Dear Class of 2014…Go to Prom.


So with prom season rolling around it has me reminiscing…prom1


that magical time every high school senior girl dreams of.

A time where everything has to be perfect

the perfect dress

the perfect shoes

the perfect hair, makeup, shoes, accessories…

My prom dress circa 2009... I'm still tryna find an excuse to wear this again!

My prom dress circa 2009… I’m still tryna find an excuse to wear this again!

this is what makes being a girl so much fun.

(^it’s also what makes it such a pain in the ass, i swear guys have it so easy; a suit or tux and a pair of shoes and boom. done.)

It’s been quite a few years since I was at prom.

5 years to be exact

hold up…it’s been 5 years?


I’m getting old.


Prom is a time to enjoy yourself.

It’s a time to breathe easy and know that graduating high school and moving up in life is just around the corner.

It’s your chance to splurge on a limo


The Makeup

a time to dance around all night long to your favorite overplayed, obnoxious song

a time to cha cha slide…like your life depends on it…

wait, do they still even do that at proms?

or is it all about twerking…

(god help us all ;))

Prom is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime

with friends that will hopefully do the same.


Don’t fret, go with your girls!

The Hair

The Hair


Royalty has arrived 😉

Trust me your memory will thank you when you can look back and remember having a blast with friends who still matter

rather then slow dancing with some guy you just went with for the hell of it

or your at the time current or convenient beau.

Never the less prom is a rite of passage

If you have the opportunity to go

take it, you’ll never be here again.

Unless you’re like my brother who got to go to three separate school proms (lucky bastard;))

Anyway I digress.

I know several girls who never went to prom and still to this day regret it.

So find that perfect dress

doll yourself up

4471_1166463842962_681834_nkick your feet up

and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy this time in your life

because I promise you

it’s over before you know it.

It only comes around once.

Ok now I really sound old.

I can safely say my prom was a blast

and in any case it’s always a great time for top notch photo ops

The 2009 version of a selfie...yes that's a camera not a phone and this is the infamous #mirrorpicture

The 2009 version of a selfie…yes that’s a camera not a phone and this is the infamous #mirrorpicture

or for an impromptu photo shoot [see: the several prom posed pics]  (my brother is a photographer…)

And nowadays  forget rushing to upload your pictures to facebook so you can share them with all your friends.

You guys have instagram

So…Gram them selfies…

I support you.

So here’s to high school classes of 2014

May your prom night be everything you ever dreamed of…

Girls bring your flats for the after party

and Boys…

Be the gentlemen your mothers raised you to be.

From one veteran prom goer to all you freshmen,

I urge you to party.

And remember

Stay Safe.