Filthy Friday

Although it’s been about 5 years since a Justin Timberlake album, we still had a lot of music from him 2 summers ago, when he did the soundtrack album for DreamWorks “Trolls,” where he also starred as “Branch,” and released the mega summer anthem “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

But it’s that time again, my fellow fangirls… Justin Timberlake is back at it again, with a full solo album!

It all started last weekend when his website just displayed this logo…


Then shortly after he released a trailer introducing his new album…entitled “MAN OF THE WOODS.” It was a very artistic, beautiful, scenic video, with Justin’s voiceover explaining how this album is very personal, inspired by his wife and son, as we see him with them in the video. Something that I feel is very rare for him to do. And at the very end of the trailer it is announced that Justin’s 5th solo studio album will be released February 2nd. 

Along with that announcement came the announcement of the album’s 1st single, “Filthy.”


“Filthy” was realized along with a video to go with it, at midnight last night-January 5th. 

*Read the lyrics HERE

I have to say upon first listen/first watch I was not completely in love with it. Which you know as a MAJOR JT FANGIRL I was quite heartbroken to admit. But I heard the song for the first time as I watched the video. And I think that’s what threw me, it was too much to take in all at once. I was confused by the song, something felt like it was missing, I kept waiting for a mega chorus that didn’t come. I kept grooving, then stopping, I was unsure if I liked it. 

Kind of like Perez Hilton’s reaction- 

I cracked up so hard watching this, because I was just like same, Perez, same. Except maybe not so vulgar in my dance moves. Haha. 

But then again I was watching this bizarre futuristic robotic performance. The video is basically this tech conference held in Malaysia in 2028, as Justin performs behind the scenes, a Robot takes his place on stage. Like a literal Robot Justin, grinding on Malaysian girls quite vulgarly.  I was so confused. It wasn’t at all what I expected after seeing such a rustic, woodsy, man living off the land trailer.  

Had I just listened to the song on it’s own, I think I would have had a different first reaction. However, as I gave it a second listen it began to grow on me. And I started to vibe with it. In other words, I’ve been jamming to it all day! 🙂 I feel like I had the same experience with Sexy Back when it first came out, it was so produced and you could barely hear his true vocals and it wasn’t something I was used to. But after a while it grew on me, and it became a song I love and that album became an album that I loved and that broke records! So I figured I had to give this one a minute to sink in. And it has. And I’m so glad. Because trust me, no fangirl ever wants to admit they don’t like bae’s music. But honestly speaking, I just can’t vibe with that music video. It’s too futuristic, Steve Jobs on crack for me. Lol. Artistic, Sure. Different, Absolutely. So I guess that’s enough…for now. 😉

Timberlake has since released his album artwork along with his track list…

album artwork

track list

Timberlake enlisted long time friends and partners; Timbaland and Pharrell Williams (the Neptunes) for this album. That in itself should tell you this album is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

The track list looks like it fits much more along the lines of the trailer video, with titles like Flannel, and Livin’ Off The Land. I’m super excited for HERS, I loved all his preludes and interludes on Future/Sex Love Sounds, and I just feel like it’s going to be like this sexy love ballad.

A.K.? Could that be ya girl…Alicia Keys, that would be an incredible collaboration, if I remember correctly pretty sure they were photographed together recently at the Rock In Rio, event…coincidence I think not! 😉 

I googled and looks like I’m right… Read More HERE 

The C.S. stands for country singer Chris Stapleton.

If you noticed in the Filthy artwork he posted to his social media (shown above) it reads “1 of 4,” as quoted in the article linked above…

“The remaining three singles will be released weekly beginning January 18.” 

In other words we’ll be getting weekly singles, until the release of the album, and just two days after the album release, Timberlake will perform the coveted Half Time show at this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4th! This will be his first time since his  “wardrobe malfunction” incident with Janet Jackson in 2004. I’m just hoping he brings out *N’SYNC, who’s with me?. 😉 No but really, who’s with me?


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Ed Sheeran, Be My Husband. + (“X” Album Review)

Ok so first things first….HAPPY “X” DAY, [other wise read as “Happy Multiply Day” Ed Sheeran Fans…or #Sheeranators if you will…it’ll catch on. And when it does I win money. 😉

**Do your google research Michelle…this term already exists…no money for you…just the self gratification of being a Sheeranator**


I have anxiously been awaiting this day, to hear the entire album.

I was so obsessed with his last album “+.” [I guess Ed is really into Math or somethin’] Songs like “Small Bump” and “Kiss Me” will sneak up on you.

I can’t even tell you how my heart broke repeatedly as I listened to “Give Me Love” on a loop. Shout out to “The Vampire Diaries” for that one, they played it during a dance sequence between Damon/Elena/Stefan and I just fell apart…I was a puddle on the floor, hence when the obsession began.

And “Lego House” still ranks high on my -must listen to- playlist.

So being that I had a total love affair with his first album I was excited to hear how his musical talents have multiplied…haha get it? See what I did there. 😉 #Dork

Any who… (awkward…pause…allowance for time to get over that corny joke)

cover arty

LISTEN TO ED’S “X” [Deluxe Edition]

Trust me it’s worth it.

“X” is Sheeran’s 2nd album, which can make one worry if he will strike gold again or suffer a dreaded sophomore slump. Our first introduction to Ed’s sophomore album was through “SING” released as a single back in April, with Pharrell Williams along for the ride. And well let’s just say it’s been doing quite well. I challenge you to try and not  SING….LOUDER….it’s just not possible. You must ohh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh along with him.

He then released a video for “ONE.”

