Love Letters

Write me a love letter

tell me the ways to ease your heart

Because I will love you

with everything I’ve got

Write me a love letter

to ease your own soul

and we’ll make plans for…forever

and fill that empty black heart-aching hole

She will be just a memory

a memory unworthy of your thoughts and time

and I will make you believe that love is still a work of art

So let me know if you hear my heart beating for you

and I’ll write you a love letter

a love letter from me to you

We could be each other’s savior

I can save you

the way you’ve saved me

A mending will begin

a new way of seeing life

where happiness and love still exist

Because two halves of a heart

equal a whole

and genuine smiles

lead you home

shelter you and keep you safe

a lover’s endless warm embrace

So I’ll write you a love letter

as you’ve written me many times before without knowing

and in the end

your heart will be healed and expectation of new love will surface

all her good qualities jaded

she is no longer in your thoughts

her image has faded

and replacement is the choice you’ve made

you’ve replaced her with me

only difference is she was just holding my place

until you found me

Because heartbreak has made you all the wiser

So write me a love letter

let’s make a pact

that we’ll be each other’s happy ending

and never have to look back


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