Move- Chapter 8

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Aria hears a knock at her door.

“Come in,” she says sitting up.

Yolanda peeks her head in, “Hey, you ok?”

“Yea. Just internally freaking out a bit, I start work tomorrow and I just don’t know if I should act like the kiss never happened or get the awkwardness out of the way.”

“Hmm, I get what your saying…it’s kind of a tough spot,” Yolanda says coming in and sitting on the edge of Aria’s bed.

“And I know, I put myself in it. I know it was not my finest moment.”

“Maybe not,” Yolanda says laughing.

“What do you think I should do?”

“I think you just need to rip off the Band-Aid.  Acknowledge that the kiss happened and then just move on right past it. Maybe you’ll be able to establish a professional relationship. Acting like it didn’t happen…well I saw the kiss there’s no denying that you were both very invested,” she says laughing.

Aria smiles.

“You really are starting to catch feelings here aren’t you?” Yolanda asks trying to read her.

“I don’t know. I mean I barely know him. But when we kissed it was just…Oh it was really good.” Aria says her smile beaming.

“Best you ever had?”

“Oh definitely.” Aria says with a laugh.

Yolanda laughs along with her cousin as the room falls silent and Aria’s demeanor suddenly dulls.

“What is it?”

“As much as I would love to explore this new prospect, and I really really would love to kiss him again. I just can’t let myself get wrapped up in something that’s going to take my attention away from the showcase. I’ve already had to slack off a bit, because I’ve been needing to find work to pay for the academy.”

“You know that I can always help you…”

“Yoyo stop it, ok. I love you, but you have to stop taking care of everyone, you already have your sister to take care of you don’t need me mooching off of you anymore.”

“Hey, you are just as much my sister as Layla is. We’re all family, and I know that if roles were reversed you’d do the same for me.”

“Of course.”

“Ok so, the offer stands, if you ever need anything, you come to me. Deal?”


Aria smiles and she hugs her cousin.

A knock is heard at the door again, as Layla pops her head in.

“There you guys are,” she says bouncing in and jumping on top of them, as they both laugh and groan.

“So are you ready for your first day of work with the sexy millionaire?”

Aria just covers her face as the girls laugh.

“Your gonna be just fine, just remember, rip off the Band-Aid.” Yolanda says.


Aria anxiously stands in the elevator as she watches the numbers increase. Her stomach twirling in knots.

Liam stands in his office as he prepares his work to do list. He glances at the clock, Aria’s first day starts in just a few short minutes.

His palms begin to sweat, his heart begins to beat faster as he hears the elevator ding and her heels click on the titled floor.

He stands, buttoning his jacket he walks to meet her at her desk.

“Aria, good morning,” he says unable to stifle the grin spreading across his face.

“Good morning, Mr. Whitmore,” she says smiling slightly, very reserved.

Liam notices, his eyes glance around the rest of the floor as other employees are hard at work tapping away at their computers, answering phone calls, and settling into the day’s busy routine.

“Aria why don’t you come into my office, there are some things we should discuss before we get started.”

“Ok,” she says weary as she walks past him, he smells her Lavender perfume.

“Have a seat, please,” he says as he closes the door behind him.

Aria notices and suddenly she is very aware of the fact that she and Liam are alone. She decides to jump into a normalized work related topic to cut the tension.

“So I did fill out all the forms you had requested. I know I faxed them to you, but I have hard copies as well in case you…” she says rummaging through her work bag.


Aria stops and looks up at him, as he takes a seat across from her.

“Aria I-“

“Your gonna talk about the kiss, aren’t you?” Aria says biting her lower lip as she looks away nervously.

“We don’t have to…” he says backing off as his eyes glue it’s glare to her lips for a beat

“No, we should. We should talk about it, Rip the Band-Aid off,” Aria says with a laugh.

“Ok, good. Yea that’s what I was thinking too,” he says with a smile. 

“Ok well I just want you to know that, I’m not the kind of girl that will sleep her way up the job ladder.”

“Oh gosh, I didn’t think you were.”

“Ok good.” she says glad to hear that.

“And I’m not the kind of boss who pursues his employees.”

“I figured as much.”

“Ok good,” he says letting out a sigh of relief.

“I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“No, Liam, please you didn’t. I kissed you too, it was a mutual thing.”

Liam smiles at the realization, but also at the fact that she used his first name.

“But- none of that changes the fact that we did kiss, and even though I really enjoyed it-” Aria says pausing as her eyes lock onto his.

“I really enjoyed it too,” Liam says glaring back.

“It shouldn’t have happened. I’m your employee and your my boss and I wouldn’t want that to compromise my job here or yours.”

“I understand and I completely agree, it shouldn’t have happened.”

“Ok so can we just act like it never did.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Ok good, so we will just be our professional selves and I will get to work,” Aria says as she stands.

“Yes, let me show you how to work the phones,” he says walking her out.


Aria sits at her desk as she sifts through some emails, forwarding the important ones to Liam. Her phone rings.

“Hello Whitmore Ink, Aria speaking, how may I help you?”

“Where’s Anne?” a very stern, female voice responds.

“Anne is on vacation at the moment, I am filling in for her while she’s away. Can I ask who’s speaking?”

“This is Gertrude Whitmore, Liam’s mum, put me through at once.”

“Oh, um, yes of course, please hold.”

“I do not hold-” she begins to say as Aria flicks a switch.

Liam sits at his desk running his hands through his hair as he stares at his computer screen trying to scrunch sales numbers.

Aria’s voice gracefully comes through his phone. He smiles, loving the fact that she is there.

“Mr. Whitmore, I have your mother on line 1, she sounds rather urgent.”

Liam smirks, knowingly.

“Aria love my mother always sounds urgent, I’ll take it, thank you.”

Liam picks up his phone.

“Mum, how are you?”

“Who is this Aria? Why does she not know how to do her bloody job. How hard is it to press a few buttons.”

Gertrude sits in her regal home office as she admires her manicure while spewing insults.

“Mother, retract please, she’s new and she’s doing quite well.”

“Well please do remind her, I do not hold. Not ever.”

“Yes mum,” he says rolling his eyes.


Aria knocks on Liam’s door.

“Come in,” he says looking up as Aria walks in shutting the door behind her.

“I am so sorry about your Mom, I didn’t know who she was and then I didn’t know if you were busy, so I-“

“Aria, it’s ok,” he says laughing and standing up. “Really, she is a handful, just ask my sister.”

Aria smiles, standing there awkwardly.

“Ok, well I’m sorry again, I should get back to work,” she says starting to walk away.

“Aria,” (she turns toward him) “you’re doing great,” he says smiling.

“Thank you,” she says closing her eyes with a sigh, she smiles.

“Why don’t you take a break, go grab some lunch?”

“Oh I wasn’t sure what time-“

“Whenever you feel you need to,” he says with a smile.

“Oh ok, um well then in that case, I guess I will take my lunch break now,” she says smiling.

Liam nods with a smile.

“Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you love, I have quite a lot of work on my hands, I’ll be working through lunch.”

“Oh, ok well, I’ll see you.”

Liam smiles as Aria exits.


Aria comes back from her lunch break, placing her bag on her chair, she looks toward Liam’s office as she hears his voice through the door, its raised, he sounds upset, and agitated. A side she has yet to see on him.

She sits down and listens.

“Hey, your Aria right?”

Aria looks over to her right as a young man leans over from his cubicle.

“Yea, yes,” she says turning toward him.

“Cool, I’m Marco,” he says with a smirk and sparkle in his eye.

 Rising from his seat and extending his hand, Aria shakes it and smiles back.

Liam walks out of his office and notices, he watches as his jealousy spikes. 

“Nice to have you on board, let me know if you need anything.”

“Oh thank you,” she says smiling.


Aria jumps slightly not knowing Liam was behind her.

“Yes,” she says turning.

“Do you have the emails you forwarded me today, it appears my computer crashed and IT is unavailable at the moment.”

“Oh of course,” she says bringing the sent list up, “here you go, they’re all there,” she says getting up and allowing him to sit.

“Thank you,” he says taking the seat.


Aria shuts her computer off and grabs her bag, she knocks on Liam’s door, before popping her head in.

“Heading out?” Liam says with a smile.

“Yea if that’s alright?” she says scrunching her nose.

Liam smiles looking down for a beat. How adorable, he thinks.

“Aria you put in your hours and then some, thank you for all your hard work today and for letting me take over your desk for part of the day.”

“Hey the show must go on, right?”

“That’s right,” he says smirking.

“Good night,” she says smiling.

“Good night,” he says looking after her, as she leaves his eyes falling upon her curves.

Aria turns back quickly as she catches his gaze, his eyes shoot up quickly. They both ignore it.

“Are you ok, you seem super stressed.”

Liam sighs, “I’ve been crunching numbers all day, trying to put together the spreadsheet for the sales we’ve received over the past month, and with the technological debacle, I am just now getting to follow up on the emails we sent out earlier to those artists.”

“It can’t wait til tomorrow?”

“Money never sleeps, after all that’s what this company is all about.”

“Ooo Liam Whitmore I think your sarcasm is showing,” she says with a smile.

Liam laughs.

Aria takes the chair across from him and slides it next to him.

“What are you doing?”

“I am going to help you.”

“Aria, love thank you, but you really don’t need to.”

“Don’t worry you don’t have to pay me,” she says laughing.

Liam laughs, “I’m not worried about that.”

“Well then what are you worried about?”

“I’m worried about being here alone with you,” he says avoiding her eyes.

Aria stills as she looks away.


“I know that I said that we could just forget it happened but-“

“Liam we have to, ok, it’s not a good idea to mix business with pleasure.”

“You called me Liam.”

“Mr. Whitmore.” she says correcting herself.

Liam looks up at Aria, the air thick between them, their lips inches apart.

“Oh I forgot,” Aria says hopping up, Liam gets startled leaning back in his chair.

Aria walks over to Liam’s small refrigerator in the corner of his office and takes out a plastic take out container and a drink.

“Here,” she says placing it on his desk in front of him.

“What’s this?”

“I asked the barista what you usually get, and brought it back for you, just in case you didn’t get to eat, I completely forgot I put it in here for you, ya know technology debacle and all, ” she says laughing.

“You are a lifesaver, I’m starving, thank you,” he says smiling.

“Ok, scoot,” she says waving her hands, “you eat, I’ll get started on these e-mails,” she says taking his seat.

Liam looks at her in disbelief, he shakes his head, as his eyes stay on her, admiring her.

Two weeks, two weeks, and then you can go for it, he thinks as he turns his attention to the sandwich in front of him.


Aria walks into the studio, showing her student pass to the security guard he gives her the key.

She turns the lights on as her reflection stares at her through the wall of mirrors. She tosses her hair in a bun and walks over to the radio, cueing up a song.


Aria let’s her body feel the music, trying not to overthink her movements.

As the words cause sensuality in her body, Aria replays the glances Liam and she shared over the course of the day.

Aria stops, her heart fluttering at the thought.

“This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life,” she whispers to herself as she walks over to the radio switching the song.

Aria begins to arc some moves together.


Liam walks into his home as he throws his jacket, tie, and suitcase to the side, he walks into his bedroom, throwing on some sweats and a t-shirt.

He walks over to the corner of his living room, where the blank canvas stands. Walking to his closet he takes out some paint, and paint brushes and propping himself on a stool, he begins to paint, long strokes, small strokes, brightly colored lines.


Liam smiles to himself and Aria floats through his mind almost leading his hand.




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Move- Chapter 6

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america ferrara_yolanda

Liam sits at his desk gazing out the window, the sky painted in orange and red amidst a setting sun. Lost in color, and fantasies of Aria.

Anne’s voice pops in on his phone intercom-

“Mr. Whitmore I have an Aria Lenz on line 1 for you.”

Liam jolts up knocking his pencil holder over spilling them onto his desk.

“Sir, are you alright?” Anne asks with concern.

Liam Whitmore is always the picture perfect display of poised and polished.  

“Yes, Anne, I am just fine, just a clumsy moment. Please put Ms. Lenz straight through.”


Aria stands in the middle of her bed room, phone to ear, pacing, as she bites on her nail.



“Yes, Sir.”

Liam clears his throat, loosening his tie, he gives himself a beat before pressing the button to answer line 1.

“Aria, I’m so glad you called, how are you?”

“Hi, I’m well thank you, and yourself?” she says rolling her eyes at herself for sounding like a child trying to play adult.

“I’m well thank you,” he says smirking, “So what can I do for you, love?”

