far. Sometimes you need to take the leap.

Michaela: So you think, people need to make love happen? That’s not exactly the most romantic thing.

Caleb: No not necessarily. But I do think that we often let love slip away. Love isn’t always going to hit you like a lightning bolt. It may not even look like love at first glance. Love is in the quiet moments. In the small things you share with someone. Whether it’s someone you’ve known for years and start to see in a new light, or a stranger you get stuck in an elevator with.

Michaela: See but some may call that fate… or destiny. (she smiles)

Caleb: True, but like I said the rest is up to us. So what do you wanna do?

The elevator lights go off.

Michaela’s voice is heard in a soft whisper.

Michaela: Take the leap.

The elevator lights come back on.

Michaela and The man are holding hands.

They smile at each other.

As the elevator jolts and finally makes it to the next floor, the doors open.

The two of them gather their things and stand up.

Michaela begins to walk out, but the man pulls her back in, catching her off guard, he kisses her.

Michaela pulls away taken back, but a smile spreads across her face.

Michaela: What’s your name?

The man smiles.

Caleb: You really don’t remember, do you?

Michaela looks at him confused.

Caleb: Let’s just say the last time, fate decided to let you walk away from me. This time, I wasn’t leaving anything up to chance.

Michaela: Oh my god. Caleb? You-

Caleb: I’ve changed a lot over the years; lost weight, got contacts, and got a lifetime subscription to proactive. (he laughs)

Michaela: You look great.

Caleb: So do you. Your eyes still sparkle from a mile away.

Michaela: (blushes, and looks down at her feet) Will you call me?

Caleb: You can count on it.

Michaela hands him her card, and kisses him on the cheek.

Caleb: I’ll be seeing you.

Michaela: Yes you will.

-End Scene-

*I do not take credit for any images used in my edit.*


Writer’s Corner

journal1 - Copy

“Get out of your own way”

I’d like to tell you that I have full belief in my writing capabilities. That I believe I am good, and can own anything that comes my way. But I’d be lying. It’s not that I don’t believe in myself, I know I can write and I know I can write well. But self doubt and insecurity is the way of the world, and unfortunately sometimes, it wins. So as writers, what do we do when that happens? We write anyway. And we continue to write. I’ll be honest sometimes I’ll spend hours on a post, and then just before I post it, I second guess it. And I wonder if it’s even worth posting. If I gave it my all. Truth be told there isn’t a post I don’t dissect. But yet I continue to post anyway. When I sit back and think, I come to the same conclusion. Being a writer is my only choice here. I guess it’s like falling in love, it just happens, and you have to go with it. This is my calling. And although I may not have my shit together just yet, and I still have a lot of soul searching and growing up to do. I think having this realization in the back of my mind, even though at times I forget it, having it to refer back to is so important. Because not doing this, isn’t even an option. Now being a writer isn’t exactly the best way to make money. I myself am coming to the conclusion that sometimes part-time work is going to be needed to make some cash, and give you some stability in your life. But giving up on that dream is not in my line of vision. It can’t be. I don’t think my brain or sanity could take it. Too many stories to tell. So when the walls start caving in and you feel like you’re going to emotionally explode, get out of your head. And get out of your own way. And just do what you do best. Write. Because writers feel things deeper than most, and when we tell those stories, someone out there in the universe is going to get it, and feel gotten. Keep fighting, keep striving, and know that there is always a safe place for the written word here on Michelle Leigh Writes. Soldier on my friends.

   *I do not take credit for the image used.*



Every Sunday, at church it always seems that the readings and the Gospel kind of just apply to whatever it is that is going on in your life. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Not by a long shot.


So I just want to share with you something that truly inspired me:

Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.  Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.– Corinthians 12:7-10


It is in our greatest weaknesses, and moments where we question our path, and our life that we gather all our strength. That we pick ourselves back up and keep going forward.

Hold onto this…. ❤

* I do not take credit for the image used.*


My Top 8 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Movies + Style Steal

8. The Little Rascals*


Alfalfa is wooing Darla and his “He-Man-Woman-Hating” friends attempt to sabotage the relationship. – via IMDb

(*I know they are only in it for like 10 seconds, but I freakin’ LOVE this movie!)


