“She Said” Update

Hey Readers!

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure how people would react to it- strangers reading my work? How…strange.

But recently a few things have popped up regarding a monologue I posted two years ago.

She Said was posted on September 1, 2014.


The inspiration for it simply came from just getting in the mindset of someone who had just had their heart handed to them. And what they would be feeling.

I want to say sometime last year, I got a message from a woman asking me for some background info about “She” because she had used my monologue for an audition into an acting school of some sorts. I tried to get some information out of her, because I wanted to know more about what the situation was before providing original work to a stranger. But unfortunately she never responded.

Needless to say within the last few days, I received a new message from a guy by the name Omar Salgado about this same monologue. He said he was inspired to create a vimeo video based off of it. And I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it.

This led to him linking a dramatic reading of my monologue. One he used as the audio for his piece above- read by a woman by the name, Eva Augustina Sinotte. I didn’t even know this existed on YouTube! I wonder if she was the woman who contacted me. Her emotion is on point!

Seeing people respond to my work, in their own creative ways is really something cool and surreal. I hear my words and see them mirror the story I created and it is truly a super weird feeling. Don’t get me wrong I am flattered, but it’s crazy that these things were being made, and I had no clue! I’m thankful that Omar reached out to me and gave me credit. I got to see that people can be inspired by something I’ve written. I can only hope this is the first of many inspirations to come.

The internet man, what a trip! 

The journey does continue…On September 2, 2014-a day later, I posted He Said, She Said.

This time you get to see the conversation between both She and He.



*I do not take credit for the images used in my edits or in the videos used.*




“He Said, She Said.” – A Dialogue

“He Said, She Said.”

A follow-up to “She Said.”

he she said edit

He Said: Hey…He Said She Said edit

She Said: Hey.

He Said: You look good.

She Said: I know. (she smirks)

He Said: (he smiles and looks at his feet nervously) How are you?

She Said: I’m really good. (she smiles simply but it’s genuine)

He Said: Good.

She Said: And you?

He Said: I’ve seen better days.

She Said: Haven’t we all. (she laughs) It’ll pass. Some days are good, some aren’t.

He Said: I know this is in poor taste to bring this up but-

She Said: Then don’t. It won’t really make a difference at this point.

He Said: Maybe not. But I just- I need to say something…

She Said: Okay.

He Said: I’m sorry. And I know that’s lame and I’ve said it countless times before. But I really am sorry. I’m sorry for what I did, I’m sorry that I hurt you and our relationship. Basically I’m just so sorry for how we left things. I really hate that the last memory you have of me is a rotten one.

She Said: Yea, well the whole situation pretty much sucked. But what can you do right. What’s done is done. It’s all in the past now.

He Said: I feel like you hate me. And I totally deserve it but-

She Said: I don’t hate you.

He Said: You don’t? (he says in shock)

She Said: I’m sure at some point I thought I did. (she laughs) But I don’t really believe in hate… I mean even if you hate someone, it’s still a feeling, you still have some kind of feeling toward them. And to me, hate is just a gateway to love. Even if you hate someone you probably have some love for them too or at least you used to. So I don’t believe in hate. I don’t hate you.

He Said: You’re kind of amazing you know that?

She Said: Obviously. (flips her hair behind her shoulder dramatically)

They share a laugh like old times.

He Said: So you still believe in love?

She Said: Oh absolutely. But you already knew that. So why are you asking? (she laughs)

He Said: I guess I just needed to hear that I didn’t ruin it for you.

She Said: (laughs) Someone’s a little full of himself. And you wonder why we never worked out. Hmmm? (she rolls her eyes and laughs making light of their situation)

He Said: I just meant…I’m sorry. (he shakes his head in frustration with himself)

She Said: It’s okay. I get that your nervous.

He Said: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rehearsed this conversation in my head. I guess I didn’t expect you to be so nice to me. I’m losing my cool.

