This one’s for the Girls ;)

I’ve heard so many stories from my close friends about having dealt with or having to deal with  assholes …so ladies…you inspired me!

this one goes out to you… LOL  ❤


Oh sweetie, all girls wonder 😉


“Regret it”

Is he worth it?

Does he deserve it?

Are you reckless enough?

Are you brave enough?

To dive into that same old cup of “love”

A glass half full…

or was that half empty?

Would you try to relieve

the pain of a “new” fling?

Do you think it would change him

could it change this circular reoccurring thing?

Does it scare you when he shows up at your door

begging, pleading, asking for more?

What would you do if he was sincere?

He seems to make a habit out of being unclear

Is it in his words?

in his actions?

in the way he makes you feel?

Or is he just re-using and abusing…

With him questions  always go unanswered

Someone who once loved him

Someone who once cared

A girl he can’t find

A girl he’s wrecked

He’ll live to regret it

No one will love you like she did

No one will be better at believing in you than her

You ruined a good thing

You broke a gem

Don’t worry you’ll soon pay for it

She’s moving on

She’s found a man

To dry her tears

and lose her fears

Your phone calls go unanswered

texts ignored

sweat it out

how’s it feel?

What use is it to you,who or what she’s thinking about?

Why start caring now?

She’s no longer your concern

you made sure of it

So sit home

wait and wonder

She’s not bitter

Make no mistake

She’s just tired of always being treated like your second rate

second place

But after all you did

you deserve some credit

Now she knows her worth because of it

So lose some sleep

toss and turn

Drown your sorrows

in drinks and girls

Relish in the burn and pain

of a love lost

And maybe one day you’ll finally learn



#classic 😉

Frenchie Girl speaks the #truth haha #Grease #greatestmovieever

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