I’m older…therefore wiser ;)


“Hi Mom” ❤

Is this real life? Did I seriously just graduate college 4 days ago? Holy crap, I guess I did. Honestly that day was a blur, thank god for pictures to look back on! But truthfully after all the studying and the papers, and the editinggggggg of my senior thesis, I can say it was all for something. I did it, I graduated college. For a while I thought I’d be stuck there longer, because I just thought it was too many credits to cram into 4 years, but I sucked it up, and I did it. And I’m so glad I did, because I got to graduate with all my friends. Regardless of all the stepping stones that came before graduation, now that it’s over it still hasn’t sunk in. It probably won’t until I realize in September that I don’t have to go back. It’s bittersweet really. I mean I can’t say that I’m not excited for the future, because I truly am, but school has always been my thing. It’s always been something to focus on. It’s always been a main priority, and now that it’s over with, I’m left feeling so strange. Granted I should be hauling ass and looking for a job, but people like me need a second. We need to gather our bearings and plan a thing or two. I’m not exactly the risk taker, or go getter type, but I’ve also learned that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. Regardless of the situation I know I’ll get through it, because me and the big guy upstairs are on good terms 😉 That and I have a pretty kick ass support system in my family and friends. That being said, it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks, and I haven’t gotten to post in a while so here’s a rare Saturday post 😀

It’s so easy to get caught up in who other people think you are

Who other people want you to be

Or even who you think you should be

Instead of focusing on who you truly are

What means most to you

969906_10200873766747645_1478099563_nWho means most to you

And accepting that can often times be difficult because you always want to strive for more

But sometimes striving for more, when you already have what you need, when you already have what you want…

well that can ruin it all

I’m not talking about settling, by all means if you are unhappy…never settle…ever

But it’s important to understand that perfection won’t ever come

It’s how you make your life circumstances perfect for you, that counts

It’s not about what that one is doing, or what this one is doing

Because they are doing what’s best for them, which is how it should be

So you should do what you want to do…for you

And you’re gonna hear millions of different opinions and you’re probably only going to agree or understand half of them…

if you’re lucky

But at the end of the day…guess what? It’s your life…not theirs, so do yourself a favor and live it the way you see fit184538_10200873772627792_872234977_n

The way your heart urges you to live it

And if you mess up, or you get hurt in the process

If you get fired or

if that boy or girl crushes your heart

That just means you were brave enough to take a risk

And you won’t ever have to wonder what if, or what could have been

That just means you’re actually living

And just remember you may make mistakes, hell you’ll make plenty

But God…he never makes mistakes…

Anyone worth being in your life, or anyone who wants to be in your life will fight like hell to be

I’ve learned that carrying yourself with Grace and Politeness does go a long way, but fate sooner of later takes over



So do your thing, and let god do his, you’ll be alright,

after all look how far you’ve already come

So to all my fellow graduates who are feeling a little aimless lately like me, I feel ya, and it will pass,

Best of Luck Classes of 2013, rock what ya got!

God Bless


College Graduate haha


Photos By Robert DeSantos Jr.

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