Man I’ve Never Met

film noir mystery man

I wanna be your “One that got away”

the one you wished would have stayed

I wanna be the constant on your mind

the one you miss all the time

The girl you would change for

who deserved to expect more

I wanna be the ache in your heart

when you hear someone mention my name

I wanna be the one who makes falling in love more than a chore

makes it more than the physical side of it all

Is it wrong to want you to feel loss if you lost me

make you feel pain and regret

Isn’t that the human way?

Selfishly seeking

Isn’t that this “love” you speak of?

it’s what you make of it

it’s what you give and take from it

beautiful heartbreak

pain and pleasure

it’s a deadly mixture

but fight for it

take it like a shot of tequila

chase it with a lemon

And let the heartache subside

only to divulge into a spiral of headache

so here’s to you

man I’ve never met

man I never knew

are you ready for me?

I’ll be waiting…

Lord knows I won’t  be the one doing the chasing


A Single Gals Guide to Giving Relationship “Advice”

Ok so this one is for all my single girls out there, who most likely have to dish out relationship “Advice” to more than half her friends, while she herself isn’t in a relationship. But I promise you, it IS  doable (Go figure!)


Good old fashioned GIRL TALK….let’s get to it!

"...he did what?"

“…he did what?”


We all know that girls come to their girls to bitch….to bitch about what it is their boyfriends are doing wrong….or to swoon over what they’re doing right. So whichever it is…Listen to them and give them your undivided attention, no one likes to be ignored.


I think it’s safe to say that as girls we tend to over analyze things, we take things and run. And sooner or later that one sentence a guy says turns into 40 different scenarios in your head. When all he really meant when he said “You look nice” was, “You look nice.” So in order to avoid running circles around yourself and trying to dissect the inner makings of the male mind, I think it’s important for you (as the friend) to remain objective. Try and see the situation from both sides; see if from your girl’s side, but also try and see where the guy’s coming from. Because chances are your girl isn’t really thinking logically. It’s your job to reign her in and tell her to take a water break. Granted, your always gonna have your girl’s back, but it’s important to remain objective for her so that she can get her crazy out and then come back to earth with a clear head. This brings me to the idea of using Logic. Once you remain objective and try to see all angles, it’s easy to apply logic to whatever situation. Often times the reasons for disagreements between couples is due to miscommunication and or lack of compromise. So as an objective friend it may be easier for you to see the hidden compromise your friend and her guy have completely neglected to see, or help them to figure out why they aren’t willing to compromise in the first place.


All my conversations with my girls have helped me to learn that THIS tip is a big factor when trying to give advice to a friend about their relationship. They want you to be honest. They come to you to talk and to get out all their frustration, but they also come to you in way to gain a pathway to a solution of sorts. Granted the decision is always theirs….never tell a friend what they should or shouldn’t do. Suggest it sure, but they have to make their own decisions, they are their own person. And when I say be honest, I don’t mean bash their relationships, or their boyfriends. There should be no negativity, there should only be friendly honesty. Which is basically you helping your friend to see what the root of the problem may be. Sometimes it’s easier to just cushion your friend and tell her what she wants to hear, out of fear that she may get mad at you, or that you may hurt her feelings. But the truth is if they came to you, then they ultimately trust you, and your judgement. So give them honesty, help them to see that maybe in this specific case they’re boyfriend may have a point. Or if you think he’s being a complete douche, well then tell her so (still in the nicest way possible ha ha)…Hey us girls gotta stick together!


This one can be tricky…considering that everyone’s relationship catalog is different. And so no matter how simple or extensive your past experiences/relationships may be…use whatever you learned from them to help your friend. Because guys probably all have relatively similar track records. Most likely you have an [that guy turned out to be an] asshole story your girl can relate to, so share it….trade notes! 😉

TIP #6 LISTEN (Did I mention this????)

girls and wine

“Girls don’t let friends wine alone…” 😉

Quick story….a few days ago I was out to dinner with a really good friend of mine, we were just catching up and talking our usual shit, and all of a sudden she goes “You’re a really good friend, you listen to all my shit.” I laughed and basically replied dido. I may not have relationship drama at the moment, but I think “job hunting” drama is my equivalent to boyfriend drama, right now. The key to being a good friend is listening and just being there for your girl when she needs you. It’s not really so much about giving them advice as it is letting them vent. So if all fails, just be an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and then if that doesn’t work hit up that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion…(a friend in need…that’s as special as an occasion gets!)