“If you’re still looking for a temp, I would be interested in interviewing with you, if you have the time.”

“I am still looking for a temp, but there’s really no interview necessary. I trust that you can do the job just fine.”

“Oh, well are you sure? I mean I’ve had a lot of jobs since I moved to the city and secretary has never been one of them. I wouldn’t want you to take a chance on me and then regret it later.”

“Aria…I could never regret anything that concerns you. You will do just fine, I promise you.”

Aria’s heart begins to flutter.

Liam can sense Aria’s hesitation even over the phone.

“I’ll tell you what…why don’t you come in later today and we can go through what the position requires and then you can decide from there.”

“I don’t want to trouble you anymore than I already have.”

“Aria I offered, ok you do not need to worry, love. Is 3:30 ok for you?”

Aria checks the clock, 12:33, ok less than 3 hours to get cute, she thinks.

“Sure, that’s perfect, I will see you then.”

“Alright, see you soon, love.”

“Ok thank you, bye.”

“Bye,” he says hanging up, a smirk playing on his lips.

Aria squeals rushing into her room.

Liam presses a button on his phone, “Anne can you come in here for one moment, please?”

Anne walks in seconds later, “Mr. Whitmore,” she says with a smile.

“I think you need a vacation, don’t you?”

“I’m sorry?”

“You work too hard, tirelessly, really, you deserve a break. How about Paris, 2 weeks on me, you can bring anyone you want?”

“Sir all due respect, but are you kidding me?”

“I don’t kid about vacation,” he says with a smile.

“Are you sure you can afford me being away, the buyer’s market is hectic right now.”

“I’ll hire a temp while you’re away, not to worry.”

“Oh my gosh, well then yes! I would love to see Paris!” Anne says squealing.

“Good, better go home and pack! I’ll take care of the tickets.”

Anne looks at him in shock.

“Yes! Thank you sir, thank you!” she screams and rushes off.

Liam smiles as his plan begins to fall into place.




Aria looks at her reflection in the mirror, smoothing out her black pencil skirt.

She makes a face as she rips her blouse off her body, displaying her toned abs and lacey white bra. She tosses the blouse on her bed and shuffles through her closet.

“Ugh! (she huffs) Yolanda!” she yells.

Yolanda her cousin and second roommate strolls in eating the left over tacos from last night.

“Yea, babe?” she says in between bites.

“Good huh?” Aria says noticing.

“So good,” she mumbles. “So what’s with all the huffing,” she says wiping her mouth with a napkin.

“Do you have any cute-professional tops, I can borrow? I have an interview in like an hour and nothing in my closet is working!”

“Yea, I should have something, hang on,” she says walking back out.

A few minutes later she comes in with a cute fitted sleeveless silk blouse.

“Perfect! Thank you thank you, your the best!” Aria says taking the hanger and kissing her cousin on the cheek.

“No problem,” Yolanda says smiling, “So what’s the job?”

“Secretary…at this art buying company, or something like that?”

“Are you talking about Whitmore Ink?”

“Uh, yea, that sounds about right, (she says putting the blouse on over a tank top) I am interviewing with Liam Whitmore…so…”

“Ah, he’s a hottie.”

Aria looks at her cousin, with a puzzled expression.

“You know him?” she says feeling slightly territorial all of a sudden.

“Um no. I just know of him. He’s sponsored some of our hospital fundraisers in the past, and I’ve seen him at functions, he’s super cute, and seems really sweet.”


Yolanda looks at her cousin with suspicion.

Aria sits on her bed as she slips on her trusty black pumps.

She stands up and checks her reflection in the mirror once again.

“Do you know how old he is?” Aria asks trying to act nonchalant.

“30 ish,  (thinks for a beat) 32 actually. He usually has to give a speech at the events, and I remember someone mentioning his age in his introduction. Why?” she says smiling.

“No reason, just curious. That’s kinda young to be running an entire business.”

“It’s a family business, so…”


“What’s with you?”


“You’re acting funny?”

“No I’m not, I’m just nervous. You know I haven’t been on an interview in a while and I really need this job so…”

“You’re gonna be great!”

“Ok be honest, how do I look, professional enough?”

“Yes, you look great.” Yolanda says smiling.

Aria looks around and grabs a cardigan and throws it on.

“Are you insane it’s like 90 degrees out! You don’t need that.”

“Um, I just want to look polished,” she says buttoning it a bit.

“You look great, go kill it. We’ll celebrate later, I actually have the night off.”

“Oh, yes, Netflix and junk food?”

“Deal.” Yolanda smiles, smacking her cousin’s butt as she leaves for her interview. “Be careful!” she yells after her.

“You too! Love you!”

“Love you!” Yolanda yells back.




Liam sits at his desk, his eyes glued to the clock- 3:20 PM.

His heart begins to beat quickly, at just the idea of seeing her again.

Aria steps onto the elevator her nerves kicking in.

She fixes herself as the elevator climbs each floor.

The elevator doors open and she steps out onto a modernly dressed floor, brightly colored art pieces line the walls. Abstract pieces.

She smiles as Liam rounds the corner.

“Mr. Whitmore, hello.”

“Hi Aria, I was just coming to meet you. Follow me, my office is right this way,” he says with a bright smile.

Aria follows him as her heart begins to beat quicker.

Liam reaches his office door and opening the door he steps aside to let Aria in first.

Aria walks past him, and as she does, he gets hit with the scent of her perfume.

Easy Whitmore, keep it professional, he thinks.   

“Please have a seat,” he says rounding the corner of his desk and sitting opposite her.

Aria takes a seat.

He is gorgeous, she thinks. Letting her eyes drift to his lips as he smiles. I bet he’s a good kisser, she thinks. Whoa. Stay professional. Pay attention Aria!  Think non-flirtatious thoughts. Ok. Work. Money. Business. Bills. Many many bills. You have to pay your bills so you don’t get kicked out on your ass and watch your dream die.

“So…” Liam says with a smile, unbuttoning his suit jacket and folding his hands on top of his desk.

“So…” Aria replies with a little laugh still trying to shake the sexual tension she feels creeping in.

Aria begins to fidget as she pulls at the hem of her skirt. Why didn’t I just wear pants, she says kicking herself.

Liam notices her movements, as his eyes glance over her body, landing on her toned, tanned legs. Why couldn’t she wear pants? he thinks.

He shakes his thoughts as he realizes neither of them have spoken much.

“Let’s just jump into it, shall we?” he says smiling.

“Yes, of course.”

“Ok so basically what my secretary is in charge of doing is handling all calls and appointments that come through. There are at times, some paperwork regarding artists releasing their work and things like that. You can just forward that to me, and I’ll take care of it. You’ll get a company e-mail and password of course.”

“Ok, well how am I supposed to know whether or not you want to take the call or the appointment?”

Liam smiles.

“I’m sorry was that a stupid question?” she says mentally kicking herself.

“No, it’s not. Unfortunately there are times that I will neglect to take a call, on account of a conflicting commitment- or if I’m in a meeting, or if it’s a telemarketer trying to sell us something,” he says laughing, “trust me it’ll be easier once you are out there in the midst of it. Mostly the calls you get will be from people who have already done business with us, and if that’s the case, you can just put them through, or schedule an appointment.”

“Ok that sounds like something I can do.”

“I have no doubt that you’ll pick it up, in no time.”

“Ok well what if an artist calls, like someone new, unestablished.”

“Good question. We usually don’t take new clients right off the bat. We do schedule appointments with them, they should provide us with a resume and should come prepared with a portfolio. Those are my favorite meetings to take quite honestly. I really enjoy meeting the artists behind the paintings, or sculptures.”

“Okay, good to know. Sounds amazing.”

“It really is, I’d love to have you sit in on a meeting, if your ever interested.”

“That sounds great, I would like that.” Aria says with a smile.

“Sometimes the artists may e-mail you too, and in that case, you can just tell them what they need to provide and then forward that to me.”

“Okay, should I be aware of any fancy computer software?” Aria asks.

“There may be some data that needs to be put into our company data base,  but it’s a really easy software, that I will show you how to use, if need be.”

 “Okay, thank you,” she says smiling and looking around nervously.

Can I really work alongside this man everyday? And remain professional? Even if it is just for 2 weeks. I feel like I can’t breath, she thinks.

“Aria, I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be either.”

“I just don’t want to mess up, or stress you out even more. An assistant is supposed to make your life easier.”

He looks at her and smiles.

“I’m not like your old boss, I actually care about my employees. So listen I get that your new, and you’ve been completely honest about the fact that you’ve never been a secretary before, and I am still choosing to hire you. So don’t worry, ok, if your not sure about something, ask me, my door is always open.”

And so are my arms, he thinks.

Aria let’s out a sigh or relief.

“Wow, I didn’t know what it’d be like to actually have a boss that believes in me,” she says smiling and letting out a little laugh.

Liam smiles.

“So does that mean you’ll take the job?” he asks.

“Yes, I would love to,” Aria says smiling.

“Ok then, great, glad to have you on board,” he says standing and reaching out his hand to her.

“Thank you, Mr. Whitmore,” she says shaking his hand.

“Call me Li-“

“All due resect but I can’t call you Liam, here. I would just feel too weird. After all you are my boss, right?”

“I suppose so, but I try to keep things relaxed here,” he says mentally kicking himself for putting an ethical barrier between them.

“Ok well I will try then,” says smiling as they continue to shake hands.

Noticing, they both let go simultaneously with a laugh.

“Well it was a pleasure, I’ll notify HR that you’ll be joining us and they’ll be emailing you some forms to fill out, I’ll you see Monday?”

“Yes, absolutely, thank you so much.”

“Thank you.”

Aria smiles and turns to head out, “Here I’ll walk you out,” he says following her.

Aria passes the assistant desk and pauses.

“Will this be…”

“Yes, this will be your desk. On Monday I’ll show you how to work the phones, don’t worry,” he says smiling.

“Thank you, see you Monday,” she says waving as she steps into the elevator.

Liam waves as the elevator doors close.

Aria exhales as she leans against the wall, her heart pounding.

“Oh gosh, Aria what have you gotten yourself into?” she mumbles to herself.

Liam stares at the closed doors, his body tightening and breaking into a sweat.

Let’s see you pull this whole professional vibe off Whitmore, he thinks walking back to his office as he runs a hand through his hair, his heart beating quickly.



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Michelle Leigh Writes- Short Story Series Collection

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I last posted consistently and on schedule. But I’ve been trying to think of something really cool to post and everything I think of just falls flat. But I recently had a cool idea. I’ve featured quite a few Short Story Series on this blog and I thought I’d do one big post including little summaries of each and the links to read them! In case you feel like diving into some dramatic love stories. So please, read at your leisure. 🙂

Mysterious Attraction (12 Chapters-3 parts each)

mysterious attraction postermovie poster new

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Lexie is a power house, a femme fatale with a rather dangerous job description. She is soon forced to balance her need for control with her ever cryptic view on love and happiness. As an overly intense affair comes to light with a handsome yet kind man named Carter. Their attraction and pull strong. Lexie is forced to face some harsh realities about who she is and what she really wants her life to be. Her feelings are growing and it isn’t something she expected. Falling from lust to love with a married man was not part of her plan. What scares her even more…he’s falling back.

A Broken Heart For Christmas (6 Chapters)

broken heart for christmas

Lucy and dean 3

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Dean Sanders broke Lucy Michaelson’s heart years ago back in their home town of Oakland Valley, Minnesota. And since then she’s moved on- moved to New York, started her dream career. And so has he, or so they both thought. Everyone knew their story, knew their love was lost. But little does everyone know…there was always more to their story, more than Lucy ever let on. Follow their journey through awkward run ins and past memories- both good and bad. 

Love Conflicted (12 Chapters)

Official full cast photo movie posterLove conflicted new poster

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Maggie is the crisp, clean, girl next door. Always playing it safe, always doing the right thing, risk is not a word she would use in her everyday vocabulary. But when she falls in love with Ricky- a man in the mob, she realizes that life is not always black and white. As danger creeps in, emotions heighten in this thrilling, yet sweet love story.

On The Run (10 Chapters)

ontherunposterNew poster

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: When Sage Renly finds herself running for her life, a mysterious stranger shows up in just the nick of time- Charlie Steinfeld. He becomes her ally and confident against her better judgement. It seems like their connection is unexplainable-almost as if it’s out of their hands.  This is more than your typical two strangers finding each other by chance and falling in love, story. There are dark secrets hidden in the eyes of these characters, and as every mystery goes- there’s always more than what meets the eye.

