Get Ready With Me For, Justin!

So as you know I always blog about my Justin Timberlake concert experiences. However, being that I did a detailed blog post on the opening night of The 2020 Experience World Tour which took place at Barclays back in November; Click Here to Read (although it’s VERY detailed so… spoiler alert!) I figured that this concert I’d vlog it instead.

On Thursday February 20th, I was in attendance for Justin’s Madison Square Garden show, which marked my 6th Justin Timberlake concert experience over all (3 in the last 2013-2014 time frame) haha! What can I say I’m a fan!

Which 6 shows you ask… (well let me break it down for you…haha)

1.) No Strings Attached Tour – * ‘NSYNC (thank god I got to see them at least once in my life, I

will always be grateful to my cousin Melissa for taking me!)

2.) Justified/Stripped Tour w/ Christina Aguilera

3.) Future Sex Love Sounds “Show”

4.) Legends of the Summer Tour (stadium tour) w/ Jay Z

5.) The 2020 Experience World Tour (Nov. Opening Night)

6.) The 2020 Experience World Tour (Feb. Madison Square Garden BABY!)

Ok ok enough of that…

Let’s vlog about it…

**I’m new to vlogging and had some technical issues when editing, my program kept closing out so some of my content may get shaky or blurry at times, but it clears up. Also don’t mind my weirdness, it may look like I’m talking the whole time but I’m really singing along to Justin’s album lol. I can’t get ready without music, it’s just not human! Side note, the first like 8-10 minutes are the “Get ready with me” portion so if you just wanna see the concert stuff skip ahead. Sorry I know it’s really long, but I had so much footage and so much to edit, I think I did the best I could. If it were up to me I would have put every JT clip I had but you’d be watching for hours! I just included some of my fav moments. However I was in the 200s so video isn’t the best, but you can still hear how amazing he sounds and being there, the energy was evident….hope this gives you at least a glimpse at all the amazingness that is Justin Timberlake**

So my verdict: Not much changed in the 3 month gap between the shows. With the exception of an additional add in here or there. Why I decided to go again… A) To be with my best friend this time and B) To see everything on stage this time, haha (last time I got last minute seats toward the back of the stage). But I have to say knowing the set-list beforehand definitely gave me a heads up on when to get my camera ready which was a huge plus! All in all I’m glad I went again!


***(in recent) JUSTIN NEWS***

As many of you probably know, Justin was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Friday February 21st, before heading to his second show at the Garden and yes… it was amazing and the perfect way for Jimmy to close out his first week hosting The Tonight Show!

Yes this happened… (again) 😀

And Justin and Jimmy talk about New Yorkers and their real reactions to his music (true story!)

Justin Responds to Fan Flipping him off  at his concert (video’s gone viral…) and its hysterical!

Justin pins “Not a Bad Thing” as new single! (yayyy new video?)

Oh and again… GO SEE The 2020 Experience World Tour!

Everyone should at least see Justin once!

Ok I’m done…(and that was still a long ass blog post, even though I vlogged it! haha)


Happy Helios!

the-fray-helios-album-coverSo ever since I randomly saw The Fray’s “Over my head (Cable Car)” music video one day on the MTV Hits video channel, they have been my favorite band. And they will never cease to amaze me. With that being said, their new (and fourth) album “Helios” drops today. But due to modernized times, the album has been streaming for free on iTunes since last week and naturally being the uber fan that I am, I HAD to give it a listen.

Granted I had already heard some songs. They released their hit single “Love don’t die” and then later “Hurricane” was released on YouTube and available for download on iTunes. The band also performed “Wherever this goes” and a few others in a special they did for Fuse. The band has also performed a few new others in more recent concert appearances. mobile-header

When I listened to the full album I realized that this was a masterpiece. And I wouldn’t expect anything less from this band. They have this way of bottling emotion into words and spitting them out into song. It is something that I feel a lot of artists fall short of these days. They rather give you something to dance to instead of having to feel. But The Fray manages to do both.

The band has stated that this album is lighter then their past few. Definitely lighter then the ladder “Scars and Stories.” In a recent interview they explained that they are all in really good places in their lives, some are getting married, some are having babies. So this record is more fun, and that shows. But at the same time that doesn’t change why we all love them so much and that is because their lyrics move people. This record is a new direction for the band, not only according to mood, but also sonically. The band definitely tried new things, and experimented with new sounds and new instruments and it’s a beautiful thing.

The release of “Love don’t die” made me see that this was a new direction, but I also think it was a smart single choice because it had parts of nostalgic songs in it. As the major lyric junkie that I am, I sat there on my bed listening to the whole album and coining lyrics I knew I’d have to share later. So here it goes…The whole album is amazing and worth every listen, but these few lyrics from songs were just instant favorites for me.

Tracklist Below…

My favs: (so far) #'s 6,8,9,10,11.

My favs: (so far)
#’s 6,8,9,10,11.

 “Shadow and A Dancer”

Hello love
Remember that touch
That skin on skin summer rush
Sweeping up the both of us


And it’s you and me
And our bodies are remembering
We’re turning ever so slowly
In the candlelight trembling

Like a shadow and a dancer
We were looking for the answers
Keeping perfect time
Like a shadow and a dancer
We know the summer thrill is gone
But we’ve never been so in love
Like a shadow and a dancer
No, we’ve never been so in love
Like a shadow and a dancer

“Wherever This Goes”

Wherever this goes (goes)
No matter how far (far)
Baby, you are the song that’s written on my heart
Wherever we stand, wherever we fall
Don’t matter at all, cause I will be forever yours
From this moment till the day the curtains close
Wherever this goes

“Break Your Plans”

I wish I had cheated
At least that’s a reason
I’d understand why you’re leaving now

We both stopped breathing
It could not last
I guess I’m just afraid to ask

But what if you don’t?
What if you stay and …

Break your plans tonight
Lay your hand in mine
There’s no guarantee we’ll make it, make this thing right
But break your plans for me tonight
Tonight …

You call this closure
It’s barely over
How do you move on so fast?

“Keep On Wanting”

But it’s not what you want that matters it’s what you want more
So go on, lie to yourself but don’t lie to me

And there’s the door
Didn’t quit but now up and leave you don’t need this
Yeah tonight lights up, show the town that you can

Open up your broken heart
And keep on wanting
Fallen saints and fallen stars
But it don’t mean nothing
Everybody feels left out of a house they can’t get in
So open up your broken
And keep on wanting
So keep on wanting

There’s two kinds of people, those who try and those who don’t
And only time will tell which one you are
And it’s alright if you don’t know which way you’re gonna go
Just don’t be afraid to feel it all

“Same As You”

Laying near you, swear you can feel me
Reach your hand and try to touch this skin
But it’s just you breathing

Torn fabric, wrapped around you
Hands shaking, as you’re reaching out
To cover that mirror now

No one can take this from you
No, can’t carry this for you
But you can stand if you want to
Or fall if you want to
I’ll do the same as you
You can dance if you want to
Or break if you want to
I’ll do the same as you
The same as you

So I got the lyrics from azlyrics but I tweaked a few, because I thought they were wrong lol, but sometimes it’s hard to tell so I did my best! 😀

Congrats boys, you’ve done it again, the musical world salutes you!


Can’t wait to catch you on tour! 😀

Everyone pick up (yes I mean go to a store and psychically buy it like I’m gonna do #oldschool) or download on iTunes (if you’re into that jazz)  “Helios” out now!!!!! (March 3rd, for Europe!)

Check out the band’s latest music video guest starring The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola

(aka Joe King’s (Guitarist) wife to be!)


Happy Helios Day to my fellow Fray fans!


Mysterious Attraction- Ch.8 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction


Larter Classy


Lexie and Carter walk into her apartment0-ryan1

Lexie: So which pizzeria should we order from?

Carter’s phone rings

Carter: Sorry I should take this, (answers it and walks into the bed room).

Lexie’s phone rings

Lexie: (laughs) Hi dad.

Reeves: Hey Princess, how’s everything goin?

father daughter pc

Lexie: Dad I’m fine. You know since the last hourly phone call.

Reeves: Well you know you can never be too careful.

Lexie: Yes, I know. But everything is fine. Carter’s here.

Reeves: Well alright, but you call me if you need anything.

Lexie: I will dad. Thanks, bye.

Reeves: I love you princess.

Lexie: I love you too. Bye. (smiles and hangs up as Carter walks out)

Carter: (Sarcastically) Who do you love?

Lexie: It was my dad, (laughs).

Carter: (looks at his watch) Wow he is on point.

Lexie: I told you. Every hour.