Forge forward ladies….Men; they’re not all bad…so I’ve been told…

Damn you romantic comedies! I blame you! 😉

*I do not take credit for any of the above images*



Happy St. Patrick’s Day  shout out to my fellow irish folks,

I’m 1/4 irish but damn proud of it!

Enjoy that corned beef and cabbage (and irish soda bread)!

wpid-IMG_20140314_130729.jpg wpid-IMG_20140311_120247.jpg


Barbie’s Evolution turns into a Revolution


Always happy to open a new Barbie! (this one was "Slumber Party Barbie")

Always happy to open a new Barbie! (this one was “Slumber Party Barbie”)

I was the little girl who loved her Barbies.

I had dozens of them.

I would sit and play for hours,

dreaming up story lines for my favorites and making them find their princes and live in their big beautiful house, happily ever after.

I had the house, the plane, the cars (a yellow buggie which was rad!) even a pool….I had all the fun gadgets and accessories!

While many girls were most likely more partial to blonde bombshell “Barbie,”

I was more pron to playing with the “Teresa” Barbie.


She was my favorite Barbie, and even though she was a “Teresa” I named her “Mandy” and played with her ALL the time.

To me the “Teresa” dolls were the fierce fun brunette who I felt looked more like me (dark hair tanner complexion)…

That, and my mom’s name is Theresa, which I thought was pretty cool, lol.


I also loved her outfit, because there were tons of ways to wear it!

“Teresa” was the more ethnic Latina inspired Barbie, she was always my favorite.

It was a sad day when I packed away all my Barbies.

It’s funny you never think the day is going to come as a young girl just playing and dreaming.

But for me it came a little later then most…

honestly I probably played with Barbies til I was like 11 or 12… (no shame).

Granted I had two little younger cousins that were still playing with them, so they were my convenient excuse.

For us, playing with Barbies…was a bonding experience between cousins.

For the most part we would end up just dressing them up and doing their hair and then getting bored and putting them away.

It was when that started to happen that I think I realized it was time to say goodbye.

Even though my Barbie days are behind me (until I have my own daughter, or until my goddaughter starts to gain an interest…or until the next time my other little cousins drag me into their rooms to play) I still have to get a glimpse of the Barbie aisle anytime I’m in a Toy store. Call it nostalgia, but I find it interesting to see how Barbies have changed and what the latest accessories are.

Which brings me to my main point.

Barbie…although beloved…could use a bit of a reality check.

9 photo:willy stylist:susan assist:julia After all Barbie isn’t normal…she’s too perfect…

Her body, her clothes, her makeup…too perfect.

In a way it lends fuel to the body image beast that has plagued girls from early on.

It’s hard for me to understand that though…

I mean growing up, I never looked to Barbie as a body image role model too much.

I never looked at her and thought hey I wish I was stick thin.

Ok maybe when they came out with the Barbie with the rubber belly and belly shirts and belly ring aka “Jewel Girl.”

Seriously though...rubber belly haha I swear the things they come up with...evolution I tell ya!

Seriously though…rubber belly haha I swear the things they come up with…evolution I tell ya!

I was kinda like…oh I wish my stomach was flatter, cuz her outfit is AWESOME! (and she had on purple lipstick and lip liner…how cool is that! lol.)


“Midge” & Baby ❤

But I guess that proves my point, I’ve just put a hole in my own declaration.

Young girls are impressionable and although I wouldn’t plague body image issues solely on Barbie and her unrealistic proportions, I also think Barbie could afford to tone down the sexuality just a bit. It is a child’s toy. They shouldn’t be sexualizing things at such a young age. Instead Barbie should serve as an inspiration to girls, to be themselves, to be whatever they dream to be…I mean that’s why Barbie has so many careers. That’s why she’s a doctor, a teacher, a singer, a ballerina, a basketball player, a gymnast, a mom! I’ll never forget when I got the pregnant Barbie, it was pretty cool! She basically had a magnetic belly bump that you would put the little baby in!

A few months ago I remember seeing Demi Lovato (the curvy

Demi Lovato Feb. 2014

Demi Lovato Feb. 2014

and beautiful girl she is!) tweet these…



I remember thinking this is so amazing.

It’s just a beautiful concept to inspire young girls to be themselves, to not strive to be stick thin, or to conform to media standards of beauty (which if you ask me is made up of photo shopped women who don’t even really look like that.)

And now it seems Barbie is getting a new look…welcome the latest Barbie-related campaign…”Average Barbie” where “Average is beautiful.”

average-barbie average-barbie 3 meme1.jpg

“Average Barbie” was derived from the mind of artist Nickolay Lamm…in which he’s now labeled this new and improved version of Barbie after himself calling this version Lammily. The Lammily line of dolls is said to be in production soon.