*Welcome Home (9 Chapters)

Poster 1Cast poster

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Melanie Evans was so close to having it all, and then tragedy struck. Something that years later she still can’t overcome. There is only one person in the world who can help, who can understand her-Oliver King, her college sweetheart. And yet he is miles away- both literally and figuratively. When Melanie returns to her hometown, old memories stir up old feelings. So many different feelings. Will she be able to get out of her own way to achieve the happiness she’s dreamed of all along? Or will she stay in isolation and despair unable to let go of her painful past.


Also I am attempting to dive into a new short story series….I’m still working on the title (I have a bunch of variations that I can’t decide on) but here’s a quick little sneak peek at the summary-

Liam Whitmore is a wealthy business executive who goes through the motions of working in his corporate world day after lousy day, making deals and kicking ass at it. However he often feels uninspired, and unable to do what he really loves. Until one day he meets a younger woman named Aria Lenz, struggling to become a dancer. Her simplistic yet driven nature strikes up a spark of inspiration in him, and he makes it his mission to get to know her. Little does he know, it’ll be the hardest “transaction” he’s ever had to make. They’re worlds apart- will he finally get through to her, or will his fire fizzle?

*I do not take credit for any images used in my edits.*

*All short stories are of my own written content.*





Welcome Home. – Chapter 3

Read Chapter 2 HERE


The next morning Melanie wakes up to the sound of many voices in the house, and kitchen clanking.

She looks at her clock on her end table. 12:30 PM.

Wow, I seriously over slept, she thinks.

She grabs a towel and heads into her bathroom.


Melanie walks downstairs to see a packed kitchen. Generations of women prepping for Thanksgiving dinner.

The rumble of the lawn mower outside, as her Dad landscapes.

“Hi Hunny, you’re finally up!” Grace, Melanie’s mother says her voice cheerful.

“Hi, Hi Aunt Rita, Aunt May,” she says coming over and kissing them each on the cheek.

“So good to see you sweetheart,” her aunt Rita says hugging her tightly.

Melanie’s eyes start to well up. Something about the hugs she receives from the people she knows love her have such an impact on her. The reverse effect of what she knows they actually intended- hugs are meant to be a comfort. For Melanie they feel like the passage of time, years she’ll never get back.

“Oh sweetie, is everything ok?” her mother asks, noticing her puffy eyes.

“I’m fine. I just- I really didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m sorry I wasn’t down earlier to help you all.”

“Don’t apologize there’s plenty left to do,” she says smiling and passing her an apron.


Melanie stands in the kitchen and grabs a bottle of wine and a glass.

Noticing her dad Charlie smiles, “need a hand there hun?”

“Oh no, I’m good. These days, I’ve perfected how to pop a wine cork in 3 seconds flat.”

“Tough day?”

“Tough 5 years.” She says, raising a glass to her dad before taking a sip.

He looks on with a faint smile.

“Talk to me Mel Belle. Because kid, you gotta get it out at some point.”

“I just. I can’t shake this one dad. Skinning a knee, failing a test, struggling to find a steady job right out of college, all of that is a piece of cake. Because they had the rhyme of reason. But this, how do you explain this?”

“You can’t.”

“I’m getting really tired of people telling me that. You, mom, Oliver, my therapist.”

“So you are seeing a therapist?”

“I am. And she’s great, but every time I get some distance, some perspective, I come back here and I am just right back there.”

“So what’s the answer, you never wanna come home again? Is that the alternative?”

“Of course not. This is home, I love this town. Philly is all I’ve ever really truly known. But it’s been tainted.”

“Don’t let it be. You’ve grown up here your whole life. This rough patch your going through is no competition for the memories you hold in your heart. The good that you had here, let that outweigh the bad.”

Melanie smiles. Taking down another glass she pours some wine and hands her dad the glass.


She clinks her glass into his.

“Hey at least you’re sharing?”

“Small steps.”

Her dad smiles at her and pulls her into a side hug, kissing the top of her head.

“Oh kid, you’re gonna be ok. I’m sure of it.”

Melanie smiles smelling the warmth of her father’s known scent of cider wood and engine fuel.

“Let’s go eat, shall we?” Charlie says smiling down at her.

“Yes please!” Melanie says excitedly, as they walk off toward the dining room.


“Mom that was the best Thanksgiving meal. Honestly I think it’s one for the books.”

“Well my daughter is home, I was motivated.” She says smiling as she and Melanie begin to clear the table off.

Melanie smiles brightly.

“Well I am stuffed…when’s dessert?” she says with a small laugh.

“Whenever you’re ready hunny, we’ve got all your favorites…Oh shoot but I did forget to pick up the extra honey maple syrup.”

“I can get it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea no problem. I’ll be back,” she says kissing her mom’s cheek and walking off to grab her coat.


Melanie walks into the neighborhood grocery store and makes  a beeline for the dessert aisle. She turns a corner and bumps into someone.

“Oh excuse me, I’m so sorry,” she says looking up, she sees Oliver peering down at her.

“Hey, Mel.”

“Oh. Hi. Um. I’m just here for honey maple syrup.”

“Grace’s sweet potato pie?”

Melanie nods, with a smile.

“Right. Well enjoy,” he says smiling and walking past her.

Melanie’s mind and heart screaming at her to call after him.


He stops, surprised and turns.

“Do you have a minute?”

“Sure.” He says nodding and putting his hands in his pockets, slightly nervous.

“Would you like to take a walk with me?”

“Of course,” he says with a hopeful smile.

“We should probably pay for these things though,” Melanie says with a small laugh.

“Right,” he says following her to the register.


The night is lit up in twinkling lights as a peek of orange dresses every corner, Melanie and Oliver walk side by side. The silence building into an anxious cloud around them.

“Oliver.” “Melanie.” They both say in unison turning to each other. 

“You first.” Oliver says smiling.

“I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted the other night. I was so rude to you. That’s not how I wanted that to go, especially since it’s been so long. I guess I just wasn’t really quite ready to see you that soon after getting home.”

“I get it, Mel, really I do. Seeing you was kind of like getting hit by a ton of bricks for me too.”

“Really? Well I gotta say you hid it really well.”

“I try,” he says smiling.

“I know that you must have things you want to say to me. And I deserve them all. The way I left, the way I handled things. It was terrible. And I truly am sorry.”

“You broke my heart when you left. After everything we went through, all that pain, I didn’t think that I could ever hurt more, and then you were gone. I was a wreck, part of me still is. But I want you to know something I never blamed you. I understood you did the only thing you could. The only thing that felt right for you.”

“Regardless, I could have went about it differently.”

“I don’t think that you ever really had a plan. I don’t think you knew what you wanted or how to feel. You weren’t thinking at all, you were feeling and when the feelings got to be too overbearing you ran. I get it.”

“I just didn’t feel like me anymore. I was broken and I needed a change. It wasn’t you.”

“I did think you would always come back.”

“There were so many times when I wanted to pick up the phone to call you, or drive to see you. I would get as far as getting into my car and turning it on and backing out of my driveway.”

“So what stopped you?”

“It wasn’t fair to you. For me to jump back into your life. You seem like you’ve moved on. And Nancy seems wonderful. You look good together.”

“So you’ve been checking up on me, I see?” he says smirking, his eyes sparkling.

“Of course I have.” She smiles.

“It’s ok, I’ve been checking up on you too, more than I care to admit.”

Melanie smiles and looks away.

“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy for you.” Melanie says looking into the eyes of the boy she’s loved forever.

“It’s over with me and Nancy.”

“What? When…Wait why?”

“Why do you think?”

They exchange glances filled with a heavy history.

“The minute you walked back into town, it was over. She knows it. She knows that I’ve never gotten over you.”

Melanie looks up at him, her eyes welling up.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. I just thought you should know.”

“Why are you being so nice to me? You should hate me, after everything I put you through. I mean I can’t imagine what you’ve been feeling all these years.”

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you Mel.”

“A part of you must hate me, right?”

“Of course not.”

Melanie stares at the love of her past, in disbelief.

“Look, I’m not going to lie and say that it hasn’t been difficult. Losing you was always my worst fear and it finally came true. We both went through a really traumatizing time, and I needed you more than anything, but you needed to run…and that’s ok. I get that the weight of it all was harder on you, physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt like my heart was ripped out, but I wasn’t the one who had to physically deal with it. So once that was in perspective, it was pretty easy to understand why you ran. I forgave you a long time ago.”

“How…why? I was so selfish.”

“We lost our baby Melanie. That’s not something that you just get over, and how people deal with it…there’s no rule book.”

“But I know that I hurt you. I want you to know that I don’t…I don’t take that lightly. I didn’t intend to run. And even when I did leave, I didn’t expect it to be permanent. You have to know I never meant to hurt you.”

“I know that.”

Melanie sighs and looks away still unable to fathom his understanding. But then again, Oliver was always level headed and kind. He always looked for the good in people, even when they let him down.

Oliver looks at her and smiles simply.

“Mel. Hey, look at me. It’s all ok. We’re ok. I just, I’ve learned that you and I-we just love differently.”

“What…how so?”

“You don’t know what it means to love someone so completely, so unconditionally that no matter what they do, you’ll always love them and want them in your life. But it’s ok. You will. One day. “

Even though Melanie knew Oliver’s intentions were meant to be kind, hearing him say those words were kind of a blow to her heart.


“I know that what we had was a long time ago….but I have never forgotten. I’ve never stopped loving you.”

Oliver’s eyes lock on hers, the stillness of the moment begins to threaten Melanie’s will to handle the intimacy.

He begins to lean in and Melanie takes a step back, putting her hand on his chest, to stop him from getting any closer.

“I should probably go. My family is expecting… their syrup.”

Oliver pulls back with a small understanding smile.

He gestures with his hands, a clear path for Melanie to walk.

Melanie smiles faintly and walks swiftly past him.

Oliver stares after her longingly, but shaking his head he lets out a laugh.

“One day,” he whispers to himself as he walks off.


To be continued…


* I do not take credit for any images used.*



2016 Memory Jar Review


I cannot believe it is already 2017.



My camera year is wrong…should say 2016, ignore that mishap. :/


As I sat down on New Year’s Eve to sift through my memory jar- a bandwagon that I finally hopped on two years ago- I was amazed at how little I felt like I did, because of how quickly I felt the year had flown by. It was a blur for me. But as I dove into these colored pieces of paper, the many memories came flooding back….and a lot actually happened. It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in the holiday bit at the end of the year, that we forget all the memories we made throughout the year.

So here are some of my most favorite memories- (in no particular order!)


*My 2016 Highlights*


Took my god daughter to see Trolls- “Sophie’s big girl movie date”- Trolls, went to a diner, and saw the Christmas Lights with my family.


Had a little Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Party but… RIP Glenn still heartbroken: / haven’t watched an episode since then, but my party looked awesome. Read my post HERE!


Celebrated my grandmother’s 83rd birthday with a whole bunch of family.


I made a few job changes and had to bounce around a bit, which was a bit difficult but finally found a place where I am happy for now, it was for the better- I’m building a work family and have made some great friends. Read my post on “adulting” HERE!

Finished two short story series-On The Run & Love Conflicted (-premiered in 2015 but carried over into 2016)

Official full cast photo movie poster

Started a brand new series- Welcome Home (-first chapter premiered in 2016, rest will be continued in 2017)



My best friend Roe got engaged!!!!


Went on a massive family trip to Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast! (vlog will eventually get edited!)-Read my post HERE!


Why does my camera have the wrong year? How do I fix that?

Sophia Bush retweeted my tweet and my phone blew up….


My brother got married and he and his wife bought a house.


I entered one of my scripts into a writing contest! (although nothing came of it, it was a huge leap that I took, and I was really proud of myself for facing that fear.)

I got free movie passes for covering a story in my local theater, my best friend Jenny and I saw Finding Dory in 3D…because why not?

I’ve realized that I can overcome my anxiety on my own, but the help that I have received has been a gift I will continue to utilize.

My best friend and I finally saw Bethany Joy Lenz in concert and WE MET HER! #LifeGoal –Read my post HERE!


Fuller House seasons 1& 2 are killin’ the game #NetflixIsDangerous


I went for bridesmaid’s dresses for my friend Jenny’s wedding-I was asked to be her maid of honor last year.


I went on The Polar Express with my god daughter and other family members. (vlog will eventually get edited!)


I worked for a summer camp, and my kids made some really great story books for my creative writing class.


I hosted a Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life- Netflix revival….viewing party- Read my post HERE!