Carter: Ah, he loves you. He just worries about you. It’s sweet.

Lexie: I’m sorry did you just say my father was sweet… that’s a first.

Carter: Hey, anyone who cares about you, is ok in my book.

Lexie smiles and kisses him

carter kiss

Lexie: So what was your mysterious phone call about?

Carter: Oh um it was just some last minute loose ends about the divorce. No big deal.One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720

 Lexie: Oh. Anything you care to share?

Carter: No, it was really nothing just fax information and stuff like that so he can send me copies of everything.ryan-gosling-320

Lexie: Oh ok, good. So we’re actually allowed to be a couple now?

71689_1316207020145_fullCarter: Yup. I mean let’s me honest we’ve been a couple for a long time now. Despite how much you protested it at first, (kisses her cheek and walks toward a draw pulling out takeout menus).

Lexie: Hey I only protested because you did.

Carter: Oh, really? You wanna to this….Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Lexie: What it’s the truth (puts her hand on her hip).

Carter: Who kept pushing who away?

Lexie: (laughs) In all fairness I thought your life was at stake.

Carter: We have one hell of a love story don’t we? (laughs)

Lexie: That’s for sure. It’s the causalities of falling in love in “The business” (air quotes).

Carter: (gasps) Aren’t we supposed to keep that on the down-low?

(they both laugh)

Lexie: I’m really glad that’s not our life anymore. Thank you for helping me realize I deserved better.

Carter: Anytime, (kisses her)…Ok so let’s order… you’re hungry right?

Lexie: Yes!

Carter: Tony’s good?


Lexie: Absolutely.

Carter: (picks up the phone) Hello?…can I place a delivery….Oh ok, alright never mind. Thanks.

Lexie: What happened?

Carter: It’s gonna be over an hour for delivery so I’m just gonna go pick it up.

Lexie: Well we could order from somewhere else?

Carter: No No, I know you want their thin crust pizza…

Lexie: I really do. (laughs)


Carter: Alright, I’ll be back. (kisses her)

Lexie: Did you want me to come with you?

Carter: Nah, stay here, get comfortable, pick out a movie.

Lexie: Ok (smiles).

Carter goes to leave, but turns back

Carter: By the way, call me if anything, ok?

c2630d25a060be6c09e777e265d9e617Lexie: Carter everything is fine. Look at me I’m fine. Besides there’s high security, my father made sure of it.

Carter: I know but-

Lexie looks at him

Carter: Ok ok. I love you.


Lexie: I love you.

Carter leaves

630349_1296330383642_fullLexie changes into her pajamas, makes a cup of tea and sits on the couch flipping through her movie channels

Carter walks into a store

He’s greeted by a friendly woman

Woman: Mr. Carter. I assume you’re here to pick up your ring?


Carter: Yes I am. Thanks for calling.

Woman: Well here ya go. (hands Carter a blue velvet ring box)

ring blue velvetCarter: (opens the box and smiles) Wow, that’s more stunning then I remember, it’s gonna look even more stunning on Lexie’s finger.

Woman: (smiles) We’re very glad you approve.  Here’s your receipt, you’re paid in full.

Carter: Thank you so much.

Woman: Thank you Mr. Carter. Best of luck. She’s a lucky lady whoever Lexie is.

Carter: (laughs) I’m the lucky one. Thank you. (puts the ring in his jacket pocket and leaves)


Drive_2Carter knocks on an office door

Reeves: Come in.

Carter: Hey.

Reeves: Carter. What can I do for you?

Carter: I love your daughter, my divorce is final and I’m hoping that she and I can really build a life together. But that just depends on two things.

Reeves: Which are?

Carter: (reaches into his pocket and pulls out the box, sets it down on Reeves’ desk) Whether or not she says yes, and whether or not you’ll give us your blessing?

Reeves: You wanna marry my daughter?

Carter: I do. More then anything.

Reeves stands up adjusting his suit jacket and walks around his desk to Carter; face to face.

Reeves: Why?

Carter: I know that you still don’t trust me and I know that I have a lot to prove. But I love Lexie. She’s the only person who I feel like actually understands me. She’s complicated but simple, she’s sweet but has a glare that could cut through you, she’s funny but sarcastic. She’s beautiful and smart and kind. I’ve never met anyone like her. And nothing that this business has done has affected her true heart, so I’m just asking you to get behind this. Because I love her, and I think she really loves me too.

Reeves: I think you’re right.GH_240x320_0

Carter: You do?

Reeves: Yea. So go…go ask her! What are you waiting for?

Carter: Ok. (smiles slightly shocked at Reeves’ acceptance) Ok, Thank You.

Reeves: And Carter? As she’s so infamously told me, Lexie’s a big girl, you definitely didn’t need my permission, but the fact that you still came to me….it goes a long way. You’re a good man….and you’re a lot like Lexie… you’re nothing like your father.

Carter: That means the world. Thank you.

Reeves: Congratulations.

Carter: She hasn’t said yes yet.

Reeves: Oh she will.sonnylaughing

Carter: You think so?

Reeves: Go ask and find out. (laughs)

Carter rushes off.


Carter walks into the apartment

Pizza box in hand, Carter finds the apartment empty.

ryan_gosling_a_lCarter: Lex? Baby….

Carter sees the tv is still on and a cup of tea is still full.

IMGP0213acup of tea

Carter: Oh my god. Lexie! Lexie! (screams running throughout the house.)

His phone rings

Carter: Hello? (in a panic)

Voice: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t stock-footage-silhouette-of-man-talking-on-phonesay I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

*I take no credit for any of these images*

Happy Weekend!



Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 8

Quick Note to anyone keeping up with this series:

So I was in a rush to post this because I knew I wouldn’t be home til late last night, and being that I posted from an iPad I think the format bugged out and therefore I am SORRY, because when I checked it, even I was annoyed with how it looked and it was impossible to read! LOL. But anyway new and improved Mysterious Attraction Chapter 8 is up and running…enjoy!

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

mysterious attraction poster



Carter & Lexie <3

Carter & Lexie ❤


Carter wakes up to find the bed empty

Carter: Lex? (there’s no answer) Lex? Lexie! (starts to get nervous and jumps up searching the house)

Lexie walks in a few minutes later smiling with breakfast and coffee in her hands

Lexie: Hey! Morning.

Carter: Jesus, Lexie! You gave me a heart attack.

Lexie: Why? (laughs)

Carter: I woke up and you weren’t there.

Lexie: Oh I’m sorry, I just went to get us some breakfast. I got you a bacon cheese omelet like you like. (smiles brightly)

Carter smirks slightly, still a nervous wreck inside

Lexie: I left you a note. (points to the note on the fridge)

Carter: (notices it and sighs) Oh.

Lexie smiles

Carter: But still, you should have woke me, I could have went with you.

Lexie: Why? It’s not a two person job. Besides we were up so late working on the plans for the fashion business that I knew you could have used the extra sleep, so I got up early and took one for the team, (smiles). You know I can take care of you, every once in a while. (pats his chest as she walks toward the kitchen to set up breakfast on the table).

Carter: I know you can. (smiles) But with everything that happened with Kelly…I mean it’s been a whole month, and I still can’t shake the idea of what could have happened to you.

Lexie: Well it didn’t. Ok. And I’m not gonna be afraid of living my life. Besides I’m not gonna let her ruin us. Because if we do, that just means she wins.

Carter: And I know how much you hate to lose, (smiles).

Lexie: That is true. But back then it was just about feeling in control and feeling respected, nowadays it’s more about who I have to lose. And I don’t wanna lose you.

Carter: I can safely tell you that’s never gonna happen, (smiles and kisses her).

Lexie: Good.

Carter: But would you please be more careful… for my sanity?

Lexie: Yes. (sighs and hands him his food with a smile.)

Carter: So how many times has your dad checked in on you today?

Lexie: Um just about every hour, which is an upgrade considering it used to be every 5-10 minutes. (she laughs) I think he’s over worrying about Kelly, but he’s still nervous about Skully making some big move.

Carter: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Skully calling me. I should have came right to you. If I had, Kelly would have never been here, or at least I could have been with you.

Lexie: Stop, ok? There’s no way you could have known she’d be here, and you did what you thought was right. My dad has a lot of in-tell when it comes to Skully. Don’t blame yourself, I won’t let you.

Carter: (smiles) I’m still just so sorry. I promised to be here for you always and I feel like I let you down.

Lexie: Carter you went to my dad…someone who you haven’t exactly had the best relationship with. But you went to him just because you were worried about my safety. I don’t see that as you letting me down I see it as a sign of how much you love me.