Barbie’s New Girl in town is quite the improvement…

I love how simplistic this doll’s look is, she wears less makeup and has a fuller figure. I feel like looking at her I know her. I feel like I can walk down the street and see someone who looks like her. Her proportions are based off of an actual human body type, which is something that should really be praised. I just recently found out about this campaign, I had seen Demi’s tweets about it a while ago but I didn’t think that it was being put into production so soon. As I saw the current update news on twitter, I decided to really get into it and do my research. Like I said Barbies are close to my heart. But I have to say I’m kind of surprised and saddened by the negative reactions this campaign is getting. Many bloggers and news websites are claiming this doll is still fake. I understand that it may not be the perfect improvement as it gears more to an athletic characterization, but I think a fuller figured doll is at least a step in the right direction.  I mean if anything she’s promoting exercise, and a healthier life style. I don’t understand what’s so bad about that. There’s room for evolution. And with evolution comes revolution. And a chance for change.

Barbie39s-Figure-Then-amp-Now barbie2

So as Barbie continues to evolve, and her shape changes as it’s changed several times before to fit the times, the more willingness for change the more room there is to revolutionize the toys your daughters play with. There is a definite anti-[perfect] body image revolution upon us in this generation and this Lammily line of dolls is a way to help change the narrow minds of media constraints.

For more on Lammily visit:

Barbie’s Evolution is turning into a Revolution for all future generations.

Because the more we speak up about these issues the more will get done.

And the more that gets done, the better the minds of future generations of daughters.

It all starts with diversity and acceptance in all shapes and sizes.

Change for the better.

Can’t wait to make a purchase, because I support this campaign, it’s way more realistic then the dolls I grew up playing with! Be apart of the movement and understand that “Average (as in your everyday ordinary girl) is beautiful.”

*I take no credit for any of the images*


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 9

*Better late than never*

Previously on Mysterious Attraction

Mysterious Attraction

Dangerously in Love; Lexie & Carter



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

Reeves Carter_CallReeves: Meet me at my office now.

Carter: You better have a plan for this…

Carter hangs up his phone and picks up his driving speed.

A few minutes later Carter storms into Reeves’ office.

Carter: So… what is it, huh? What’s so important that you’d risk your own daughter’s life for!

Reeves Carter Fight

Reeves: Hey! Don’t come into my office and talk to me like that, ok? I can easily have you removed.

Carter: Once again, you’d rather prove your power than worry about anyone else.

Reeves: Will you shut the hell up! Don’t tell me how I feel about my own daughter. Lexie’s my life. I love her. I would do anything to keep her safe.

Carter: Really…is that why she’s in the basement of some shit hole being terrorized by your greatest enemy?

Reeves: I realize you need someone to blame right now. But I think you and I both know that Lexie was protected, there were guards all around. So whoever did this knew what they had to do to get around and were slick about it. Skully’s men are lethal and they must have been planning this for months.

carter reeves officeCarter: We have to get her out of there. (Carter’s eyes water)

Reeves: And we will. But the only way we’re gonna be able to do that is by working together.

Carter: Agreed, but we’re gonna need help. Are Brice and Joe around?

Reeves: Brice is. I fired Joe.

Carter: Damn it. As much as I hate to say it, I know Joe cares about Lexie he would’ve done anything to help her.

Reeves: Yea well don’t worry Brice will get the job done; in half the time and without the hassle. He’s got good instincts.

Carter: He does.

Reeves: (yells) Brice…

Brice walks in

Brice: Sir (addressing Reeves)…Carter (nods in Carter’s direction)

Carter: Hey, we’re gonna need your help.

Brice: Whatever you need.

Carter: Skully’s got Lexie.

Brice’s face falls.452689

Reeves: Look before we get into this thing. You both need to understand something. Skully’s a dangerous man. I know you’ve heard it, but you’ve never really had to deal with him up close and personal. And well this, this is us putting ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re walking into the lion’s den. I need to know that you’re ready, that you can handle it? Because Lexie’s life depends on it.

Carter: I can handle it, Lexie’s my life too.brice_carter

Brice: Like I said, whatever you need.

Carter: And what about you…do you have whatever it is that you owe him? Because I swear to god if this is about money, this is total bull shit, you’re loaded you could have paid him off years ago. And all this shit would have never had to happen.

Reeves: It’s not money he’s after Carter! Hell, you think if that was all he wanted I wouldn’t have settled it already…what he wants is something he’s never getting.

