You had a good girl…


She stares at you

starring at her

seen so clearly

it was just a joke

and she was your punchlinetumblr_m76e8xXxFQ1r2iqqio1_500

It wasn’t her

It was you

it was you

who never knew…

because you could have had a good girl

in fact you did

a girl to take home to mom

a girl you could be proud to call your girlfriend

a girl who would have given you everything

But instead you settled on something less

something inexcusable

It doesn’t matter if you do everything right

it doesn’t matter if you show them the world

it’s only a matter of what they want

it’s only a matter of who’s the next girl

Big hearts often forgive

but smart minds never forget

Hate is too strong a word

so let’s settle on dislike

but love is something that is completely above you

and it’ll never return

trust was broken by your weakness

and in the end

it’s just that simple

she can no longer be with you

You had a good girl

and you settled for less

When you treat her like an option

She’ll make you feel like you don’t exist



I take  no credit for any of the images above…i just forgot to grab the links when searching for them… the power of google! 😉

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