I got a vlog up on my YouTube channel, and have been vlogging more, but editing has been a slow process. I WILL GET THERE!

I finally got to pretend to be a YouTube vlogger and did a Mini “Vlogmas” from Dec. 23-Dec. 31 into 2017 (Stay Tuned!)

My brother and I started to shoot the first installment of our zombie short, but it got halted because…. #WeddingCraziness #BridalShowerCraziness


michelleleighwrites turned 3!!!!!!! Read my post HERE! (It’s turning 4 in a WEEK!!!!!!)


 Justin Timberlake released new music & a video – Can’t Stop The Feeling! (he also produced the soundtrack to Trolls (What a beautiful, fun loving film, highly recommend seeing it!). Read my fangirl report HERE!


Valentine’s Day Girls Nite In with my girls.


Celebrated my Aunt Mary’s birthday  with some dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant and had some Pepsi- her favorite drink. Love you Aunt Mary, Miss you!


Bruno Mars new album, listening to it as I write. So obsessed! #24KMagic #Chunky #ThatsWhatILike #VersaceOnTheFloor #Finesse LISTEN


Rocked some obnoxious Christmas Lights for the holidays. #BestDecisionOfMyLife #5BucksWellSpent #ShoutOutToStrangerThings



Received some handmade Christmas cards from my students.


30th Birthdays Celebrations- We hosted a big family dinner for my sister in law and went on an AC family trip for my brother.


Family BBQ’s!!! #Cousins


Best Friend Weekend. – Even at 25, my best friend and I still keep our sleepover tradition going. It started off going to the Zumba class that my best friend teaches, then we had some dinner at her house (BBQ chicken my fav at their house hold-like old times), next we watched our favorite tv show One Tree Hill until 4 AM, Went for breakfast the next morning, got manicures, and shopped a bit. It was so nostalgic and it was just what we needed. #BestFriendMiniWeekend #RoshellWeekend

That Zumba class tho-I had been trying to get to one, forever!

Britney’s back bitches! #GLORY album is just….EPIC! Read my post HERE!



Pineapple float- #SOTRENDY



Took my mom to see the Radio City Spring Spectacular- it was her mother’s day gift and it felt really great to be able to do that for her. What a brilliant show. Visually stunning!


Got hooked on Murder Mystery 13 Part Series American Gothic- so damn good! #SHOUTOUTTOBETHANYJOYLENZ


Started Stranger Things #NetflixIsDangerous



Attended my best friend’s engagement party.


Continued with the annual chop.


Dressed up in Hawaiian theme attire for my cousin’s birthday party.- Read my post HERE!


Finally got to rock the yellow, red, blue look I’ve wanted to try for forever! Read my post HERE!


After the chop, had to try out some new hair do’s – Reverse Space buns.


Marina Squerciati answered my tweet, (cuz we’re besties) ;). #thathashtagtho


My parents treated me to a massive birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant. Got my big gold number balloons too! #BlackAndGold #Family #Friends Read my post HERE!



That TWD finale tho. #WHOISIT? Read my feels HERE!


Started an unintentional tradition of taking massive group family photos/selfies.



Bridal expos with my bestie. #MaidofHonor #OnCall



My cousins from Florida surprised us with a quick visit!



Curvy Barbies (and other body shapes and sizes) are a thing! #FINALLY #Variety

Read my post HERE!



That *NSYNC picture. #reunion #myheart



Met our newest family member! My god daughter is a big sister!


Started watching a few new tv series- This Is Us (I have to catch up, I’m so behind) and Shades of Blue.



Damn a lot can happen in a year. I am grateful for the blessings 2016 has given me. Of course it wasn’t all marshmallows and honey all the time, but I still fought through obstacles and made beautiful memories. Cheers to 2017, may it be beautiful and happy and healthy for all of you, filled with love and inspiration and success. See you soon friends!

*Most images are my own.*













The Halloween Party

halloween-partyMeet Maddie                                                                   Meet Jared

Maddie lies in bed as her cellphone alarm rings in her ear, willing her to wake.

She groans and reaches for it, knocking it off her end table as it falls, sliding further away.

“Ughhh,” she says as she grabs her pillow putting it over her head, trying to hide from the cruel reality of the morning world.

Her dorm room door burst open a few seconds later.

“HAPPY HALL-O-WEEN!!!!” her roommate Kim screams in a sing song way, her curly blonde hair bouncing as she jumps onto Maddie’s bed, causing a disruption in her comfort zone of white soft blankets and pillows.

“NO!” Maddie answers turning over and away as she hides under the covers.

“Oh come on! I thought you said this was one of your favorite holidays. Only 12 hours until all the parties start happening!”

“Correction- Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays, (she says sitting up in a huff.) But have you forgotten how my boyfriend just broke up with me last week, – he was the other half of my costume, how can I be Raggedy Ann without an Andy?”

“Ok yes, Vinny sucks for breaking up with you. But there is an easy fix to your costume problem, honey. Buy a new one.”

“What am I made of money…?”

“Return the other, duh? Come on… get your ass in the shower, I’m coming back in a half hour and I expect you to look alive!” Kim says as she glides out of the room in an exaggerated way, her arms afloat in a fairy stance.


Thankful for the dim lighting, Maddie drags her feet and walks into her dorm suite living area/kitchen where Kim sits eating a bowl of cereal.

“Hallelujah!” Kim sings out, throwing her hands up in the air, as her brown eyes sparkle with sarcasm.

Maddie groans as she shuffles over to the seat next to Kim, Kim smiles and slides a mug of already poured coffee over to her.  The hazelnut scent dancing in the air, creating happy thoughts in her mind.

Maddie grabs it and takes a sip.


“I made a damn good pot today, right?”

Kim nods.

“Thank you. I need this.”

“So…I figured we’d just go to the mall, it has the Halloween store in it and then if we need any extra odds and ends we’ll just shop around.”

“Do we have to? Can’t I just stay home? I won’t be any fun tonight anyway.”

“No, you are not allowed to sulk.”

“I am not sulking, I’m just-“

“Sulking,” Kim says nodding with wide eyes.

Just then their suite door flies open with little warning, as a sandy brown haired, blue eyed boy saunters his way in, like he owns the place.

“Who’s sulking?” Jared says as he makes a straight line to  Maddie and grabs her cup of coffee to take a sip.

“Do not. even. I will cut you.”

Jared looks at her and puts the cup back down slowly as he holds his hands up in surrender.

“Damn girl, okay.” he says his eyes sparkling, as a smirk plays on his lips.

“Excuse her, she’s a bit testy,” Kim says chiming in on the quarrel.

“Still Vinny?”

“Still Vinny.”

“Can we just…drop it, ok?”

Maddie and Jared exchange looks of sympathy.

“Look I get this whole thing with Vinny has been hard on you, but he’s been out living his life all week, he’s not hauled up in bed, ignoring his friends and favorite holidays,” Maddie says.

“That’s because he’s a dick face who doesn’t care about the fact that he literally ripped my heart out of my chest only a week ago.”

“He is a dick face. Such a dick face. Anger. Phase 2. Yes. FINALLY!” Jared says as Maddie laughs and Kim high fives him.

Jared and Kim look over at Maddie in shock.

“I’m sorry was that a laugh?” Jared says walking behind Maddie.

Kim looks of smiling.

“No. You’re hearing things.”

“I think that was a laugh. You heard it right?” he says looking at Kim.

“Oh, loud and clear.”

Jared starts tickling Maddie’s waist and she starts laughing uncontrollably.

He stops and looks at her.

“There she goes.”

“What are you talking about?” Maddie says turning to look at him.

“My girl’s back.”

Maddie smiles simply.

“You love Halloween, don’t let one asshole guy ruin that. Let’s head to the mall, get killer costumes and have fun!” Kim says draping an arm over her best friend’s shoulders.

“Ok. Fine. But don’t you dare try and get me to wear anything short and slutty,” Maddie says her eyes rolling over to glare at Kim.

“I would not mind that,” Jared says off in a daze of day dreams and fantasies.

Maddie slaps him in the chest.

Jared winces.

“What!” he says with a smirk.

“Deal,” Kim laughs as she throws Maddie a jacket.

Kim and Maddie start to leave their suite and turn back to Jared.

“Hey, you coming?” Maddie says.

“Yes. As long as you don’t keep hitting me.”

“I’ll try.”

“Try harder.”

The three walk out, as Maddie laughs and turns to Jared.

“Oh poor baby did I hurt you?”

“A little.”

“I’m sorry.”

Jared smirks and points to his cheek.

Maddie rolls her eyes and kisses it swiftly.

Kim notices and smiles as she starts to walk ahead.


“Come on out!” Kim shouts from outside the dressing room as she and Jared wait to see Maddie’s new costume choice.


“Yes, Please.”

“No. I told you I didn’t want this type of costume.”

“You said nothing slutty, it’s not slutty at all!”

“I can’t pull this off,” Maddie mumbles.

“Oh come on out, and stop being such a brat!” Jared says jokingly.

Maddie groans and opens the door as she stands there in a pair of tight leather pants, a cropped black top, a leather jacket and combat boots.

Jared’s eyes go wide and his jaw drops.

Kim smiles.

“Hell yes! You look hot!” Kim says.


“Yes.” Jared says not meaning to speak out loud.

Maddie and Kim look at him surprised by his outburst.

“I mean (he coughs) it looks good- on you- you look great.”

Kim watches in pure happiness.

Maddie turns to look at herself in the mirror.

Jared leans over to Kim.

“Thanks for the help on that one.”

“Hey buddy that was all you and way too much fun to watch.”

Maddie turns back around.

“You guys I cannot wear this,” she says trying to pull her crop down and her pants up, to cover her stomach.

Jared’s eyes are glued.

“Maddie. You look amazing. The biker chick look works for you. Some red lips and black nails and you are gold,” Kim says.

“I don’t know,” she says looking at herself again, cloaked in insecurities.

“Go for it.” Kim says whispering and hip bumping her friend.

“Ugh. Fine. What the hell, they say looking good is the best revenge right?”


“Are you sure it looks good though…Jared? Be honest.”

Jared snaps out of it when he hears his name.

“Yes. Yea. I honestly I have no words for how good you look.”

“Really?” Maddie smiles looking down.


“See it’s perfect, go change out of it, we’ll be on line.” Kim says walking off with Jared.

Jared looks back at Maddie as his eyes look her over.

Maddie looks at herself in the mirror once more before walking into the dressing room.

Kim looks at Jared and laughs.


“How transparent can you be?” she says.

“Really? Am I that obvious? Do you think she knows?”

“No. Lucky for you, she’s just as oblivious to receiving flirtation signals as you are to providing them. Hell you’d be a match made in heaven.”

“Ya think?” Jared says his smile dopey.

“I actually do think you’d be good together. You’re a good guy, and you care about her. She deserves that.”

“I don’t think she sees me that way though.”

“Won’t know until you try. And what a better place to do so than at a party!” Kim says her says widening and her mouth dropping like she just won the lottery of obvious ideas.

“Tonight? What? No. It’s too soon. She’s still got Vinny brain and I don’t want to be a rebound.”

“Vinny wasn’t that serious of a thing, let’s be real it’s not like she was in love with the guy.”

“I don’t know. I can’t.”

“Okay. Fine. I hope you have fun watching guy after guy after guy after guy hit on her, because looking like she does in that outfit, there’s no way you’ll be able to avoid that.”

Jared looks away pondering.


Kim walks into Maddie’s room dressed in her costume, just as she is putting her red lipstick on. 

Maddie sees her in the mirror and turns, “I love it!” she says looking at Kim who twirls around showing off her leather kitten costume.

“Thank you very much! Are you almost ready?”

“Yea, pretty much. I just thought we were waiting on Jared.”

“Ugh, nope. He had to do a beer run. He said he’d meet us there.”

“Oh ok. Cool.” Maddie looks in the mirror once more, fluffs her curly hair and smacks her lips together and out she goes following Kim into the hall.


Kim knocks on the off campus apartment door and a fellow college friend opens the door greeting them with a smirk.

“Ladies! Hey, you look great, come on in, grab a drink!”

Kim and Maddie smile and walk in as another guy hands them each a drink.


Maddie looks over at the clock. 9:50 PM. It hasn’t even been an hour. She stands leaning against a wall with a drink in her hand. She looks around as a sea of costumes and red cups fill the scene. Off to the side she watches as Kim chats up with some hot guy dressed as a Werewolf. Kim laughs as she flips her hair.

Jared walks into the party he fist bump the host and hands him a few cases of beer.