7. New York Minute


One day in New York City, as Jane Ryan tries out for an overseas college program and her sister Roxy schemes to meet her favorite punk rockers, a series of mishaps throws their day into chaos. In order for them both to accomplish their goals, the normally adversarial sisters decide to unite against the forces around them. – via IMDb

6. Getting There


Taylor and Kylie Hunter are celebrating their 16th birthday and now they are licensed to drive. They plan to go to Salt Lake City, Utah with their friends for the 2002 Winter Olympics. When they stop at a local restaurant on their way, they notice that their car is stolen and their adventure becomes a misadventure when they board the wrong plane to San Diego. They make it to Salt Lake City but they don’t make it to the Olympics. Now they decide to create their own fun to celebrate their 16th birthday. – via IMDb

5. The Challenge


It’s an action adventure/adventure comedy. They play estranged twins with very opposite personalities. Lizzie is very focused and driven, while Shane is more relaxed, but concerned about the environment. Both girls are chosen for a Survivor-like popular game show with college scholarships as the prize. – via IMDb

4. Our Lips Are Sealed


Follow Mary-Kate and Ashely halfway around the world in this Aussie adventure jam packed with non-stop action, laughs, super spies and surfer guys. The extraordinary escapade begins when the girls eyewitness a crime and are forced to go undercover in the FBI Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, not even the FBI can save the girls from their own blabbermouths as they blow their cover in town after town, until there’s only one hiding place left – Australia! – via IMDb

3. When in Rome


Leila and Charli Hunter are in Rome to participate in a Summer Intern Program. After they begin their jobs, they are immediately fired due to careless mishaps. But Derek Hammond, who owns the company, decides to re-instate Leila and Charli. But while in Rome, Leila and Charli find true romance that will take them joyriding to see the sights throughout the city of Rome. – via IMDb

2. Holiday in the Sun


Sisters Alex and Madison are whisked away to the Bahamas for winter break but soon find themselves crossing paths with a man smuggling stolen artifacts. – via IMDb

1. Winning London


When Chloe and Riley Lawrence are invited to London to participate in the International Model UN competition, they enjoy seeing the sights and find romance with cute British boys. – via IMDb




LISTEN as you read!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen were idolized for me growing up. I used to love watching their movies, their tv shows, reading their books, I even had their dolls. I was always intrigued by their style and how they always looked so cool. In every film the girls would have fun style and funky trendy names to match.

I was always an Ashley fan, so I am going to try and recreate Alex’s summer style
who was played by Ashley Olsen in….

Holiday In The Sun


Austin Holiday Sun Yellow Jog[1] normal_mka_fan_org_01958[1] normal_mka_fan_org_01973[1] normal_mka_fan_org_01980[1] normal_mka_fan_org_01935[1] 458037_1359420835390_400_300[1]



Ashley style steal

style steal 1


Style Steal 2

MLW- just a shout-out to MichelleLeighWrites ❤

I basically had to make the shirt.

I used a white wife beater.

DSCF4830 (2)

I cut a V-shape near the chest, to match the style of Ashley’s shirt.

I just used a black and a red sharpie and drew some similar doodles like Ashley has on her shirt.

DSCF4842 (2)

I found that drawing on the wife beater was a bit difficult because of the ridges so I drew dots to form my shape and then went over them, connecting them. It just made it neater. *Also I put a piece of scrapbook paper between the two layers because I didn’t want the doodles to bleed through to the back.

DSCF4851 (2)

I also trimmed a bit off the bottom of the shirt too.

I hung it to dry, just for a bit before putting it on. And because it didn't to air out that permanent marker smell, lol.

I hung it to dry, just for a bit before putting it on. And because I needed to air out that permanent marker smell, lol.

My hands suffered a few causalities... ;)

My hands suffered a few causalities… 😉

Then I just paired the shirt with a few pieces from my closet; a bright red skirt, a black cropped tank and a pair of white skips. I kind of felt like my red skirt was a bit short, I would probably wear leggings or tights under it if I were to wear it out. So I also showed a red pair of jeans as an alternative. But if you have red shorts, that’s what Ashley herself is wearing. I didn’t have any so I worked with what I did have.

I just scrunched my damp hair with some moose and hairspray, curled the front two pieces of my hair to frame my face like Ashley has her hair. I added some lip gloss and !Viola! I didn’t really have any other makeup on, Ashley’s look is very laid back casual.

style steal 3

Do you have a favorite Ashley or Mary-Kate fashion look?

** I broke out the trusty old digital camera for these pics. I know they aren’t the best, but hey at least it’s a step up from just using my cellphone, right? #Babysteps

*I only take credit for the images in my recreation, I do not take credit for any other

screencaps or other images used.*

So what’s your favorite Mary-Kate & Ashley movie?


Who played “Layla Richardson” on One Tree Hill?

I know what you’re thinking. “Who the hell is Layla Richardson? There was no Layla on One Tree Hill, at least not any I remember. And I know my show, girl.”

That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it? Yea, I got you.title1th

Allow me to explain.

As a mega tv person, I tend to do this thing where I picture myself as a made up character on my favorite shows. Now my obsession over One Tree Hill was in a league of its own, and I really lived, and breathed that show. So naturally I thought up a character I’d play, if I was on One Tree Hill.

