The Girlie Pack – Gift Idea


*I DO NOT take credit for this logo or any of the other images*


In my eyes there are 4 categories in a girly girl’s essentials…

Entertainment; Movies and or Music


[Junk] Food


Start off your “Girlie Pack” with a fun chick flick…


Add some salty & sweet treats for them to munch on….

01-Pop+Secret+Microwave+Popcorn+Bag hersheybar

Some beauty products to make things fun & flirty….

essie-nail-polish eos-lip-balm-summer-fruit-L_p0014512787 5c76241d-e320-4151-9a30-6198d7c6784c pBBW1-13906944enh-z8

And last but not least, some fuzzy socks and hot coco to keep things cozy…(extra marshmallows!)

nestle-no-sugar-added-hot-chocolate-packets-30-ct 12968782 Airplus-Aloe-Infused-Ultra-Moisturizing-Socks

I recently made these little “Girlie Packs” for a few of my friends for Christmas. And they were really fun to make and you can definitely play around with the colors and the ideas to fit each girl’s personality. Basically it was all the things I feel girls need to feel at home. And it’s a bit of relaxation and pampering at the same time. Hope this serves as a fun gift idea for you guys in the future! 😀


The Christmas version of the “Girlie Pack” I made for one of my friends ❤
It’s simple to make (mostly everything can be found in a drugstore) and it’s a fun cute way to say “Hey, thinking about you, here’s something to relax and be girly! You go girl” ❤


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