Beat the heat…

So I’m sure many of you have been dealing with this insanely ridiculous heat wave, thankfully I was able to stay indoors for the better part of it. However, I feel for all those who have work and school and any other out-door commitments. Traveling is brutal I’m sure. Being  that it’s summer, I opt for the iced versions of tea and coffee, to avoid feeling the heat even more. My mom made me a really great cup of tea the other day when it was just too brutal to bear drinking anything hot.

*First she boiled water (as you would for a regular cup of tea)

*Then she chose the tea and let it sit; I opted for chamomile, because it’s always soothing

(Helpful side-note: also helps soothes any stomach cramps or issues you may have)

*She let the tea sit for a while and cool down, then added ice to chill it

*Add a little sugar (not too much)

* I’d put it in the fridge to let it get even colder (maybe opt do that before adding the ice to drink)

*I added a piece of orange and I was ready to enjoy!

Hope this helps you still satisfy your tea craving and helps you beat the heat!

wpid-20130718_202108.jpg   wpid-20130718_202258.jpg   wpid-20130718_202049.jpg

Cracked up my AC and relaxed in my bed, I even popped in some old teen drama favorites…

“The OC”….Seth Cohen always makes me laugh…instantly put me in a better mood! 😀


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