The voids of a thing called Happiness…(Hope)

The belief that

honesty will set you free

What do you believe?

What do you know?

Are you afraid of anything?

or are you afraid of nothing?

“nothing” can be a black hole of emptiness; a void unfilled

Similar to the “anything” that could be generalized; void of emotion

What if your heart were full?

What if it were pure and blessed with hope?

How much hope is too much?

Is there such a thing?

Perhaps that’s the scariest realization of all; un-wavered hope

Life…its sometimes difficult

It’s sometimes easy

At times its crazy

and sometimes sane

The whirlwinds slow

the tides recede

And a moment of clarity

is given its freedom

and the strong will to believe

Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

This photograph is of my church and it reminds me of peace, purity and a safe place. It’s a Robert DeSantos Jr. Photo of course, and its one of my favorite photos of all time (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother) 😀

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