2016 Memory Jar Review


I cannot believe it is already 2017.



My camera year is wrong…should say 2016, ignore that mishap. :/


As I sat down on New Year’s Eve to sift through my memory jar- a bandwagon that I finally hopped on two years ago- I was amazed at how little I felt like I did, because of how quickly I felt the year had flown by. It was a blur for me. But as I dove into these colored pieces of paper, the many memories came flooding back….and a lot actually happened. It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in the holiday bit at the end of the year, that we forget all the memories we made throughout the year.

So here are some of my most favorite memories- (in no particular order!)


*My 2016 Highlights*


Took my god daughter to see Trolls- “Sophie’s big girl movie date”- Trolls, went to a diner, and saw the Christmas Lights with my family.


Had a little Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Party but… RIP Glenn still heartbroken: / haven’t watched an episode since then, but my party looked awesome. Read my post HERE!


Celebrated my grandmother’s 83rd birthday with a whole bunch of family.


I made a few job changes and had to bounce around a bit, which was a bit difficult but finally found a place where I am happy for now, it was for the better- I’m building a work family and have made some great friends. Read my post on “adulting” HERE!

Finished two short story series-On The Run & Love Conflicted (-premiered in 2015 but carried over into 2016)

Official full cast photo movie poster

Started a brand new series- Welcome Home (-first chapter premiered in 2016, rest will be continued in 2017)



My best friend Roe got engaged!!!!


Went on a massive family trip to Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast! (vlog will eventually get edited!)-Read my post HERE!


Why does my camera have the wrong year? How do I fix that?

Sophia Bush retweeted my tweet and my phone blew up….


My brother got married and he and his wife bought a house.


I entered one of my scripts into a writing contest! (although nothing came of it, it was a huge leap that I took, and I was really proud of myself for facing that fear.)

I got free movie passes for covering a story in my local theater, my best friend Jenny and I saw Finding Dory in 3D…because why not?

I’ve realized that I can overcome my anxiety on my own, but the help that I have received has been a gift I will continue to utilize.

My best friend and I finally saw Bethany Joy Lenz in concert and WE MET HER! #LifeGoal –Read my post HERE!


Fuller House seasons 1& 2 are killin’ the game #NetflixIsDangerous


I went for bridesmaid’s dresses for my friend Jenny’s wedding-I was asked to be her maid of honor last year.


I went on The Polar Express with my god daughter and other family members. (vlog will eventually get edited!)


I worked for a summer camp, and my kids made some really great story books for my creative writing class.


I hosted a Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life- Netflix revival….viewing party- Read my post HERE!


I got a vlog up on my YouTube channel, and have been vlogging more, but editing has been a slow process. I WILL GET THERE!

I finally got to pretend to be a YouTube vlogger and did a Mini “Vlogmas” from Dec. 23-Dec. 31 into 2017 (Stay Tuned!)

My brother and I started to shoot the first installment of our zombie short, but it got halted because…. #WeddingCraziness #BridalShowerCraziness


michelleleighwrites turned 3!!!!!!! Read my post HERE! (It’s turning 4 in a WEEK!!!!!!)


 Justin Timberlake released new music & a video – Can’t Stop The Feeling! (he also produced the soundtrack to Trolls (What a beautiful, fun loving film, highly recommend seeing it!). Read my fangirl report HERE!


Valentine’s Day Girls Nite In with my girls.


Celebrated my Aunt Mary’s birthday  with some dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant and had some Pepsi- her favorite drink. Love you Aunt Mary, Miss you!


Bruno Mars new album, listening to it as I write. So obsessed! #24KMagic #Chunky #ThatsWhatILike #VersaceOnTheFloor #Finesse LISTEN


Rocked some obnoxious Christmas Lights for the holidays. #BestDecisionOfMyLife #5BucksWellSpent #ShoutOutToStrangerThings



Received some handmade Christmas cards from my students.


30th Birthdays Celebrations- We hosted a big family dinner for my sister in law and went on an AC family trip for my brother.


Family BBQ’s!!! #Cousins


Best Friend Weekend. – Even at 25, my best friend and I still keep our sleepover tradition going. It started off going to the Zumba class that my best friend teaches, then we had some dinner at her house (BBQ chicken my fav at their house hold-like old times), next we watched our favorite tv show One Tree Hill until 4 AM, Went for breakfast the next morning, got manicures, and shopped a bit. It was so nostalgic and it was just what we needed. #BestFriendMiniWeekend #RoshellWeekend

That Zumba class tho-I had been trying to get to one, forever!

Britney’s back bitches! #GLORY album is just….EPIC! Read my post HERE!



Pineapple float- #SOTRENDY



Took my mom to see the Radio City Spring Spectacular- it was her mother’s day gift and it felt really great to be able to do that for her. What a brilliant show. Visually stunning!


Got hooked on Murder Mystery 13 Part Series American Gothic- so damn good! #SHOUTOUTTOBETHANYJOYLENZ


Started Stranger Things #NetflixIsDangerous



Attended my best friend’s engagement party.


Continued with the annual chop.


Dressed up in Hawaiian theme attire for my cousin’s birthday party.- Read my post HERE!


Finally got to rock the yellow, red, blue look I’ve wanted to try for forever! Read my post HERE!


After the chop, had to try out some new hair do’s – Reverse Space buns.


Marina Squerciati answered my tweet, (cuz we’re besties) ;). #thathashtagtho


My parents treated me to a massive birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant. Got my big gold number balloons too! #BlackAndGold #Family #Friends Read my post HERE!



That TWD finale tho. #WHOISIT? Read my feels HERE!


Started an unintentional tradition of taking massive group family photos/selfies.



Bridal expos with my bestie. #MaidofHonor #OnCall



My cousins from Florida surprised us with a quick visit!



Curvy Barbies (and other body shapes and sizes) are a thing! #FINALLY #Variety

Read my post HERE!



That *NSYNC picture. #reunion #myheart



Met our newest family member! My god daughter is a big sister!


Started watching a few new tv series- This Is Us (I have to catch up, I’m so behind) and Shades of Blue.



Damn a lot can happen in a year. I am grateful for the blessings 2016 has given me. Of course it wasn’t all marshmallows and honey all the time, but I still fought through obstacles and made beautiful memories. Cheers to 2017, may it be beautiful and happy and healthy for all of you, filled with love and inspiration and success. See you soon friends!

*Most images are my own.*













Summer 2016 Bucket List


Get a new haircut

Outlet malls

Shop for simpler, more casual clothes for summer

Attend a 4th of July BBQ

Watch fireworks

Great Wolf Lodge with family

Go to the beach at least once 

Pool time

Bates Motel Photo Op at The MET

Coney Island boardwalk-games & food

Cosmic Bowling

Picnic in a park

The zoo

The aquarium

90’s club

Baseball game

Rooftop movie screening

Drive in movie theater

Zumba class

Take a dance class

Pinot’s Palette class

Host some type of themed party

Girl’s weekend

Try an acai bowl

Go to a farmer’s market


Outdoor concert


Miniature Golf

Make tie dye t-shirts

Trip to Atlantic City


Here’s hoping I can work my way through this list! Wish me luck!