Carter: Well you got that right. (smiles and leans in to kiss her). So let me guess, is your dad giving you grief about me? “Is he taking care of you…. do you want me to come get you?”

Lexie: No he’s actually warming up to the idea of you.

Carter: Really?

Lexie: Ok he’s thawing.

Carter: Right. (he laughs)

Lexie: So listen, I’ve been kind of dancing around with the idea of bringing this up, but I figured it’s never going to be the right time, so I guess it doesn’t matter….but I just don’t want to cause any problems between us, because I really love how we’ve been… and it feels like we’ve really gotten so much closer, but I-

Carter: Lex? You’re rambling. You and I are good, nothing you say is gonna change that. Whatever you wanna talk about, just talk.

Lexie: Ok well…there’s still the whole added issue that you’re still a married man? And I was just curious, if you’ve spoken to your lawyer about-

Carter: Oh. Yea I’m actually not….a married man, in the legal since of course (he smiles and kisses her on the cheek).

Lexie: (dumbfounded) Wait…what?

Carter: My lawyer called the other day, and told me it’s all been settled.

Lexie: But Kelly’s been in a rehab facility this whole time, how is that possible?

Carter: Well once Kelly was admitted and they realized why she snapped, it was just a matter of her needing treatment.

Lexie: So what was her diagnosis?

Carter: She’s bipolar.  We never knew. I mean thinking back now there were probably a lot of signs but she and I never suspected anything. We just thought, hey this is life, shit happens, people go through things.

Larter Classy

Lexie: Well that explains why she cheated? I mean bipolar disorder is a mixture of feeling really happy and then just feeling devastatingly sad. So maybe once you guys got married her mood shifted and given that she wasn’t being treated at the time, it led her to act out.

Carter: Could be, (Carter avoids Lexie’s eye contact and starts to clear off the table).

Lexie: Does that change how you feel about her?

Carter stops and looks at her

Carter: I sympathize with her and her situation, but no I don’t have any overwhelming needs to be with her.

Lexie: But what if when she gets out, she’s the women you married, the women you fell in love with. I mean we can’t exactly blame her for something that wasn’t in her control. She didn’t know she was sick. You may feel differently about her when she’s on her meds and fully healthy again.

Carter: I am sure her diagnosis had something to do with her actions, yes, but I also can’t forget that they happened. I can’t act like just because she has a medical condition that it magically fixes things. I love you, and I wanna be with you that’s all I need to know.

Lexie: I just don’t want you to have any regrets.

Carter: The only regret I have, is letting you continue with this conversation, can we drop it?

Lexie looks hurt and shocked

Carter: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just that I hate that you feel like you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it’s all because of her. God it just burns me that now she’s got this medical piece of paper that can be her excuse for every shitty thing she’s ever done. Talk about a free pass. I mean it’d be nice if we all could have that… something that will just wipe the slate clean, and act like everything is all perfect. After everything she put us through, I just hate it so much.

Lexie: I understand you’re frustration, I do. But bipolar disorder isn’t a free pass Carter. It’s a disease. You just have to have some compassion. You don’t owe her anything, but don’t hate her. It won’t do your heart any good. If there’s anything I’ve learned from hating Skully all these years, it’s that it will eat you alive. So let’s just change the subject, we don’t have to talk about her anymore, I’m sorry.

Carter: No I’m sorry, come here. (hugs her) Besides, what I was going to say…was that once Kelly was diagnosed and now that she’s been receiving treatment, she must be thinking a little clearly because she signed the papers, voluntarily.

Lexie: Wow. So it’s processed and everything?

Carter: Yup.

Lexie: But don’t divorces usually take years to settle?

Carter: When there’s a fight involved. But I think Kelly realized it was a useless cause….a losing battle. So we’re divorced… it’s official. My team works fast. (smiles)

Lexie: And by team you mean, my father’s friendly lawyer staff.

Carter: Absolutely. I mean who else would work that fast?

Lexie and Carter laugh

Carter: I’m gonna go jump in the shower…when I get out wanna go for a walk?

Lexie: Sure (smiles).

Lexie walks into her bedroom and starts making her bed. She hears the shower turn on

As she finishes making her bed she catches her reflection in the mirror, she turns to the side and lifts up her shirt, exposing her stomach.

Her baby bump is slightly growing

Lexie: You have to tell him Lexie. Today.

She walks into the kitchen and reaches into her purse taking a prenatal vitamin

A few minutes later Carter is dressed and ready to go

Carter: You ready?

Lexie: Yea let’s go (smiles taking his hand).

Lexie and Carter walk around town, hand in hand

A little boy runs past them chasing after a ball

Carter stops the ball with his foot and picks it up

Carter: Here ya go buddy

Little Boy: thank you

The little boy’s mom runs up to them

Mom: (out of breath) Thank you, we’ve been chasing that ball for the past 3 blocks.

(They all laugh)

Mom: Come on sweetie, (she takes her son’s hand) Enjoy your day.

Carter: Thank you, have a good one… and you don’t lose that ball again kiddo (he takes Lexie’s hand again).

(the little boy laughs and waves)

Lexie: He’s adorable.

Carter: Yea cute kid.

Lexie: You were so good with him.

Carter: Ah kids are easy, as long as you relate to them, and try to put yourself on their level, they’ll respond.

Lexie: Wow. You seem to know a lot.

Carter: I used to be a big brother back in high school. Every senior was obligated to volunteer at the nearby daycare, but I actually ended up really liking it.

Lexie: I learn something new about you everyday, (smiles).

Carter: Well what about you, I mean I know babies can be a sore subject for you, but do you ever think about having kids?

Lexie: Yea of course. I mean I would love to. I love kids.

Carter: Good to know. (smiles and kisses her hand)

Carter notices a jewelry shop behind Lexie, he smiles slightly

Carter: Hey um why don’t we head back home, we can relax, maybe watch a movie?

Lexie: Yea sure sounds perfect, we can order in?

Carter: Chinese or Pizza?

Lexie: Hmmm… Definitely pizza! (smiles)

They walk toward the house hand in hand.

Larter Sophistication Larter black and white


*I do not take any credit for the actual photos used in these “edits”*

Mysterious Attraction; Ch. 7 Part 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



148409_1325704852277_fullLexie sits in a hospital room, Carter by her side

Doctor: So Lexie, when did you start feeling the dizzy spells?image

Lexie: Just today, a few hours ago. But it’s been an eventful couple hours so…

Doctor: And the vomiting? Also within the last few hours?

Lexie: Yes.

Doctor_CoverDoctor: Ok…well we’re gonna run some tests, take some blood. Could just be due to all the stress of the day, or could be a bug or something else…but with the tests we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Lexie: Ok.

Doctor: We’ll start with the blood test first ok? So nurse April will get that started while I order some other tests.

Lexie: (turns to Carter) Hey. Would you call my dad?

Carter: I’m not leaving you.

Lexie: I’m ok. I’m feeling a little better.

Carter: Don’t lie to me.

Lexie: I’m not I promise, besides I’m in good hands.

Nurse April smilesnurse_one_smile-658x653

April: I’ll take good care of her. There’s a phone right outside that you can use, right in site range. (smiles)

Carter: I thought you said you didn’t want me to call him?

Lexie: I know, but if he hears I was in the hospital and didn’t call him, I’ll never hear the end of it, so please save us both the headache.

Carter grabs her hand and squeezes it

Carter: I’ll be right back.

Lexie: I know you will.

Carter kisses her


Carter: I love you.

Lexie: I love you too.

Carter looks back once more before walking outside

nurse_one_smile-658x653Nurse April: It’s so sweet how much he loves you.

Lexie: Yea. he’s pretty amazing. (smiles) I need to tell you something.

Nurse April: Ok.

Lexie: Before he comes back in here, I should tell you, it’s a possibility that I could be pregnant. And if that’s what this blood test shows, I need you to act like everything is normal and not say anything in front of him.

Nurse April: Is he not the father?

Lexie looks at her taken aback

Nurse April: Oh my gosh, please forgive me, that was completely unprofessional.

Lexie: No. No he’s definatley the father. It’s just we’ve had a really tough…year…um…and the timing brook-you-but-i-know-re-there-x-screencaps-brooke-davis-screencap-60241isn’t the best…and I’ve miscarried before when I was younger, so I just, I need time to process before I tell him.

Nurse April: Of course, besides it isn’t my place, your the patient, and your entitled to your medical privacy. But if you don’t mind me saying, I think you got one of the good ones. My bet is, he’d be thrilled.

Lexie: Our situation is complicated.

Nurse April nods as she finishes the blood taking

Carter comes back in

Carter: Your dad didn’t answer, but I left word with the office that your ok and being taken care of.

