Fashion Friday!!!

demi wardrobe


Let’s take a look into Demi Lovato‘s sense of style…

Over the past few years I’ve been following Demi Lovato’s story and music but also her

Style Icon <3

Style Icon ❤

sense of fashion, she’s really funky and I LOVE it!

Although I’d like to consider my style my own, I definitely have been influenced by her! I am a girl after all, and I LOVE Clothes and accessorizing, just like Demi! There’s nothing like getting ready with your girlfriends for a night out, while blasting your favorite songs!

Demi definitely takes bold chances in how she dresses and she’s responsible for many fashion trends today. Yes Demi you are Flawless!!!!

The feather trend

The feather trend


The Glitter Trend

The Glitter Trend

Pink dip dye trend <3

Pink dip dye trend ❤

demi want

Green-Blue Dip Dye ❤

Speaking of hair Demi is notorious for switching up her hair styles and color quite frequently…she’s sported the brunette look, blonde look and even rocked it as a ginger 😉 She’s had long locks and sheik bangs…the list is endless. Guess she gets bored easily, like every other girl in the world!

Nails nails nails <3

Nails nails nails ❤

Notice how girls these days seem to be obsessed with painting their nails and trying new funky colors and designs every 5 seconds?… Well Demi does it too! Throughout her judging duties on x-factor Ms. Lovato was all about the nails! Every night she would tweet pictures of her newly polished nails!

awesome (2)



thats it  demi

Some friends and I had a little Halloween get together a few years ago, we dressed up as our favorite celebrities....Guess who i went as? ;)

Some friends and I had a little Halloween get together a few years ago, and for fun we dressed up as our favorite celebrities….Guess who i went as? 😉 Demi is an inspiration to many, she’s struggled with things that are way beyond her young years and yet she’s back and better and healthier than ever. So I think I speak for many girls when I say Thank You Demi, for being just a great role model and for introducing your sense of style to us! 😀

What do you guys think of Demi’s trendsetter ways?


demi was heretumblr_m7l4ojzOED1rri77io1_500demi hearts u

Sing Along with Demi next time you’re getting ready for a girls night out!


Enjoy your weekend…

Until Monday!

Many more #michelleleighoriginals coming your way!


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