On the Road…

*Ever since I was a little girl, I used to love to sit in the back seat of the car with my headphones on. Something about knowing there was a long ride ahead that would be perfectly matched with landscapes rolling by and music playing in my ears, with the occasional rainstorm…. it’s relaxing, it’s therapeutic. At first it was my old pink walk-man, then I got fancy and had a disc-man, at times in school it was hit clips, (does anyone else remember those suckers!), and now I’ve grown up and updated to an i-Pod. This next “poem” if you could call it that is about the feeling you get when music and your surroundings become your tranquility. I hope you can relate :D*


On the Road

The sound of rain

Trickling down a window pane

Tiny beads of water

Drip, Drip

Sliding down the clear glass gracefully

They dance

The windshield wipers clear them away and new dancers begin again

The swishing of water cast up by tires in streets

Cars on roads

Driving somewhere

Driving nowhere

Trees blur on by

Music quiets the soul

Your playlist becomes a soundtrack for roadside visions

Volume low

So you don’t miss the sounds of nature

Infusing the two with young thoughts

Love the sound of rain

Love the deep blue sky

Stars barely twinkling

in the city lights

Love the sound of lovers

Dancing in the quiet night

Hopeful atmospheres are almost within reach

Follow the sound of the rain

That dance gracefully on a window pane

Drip, Drip

wpid-IMG_20121127_123112.jpg wpid-IMG_20120816_092913.jpg

Until Tomorrow!


P.S. quick piece of exciting news to share with you!

1.) Justin Timberlake‘s new video came out today…Check it out!

2.) There’s a hidden secret if you look close enough!



Just in time for my BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope he tours this summer!!!!

3.) Justin is set to make his first solo concert performance (in over 4 years)

live on Super Bowl Eve on February 2, 2013!!!!!!!!

Who else is excited???

Happy Thursday!…Smile, Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! 😀

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