Future Grad….

??????????So today I picked up my cap and gown.  And although its a pretty awesome feeling, and I’ve been harping on the fact that I can’t wait to be rid of all this college stress. (I’m convinced College Senioritis is the worst level there is!) But even so, I still found myself feeling quite sad on the train ride home, staring out the window at the passing train aside mine, thinking and thinking.  I always feel like I just seem to be settling into some form of who I hope to be just as I’m ending a major chapter in my life. And just as that happens I’m thrust into the next chapter with little preparation. I feel that college is what you make of it, and granted I would feel that way wherever I chose to attend college.

But I see these 4 years go by and it makes me start to reflect on what I accomplished, and whether or not it was enough. And I have to say I guess I could have done more.  Academically, I think I’ve held a pretty good stride…(dean’s list…Holllla)  but socially I definitely could have afforded to join a club and stick to it. I guess I’m not really a join a club kinda girl, I wrote for the newspaper for a while and then stopped. I felt like my time with it was up. It’s strange I tend to let things go when I know I have to start over soon. But I’ve met some great professors that will always stay in my mind, and I’ve met friends that have helped me navigate all the complications of being a communications major! lol…those are the things I will never forget. Besides graduating college, and knowing you’ve finished all those years of education is freaking fantastic! And hell a College Graduation is one hell of a reason to party….bring on the alcohol!!!!! 😀

Oh and just in case you doubt my scholarly abilities…


I be on my Cap & Gown Shit 😉


Final Countdown… a little under 3 weeks!!!!




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