She Said: Well considering you were never that cool…that’s not saying much- (she laughs)

He Said: (laughs) Why are you being so nice…are you secretly plotting your revenge? (he raises his eyebrows)

She Said: Nah. I’m just a better person than you. (she fakes seriousness, then laughs)

He Said: No that’s actually true though.

She Said: Forgive yourself. I have. Life’s too short to live in regret…to live in the past.

He Said: Have you?….Forgiven me?

She Said: Look at me…do I look unhappy to you?

He Said: No. You look amazing, and you seem happier then I’ve ever seen you. Way happier than you ever were with me.

She Said: And it’s not even an act. (she smiles) Look after we broke up, everything just kind of fell into place. And I really went for the things I wanted, things that I realized I was holding myself back from. So I guess in some twisted way you cheating was a blessing in disguise. 

He Said: Wow. Well then I’m really happy for you. I just wish I treated you better when I had the chance. You were worth it. That’s my biggest regret.

She Said: Well…I appreciate that.

He Said: Well now at least you know what not to look for in a relationship right? (he laughs)

She Said: You’re not a bad guy. You just need to learn how to let people in. Learn how to let a woman love you, that way you can learn to love them back.

He Said: I did love you. I need you to know that. I need you to believe that.

She Said: Oddly enough I do.

He Said: Good… Do you think we could ever give it another shot?

She Said: No. (she laughs)

He Said: Sorry. Can’t blame a guy for trying right?

She Said: I suppose not. (she laughs, shaking her head)

He Said: Whoever gets to marry you…is one lucky guy.

She Said: I’ll tell him you said so.

He Said: Have you met him yet?

She Said: I think so.

He Said: Good for you. (they share smiles and understandings) I guess I should get going.

She Said: Okay. It was good to talk to you. Good Luck. (she gives him a goodbye hug)

He Said: Thanks for hearing me out. And for being as graceful as I remember you to be.

She Said: Oh you know… that’s just how I am. (she shrugs and laughs)

He Said: I’ll see ya. (he waves, smiles and begins to walk away)

She Said: Bye.

He Said: (he turns back toward her) Hey… if you say hate is an extension of love and you believe in love, but you don’t believe in hate. Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?

She Said: Hasn’t anyone ever told you…everything in life is an oxymoron.

They both smile at each other one last time before they go their separate ways.

~The End.~




“She Said.” – A Monologue



They fell in love

He cheated

She found out

 So…this is the aftermath

she said cheat said


Capture 2She Said:

 I do believe that you love me, or that you think you do. And I do believe that you’re sorry, or that you think you are. But I can’t say that I think that’s enough. You can say she didn’t mean anything, that it was one time and the last time. But that doesn’t mean I believe it. I can’t trust you. That’s basically what it comes down to. I gave you my heart and you chose to break it. You chose to. You knew what you were doing. You knew it would hurt me, you knew it would hurt us. Break us. But you did it anyway. That just goes to show how little you know about love, and what it actually means to fall into it and to value it. Sometimes people don’t deserve a second chance, because it’s only risking another disappointment. It’s okay though. What you did is not okay. We are not okay. But I am. Or at least I will be. Because, I think a part of me knew you would hurt me. I think every girl deep down kind of expects it. And I don’t think that’s being a pessimist, but a realist. Guys will come and go. They will make you fall and then rip the rug out from under you. But like I said, it’s okay. We will survive, we will move on. And one day a man will come along and surprise us. We will wait for our feet to hit cold tiled floor, but that day won’t come, and then we’ll know. Then we’ll feel it. He’s it. He’s the one. And he won’t make you cry, but instead pick you up and make all the cries and lessons that came before all somehow seem worth it. You just have to be patient. He may be closer than you think. Look around. Say hi…smile.


* “She Said.” is just a small short two part story…check out the following post “He Said, She Said.” To get both sides!

He Said She Said edit

*I do not take any credit for any of the actual photos used within my edits*