“Thanks brother, you’re lifesaver.”

He looks around his eyes surveying the scene, looking for one specific brunette, on specific set of green eyes… there she is, he thinks, his path promised as he walks toward Maddie.

“Well hey there little lady, I reckon, those two would have quite some hairy children.”

Maddie looks over and laughs.

“A cowboy. It suits you. I like it.”

“Thank you ma’am.” he says tipping his hat.

“Are you going to talk like that all night?”

“Maybe,” he says keeping the southern twang intact.

Maddie laughs.

“Maddie you look-freaking amazing.”


“Yes. Like Y-e-s with a capital Y and an exclamation point at the end for emphasis.”

Maddie blushes and laughs, pushing him away.

Jared places his hand over hers as it lays on his chest, close to his heart.

They both lock eyes- Blue and Green dancing for a beat.

“So… (looking away) what- Kim left you high and dry?” Jared says letting her go and leaning against the wall next to her.

“Not really, I told her to go mingle. I’m just-I was-“

“Waiting for me to come and save you?”

“Exactly,” she laughs smiling.

Jared looks over at her, his eyes wandering.

Maddie notices.


Jared fumbles noticing he’s been caught.

“Nothing. You want another drink?”

“Sure,” she says handing him her cup as he walks off, Maddie smiles nervously to herself.

As Maddie watches Jared walk over to a keg and get roped into a conversations with some friends, she rushes over to Kim.

“I’m sorry can I borrow her for just one quick second?” Maddie says to Kim’s latest conquest.

The guy nods with a smile, “I’ll be just a minute,” Kim says smiling and walking off to the side with Maddie.

“I’m sorry but I really need to talk to you.”

“Oh my god, are you kidding, of course, what’s up? Are you ok?”

“I think Jared might be flirting with me.”

Kim laughs.

“I’m serious.”

“Oh sweetie, my flirtatiously challenged friend. He is flirting with you.”


“Yes. Welcome to the party.”

“Oh my god, so he likes me?”

“Yes. It’s really not news anymore at this point, everybody knows.”

“I didn’t know.”

“That’s because you’re oblivious.”

“I think I might like him too.”

Kim’s eyes widen.

“Now that’s new! Really?”

“I don’t know. I think. I mean I’ve never really thought of him like that before.”

“Well think about it now. Are you attracted to him? Does he do it for you?”

“Ah. Oh my god. I can’t do this.”

“Ok look. I’m not going to tell you what I think about this, because I don’t want to put anything in your head. Ride out the rest of the night. Spend some alone time with him, feel it out. If the spark is there, it’s there, you’ll feel it. If not, he’ll always be your friend.”

“Do butterflies count as sparks? Because I gotta say there are some serious butterflies going on right now.”

“You bet your ass they count.” Kim says smiling, “Now go!”

Maddie smiles and walks toward where Jared is with the guys.

Jared sees her and smiles, excusing himself he walks over to her.

“Hey sorry, I kind of got caught up in a bit of a who’s the scariest villain debate?” he says handing her a drink.

“Thanks….that’s easy Freddy Krueger, hands down,” Maddie says.

Jared looks at her and smiles.

“That’s what I said.”

Maddie smiles.

“Hey Maddie, there’s something I’d really like to talk to you about…do you wanna maybe take a walk?”

“Yea-I-Oh no Vinny…”

“What?” Jared says confused.

“Vinny just walked in,” she says her focus shifting.

Jared looks over.

“Of course,” he mumbles to himself.

“Ignore him Maddie,” he says trying to get their moment back.  

Kim rushes over.

“Holy ass face, did you see who just walked din?” she says.

“Yes Kim, thank you, we’ve all noticed,” Jared says annoyed.

Kim notices his frustration.

“You know what, just don’t even pay any mind to him. Don’t even acknowledge he’s here,” Kim says trying to repair the damage.

Maddie shakes it off.

“I can do that. So Jared, how about that walk?”

“Yea. Let’s do it, Ladies first,” he says leaving a path for her to walk first.

Jared holds his hand out behind him as Kim slaps it, he smirks following Maddie toward the front door.

As Maddie passes Vinny, Jared places his hand on the small of her back and she sighs in relief knowing he’s there, but at the same time there go those butterflies fluttering up her spine.

Vinny’s eyes follow Maddie and Jared, he jumps over blocking the exit.

“Maddie, Jesus you look hot how come I never got any of this while we were together!”

Jared’s hold on Maddie tightens as he bulks up ready to say something.

Maddie squeezes his hand to stop him.

“Oh let’s be honest here Vinny, you don’t deserve any of this, your just not man enough to handle it. So do me a favor, walk away, now. Before we have a problem.”

Vinny looks at her baffled as he slinks away.

Maddie grabs Jared’s hand, heading out the front door.

They get about a block away, before Maggie finally speaks.

“I’m sorry about that. He’s such an ass.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. Like you said he’s an ass.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have worn this, I should have just stayed home like a wanted to.”

“Hey. Stop it, (he stops, turning to her he puts his hands on her shoulders) you look amazing. Don’t let him make you feel bad about anything, ever. He’s a piece of crap that wasn’t worth your time.”

“I know. You’re right. It’s just he gets in my head sometimes and I start to question myself.”

“Don’t. Your body is yours. It doesn’t belong to any guy, ever. And just because you wear something slightly different or sexier than usual on the one night of the whole year that the world is allowed to spice it up, doesn’t give him the right to comment on it and make you feel bad or make you question how amazing you look and how amazing you should feel. Cuz you’re perfect. You always have been Maddie. That guy, he’s completely insane for ever letting you go.”

Maddie blushes.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to say that,” she says her eyes nervously looking away.

“I wanted to,” he smiles as they continue to walk a bit more.

A million thoughts are running through Jared’s minds. That was one hell of a speech. Kiss her. Kiss her now, you fool. No. It’s too soon.

“Can I ask you a question?” Maddie says stopping under a weeping willow tree as the fall breeze kisses her cheek, her hair gently blowing.

“Of course,” he says turning toward her, the mere sight causing is heart rate to quicken and his palms to start sweating.

“Will you kiss me?” she says her eyes meeting his as his widen in surprise. “I feel like there’s something here, and I know that we’re friends but we may be more and I won’t know unless you kiss me. I would never want to hurt you by leading you on, so will you just-”

Jared reaches for his cowboy hat, removing it he tosses it to the side quickly as he cups her face and kisses her.

Maddie’s lips are in shock at first, but her response is quick as the spark ignites her lips kissing back softly at first but then finding a more aggressive/urgent groove with Jared’s. As Jared feels her doing so, his hands find her waist, pulling her into him. Her hands gliding up his arms and wrapping around his neck.

The kissing continues for quite a while, as Jared walks Maddie backward until she’s up against the tree bark. Fall leaves dancing in the wind, whirling around them.

Maddie finally breaks the kiss, needing some air.

They both exhale loudly as they lock eyes, they laugh.

“Did that really just happen?” Jared says his eyes twinkling.

“If, not, it was one hell of a dream,” she says smiling as she wipes the corner of her lips.

“I’ve gotten red lipstick all over you,” she laughs reaching up and rubbing her thumb across his lips, trying to get it off.

“That’s ok, I don’t mind.”

Jared looks at her, he takes her hand and places it on his heart.

“Your heart is pounding so fast,” Maddie says with a small chuckle. “You know I kinda felt that happening before too.”

“Yea, that happens a lot when I’m around you.”

Maddie smiles as she pulls him back over to her into a kiss.

Each kiss longer and deeper than the next.

Jared cups her face, he pulls away and looks her in the eyes.


“I can’t believe this is happening,” he says continuing to kiss her.

Maddie smiles against his lips as her hands find their place over his on her face.

They continue to lose their breath as Maddie pulls him closer wrapping her arms around him, Jared’s hands fall down her body to her waist as find a place in the back pockets of her fitted black leather pants.

She laughs mid kiss and buries her face in his chest.

“What?” he says confused and pulling away to look at her.

“We’re kissing, you and me. And your hands – well I just never thought they would be- (she laughs) I guess I’m just not used it. I can’t believe we’re doing this. I mean you’ve been my best friend for years. I guess I just feel kind of strange.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push- Are we moving too fast? I’m sorry.”

“No, no. I don’t mind. (she says pulling him by the shirt toward her) Come here.”

Jared smiles and continues to kiss her again as they close the space between them.

“So Whattaya say you think you wanna be my girl?” he says looking back at her and whispering to her.

“I thought I already was.”

Jared smiles pulling her to him as he continues to kiss her.

Maddie smiles against his lips as she cups his face, she pulls away looking up at him, “You know as weird as this is, it feels really natural…really right. I could kiss you all night long.”

“Don’t expect me to object to that,” he says cupping her face and kissing her “I’ve waited a long time for you.”

Maddie looks up at him through heavy eyes and sighs sweetly, her lips already reaching for his yet again.

As the two friends become more on a night that had potential to be one of the worst Halloweens ever.  Costumes galore walk by and drinks flow as the party just a few blocks away keeps going the private party under the willow tree had just begun. Jared finally handing his heart to the girl he’s wanted all along breath after breath, kiss after kiss, touch after touch.

After what feels like forever, the two finally come up for air. Maddie’s shoulders shrug as the breeze chills her skin.

“Are you cold, maybe we should get you inside?”


Maddie smiles and shrugs, walking off toward the party.

Jared smiles watching her, as he grabs his cowboy hat off the floor, his eyes scaling her curvy figure up and down, she spins around and catches him.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh excuse me, I was just admiring my girlfriend.”

“Really. Do you like what you see?”

“Is that even a question?”

Maddie rolls her eyes and smiles as she takes Jared’s hand in hers heading back into the party.

Kim takes notice of the scene in front of her- hand holding, goofy grins, and smudged red lipstick everywhere. She squeals and runs over to them as they talk to each other with lovey dovey eyes.

“You guys finally kissed…didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Maddie says smiling.

“A whole hell of a lot of yes.” he says, his grin as big as hers.

“Oh my god…finally!!!”

“I’m gonna go find a rest room, I’ll find you in a few?”

Maddie nods as Jared smirks, he leans in and kisses her, before walking off.

Maddie looks after him for a beat and then leans against the nearby wall clutching her chest.

“Oh. my. god.” Kim says in shock.

“You don’t even understand. I’m just so happy.” Maddie says looking over at Kim.

“You look happy.”

“I’m still trying to catch my breath.”

“So it wasn’t weird kissing your best and oldest guy friend?”

“No. I mean yea there’s that, but it just felt right and like the most natural progression ever. It’s almost like why haven’t we been kissing each other our whole lives. It’s nice, and it’s nice to feel safe with someone.”

“Good for you, you deserve it.”

“Thank you.” Maddie smiles.

“So there’s a spark, it’s not just convenient. It’s not just a Vinny rebound.”

“Trust me the spark nearly blew my face off ok? Vinny was the last thing on my mind while Jared was kissing me. He’s just so sexy, he has the best lips and his hands…are perfect.”

“I cannot even. This is amazing and he’s such a good guy if you only knew how long he’s had this crush on you…”

“I wish I would have known. I’m actually- I’m gonna go find him, do you mind…”

“No- go find your boyfriend.”

“Thank you,” she smiles rushing off.


Maddie finds Jared just coming out of the bathroom, she smiles and stops him, pushing him back in.

“Hey…oh…ok, what’s happening?” he laughs as she locks the door behind them.

“Maddie…what are you doing?” he says laughing.

She pulls him into another kiss, as he deepens it lifting her in his arms slightly as his hands tighten around her waist, her hands cupping his face.

“I’m so lucky, (he says cupping her face as he glances down at her, he sighs looking up at the ceiling in a slight frustration.) But it doesn’t have to be different with us. I mean just because we know each other, I don’t want you to think that I suddenly just expect us to jump into a physical relationship. Because, I mean this is whole new territory for us. I’m ready to court you, and take you on dates, and re-meet your parents and your family as your actual boyfriend. I don’t wanna rush this with you.”

Maddie sighs and kisses him.

“You’re perfect.”

Jared kisses her.

“Go ahead, you go first, I’m gonna need a minute to- cool down,” he says embarrassed.

“Oh. OH! ok,” she says realizing with a laugh.

Just before she turns to unlock the door, Maddie turns back to Jared, she pulls him to her and kisses him softly and slowly as he responds matching the same pace. She looks up at him, “When it does happen, it’s going to be amazing!” she gives him a quick tease like peck as he leans in for more, she smirks up at him and unlocking the door she leaves the room.

