New Year Planning

Happy 2019 Readers & Writers!

Your To-Do List girl is back with some new year planning info, that will hopefully give you some helpful tips to kick ass in 2019! Now I’m still not quite far enough into planning yet, because I feel like this is the first actual week of the year, because of the holiday. So I’ve been doing some inspirational research this weekend, and got my new planner, and so now it’s starting to come together. I’m sure new things will come along and old things will fizzle out. But the more you try and use these different tactics the more you will see what works for you and what doesn’t. Let’s all be honest, January is a trial month! ūüėČ

My Current Planning State consists of: 

Buy a Planner- I have small a weekly/monthly planner

Buy a Goals Notebook/Fun pens/special pen

20190107_193953 - copy

I bought this pen from my church and I just love that it has a cross on it, and that it came with an inspirational book mark.

Massive Mind Dump- In my notebook, I dedicated a few pages to writing down all the many, many, many things I hope/want/need to do in my life. A Massive To-do list if you will. 

Pull Main Goals to focus on- I have 6

Habits to implement- I had over 15

Use a Habit Tracker- I pulled the habits I want to implement the most/or want to continue implementing (I chose 15)

20190107_195144 - copy

Choose a mantra word for the year: (a word that is chosen to be repeated and descriptive of your new year- the focus word)

20190107_194729 - copy

2017- Change.

2018- Determination.

2019- MAGIC!

Winter TV schedule into planner- All my shows are coming back from mid season break, so in between my New Year’s planning I’ve been trying to catch up on them. This always happens, with the holidays I always get behind on ALL my shows. I’m all caught up on The Resident, Charmed, This Is Us, Dynasty, and Chicago PD. But still lost on Riverdale, How To Get Away With Murder, Will & Grace and Supergirl. I’m not entirely sure I want to dive into Supergirl again though. I’ve kind of had to force it anytime I have watched the new episodes, I’m a #Karamel fan and Mon El left so it’s just not the same for me. I will see though, maybe I will binge in the summer, when I have nothing to watch. LOL.

List of Projects I want to finish this year/in the next 2-3 months:

Move -MLW Short Story Series

Crazy Stalker Love- MLW Short Story Series

NaNoWriMo Project (Title TBA)

Special Project (TBA)

Self Publish something 

Create vision boards- I have a few pages dedicated to this in my Goals notebook. They are mostly just inspirational images (so I guess they are inspiration boards) that I feel reflect my Mantra word- MAGIC. I also write any inspirational quotes I come across. 

20190107_19483820190107_195003 - copy20190107_194951 - copy
20190107_195045 - copy

I do have a page of doodles that reflect my focus goals too. (But I still have to create a board with actual images.) I want to have one in my notebook and one that I can post right near my bed. So often I make these cute vision boards and then I they get buried and I don’t even see it during the year. So this way I will have it in my notebook and on my wall so that when I wake up every day, I see the goals I want to accomplish this year.

Gather Inspiration- Family 2019 wishes time capsule (my family each wrote their wishes down put them into their own envelopes with their names written on them and then all were placed and sealed in a large manila envelope and put away until next year when we will revisit them and see how we did) , YouTubers, Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Doc on Netflix – (she is a total badass!), Tori Kelly Hiding Place Album, Quotes, etc.

Create a Workout Routine Ideas/Track your work outs- I just started my at home exercising back up today. And started to implement my habits. Tracking these things will hopefully keep me unaccountable and motivate me to keep at it!

Create a Morning Routine- today I got a lot done this morning, so it was a really good morning to establish the routine I want. So I decided to write it all down.

I also want to purchase an organization suitcase to keep all my notebooks and things. I always end up having like 3 snack tables full of my notebooks, clipboards, note pads, post-its, pens, etc.

What are you doing to ease into a healthier, happier life style this year?


*All photos are my own.*








Happiness Is…



Coffee dates with friends that last far too long.

Planning events.


Watching romantic movies.

Horror/Suspense films.

TV in general.

Hallmark movies.