Nurse April: Well I’m gonna go put a rush on these and we’ll be able to get you some answers soon. The doctor should be in again in a few minutes.

Carter: How ya feeling? (walks over to her)

Lexie: I’m ok.

gangstersquad_gosling1Carter looks at her sternly

Lexie: I am, (smiles and pulls him into a hug)

Carter hugs her tightly

617491_1294697053515_full Love-brooke-and-julian-31210292-960-540

A few minutes later…Nurse April comes in with the Doctor

Doctor: Ok we’re just gonna do a stomach sonogram… Carter if you’d wait outside please?

Carter: Why?

Lexie: It’s ok, I’ll be fine.

Carter: Why does she need a sonogram?

Doctor_CoverDoctor: Well she’s been throwing up, it’s just routine for us to make sure everything is in working order.

Carter: So why can’t I stay?

Nurser April: Actually we need you to fill out some paperwork for Lexie…if you’ll just walk over to the main desk, they’ll help you.

Carter: Is there something going on, is something wrong with her, that you don’t wanna tell me?

Lexie: Carter don’t be silly, they haven’t even tumblr_lvrxv9Q4341qiij99o1_500gotten any results yet. Just go fill out the papers and by the time your done, I’ll be done here. And we’ll be one step closer to getting out of here and going home, and putting this crazy day behind us.

Carter: Ok. I’ll be right outside if you need me.

Lexie: I’ll be fine, (smiles).

Carter leaves

Lexie turns to the doctor and nurse

The-Space-Inbetween-8x03-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15927815-1280-720Lexie: I take it you found something out?

Doctor: As Nurse April notified me, You have reason to think you may be pregnant?

Lexie: I think it’s a possibility.

Doctor: Well your blood tests show that you are. That’s what brought on the vomiting and the dizziness.

Brooke-Julian-one-tree-hill-couples-32582938-1280-720Lexie: Wow. (Lexie covers her face)I-Can-t-See-You-But-I-Know-You-re-There-8x02-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15788104-1280-720

Nurse April: Are you sure I can’t get Carter for you?

Lexie: No. No I’ll be fine. I just…I can’t believe this…

Doctor: Well I’d like to give you a sonogram to just check the baby and make sure everything is healthy and then April here has gotten you all the essentials…prenatal vitamins, and other parenting information if you choose to keep it.

Lexie: It’s not a question of if…I want this baby…but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to carry it.

Doctor: April mentioned you’ve miscarried before?

Lexie: I have. It was a long time ago. I was in high school, I was 16.

Doctor: Well that was most likely just due to your body not being fully developed. There’s noDoctor_Cover reason to believe you won’t carry this baby to full term. Unless your doctor told you otherwise?

hqdefaultLexie: No. No nothing like that. I just I worry.

Nurse: Of course.

Doctor: Well the baby seems to be fine, you aren’t too far along. Just about 4 weeks.

But all looks healthy.istock_000017435439medium-a3d9f616d9561ee7dd1a1122851afe05a775d946-s6-c30

tumblr_m3rwwyHBJT1rvgwj3o9_500Lexie sighs of relief

Lexie: Thank you.

Doctor: Ok well I think we’re just about done here then.

Nurse April hands Lexie a bag of vitamins and other information

Lexie smiles and shoves it in her pursenurse_one_smile-658x653

Doctor: And make sure to see your doctor regularly. And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to either of us.

Lexie: (smiles) Thank you so much.

Nurse April opens the door and calls in Carter

Carter: Everything ok?


Lexie: Yup…just a stomach virus.

Carter: Oh, well that’s good, I mean not good, but good that it isn’t more serious.

Lexie: I know what you meant, (smiles.) Now take me home, I’m so ready for this day to end.

Carter: Ok, (he smiles and takes her hand).

Lexie and Carter thank them and leave

*I do not own any of the images, nor do I take credit for them*


Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 7 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction




Lexie: What are you doing here? How did you get in?

Kelly: I can be very persuasive.20100820_JBerman_GHWIR_447x300

Lexie: Well I think you should leave.

Kelly: You would think that.

Lexie: Why are you even here? Don’t you have a meeting with your lawyer… that you’re supposed to be at right now?

Kelly: Yea. But I only arranged that, so that little Carter would be otherwise occupied. I just thought it’d be nice to have you all to myself.

Lexie reaches for her phone

Kelly: Don’t. (pulls out a gun from her purse)alg_purse_gun

Lexie freezes

Kelly: Now. I’m not in the habit of using violence to get my way…

Lexie: Could of fooled me.

Kelly: Don’t be coy. It’ll do you no good.

Lexie: What do you want?

lulu-annoyingKelly: I was getting there, if you’d shut the hell up, and let me finish…

Lexie glares

Kelly: I won’t hurt you. That’s not what I’m hear for.

Lexie: Then why bring a gun at all.

Kelly: For starters, your a mobsters daughter. If you think I was coming to see you not prepared you are delusional. And secondly because I knew you’d try and make me leave or try to get out of here somehow, and frankly, I have somethings to say to you. And you’re gonna listen. And if you don’t well then…. (she points to the gun)

Lexie: Say what you have to say. (crosses her arms)One-Tree-Hill-Hardcore-Will-Never-Die-But-You-Will-550x296

Kelly: Good. Have a seat.

Lexie: Oh can I…this is my house. (huffs and sits)

Kelly: Watch it. I’m the one with the weapon.

evan-rachel-wood-gun-02Lexie (laughs)

Kelly: What’s so funny?

Lexie: Have you ever shot a gun?

gh-05-21-12-5Kelly: Nope, but there’s a first time for everything, right? (aims the gun at Lexie and pretends to shoot it making the noise, Lexie jumps) Can’t be that hard right? (laughs) Wow, the mob princess is actually scared of little ole me. What a rush. You know you and Carter were definatley onto something here. The adrenaline of just holding this gun. Ugh, it’s just so fun! And I bet sneaking around and having sex on every available surface with my husband was fun too.

Lexie: There’s nothing fun about taking someone’s life…no matter what the circumstance.

Kelly: Oh and you would know wouldn’t you? Because your a criminal.

Lexie: I don’t disagree with you. I’m not exactly proud of the life I’ve led.

Kelly: And you dragged Carter along with you.

BaCrTy8CcAAYQQLLexie looks away ashamed

Kelly: Do you know what’s it’s like to have your husband tell you he doesn’t love you anymore….Do you? To know that he’s been cheating on you with someone who looks like a devil in disguise. I hope you can live with the guilt of breaking up a family.

Lexie: When I met him I never intended things to get this far. I never intended to-

Kelly: To what!?

Lexie: Fall in love with him.

Kelly: But you did, didn’t you?

Lexie: Yes. But don’t be too quick to blame me. You cheated on him first.

Kelly glares at her20100820_JBerman_GHWIR_447x300

Lexie: Oh what? You didn’t think I knew. Well I know. I know everything.

Kelly: Mistakes can be rectified. And I’m not willing to give up on him.

Lexie: Well sorry to break it to you, but he’s given up on you…a long time ago, actually.

Kelly: (huffs) Well I guess I can’t really blame you…Carter’s easy to love.

Lexie: Yea well clearly you don’t truly believe that.

Kelly: Shut up! My god, I’m so sick and tired of my past being thrown in my face. I’m a different person now.

Lexie: Naturally, now your a criminal.

Kelly: I love my husband. And I’d do anything to keep him.

Lexie: And what is it that you want from me?

Kelly: I want you to leave him.

brooke-davis-death-stareLexie looks at her

Kelly: And I want you to do it tonight.

Lexie: Or what? You’re gonna kill me?

Kelly: Maybe.

Lexie: And what… you think that by killing me, Carter’s just going to magically fall back into a relationship with you. Look at you… you’re a psycho. And you’re the delusional one if you think you’re getting out of here, scott free.

Kelly: I got in here didn’t I? And as for Carter, he’ll never have to know it was me.domte-and-lulu-william-foster

Lexie: And you think shooting me isn’t going to draw attention?

Kelly: It’s a silent shot. I thought of it all,  Call him, now…(hands her the phone)

Lexie: And what would you like me to say?

Kelly: I don’t care, make it up.

Lexie: He’s never going to believe me.

Kelly: Well then make it convincing.

Lexie: He knows how much I love him, nothings going to convince him…it doesn’t make any sense.976508_1331920879672_full

shrewluKelly: Well that’s not my problem. Now call him.