Jared stands there laughing to himself.

“Yup, as expected I’m a goner,” he says looking in the mirror.

Maddie stands on the other side of the door her heart pounding in her chest as she clutches it, giving herself a minute to gather her composure, she smiles walking off to find Kim.



















































Cloaked in the Night



A Dark night sky sets in.

A moon high above, so round and bright, wolves would howl at it.

Her healed black booties clicking and clacking against the concrete floor.

The cool fall breeze rustles around her as leaves lift from the floor.

Cloaked figures cast on grassy front porches.

Halloween season is upon the neighborhood.

Witches, spiders, goblins and ghosts.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

One figure catches her eye and causes her to double back.

A Skeleton off to the side, his glare steady, cold.

She looks intently on at it, she shudders.

“Creepy,” she huffs to herself, picking up her pace.

She glances around her surroundings, no one in sight.

A deep knot forming in the pit of her stomach.

Was this midnight ice cream run, really that important? She thinks.

Mentally kicking herself, she starts to psych herself out, as every single sound is enhanced.



Her own shoes scuffling.

She turns to look behind her…nothing.

She quickens her steps, her destination a mere few blocks away.

Her heart pounding, she feels a brush of air touch her neck.

The overhead street lamp flickers.

She stills.

Slowly turning around, the cloaked skeleton figure that stood just in front of the nearby house- gone.

Her breathing is filled with an intense anxiety and weight.

Turning to look around, her scream rings through the night as the darkness closes around her.


*I do not take credit for the images used in my edit.*





Describe yourself in Fictional Characters

So I’ve noticed this bit of a “Describe Yourself In 3 Fictional Characters” challenge/trend surface on the internet lately. And I loved it and instinctively wanted to turn it into a blog post.

As a writer I have a ton of fictional characters that I relate to and feel like somehow mirror my personality. I love identifying bits of myself in characters I see written and portrayed on screen. I couldn’t decide so I did 4, #ICheated #SorryNotSorry. (well Pocahontas is based on a real woman so I guess I didn’t cheat, there’s three fictional here!) 

So here goes…

Haley James (Pre-Scott)

Portrayed By Bethany Joy Lenz

TV Show: One Tree Hill

If you’ve followed this blog before, you know my obsession with this character. It is real and she is probably my most beloved tv character. Since the first day I started watching One Tree Hill, she was the one I felt was most like me. She was the shy, smart girl who was way beyond her years, wanted to help everyone, had this keen sense between right and wrong, wasn’t popular but had her friends and family who she would do anything for and dressed kind of funky. She is my spirit animal. As later seasons came, she of course got cooler, started dating a jock, made friends with the in crowd, dressed better/different, got married in high school, and became this total rock star, made some mistakes, redeemed herself, had a baby in high school, and then later on became an English teacher and co-owner of the new and improved Karen’s Café. All while looking flawless the whole damn time. Which goes to show you, why I really identified with her in the first season mostly. As much as I love Haley James Scott, Haley James was simple, was real and her life seemed normal. Without all the fancy pants stuff, at her root Haley James-Scott or not has always had a strong moral code and a big heart and for that alone I will always be a fan. #ThatJeanJacketTho



Voice-Irene Bedard,  Singing Voice-Judy Kuhn

The Disney Film

While all the little girls wanted to be Cinderella, and Snow White, I related most to Pocahontas. To me, is was the Disney Princess who I felt looked most like me. For starters her olive complexion and her free spirit. Her barefoot adventures and love of sunflowers and jewelry and feathers. I love the story, I love her roots and how she knows who she is and knows that her family her everything. She makes decisions based on what’s best for her, she’s independent despite the many trying to decide what’s best for her. She explores, she is curious. The Indian culture has always fascinated me, and I have always felt a pull to it. She is probably the reason why.

Raven Baxter

Portrayed By Raven Symone

TV Show: That’s So Raven

FreeForm shows old school Disney shows late at night and once night I caught That’s SO Raven on TV, and I couldn’t help but laugh and see a bit of myself in her. Her crazy fashion choices, I have had my moments. #BlueLipStick #FlowersInMyHair #FurrySweaters Her impromptu dancing, her absurd slang. It’s all me. #YANASTY #OHSNAP I love her, and I too at times feel psychic. #SHHHH 😉 Also can we just state that Raven paved this way for curvy girls to feel good about themselves. She wasn’t perfect, she was curvy and loud and fun and colorful and she was SUCCESSFUL! Raven is most like my younger self, and I think she comes out still every once in a while.

Jane Villanueva

Portrayed By Gina Rodriquez

TV Show: Jane the Virgin

Let’s put aside the whole baby daddy/mama drama, that is this show. Yes Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated and instantly was thrown into motherhood way ahead of her planned out life’s schedule with a guy’s baby, who she never expected to come back into her life. That is the juicy stuff and my life is nothing like hers in that sense. But for some reason in a lot of other ways, Jane may be the character I relate most too. She’s always the responsible one, but when she messes up she owns up to it, and when she let’s loose, her beauty shines. She’s an older 20’s. She is a curvy Latina, with a heart of gold and good morals and extremely close to her family. She believes in love and is a hopeless romantic-not to mention a soap opera fan too. My favorite part-she’s a writer and she is constantly drifting off into her own world, as she stars in her scenes as she writes them. Her morals are very similar to mine and I adore her character as a whole, because everything I mentioned about her holds true for me too. She spontaneous dances too, so I mean we’re twins who need to meet and be best friends.

As you can tell I love seeing strong, determines, driven, independent, caring, loving, kind, big heart of gold female characters. They are what inspires me to write and to be a better woman.



*I do not take credit for any images used.*


“On The Run” Soundtrack & Author’s Commentary

DISCLAIMER: On The Run is not a real motion picture nor does it have a soundtrack coming out. This is just me living in my fictional happy writer’s world. Where I pretend and where I run the show. Haha. Back in college whenever I would hand in a script or be working with already written material/feature film scenes, my professor would ask me who I would have play the characters, where would it take place, what location? And so I think that kind of stuck with me, because as I write this story series I want to include those aspects and give you a visual experience. Mysterious Attraction was my first shot at it, then came A Broken Heart For Christmas, and Love Conflicted. Along the way there have been little one shots, or shorts including a few parts as well. But that distinction is not always clear, I don’t always know how long a story is going to take to tell. As a kid I used to say “Make Pretend” all the time. Make Pretend you’re a princess who slays dragons. Make pretend you’re a ballerina who bull rides. Make pretend you’re writing a screenplay and you get to pick the actors, and release a soundtrack and commentary that people have been anxiously awaiting. The options could be endless. So let’s “Make Pretend.” Enjoy!

New Cast Promotional Photo:

New poster

On The Run Soundtrack Album Artwork:

so damn good

Track list:

  1. “Make Me”- Britney Spears
  2. “Treat You Better”- Shawn Mendes
  3. “Scared of Happy”- Fifth Harmony
  4. “Home”- Rhodes
  5. “Not a Bad Thing”- Justin Timberlake
  6. “Dangerous Woman”- Ariana Grande
  7. “Pillow Talk”- Zayn Malik
  8. “Open Arms”- Journey
  9. “I Miss You”- Adele
  10. “Water Under the Bridge” – Adele
  11. “Things I’ll Never Say”- Avril Lavigne
  12. “I Run To You”- Lady Antebellum
  13. “Save You”- Matthew Perryman Jones
  14. “I See Fire”- Ed Sheeran
  15. “How to Save a Life”-The Fray
  16. “I Had Me A Girl”- The Civil Wars


Author’s Commentary-


On The Run is a short story series featured here on Michelle Leigh Writes. The story premiered on March 7, 2016 and ran pretty consistently all the way up until May 12, 2016. For the duration of a little more than 2 months, On The Run was my focal point. Then came a May/June slump. Posting resumed in July and the series wrapped in August. So over the span of about 6 months (give or take) On The Run was formulated here on this blog, for you to read.


So often I dissect and pull apart my stories, which I think helps me to become a better writer. But I do want to shed some light on what I felt did work in this story.

I love the idea of Charlie and Sage having a connection they can’t explain. I love the mystery behind both of these characters, more specifically Sage’s character.

Charlie is this trusting, forgiving man who is stuck on believing the goodness in people deserving of it. He experiences this strange sense of human instinct to protect Sage. And because of that nature, Sage feels a strange sense of comfort when with him.

Sage is simple, beautiful and strong. A strength like no other. A selfless-ness like no other.

The relationship between these two characters evolves over time. Sage’s resistance is clear. And while we are tricked to believe that Charlie is the hero of the story, we soon realize that Sage is the heroine. She is determined to protect her family and friends at any cost, no matter the consequence or the effect it will have on her life. I enjoy how in such a short amount of time, Charlie to some extent has got Sage figured out, it’s a combination of his police training, and just being a really perceptive good judge of character. But one minute he thinks he knows her, but the next he’s left completely confused and bewildered. She certainly keeps him on his toes.

I love that Sage’s character ends up blurring the lines between right and wrong for a good cause. And that choice, in turn lands her into Charlie’s storyline of trying to save those who would otherwise go unjustified.

Match made in heaven, don’t you think?

In this story, you see a different side to law enforcement. That some cops and detectives will go out of their way, will go the extra mile.

I enjoy how the story unfolds of what happened that night of the murder. The glimpses we get through flashbacks. I wonder if the fact that it ended being Megan was a shock to any readers.

I also wonder how readers may view Sage/Charlie’s relationship.

Do you think it was believable? Did they fall too quickly?

Their relationship evolved quickly over a short amount of time- a few weeks at best.

Did you trust Charlie? Did you trust Sage?

When Sage found Charlie’s Detective Card did you see it coming?

Or did you feel as betrayed as Sage did?

Were you worried he was working against her, and just helping her to gather information?

Or were you rooting for Sage and Charlie to kick start a romance?

I personally like how for the most part this is a 2 character centric story. It felt nice to be able to have special moments/awkward tensions, emotions between just these two characters.

Most of the communication between these two is based upon their eye contact, their looks, their glares and stares. When those moment become too heavy, often times Sage will blush, while Charlie will chuckle and look away. Sage has been known to need to break their eye contact often two as she fidgets under his stare. He often looks her over, in a way that makes her nervous, her heart flutters and she doesn’t mind.

In the moments when they do touch, at first it’s just instinct. The need for Sage to feel close to someone, to feel guarded. But then that instinct becomes natural for both of them and blossoms into a different kind of need, a need to feel the touch of the person they are falling in love with.

Charlie is only scared of pushing Sage away or losing her. He’s not afraid of his feelings. While, Sage is afraid on many different levels, even though she too feels the spark ignited between she and Charlie.

Relationships are hard/complicated/contradictory. Sometimes feelings can change so rapidly, that we don’t always know how or why or what to do with them.

The playful flirtation between the two are my favorite moments. You see the real Sage in those moments. You see the sassy, sweet, funny, sexy girl she was before this all happened. You see they are both letting loose with each other and it’s a contrast to the darkness of the murder mystery plot which drives the bulk on the story.

Dream Casting:

“Sage Renly”- Shay Mitchell

Just fit the earthy, beautiful, vibes of Sage

“Charlie Steinfeld”- Max Thieriot

Just fit the rugged, kind, loyal vibes of Charlie.

*Both characters are simple life livers looking for love before all this drama unfolds.

Love scenes:

One of these days, I won’t blush while writing a love scene. I won’t hide in a corner shielding my computer screen from curious eyes. I won’t feel ashamed of what I’m writing. I find that when I write a love scene, I continuously edit myself. What if a family member of mine reads this? Oh my god what will they think? The people in my life have a certain perspective of me. I’m a pretty reserved personality, and so writing these scenes would be something they wouldn’t even think I do, or can do. So there’s a barrier there for sure and I feel like I need to work on being more free and not so constrained and worried about what people will think. If anything hopefully they can just realize that what I’m trying to do by writing these scenes, is to craft a beautiful love story.

Hiatus Drama:

WHY???? Why does this ALWAYS happen to me. I can’t shake it. I’m consistent for a good duration and then my focus shifts. Slump? Lack of story direction? Editing is a tall order, and then editing and finding images too, I can be there for hours working on one post- Laziness? Boredom? Lack of time? Blog feeling oversaturated in one topic? Need for change up? Excuses? I’ve tried on all of them. And quite frankly they all suck. I do hope to stick to a more permanent, more consistent schedule next time. I can’t promise that the hiatus won’t ever happen again. Because it will. I know it will. But I can promise you that I will continue to write short stories and I will continue to finish them, no matter how long they may take me to do so. I know my style of writing and posting is probably a factor in this too. I do like the formula, it gives me the freedom to take my stories a lot of different ways, but sometime it created the freedom to stop writing, which is where things get murky. But the way I see it is, if I waited to write a whole series before posting, nothing would get posted.