Carter: What the fuck is wrong with you? Your daughter’s life is on the line, you just said it.

Reeves: He wants respect after he killed my wife. He wants to walk around like nothing ever happened. He’s pissed he had to do time..which was only a few good weeks before his people worked their magic and got him out. If you ask me the judge was on his pay roll the whole damn time.

Carter: So this is all about a fucking truce? Fucking give it to him then.

Reeves: You don’t understand Skully. He doesn’t really want a truce. He’ll make it seem like he does, just long enough to make you let your guard down, let you think that the world is a little less corrupted and a little less full of malice and hate. And when that happens…he strikes.

Carter: You mean like now?

Reeves: Carter…I know you don’t understand why I’m being this way. Believe me, I would gladly drop this revenge plan against Skully if I honestly thought that it would end things for good, and if I carter gunthought Lexie would be able to stay safe. But he’s evil. This is just another one of his mind games. The only way this will truly be over is if we’re twice as ruthless as Skully, beat him at his own game… we need to end it… end him. I refuse to lose my daughter the way I lost my wife.

Carter: Then what are we waiting for. (starts to walk toward the door)

Reeves: Carter, I think you’re gonna need this.

Reeves reaches into a desk draw and hands Carter a gun.



Lexie sits gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a chair in a cold deserted run down warehouse basement.

She hears a shuffling of feet and she begins to squirm.

A large broad shouldered man emerges from the shadows walks in he takes off her blindfold and ungags her and sets a plate of food in front of her.

Lexie’s eyes fall upon the partially shadowed face, she focuses and gaspslexie ungagged.


Lexie: What are you doing here?

Joe: Oh didn’t you hear? I work for Skully now. (smirks wickedly) Eat up Lex, don’t want your food to get cold.

the past is the past


*I do not take credit for any of the photos*

Job Hunting

Dear “Real” World,

I get it, you suck.

So I’m beginning to think the career path I’ve chosen is impossible. I wonder what tumblr would say… impossible?…”I’m” “Possible.” Yea yea Blah blah, motivational sayings are shit when you can’t find employment! I hate job hunting with a passion. It’s sad to say but you need to know someone, or know someone who knows someone in the industry to get a foot in the door, or to at least prop your ear against a closed door and take a listen. And No for the last time job search engines I am not a journalist…and I don’t want to be…I want to tell a story creatively, I want to be a screenwriter.

It’s disgusting how everything is done online nowadays. While people judge you by a piece of paper they barely glance at and deem you “unfit” for their position; you rarely get recognized as a human being.

Hell….there’s a lot more to me then what’s on a piece of paper. There’s my brain, my personality, how I carry myself, my quirks that make me who I am… make me unique… make me the writer I am. And you wouldn’t ever see any of that if you don’t actually take the time to at least meet me.

Job hunting is a major scam. I swear the more I search, the more I want to just stop (oh and rip my hair out) and give up looking, and just be an old lady who lives with 90 cats and drinks tea all day, (I hate cats, but I love tea…). Every job that seems even remotely close to what it is I want to do with my life requires at least 2-5 years experience if not more, and I’m just like…how the hell will I get there, if no one ever gives me the chance to gain the experience. It’s all total bullshit and I for one can’t wait til the search is over….but I guess there’s nothing else to do, other then keep at it. So for all the unemployed out there I feel ya, godspeed!


Overly Frustrated College Graduate


P.S. I need a drink…



Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 8 Part 3

So that whole Mysterious Attraction posting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, lasted about a week, haha. Sorry but I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself with that idea. But never the less, I’ll ride the remaining of this story out for the next following weekends, and I say weekend because it’ll be sometime during Fri-Sun when new postings will be up. It’s funny I have a pretty clear idea of how I want it to end but it’s the getting me there, that’s got me on pause…damn you writer’s block…well here’s me powering through, just like many fellow writers tend to do….haha that rhymed, and I’m rambling…so here we go…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

**New Character Alert**

Skully…The Enemy

Drive_01Carter’s phone rings

Carter:  (answers in a panic) Hello?

“Voice”: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

Skully: Fast learner…I knew I picked the right man for the job.

Carter: What are you talking about?

Where’s Lexie? What have you done?tumblr_static_dave_avka

Skully: Carter, Carter, that’s not how this works.

Carter: Oh and how does it work?

Carter is about to grab the house phone to call 911.

Skully: For starters, I advise you to put the phone down. If you so much as dial a single number you are dead.

Carter looks around the apartment.