Lexie suddenly feels faint and the room begins to spin

Lexie rushes to the bathroom and throws up

hqdefaultKelly runs after and sighs

Kelly: Really? for someone who kills people for a living, your a little too gun

Lexie: It isn’t that.

Kelly: Oh then what is it?

Lexie: Nothing. Probably just a bug.

Kelly: Well then get up. Clean yourself up and get some water, then we’ll make the call.

Lexie gets up off the floor. She washes her face, and rinses her mouth out. She slowly walks toward the kitchen. And grabs a glass. Kelly close in tote.

Lexie: Can I get an aspirin?

Kelly: Why the hell not…I’m feeling generous…

Kelly turns her back for a second

8Lexie takes her glass and smashes it over Kelly’s head, Kelly falls to the groundknocked out

Lexie kneels near her

Lexie: Rule number one…never turn your back to your hostage. Rookie mistake.

Lexie gets up and grabs some rope and ties Kelly’s legs and hands.


Carter rushes into Reeves’ office.

020209_sbrown_ghsneakpeek_240x320Reeves: What’s going on?

Carter: I think Skully’s looking to make his next move… and I think it may have something to do with Lexie.

Reeves: What do you mean…start from the beginning, don’t you leave a damn thing out.

Carter: I dropped Lexie home, and I got a phone call from an unmarked number. I answered and I didn’t recognize the voice until after he hung up.

Reeves: Stevens….come in here please.

Stevens: Sir?

Reeves: Remember that cell phone I told you to keep tabs on.

Stevens: Yes sir?

Reeves: Pull up all recorded material from the past hour.

Stevens presses play on a small electronic device

Carter’s conversation with Skully is heard

tumblr_lvrxv9Q4341qiij99o1_500Carter stares at Reeves in shock

Carter: I’m gonna ignore the fact that you’ve been tracking my phone (he says sternly)…and ask you, is that Skully?

Reeves: Yea that’s definitely Skully.

Carter: So if he’s not concerned with me, that most likely means he still has no clue I’m his son.

Reeves: It’s hard to say. He’s the master of mind games. But what makes you think he’s referring to Lexie?

Carter: When I worked for him he asked about my past job working for you, and your “darling daughter Lexie”…and then he added that she’s a gorgeous girl. Like it was some kind of sick and twisted infatuation. I didn’t think anything of it until I got that phone call and I recognized his voice and now I’m just nervous.

Reeves: No you did the right thing coming to me. I’ll have my men look into it. In the mean time go home to my daughter. I don’t want her alone. I’ll take care of everything else.

Carter: And by everything you mean?

Reeves: Skully’s a dead man.

Carter’s cell phone rings

Reeves looks at him

Carter: It’s Lexie… Hello?phone call

Lexie: Hey.

Carter: Are you ok?

Lexie: Yea, I’m fine. I’m gonna need you to come home though.

Carter: I’m on my way. Are you ok?

Reeves stares at him intently

Lexie: Yea I’m fine, I promise. I just have to talk to you.

Lexie looks at Kelly tied up and unconscious on her floor

Carter: Ok I’ll be there soon (hangs up)…. She’s ok. She just wants to talk. I better go.

Reeves: Go.

Carter: Thank you.

Reeves: When it concerns Lexie’s safety…we’re on the same team.

Carter rushes to the car to get home to Lexie

Carter walks into Lexie’s apartment and sees it a wreck and someone tied up. He rushes over

Carter: Kelly? (he says confused)

Carter stands up

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter: Lexie? Lexie! (he screams)

Lexie emerges from the bathroom pale and sweaty

Carter: What the hell happened?

Lexie: I came home to find her waiting for me…with this, (pulls the gun from jeans)

Carter: Are you kidding me? Wh-

Lexie: Didn’t you notice she never showed to your meeting? It was all a ploy to get me alone.

Carter: I never made it to my meeting?

B-Davis-8x04-We-All-Fall-Down-brooke-davis-16076304-1280-720Lexie: What? What do you mean? (starts to feel faint again)

Carter: Whoa…whoa are you ok?

Lexie: Yea I’m fine. I just think I have a bug or something, or maybe my nerves. I’ve been puking for the past hour.

Carter: That’s not normal,  (feels her forehead, leads her to the couch.) Here lie down.
I’m gonna call an ambulance.

Lexie: No no. How are you going to explain all of this.

Carter: Fine then, I’m calling your father.

Lexie: Carter no. I told him to butt out. I told him I can take care of myself.

Carter: Yea well I’m sure you didn’t count on my wife turning into a psycho and coming after you.

Lexie: Can’t exactly say that I did. But it happened and we can deal with it.

Carter: Your rightbrulian_daily_002, we can, I’m gonna take care of you, whether you like it or not. (Carter picks up the phone)

“911 what’s your emergency?”

Carter: Hi, I have an intruder in my house, she’s unconscious at the moment and is detained, but my wife needs an ambulance.

“Police officers and an ambulance are on their way.”

Carter leans over Lexie and sits next to her

Carter: You’re gonna be ok.

617491_1294697053515_fullLexie: Just to be clear…who were you referring to as your wife, exactly?

Carter laughs

Carter: You. You really are crazy, (kisses her.)

EMT come in and remove Kelly as Police officers take statements

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You WillThen Carter and Lexie are led to another ambulance to get Lexie checked out.gangstersquad_gosling1

** I take no credit for any of the images, all belong to their rightful owners.**

AND… to all you guys & gals out there, single, in love, married for years or in a relationship that is still unclear…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!…enjoy with someone you love, no matter who it is!



“Pretty Little Liars” circa 1940’s

So I’ve mentioned my abcfamily obsession on this blog before and upon my favs are Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, Twisted, The Fosters, and the recently claimed “most tweeted show on television” Pretty Little Liars. Judging by this show list alone, I could be mistaken for a 13 year old girl. But, I’m not. I am 22 and I love teen dramas, and I am damn proud of it. It reminds me of my infatuation with the likes of One Tree Hill and The OC.


***Spoilers ahead***

Anyway, I digress. The reason I’m talking about Pretty Little Liars is because last night was it’s highly anticipated black and white noir episode. Now I have to admit for a while I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with this show. I just feel like the whole A thing is getting really old, and I hate how their making Ezra creepier by the second, (I’m sorry I just don’t believe it!). And of course Allison’s alive, like what a shocker, blah blah blah…But this Black and White episode renewed my faith.

The description reads as follows:

Pretty Little Liars; “Shadow Play” (S4 E19)

Spencer’s sleepless nights and use of prescription medication transforms her reality to that of a black-and-white, film-noir world.

Trailer below:

I had been seeing previews, and promos, behind the scenes fashion and amazing episode stills from as far back as last week and I have to say I was extremely excited to see how they would play out the show’s current storyline in a 1940’s world. I love when shows do time period episodes, I think it makes for a fun alternative.

So I sat down and got my pen and pad ready, because I knew I’d want to take notes, because I felt a blog inspiration coming on.

***If you haven’t watched yet….spoiler alerts coming your way, so stop reading, lol***

The episode starts with the girls sneaking into school to retrieve Allie’s journal, from, get ready for it…Ezra Fitz’s desk draw….(it starts off in color)

And they do, pretty easy right?

Ah so as they set up “spying on A camp” at Spencer’s they realize that as they sift through the pages, they are still missing a few puzzle pieces, and are still unsure of whether or not Ezra is A and if Aria should be clued in.

1902956_10151914567890233_1309931941_nAnd as Spencer ends her night home alone with the company of her pills (she’s been taking pills to help stay awake and focus on solving this mystery…and has since become addicted in the viewers eyes, [and also looks like a zombie]). She pops a bill as an old black and white film plays in the background. Spencer turns to watch and upon hearing a gun shot she looks away sheltering her eyes, and when she looks up she’s staring at her reflection and starring in her very own black and white tale.

Even the show’s artful beginning was transformed into Black and White, as  “Got a secret, can you keep it…” sang through my living room I uttered a “that’s pretty freakin’ cool,” definitely kept with the theme.

Toby soon comes on screen and is pressing Spencer for information about Allison, as we instantly 1604923_10151914567515233_523012725_nsee that these two have taken the lead in this episode. Keegan Allen (Toby) seems made for the genre. As he serves his 1940’s enhanced phrases like “Trust you? You’re spread so thin, I can see right through you,” with clear understanding of the travel back in time and the delivery of a line with calm conviction.