Justice vs. Injustice

Love vs. Lust

Right vs. Wrong

Head vs. Heart

Trusting strangers

Trust Issues





Running Away *from love, and from the law (hence…the title…On The Run)

Supporting Characters:

The Black Family- Megan, Daniel, and Simon

Even though we don’t see every detail about the Blacks, they fuel the greater story and main characters need friends, they need people to enhance their character and their story.

Tim Malloy- Represents Justice and is Charlie’s light in the justice system.

The Ending:

I have a tendency to do the quick wrap up ending. Everything all wrapped up in a bow. There’s a pressure (especially after a long hiatus) I put on myself to finish and so I feel like I resolve things quickly. Like all the Hallmark movies I complain about. I don’t not like the ending, I just think maybe it could have been better. I always think everything I write can be better. Nothing is ever perfect, because if it was there’d be no room to learn more.

The ending I chose wasn’t what I intended. There were ideas of having Sage get pregnant. There was another idea of having Charlie ask Sage to marry him. There was also an idea where Sage and Charlie were going to marry to not have to testify against each other in court.

However, I always end my stories with marriage and babies. For this particular story that ending just didn’t seem fitting. These two characters love each other, but still need to get to know each other.

Often times we worry that stories aren’t believable, could two people really fall in love in such a short amount of time. It’s so unrealistic. Is it? If we all trusted our hearts a little more, we’d probably let ourselves fall in love a lot sooner. Why waste time.

There’s a quote from one of my favorite movies that comes to mind-

“I barely know you. I don’t know your dad’s first name, I don’t know if you ever wore braces or contacts or glasses. I have no idea how you came to be a wedding planner. But I know the curves of your face and I know every fleck of gold in your eyes…” –Steve, The Wedding Planner

*Written By: Pamela Falk, Michael Ellis

This right there is why you don’t need any explanation. The spark. It happens. In my stories it happens. Love happens. And I will always defend it, no matter how early, or unrealistic it may seem.

Missing Links:

Should Sage/Charlie’s back stories have been more in-depth/showcase throughout the story?

Family? Job? Home? $? Past relationships?

I kind of liked how both Sage and Charlie had this intense attraction and pull toward each other, but they were strangers who had to just figure each other out quickly. I like how they had kind of hidden identities up until the end where they decide starting over would be a good thing, and they offer their back grounds, upfront. I think that worked. Thoughts?

Should there have been more about Megan/Simon/Daniel?


Blacks, Browns, Greens, Grays in clothing- camouflage to blend in.

Whites, yellows- in the hotel to show purity and simplicity, safety, security.

Red- blood, fear.

Final Comments:

With each short series I experiment writing, I learn something new. Each short story series is its own learning experience. And although there are many parallels and common themes that span across all of my short story series, featured here on this blog, I have also realized I’m growing my own style of writing and storytelling. I’m crafting my writer’s voice. Romance and a little bit of mystery seems to be my thing. And this series specifically is a murder mystery with a twist, not only in who committed the crime, but in the fact that a love blossomed during such a tragic time. Unconventional, unpredictable love. Also each story is a lesson in descriptive writing, were the scenes written well enough that you can picture them in your head. BE MORE DESCRIPTIVE- definitely something I need to work on for the next one.

So thank you for reading this commentary and for reading On The Run.

Until next time… (I already have some ideas for my next series…Stay Tuned!)

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On The Run- Part 10


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Charlie reaches for his jeans, finding his wallet he frantically searches in it for another business card.

He dials the number from the hotel line and after a few rings, the receiver of the call answers.

“Hello Malloy, its Steinfeld. I’m gonna need a favor.”

Malloy stands on the other side of a double sided window in a precinct.

“Let me guess, you’ve got a hand in the Wakefield murder case?”

“Why would you say that?” Charlie says his eyes widening.

Malloy turns to the interrogation room as a very defeated Sage sits there waiting for her questioning, her hands handcuffed in front of her.

“I’ve got a Sage Renly down here who fits the description of the suspect and not more than 20 minutes after she walks in with a confession, you call me. Please don’t tell me you are in some kind of messed up trouble with this chick.”

“I wouldn’t put it like that, but I do know her, and I can tell you, I think she’s lying,” Charlie says starting to throw on his clothes.

“You think, or you know?”

“She’s protecting someone, and she won’t tell me who or why? Every time I try and get the truth out of her she freezes or lashes out. She’s scared.”

“Well then, maybe you should get down here, now. There may be some way we can get the truth out of her.”

“I’m already on my way.”

Charlie grabs his jacket and rushes out the door.


Charlie rushes into the station to be met my Malloy.

“Tim, hey where is she, is she ok, can I see her?”

“Slow down Steinfeld, she’s fine. She’s not being questioned just yet. Look I’ve got a plan, its guerilla style but it’ll work. You just have to trust me.”

“Are you asking me to trust the system?” Charlie says rolling his eyes.

“No. I’m asking you to trust me.”

“Well then alright. What do I do?”

“Follow me,” Molloy says leading Charlie back towards the interrogation rooms.

He pauses and turns to Charlie.

“Look, between you and me, my intelligence unit, we do things a little rougher. We know when to throw the old rule book out the window and when to follow it. We get answers. But our methods aren’t always agreed upon, so you have to let me know if you’re on board now. Because once we get into things I can’t have you undermining me. Because you handed in your badge a long time ago. In that room, I call the shots.”

“Got it. Just tell me what I have to do to help you get her to tell you the truth.”

“Well for starters, you just have to wait here, you’re the bait. You’ll have a front row seat in here,” he says opening the door to the viewing side of the interrogation room Sage sits in.

Charlie walks in as Malloy closes the door behind him and walks into the interrogation room.

Charlie looks up and sees Sage, her face full of fear and anxiety.

His heart breaking, he stands closer to the window, wanting to comfort her.

“Ms. Renly…or is it Mrs. Renly?” Malloy says waltzing in and sitting on the corner of the table looking down at her with a smirk.

“Ms. Renly.” Sage says, her voice low.

“Ms. Renly it is. You’ve made a confession, haven’t you?”

Sage gulps, nodding slightly.

“Ah yes. A confession to committing murder.”

Sage looks away her eyes watering.

“Am I understanding that correctly, Ms. Renly?”

Charlie watches her his heart pounding, unsure of whether his instincts will be proven right or wrong.

“Yes. I have confessed to killing someone,” she says barely getting out the words, her voice cracking.

“Mmm and who is this someone you killed?”

“Daniel Black.”

Charlie looks at her, studying her facial expressions, her body language.

She’s fidgeting, her eyes keep drifting away, her voice hoarse, her eyes welling with tears threating to spill over at any time.

“The man found with his head bashed in; the Wakefield  murder case.”

“Yes sir.”

“Well this case has been all over the news, you’ve become quite famous.”

Sage looks up at him with a glare.

Charlie stares.

“She didn’t do it,” he whispers.

“One may wonder why you would be coming forward now, after all this time.”

“I couldn’t run anymore.”

“Mmm, takes a toll on you doesn’t it?”

Sage nods, breathing heavily.

“What is your relation to Mr. Black?”

“He is my best friend’s husband. Well, he was my best friend’s husband.”

Charlie stares intently as the story finally starts to unfold.

“You know, I was assigned this case from the very beginning Ms. Renly and I gotta say that blood bath you left was quite a scene. What caused such a deadly altercation between you and Mr. Black? And where was Mrs. Black?”

“Megan. Her name is Megan.”

“And where was Megan during the say 30 minutes it took you to bludgeon her husband to death with a baseball trophy.”

Sage looks up at him.

“That’s right, we found the murder weapon, and after we run your fingerprints, I am sure we will have everything we need to haul you off to prison for a long long time.”

“You’re probably right, and I deserve it. I took a life, and I deserve to be put away for that.”

Charlie winces and begins pacing the viewing room.

“Where was Megan?”

“She wasn’t home,” Sage says, her answer brief, her cold glare ahead steady.

Charlie notices; she’s gone. Her hope is gone. Her smile, her laugh, her innocence and youthfulness, all- Gone.

“Did Megan and Daniel, did they have any children?”

“A son.”

“How old?”

“4 and ½”

“And the son, was also not home that night you murdered his father?”

“No Megan had taken Simon out for ice cream.”

“Which brings me to the question, if Megan and her son were not home, why were you over there in the first place. I mean you did say that she was your friend, not him. So why go there is she wasn’t there?”

“I was out, and I dropped by spur of the moment. I didn’t know she wasn’t there.”

“So what made you stay?”

“Daniel seemed uneasy, unhinged. He just lost his job and he and Megan had a really big fight earlier in the day. He had been known for his temper and he had been drinking and when that happened, things would happen. Horrible things. I was worried of what could happen if Megan and Simon came home while he was in that state.”

“Was Daniel abusive to Megan?”

Sage looks down at her hands. As Malloy walks the room, making Sage more anxious.

Charlie looks on, his mind filling in the blanks from his previous conversation with Sage.

“It was a domestic dispute.”

“Who said it was my dispute?”

“It was Megan,” he whispers, his eyes widening.

“Ms. Renly, answer the question. Was Mr. Black abusive to his wife when drunk or otherwise?”

“Yes. Ok yes. For years I watched her put on a smile at parties and hold his hand, while at night she’d call me in tears and agony. Her body covered in bruises, sometimes it got so bad he’d break her bones. I was scared to death that one day it’d be too late. So I did something. The only thing that I thought to do.”

“You killed him.”

“I was protecting my friend.”

“But she wasn’t home. What were you protecting her from?”

“From a monster. Sure she wasn’t home at the moment. But I took it upon myself to stick around, tried sobering him up, and tried talking some sense into him. I brought up rehab, thought maybe if he heard it from an outsider maybe he’d take it into consideration and get some help. But he flew off the handle. Started screaming at me and shoving me around. Telling me to mind my own business. I finally saw what it was like to live in Megan’s shoes. In fear of her own husband’s touch. I begged him to stop but he pinned me against a wall and hit me, so I grabbed the nearest thing I could find and I hit him over the head with it. I just wanted him to stop, I wasn’t trying to kill him.”

“Ms. Renly are you a righty or a lefty?”

“What does that matter?”

“Humor me.” Malloy says shrugging.

“I’m a lefty.”

“Interesting. And this scuffle the two of you had, took place in the kitchen?”

“Yes. He pinned me against the wall near the island, the one shared with the living room. There’s a small table near it with a few of Daniel’s post prized baseball trophies. I swear some times you’d think he loved them more than his family, the way he’d go on about the glory days of college baseball. I grabbed one, and you know the rest.”

“Interesting. Because the scene that you created. The scene that you’re describing, for it to actually work, the killer would have to be right handed.”

Sage looks up at him.

“Based on the evidence we found and the position of the head wound that killed Mr. Black, well the only logical explanation would be that someone picked up the trophy from the  small end table to the right side of them and struck Mr. Black on the left side of his head, which leads me to believe that the killer is actually right handed.”

“So maybe I grabbed it with my non dominant hand, who cares. When you’re fighting for your life, you just act on impulse.”

“That is true.”

Sage looks up at him and glares, her eyes darting around the room, her heart pounding, her chest heavy.

“Ms. Renly after you killed Mr. Black and attempted to hide the murder weapon, you fled the scene? Where did you go?”

“I just kept running, and eventually found my way to an old motel.”

“What motel?”

“I don’t remember the name.”

“Convenient. So you walked, by yourself, presumably covered in blood and no one saw you. You didn’t raise any suspicions?”

“Considering it took me to come in and confess, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve done a pretty good job of flying under the radar.”

“I think you’re right. But considering the fact that you had no car, no money and nowhere to go, I think you had some help.”

Sage’s eyes shoot up at him as Malloy smiles from his current seated position across from her.

“I acted alone.”

Malloy leans over the table looking at her.

“We have video footage of you and a blonde haired male, at a motel just outside town. Sooner or later after some digging around, I’m sure we’ll get a name. In fact maybe we already know who he is. You know with him being an ex-cop and all.”

Charlie stares.

Sage’s head shoots up.

“That’s right, we know you’ve had some help on the run, in fact we’ve got Mr. Steinfeld in custody right now. And well if you don’t talk, we have ways of making you talk.”

