It’s Not “Goodbye”… It’s “I’ll See You Later”

157_519400784777_1417_nI guess death is one of those things that you never really understand. Even as you grow older, I don’t think it gets easier. In fact I think it just hits you harder, because you know its a reality. That, that person is no longer physically with you. You won’t be able to talk to them, or see them smile, or hear their laugh. Does this “death” have a face? Does it have a name? As loved ones get taken away, day after day. Sometimes those days feel like weeks, months, maybe even years. As your time becomes distorted. All in good faith, friends and family try to console that pain for you and you may look to faith in God and it helps, but the reality is still there.192_525436588977_8771_n However, it all just doesn’t really make any sense at all. Grief is a dark cloud…mixed with various shades, some lighter, some dark, some even darker. Some are able to turn away from it quicker than others, and allow for the sun to shine through. But for others…well the rain continues to pour down upon them. Neither grieving process is right nor wrong. It all depends on who you are. It depends on what you need. The stages of grief are what you need them to be. Regardless of how long that process may take…know that the sun will shine again. Time may not heal all wounds, but will mend a few. And at some point, someday will come. That someday you’ve always wished for, that someday when you meet again. That someday when you know it’s time to put away the umbrella. So no need for cries. No need for goodbyes. It’s more of a “See you later.” For you have a love for a loved one, that will always run deeper. Because spirits and legacies still live on, and it’s your job to make sure that they do.

All photography by Robert DeSantos Jr.

All photography by
Robert DeSantos Jr.

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