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

*I do not take credit for the image used.*




How I styled Blue lipstick…

A few days before New Year’s Eve I remember thinking “I want to wear a really obnoxious color lipstick.” I thought a bright blue would be really, funky and fun for New Years. And I saw this YouTube video and thought, hey why the hell not?

I was just going to hang out with some family, I wasn’t really worried about feeling strange. In fact, I just embraced the freedom the bold color gave me, to strike up a conversation. In fact my grandfather was like “Oh is this a new thing? You look beautiful.” in his heavy Spanish accent. It was kind of hysterical.

This make-up look is very bold and so I thought it needed an edgy outfit to accompany it. I also think this look can work for a night out with friends. You can even swap it out for a funky black dress and some heels to make it fancier.

Here’s my New Year’s Eve look (in mostly crappy cellphone pictures) 😉



Blue lipsticks and hair jewels. Fun Fact: The iron ons were $1 in Mandees. And when they say they last for a week, believe it! I had to fight to get those suckers out, I washed my hair thoroughly 3 times and still had to brush them out with a comb and some conditioner once I got out of the shower. Got my dollars worth that’s for sure. AND the lipsticks were $3 each in a local beauty store. NOT BAD! (I’m dying to go back and by all the other funky colors, like Green and Purple!)

PLEASE EXCUSE– the abundance of weird selfie faces,  you are about to endure, this blue lipstick went to my head. 😉 #alterego



My attempt at a winged eyeliner. Eh. My shadow is made up of a lot of bronze, gold, brown colors, with some black liner on the top and bottom water lines. I layered some gold glitter on top of the black liner on the top water line too. Also some silver glitter for the outer portion of my eyes.


Silver iron on hearts on one side of my hair- I just used a flat iron for this. The directions are included in the package, it’s pretty self explanatory. Although I had curled my hair, so when I had to flat iron the hearts onto my hair, it kind of lost it’s curl. And it was a bit difficult to try and curl it again, while the hearts were in. So I kind of just sprayed it and scrunched it up with my hands, just to get the body back.


Gold Hair Jewels on the other side. These were very easy to apply and to remove. They were just stick ons.


Gosh. So sassy. #missthangovahere

nye 2nye


outfitoutfit 220151231_202008IMG_20160101_123713

Basically I wore black skinny legged pants, a black and white mesh/lace shirt with a cross on it, a black sparkly sequined cardigan, and my funky pair of black and white boots. I paired my outfit with some gold jewelry to accessorize and I don’t know if you can tell by my nails were basically silver, and gold, with gold glittery sparkles.


So I know this isn’t exactly a tutorial. I don’t really put a lot of emphasis on brands, I use what I have and just make it work for me. So you guys can totally do the same. And I don’t really tell you exactly how I did my make-up because I think everyone develops their own style and I’m not even close to beauty guru status, so I’m going to stick with doing things this way. I just watch tutorials on YouTube for tips and tricks. Some of my favorite beauty gurus include Carrie Rad, Ingrid Nielsen, Rachh Loves, Sierra Furtado, LaurDIY, Michelle Reed, TalkBeckyTalk, FleurdeForce, and of course the beautiful Bethany Mota.

This look is just to spark some inspiration for those looking to spice things up for a night on the town or for wherever you choose to go, or whatever you choose to do. Trust me, my parents were kinda like whoa, ok. And, my brother has issues with change, so he had something to say. But I didn’t let it bother me- it was super fun, and I felt kinda extra cool, because I knew it wasn’t about me doing it for attention. It was about me doing something cool and funky for me. I’ll admit I went a little overboard on the makeup and hair, but hey if I’m going to overdo the sparkly on any day, let it be New Year’s Eve, right?

I like to be different. I like to do things that are out of the box when it comes to fashion. I love experimenting. I love dressing up, and being festive for the holiday season. Every holiday you will find me in some kind of festive head dress. It’s fun to be weird, to be funky. I was always the shy girl as kid, and although I’ve come a long way, that still is a part of me. Regardless, I also think I’ve always had this attraction to strange trends and strange patterns, and things like that. I feel like I have a gypsy soul of sorts. I dance to my one drum, that I create the beat for.

Dare to be different. Turn a few heads.

Make 2016, your year to *sparkle*

****QUICK NOTE****

I will say the lipstick held up, and definitely had staying power. But if I ate or drank anything instead of just gradually blending off like regular lipstick, this matte finish kind of streaked and lingered, to the point where I either had to reapply or just take it off completely by wiping it off with a tissue. That was kind of frustrating to be talking and feel like your blue lipstick was all wonky. But never the less, its the price you pay for cheap lipstick, no biggy. I still enjoyed rocking my blue lips. When can I wear them again? 😉


So would you rock blue lips?

*All images are my personal images…(although I stole some from my dad’s camera ;))*


Dear 2016, + Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Every new coming year WordPress sends out the year’s blogging report. It highlights categories like, crunchy numbers (popular posts), posting patterns, attractions, how did they find you? (referring sites,) where are the views coming from? (from around 137 countries total- with most views from The U.S., France and Germany,) and comments from viewers. This year I was blessed to gain new followers, and to finally meet an unconscious goal I’ve had of reaching 100 followers, plus a few extras along the way. I noticed that once I realized I hit 100, I mentally checked it off my list.

Read my Thank You note (and more on that topic) HERE.

I recently noticed that my blog got more traction when I began posting an abundance of short stories/series. And I also realized how effective categorizing and tagging are.

As michelle leigh writes- 3rd Anniversary is coming up tomorrow- January 8th, I decided to dive into the inner workings of this blog and re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t. As the old cliché says; Practice makes perfect. And I truly believe that mlw has come quite a long way since my first post.

Check it out HERE for a Blast from the Past

happy 3 year anniversary

Thank You

I’ve noticed that it’s difficult for me to always come up with something to post on the days I’ve committed myself to; Mondays & Thursdays. For the most part I stuck to this schedule pretty consistently. I think the only time I missed a day that I can actually recall, was on Christmas, but I posted Friday instead. As I saw on my posting patterns, there were a few Sunday, Wednesday and Friday posts along the way, but for the most part the schedule stuck. And I’m pretty damn proud of that fact. It has been really important to me to stick to this schedule to maintain a consistency. But I also want to maintain a credibility and put out worthy content, and not just fillers. Which is something that I think I often struggle with, because inspiration isn’t always consistent. Every writer has their dry spells. However, as I’ve noticed my latest post record has filled me with much more joy. As short stories have been somewhat of a trend for me.

