Many ways to take a picture…

530723_10100699668141507_1409303760_n      In life the eyes capture moving images and commit them to memory…in fear of losing a precious moment…in a way, if you look at it carefully enough… blinking is the shutter of the brain that is your camera..think about it for a second, it’ll make sense one day…

*marinate in that thought next time you wanna run before you walk…In life it’s never bad to have too many pictures*

As you may have noticed some of the images I use are taken by

Robert DeSantos Jr.

And yes, he totally knows I creep his photos like nobody’s biz when I need something haha. My brother is a pretty kick-ass photographer and I think it takes someone with a hell of an imagination and a visual way of thinking to really be able to capture those moving images. After all, the camera doesn’t just take the nice picture, the photographer does have a little something to do with it, its more than just the click of a button 😉

*Ode to the bro*



Click his name and like his Facebook page!


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