BLOGMAS -Day 10- Winter Wonderland

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not my photo.


The first snowfall happened over this weekend and it’s hard not to be inspired by the beauty of it all. I had a family party quite a ways away and was actually driving in the car for most of it. I know that snow can be a big pain and can be a total inconvenience. It can stir up feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety for me at times. But the way it looks when it first falls, the way it covers our tree branches in blanketed crisp purity, it is just so beautiful to me. In the car I looked out the window and saw the white flakes falling, as “O Holy Night” by Celine Dion played on the radio. Chills covering my arms.  And Christmas feeling so near. So this poem is about that feeling you get when snow can be just magical. I hope you enjoy!


Engine running along

Christmas carols humming strong

Brisk winter breeze

Snow falling gently upon vacant trees

Whispers you hear from the wind

Snowmen waiting to be made


Let it snow


Lightly kissing the cars and city streets

Santa’s on his way

Elves setting up his sleigh

Although it may be hard to see

Look closely and you will find glee


Let it snow


Although you may feel cold

Can you see the beauty as it unfolds

Blankets of perfect bright white 

Christmas trees decked in lights

Reindeer waiting for their cue

Taking flight to come see you

Christmas spirit everywhere

Winter Wonderland is here




Great Wolf Lodge Family Trip 2016

This past Sunday into Monday I went away to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos with my family. It’s basically this huge indoor waterpark with a hotel attached.

Anyone who knows me, knows staying in a cabin has been a dream of mine ever since I’ve seen countless tv shows write in that storyline. #TheCabinEpisode.

This place was a modernized, city girl’s version of “roughing it.” A fake cabin if you will, but so totally amazing. There was so much to do in such a short amount of time. There was the waterpark equipped with a wave pool, a hot tub, a kiddie pool, a lily pad obstacle course, and not to mention all the slides! And they have a bar and food area in the park as well.

There was also a pool outdoors, and a crazy rope course (but none of us touched that! haha.)

Indoors could get pretty hot because they keep the temperature at 85 degrees, so it was nice to have that option of going outdoors to cool off. We also rented a cabana the second day within the waterpark which was a nice base place to go back to, we were able to keep our phones and cameras much more handy that way. #ELECTRONICSANDWATERDONTMIX

Inside the hotel there were so many other attractions too; cosmic bowling, mini golf, build a bear, magiquest (a type of virtual hunt that went through each floor), story time, dance party, arcade, a princess treatment for little girls, oh and a marshmallow roasting! There was so much, and we didn’t even get to it all. But I have to say that for only having two days there, we crammed in quite a lot.

And it was a blast! Mind you we were a group of 16! Me and my family, my aunt and all her kids and their kids. So the cousin count was high! The trip was exhausting and I am so tried and achy and still trying to recover- but making memories with my family is priceless and it was all worth it.

Here are some pictures from my trip!





I won 1,000 tickets on my first try!



Breakfast at the Loose Moose got an A+ for sure.


These little wolves came to give everybody a wake up call!



Family Selfie ❤


This little one had been counting down the days…”WE GO WATERPARK….ALL TOGETHER!”


They are known for their delicious Pina Coladas, but I thought this Pineapple Agave Margarita was better! #drinkspoolsidewithmom


Bowling is still so much fun!


Getting the princess treatment. “I Fabulous.” Yes you are!


What a crew…table for 16 please.

Pictures of our room! (we got upgraded to a loft) #fancy 😉



Pictures from the waterpark!



What I won with my tickets! I was short a few and the nice clerk girl gave me the prize I wanted anyway. Needless to say that smile is REAL! #BIGKID



One of the workers told me he’s never seen someone win 1,000 on this game. #BOSS 😉

So there you have it, a little blog about my family trip. I don’t often get to go on vacation so this was really special to me and I wanted to document it and have it as a keepsake.

I vlogged the whole trip too and my brother took a bunch of Go pro footage in the water park, so there will be a massive family vlog coming soon! Stay Tuned! 😀

*All pictures are my own*