Over the past few years that I’ve had this blog, I usually tell you what we can look forward to in the New Year. I give you a list of things I want to work on, I share my resolutions with you. But this year I’m not going to do that, because the greater the list (and you know I love my lists) the more likely they won’t happen. The list can put the pressure on. So I know there are some things I’d like to do on this blog, ways to improve it, but I think I’m going to keep them to myself and let you be surprised when they happen. No resolutions, just helpful ideas to achieve a better life and by extension- a better blog.

As for the content, there will continue to be short stories, and poetry. And as much as I at times feel like this blog is all over the place with no consistent message, and I would love to just stick solely to sharing stories with you, I do have other interests. Sometimes things will fall into the lifestyle genre, fashion genre or the movie/music review genre.

This reminds me of a story. In college, I had to start a blog for a class. The blog had to center around one thing. I chose music. I love music and I love lyrics and analyzing the meaning behind why an artist writes their words. But being confined to one subject drove me crazy at times. I felt like it limited my creativity. I like the freedom to post what I love and enjoy, despite the subject matter/genre/category.

As I ponder all of this, I am suddenly reminded of the phrase attached to this blog; the phrase written just beneath my blog name; “A safe place for the written word.” That’s the message of this blog. To allow myself (and all of you) to feel welcome to read and write about what we feel is important to the nurture of our souls and spirits.

Obviously I still feel that there are things I’d like to change and work on. There’s always room for improving your craft. And the more you do it, the more confidant you will feel about your ability to do it.

I remember a professor/mentor of mine used to always say, “A draft is never done.” No matter how any times you proof, edit, or rewrite it. And it’s true you can always find ways to change things, to make it better. But you have to write it in the first place.

So as we move forward into the New Year, my hope for this blog, is simply to keep it going. At this moment the schedule will remain the same. But as life changes, it may vary, (but I will always keep you posted.) Things may start to change slowly, but I only wish to strive to make this blog better- more fun, and more interesting to read. So thank you for coming along on this journey. I look forward to all the love stories that are to be written and shared here on michelle leigh writes along with anything else I feel to share. I do hope you stick around. And I thank you again. And let us once again rejoice and say a big…..HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MLW!!! I am so proud!

Stay Tuned!

(And yes Love Conflicted readers, I WILL finish it, I promise. In the meantime…catch up HERE!)

Love conflicted new posterlove conflicted new poster ft. lily and ian


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*Spoiler Alert: I tweet about television shows for the most part, #LIVETWEETER.







2015 Memory Jar Review


2015 was difficult for me, for some personal reasons, but it was also a year of growth for me. And the more growth I see in myself, the more I am sure I will see being reflected on this blog. Last year for 2015 I started a memory jar, I had seen the idea floating around online and it seemed like something that would be right up my alley. I’m the girl who takes too many pictures. I’m the girl who yells at those who don’t want to take pictures with my famous saying; “Hey, we’re making memories!” I’m the girl who used to spend her middle school years scrapbooking. You can sense a theme, I’m sure.

2015 memory jar

2015, thanks for the memories.

So on New Year’s Day as I sat down to read through all my 2015 memories from my memory jar (pictured above,) I was pleasantly surprised by how much I feel I have grown as a person. From the girl who graduated college about 3 years ago, who has had an ongoing battle with anxiety and breaking into the work world, to the girl who has begun to round a corner this year. And I am thrilled. I may have a long ways to go in finding my career and in other aspects of my life, but my hope for 2016 is to keep this going and to keep growing and learning new things about myself. Learning what I am capable of and to always strive for more, strive to better myself and become a well-rounded person overall.

***Listen as you read: REVIVAL by Selena Gomez (oddly enough this is the song I gravitated toward playing as I edited this. Coincidence? I think not. I got you SelGo. 😉

It’s important to reflect on all the good things you do have, rather than to dwell on all the things you don’t have or all the bad things that happened.

So I bring you

*My 2015 Highlights* (in no particular order.)

The biggest change I have made is taking measures to help deal with my anxiety issues and remaining grounded in difficult life situations, and understanding that feeling emotion is okay and so is showing emotion. I’m not going to dive into specifics, but I have seen an improvement in myself.

Looking at my religious faith with stronger eyes than I used to and attending church more freely. I say this not because I used to be forced to go, because I wasn’t. But I use the world freely because I feel a stronger connection to God, because my outlook on life is slowly maturing in understanding. I realize that I will question him sometimes, when things feel really bad but still trust in him and still understand that the gospel readings are there to show insight. And in some way or another they will relate to your life and can help guide you.


Photo By: Robert DeSantos Jr.

My 2015 started the same way my 2016 started; with a New Year’s Day dinner with my family. (2016 we even added a game night, we had a blast and laughed a ton!)

family dinner

My god daughter has created her own nickname for me, and it stuck. To her I am “Shem.”


The year also started off with a reunion dinner with some old friends!


My brother got engaged! (Yes I was in attendance, I was in charge of the photos as I snapped through shaking hands/legs and happy tears!)


My future sister in law asked me to be a bridesmaid, and we found her wedding dress! (Yes I was also in attendance, I was in charge of capturing the experience for my brother to watch later on down the line.)


I got back into video for a short bit, as I directed, edited and shot a yoga video for my cousin’s holistic class. It came out pretty awesome and her presentation was a hit because of it!

michelle leigh writes turned 2!-READ POST

I re-decorated my own room.


– Joy Williams ❤

Took mom to brunch for Mother’s Day!


I went on a few job interviews, some went better than others, and some job opportunities were a lesson learned.

I got an intern position at a local newspaper and have been there for a few months. Although it’s newswriting, I am learning to be in a work environment, and part of a team. I am also learning to deal with new situations that aren’t exactly in my comfort zone. With responsibility comes more independence. Seeing my By-line is always a nice feeling too. 🙂

I saw 50 Shades of Grey with some friends and became slightly obsessed, after reading all three books in a matter of a few weeks, I was eagerly awaiting this film.

50 shades

Jesse Lee Soffer (Chicago PD) favorited my tweet. I gotta say my celebrity twitter game was on fire this year. Marina Squerciati (Chicago PD) is like my bestie on twitter for live tweet Wednesdays. She answers me all the time!


Dressed up in theme on several occasions; my goddaughter’s farm themed birthday party, my cousin’s 80’s themed birthday party, flapper inspired look for my birthday dinner. You guys know I love a good theme.

80's party

My good friend Jenny got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor!


Had a mother/daughter date night with my mom and our best friends.

mom dates

I’ve noticed I’m writing more, whether its news related for work, or my own creative stories. It’s been more consistent as of late. [SEE: Love Conflicted, A Broken Heart For Christmas, For Old Times’ Sake, What are you doing New Year’s Eve?] I also wrote two short scripts; both horror based; One was an extension of a zombie short I wrote a while back, called “Inhumane” and the other is called “Head Over Heels.”