Skully: See Carter, in this business when you want something, you don’t ask for it, you just take it.


lexie gaggged

Lexie sits in a dimly lit, dingy, old room, strapped to a chair and gagged as Skully holds a knife up to her.

Lexie moves her face away she groans repulsed by Skully and scared for her life.


Carter: (he hears her and screams) Lexie! Lexie!

twd3-2Skully smiles and laughs wickedly

Carter: I swear to god if you hurt her…

Skully: I wouldn’t make any threats…considering there’s a sniper across from your beautifully tinted living room window, with an aim that just never misses.

gosling+staringCarter looks up

Skully: Watch out for the red dot…(laughs)

Carter ducks to the floor and crawls into the bedroom.

Carter: What do you want?

Skully: Well I thought it was pretty obvious Carter, hmm I take back that compliment about you being a fast learner…I spoke too soon…. but look… I’m a fan of second chances so here, let me explain it to you. I’ve been feeling pretty disrespected lately….and let’s just say I don’t like being disrespected, nor do I like feeling cheated.

Carter: And you feel I’ve disrespected you how? I don’t even know you.

brooke006Skully: Oh not you Carter…god you are just so narcissistic, (whispers to Lexie)…wow how do you put up with this guy?

Lexie Cringes

Carter: You’re a mob boss, something tells me that Lexie’s father isn’t the only person to ever disrespect you.

Skully: True, but see you couldn’t ask anyone to clarify, because well they’re all either in graves, body bags, or still waiting to be found. But I’m glad to see you’re catching on.

Carter: And what do you want from me?

Skully: I want you to deliver a message for me.

Drive_01Carter: What kind of message? (through gritted teeth)

Carter walks into the bedroom bathroom and closes the door, he splashes water on his face.

He leans against the sink breathing nervously, and discretely presses a small red button underneath the edge of the sink.

Skully: I want you to tell good ole Reeves that if he doesn’t get me what is owed to me, that he’ll be receiving his daughter’s hand nicely gift wrapped, and the body parts will just keep coming until I get what I want. And seeing how you and little Ms. Lexie; Jr. Mobster here are sweet on each other, I figured you may care if she dies…therefore rendering you as a suitable messenger to get me what I want.


Carter: (Carter’s glare ahead is almost deadly) Consider your message delivered, under one condition.

Skully: Your a brave little bastard, I’ll give you that. I mean you’re not really in the place to be making demands out of me, but hey I’ll bite, what condition?

600x350Carter: I want proof that you haven’t hurt her. I want to talk to her, and I wanna see her.

Skully: Well that seems fair. I’ll tell ya what since I believe in love just as much as the next guy and I’m in such a giving mood, I got this clever little app on my cellphone recently…it’s called Skype…so I’ll do you a solid, let you and your girl here have a few seconds….Don’t try anything stupid (he warns Lexie)

Skully un-gags Lexie and holds the phone up to her face.lexie ungagged

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Panel - Comic-Con International 2013Carter sees Lexie

Carter: Oh my god! Lexie!

Lexie: Carter! Carter please you have to get me out of here!

Carter: Baby I will, I’m coming for you, stay strong, I’m gonna get you outta there. You’re gonna be ok I swear to you.

Lexie: Carter be careful please.hqdefault

Carter: Don’t worry about me. I love you.

Skully rips the phone back

Skully: Wow that’s really sweet…but get to it Carter, you have 1 hour to get me what I want.

Carter: What does that mean…what does Reeves owe you…how will I know where to bring it…hello?

Skully hangs up

Carter: Hello? Shit!

Carter rubs his face, his eyes begin to tear.

Carter runs out of the bathroom and through the house.


He digs into Lexie’s purse and pulls out a pill bottle.

Carter reads the label; “Prenatal Vitamins” Carter pulls out a pregnancy brochure as well.

yhst-10669596438250_2269_2641516pregnancy Carter: Oh my god… oh my god…I’m gonna kill him.

Ryan Gosling

Carter grabs her car keys and runs out the door, he jumps into the car.

A black unmarked car follows.

Carter’s cell phone rings.

Carter: Hello?

Reeves: Carter, whats going on… the alarm was sounded? And Lexie’s not answering my calls!dante-and-sonny-rowell

Carter: Skully’s got her. And he’s threatening to kill her and have her body parts delivered to you, one by one until you give him what you owe him. So do you maybe wanna tell me what the fuck that is…because I swear to you…even if this shit has to end with me killing Skully myself, I won’t think twice.

*I do not take credit, for any of these images*