I instantly was impressed, and saw that he was going to own this episode, with Troian Bellisario (Spencer) as the leading lady. As each character graced the screen, they each got their moment and they all had screen time, tying in this black and white storyline into what has currently been playing out on Pretty Little Liars regularly. The girls still trying to figure out who A is and if it is indeed Ezra (Ian Harding). Mona (Janel Parrish) and Ezra’s creepy connection. Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra’s on going romance. Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige’s (Lindsey Shaw) on going romance. Hanna (Ashley Benson) well being Hanna with her quirky anecdotes and one liners that make you laugh… even in the 1940’s she can still pull off a line like “Men.” with a huff and frustrating look away, as she watches Ezra and Mona enjoy a mysterious nightcap on his fire escape.

As for the cinematic aspects I have to say this episode was beautifully shot. It can be kind of difficult telling a modern story in an old fashioned styled setting, and it can easily be perceived as corny or a waste of an episode. But if you ask me I think Pretty Little Liars did their thing, stepped out of their comfort zone and did it well.

The lighting was impeccable, the way it frames each characters face lends a helping hand to the mysterious tone set for the episode and for the show alone. As each character appears almost half in light and half in shadow. It’s as if it signifies a battle between two faces, between evil and innocence. The beginning scene mentioned above between Bellisario and Allen was beautifully blocked and the lighting complimented the tone with the help of a flickering fireplace as well. With the presence of the fire light, you can sense that their is a kind of romance between the two. Even though it doesn’t necessarily play out in this episode, we know Spencer and Toby are a couple in real time PLL. However, you see hints in his demeanor towards her throughout the episode. There is an old styled flirtation there, where she says something and he contradicts it, the tension is there. In fact in one scene he pressures her for information during an interrogation, basically accusing her of murdering Allison, but in a later scene he checks in on her and saves her from her hysteria when she drops her last pill down the sink, becoming her source of comfort. It is clear that Toby is set to play the hero, as we notice he is Rosewood’s newest and most determined detective.

Whereas Ezra gets creepier and more suspicious by the second, he is placed as the villain.


Not only did the show up the lighting techniques for this episode, but they also played around with some interesting angles, above shots, delicate pans and silhouette shots, all which keep in the theme of mystery. There’s a crazy awesome silhouette shot of Toby, and one of Ezra, that blew my mind, it’s near the end, but you have to watch to understand, I won’t reveal that!

1779056_10151914116885233_555318625_nAs Rosewood was transformed into a world of 15 cent coffee, old fashioned cars, and fur coats. It is clear that the last mentioned was possibly the biggest transformation of all. Each character’s wardrobe was changed to fit the times. As the girls strapped on elegant dresses, glamorous jewels, extravagant furs and effortless looking/yet fully in tact curls. While the guys pulled out all the stops fulfilling every girl’s fantasy (ok maybe just mine) and looked old Hollywood mysterious in a suit, tie, suspenders, trench coat and fedora hat. Check out a behind the scenes look HERE at the fashion designed by costume designer Mandi Line.

Some Fashion Pics…





1796638_10151924111660233_845978450_nWhile we’re on the topic of fashion, I just need to say that Aria played by Lucy Hale happens to be my favorite on the show. I loved her from the beginning and I love her style, loved that she’s 1044209_10151924111705233_358964332_na writer and I’ve loved her storyline. And quite frankly I was (and still am) rooting for “Ezria”…maybe I’m in denial, but whatever! But seeing her in this light, was so interesting. I felt like even though Keegan Allen stole the show as Toby, and all the others definitely pulled their weight, Lucy Hale shined when it came to the style and the graceful old Hollywood glam of the black and white world. She acted with such grace, and utilized little small eye moments that showed off Aria’s concern and vulnerability. Her actions were just spot on and enhanced in this type of setting. I guess an elaborate sound affect really does enhance a small look, doesn’t it? (yes I’m talking about the scene where Ezra and Aria are drinking champagne on the couch and we get that beautiful close-up of him whispering in her ear and her eyes just struck with fear). tumblr_n0lbykdNpe1r640kko1_500Her look  in this episode created a sense of timelessness. I loved her description of love and her relationship with Ezra as she says to Spencer “it’s been sexy and dangerous, and wonderful and awful, it’s like a story. It was perfect.” and Spencer says “Was? you said it in past tense.”  Aria replies “I think the story’s changing.” Definitely an ode to her and Ezra’s character as they bonded over literature and their love of writing. However seeing as how I felt Toby and Aria stole the spotlight for me in this episode, I say throw Hale and Allen in a black and white movie asap and watch sparks fly!

Another storyline they kept true to the show’s storyline was the whole Emily and Paige lesbianpaige-and-emily-black-and-white romance. And it was refreshing to see them still play that out, even though the episode was set in the 40’s, and back then it would have been considered “taboo” for people of the same sex to be in a relationship with each other. However, we saw that they had to sneak around, and meet up in secret, in fear of being found out. It kept with the story but also with the time period. A clever script maneuver.

Moving onto another important part of setting the scene for a 1940’s vibe. Music. The music in this episode is also fitting for this kind of film esque setting. It is solely instrumental, and bears resemblance to that of a soothing jazz club. However, their is a definite change and pick up in the score as the little liars clan gets themselves into some trouble. And need to run. Or even if it’s as simple as an eerie laced sentence that reveals more about A’s whereabouts, the music picks up as the action does.


Allison (Sasha Pieterse) is also a big part of the episode, as the liars find out she is alive (yet again) but this time in the black and white world. They hunt her down and let’s just say the claws come out. Is it me or is she even more of a bitch in black and white! Never the less, Pieterse’s portrayal of 1940’s Allie lends a female villain of sorts to this mysteriously clad drama. Which can be kind of refreshing. Women are fierce too!

All in all I thought this episode was pretty cool, it was well done, and I enjoyed it! I think every dramatized show should dip their toes in other time periods. It’s fun to see how each character would fit and be portrayed.

Now I hit up Pretty Little Liars facebook page (also where all the photo credits are given) just to see what others thought, and I noticed this episode is getting quite the bit of hate. Not the performances per say, in fact like myself, many on twitter are digging Toby circa 1940’s (hey guess I’m not alone in my mystery man fantasy, haha). But storyline wise, facebook fans “be hatin’.” Many people seem to think this was a waste of an episode, some think it didn’t tie into the show’s regular storyline, others say why put an already confusing show in a new time period, for only a dream based episode, seeing as none of this was actually real. And some simply didn’t dig the colorless flow.

And what I have to say to all of those people is this…

I understand where you’re coming from. I’m a color lover, I like watching the modern drama based films and tv shows, it’s more relatable for me as a 90’s kid. In fact teen drama is my bread and butter. As an aspiring screenwriter, it’s what I basically write. But at the same time, I love mystery and I’ve noticed that I enjoy stepping into a different way of speech and a different way of life for my characters to live in. [check out my blog’s current “screen play” Mysterious Attraction. (click it in the categories for all it’s posts so far)] It kind of fuses both modern romance/old Hollywood mystery/romance into one. It’s current in time, but sometimes the way the two lead characters Lexie & Carter talk to each other, could be reminiscent of an old black and white film’s tension filled dialogue. So understand that fusing the two genres is possible. Learn to appreciate the cinematic beauty behind it, and behind old style acting and behind black and white film. Sometimes a storyline is better told in black and white.

In fact, I think Pretty Little Liars made a really good transition from current PLL, to 1940’s PLL. They set the stage with showing where all the characters lay now. The girls searching for Allie’s stolen journal and finding it in Ezra’s Desk. Mona later showing up as the girls spot her sneaking some files from Ezra’s classroom. Spencer’s on going battle with stress and how she copes by abusing prescription pills. Aria and Ezra driving back home to Rosewood from their weekend getaway.

All of this puts you in the now. But also uses Spencer’s drug addiction as a segway for the world that your about to experience. The black and white film playing in Spencer’s kitchen as she takes her pill, is emulated in scenes throughout the episode. These were both outlets to throwing the characters back to the 40’s. I don’t see how confusing it could be? (haven’t you guys ever fallen asleep during a movie and had a dream where you’re in the movie, or elements of that movie are now apart of your life… and then you wake up confused, it’s all the power of the mind.) I mean everything that happened in the black and white episode was enforced by real time PLL. There was nothing in this episode that will confuse where the characters will be next week. In fact, if  anything it led Spencer to yet another piece of the Allison/Ezra/A puzzle. Think about it, it was basically a [day] dream episode. If you notice the line Spencer quotes from the movie before she’s thrown into black and white, Toby says later on to her in the 1940’s sequence. She was day dreaming, and infused the 1940’s mystery into her own life. She’s been on drugs and is sleep deprived and stressed over this whole situation. It’s only natural she’d have a crazy/almost realistic dream. In fact, as dream Spencer said “I am the smart one.” Even in her dreams she’s still looking for answers (answers that she probably would have gotten to on her own but her dream just helped put them in perspective), and Toby gives them to her…”Don’t look at the book, look at the pages…” Her dream serves as a realization, and upon jolting out of her day dream (and back into color and real time), the girls find new clues in Allie’s diary, clues that can lead them to the ultimate answer. As we see Aria and Ezra discuss literature and her creative writing assignment she mentions he’s going to like her recent story and says “I started off with a hero…but heroes aren’t who they used to be anymore, so I got fascinated with a villain.” Ezra then asks “does the villain win?” She replies “I don’t know, sometimes they do.” Basically paving the way for future heartbreak…and in next week’s promo we see just how heartbreaking that is…

take a look!