Between all the upcoming weddings I have been to bridal showcases, and a taste testing, supporting special people in my life, in preparation of their big day.

Glenn survived on The Walking Dead! This was a whirlwind for me, because I am a huge TV junkie and I take my love of characters seriously.


The Walking Dead Went Too Far

My Glenn/The Walking Dead Theory

The Glenn Mystery Continues with New Revelations…

Send up Green Balloons for Glenn!

glenn alive

I found out my best friend is going to be an Aunt! Her brother is my brother’s best friend and we are all really close. At their Fourth of July celebration, they announced the exciting news. Later on she also found out she’s going to be a God mother too! Baby meatball is due soon! Welcome to the godmother club love! So excited for you! ❤

aunt best friend

Gym, Haircuts, Lunch & Shopping day with two of my favorite ladies; my Mom and my Aunt. I was obsessed with my short hair and am considering that once we hit spring, I may have to chop it off again.


My best friend took me to this really adorable tea place in the city; Alice’s Tea Cup as my birthday gift. You guys know how I love my tea.


My goddaughter gave me the sweetest, most thoughtful gift for Christmas. A tea mug, a diffuser, an assortment of loose leaf teas, and on the tea mug she drew some art work as it also read “World’s Best Godmother!” I couldn’t imagine getting a more perfect gift, from a more special person. Thank you babe!

I began spending more time with both sides of my family, which is really important to me. Sometimes time gets away from us, and we don’t allow room to spend time with everyone.


I went to the mermaid parade with my mom and dressed like a mermaid. Can you see how I enjoy dressing up and being weird?

I went out one night for my friend’s birthday to an 80’s club and it was a blast. As you may know I’m not one for bars and clubs. I’m a “let’s watch a movie and eat junk food, stay at home grandma,” but some nights I’ll put the heels on and the makeup and act my age. It’s a rare occurrence, but it was a great time with great music, and great people.

I hosted a Girls Gala for Valentine’s Day.

I won a massive Trader Joe’s basket at a card party! And a few other things too, it was super exciting. Things like that rarely happen to me, but I was on a roll!

trader joe's basket

For my family birthday dinner, I had breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast foods!

Bethany Joy Lenz favorited and answered my tweet, and Joy Williams favorited and answered my tweets too! Seriously I’m such a fan of both of these women, so this was like huge for me! Lol.

I survived my first Jury Duty experience. (See you in 8 years mothatruckas!) 😉

Ugly sweaters and t-shirts in honor of my Aunt Mary, this Christmas. Everyone came out and really rallied in remembering a woman who truly made an impact on our lives with her crazy sense of humor.


Photo By: Robert DeSantos Jr.

Rocked Blue Lips on the very last day of the year- New Year’s Eve. Dare to be different. Turn a few heads.

I’ve learned that I control my social media, my social media doesn’t control me. In other words, I post less frequently than I used to. And I’m ok with that.

Joy Williams’ “Venus” album kind of became my anthem, along with some really good Yoga music. (Helps with traveling anxiety if you’re wondering.) *I recommend- Woman (Oh Mama), Not Good Enough, What a Good Woman Does, and Welcome Home.

williams 2

Justin Timberlake became a DAD!

So there you have it. I know some things aren’t huge successes, or are not in direct relation to me, but I’m a believer in making the simple little things shine through. Those little things become the big things, and supporting others in my life means a lot to me too.

Looking back at all my 2015 memories made me realize how much can happen over the course of a year. I think that the idea of starting a memory jar is great, everyone should give it a try! I already started mine! It’s not too late, the new year is just beginning. Who are you going to be? What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? It’s all a mystery. Enjoy it!

Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.

I truly hope 2016 is your best year yet!



What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

**This was posted on Monday by accident, I had scheduled it for later in the day and forgot it needed some editing and pictures. It was meant to be posted for today- New Year’s Eve. My apologies. Hope you enjoy! And if you’ve already read it by some chance, there’s some new scenes added, so I’m just saying…you may want to glance over it again! 😉

A follow-up to last year’s “Kiss Me At Midnightshort story

kiss me at midnight

READ this before you read this new chapter…


What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

A short story

Soundtrack: LISTEN as you read 😉

what are you doing new year's eve

***Although I will just say it is a bit more on the adult scale than the previous chapter. Nothing too crazy, but definitely a little bit of a sassier dialogue. I think you guys can handle it. 😉


They were friends for years, as he pined over her watching her date guy after guy. Until a pact between the two formed a new spark.  Follow Aidan & Chloe’s New Year’s Eve journey, ONE YEAR LATER…where are they now? Are they in love and happy, or are they better off as friends?

Did their love last

A vanity full of beauty supplies; eye shadows, lip sticks, glitter, perfumes, the list is endless.

Chloe’s reflection is displayed in the mirror, a silk robe and her hair up in a messy bun, fresh out of the shower.

Ok let’s go this, she thinks as she sets to getting ready for a big night.

Her stomach full of anxious butterflies.

A little ways later, Chloe’s hair is done in a chic short messy style as she’s finishing up her makeup, with one final touch. She applies her lipstick, then smacks her lips together and smiles at herself.

vanity chloe

She then walks over to her closet to pick out her outfit. Chloe pulls out two outfits- a short black dress and a silver sparkly romper. Chloe stands in front of her mirror taking turns holding each in front of her to judge- trying to make a decision.

Chloe hangs the silver one back in her closet and sets the black dress out on her bed. She then walks over to her dresser and pulls out some silver bangles, a pair of big dangly silver earrings, a big silver diamond fashion ring and a sparkly silver shawl.

Chloe throws on her outfit and walks over to her full length mirror again. She smiles as she turns to look at her outfit from all angles.

Chloe walks back over to her vanity, reaching for her perfume, out of the many, she reaches for his favorite, which by extension has become her favorite too.

She sprays some on her neck area and notices her ring sparkle on her right hand through the reflection in the mirror.

Chloe looks and removing it she puts it on her left hand ring finger.

She smiles at her hand looking at it, just then her cellphone rings.

She looks and smiles seeing the phone display the words “my love” on her screen.

Her heart flutters as she hears that special ringtone playing.

It never gets old, she thinks.

“Hi babe,” Chloe says in that sweet sexy voice she only reserves for him.

“Are you down stairs?”

“Ok I’m coming down right now.”

Chloe hangs up, and grabs a purse throwing her phone, keys, wallet, and lipstick into it. As she goes to leave, she stops and puts her ring back on her right hand, as she laughs and heads out.

As Chloe leaves her bedroom a frame of photos of she and Aidan come into focus…

Chloe opens her front door, to find a man in a suit waiting in front of her door, his back to her.

“Hey you,” Chloe says.

Aidan turns around with a bright smile, he’s holding white roses in his hands.

