Fifth Harmony “Reflection” Album Review

tumblr_naxu9awXrp1s9hd2fo1_1409097071_cover[1]These five girls came onto the scene as hopeful contestants on Season Two of X Factor (USA) a few years ago. They placed third. But if you ask me they should have either placed runner up or won. They were that good. [Although I have to say Carly Rose Sonenclar  made me cry every single time she sang, I really wanted her to win! But Tate Stevens won over both acts and that was the stupidest outcome I’ve ever seen!] But looking at where they all are now, they’ve won BIG time. Each of the five girls of Fifth Harmony auditioned for the competition as solo artists. When they were not chosen to go to the next round, hearts shattered and so did dreams. But then the judges; Simon, Demi, Britney and LA Reid, surprised them all by creating a girl group; Camila, Lauren, Dinah, Ally and Normani. And they became Fifth Harmony.

(formerly known as LYLAS- [Love You Like A Sister] and 1432.) HERE is one of my favorite performances of theirs on X Factor.

Upon their exit from X Factor the girls released “Better Together” an EP of amazing songs, including popular singles Miss Movin’ On and Me & My Girls. They even opened for well known acts like Austin Mahone, Cher Lloyd and even their X Factor Judge Demi Lovato on her recent Neon Lights Tour. Now Fifth Harmony has released a brand new full studio album; Reflection  that brought us new hits like Boss and Sledgehammer, and they are now headlining their own tour. As a fan of there’s from the beginning, I can safely say I feel like a proud cousin, or something, haha. I don’t know… I’m just so proud of how far they’ve come and how their talent has only grown.

spice1-660x330[1]As with every group, there are favorites. I really love Camila, she’s the baby of the group but man oh man can she hold a note. And both Lauren and Dinah’s voices are something soulful and special. As someone who supports girl power and sisterhood, and friendship, I sincerely hope they never split up. BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the three I mentioned pull a Beyoncé or a Justin Timberlake and strike it big solo. But as a whole the group harmonizes really well…hence the name. They each have unique voices that bring something to each song. And it’s been a while since we’ve had a great girl group on pop radio. They are like a more attainable and modernized/U.S. version of The Spice Girls. 😉 So thanks Fifth Harmony for taking the torch and spreading girl power, positivity, respect and damn good music into the world.







Listen to Reflection below:

Some of my current favorites include:

*Like Mariah (I died when I heard the intro…Sound Familiar?)

Was anyone else a big fan of Mariah Carey as a kid? No, just me, ok…

(…lies) 😉

*Them Girls Be Like

*We Know

Fav Lyric:

Even though you’re so damn fine
I know I’m
Better off without u
Even if you cross my mind
I would always have to doubt you

*Going Nowhere

Fav Lyric:

 Sit yourself down, ’cause you know you gonna stay
Boy, you better listen to the words I say
You ain’t going noooooo where.
You ain’t going noooooo where.
Boy, you better act like you got some sense,
‘Cause you got a dime, and it’s money well spent.
You ain’t going noooooo where.
You ain’t going noooooo where.

*Body Rock

*Brave, Honest, Beautiful

Fav Lyric:

[Chorus – Camila:]
You can dance like Beyoncé
You can shake like Shakira
‘Cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re fearless
And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful
So whine like Rihanna
Go and pose like Madonna
‘Cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re honest
And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful

Read all Fifth Harmony lyrics HERE


Lauren, Ally, Normani, Camila, Dinah

I just really love the album. With every listen I become more obsessed and I end up having a new favorite song each time. It is definitely one of the albums I’m listening to most lately. I just love how they spread positivity about body image and going after what you want and just believing in yourself and who you are. But they do it with such sass. Girl Power at it’s finest, give it a listen!


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