This is the story of a girl…

So we’ve all heard this story about a guy and a girl

It’s the oldest story in the world

The guy was well-known for being a ladies man

harboring a wandering eye

And the girl, well she was just looking for love

She tries and she tries

and it’s just miss after miss

And then one day the two meet

You knew it was coming

At first she plays hard to get

But he keeps at it, persistence is his specialty

she becomes his latest challenge

Every love story starts this way doesn’t it?

And cliché as it is

The girl always falls for it

The universe tricks her into thinking she can change him

That she will somehow be the one girl who makes the guy truly understand

what it means to be in love

That she is worth it

Worth it enough to stop him from being a complete ass

and shape the hell up

And maybe for a little while she does

But then again we all know how that story ends, don’t we?

Its sad to say but people rarely ever change

“You are who you are

and it’s probably who you’ve always been”

– (One tree hill)

I have this reoccurring image of a girl being interviewed

She’s young and vibrant and she sits across a recording camera

and the interviewer asks her

“So what did you do this summer?”

and she simply says

“What did I do this summer?…This Summer…I fell in love”

with a big smile on her face

and then suddenly it dulls a bit and fades

And she adds

“I mean we’re no longer together, I got my heart broken…but that’s ok, I kind of expected it anyway”

She’s not bitter

She’s learned so much

And in a way she’s learning more about who she is

and just how much she can handle

and how much she’s truly worth

I imagine that’s what love truly does

Well that was an mindful huh? Kind of heavy for a blog post (but whatever)… This comes from watching wayyyy too many soap operas and tv dramas…. but Heyy it was a hell of a lot of fun writing it 😉 If writing wasn’t fun for me, I wouldn’t even care to do it. In fact  I imagine this is how artists write their songs…sometimes you have to write about the hurtful stuff  in order to eliminate the bitterness that accompanies it.  Sometimes you have to have a humorous approach, and know that it’s ok to laugh at yourself. That’s the only way to get through life…um what do you think Cry Me a River was written for? Duh? I guess it all really does circle back to Justin Timberlake for me HAHA… Writing is like a free form of therapy, that you’re in charge of, and for me, I consider that a pretty awesome reward.

Happy Weekend


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