This was lost on me, for years. I completely forgot about this. I was cleaning out my room, because I am redoing it from start to finish, and I came across a bunch of old stuff. (Stay Tuned for a bunch of blog posts coming your way…thanks to all the old boxes that should be labeled Michelle’s crap…I seriously have way too much junk.) But never fear, amidst the junk there are some gems. Like my Character breakdown for one Ms. Layla Richardson. (Written in cursive, mind you…who uses script anymore?)

It reads;

What if I was on One Tree Hill

I would be: Layla Richardson

I know this is the Season 1 cast photo, but I couldn't find a way to make the Season 2 cast photo work, so this will have to do. ;)

I know this is the Season 1 cast photo, but I couldn’t find a way to make the Season 2 cast photo work, so this will have to do. 😉

*Friend of: Lucas & Haley’s clique (& of Brooke)

HaleyLucas13[1] Brooke-and-Haley-brooke-and-haley-326662_400_270[1]

*Come in mid Season 2

*Was Nathan’s confidant: BFFL


*Helps with get rid of Dan campaign


*Joyful, Cheery—> a cheerleader


*A little Haley, Brooke, & Peyton in one.


*Dating: Tim Smith


*Cares about everyone’s well-being and always tries to help people out.


HAHA this gave me a really good laugh, and I resisted the major urge to edit my past teenage self. I seriously would change so much, but at the same time there’s something so pure in finding clips of who you used to be and how you used to think. Basically my thought process was this, Layla would be best friends with Lucas and Haley. But still close to the popular Brooke Davis. When Haley leaves Nathan for tour, Layla would become his “BFFL” and rally along with the troops to support him. Nathan would confide in her. Layla was also all the good things of each of the three female characters rolled into one. Thinking back, I’d probably say she was smart like Haley, fashion forward and a cheerleader like Brooke and a big music fan like Peyton. As for dating Tim, I guess he was the only one not attached to one of the main girls, haha. And well he was a Ravens basketball player too, so, I’m sure they just fell for each other. Oh and who doesn’t want to help get rid of Dan, I mean let’s be serious here? Well well, it’s a breath of fresh air to think that this Layla Richardson character was basically gonna come in and fix shit, like a boss. Tree Hill would have never knew what hit them. 😉

So do you ever picture yourself in your favorite tv shows? Who do you play?

Or do you dream up a whole new character like me?

Humor me, and my tv related dreams.

I know I am crazy, but I’m not ashamed. 😉

*I do not take credit for the images, (or gifs) used in my edit or otherwise.*


15 Times Daryl Dixon Gave Us Butterflies While Being A BADASS!

imagesICHCF4QDSo the past few Sundays, AMC has been replaying each of the seasons of The Walking Dead. This past Sunday was a Season 2 marathon. Which I have to admit, is probably my favorite season. As I watched these old episodes, I am reminded of how much I love Mr. Daryl Dixon. If you follow my blog you know this, hence I was Mrs. Daryl Dixon for Halloween this past year. I did a tutorial on my costume and I even made his angel vest. It dawns on me every time I catch an episode on in the summer, that I miss this show so damn much. October 11, isn’t too far away, right?


My Daryl Vest

15 Times Daryl Dixon Gave Us Butterflies While Being A BADASS!

**WARNING! Spoilers ahead, if you are currently behind, DO NOT read on.**

*I apologize for some of the videos, but these scenes were super hard to find. I did my best.*

15. The Transformation of his character, he’s come a long way… *shout out to whoever made this!

14. Bromance; Rick & Daryl. “You’re my brother.”

13. Killing Dale, so Rick wouldn’t have to; “Sorry Brother.”

12. The epic “Morgue room” fight scene.

*clips of the scene @4:04 (this video is hysterical, whoever made this got the reactions down!)

11. Gives Beth her first drink.

*Spoiler Alert…He gives her Moonshine later…

10. Shooting the cop that shot Beth, and carrying Beth’s body out.

9. Motorcycles, Crossbows and Road Kill for breakfast-lunch- & dinner. (we’ve seen him kill/eat snakes, squirrels, rabbits, possums…the list goes on and on.)

“Brought Dinner.” haha

*And you can’t forget about the poncho…(because any guy who can rock an Indian printed poncho in the zombie apocalypse like a badass, is someone I wanna be friends with.)