“Hey babe,” he says.

Aidan watches Chloe as she steps down from her front door walking toward him. His eyes take her in, registering her beauty.

“You. Look. Gorgeous. Even after all these years, you still take my breath away,” Aidan says with a sheepish smile.

“Yea?” she smiles shrugging.

“I mean I can’t wait to see what kind of sexy little number you’re rocking under that later, but uh, yea you look gorgeous,” he says smirking.

Chloe looks at him, narrowing her eyes at him, with a stern face.

He mimics her.

Her lips circle into a smile as she laughs.

Aidan looks at her lovingly.

“Well I may or may not be wearing your favorite set,” Chloe says sauntering up to him.

Aidan’s eyebrows raise, “The black lacey one?”

“Maybe.” Chloe says nodding yes.

Aidan smiles as he pulls her waist to him, he kisses her.

“Happy New Year to me,” he whispers as she laughs kissing him again.

“Are these for me?” she smiles looking at the roses.

“Nah, they’re for my other girlfriend,” Aidan says in a serious tone.

Chloe hits him in the chest, he smiles handing her the roses, she tip toes to meet him in another kiss, her arms circling around the nape of his neck.

“Thank you,” Chloe says smiling up at him.

“Thank you for making 2015 the best year of my life,” Aidan says looking at Chloe with admiration.

“Let’s hope 2016 is just as great,” Chloe says smiling. “Although I gotta say, 2015 is gonna be hard to top. It’s not everyday you get to fall in love with your best friend and live an amazing life with him.”

“Oh trust me babe I fall in love with you everyday over and over again.”

“Even when…we fight?” she asks curiously.

“Especially when we fight,” Aidan smirks.

“And why’s that?” She questions pursing her lips at him and narrowing her eyes in a knowing way.

“You know exactly why. There is nothing sexier then when you look like you hate my guts, like you want to rip my head off, but you just can’t seem to stop loving me. You do this thing where you can be yelling at me and then you just stop and you take a breath and you just look at me with understanding. And the fight’s over.”

Chloe looks at Aidan lovingly as her eyes sparkle softly.

“And then there’s the make up sex- yea that’s pretty fantastic,” he says smirking and chuckling knowingly.

Chloe gasps as her boyfriend’s response went straight from sappy romantic to typical guy. She smacks him in the arm.

“Shh. Someone’s gonna hear you,” Chloe laughs looking around and up at her building for any nosey neighbors.

“What? There’s nothing wrong with it,” he says shaking his head no, and smiling at a blushing Chloe. “My girlfriend is sexy as hell,” he reiterates starring at her.

“Ok. Stop.” Chloe says laughing and covering her face, burying it into Aidan’s chest.

“No. I’m not gonna stop. I’m gonna tell you how beautiful, sexy, smart, kind and talented you are everyday. Because you’re amazing and sometimes it’s like you don’t even know it. But don’t worry that’s why I’m here.” he smiles, holding her close.

Chloe smiles up at him.

“You’re the amazing one, I have never felt so safe, and so happy in my entire life,” she says cupping his face.

“I’ve had to watch guy after guy hurt you in the past. You deserve to be loved every minute of every day. And that’s what I’m gonna do. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for us,” Aidan says taking her hand and leading her to his car parked in front.

“Oh really, well you sound pretty sure of yourself,” Chloe says following him as she looks up at him curiously.

“Oh I am. I have big things planned for you this year.” Aidan says opening the passengers door for Chloe.

“Do you now?” Chloe says leaning against the car, challenging him.

Aidan leans closer to her “Oh yea,” Aidan says his eyes sparkling.

She goes to kiss him, but he instead grabs her left hand and kisses her ring finger.

“Stay tuned,” he says, winking at her as she looks at him slightly speechless.

Chloe smiles and gets into the car, as he closes the door, and walks to the other side of the car, Chloe begins to fidget. She begins to feel her heart race.

She looks down at her hand, biting her lip, she nearly squeals out loud.

Aidan opens his door, as Chloe tries to calm herself down and play it cool, while looking out the window.

Aidan sits, starting the car, he looks over at her with a smile. He pulls the car out of its parking spot. Heading off to their destination.

Soon enough their car pulls up in front of a hotel.

Chloe looks at Aidan, confused.

“Where are we? I thought you said your old college buddy was throwing a party?”

“Oh he is, we’re just not going,” he says smiling, and shutting the car off as he gets out.

Aidan opens the door for Chloe, as he reaches for her hand.

They walk toward the hotel doors, as Aidan beeps his car alarm, and Chloe holds onto the dozen of long stemmed white roses.

Aidan stops in front of the door, and turns to Chloe.

“Ok so, this is the thing- I need you to put this on before we go any further.” Aidan says holding up a black silk blindfold.

“Okay, Aidan, what is this?” Chloe says really confused.

“Well the way I see it is we’ve been best friends forever, but our first kiss happened last New Year’s Eve right?”


“Well then tonight isn’t just any other New Year’s Eve, it’s our one year anniversary.”

“Ohhh-I see.”

“And I think we’re worth celebrating- in style.” Aidan gestures to the fancy hotel behind him. “Will you put on the blindfold, please?” Aidan asks, with puppy dog eyes.

“I hate feeling like I’m not in control Aidan, you know that. If I can’t see, I’m going to feel all kinds of anxious,” Chloe says rattling off.

“I’ve got you. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you,” he laughs.

Chloe gives him a look.

“Is that supposed to intimidate me? Because I gotta be honest it’s kind of a turn on,” Aidan says with a slight cock of his head, looking at her, he smiles.

“You are shameless,” she says shaking her head with a laugh “I swear all our years of friendships and you never not once tossed out these sexually charged one liners.”

***Blast from the past…simpler times when all Aidan could muster up was a goofy grin. ;)***

“Hey all that pent up sexual tension has been building up, I gotta let it out,” he says smiling at her. “Just put on the blindfold, so we can move this night along.”

Chloe sighs. Debating.

“Do you trust me?” he asks taking her free hand in his.

“With my life,” she says smiling.

“Good answer,” Aidan ties the blindfold around her head, and kisses her cheek.

“Come on you,” he says taking her hand and leading her through the doors and into the lobby elevator.

Aidan presses the number for the 25th floor.

With just the two of them accompanying the elevator floor after floor, Aidan looks at Chloe. He smiles, pulling her and meeting her lips with a kiss. Aidan deepens it as he walks Chloe back into the corner of the elevator, her free hand cupping his face, as his hands circle around her waist. Working their way to the corner of the elevator, as their hands grip the railing on the wall of the elevator behind Chloe for support. Aidan moves closer to Chloe, leaving no space between them.

Chloe pushes Aidan away softly.

“Aidan,” she says with a giggle and slightly out of breath.

“Don’t worry no one’s in here,” he says kissing her again.

