Introducing “Shuffle”… #MusicMonday

249261_2262684567795_3645687_nSo I’m taking this Digital Writing Class, and one of the requirements for it involves starting a BLOG…so it has been a little bit difficult juggling both of them, but I’m hoping once I get used to it, it’ll be easier.

Any who…my blog is called “Shuffle” and it’s basically a place for me to discuss my love of music, I analyze the whole music vs. lyrics spectrum. It’s also a place where I hope to share what’s being played on my very own iPod and hopefully a place where I can learn about new music from those who visit the blog.

When in doubt, Dance it out! <3

So feel free to take a look…so far I’ve done pieces on…

*Happiness by The Fray

*Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

*Go on my child by Michelle Featherstone (revised post from michelleleighwrites)

*Lego House by Ed Sheeran

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Hope you’ll take a look! Share your music!

Today’s song featured on “Shuffle” will be…?

“Impossible” by Christina Aguilera… trust me you won’t want to miss it, her voice is a power house all on it’s own!

Happy #MusicMonday!


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