8. His country boy slang/epic quotes.

7. Coming back to the prison just in time to save Rick.

6. Reuniting with Carol after the group was separated.

5. Saving Carol from walkers and the overrun burning barn.

*scene @ 2:52

4. Crying over the death of his brother Merle.

3. Flower for Carol, in honor of Sophia.

2. Searching for Sophia, and his intense determination to find her.

1. Feeding Baby Judith- whom he coined; Little Ass Kicker.

So if you watch the show, you know how well loved Daryl has become. He started off as a loud mouth, trigger happy, quick to act “redneck.” He didn’t care how he came off, and didn’t try to please anyone. But as you get to know him, even as early as season 1, we see his true heart. We see he cares about people. He continuously risks his life to keep others safe. He searched for Sophia, he saved lives over and over again. He forms friendship with Carol, Rick, and Beth. We see him take care of kids and women, especially. We see him resort to his anger and pushing people away when he feels he didn’t do all he could to protect his group. We see him become a leader, and Rick’s leading partner. We see him grow into a vital member of the group. Daryl’s transformation is outstanding. He is also funny as hell, his country boy lingo will crack you up. The things he comes out with. He’s definitely got some light funny moments in over the past 5 seasons. Daryl is a survivor, he has instinct and keen sense of what’s right. He’s always got some kind of plan. Knowing his childhood was an abusive one, only strengthens his character. He knows he is not without flaws, but at the same time, you can see he wants to do better than his father did. He wants to help people, and cares about people. Now I know there are a million other reasons why we all love Daryl Dixon, but I just thought I’d shed a light on a few. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this season. Hopefully a girlfriend, maybe? Because he deserves some love!

Hey AMC, I still have my Mrs. Dixon costume…I’m just saying 😉


The Walking Dead Marathon continues this Sunday with Season 3.

All in preparation for their new sister show; Fear The Walking Dead.

Premiering Sunday August 23, at 9pm on AMC.

I’m thinking of doing a First Impressions Review of the Pilot episode.

New Episodes of The Walking Dead return Sunday October 11, at 9pm on AMC.

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Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?


The metaphor we use to decide if we are optimistic or pessimistic.

Do you view your “glass” as half full or as half empty?

Because let’s face it when we say glass we really mean LIFE, right?

So what’s your take on this?

When you literally pour yourself a glass of water, or soda, or wine…or whatever it is you like to drink… what is your desired amount?

For me personally I find that I usually pour myself a medium to full glass. I assume I’m going to drink it all, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Then there’s the whole losing my cup deal I go through, where I forget I had a cup full and pour a new one. (symbolizes scatter brain I suppose.)

In fact I’ve noticed I rarely let my cup go empty at all. I’m constantly refilling it.

So let’s dissect this, shall we?

I’m going to get all psychological on you guys for a second, bear with me?

This was a discussion my priest had in church last Sunday.

Now even if you don’t go to church or you share different beliefs, this metaphor and this topic can really apply to anyone.

The priest went on to explain how we all have those “Woe is me?” moments, where we think “Why me?” “Why do I have to go through this?” Moment where we deal with self-doubt and disbelief in ourselves. Where we feel we can’t do something, or overcome our greatest struggles, or achieve our greatest dreams.

It’s something everyone deals with. It’s something that is universal. No one is perfect. No one wakes up everyday feeling 100% amazing. Everyone struggles. It’s normal to question life.

Which brings me to the metaphor at hand. I remember the priest tying this into his homily. We sometimes dwell on all the things we don’t have, or the things we feel we can’t do.

But we neglect to appreciate all the things we do have, we neglect to give ourselves credit for the things we have accomplished.

We forget to count our blessings.

On the car ride later that day, my mom and I started to talk about the homily and this glass half full/ half empty metaphor.

My mom asked me what I consider my glass; half empty or half full.

I laughed and said, I think I’d say half empty. Because to me that’s just how it looks to the naked eye, no deeper thought applied.

Although internally I thought that was kind of sad.

I never want to feel like I’m a pessimistic person. Even though that at times may be true.

I want to believe that I can have a positive, optimistic view too; on myself, on others, on life as a whole.

Talking it out loud with my mom, I was confused again. Half empty? Half full?

I mentioned my habits when pouring myself a glass, and constantly refilling my glass before it gets empty. My mom seems to think that means I’m ambitious, that I keep striving, never settle.

That was actually quite amazing to hear. It was comforting and gave me an uplifting feeling.

So thanks mom. ❤

And now I digress.

Even though it may seem like I’ve rambled on with a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I think you on some level see my point.

And in case you don’t here’s the abridged version.

Everyone has bad days.

No one is perfect.

And no one can be optimistic 24/7.

We all struggle.

We all lose sight of the important things we do have, and the gifts we bring to the table.

We just need time to regroup and gain inspiration and new perspective.

So chuck the metaphors if they don’t suit you, and just be yourself.

Life can be both FULL and feel EMPTY at times.

Weather you consider your glass half full or half empty, remember, glasses can overflow (and overwhelm you) and glasses can be refilled (there’s always another bottle of whatever you’re drinking, go buy it! In other words you may fall on your face, dust yourself off and get back up!) Find what works for you and do your thing!


Thanks for reading my ramblings.

*Cheers* to Life (and living it!)

*Cheers* to Life (and living it!)

Share your views in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you guys think!

*I do not take credit for the image or gifs used.*