Dangerous Liaisons


It’ll never truly fade

as long as there’s a woman to fight for it’s place


it’s more than just a word

but a presence

an action

a small smirk


is a touch of hands

a red lip stain

a warm embrace

a slight eye exchange

a flickery fire


is about the small thingscaroline-and-klaus_652x435

a graceful appreciation of one for  another


is music that makes you feel like you want to be in love

a song that you can feel


is the opening of a car door

the pulling out of a chairklaus_caroline_3x14_1_by_kwiku001-d4p8lz3

a few wine glasses

and dinner set for two

flowers given for no reason

unexpected compliments

White Flag waves freely

as I surrender the fantasyklaus-and-caroline

and reality is a present meaning

no longer masked but imaginary things

the credits role

to a sappy love song that hurts the soul

the movie’s over

and the space beside, is bare


deserves so much more68632--3852129542450617684

where, where has it gone?

or better yet

where has it been coming from?




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