Just then the elevator dings, and the doors open.

Aidan gives Chloe one last quick peck on the lips, and taking her hand, leads her out of the elevator, down a long carpeted, dimly lit hallway.

Aidan stops when he reaches the end of the hallway, taking out a room key, he guides Chloe to stand in front of him, as he wraps his arms around her. From behind, leaning over her he unlocks the room door. Slowly guiding her into the darkened room.

“Ok we’re almost there, you okay?” Aidan whispers into her ear, nuzzling into her neck.

“Yea. I’m good,” Chloe says smiling. Her mind running a mile a minute.

“Ok just wait here, love,” Aidan whispers in her ear, suddenly vanishing from her side.

Chloe hears Aidan shuffling around the room.

He comes over to take the flowers from her.

A few minutes later she hears silence.


“Aidan, where’d you go?”

“Still blindfolded over here.”

Just then Chloe hears…

Maybe it’s much too early in the game
Aah, but I thought I’d ask you just the same
What are you doing New Year’s
New Year’s Eve?

Wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight
When it’s exactly twelve o’clock that night
Welcoming in the New Year
New Year’s Eve

The lyrics filling the room.

She smiles.

Aidan comes around behind her, untying the blindfold, revealing a romantic candlelit hotel suite.

Silver, gold, and cream hues fill the room. Balloons dance on the ceiling as white rose petals kiss the paisley bed.

Chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne- two glasses already filled, sit on the coffee table as the fireplace crackles nearby.

An assortment of appetizers lay on the kitchen island, her white roses stand nearby dressing up the spread.

“Aidan this is so perfect,” she says walking further into the suite and looking around in awe.

Aidan smiles, as he walks over to a nearby small table which holds a bunch of festive New Years hats, crowns, poppers, and noise makers. He takes out a silver and gold 2016 crown and a 2016 hat. Putting the hat on his own head, he walks over to Chloe handing her the crown, as she smiles and puts it on. He takes the two glasses of champagne over to her, handing her one.

“I know you enjoy a good party. And that you’re a people person. But when I’m in a crowded room, all I see is you. And no one else matters. I guess selfishly I just wanted you all to myself tonight. No interruptions. Is that okay?”

Chloe looks at him, her eyes sparkling.

“Yes, that’s okay. There’s no where else I’d rather be.”

Aidan smiles, pulling her into him.

“Happy Anniversary, my love,” he says clinking his glass with hers.

“Happy Anniversary,” Chloe kisses him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

As they continue to kiss, the song is still playing throughout the room…

Aah, but in case I stand one little chance
Here comes the jackpot question in advance
What are you doing New Year’s
New Year’s Eve?

…as Aidan begins to sway with Chloe in his arms.

As the song finishes, Aidan walks over to turn the tv on. The countdown to midnight is rolling: 1 hour left.

“Are you hungry, we’ve got an hour?” Aidan turns toward Chloe.

“No, not really, you?” Chloe asks a smile playing on her lips.

“Nope.” Aidan says noticing the look she’s giving him.

“Well then I mean- what can we possibly do to pass the time?” She asks playing coy.

Aidan laughs.

“I have a few ideas,” he says walking over to her.

“Yea?” Chloe says smirking.

Aidan nods as he pulls her into a slow, deep, kiss.

His hands reach around to her back, unzipping her black dress as it falls to her feet.

Aidan steps back admiring his favorite lingerie on Chloe.

Chloe smiles pulling him to her by his suit jacket and kissing him, as she begins to undress him.

They walk towards the bed as clothes scatter the floor.

“Oh now we’re definitely gonna miss it,” Chloe says in between kisses.  “And you bought all those poppers and noise makers.”

“I have a feeling we’re gonna be making enough noise all on our own, don’t worry,” Aidan says kissing her as they fall onto the bed.

Soon enough the count down begins as the crowd is heard on tv
10, 9, 8…

As Chloe and Aidan lay in each other’s arms, blissfully happy. Chloe snuggled into his side, wearing his button down shirt, her eyes resting.

7 ,6 ,5…

Aidan kisses Chloe’s forehead, as she smiles. He leans over to the end table and pulls the draw open reaching in for something.

4, 3…


Chloe opens her eyes, gasping.

2 ,1…”Happy New Year” Aidan says as he gets up to a kneeling position beside her in bed. “Will you marry me?”

Chloe just stares blankly as she watches the stunning diamond being slid onto her ring finger.

Aidan looks at her, waiting for her answer anxiously.

“I know it’s quick, and we’ve only been together for a year. But I figured we’ve been best friends forever, and it’s enough for me to know Chloe. I love you so much. You’re my everything. You’re it,” he says smiling.

“Yes.” Chloe blurts out, breaking her trance.


Chloe nods happily, kneeling in front of him, reaching for Aidan, she cups his face as she kisses him.

A little while later the two of them sit on the floor in front of the fireplace, clearly in afterglow yet again as they pick at the appetizers and drink champagne.

Aidan watches Chloe as she takes a sip of Champagne her ring sparkling on her finger.

“That ring looks sexy on you,” he says leaning towards her for a kiss.

Chloe smiles and kisses him softly, as he pulls her onto his lap.

“I love you,” she says in between kisses. “And this ring-” Chloe holds her hand out admiring it in awe.

“You like it?” Aidan says holding her waist as she sits on his lap.

“It’s breathtaking,” she says still in a fog.

“Fitting, for a girl like you,” he smiles as she leans down to kiss him.

“I love you,” Aidan says deepening their kiss as he leans them back they fall onto the floor. He continues to kiss his future wife, her ring glistening on her hand as it circles around his bare back. The shine complimenting the glistening from the fireplace.

“I still can’t believe this. We’re engaged!” she smiles, as he looks down at her ring.

“Well believe it, babe. Because unlike the idiot guys that came before me, I know what I have. And I am never letting you go. We’re gonna be celebrating New Year’s Eve together for the rest of our lives.”

“Kiss me at midnight?” Chloe says holding her pinky up.

“Always,” Aidan says linking his pinky with hers as he kisses her.

kiss me at midnight the sequel

As people all throughout the hotel and city streets scream and holler into the night, seemingly having the time of their lives. Aidan and Chloe were having their own quiet private party, VIP only.

~The End~


I hope 2016 is full of happy and healhy memories for all of us!

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For Old Times’ Sake

What happens when an unsuspecting Lennox meets a classic fella Brady?

For old times' sake

Every year Lennox thinks the New Year will be a dud. For the past few years she has sat home on the sidelines watching as the world lights up in glitter and champagne. Cheers and laughs echoing in the halls. The city streets alive with living below her apartment building.

And every year Lennox tells herself it’s all by choice. She chooses to stay in. She enjoys the comfort of her own quaint little apartment. It’s just another year, another night. What’s the big deal, right?

