Summer 2016 Favorites



Simple Jewelrythin rings, thin necklace.

*In this heat, too much chunky jewelry is too much to handle. I’ve sort of found my everyday simplicity and I’ve really liked wearing it.

Tan Strapped Sandals

*I practically wear these things every day! They are so comfortable and the color goes with everything. And the marshmallow white bottom gives me 90’s fashion vibes.

Mirrored Sunglasses

*I love a good funky colored shade any day, but when I came across the clear frame and the mirrored lens I fell in love with the sleekness of them. These really do go with everything and they are understated which seems to be my summer trend this year.


Tess Christine inspired makeup

*Tess Christine is one of my favorite YouTubers. And I love her style so much. This look has inspired my recent everyday makeup. With her tips, I’ve crafted a simple, bronzed, nude look that I really love.

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lip color

*This color is the perfect blush nude, and I love the matte texture. It wears pretty long too. And I got it on sale in CVS for $6.99…BONUS!

Messy Bun Hairstyles

*I cut my hair pretty short earlier in the Summer, so I’ve been trying new hairstyles that will accommodate a shorter do. I’ve utilized the mini pigtail buns often throughout this Summer. It’s a bit funky at first but I’ve grown to like it and it’s pretty quick to style. Which is also a huge plus!

Sea Island Cotton Body Spray -Bath & Body works

*This has been my favorite body spray for quite a few years, but I haven’t been using it for quite a few months. I finished it and then had to resort to another scent, because I just hadn’t been to a mall to pick up a new bottle. I’m very picky when it comes to scents. If it’s too strong it will give me a headache or bring on a slight anxiety. For that reason I don’t wear perfume- just body spray. But recently I made the mall trip and I caught a 3 bottle sale. It’s such a beautiful linen, light, airy, slightly floral, clean, crisp scent. I adore it. 

Tips to Beat the Heat:

Travel water bottle

*This one is so cute holds a really good amount of water. And it as a straw spout which I prefer.

Portable Fan Necklace

*This has been a lifesaver this summer, during these heat waves. It hangs on my neck and blows air up at me. Hands free, does the trick!

Spray Bottle

*I’ve seen so many of those hydrating sprays, but they are always so expensive, so instead I just put some water into a spray bottle and I carry it in my purse or work bag and if I feel like I need to cool down a bot, I’ll spritz my wrists or my neck/chest, and face. You can also bop this into the freezer to chill it a bit.


TV Show-

American Gothic

*This is a 13 part murder mystery on CBS and it has got me hooked. And it doesn’t hurt that my girl Bethany Joy Lenz has just gotten on board for a few episodes. Check it out…you won’t regret it! SO GOOD!


“Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake

“Make Me” – Britney Spears

*Pop royalty is back! Enough said. These two songs have been my summer anthems.



*Sunflowers are my favorite flower and this Summer I have seen so many beautiful ones.

Iced hot chocolate

*This started with the dunkin donuts frozen hot chocolate, but then I’ve ordered iced hot chocolate in a restaurant and I fell in love with it. So naturally I started making it at home. I basically just make a cup on instant hot cocoa (with milk-not water) microwave the cup for just a bit to allow easier to mix and then pour over ice, chill in freezer and viola! SO delicious.


What are some of your summer favorites & tricks and tips to beat the heat?

Let me know in the comments below!



Summer Favorites 2014


cover-artyEd Sheeran “X” album

*My current favorites include “Thinking Out Loud,” “Nina,” “Shirtsleeves,” “Runaway,” “I’m A Mess,” & “I See Fire.” SO Good…So good!

*Also been following X-factor winners Alex & Sierra

*Check out their songs “Scarecrow” “Little Do You Know” & most recently “Just Kids”

Off debut album “It’s About Us” coming out October 7th!

Music Video:

“Prove It To You”- Kris Allen (Lyric Video)

Off the new album “Horizons” released just yesterday!

*I fell in love with the imagery in this video…and I’m a sucker for lyrics so…


Orange Is The New Black– (Netflix; 2 Seasons Up now.)

vibe-new-orange-is-the-new-black-season-2-shots*You will fall in love with Daya & John…so there’s that.


Moon/Sun Crop Top & Thin Hair Head Bands

moon sunBandanas (Rosie the Riveter meets late 90’s *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake ;))

10415569_10203771371665957_3498885456638463418_nEither comparison is a compliment in my book! HA! (no but seriously.)

We_Can_Do_It! 873587-le-flop-coiffure-bis-les-tresses-le-637x0-2

Beige 70’s style sunglasses





Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain:

Shades; Cannes Crush (025) &

Barcelona Nights (015)

NYX Butter Gloss:

Shade: Cherry Cheese Cake BLG10


Essie: Mint Candy Apple



Teddy Grahams; Honey flavor

Capture9Turbana Plantain Chips; Salted


Green Teatea

My Assortment of mugs

Mason Jar Water Cup



Meghan Rienks


PsychoSoprano (she’s also Miranda Sings)

Left: Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Psycho Soprano. Right: Miranda Sings

Left: Colleen Ballinger a.k.a Psycho Soprano. Right: Miranda Sings


Colleen and Joshua David Evans (JoshuaDTV) Spoiler: They're engaged

Colleen and Joshua David Evans (JoshuaDTV)
Spoiler: They’re engaged & adorable!


Hope everyone’s enjoying their Summer!

Ignore the “Back to School” crap kids….just ignore it, August is still yours!