Analyzing lyrics.

A cup of warm tea.

A cup of ice cold water.

A long heart felt conversation.

The sound of rain trickling down a window pane.

The sound of wine being poured into a glass. (glug glug glug)


Freshly fallen, crisp, white snow- untouched, perfect, pure.



Eclectic taste.

Mason jars.


Post-it notes.

Your favorite pen.


Peach cobbler.

Pie- all pie, any pie.

Peanut butter.





Mexican food.

Chicken- all chicken, any chicken- just chicken.

Justin Timberlake (and his Falsetto).


The smell of a pineapple candle.

The smell of pine trees.

A child’s laugh.

When a child understands something you are trying to teach them.

Self acceptance.

Self Awareness and reflection.

Self growth.

Indian prints.

Suns and Moons.



The Roaring 20’s.

The 40’s.


Photo booths.



Fuzzy socks.


FRIENDS- the tv show.

Stepping on a crunchy leaf.

Car rides with an iPod.


90’s/80’s culture and fashion.

Fashion experimentation.

Planning/Being organized.

Being creative.

Writing a love story.


Live tweeting during my favorite shows.

Reruns of old teen dramas.

Joy Williams “Venus” album.

Bethany Joy Lenz.

Ed Sheeran.






Dunkin’ Donuts.

Vanilla Chai Lattes.

Drugstores- I’m convinced you can buy anything you actually need in a Walgreens or Rite Aid. ūüėČ

Trying out new food.

Twinkling Christmas Lights.


Breakfast foods- especially bacon and waffles.

Peach Bellini.


Find your happiness.

It’s in the little things.

Enjoy them.









Can’t Stop The Feeling

Dance Dance Dance …


Ok so it’s been 3 years since Justin Timberlake has released new music. And I honestly have been so busy with life that I didn’t realize it actually¬†had been that long. Time flies.¬†Also his last tour lasted like 2 years, 2 albums, and I went to three of his shows, so I needed¬†a fangirl vacation. #25goingon80 #ImAnOldLady #IStillCreepedHisSocialMediasTho #CuzDuh

But when Justin Timberlake starts throwing out sneaky hints just a few days before dropping new music, the fangirl in me is all ears. Not to mention the cryptic pics of him in the studio with big names and good friends like Timbaland, Pharrell, and Little Big Town.


So here it goes … (Oh hey look we got a video!)

The song is called “Can’t Stop The Feeling” and is an original single from DreamWorks Animation’s¬†‚ÄúTrolls‚ÄĚ movie¬†soundtrack, which Timberlake has executive produced and will be voicing the character of ‚ÄúBranch.‚ÄĚ (Soundtrack-September 23rd; Film November 2016.)


Where can you get it?

How great is this song?

The song was released Friday, May 6th at midnight, or so I thought.¬†I think it was leaked earlier, but I didn’t listen because¬†I didn’t want to risk getting a bad version and spoiling it for myself. Other than¬†Justin’s few¬†teases, I waited it out. ¬†But then I saw people reacting to it and Justin responding before midnight and I realized it was up on Justin’s website with all the ways to find it. So I previewed it on Spotify (Cuz I was dying to hear it!) and I immediately started grooving. It is a true dance theme, feel good, happy song. You can’t help but be happy and dance along. So my next step- iTunes, #downloaded.


I really didn’t have any doubt that I’d love it.

It’s uplifting, and soulful, and the lyrics are magical. Justin’s vocals are on point.¬†#ThatFalsettoTho and that funky guitar riff…yesss!!!¬†If you think this song isn’t your jam, give it a second. It’ll get to you. The chorus is so catchy and so good! It’s for sure going to be the Summer of 2016 anthem. I can just see little baby Silas dancing with his daddy to this song as he awaits the ‚ÄúTrolls‚ÄĚ movie!

Once again, you did it.

Welcome Home, JT.

Doing what you do best, creating epic music.

Fangirl Status: On

And so it begins, my friends. Get Ready.



*I do not take credit for any images, videos, or music used.*