Often times a show will take you on an unexpected journey, and will throw it’s characters (and the characters your so used to) into a new time period just to watch them squirm. I’ve seen it done many times, going as far back (for a 90’s kid) as Boy Meets World. Even One Tree Hill did a 1940’s episode, (which was in color, and I have to say it was ok, but I thought PLL did it better). And these episodes usually end with one of the main characters waking up from a dream. So that’s usually the tactic. But what I loved about how PLL did it was that you got a beginning and an end that set you up for what’s currently been happening and what is to come in regular Pretty Little Liars time, and that the dream sequence was just a way for Spencer to get to the answer she’s been so desperately searching for. Hell it’s probably the only one place, A isn’t able to keep tabs on her. Dream what you dream Spencer…it’s the smoking gun that’s gonna blow this “case” wide open!

(if you haven’t watched it, check your tv’s abc family  free on demand, or for full episodes, I definitely think it’s worth the watch! [my only complaint; I miss caleb!])

Until next week little liars…Hope you enjoyed my in-depth review… 😀


The Girlie Pack – Gift Idea


*I DO NOT take credit for this logo or any of the other images*


In my eyes there are 4 categories in a girly girl’s essentials…

Entertainment; Movies and or Music


[Junk] Food


Start off your “Girlie Pack” with a fun chick flick…


Add some salty & sweet treats for them to munch on….

01-Pop+Secret+Microwave+Popcorn+Bag hersheybar

Some beauty products to make things fun & flirty….

essie-nail-polish eos-lip-balm-summer-fruit-L_p0014512787 5c76241d-e320-4151-9a30-6198d7c6784c pBBW1-13906944enh-z8

And last but not least, some fuzzy socks and hot coco to keep things cozy…(extra marshmallows!)

nestle-no-sugar-added-hot-chocolate-packets-30-ct 12968782 Airplus-Aloe-Infused-Ultra-Moisturizing-Socks

I recently made these little “Girlie Packs” for a few of my friends for Christmas. And they were really fun to make and you can definitely play around with the colors and the ideas to fit each girl’s personality. Basically it was all the things I feel girls need to feel at home. And it’s a bit of relaxation and pampering at the same time. Hope this serves as a fun gift idea for you guys in the future! 😀


The Christmas version of the “Girlie Pack” I made for one of my friends ❤
It’s simple to make (mostly everything can be found in a drugstore) and it’s a fun cute way to say “Hey, thinking about you, here’s something to relax and be girly! You go girl” ❤


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 7

So yea so much for getting this week’s Friday post up earlier then last week’s, in fact it’s really late, cuz well it’s Saturday, lol. But due to computer issues I wasn’t able to post yesterday, but whatever better late then never!  Anyway small announcement for those actually keeping up with this story, the forthcoming (and ending) chapters of Mysterious Attraction, will be played out in the next few weeks on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays…(starting as of next week). It should be only a matter of a few weeks before Lexie, Carter, Kelly, Reeves, Joe, and Brice’s stories comes to an end.

And Skully’s identity will soon be revealed…

so without further ado…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction


And this week …

mysterious attraction poster

Ryan-Gosling-Drive-movie-image-8Carter and Lexie are in the car on the way to see Carter’s lawyer

Carter makes a turn

Lexie: Where are you going?

Carter: I’m dropping you home.

Lexie: Oh. You don’t want me to come with you? (looks away nervously)

Carter: Well my lawyer advised I come alone, Kelly’s due to be there with her lawyer and you being there may just add fuel to the fire.

Lexie: Oh.Asleep At Heaven’s Gate

Carter: If it was up to me I’d have you there.

Lexie: No, yea of course.

Carter: But then again, I wouldn’t wanna put you through that anyway…something tells me it could get ugly. And I just don’t want to subject you to Kelly’s hurtful insults. You don’t deserve that.

Lexie: Thanks.

Carter: Lexie. (notices her pulling away) Hey. Look at me?

Lexie glances over at him

Carter: I love you. I’m not going anywhere. We’re gonna be together just like I promised. But this is just one of the things I have to do to allow us to get there. It’s just something I have to do. Please don’t take off on one of your crazy over thinking mental rants ok?

Lexie: Stop the car.

Carter: Wha- why? (gives her a look of frustration)

Lexie: (yells) Stop the car!

Carter stops

Lexie storms out of the car

Ryan-Gosling-in-Drive-2011-Movie-Image-7Carter jumps out after her

Carter: What are you doing?

Lexie: I don’t feel like being near you right now.

Carter: Ok. And why’s that? Because you’re crazy?

Lexie: No because you’re an ass.pissed off lexie

Carter huffs and rushes after her as she sets off walking at a fast pace

Carter stops

Carter: You know what, forget it. I’m not chasing you. I’m not giving you that satisfaction.

Lexie: (turns around) Good, take care. (waves)

Carter groans and walks back to his car, and gets in

He drives alongside Lexie as she sulks her way toward her house

drive-ryan-gosling-cultural-insight1Carter: Come on, Babe, really? Are we really doing this?

Lexie: I thought you weren’t gonna chase after me?

Carter: Come on. You knew I would. You know I always will. That’s why you’re doing this.

Lexie stops and crosses her armsSophia-Photoshoots-2012-Elisabeth-Caren-sophia-bush-32316022-466-700

Carter: Would you get in the car please?

Lexie looks at him

Carter: Lexie? (laughs)

One-Tree-Hill-Hardcore-Will-Never-Die-But-You-Will-550x296Lexie: Don’t laugh at me.

Carter: You realize you’re being irrational right?

Lexie: Maybe. But I don’t appreciate being called crazy.

Carter: I’m sorry.

Lexie glares at him

Carter: I am, I’m sorry, would you get in the car, please?lack-of-driving-in-ryan-gosling-starring-driv-L-bKm48k

Lexie huffs and climbs in

Carter smiles at her

Lexie: Don’t. (smirks)

Carter: Come here, (kisses her cheek).


Carter: You forget how well I know you…picking a fight out of nowhere just to distract me?

Lexie: That wasn’t what I was doing….I genuinely thought you didn’t want me with you?

Carter: Again, irrational.

brooke-davis-death-stareLexie: Carter, don’t handle me…ok? You know I hate that. If I’m pissed at you, I have a right to be no matter how irrational you may think that it is.

Carter: Ok ok, hey I’m sorry, (cups her face) I’m sorry. I don’t mean to upset you. (leans in to kiss her)

Lexie kisses him


Carter: But babe, at some point you’re going to have to learn to trust what I’m saying and not hear it the way I know you’re brain hears it. I say I’m protecting you, and you hear I don’t wanna be with you. Do you see how this can be frustrating?

Lexie: It’s difficult for me to trust, you know that.

Carter: Yea I do, but after everything we’ve been through, I would think you’d be starting to let go of that at least a little bit.

Lexie: I thought I was.

Carter: Ok, so what changed?

maxresdefaultLexie: I just, I wonder if Kelly fights for you hard enough…if you’ll stay again? I mean you did once before, even though it wasn’t what you wanted…and-

Carter: Ok I’m just gonna stop you right there. I’m not in love with Kelly. Yes, a part of me will always care for her and yes I do want this to be as kind of a divorce as possible, but like I’ve said before I don’t care what I have to do, I will get this divorce and we will be together.

Lexie smilesRyan-Gosling-as-Driver

Lexie: I’m sorry.

Carter smiles

Carter: Come here, (hugs her).


Carter: But just to for my sanity…before I made the “crazy” comment…you were just screwing with me right? I mean you were just tryna pick a fight to keep me from going?


Lexie: (smiles sarcastically) I guess you’ll never know.

Carter: (smiling) You are something else, you know that?

Lexie: Don’t you forget it.

