The Spotlight Blinds

4471_1166464442977_2172516_n - Copy

She shy’s away from the spotlight

the light too bright for hazel eyes

Fluorescent bulbs weaken her heart

too telling, too evasive

In her wonder, in her awe, in her heavy heart

She questions opportunity

She questions sincerity

Caring too much of what others may think

Sometimes…many times, she hides

And she likes it that way

It’s comforting

Sunglasses block out those rays

Not being noticed is her safety net

As she drowns in her thoughts

Sometimes they’re all she has

Existence is just a fragment of knowledge

Invisibility cloak bought and polished

She thinks …Loss is less likely that way

But gaining happiness isn’t achieved that way either

She may run…

she may run fast


a girl with a half empty glass

Run… will she take a risk?

Before it’s too late?

Stay…will she figure herself out?

Love…will it ever happen…will it ever last?

Love… Before he moves on

Hazel eyes shut tight

Far away from home

as she slowly distances herself

The spotlight blinds, oh how it blinds



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