Enough of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Enough of the stress and running around for the whirlwind that has become Christmas. This is her time to unwind.

But just as New Year’s Eve rolls around she gets that feeling. That “I have no plans” feeling. No fun exciting reason to dress up and hit the town in sparkly fashion.

Social Media is no one’s friend. As the updates of girls she barely knows getting ready and dolled up sharing the exciting plans for the evening keep pouring in. Fomo (fear of missing out) is real, and rearing its ugly head.

Lennox sits in her rustic, earthy inspired living room. Her Christmas tree still lit up in the corner. A romantic comedy plays on her TV screen as she watched intently, sipping her cup of tea.

Lennox glances over at the clock- 5:03 p.m.

Less than 7 hours til 2016 she thinks

And I’m sitting here in my pajama bottoms and an old high school sweater, with a stain from Taco Tuesday on it, she thinks and she glances down pulling her at her sweater and sighing at her appearance.

“How sexy am I?” she says aloud huffing and puffing at herself.

Lennox checks her phone-No messages.

She tosses her phone to the side, with an annoyed expression.

Her eyes glance over at it as she reaches for it again.

She decides to be hopeful and proactive and begins to send out texts to all her friends about their evening plans.

Lennox sighs as the rejection texts pour in-

“Sorry can’t, going to a party in the city.”

“Sorry…family party.”

“Sorry girl, party with my boyfriend.”

“Sorry girlie, got Gala tickets for tonight.”

“Braving Times Square, been here for hours!”

Lennox looks around at her apartment and her current situation of junk food, and wine, and her favorite romantic movie.

“Well looks like it’s just you and me Ryan Gosling,” Lennox says looking at her TV screen with a shrug and a sigh.

Just then, her phone starts to ring with the name Millie displayed.

Lennox, smiles answering. Her older sister could instantly but her in a better mood with her loud and infectiously outgoing personality.


“Hey Loser, what are you doing tonight?”

“Oh drowning my sorrows in a pint of Rocky Road ice cream, and getting a buzz from some cheap wine.”

“Oh what, no hot date?” Millie asks driving on a main high way, passing by car after car, as her radio plays.

“That’s laughable.” Lennox laughs sarcastically as she rolls her eyes at her sister’s out of reach assumption. “What about you, going to some swanky Upper East Side party with ever so hunky John?”

Millie lets out a laugh herself.

“Hell no, I dumped that asshole months ago. I’m driving home now, be there in about an hour. Get dressed. We’re going out.”

“What? Are you serious?” Lennox says looking down at her terribly un-fashionable outfit.

“Uh hell yes! Do you really wanna spend tonight home alone? Get dressed. I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay. Um. Okay. Oh my gosh, I have to go find something to wear!” She says suddenly full of excitement.

“And do me a favorite Len, wear something mom and dad would never approve of.”

“Oh gosh,” Lennox says rolling her eyes at her sister.

“Come on now, you got it girl, flaunt it. Maybe you’ll meet someone completely amazing tonight, a handsome stranger that will sweep you off feet, just like in all those crappy romcom’s you love to watch.”

“Hey those are brilliant.”

“Yea yea, get dressed.” Millie hangs up.

Lennox looks at the clock- 6:30 p.m.

Holy crap! She says rushing into her bathroom, as she jumps into the shower sliding the curtain behind her in a rush.


Lennox stands at her bathroom mirror dawned in a fluffy white robe and a head wrap.

She walks into her bedroom and opens her closet searching for something that sparkled. Hanger after hanger, and nothing. Lennox stops in frustration. Just then she has a light bulb idea, a smile spreading across her face as her eyes light up.

Lennox digs all the way back into her closet pulling out her trusty little black dress. It has a hint of shimmer and an elegance of sparkle. She smiles holding it up and admiring it.

“Perfect,” Lennox says as she sets to doing her makeup and hair.


Lennox glances at her dolled up reflection in her full length mirror.

“Not bad for a rushed job,” She says turning to check all angles of her outfit.

Grabbing her phone a blazer, and a purse, she heads to her living room, where her doorbell rings.

“Wow, perfect timing.” She says looking at the clock- 7:50 p.m.

Lennox walks to her door and opening it sees the bright smile of her sister, who is decked out in head to toe gold sparkle.

“Hello gorgeous!” Millie screams hugging her sister.

“Well you may be in competition with the actual times square disco ball.”

“Well you know what they say, the outfit has to match the personality,” Millie says with a sassy undertone.

“Well then, you are spot on,” Lennox says laughing.

“So! You ready to make some guy fall in love with you tonight?”

Lennox laughs.

“Sure,” Lennox says rolling her eyes as she closes her door, locking it behind her.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me miss thing, ok you are fabulous, and you look hot! Ok this is your night. It’s about time you let the New York men see what you have to offer.” Millie smiles with an eyebrow raise, as she links arms with her sister. They enter the elevator.


Lennox and Millie get on the train, as people decked out in their best party clothes and New Year’s crowns and hates flood the subway car alongside the two women.

Lennox looks around feeling a sense of surprise bubbling up in her like champagne does once you pour it into a crystal glass. Excited to see what the night’s affairs would hold. Lennox felt alive.

The two women get off at a stop in the city as they walk down the streets, people are cheering and full of happiness. As they hold the promise of ridding themselves of years past stresses and starting anew with their hearts. Some looking for love. While others just want to- let’s face it- get drunk.

Lennox smiles and her sister pulls her along dodging past people like a true New Yorker.

“Where are we going?” Lennox asks excitedly with slight anxiety.

“Don’t worry, you’ll love it!”

A few blocks later, Millie pulls Lennox over to the back door of a ritzy city hotel.

Millie waves to a man inside wearing a security uniform, who opens the door for them.

“Thanks Billy. You’re a doll,” Millie says kissing his cheek, as she rushes in, Lennox in tote with a baffled expression on her face.

Billy smiles at her.

“Millie what are you up to?” she whispers.

“That’s how you get in for free, when you know people.”

“No basically we just snuck into a crazy expensive party?”

“Yea…cool huh?” Millie says her eyes matching her gold ensemble.

“You don’t think we’ll get in trouble.”

“Oh please, with tickets prices that high, it’s like their begging for people to sneak in, come on!” she says pulling Lennox near the main floor.

They come across a coat check as a smiling red head asks if they’d like to check their coats.

“Sure.” Millie says without reluctance as she legs her faux fur cream and gold coat fall off her shoulders. She hands it to the girl, looking at Lennox in expectance.

“Oh,” Lennox takes off her black sequined blazer and hands it over “Thank you.”

The red head smiles, “Enjoy your night.”

Two men dressed in black suit and ties open a pair of burgundy curtains as Millie and Lennox walk into a dream world, full of fancy hor d’oeuvres, people dressed to the nines, and a DJ playing the year’s greatest hits.