Then recently uploaded a concert  Live from Dublin, which was a mix of old songs and new. And the Live Versions were breathtaking. New songs he performed included; “Don’t,” “One,” “Take it Back,” “Tenerife Sea,” “SING” and “I See Fire” (track written for “The Hobbit.”) I tell ya, I’ll take live versions over studio versions ANY DAY! Especially with someone like Ed. I’m not gonna lie I’ve watched that concert a good 50-100 times, I replayed the performances of “Take it Back,” “Be My Husband” [Nina Simone Cover *No he doesn’t change the words and no it is not weird or “Gay” sometimes a cover is just a cover because it’s a good song and Ed’s version is unexplainable. Like I literally have no words for how amazing it is.*] and “Give Me Love” every time I watched. He’s very talented its almost unreal. That show was literally just him on stage, with his guitar, and a loop pedal. It was like he was a one man band. And his voice and his personality and interaction with the crowd made you just realize this guy was not only an incredible singer, but an incredible musician and an extraordinary artist. The feeling of watching that was so amazing, that I could only imagine what it must have been like to actually be in that audience while he was up on that stage, a shy few feet away. My gosh, seeing him live is on my concert list.

He had been releasing a song a day all last week, in support of the album’s U.S. release today,

June 23rd. TODAY!

So needless to say I’ve heard quite a few songs…

Don’t * Afire Love * Bloodstream * Thinking Out Loud * The Man * Photograph * were all released on youtube last week and I was even more in love with “X.”

“X” Tracklist (Deluxe Edition)


Too many lyrics to showcase my love for, so go on, have a ball….Check em out HERE

READ for more information and fun side notes about Ed’s new album.

I will be purchasing this via CD…because I make a point to buy the actual cds for people that really count. 😉 Plus I just love CDs! #90skidwontquit

However, now that I’ve finally listened to the entire deluxe edition…thank you YouTube, you beautiful thing! Let me run down my thoughts…

*My Top 3*

(although subject to change, because the more I listen to the album

the more I fall in love with a new song)

Take it Back (the live version is magical)

Thinking Out Loud

The Man

Ed had released the standard edition tracklist on instagram

ed-sheeran-x-tracklistAnd from this list I have to say I was most intrigued to listen to “Nina.”

Any song that is named after a woman, is enough for anyone to be intrigued by. Because as if every song he writes isn’t being dissected and torn apart line by line to try and figure out who it is about…well “Nina” pretty much slaps you in the face and tells you… well this is a song…about a girl…and her name is Nina. haha

It’s kinda cool timing for him though because he does a Nina Simone cover of “Be My Husband,” a lot so it could have been an ode to her, BUT he was rumored to be in a relationship with scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, more well known in the UK, for now. I say rumored relationship because I didn’t follow their relationship and I don’t know much about her. But I do believe they were together and she may or may not have written an entire album about him and now I guess this is his song response to her. And the more you listen to the lyrics the more you know it’s about someone who he had a relationship with and not an ode to Ms. Simone.

It’s interesting how “Don’t” rumored to be about a cheating scandal with ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding places just before his appropriately named song response to Nina. I’d say “Don’t” and “The Man” are Ed’s “Cry Me a River.” They are aggressively sexy and kinda make you happy you aren’t the girl who the songs are about, but rather the girl who could make him feel all better, haha. Although compared to those bitey songs, “Nina” is actually kind of twistedly sweet; basically asking the girl to leave him for her own good. Ed is known for pouring his heart out, and I think that only helps people connect better with him for it. He’s real, what you see is what you get and he doesn’t mess around. He seems like he’s not putting on a show or putting up a front, he does what he does because he wants to grow as a musician and he wants to make music that matters. He raps in his own way and it’s freakin’ AWESOME. I’m not one to like rap music at all, but Ed’s rapping just makes me giddy and say “Aw shit” at the same time. He’s not trying to be something he’s not, he’s an R&B and Hip Hop fan who just so happens to have a musical soul and who’s also a lyrical genius. #GingerGenius is what I like to call him and no I am NOT googling it, cuz I wanna think it’s MINE!

A lot of people seem to compare “x” to “+.” Some unhappy with the growth he’s made, and the change in his sound. I definitely think it’s normal to compare an artists’ records to each other, I do it with Justin Timberlake all the time. But the thing is a good artist knows how to grow within what they’re good at, along with experimenting and growing and putting new spins on things you already know work. A good artist knows they’re “brand,” and explores their talent in different forums of music. Timberlake is a perfect example of that. There are elements of his new record that date back to his first solo debut album “Justified.” And yet The 20/20 Experience is a whole new ball game for him, musically. It’s an experiment and there are sounds you never heard him use before. But it all comes together and ties in. So I have to say Ed is up there with Justin. Ed has managed to keep what the world loves about him; his honest heartbreaking lyrics, his knack for rapping sick verses around a killer chorus, and just him and his guitar and a loop pedal, while allowing himself to branch out and use new sounds as well and try new things like working with Pharrell Williams on songs like “SING” and “Runaway.” Both of which Ed has been quoted wanting to achieve a “Justified” sound. Um yes, it all just really comes full circle doesn’t. I definitely think a collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake will be in our future. They would be epic together, and my worlds will collide and I will win Money! haha

So in a nutshell…

The way I judge this album is on how it makes me feel, and it makes me feel similar to how amazing it felt to hear “Give Me Love” for the first time. It felt like I was hearing his heart beat, and that hasn’t changed listening to this album. So I don’t think there’s a sophomore slump in your near future, Ed, none at all.

“X” is now playing on a loop

and Ed is back on my obsession list!

Excellent Job, Mate. 😉

I wasn’t even a little bit worried. Not even for a second.

And lastly… Your 23 and single (as far as I know) and

I’m 23 and single…you see where I’m going with this? 😉

Be My Husband, Ed Sheeran, Be My Husband. ❤










“X” is OUT NOW!