Charlie cringes at Malloy’s manipulation techniques.

“Charlie had nothing to do with the murder, he was kept completely in the dark, he doesn’t know what happened, he was just trying to help me. He didn’t know who I was, or what I did.”

“Really because he seems to think otherwise, he says the two of you have been on the run together since the day of the crime, he’s been paying for things for you and driving you from place to place, why he also seems to think the two of you are in love. Imagine that.”

“I may have let him think that, so he’d continue helping me.”

“Why you would just break his little heart if he could here you right now.”

“Let Charlie go, he doesn’t have anything to do with this murder.”

“That’s where things get fuzzy for me Ms. Renly, see because aiding and abetting is defined as A person who acts as an accessory and is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before OR after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support. And your friend Charlie certainly fits the bill, even more so, he’s owning up to it like a hero.”

“That’s just his nature. He’s just trying to protect me.”

“Like you’re trying to protect Megan.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Sage says her eyes diverting his glare.

Charlie watches on. Just wanting this to stop, to be over. So that he can hold Sage and keep her safe forever.

“It wasn’t you was it?”

“It was me.”

Sage begins to feel faint her mind spinning, her heart pounding, she feels like all the air in her body as vanished and she can’t breathe.

Malloy looks at her.

“Ms. Renly are you ok?”

Sage slinks in her chair as she passes out.

Malloy rushes to her aid, as Charlie rushes into the room.

A few moments later Sage comes to and is in the detectives office, laying on a small couch.

A female officer looks at her from across the room.

“You’re ok, you just passed out for a bit. Here, drink up” she says handing her a bottle of water.

“Thank you,” Sage says taking it.

“Sip slowly.” The officer says with a smile.

Sage takes a small sip, as she peaks outside her eyes go wide. She stands up and rushes to the door.

“Megan, what are you doing here?”

“I can’t let you do this. I know you want to protect me, but this is too much, I can’t let you go away for something I did.”

Sage sighs as she looks around seeing Malloy and Charlie standing nearby. Malloy has a pad as if he was taking her statement.

“Sage, she told us everything,” Charlie says looking at her saddened yet somehow relieved eyes.

“She’s lying,” Sage says in slight hysterics.

“Her prints match the ones we took off the trophy, she’s also right handed. The evidence-it all fits.”

“So what,” Sage says crying. “She has a son, ok you can’t take her away from her son. He’s been through hell living with a father like that, she’s been through hell. Look at the bruises all over her body, she fought for years. And no cop was ever going to take her side.”

“I would have,” Charlie says looking at a very broken Sage.

“Well you aren’t a cop anymore, now are you?”

Charlie grabs her hand and pulls her off to the side as Malloy turns to Megan to continue with her statement.

“Hey, are you feeling a little better, you scared me pretty bad, passing out like that,” Charlie says cupping her face and looking her over intently.

“I’m fine, I’m not worried about me, I’m worried about my friend.”

 “Please try and calm down, ok? Everything is going to be ok. They’re going to take care of Megan, she’ll get a fair deal. Malloy isn’t like the other cops I’ve worked with, he knows that some cases aren’t always what they seem.”

“She can’t go away. Simon… he’s so young and he needs her.”

“It’s gonna be ok,” Charlie says pulling her into a hug, he kisses the top of her head.

Sage hugs him tightly, worry etched on her face.


-A few hours later-

Malloy comes out of the interrogation room, to find an anxious Sage and Charlie sitting there waiting.

Sage sits up.

“How is she?”

“Considering what the two of you went through, she’s doing well.”

“So what’s going to happen to her, and to me?”

“You and Charlie are both free to go.”

“What happened to aiding and abetting? I mean I know you were just threatening Charlie with that to get me to tell you the truth, but that does actually hold true for me.”

“Are you just determined to go to jail?”

“No. I just have an unbearable conscience.”

“In my experience the people who say things like that, are the people who don’t deserve to be put in jail. We now know the full story, we know that Megan called you that night, scare of the vicious mood Daniel had been in. She asked you to come over. You heard the calls for help…” Sage envisions that dreaded moment in detail detective Malloy replays the scene. 

Sage rushes up past the white picket fence, she pauses as she reaches to ring the doorbell. Just then she gets halted by the same familiar scream ringing in her ear.

“Help! Help me! Please.”

Megan, Sage thinks. Sage rushes into her friend’s house. She finds her in a choke hold at the hands of her violent, abusive husband. After a failed attempt to pull Daniel off of Megan sends Sage flying to the floor, causes her to knock her head into the molding of the island cabinets. Megan with worry and fear in her eyes reaches for the nearest object, knocking Daniel over the head with it, with tremendous force, allowing Daniel to fall to the floor.

“What did you do?” Megan says to herself as Sage turns toward her, both women’s bodies shaking in fear and adrenaline.

Sage’s eyes fill with panic as Megan freezes, she drops the trophy and sinks to the floor.

Sage rushes to a sitting position, slipping and sliding in the pool of blood that has accumulated next to her on the floor. She checks Daniel’s pulse.

“He’s dead,” Sage says her eyes wide.

Megan sits. Frozen.

Sage looks at her in a panic as police sirens can be heard faintly in the background. Neighbors must have called from hearing all the screams.

“Ok. ok. It’s ok. It’s going to be okay,” Sage says looking over at her friend, she grabs some paper towels and wipes the blood off Megan’s face and hands.

Grabbing some more paper towels off the counter and grabbing the trophy with it, she puts it into the trash and tying it she rushes it out to the dumpster in the back alley of the house.

Sirens are closing in, Sage turns to her friend and shakes her.

“Megan. Hey….Megan…Go! Go to your folks, be with Simon, I’ll draw the cops away. I’ll handle this ok. Go!”

Still Frozen.

Sage shakes Megan harder, grabbing her face.

“Megan. Megan.”

Megan finally blinks.

“I killed him,” she says her voice breaking.

“Megan. GO! Get out of here, now!” Sage forces her friend up and out the back way, while she rushes out the front door, into the hot seat and into visual sight for all the neighbors to see, her clothes all bloody. A perfect guilty suspect, or so it would seem.

Malloy continues to describe the altercation as Sage’s memory of that night is brought back to life.

…And you rushed in to find the same scene you described but it was Megan who was being pinned against the wall, and when you tried to help by pulling Daniel off, he shoved you onto the floor causing you to cut your forehead right there, he says pointing to her cut. We also know that it was Megan who grabbed the trophy and knocked her husband over the head with the trophy. One knock did the trick. It was fueled by years of fear, and pain.”

“The minute she did it, she was in shock. She dropped the trophy and sank to the floor, most battered women would have probably kept going, kept hitting, but Megan was just in shock. She didn’t mean to kill him,” Sage says her voice low and defeated.

“We know. We know the whole story. We also know that Daniel Black wasn’t a good man, he has quite the record. Which is why Megan won’t be charged. She acted purely out of self-defense.”

“So she’s free to go?”

“You all are.”

“Oh my god,” Sage says sighing heavily as she places her head in her hands.

“It’s over” Charlie whispers, rubbing her back.

Sage hugs him tightly.

“Sage,” Megan says stepping into the lobby.

Sage rushes over to her friend, hugging her.

“I’m so glad you’re ok,” Sage says.

“Are you kidding, I’m so glad you’re ok. I’m so grateful to you. I can never repay you for what you’ve done for me.”

“Sure you can, go get your son and live your life, without fear.”

“That may take some getting used to,” Megan says timidly.

“Don’t worry considering you need a new place to live and I have an apartment all to myself, I think I’m in the market for some roommates. I’ll be there every step of the way, what do you say?”

“Simon and I would love that,” she says crying as she hugs Sage. “You saved my life, thank you, I love you.”

“We’re best friends. That’s what we do, we save each other. I love you too.” Sage says hugging her friend.

“See sometimes, cases get solved,” Malloy says.

“Yea only when there’s good police involved,” Charlie says, extending a hand out to Tim,

“Thank you,” he says as Malloy shakes it.

“Not a problem. I owed you one.”

Charlie gives him a small nod.

“Speaking of good police, maybe you’d wanna think about coming back, we could use a guy like you in intelligence.”

Sage looks at Charlie.

“I don’t know,” he says with hesitance.

“I think that’s an amazing idea. You still act like a cop, even though you say you’re not. Might as well get paid for it,” Sage says.

Charlie looks at her.

“And you’d be ok with that? My becoming a cop again?”

“Yea. I’d feel a lot safer on these streets. But I mean it’s not up to me, it’s up to you. What do you want?”

Charlie glances at her, and turns to Malloy.

“Ok, you’re on.”

“Great, you can start Monday. The team will be happy to have another rule bender.”

Charlie nods as he and Sage walk out of the station with Megan.

“I should really get going, Simon is with my parents and I really just need to be with them, they’ve been worried sick.”

“I know the feeling, go. I’ll check in later, we’ll make a date for us to pack you up.”

“Ok.” Megan hugs Sage tightly again.

“Bye Charlie, it was nice to meet you.”

“Like wise.” He says nodding in her direction with a slight smile.

“I highly doubt that, I’m the girl who killed her husband and almost let her best friend take the fall for it.”

“Stop it! I let them think it was me. It was my decision and you were in shock. This isn’t your fault.” Sage says.

“I agree, besides, if it weren’t for this whole thing, Sage and I probably never would have met, “So thank you.”

“Does he always do this?”

“Make you feel good about yourself? Yes. It’s why I keep him around,” Sage says trying to lighten things up.

Charlie smirks at her.

“I just hope you know that I am indebted to you, forever,” Megan says looking at Sage.

“Just stay my best friend forever and we’re even. I just want us to move on from this, and get back to our lives. We deserve to be happy.”

Megan hugs Sage one more time before hailing down a cab.

Charlie turns to Sage.

“So…” he says reaching for her hands.

“So.” She says taking them in hers.

“Can we start over?”

Sage smiles.

“She holds her hand out.

“Hi, I’m Sage Renly. I’m a gypsy soul, with far too many jobs to count, who lives in a one bedroom loft I pay way too much for. My family is kind of scattered because they like to travel like nomads, so every year we try and meet up and have a reunion. This year it’s supposed to be in Hawaii.”

“Nice to meet you Sage. I’m Charlie Steinfeld, I went from being a detective to not being a detective for quite some time, to just recently accepting a new position with a unit who truly believes in justice even if it doesn’t fit the standard rule book version. I work in contracting from time to time, my dad owned a major contracting company and when he passed he left all his earnings to me, which is well a lot. No siblings, mom passed a few years after dad, and I live in a studio apartment.

“Well it’s nice to meet you too Charlie. Maybe we can go out sometime.”

“Maybe.” Charlie says with a smile.

Charlie and Sage walk, circling around each other for a bit.

“Well, see ya,” Sage says shrugging and walking off.

Charlie laughs, rolling his eyes as he turns, he catches Sage as she jumps in his arms.

She kisses him, as he sets her down.

“Thank you, for everything,” she says.

“It’s been my pleasure,” he smiles, cupping her face and leaning down to kiss her.

“So are we actually going to give this whole couple’s thing a shot?” she says as they walk off hand in hand.

“You asked me what I want. I want you. So I’m gonna go with a -Hell yea- we’re giving this couple’s thing a shot.”

“What if all the attraction turns out to just be from the adrenaline of being on the run. What if we just fizzle out?”

“You’re funny.” He says laughing.

“I’m serious.” She says.

He stops and turns to her, taking her in his arms.

“I love you. And that’s not going to change, so deal with it.”


“Okay?” he says smiling.

“Yea, ok.” She says shrugging, “Oh and I kinda…love you too,” she says smiling.

He kisses her as they walk off.

“So Hawaii huh?” Charlie says his arm draping over Sage’s shoulders, as she entangles her hand in his.

“Mm Hmm.”

“Any chance you wanna bring your new boyfriend to meet the fam?”

“There may be a possibility.”

“Hmm…What can I do to turn that possibly into a definite yes?”

“I’m sure I can think of a few things.”

“So…your place, or mine?” he says looking at her, with a slight raise of his eyebrow.

“Whichever’s closer” Sage says laughing as she kisses him, they walk off.



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A short story series reflection.

What stories have I done, who were my characters, and how do I avoid the long hiatus and the often inevitable quick wrap up.

Because although it may feel good writing it at the time, looking back and re-reading…I always know there are ways to improve and things to do differently. And I’ll admit some things are cringe worthy, but hey writing even badly, is better than not writing at all.

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