Lennox’s eyes wander over the atmosphere, taking it all in. Millie instantly locks eyes with a handsome stranger.

“Give me two minutes, and then save me, he looks like trouble.”

She leans in, whispering to Lennox.

“So then why bother going over at all?”

“It’s New Year’s Eve, the last night to do something spontaneous, and reckless, for the year. Go sow your oats!” She says pushing Lennox into the crowd as she walks off toward her night’s first target. “I won’t be long.”

Lennox rolls her eyes with a laugh as she looks around the room. She spots the bar and heads over for a drink.

The bartender, a handsome, dark haired guy looks up at her, her chocolate brown eyes locking onto his deep brown ones. Lennox looks down, feeling herself blushing already.

Every damn time. I have issues, she thinks to herself.

“What can I get you?” he says smiling.

Lennox looks back up at him, slightly smiling back.

“Um I’ll just have a mimosa.”

“Sure,” he says grabbing a champagne glass.

Handing the drink to her, Lennox goes to pull out her wallet.

“Don’t worry about it, your smile is payment enough,” the bartender smiles as he winks at her.

“What can I get you?” he asks the next person.

Lennox stands there confused for a second, as she stumbles away, drink in hand.

With Millie out and about Lennox had to fend for herself. It wasn’t like Millie wasn’t close by, and she did check in. But it was more of a -how many guys can Millie make out with before the clock strikes 12-game.

Lennox was starting to dread coming. She wasn’t good at being alone in a crowd of people she didn’t know. She looks around at all the people, beautiful women mingling with beautiful guys. Some doing a little more than mingling. All the women seemed so carefree. As if they are throwing caution to the wind, and guys just flock to them. For Lennox communicating with the opposite sex was a bit more complicated. She was for lack of a better word; awkward. She didn’t know how to flirt and if a guy was even attempting to flirt with her she wouldn’t really stick around long enough to see what would happen. Yup, nerves controlled her love life that’s for sure. But Lennox knew that she didn’t just want any guy, for a whatever night. She wanted a promise of forever. Call her old fashioned but Lennox wanted more.

As Lennox’s wheels in her mind begin to turn, her inner battle of whether she should stay or go begins right on cue. Could she brave this awkward anxiety inducing environment, or should she just decide to go home. She begins to question her ability to have a good time.

Suck it up, she thinks. Look at where you are. It’s a beautiful party, full of gorgeous guys. And you look nice. You can do this, get in there, Lennox thinks to herself.

As she looks around the room, her stomach flips.

“Nope, time to go,” she whispers to herself as she turns, she comes face to face with the Bartender.

“Leaving already?” he asks.

“Oh hi.” She says shyly.

“Hi.” He smiles at her as she avoids his eyes.

“Um I was thinking about leaving. I came here with my sister but she seems to be having much more fun without me.” She says looking up at him as his glare makes her heart flutter.

“Oh well that’s a shame. Maybe we can fix that? Would you like to dance?” he says holding out his hand.

“Don’t you have to work?” Lennox says confused.

“I just got off my shift. So how about it? I mean that is if you don’t mind dancing with a bartender?”

“I don’t mind at all,” she says smiling as she takes his hand.

He pulls her close to him, as he holds her waist with one hand, and her hand with the other.

“You know how to lead?” Lennox asks surprised.

“Sure, I watch Dancing With The Stars,” he says shrugging and laughing.

Lennox laughs.

“So…mysterious, beautiful girl in the sparkling little black dress…what’s your name?”

“Hmm, maybe I should keep that a mystery until you tell me yours.” She says.

“Ah, Okay. I’m Brady. Born and raised in Brooklyn. Went to culinary school, but the restaurant jobs haven’t exactly been rolling in just yet so, I help out here with catering, and sometimes I bartend.”

“Wow, that’s amazing. Good for you. I mean you do make a mean mimosa.”

Brady laughs

“Thank you.” He says. “So…what about you, what’s your story?”

“My name is Lennox, I was born and raised in Brooklyn as well, just got my own big girl apartment in Williamsburg though, and I am an interior designer for a small design company in SOHO.”

“Very cool. Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way. Shall we move onto something a little more personal?”

The song ends as Lennox looks at Brady suspiciously.

“What’s your New Year’s resolution?” he asks smiling.

Lennox laughs as the two walk over to a nearby table and sit.

“Well I kind of need to break out of my shell. I’m kind of a loner.”

“Well I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that tonight,” Brady says encouraging her.

“Thanks,” she laughs “baby steps,” she shrugs. “What about you, what’s your New Year’s resolution?”

“I don’t usually like to make any. I tend to break them within the first week of the New Year. So for me, it’s kind of just like what’s the point?” he says shrugging with a laugh.

“I hear ya on that one.” Lennox says nodding.


“Yea I mean people think the New Year is a new beginning, and that somehow everything will be magically perfect. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely guilty of that, but it’s so easy to fall into old habits.”

“It’s like you’re reading my mind,” he says laughing and shaking his hand.

Lennox laughs as she looks down.

Brady waves over a waiter carrying a silver plate of champagne flutes.

He takes two, “Thanks bud,” he says as the fellow employee nods walking back toward the crowd.

“Here, we’re just about 5 minutes til midnight,” Brady hands Lennox a glass.

“What? Really I didn’t even realize the time went by so fast.”

“Well I guess you’re having a good time,” he says smiling.

“I am, it’s so easy to talk to you, I feel like I’ve known you for my whole life, or something.” She laughs

Brady smiles.

“Yea, I know what you mean.”

As a staff member begins handing out New Year’s Eve crowns, hats, poppers and noise makers, Lennox and Brady are ready for the New Year.



The countdown begins…

10, 9, 8,

Brady stands up extending his hand to out to Lennox, she smiles taking it, as he walks her to the center of the dance floor.

7, 6, 5,

The crowd is electric. People shouting along with the countdown. Lennox looks up at Brady, nervously.

4, 3, 2, 1

Brady leans in and kisses Lennox, catching her slightly off guard, but not so much so that she doesn’t reciprocate.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The crowd screams.

Brady looks at her, “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.” Lennox says smiling pulling him to her as she kisses him again.

Millie notices from the other side of the room, a big smile across her face.

“Atta girl,” she whispers as she grabs the guy next to her into a kiss.

In typical New Year’s fashion the lyrical melody of “Auld Lang Syne” echoes through the venue as confetti washes over the crowd of people pairing off in embraces.

Brady looks at Lennox.

“I changed my mind,” he says in a serious tone.

Lennox looks at him nervously.

“I think I just thought of a New Year’s resolution,” he says.

“Oh yea? What is it?” she asks smiling.

“To fall in love,” Brady says looking into her eyes like he’s known her soul forever.

“I think I can help you with that,” she asks pulling him into another kiss.

Lennox begins to feel a new chapter beginning for her and this handsome stranger on the very night she used to dread.


-The End-

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