Carter leans in and kisses her againlack-of-driving-in-ryan-gosling-starring-driv-L-bKm48k

Lexie: So are you gonna drop me home and get this meeting over with so I can be one step closer to having you all to myself? (smiles)

Carter: Yes ma’am. (smiles and starts to drive)


Lexie smiles at him lovingly


Drive_PIC13Carter pulls up in front of Lexie’s building

Lexie: So you’ll call me when your done?

Carter: I’ll do one better, I’ll come over.

Lexie: Ok, (smiles) I love you.

Carter: (kisses her) I love you.

sophia-bush-cecconisLexie gets out of the car waves to Carter and heads into her building.

Carter’s phone rings it reads “private”

Carter: Hello?


Who’s this Mystery Man calling Carter?

A man’s voice is heard on the other end.

Man: Mr. Carter…it’s a pleasure to finally reach you.

Carter: Who’s calling?

Man: You’ll soon find out.

Carter: I don’t have time for games, who is this?

Man: Let’s just say you’ll be hearing from me rather shortly. In a big way.

Carter: Ok that makes no sense what so ever, since I’m on the phone with you now. Why can’t you just tell me what it is you want with me? Or better yet why call me at all?

Man: It’s not so much you, that I’m concerned with.

Carter: And what are you concerned with?

Man: Not what, who.

Carter: Who is this?

Man: Mr. Carter, relax. Just let the record show…you’ve been warned.

Carter: Warned about what? Who is this?

The line goes dead

Carter: (yelling) Hello? Hello?

Carter looks at his phone and grunts, throwing it

“It’s not so much you, that I’m concerned with…..not what, who.” the words echoe in his mind

Carter has a ****flashback…****

Carter enters an office14354763-one-caucasian-business-man-relaxing-thinking-sitting-in-armchair-silhouette-full-length-in-studio-is, knocks on the door frame

Carter: Excuse me, Sir?

A man in a chair turns around to face Carter 

Skully: May I help you?

Carter: Are you Skully?

Skully: That’s me (evil grin plastered across his face).

Carter: I’m Carter. I was recently reassigned to work for you.

Skully: Were you?6899353-male-wearing-a-business-suit-sitting-in-a-chair-silhouette-illustration-on-a-white-background

Carter: Yea. I just thought I’d introduce myself.

Skully: Carter, was it?

Carter: Yes sir.

Skully: If I’ve been informed correctly you worked for Reeves…and his darling daughter Lexie. Gorgeous girl, isn’t she?

Carter remembers the voice…

Carter: Oh shit.dante-and-sonny-rowell

Carter grabs his phone…

Reeves: Hello?

Carter: Reeves it’s Carter, I need to talk to you…

Carter rushes off…

Meanwhile Lexie gets to her floor and walks off the elevator. She pulls her keys from her purse and opens her door.

silhouettes-of-people-woman-sittingLexie walks into her dark apartment. A faint shadow of a person sits in the distance, upon a chair in her living room.

Lexie slips off her heels places her purse on the end table and as she walks further in her apartment she screams.


*I do not take credit for any of the images*


10 Year Time Capsule…

title1thSo it appears to be yet another snow infested day….and what do I do when I’m snowed in…I break out the good ole One Tree Hill DVDs, obviously. Today I was feeling a little Season 3 action. I have to say Season 3 is one of my favorite seasons, I felt like there was a lot of good stuff that went down. It’s safe to say Season 3 held my obsession for theOne_Tree_Hill_-_Season_3_-_DVD show well in tact. It wasn’t until Season 5 where I started to drift. But never the less, I’ve never had the type of relationship (and by relationship I do mean obsession; because that is essentially what it was) with any other tv show. Granted I consider F.R.I.E.N.D.S to be the greatest show of all time, but that’s in a league of it’s own and I was quite young when it started so I lived it through reruns- and continue to do so. 🙂 But One Tree Hill, well I grew up with it. Haley, Brooke, Peyton (ok not really Peyton), Lucas and Nathan were the ones I befriended and walked through life with. They were the ones I hung out with every Tuesday/Wednesday night as we battled teen angst together. So no matter how many times my best friend and I turned to each other during our weekly viewing parties and uttered the sentence “This show sucks! I hate it.” For me, hate was just love set on fire. I’ve always had such high expectations for One Tree Hill, I always expected more from the writing on the show. And when you expect so much, it’s easy to be disappointed. But what I’ve noticed lately is that I seem to get bored easily. Every tv show I am currently watching has annoyed me at some point. (Don’t even get me started on “Pretty Little Liars.”) Even “The Walking Dead” was killing me slowly, with their Season 4 what I like to call “Rick-less episodes” that focused on the governor and his aimless whereabouts. And I LOVE “The Walking Dead,” it’s a total phenomenon. But at the same time I realize that every show is going to hit a point where things hibernate. It’s just the way it goes, it’s just the building of a foundation for the next explosion, for the next big revelation, for the next heart break, for the next make up, or in TWD’s case, the next KICK ASS ZOMBIE SHOWDOWN! As a writer I realize this. But as a viewer, it pisses me off! I always vow to myself that when the day comes…some place in the distant future that I get to work on the set of a television show, when I earn my way into a swivel chair in the writer’s room, I’m not only going to shock  my audience, but I’m also going to give them what they want. I’m going to give them the things that I always wished the writers of my shows would give me. Now that I’ve rambled on….let’s get down to what this post is really about.

As I mentioned before…snowed in= One Tree Hill reruns for me! 😀

If you are currently netflixin’ One Tree Hill….I urge you to double check what episode your on…cuz…SPOILER ALERT coming your way…lol

And as I RE-watched Season 3 Episode 15; “Just Watch the Fireworks”

I was struck with inspiration for a blog post. (I’m totally sitting here in my “Keith Scott Body Shop” sweater a piece of oth memorabilia and typing along to One Tree Hill soundtracks)


Lucas Scott ❤


That’s the sweater Lucas is rockin’! It was a big staple piece of clothing for his character, he always wore it in the early seasons!

Back in Season 2 Episode 15; “Unopened Letter to the World,” the gang is asked to record a time capsule message to their future selves as part of a school assignment. It is a mandatory assignment for everyone. So each character reveals their inner most secrets whether they are silly and embarrassing, or gut wrenchingly heartbreaking. The gang all put a face to themselves 50 years from the date. These recordings were to be stored away and never to be seen by others, let alone by anyone in any recent time.

So in this Season 3 episode all havoc breaks loose as the time capsule videos are released by some devious soul….(a.k.a Rachel you bizznatch, I knew I didn’t like you!) And the gang of Tree Hill are forced to face their demons. For some it’s as “simple” as the whole school/world seeing your boobs, (Oh Brooke Davis…when will you learn, you don’t get naked in front of a camera….ever!) and for others it’s a little graver like exploiting your then “hatred” for the woman you married [who you have since reconciled with) for leaving you to pursue her dream …(yea Nathan I’m talkin’ about you…(what happens when you get married in high school.)]


Anyway watching this episode made me think… where the hell will I be in the future? Granted I can’t fathom what’s to come in the next 50 years like the Tree Hill gang had to, but even more simply…in 10 years where do I think I’ll be…or more importantly…where do I want to be? So here it goes….

For starters in 10 years…I will be 32…nearing 33 (HOLY SHIT…I am not a spring chicken anymore!)

Healthy….mentally, psychically, & spiritually

Living in my own apartment in NYC with some fun roommates, something funky and bohemian; maybe a loft

Career…working in the tv industry in some way, shape or form

Preferably on the set of a tv series…preferably my own; one that I created and that I write & direct for that is Brooklyn based (that’s a big 10 year dream I know, but it’s my dream)

Still blogging and writing regularly…and actually exists… 🙂

At least one feature film is in the process of possibly getting made….there’s a script that I wrote in my senior year of college for a screenwriting class, that I feel is one of the best scripts I’ve ever written. It’s entitled “The Lover’s Diary” and I guarantee that it would bold well as a chick flick and I’d be damn proud of that fact! lol (um hello closet-ed hopeless romantic over here) Anyway I would love for that to be made into a film down the road.

And last but not least…I hope to be in love…yea in 10 years I’m definitely in love with a great man, who respects not only my body but my mind and what I have to say. (granted in 10 years I’d rather be married and living with my husband, or even just engaged) But I’m not about rushing into things just because of societal time constrictions. As long as I’m healthy, happy and in love with a roof over my head, some great  family and friends in my life….and a job that I love that doesn’t feel like a job. I’ll consider myself the luckiest person alive.

So where will you be in 10 years?


Thanks for the memories and thanks for the inspiration One Tree Hill, hope to see you in the future… #OneTreeHill10YearReunion #OneTreeHillTheMovie ?????

the possibilities are endless for us all!

Reppin' ;)

Reppin’ 😉